Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 10 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 10 With English Subtitles

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You took the bait and came
all this way to here.

But I told you, I always say
the last word in the game.

I played the card of death.

But first, you will tell me
where the gold is, Oruc.

You couldn't take the girl
you were looking for.

You took the bait.

So that you shed
blood on my lands...

...then the war starts now.

It's you.

It's the girl we've
been looking for!

Catch her!


Hizir! Hizir is injured!

Stand up, Niko!

Come on, Niko!

We will fight and step back!

Let's go!

Go back, I will send them away.

You are not going to stay if
we are going to leave. No.

I'm telling you to go away.

Let's go.

Do you understand now?

I liked this girl.

It's like fighting against
the angel of death.

We have to catch them
as soon as possible.

If that girl stays with Hizir, they will solve the
secret of the book even with the missing pages.

Split up, don't let
them leave the island!

Yes, sir.

You killed my aunt. I
will rip you apart.

You will, if you don't die.

Kill them all!

This dastard is running away!
Don't let them, levents!


He ran away like a dog.

We will catch him. We
will have him in the end.

And we will take our revenge.

Agha Reis still haven't arrived.
He must've been here.

I wonder if he hadn't received the news.
-Maybe he wasn't there.

There is nothing
to do now, Ilyas.


By helping Oruc,
you betrayed Unita.

The dog who bites his owner
dies in pain, Isabel.

I just wanted to
save my father...

Did you tell Oruc that the
managers of Unita were going to...

...gather to save your brother?

There was no other way to save my
brother from your dirty hands.

Both of your fates depend on me.

If you give us the gold
that you stole from us ....

...I will forgive both of you.

This is the face of Unita.

And this is the voice of Unita.

Your ife and Isabel's life
depend on the decision.. are going to make, 0ruc.

Do you think we are scared of
death and that we will surrender?

I took the gold that you
stole from the innocent.

That gold will never be yours'.

I hope you love your relatives as much as
the innocent ones that you don't even know.

For example, your
wife Despina...

-What happened to Destina?
-Nothing, for now.

But something will happen if you
don't tell me where the gold is.

My men took her.

If you don't give us the gold back,
you will receive Despina's dead body.

You don't have Despina. You are
saying that to make me speak.

Where is Ilyas and his levents?

Why aren't they with you?

Inform Ilyas and levents.
We will make a raid.

Ilyas and the levents are
not here, Oruc Reis. -How?

Where did they go?

They went to save
Despina, right?


They would be dead just like other
levents who came to this cave.

I won't believe you
before I see Despina.

Alright. You will understand
if I'm lying when you see her.

Let Isabel go.

She is innocent.

You can do anything to me.

Don't worry.

We will deal with
you as well, Oruc.


I couldn't save you, my aunt.


What am I going to
say to Agha Reis?

How am I going to look
at my Agha's face?

How am I going to tell him
that I couldn't save my aunt?

You did your best, llyas.

I couldn't..

I couldn't protect my aunt...

...and I couldn't take
that killer's life.

Until I take my
aunt's revenge... face won't be bright.

Let's go Niko.

Let's go.

You are injured.
Wait and breathe.

Are you alright, Niko?

I am alright, brother. I am.


Are you alright?

I am.

It's not my first time. And
it's not going to be the last.

It was obvious that you were brave
since you dared to look for me.

Even the vandals in the
island can not approach me.

There was no one who could
approach me as closer as you did.

It was the secret that
gave me this power.

And you are the light
of the secret.

The light of the secret...

I liked that name.

But I would like to
be called by my name.

My name is Meryem.

It’s like... are not a person who
lives in this island...

...but a person who
built this island.

You can say so.

And I can even make it rain.

But my rain is a bit deadly.

We have to go to the seaside
as soon as possible.

The ship will come to
take us in the afternoon?

It won't wait for a long time. If we miss
it, we won't be able to leave the island.

Let's go.

Isabel betrayed to Unita
and all of our values.

Do you feel sad for her?

I do, Efendi Pietro.

I feel so sad.

But I feel sad that a traitor
like this, is of my blood'

left my son, when
he was innocent

I left my innocent son to Unita,

Just to prove my loyalty.

She deserves more than this.

We all gave up the ones we love,
for our sacred war, Sylvio.

But we cannot win this war
only with sacrifices.

We need to be aggressive.

I sent Alfeo to get Despina.

He hasn't come yet. Did
you hear anything?

- No, sir.
- God damn.

He should be here by
now, with Despina.

Deal with this, see
where Sylvio is.

Yes, sir.

Welcome, Dervish.

Thank you. My condolendces.

The pain of death is hard
for the ones left behind.

But you need to be strong.

Where is Oruc?

He is not here, Baba Dervish.

He never goes away
for this long.

Everything is okay, lnshAllah.

- Ilyas.
- What is this rush, Bulbul? Where is Oruc Reis?

Oruc Reis. He left the
place for an emergency

It is something dangerous.
He sent news for us.

He wanted us to go after him.
He left this compass.

And there is news
from Kilic Bey, too.

What happened to Kilic Bey?

- He died of heart attack,
- What?

They buried him.

I saw them as they were
accepting condolences.

First Aunt Despina, then my
brother Oruc, and now Kilic Bey.

What is going to happen, Dervish?
Kilic Bye is dead.

How will brother Hizir
come back from there?

Don't worry about Hizir.

I will handle that If we can't
hear from Oruc for this long,

...he might be in trouble .

You go to Oruc, quickly.
Come on.

Come on, Levents. We need
to catch up to my Oruc Aga.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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They are threatening you
to tell where the gold is.

These demons might be telling
lies and rising doubts.

My heart...

My heart is in pain.

I feel that there
is something wrong.

