Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 With English Subtitles

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Drop that sword, Oruc!

Catch him!

The runaway is the spy in Kalimnos!
Let me catch him!

If you take another step,
I will start beating you.

If he is a spy, I'll catch him. I have
men everywhere, he can't run away.

Hey! Stop! Surrender!

What are you doing here?

How dare you make a
raid to my cistern?

I am here the abyssinian
gold you stole from Muslims.

Even the Ottoman can't save you.

Are you insane? I saved the gold
from the ones who stole it!

You are making a mistake.

Then why did you hide
them in the cistern?

The punishment for this
crime is execution.

Now we will the proof of
your guilt, the gold.

I didn't steal them!

The actual guilty man is running away
because of you! Let me catch him!

The masked man injured two
of our men, Mighty Emir.

What are you waiting for here?
Catch him!

Do you understand now?

Let me catch him.
-My soldiers will catch him.

Then we will
understand who he is.

You will answer for your guilt.

Now let's find the gold.

You are making a mistake.

You'll regret this.

You won't be able to
fight against it.

Take him!

The cistern must've turned
into a grave for Oruc, Ilyas!

You'll just find his dead
body, just like Despina.


You will die!

You will die here, Oruc
will die in the cistern.


Ilyas, stop. We have to go.
Let him go.

What are you doing, Yareli?

I am telling you that
they got in our cistern.

Reis sent me here to inform you.
He is alone there!


Even if you take shelter in
the hell, I will find you!

We don't have much time, levents!
We have to go to my Oruc brother!

Where is my father?

Where did you take him? Tell me!
Or I will cut you into pieces!

If you do something to me, you will only be
able to find parts of the body of your father.


I can kill you here...

...and then find the Dervish.

If you don't want to die,
tell me where Dervish is.

If something happens to me, Dervish dies.
Don't push your luck, Hizir.

I am giving you time
until tomorrow night.

You will bring the book and the
girl to the gravery of Adrianus.

Or else, we will drop the
dead body of Dervish...

...into those
underground graves.

You can not take me...

...or the book.

Even if I have to die, I will
take my father back from you.


I should go now.

And don't you move.

I have men everywhere.

If you follow me...

...Dervish is going to die.

He locked the door!

He escaped.

He can escape.

But we will save Dervish
no matter what happens.

How are we going to
find him, Hizir?

The man escaped. We missed him.

How are we going to find Dervish
Baba until tomorrow night?

A man like Dervish...

...must've left a trace
even if he was abducted.

We are going to his house, Meryem.
Let's go.

The cases are filled with the
dust of gold, Mighty Emir.

You always talk about
the da'wah of Haqq.

Don't you feel ashamed of stealing
the poor abyssinnian's golds?

I cut the tongues of those who tell me
that I steal the gold of the poor ones!

Do you know how many fights I got
in to protect those poor ones?

I won't let infidels and careless
men like you waste my effort!

This isn't a place where you can act
like a bandit like you do on the seas.

There are rules on these lands.

There is an order.

The gold is here.

And you are caught.

The truth will be exposed
after an investigation.

Take the gold.

We will keep it in another place
until it is investigated.

If you dare taking the
gold to somewhere else... of Kalimnos will want to take
it from you. You can not take it.

Don't push your luck, Oruc.

It will be fairly investigated.

We are talking about stealing
and hiding the gold.

Not even Ottoman can step in.

We will solve this issue...

...between us.

We finally caught you!

You will answer for what
you did in the cistern!


Eat them, Sansar!

Forgive me for telling you that we had
a relationship based on self-interest.

You really are a genuine
friend, Sahbaz.

What are you doing here, Pietro?

It turned into a bloodbath! We have
to leave before someone sees us.

No! I am waiting for Oruc and
Karabay to leave the cistern.

The gold is in the cistern. I will go
in and take it. I can't leave it here.

How dare you take my
brother like this?