Despina.. -Despina...

I caught her but..

You caught her and?

What happened, Alfeo?

Sir, she is dead.

How could a woman that you
caught die in your hands, Alfed?

It was an accident, sir.
She fell of the cliff.

Despina was the biggest
card we had against Oruc.

What are we going to use against
Oruc to learn where the gold is now?

You will tell me where
the gold is, Oruc.

You will.

Find a trace! We can
not let them go!

If it was your plan, they could
slip through our fingers.

Fortunately, I shot my arrow so well that Hizire
will die before he can even leave the island.

Hizir, are you alright? Does
your wound hurt too much?

No, this is not an
ordinary arrow wound.

There is something
wrong with this.

As it stays in my flesh,
it burn my whole body.

This knife is clean.

I'll take the arrow head out with this.
Then we'll see what it is.

Are you ready?

The arrow is all dark.

The blood color is changed too.

You’re right, Hizir. This is not
an ordinary arrow, but poisonous.

What will we do now? The poison
is already in his blood.

I know the cure of this poison.

But we will need to go
to the caves for that.

No, we’ll go to the beach.
The ship is about to arrive.

If you go to the beach, you’ll
die before you get on the ship.

We need to take the
poison out first.

We'll catch the ship, anyway.

Pick up some wolf's banes.

Hold on.

We have wasted enough time.

Tell me, Oruc. Where
did you hide the gold?

Why are you angry so much? Because
your threats will go for nothing.


You will keep suffering
if you don't speak.

You'll wish to die. Now tell me.
Where is the gold?

Do whatever you can.

You'll learn that we
never speak to enemies.

I'll take that from you by
shedding your blood drop by drop.

Oruc! Say something!
What did you do to himr?

Did you kill him?

I just hurt a piece of him.

I'll make him regret he
lives until he speaks.

My condolences.

Kilic's Bey sudden
death upset us all.

Us too, Emir Karabay.

Us too.

Our father's halvah is...

...going down our
throats like poison.

Selamun aleykum.

Aleykum selam.

My condolences.

Thank you.

May Allah let Kilic
Bey in His heaven.

Amen, Dervish. Welcome.

If it weren't an urgent matter,

...I wouldn't bring this
up in the funeral house.

But deceased Kilic Bey...

...arranged a ship to take
Hizir from Tenebris Island.

You know that, inshaAllah.

We knew he would take him there.

But we didn't know that
he would bring him back.

Now you know.

Send a message to the ship to
take Hizir on the way back.

So you can also keep
your father's promise.

Sorry, Dervish.

I can't send my ship to
such a dangerous island.

What do you mean you Can't?

You want Hizir to
stay on that island?

He went there by relying
on your father's word.

You have to keep your
father’s promise.

But my father's gone now!


There is only us.

And we have no ship to risk.

Understand that.

You are breaking the promise.

You're leaving Hizir
to death knowingly.

This is my last warning.

Send a message. And
send the ship there.


This is your last warning.
So what?

What will you do?


I won t send a snip there.

Cut it short, Dervish.

We're running out of patience.

We respect your age and
that you're a dervish.

But don't push your luck.

I know how to get
that promised kept.

Only wolf’s bane can’t
cure this poison.

How will you make the
cure in this cave?


The missing part of the
cure is completed now.

What kind of a person are you...

...and you can make
the nature serve you?

The soil became my bed, rocks
my pillow and trees my tent.

I grew up with the nature fairies which
were white-eyed and creeper- haired.






Hizir, open your eyes. Open your eyes.
What happened?

-Ite he sltegiht?
-He passed out due to the poison.

We have to make him
drink the cure quickly.

InshaAllah, it will heal him.

Selamun aleykum. May
your work be easy.

Aleykum selam. Welcome, Dervish.

Deceased Kilic Bey arranged a ship
to bring Hizir back from the island.

But Sahbaz is breaking
his father's promise.

I’m here to get
the promise kept.

You are the crew of
this ship, right?

Now set sail and bring Hizir
back from Tenebris lsland.

So the promise will be kept.

Are you crazy men? Sahbaz Bey's words
are our orders. We do whatever he says.

Don' be afraid.

If you are afraid of Sahbaz,
don't worry about that?

Just go and bring Hizir
back from the island.

Remember. This is
a duty of Allah.

We can protect you
from the evil.

Don't you hear me, Dervish? This ship
isn't going anywhere. Get off the ship!

This is not nice.

I treat you with kindness.

You're violating the justice.
But we can secure the justice.

Do not kill him.

Just tie him.

This is the punishment
of breaking a promise.

-What’s your order, Dervish?
-Throw these away.

Then set sail..

...and bring Hizir back from the
island before anything happens to him.

Don’t be afraid even if
that journey is dangerous.

You will be sailing for Airdh.

The storms will turn into
grace, not into wrath.

In this path, ships become
wind and fly over the sea.

Is Aga Reis in there?

They may be ambushing
in the cistern, Ilyas.

We will be quick.

We should take Aga Reis
out before he gets hurt.


This way.

Come on!

There are hundreds of torturing
points which lead to death.

You'll stop by every point.

And in one of them, you'll
tell me where the gold is.

What’s going on out there?

My Ilyas is here.

What do you think will happen?
We'll strike you like a lightning!


Sir, Oruc's men
attacked the cistern.

Ilyas is leading them
and coming here now.

They won't be able to save you.
You're coming with me. Untie them.

Even if you tie my hands, I'll
destroy you with my teeth.

You killed my levents.
You tortured me.

You can't surrender before
I make you pay for that.

They're too close, sir. If we try to
untie them, we can't leave in time.

We have to escape
through the back door.

I won't leave the
gold to you, Oruc.

I will take both the gold
and your life from you.

Come on.

We're here, Aga Reis!

What did they do
to you, brother?

Are you alright, brother?
Are you good?

Don't worry about me.

They escaped through the back door.
Go after them.

Move! Go catch them!

-Did you see the face of that dastard?
-He was wearing a mask.

I couldn't see his face.

He was afraid to show his face.

He may be someone who we know.

But he will pay for
this eventually.

Levents are go ng after him.
Let's get out of here, brother.



you alright?

Let's go, come on.

Will this cure take effect by
the time the ship arrives?

Will it wake Hizir up?

We will wait and see.

Hizir, come on. Open your
eyes, brother. Come on.

Open your eyes.

I saw someone far while
watching around.

We need to get away from here.
Otherwise, they'll find us.

We can't go anywhere
when Hizir is like this.

He needs to wake up first.

Hizir, open your eyes.
Come on, brother. Wake up.

We need to go, brother. Come on.

They've gone that way

You have a nose
like a dog, Antuan.

Like a fish, actually.

A shark attacking
when it sees blood.

There is a cave ahead.

They may have taken
shelter in there.


If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

You must be thirsty, Reis.

Give it to Isabelle first.



Yes, Aga Reis?

The man who kept us there
said he abducted Despina...

...and you went after her.

Is that true?

Yes, Aga Reis.

You saved her, right?


I'm talking to you, Ilyas.

You saved Despina, didn't you.

You didn't leave her
to them right?



Say something.


You didn’t leave her
to them, right?

Where is Despina?


Ilyas, is she...

He woke up.

You finally woke up, brother.

Blue eyed...

...and wavy haired nature
fairies touched me, brother.

Those men are getting closer!
We have to leave.

There is no one here.

Where did they go?

But sharks don't
like little fish...

..running away from them.

They went this way!

Let's go after them! Run!

The ship must've arrived on the seaside!
I hope it didn't leave.

This way is shorter. Let’s go.

Let's go.

I found you like this...

...although I hugged you
before leaving this house.

When I heard that
enemies caught you...

...I waited for hugging you...

...and now I am
seeing you like this.

I couldn't, Despina.

I couldn t save you.

They tied my hands.

I couldn t come to you.

Sharks who smell
blood for once...

...never miss their
preys, Hizir.

You can’t leave
this circle, Hizir.

But I am going to give you
a good offer to live.

Give the book and the
girl to us, and leave.

I won't give anyone to you!
Couldn't you learn that?

And if you are going
to take them... have to come
and kill me first.


We've arrived, Hizir Aga!

Damn it! Where did
they come from?

We need to return the ship! Now!

No, no! The girl is important.
We need to take her.

You can't get
anything from Hizir.

We need to leave here
before he kills us. Now!

Their leaders left.

They must've gorie
to their ships.

They will set sails.

We can't catch them.

Levents! Are you
Kilic Bey's men?

-We thought you left us.
-Not Kilic Bey’s...

We are the men of the
one who guides us.


The ship is anchored
at the bay behind.

Let's go then.

We saved our light.

We got rid of the trouble. Now t's
time to go to Alexandria. Let's go.

What do you mean that Dervish
took the ship by force?!

Couldn’t you take
care of an old man?

He came with his men.

We couldn't understand, me Bey. They
attacked when we weren't on alert.

Then they threw us from the ship
We understood when we woke up.

Taking a man's ship
is taking his honour.
OS’ Art AK

My honour is under their
feet now because of you!

My Sahbaz Bey... -Get lost!

Oruc and Hizir went
too far this time.

They will keep humiliating us..

...unless we cut
their heads off.

They were spoiled by Hayrabay and
Kilic Bey's kind attitude before us.

They think they are
Sultans and rulers now!

Alexandria is my property!

I will question them
for this despotism!

You are the one who
lost his goods.

You can do whatever you
want to them, Sahbaz Bey.

They ruined my reputation.

They toyed with my honour.

I will make

that Dervish and Hizir pay this.

Have a nice working
day, Butcher Efendi.

Thanks, Hatun. What
would you like?

MashaAllah, your
meats look so fresh.

What animal's meat are these?

They are all real mutton.

This is the first time

I see mutton as hard as this.

Are you selling goat's meat
saying that it is mutton?

If you will but, but it. If not,
don't stand in the way of my shop.

Why did you get upset?

Is it because you know it’s a crime to
sell goat's meat and say it is mutton?

Aren't you ashamed to deceive
people with these goods?

Do you know what is the
punishment for this?

Look at me, woman. Don't get me
into trouble. Come on, go away.

Despicable fraud!

Who do you think you are?
How dare you push me?

What is going on here?

Who are you to hit our friend?

Obviously, fraudulentness spread
to the whole marketplace.

Will you come at me
to guard this fraud?

Come on, take a step and I
will slaughter all of you!


Who are you?

What is going on here?

Everyone, go back to your businesses.
Go away.

Mighty Emir is coming.

My Firuze.

My Sultan.

Do you want your reputation to be
heard in iskenderiye, already?

I wanted to inspect the merchants
without them knowing my identity.

This place is full
of fraudulentness.

What a disgrace in a
place like lskenderiye.

It is obvious there were no Emir
like you here, until today.

But from now on, our order
will rule this place.

Just like we made
everywhere we went better,

we will make Iskenderiye
better, too.

Yes, my sultan.

Now that you are here,

we will make this place
a heaven, EvelAllah.

As you rise and reach
where you deserse,

the world will be a
garden of heaven for me.

You were my everything

but they were mercyless.

The fire in me is no
summer fire, anymore.

It has become a
flame of vengence.


I am a disgrace to you.

I could not save my aunt.

Forgive me.