The gold that was stolen from the poor abyssinian
people was found in your brother's cistern.

We are taking him for
an investigation.

I won't leave my
Agha in your hands.



Put your sword down.


Don't make me say
it again, Ilyas.

It is a delicate subject.

Let's not end up being
wrong when we are right.

I can get rid of this.

You will just behave.

They are taking the gold
from the back door.

Unita men might make a raid and take the
gold. Don't hurt the soldiers of Memluks.

Go, my lion.

If I wanted to escape, I would kill you
all in the cistern and then run away.

No one can take me to
Alexandria with my hands tied.

We can follow you everywhere
standing tall evelAllah.

Ilyas is still there, they are going
to make a move to take the gold.

I have to do something
before them and take it.

Pietro! You are being insane.

The gold is the proof that
will take Oruc to death!

If you take it, the
proof will be removed.

Think wiser, Sahbaz.

I will take the gold and put the blame
on them, they won't be able to survive.

If something bad
happens, Pietro...

...we will fight.

Don't worry. Don't worry. I
thought about everything.

The gold will be mine...

...and the head of
Oruc will be yours.

You better go to Alexandria and
start using your influence.

Oruc will be dead soon and Alexandria
will be completely in your hands.

Come on, levents! We will
take the gold from Memluks!

I am so excited
to be here again.

It was my home.

It's all thanks to
you, Huma Hanim.

You helped us, thank you.

It will help many people inshaAllah.
It will let them work and eat.

Our goal is to open the
door of blessed food... the world of business
that is ruled with deceit.

May our intention
and fate be good.

Let's go.

Don't put it there.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

How dare you settle in here?
We rented this place!

We are the Emirate
of Alexandria.

And this is the
property of the state.

We wanted it, and we took it.

The bookkeeper gave
this place to us.

What kind of a man are you?

Is that how you
keep your promises?

That's what Mighty Emir ordered.

There is nothing I can do.

You first closed
the orphanage...

...and now you are
settling in the building.

That's enough.


What are you going to
do now, Huma Hatun?

Are you going to send news
to the palace of Ottoman?

Are you going to inform the
state to take this place?

I don't need them.

My strength is enough to make
you pay for what you did.

So that the swords are drawn...

...we will see which
side is stronger.

Why are you in a hurry, son ?

Emir Karabay took Oruc Reis for
a questioning, Huma Hatun.

I came here to inform you.

What is the Emir trying to do?
Why did he want to question him?

He must've made a mistake...

...that's why our Emir took him.

He already made too
many mistakes.

It is a good decision.

I will show you that
jackals like you...

...can not hunt the
prey of lions.


We looked everywhere.
There are no clues.

A man like him would
have left a sign.

But we will find them Meryem.

We will find them for Sure.

What happened?

I told you that Dervish
would leave a hint.

Sailors use these
kinds of tracks.

Only Oruc Agha can
figure this out

We'll go and ask him.

Every prisoner I take
would shiver out of fear.

Your calmness surprises
me, old man.

The one who fears from Allah
fears from nothing else.

We only take comfort from Him.

Only resort to Him.

I want a man like you
to be this loyal to me.

Come, resort to me.

I will save you at
the end of this.

We had many troubles like this.

Allah wants to test His creations
with troubles like these.

He wants to see if they ask
for a weak man's help,

or His help.

Thank Allah, we believe
in mighty Allah.

He has a purpose if
He gave us to you.

What is His purpose?

We are incapable of understanding.
His purpose, His power.

Our duty is to trust Him.

Not to give up hope on Him.

You keep trusting Him.

We’ll see who will win
at the end of this.

Is Oruc Agha here?

We need to see him right away.

Baba Oruc did not
stop by the mansion.

We don't know where he is.

My Agha, where are you
when we need you the most?


Aunt, did something bad happen?

What more will happen?

Emir Karabay took Oruc. He is taking
him to the Emirate to question him.

How can this happen?
What did he do?