Don’t put your
head down, my lad.

It is not your fault.

It is not the time to
out your head down,

it is time to take their heads.

I sent the levents after
Unita men that withheld us.

We will hear from them soon.

It is time to make those
degenerates near us pay.

Protect this room well, Golem.

Every bills and
valuable documents

that belong to Unita, are here.

No one will come near
here, except for us.

If something happens,
we can't deal with it.

Get out, Golem.

I said get out!


What happened to you?

Where were you?

Stop pretending like
you don't know.

You lured me and Oruc
to Unita's trap.

I know you had something
to do with it.


For the love of God.

Isabel, you are my daughter

Also, you are an
important member of Unita.

Why would they trap you?

They say I betrayed them.

Stop those affectations!

They couldn't have tortured
me without your knowledge.

They are so vile that...

...they even didn't hesitate to
kill Despina who knew nothing.

I told Oruc not to poke his
nose into Unita business.

It seems he losf his wife too.

What about you, lsabelle?

Considering they
abducted you too,

..did you betray Unita?

I didn't want to leave what belonged
with me to them. My brother.

-That's all.
-It means you poked your nose into Uhita business!

Just like Oruc did!

It means both of you already
deserved the punishment!

Damn Unita!

You approve what was
done to me, huh?

You yourself let them take
my brother as a captive!

You would have also let
them kill me too, huh?

If I had known you
betrayed Unita,

... would have given you
to them with my own hands.

Kill me then.

Unita thinks I
betrayed them, anyway.

Kill me then. Come on.

If they want me to
do this one day,

...I will do it with pleasure.

You are a traitor now.

I'm forbidding you to deal with
Unita business from now on.

And you aren’t allowed to
enter this room again.

Because a traitor can't
touch Unita's documents.

If I catch you with Oruc again,

...I will kill both of
you without hesitation.

You say so, huh, father?

All the documents here are very
precious to Unita, after all.

Alright then.

How is your wound?


You made such a cure that it
didn’t only take the poison out...

...but healed my wound too.
Thank you.

Are you going to tell now?

Who are you? How did you learn
the secret of the book?

Why do you live on this island?

It's obvious why only you
have been able to find me.

This much curiosity can
make a person do anything.

If there weren't
curiosity in my nature, you think I would rush
between knowledge and death?

Now tell me about your secret.

So I can make some practice
until we solve the book.

Where is the book?

In Alexandria. I told you.
We're going there.

You can't untie even a single knot
from me until I see the book.

Oh really?

Why did you come with me
if you don't trust me?

It's not about trusting, Hizir.

It's my rule.

It seems nature fairies which are white-eyed
and creeper-haired have such rules.

You know both my
name and repute.

This much is enough for
you until I see the book.

Grow your patience.

Our journey will be
long and stormy, Hizir.

Where is Sylvio?

Master Sylvio isn't here.

And he told us not
to let you in.

So get out of here now.


These dogs are blocking our way?

Let’s go inside in our
own way then, Aga Reis.

Did that dog escape with
his tail between his legs?


There is a room downstairs. Unita's important
papers are kept there with caution.

He may be dealing with
those important papers.

And you may want to see
those important papers.

The documents which are
crucial for Unita.

You can't pass through
this corridor.

Here we pass.

You both sent me into
the trap of Unita...

...and are trying
to kill me, dog?

I thought someone else broke in.
That's why I shot.

You keep tellong lies.

You killed my wife. I will
make you pay for this.

Now tell me. Which man killed my wife?
Where can I find him?

I don't know. I know nothing?

You work for Unit and don't
know anything about it, huh?

I told you not to
mess with Unita.

Now you're taking
your anger out on me?

I won't take my anger out only
you, but also all of you.

Death is a salvation for you. I'll
make you regret every breath you take!

Knock the documents down.


What are you doing?


No! Stop!

-Stay where you are.
-Why are you knocking them down?

These are Unita's precious
vital documents, huh?

We will burn them, so both you
and Unita men wi I be burned!

No, Oruc! Don't! They
will finish me off! -

They will finish me off!

I'll give you whatever you want.
But don't do this.

You can't give me what I want.

I will take it.

This fire is just the beginning.

You w ll see how the fire of my
vengeance will burn you to ashes.

Nd! No, don't!


No, Oruc!

No, Oruc!

No! No!



If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........


You've come back by flattening the waves
and making the wind accompany you.

You helped me this time
like Khidr, Dervish.

Did you find the girl?

I did. She's here too.

It's Meryem, the
light of the secret.



I'm looking for a
library in Rome.

Where the books looted from
Library of Alexandria were faken!

I haven't been able to find it.

Do you know where it
is, head of slaves?

No, o d man. I have
nothing to do with books.


-Didn't I tell you not to speak with people?
-Hey, stop.

What's the meaning of the
words yo said, girl?

Learn everything from one thing.

What's that supposed to mean?

This is written on the
gates of great libraries

You can find those books
only in a library...

...where this is written.


The knowledge passion
inside you... coming like a
sunshine out of your eyes?

A jewel like you...

...shouldn't be slave in
the hands of vile men.

How many golds do you
want for this gir ?

Just twenty.

Take it.

What is your name?


Maria, would you I ke to
follow the knowledge with me?

You know the library, huh?

Show me the way then.

Meryem, My girl.

I haven't heard from
you for so long.

I missed you so much.

I missed you much too, father.

But I had to escape.
I had to disappear.

-Thanks to Allah, we're together again.
-Thanks to Allah.

Your secret is even more complicated
than the book's secret, Dervish.

If Meryem is the girl
who knows the secret, did you not know that
for year as her father?

So you are here, thieves.

You will pay for
stealing our ship.