Does it matter for that devil Karabay?
I am sure he found something.

But this time it won't be that gasy.
How dare he questions my brother?

Don't worry.

We will show that Mamluk man
learn by bitter experience.

Welcome Mighty Emir.

You caught the enemies
of the state in the act.

May you never lose your power.

You can't take my brother
anywhere, Karabay.

Your brother will
pay for his crimes.

Do not cause a scene.

Or I will consider you
guilty for his crimes, too.

Oruc Reis has a privilege
from the Ottoman.

How dare you find him
guilty and take him?

Oruc Reis stole.

He took the gold
of the innocent.

Even the Ottoman does
not get a say in this.

You can't take him.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........


Do you know what is
the price of this?

We are not afraid of the price
of the bullet we shoot.

You think about the
bullet you will take.

You took my brother wrongfully.

Let him go right away or
blood will be spilled here.


Be ready to shoot.


Lower your weapons.

I said lower them.

Justice will be
served, my lions.

We will proven to be innocent.

Let us not be guilty
by spilling blood,

when there is no need?

Let's not give leverage
to these cruel people.


It is okay, Hizir.

Don't worry.

I will get out in no time.

You are the Reis of the
family when I am not around.

Take care of everyone.

Take Oruc Reis inside.


You were going to
talk to Oruc Reis.

Let me at least talk to
my brother for a while.

There is something we need
to talk about, urgently.

Your brother will not see
anyone until he is questioned.

Are you a bandit now?

I said I need to talk to him urgently.
What are you afraid of?

Do you think I will go in there
and break my brother out?

Let me talk to my brother.

Or things will get messy.

So be it.

You heard your brother.

If blood is spilled here,

you will pay a heavy price.

This does not end here.

If you do not let me
talk to my brother,

I will speak the
language you understand,

and see my brother.

There are not tracks here.

Mamluk soldiers took another
way to lose us, obviously.

Let’s check the east.

We must take the gold before Unita
men come. Come on, soldiers.

You can not sit in front of me.

I am not guilty, and
you are not the Qadi.

Stand up.

Know your place.

You are in my place, and
you are in my presence.

I prevented the fight
outside just now.

Who will sto me if I

...disturb your presence

...and crash your place ?

I said stand up.

I will stand up only for the
questioning to continue.

How did you steal the gold?

Who are you working
for secretly?

My purpose is clear.

I am trying to finish the
heathens in the Mediterranean.

But with your careless actions. play into their hands.

Are you fighting the heathens in the
Mediterranean by stealing gold.

I took the gold from
the ones who stole it.

If you hadn't come there, I would have
brought all of them on their knees.

The man whose face was covered
in the cistern was one of them.

But you came and
ruined everything.

Stop lying, Oruc.

You were sitting at home like
a wreck until yesterday.

Now you bought
yourself a mansion.

You did this with the
gold you stole, right?

bought it with the gold
I saved up for the ship.

All of Alexandria knows this.

You can't do anything to me
with these slanders, Karabay.

Don’t make us lose time.

Do not get in to our way.

If heathens take the gold,

...that will be your sin.

Then that sin will
take your neck.

No one can touch the gold.

We Will keep them as
your crime's proof.

And you will stay here?

If something happens
to the gold,

I will exile you
from Alexandria.

Where are you taking
what is ours?

Who are you?

Do you know what is the price of

...killing Mamluk
soldier in Egypt?

Come on.

Hurry up.

Let s take the gold and go away.

Why would they blame me

...instead of Oruc and
his brother Ilyas?

- Send news to Sahbaz. He knows what to do.
- Yes, sir.

I lured you into
such a trap that

...even Ottoman's power can
not save your life, Oruc.

What now, Hizir?
What do you want?

We agreed to let you question my
brother Oruc because he stopped us.

But I can not accept you
not letting me see him.

Now, do not make me you force.

Let me.

What happens if you use force?