You will be questioned for
stealing Sahbaz bey's ship.

Don't you have anything to do other
than questioning us, Emir Karabay?

We did not steal anything?

We took what we deserved.

We wanted out
promise to be kept.

What kind of a man are you?

You walk around saying you are
Dervish but you bully people.

But you will get what
you deserve, now.

Sahbaz Bey,

...- do not speak to Dervish like this.
- You can't tell me how to speak.

Isn't he responsible
for the bullying?

Think before you speak.

Dervish has said what he said?

You will see how I fight.

You deserved this, bandits.

Don’t dare to swing your sword at my
brother or that sword will take you head.

You presumptuous people!

You steal and try to hit
Emir of Alexandria.

This is same as hitting
Mamluk Sultanate.

Did he swing his sword at you?
Why did you swing yours?

You are guilty and still defending
yourselves! You stole a ship.

Are you a gang of thieves?

Sahbaz tried to come
back from his promise!

He did t on purpose.

So that I couldn't get
out of that island.

But we kept the promise?

Now stop being his
dog and go away.

They took trashy
people with them.

Is Alexandria a place for
trashy people, Mighty Emir?

To whom are you calling trashy?

Neither women, nor men
know their place.

How can you slap a
Mamluk soldier?

Let go of that girl.

Aunt Huma!


Oruc is there.

Wherever Hizir went, he is back.

What about that girl?

- Who is she?
-I don't know, sir.

This is the first time I see her,
but obviously she is close to them.


This is the first time someone stuck
in my mind the first time I see them.

Anyway, this is not the
time to think about these.

Let's think about what we
should do to find the gold.


How dare you

...swing your sword at
Emir of Alexandria's wife?

If you are Emir
of Mamluk's wife,

I am Ottoman's Rumelia
Margrave's wife.

And I am the aunt of these lads.

Can you push around the
women on our side?

This is not Rumelia.

This is Alexandria.

We rule here.

Let go of this girl, now.

I will not let go of this girl.

And I will put you in a
dungeon, on top of that.

Do you want me to alarm the state
people, who respect us there?

Do you want he issue will be heard in Qahira
Palace and your husband to be dismissead?

The issue is about to get
out of hand, Mighty Emir.

This does not end here, Oruc.

One day, I will reciprocate
with my sword you dropped.

You too, Hizir Efendi.

I will make you pay for this.

Don't talk too much and
tidy up your ship.

We came from a rough voyage.
We might have made a mess.

Welcome, aunt.

- My lion. - Aunt. - Son.

What brings you here?

- Are you here to visit us, aunt?
- No, my lad.

I came to settle
with you, for good.

First, let's go to your home.
I wi I tell you everything.

Are you sure we can get
that girl in Alexandria?

We could not deal with her,
even in a deserted island?

We have no other choice.

Either we get the girl,

...or we stop her from cracking
the secret of the book.

We can't go back to Kalymnos
if we don't succeed this.

Has the Hizir's curse
find us already?

Not Hizir's.

- Caesar's curse, Brutuses.
- This is nonsense, Pietro.

Hizir found the girl that can
crack the secret of the book.

We need to stop him.
That's why we are here.

So this is the mysterious girl, who
can crack the secret of the book.

So weird.

She is a very strange gifl?

Why do you think she is strange?

None of your business,
little Brutus.

Obviously, you are still
after Oruc for the gold.

Even though you carry a
grudge in you against me.

..our destiny is the same.

We are both after the same goal.

Hizir and Oruc.

We need each other
to take them down.

Let's at least
unite now, Pietro.

You dishonoured this cause
long age by betraying me.

I did the greatest favour
by not killing you.

Now go away, get lost. I do not care what
you do. I will not show mercy again.

Then why did you kill our men?

They were sacred
Christian warriors.

Calling them sacred
Christian warriors,

is insulting God, Diego.

They were only little traitors,

Who betrayrd me.

That's all.

Neither me, nor them...

None of us betrayed you.

But you wasted all my good intentions
because of you stubbornneess.

Now everyone, will be the
man of his own cause!

I'm sorry for your
loss, brother.

May Allah give you patience.

Amen brother.


I'm sorry for your loss, son.

Thanks you aunt.

My levents are after
the ones who did this.

We will catch them soon
and take our revenge.


You told me that you were
going to tell us everything.

We are listening to you, aunt.

As you know... my husband and my two
sons were martyred at the border.

I've been living in Rumelia
alone since that day.

The border is a dangerous plate.

It is the place where
da'wah is cooked with fire.

Some glorify our da'wah
by shedding blood...

...and some die for it.

May Allah beatify the souls
of those who left...

...and give patience to
the ones who are here!

Amen. -Amen.

I have no one else than you.

And I wanted to come to you.

You did well, aunt.

You were a mother to us
when we lost our mother.

We were left alone
after Despina's death.

We needed a woman who could take care
of the house and be a mother to us.

You came on time, aunt.

As you know...

They didn't give us a ship
for the gold we saved.

And I bought a big mansion.

As a big family, we
will all live in it...

...and we will take care
of our jobs from there.

My Huma aunt is now the
mother of that mansion.

EvelAllah, my Oruc.

We will depend on each other
and keep the fire alive.

I am not going to
sit in the mansion.

As you know, I used to
control caravans in Rumelia.

And Alexandria is the
home of business.

I want to start a business here.

And since the orphanage is evacuated, it
will be a good place to start a business.

Bandit man..

How could he defeat
us on our own lands?

I will take such a revenge
from Oruc that...

...let alone Ottoman, even the
whole world can not protect them.

You did the right
thing, Emir Hadhrat.

It wasn t worth a tight.

They became bandits because
of kind men like you!

And you are advising me here.

Get lost!