What can you do to me?

The fuse is burnt. You
have little time.

If you don't let me,
this bomb will blow up.

we will both be under ruins.

Are you insane? Are you not
afraid to lose your life?

I am not afraid, at all.

You can understand how important
the matter I will talk about is.


This place will blow
up in a little while.

Are you letting me, or not?

I will let you. Put
that thing out.

Lower your swords.

He will see Oruc.

Unita men beat us to it.

They killed the soldiers
and took the gold.

What will we do, Ilyas?'

How will we tell this to Reis?

Is is our fault? It
is Karabay's fault.

We will go back to Alexandria and
tell my brother Oruc what happened.

He will know how to
make Karabay pay.

Put your sword down, Ilyas.


You are under arrest for
killing Mamluk soldiers.

We did not kill them. They
were dead when we came here.

Everything is obvious.

You were caught in the
act, at the murder scene.

Do not make this difficult.

What a despicable trapl!

The soldiers were killed and you
raid as soon as we are here.

We came because we got a report.

Who reported us?


What a shame.

How could they kill
the states soldiers?

How did you kill all these Muslim
soldiers for some gold, Ilyas?

You reported us wrongfully.

I will kill you.

What are you doing, Ilyas?
Let go of that sword.

We were the ones who taught there
was an assault, and reported.

You were the ones who attacked.

You kill state's
innocent soldiers

...and try to fight
us, is that so?

I will kill you with my sword!

- Let go of us.
- You think...

you can kill us?

Ilyas, it is enough.

You are under arrest. If you fight
back, you and your levents will die.

Two men against one.
You treachers!

I will make you pay this!

Let go of your weapons.

Take them.

I don't know how you found out.

...but good job, Sahbaz.

Even I didn't expect this much.

Oruc's levents

...killed Mamluk
soldiers for gold.

Emir Karabay is our friend and
it is out duty to help him.

From now on,

...we must watch...

...Oruc, Ilyas and their levents.

...hang from a gallows tree
in the middle of Alexandria.

Oruc Agha.

Hello, Hizir.

People from Kalymnos
kidnapped Dervish.


What do you mean kidnapped?

They want Meryem and the book.

But I did not give them
to them and I won’t

I need to track down Dervish and
save him until tomorrow evening.

Maybe you can help us with this.

I found this symbol
on Dervish's yard.

Obviously he drew it on purpose.
It is a hint.

Maybe you can figure
out what it is.

It is a ship.

The wind is blowing on the flag.

So they must have taken
him to south west.

So they are going west.

It is my duty to chase
them immediately.

Hold on Hizir. Do you know where
did they take them in the west?

It's like looking for a
needle in a haysack.

He drew one more mark.

That means I'll send word?

What do you say then, brother?
Shall we wait?

How can he send word?

If he could think of this,
he can also send Word.

However, collective
effort is needed.

Shipboys on the street.

They like Dervish as
much as their father.

Maybe they can split up and
find a clue about Dervish?

I'll begin with mobilising them.

Great idea.

Act promptly, my boy!

Your situation disturbs me.

Leaving you to this dog's
cruelty offends me, brother.

Don't worry about me.

I'll get clear and
leave eventually.

Do what I say. Save Dervish
as soon as possible.

I'll save Dervish,

and when I return,
you'll be out of here.

InshaAllah, my boy.
Good luck, come on.


And this is Unita s inn.

All of the sea trade of
Alexandria rely on here.


High admirals...

All ends up in here.

End of course, biggest
gambling takes place in here.

So this is the heart
of Alexandria.

If we want to rule Alexandria,

we need to dominate this inn.

Sahbaz Bey.

How good to see you around here.

What's the matter?

We’ve come to inspect
Alexandria, Parmaksiz.

What s around here?

What places are important?
We'd like to learn them all.

Well, soon enough, our shadow
will cover Alexandria.

Look at me. It you re one ot us,

Stop gambling like scavengers
in the crow's den,

We have more important
things to do.

Look who is calling us crow?

He took the ships of his father.

And he can't even protect
them from Hizir.

They took all of his ships

as if dishonouring him,

and this guy here shows off.

You're not the one to
humiliate my honor, you dog!

How dore you?

If you're fighting, get
out and tight like a man.

We won't let anybody to
attack from behind here.

Now mind your business!

souch bald women...

Such brave ladies are not
common to encounter.

They are like the pearls
at the bottom of the sea.

It is my honour to
owe you my life.

It was not specifically for you.

These are the rules of the inn.

Don't take it personally.

You must be Sahbaz,
son of Kilic Bey.

Go ahead, did you have
something to do in the inn?

We have things to do in
all of the Alexandria.

It seems, your inn is the
heart of Alexandria.

Soon enough,our shadow
will cover here too.

While the sun of Baba Oruc
shines upon Alexandria,

I wonder, how are you
gonna possess it?

The sun of Baba Oruc
will set soon enough.

And then, everyone will
see how our shadow...

..will cover Alexandria.

Okay then.

But here s a warning for you.

Learn to watch your back first.

Then you'll think about
shadowing Alexandria?

Isabel, daughter of the innkeeper,
showed that she's on the Oruc's side.

It won't be that easy
to dominate this inn.

And now, I’m
motivated even more.

This place is exactly for me.

We need to dominate
this inn somehow.


How could you do this?

How could you make your Levents kill my
soldiers, and make them steal my golds?

What are you talking about?

I did not order anyone
to kill soldiers.

Then ask your brother,

who got caught in the act.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

What Karabay is talking about?

Did you kill any Mamluk sordier?

We did not kill, Reis.

When we got to the site of the
murder, they were all dead.

Mamluk soldires
thought we did that,

and they arrested me in a hurry.

Unita men.

Have I not told you that
they'll take the gold?

They took the gold and
killed the soldiers.

Did you see the cost
of your unawariness?

Your fault has doubled, Oruc.

Both you and your
brother Ilyas...

Will be hanged for...

...killing Mamluk soldiers.


I have bad news tor you.

What's that?

Karabay has arrested
Oruc and Ilyas.


What do you mean
he arrested them?

For stealing the
gold and murder.

Have Unita's gold been revealed?

Oh my God.

Oruc must be in serious trouble.

You can't set foot
out of the inn.

You heard what happened to Oruc.

He both stole the gold,

and killed Mamluk soldiers.

That worthless pirate
deserves even more.


...there's no way Oruc
killed Mamluk soldiers

We both know who is
capable of doing so.

If you were by my side as
much as you were Oruc's.

You wouldn't suffer these.

I'd rather die, than
standing be someone

who abandoned his children.

I want to see your face,

when Oruc is executed, and
you hear about his death.

Then no one will be
left to stand by.


Don't you ever...

...think about going to Oruc.

You can't see him
even if you want to.

We've done a great job.

Like I said, the gold is mine,

heads of Oruc and his
levents are yours.

So, how are you gonna
transfer the gold?

Of course, with the
ship of my dear friend.

Sansar, do we have a
ship on the harbor?

We have, Bey.

Even if we don't, we can
find with your order.



Then, as a delivery price, I'll
take some of the gold dust.

I was wrong about sincerity.

You are such a
self-seeking partner.

Very well, prepare your snip.


And you do the necessary preparations
for the gold's shipment to Alexandria.

Yes sir.

I hope you're watching me
up there, Great Caesar.

I'm leaving Egypt with
glory, just like you.

Even if you did not kill my soldiers,
surely you organized this.

You have other men, after all.

You are behind all of this.

If I had made my men kill
them and take the gold

why would I send Ilyas
and the levents?

Would a man who plans
murders, be this stupid?

Even if we had taken the gold, we
could't have hid it in a short time.

Your soldiers spread and
could not still find it.