You are a great
Emir, my Karabay.

He can never destroy you.

You have to wait for the right time
and end him with a single move?

I will, my Sultan.

I will.

You destroyed many men and came Ye
all the way from there to here.

We will destroy them as well.
Don’t worry.

And from now on, will be using my
influence on the trades of Alexandria.

We will be the ones who have
control in every place.

My wings, my heart,
my dear Sultan.

As long as I have my
powerful Hatun with me.

..we can overcome everything.

If you are Esther,
who is this girl?

Why did you send this
girl as if it was you?

People always came after me
because of the knowledge I hed.

And I used different names
to escape from them.

And Esther was one of them.

Esther is one of the girls
who I found and protected.

I sent her there when the men
behind me were about to catch me.

Thus I could run away and
settle in Tenebris Island.

And I couldn’t hear from
her for long years.

That's why I
couldn't inform you.

So that Dervish is
a father to you...

why did you hide from him?


What does that
mean, my daughter?

Learn everything from one thing.

Learn everything from one thing.

I was a little girl when
Dervish father helped me.

Little Maria...

...whose parents were killed...

...and whose brother was
taken away from her...

...who was a captive
of slave traders.

My Dervish father took
me out of the darkness.

I found the way of
truth thanks to him.

Then his da'wah
became my da'wah.

But this da'wah was dangerous.

Those who found out that I
had knowledge came after me

And I kept running.

But it finally happened.

The pen found me
before the cruel.

As the questions about my
Meryem daughter are answered...

Now we can start solving
the secrets of the book.

Was Hizir's journey
good, Sahbaz?

In the end, he came
back with your ship.

Don't step on my toes, Pietro.

I will take my
revenge from them.

But don t make me angry.

We both want Oruc dead.

And for that, we need to take the
gold that he stole from me...


What gold?

The gold that was sent to increase
the power of defense of Kalimnos.

I was responsible for
delivering them.

But Oruc attacked my men and
stole the gold from me.

If I can't take the gold back, Unita Yc
will make an order for my death.

Thus, we have to find that gold.

How? They must've hidden
the gold in a hole.

think they hid
it in Alexandria.

Emir Karabay is the one
who can take it out.

Now... you will go
to Emir Karabay

...and tell him that Oruc is hiding the gold
and he is doing that for a secretgoal..

...and you will tell him that he stole the gold
from Memluks and trying to send it to Ottoman.

It will be enough
to provoke Karabay.

And Karabay will
send his soldiers...

...and follow the steps of
Oruc and his levents...

...and take the gold
once he finds it.

It will be enough for us
if he finds where it is.

We will go before them, take
the gold and leave. -Nice.

Then Karabay will make
a decision about Oruc.

Nice... Nice.

What is my benefit out of this?

I'd prefer a genuine
relationship based on...

...self-interest rather
than a fake friendship.

Your biggest profit will
be the removal of Oruc.

And I will be among the
masters of Unita again.

And together, we will do business which will
bring us gold more than the one we are after.

I couldn t say that I was sorry.

I'm sorry tor your loss, Oruc.

There is nothing that can
console you, I know.

Unita is not scared of taking
lives and hurting people?

They took my brother from me.

I was about to die.

And as you chase them...

...they wll not
stop taking lives.

Will you be able to bear it?

We are not scared
of death, Isabel.

They started the biggest war.

They will pay for the blood they shed and
lives they took with their own lives.

Even if my pain feels
like a mountain...

...I wil bear it.

But if I can't stop them
when I have the chance...

...and if they hurt an innocent
person because of this...

...I can not bear it.

I don't know how I am
going to help you.

I won't be able to take
care of the Unita issue.

It wi I be hard for
me to bring you news.

I mean...

...I won t be useful tor you.

Why do you say that, Isabel?

We trusted each other in this.

We will end Unita and
save your brother.

Don’t worry. It’s not important that
you won t be able to bring news.

We will go in the nest of Unita.

You are protecting me...

...even when my
father gave up on me.

And I am not going to
be useful for you...

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I lost many things
in this life, Oruc.

My mother... brother... father, who left
me out in the cold...

But I gained a person like you.

You are filling the gaps of...

...everything lost
with your goodness...

...and your mercy.

If I die one day...

...I will die without
a weakness, Oruc.

Oruc and Isabel are there.
Let’s do it.


What does that mean?

No matter how much you are
thirsty for a fight... will stop one day and your
breath will be taken away from you.

Everything actually
works out in a way...

...that Homeros mentions
in Illiad, right?

Bona sera.

Who were they? Why
did you kill them?

They must've been your enemies, since
they pointed their guns at you.

But I told you to
be careful before.

You have a lot of
enemies, as you know.

It is your job to find out who they are.
I arrived on time, fortunately.

But what kind of a
coincidence is this?

Someone tried to kill us, and you stopped
it from happening by chance, is that right?

You are on a well
traveled road..'s not a coincidence that they tried
to kill you and that I stopped them.

We owe you our lives. Thank you.

No problem.

You are a man who is
loyal to his debts.

I'm sure you'll pay one day.

By the way, I still think
that you should be careful.

You might not have a savior if they point
their guns at you from your back once again.

That's how my enemies are like. They
don't come at me like a braver man?

They either set treacherous
traps, or put a mask on.

But one day, I will find
out everything about them.

I will stand in front of them
and look them in the eyes.

But they will only understand
that I exposed them...

...when I put my sword
on their necks.

These archa c symbols are
sacred words in Egypt.

Every symbol stands for a
special object or a voice.

It is read from left to right if the
animals or people are facing the left...

...or from right to left if
they are facing the right.

You really are the
light of knowledge.

Even I couldn't analyse
these archaic symbols.


What does this book tell us?

What is under all
of those symbols?

It is the archive of the
travelers in Mediterrenean.

The places of mines
in islands...

...the islands that were not explored yet,
the vital points of the Mediterrenean...

These secrets carry
vital informations.

Thus, the one who solves this book will
have the Mediterranean in his hands.

But some pages of the book
are missing, my girl.

How can we untie this
knot without those pages?

That's a little
difficult, father.

We need to find some ancient
books to complete it.

So we need to check many
libraries, especially Alexandria.

...cave temples and monasteries.

That's how we can only
complete the missing parts.

And we need some
time to do that.

We waited very long to find
the book first and then you.

We can wait for that too.

So the first thing in the morning, we'll
start with the library in Alexandria.

That coast is more suitable for a
shipyard, Ishak Bey. What do you say?

You're right, Burak Reis.

But we need to start fast. The
preparations must be completed quickly.

And we need many
materials for that.

Can the capital city send them?

It will take time for them
to come from the capital.

We should provide materials...

..from Midilli's merchants
with the state's subsidy.

Most of the merchants in
Midilli are Jewish people.

They may not want to sell things to us
because we're preparing to conquer Kalimnos.

But we'll tell everyone this is
not a Muslim-Christian fight.

...but an innocent-cruel fight.

We’ve got news from
Alexandria, my Bey.

Oh my Oruc.

Unita men...

...slaughtered Despina.

They ruined his family.

He suffers again.

My condolences.

Those who fight for justice are
tested with sufferings, Ishak Bey.

You were once tested with you family too.
Despite his suffering, Oruc Reis.

...must have put up with
the suffering and...

...must be fighting
the enemies now.

Like a strong man
with a cause... are a man
with a cause too.

Now you should put up
with your suffering...

...and devote yourself to the war
between the innocent and the cruel.

You're right, Burak Reis.

From now on, I should devote
myself only to this issue.

This is the only cure for both
our suffering and vengeance.

Before they could do the
necessary to Oruc and Isabel. men got killed by someone.

But I know what to do to Isabel.

-Lord Pietro.
-We can talk freely now.

You look very tense, Sylvio.
What's wrong ?

Although Oruc harmed us o much,
Isabel still keeps seeing him.

I sent my men to punish them.

But someone killed them.

Now I need to punish
Isabel myself.

It was me who killed your men.

And stopped your foolish action.

Why, Lord Pietro?

Oruc burned Unita's vital documents.
And Isabel helped him.

How can I forgive them?

If Oruc dies, we can't find
out where the gold are.

Your anger with your daughter
almost ruined everything.

While even I could suppressed my
feelings of revenge against Oruc, could still act with
your personal feelings, Sylvio?

Even if Oruc is not to die,
Isabel must be punishe.

No, I want her to live.

We may need her until we take Oruc down.
We can set up a trap through her again.

When we get the gold,

When I sit in my master's chair
in Unita, I may get you forgiven.

But it all depends on whether we get
the gold. And until that time,

don't be overwhelmed by
your personal feelings.


MashaAllah, Oruc.

You bought a palace-like house.

Only this would suit you.
Gathering everyone under a roof.

There are rooms for both
males and females inside.

It will be enough for everyone.

You can go see the
female side if you like.

Adelina, come with me.

-Alright, Huma Hatun.
-I'll come too.

We'll take breath under
the same roof...

...and live under
the same roof, huh?


I'll have a home for the
first time thanks to you.

I think you should stop making
magic tricks and stealing.

How do you know I
took your bracelet?

Did you take my bracelet?

No. What bracelet?

My bracelet.


Didn’t you mean this?

I took it as a joke.

I swear. I didn't
have a bad intention.

May this be the last time.

You can't make a better
one than this, anyway.

Oruc bought a palace-like house
in the middle of Alexandria.

Just to spite us.

He thinks he can buy
the whole Alexandria,

I won't let him do that.

When I find a chance,

...they won't be able to even
find a shroud to bury him.

I will get every step of
Oruc and Hizir followed.

If they make a tiny
mistake, I will ruin them.

They'll see what messing
with us in our city means.

My Emir.


...I came here to give you
more important information.

Some information to
expose Oruc's dirty work.

Oruc has boxes of gold.

Probably, he's hiding
them in a cistern.

But nobody knows the location .

How did those pirates
find so much gold?

It's not known either, my Emir.

Considering they are hiding
them in a place nobody knows,

...they must have looted
them from somewhere.

Mighty Emir, if we find that
place,.we can finish Oruc.

It must be somewhere
near Alexandria.

And only your soldiers
can find it out.

Don't worry.

I'll find out where
those gold are.

Then I will punish them
so harshly that... will be a great
example for the rest.

I like it very
much, my son Oruc.

This is more that enough to
protect the trade center

This belongs to the
state, Bookkeper Efendi.

We are ready to do whatever
we can to rent it.

It is valuable. It will not be
that easy to rent it, Oruc Reis.

Oruc Reis is the guarantor, Efendi.
What more do you want?

I have been trading
since Rumelia Clans.

I am known, thanks to Allah.

- Who will you rent it to, rather than us?
- Okay.

I will come with necessary
documents in the evening.

You will come with the rent
to take the documents.


- May it be good, aunt.
- Thanks, son.

I will go home and make
preparations with the girls.

We will start settling
in the evening .

Did you hear from the levents after the
Unita man that withheld us, Ilyas?

Not yet, Agha. They are still
tracking them, I guess.

Tell me when you hear from them .

We burned Unita men's documents.

Now they will do everything
in their power to

take the gold from us .

Tell me if something happens.

I will personally go
after those dogs.

Okay, agha. I'll go now.

They disappeared after here.