It's clear that we
did not murder them.

I warned you that Unita men
could want the gold. I knew it.

The gold of the innocent
will be the cruel's.

Put you personal grudge aside.

Let's go and find gold.

If the states asks me the
suspects of this incident,

...will I say "I couldn't
capture anyone."?

No way.

You will stay here.

It will be obvious that

...the heathens took the gold.

What will you say then?

Will you say "Baba Oruc had it but I
took it and gave it to heathens.?

What will happen then?

Won't your state hang
you from your feet?

If... are so sure that you'll
find the gold and bring back...

...and prove who
the killer are...

You have time until tomorrow.


Ilyas will stay here.

If you can't find the gold and bring
back the killers until tomorrow

I will..

...hang Ilyas in the
middle of Alexandria.

Why are you taking
my brother hostage?

I said I'll prove
it until tomorrow.

It is1 Baba Oruc's promise.

You can’t promise in important
situations like this.

It was Ilyas who was caught at
the murder scene, after all.

So If you cannot bring
tjhe real killers,

Ilyas will die.


I trust you.

You'll find the killers and the gold.
Don t worry, about me.

I will find them, my lion.

I promise, I'll bring
them until tomorrow.

You have time until tomorrow.

And the time..

...starts now.

The deckmen in the street
disappeared when we need them.

Who knows what jobbery, what
stealing they are after.

Be careful what you say.

They are more decent
than many aristocrats.

Would they be immoral because
they are street boys?

Okay, that's enough. Let's
find those deckmen.


What s wrong with you?

I am worried about my
brother Oruc, Meryem.

That despicable Karabay
will torture him.

Oruc Agha will not let him.

You know your brother
better than me.

He will be free in
no time, inshaAllah.


But first, we will do our
part and save Dervish.

We will make everyone look for
him, including those deckmen.

I will not be at easy

...until Dervish and my
Brother Oruc are saved.

Let's go now.

Our ship is ready to sail Mr.

When will the goods
we will carry arrive?

Goods are so important,
we just secured them.

They'll be on deck, shortly.

We would like to work with a valuable merchant
like you, all time time, Mr. Alfonso.

- How did you break free?
I got out to prove myself innocent.

You are will be proven guilty.

What are you doing here?

I have goods to be carried. We
are negotiating with Sahbaz Bey.

If you are here to cause a
scene, do not get too excited.

We reported what we
knew to the Mamluk men.

We will not answer
to anyone for this.

What kind of report is that,
when my brother Ilyas was there?

You shouldn't have
walked around there.

If someone else killed them,
what were you doing there?

Maybe if someone else hadn't
killed them, you would have.

Are you serving to the
ones who trapped us?

Be careful what you say. We do
not do secret things like you.

You had the stolen gold
on you, tor some reason.

Including this deck, I am
watching whole Alexandria.

I will not them take
the gold out of here.

I'll find the killers
and save my brother.


You got in our way. Now
I will get in your way.

Break the bearing pintles
of the runner blades.

They won't sail off
until we let them.

Baba Oruc,

...- calm...
Will he ask your permission?

You cannot do this.

Cut the ropes

You were looking fiercely while you
were attacking Ilyas with three men.

Now your eyes are
shaking with fear.

Attack me, too.

Come one. I'll blow
your brains out.

From now on, whose
bullet is shot first,

...that one will win, Oruc.

I shot a bullet, long ago.

Once I find the gold,

...and save my brother...

...then that bullet will...

kill you and the ones
you serve, one by one.

Come on.

Come on!

You fooled me, Pietro.

Oruc is not beheaded.

-I didn't get what I wanted.
-Don't hold my collar.

Our plan was working,
you know that.

-How could we know that they would
let them go under conditions?
-What is going to happen now?

Oruc placed his men
at the harbour!

I can’t deliver
the gold by ship!

If he finds them on the ship, it will all
be exposed! We don't even have a rudder!