So the vault must be near here.

We will send news
to Emir Karabay.

Sahbaz needs to learn
where the gold is, Alfeo.

As time passes, I become more
impatient, more agitated.

This is the man who
trapped Aunt Despina.

- Sir, they are Oruc's men. They are the
ones who trapped Baba Oruc, for sure.

Come on, let's get them.

Damn. If we cause a scene is Alexandria,
thing will get messy. Run, Alfeo.

Let's distract them.
- Let's seperate.

Let go of my brother!

Who are you?

Who are You?

Why do you look at me,
as if you know me?


Who was that man?

Why did he put a dagger on you throat?
- I don't know.

We drew our daggers when
we bumped each other.

What is going on, levets?
Where are you running to?

We are running after the man

who killed Aunt Despina and
trapped Baba Oruc, Hizir Reis.

That man... He might be that man
who drew the dagger for you.

You wait here, Meryem.
Run, levents.

Are you okay?

I caught you now.

You have nowhere to run to.

- What is going on, man?
- What is happening, Hizir Efendi?

Are you crushing my shop
like a bandit in day time?

I am after somebody. I saw
him walk into this shop.

He was dressed just like him.

Look at me.

Alexandria is nothing
like where you came from.

Here, you can't do everything you want
in the name of justice and equity.

I will not ask you who we
will chase, Sahbaz Efendi.

Go away.

I hold a grudge for you.

Go away before I take yourdife.

I would make you pay for these
words If I wasn't in a hurry.

You pray for this.


My smart friend. Thanks to you,
we got rid of the Hizir trouble.

Now we need to get rid of Oruc trouble,
which is bigger than Hizir trouble.

And easily.

Karabay's men learned the place
where Oruc hides the gold.

Karabay has not
heard the news yet.

But I learned the
information from his men.

Everything is written
on this paper.

They hid the gold in the
vault, which is in this area.

This is great news.

Let's find the entrance of this
vault without losing time.

You better finish the job
before Karabay comes.

The man I was chasing
went into a store.

Turns out he was not that man.

And the shop turns out to
be the shop of our enemy.

What a coincidence.

If there is something going
on here, I will find it.

What are wandering about?


I am thinking about that men.

There was something weird about his
face, the way he looked at me.

Was he a man you saw before?

I wish I knew that.

I have never seen him.

But it’s like as if I
saw him very closely.

It’s very strange.


I was waiting for you.

Why are you so dirty?

I worked in the church construction.
Remember, you wanted to eat a fruit?

I worked, so that I can
buy that fruit for you.


My brother.


What is wrong?

I remembered my brother.

They sold us to the slave bazaar
when our parents were killed.


They sent us two
different bazaar.

After that day, we lost contact.

I couldn't find his trace.

If my Dervish father didn't
find and protect me. . .

...I wonder what
position I'd live in.

Fortunately, you were lucky.

InshaAllah Meryem, InshaAllah you will
come together with your day.

InshaAllah Hizir.

I could never go
after my brother I had to go after the secret
and run away from troubles.

But I believe in it, I
will find him one day.

The troubles that we dealt
with, confused all of us.

Let’s go to the library with
me and search for books.

That is how we can
clear our minds.

They are coming.

The cictern's door will be at
the place where they stop.

We have to keep
them away, Alfeo.

Just like we planned....

came here to send you
to your aunt, Ilyas.


You came to your own death

I will take your head
off with my own hands.

Yareli! Go and inform
my Oruc brother!

Tell them that the men of
Unita are around the cistern.

He should know that we
are after the killer.

Let's go Levents !

Nice... The little demon
Ilyas took the bait.

Now its time to go in the
cistern and take the gold.

Let's go.

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Oruc Reis. Emir Karabay's soldiers were seen
round the cistern. They keep wandering around.

Memluk soldiers don't
usually go there.

I wonder if Emir
Karabay noticed gold.


The men of Unita... They are
wandering around the cistern.

We encountered with the man who
took Aunt Destina's life, Reis.

Ilyas went after him
with his levents.

I guessed that Unita men
would come near the cistern.

But what are Karatay's
men doing there?

There might be a trap, Yareli.
Let's go to the cistern.

EyvAllah, Reis.

It is very labyrinthic inside. We
can encounter traps at any moment.

Be careful until we
find where the gold is.

These are very tight safes.

The gold is in these, for sure.



We finally found the gold.
What did I tell to you, Oruc?

I told you I would
take the gold.

Let's carry the gold before
anyone comes and sees us.

They are coming from the halls.

Oruc’s men might
have come inside.

Come on, hurry. Everyone
spread around the halls.

Someone came in here.

I won't leave this place.

You go, get some back up.

As you order, Reis

You have nowhere to escape.

I will take you head and
take it to my brother.


Turns our, these
degenerates played us.

They went into the cistern .

Reis went after them.

You got played here, too, Ilyas.

We will take both your
lives, and your gold.

So you are the mouse that
came into my cistern.


You are trapped.

You still do not behave
yourself, despite my tortures.

But you can't take the
gold away from me now.

You are afraid like a dog and you
hide your face all the time.

I’ll see your face
before I take your head.

Yes, I'll show you my face.

Before I cut your head off.

I will kill you as I watch
the fear in your eyes.

Hizir, I am glad you came.

was about to fall a sleep
while reading a book.


I will kill you this time.

You can't do anything to me.

My Dervish Baba’s dagger.

If something happens
to me, Dervish dies.

What do you want from
her, degenerates?

Take it up with me.
Let go of him.

We'll let him go but
we have one condition.

You will give the book
and this girl, to me.

Or Dervish dies.

So you are the voice of Unita.

I will see the face first,

then we’ll cut the
voice, and the head.

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