The ship can't set sail today!

Alfeo was on the way

I have to inform him and
make him change his route.

If Oruc sent his
levents around...

...and if he catches Alfeo...

...they will understand that we committed
this murder. And I don't want this to happen.

Then... are your men and the dust
of gold going to leave Alexandria?

They think it's just gold dust?

I will have them
turned into bars.

Then Oruc won't understand that
the gold belongs to him...

...and the murderers
were my men.

Now I shouldn't waste time...

...and find Alfeo before
Oruc's levents find him.

Dervish Baba will send
an information for sure.

You know every place here.

Split up.

Inform me if you see a
sign belonging to Dervish.

Come on, lions.

Should we split up as well?

It is better than
waiting for news.

We don’t know how Dervish
is going to send signs.

That's the best we can do. We will
wait until we receive a sign.


You told me that you were going to get rid
of it. But I wasn't expecting you so soon.

They released us under conditions,
my Hizir. But it's bad.

Unita men took the
gold from Memluks.

And they put the blame on Ilyas
for the murdered soldiers.

We have to find the gold and the
murderers until tomorrow or...

Or what, brother?

Or they will hang llyas.


I told you...

I told you that Karabay was going
to make something treacherous.

I must’ve put that
fuse in his mouth.

Calm down, Hizir.

I sent my levents around
to find the murderer.

We will first go to the kiosk...

...then to the site of
murder to investigate.

What did you do?

We sent the shipboys around.

Let's go to the kiosk
together then.

I guess bad days are
waiting for us all.


Ilyas is the youngest.

He is our heart.

Karabay can do
anything to hurt us.

If he hurts our Ilyas.

Calm down, my lion.

I won't leave Ilyas
in those dogs' hands.

Just try finding the Dervish.

I will solve the issue of Ilyas.

There is not a single
animal in the forest.

You unskilful men!

There is nothing to give you.

Pray your God, he should
send us some food.

We can't want something...

...from Allah like He is our subject.
(Perish the thought)

If you ask for it with the
sense of being His subject..

...He will grant you
with blessings.

I am sick of this.

I used to trust in God.

But then I understood that
gold feeds us, not prayers.

Why are you hungry then?

I came all this way with you.

...I am a captive... your hands.

But I am not hungry. Why?

Because you..

...think the mortal
ones are Gods.

If you see the mortal
ones as Gods...

...your soul and your
stomach can't be fed.

Even if you feed
yourself with gold...

...that you see as your God
for a thousand times... will still
feel the hunger.

And you can never be satisfied.

Allah is immortal.

If you trust Him... feel full even
it you are hungry...

...with the strength
He grants you with.

Look at this... We
were so hungry..

Bring that shepherd here!

If his life is precious...

If his life is precious...
sheep, right, old man?

I think the ones who find peace with
cruelty find destruction in the end.

I’m surprised that your hunger
didn't kill you with this mind.

If you don't want to lose your life, you are
going to give one of your sheep to us, shepherd.

But these sheep belong
to someone else.

He will question
me if I miss one.

You should be grateful as I am asking
for one sheep and not taking them all.

Alright.. You can take
the sheep you want.

Don’t kill me.

Nice... Well-done.

If you allow me, I want
to pay for the sheep.

How are you going to
pay for it, old man?

Take this, my son.

You will sell it to a
jeweler in Alexandria...

...he will give you enough
gold for the sheep.

You are lucky. Get lost now.

The gold is in those cases!
Let's send news!

You are that trader!

So you were the infidel
who stole the gold!

It's good for you
to learn the truth.

But you won't have enough
time to tell this to Oruc.

You humiliated me with the
sign you did with this hand... I will cut it and
you will die in pain.


You arrived on time. How did you
know that they were going to attack?

Oruc is released, Alfeo.

He is looking for the
gold everywhere.

Then it is impossible for us to take
the gold dust out of Alexandria.

It is not.

We will turn the
gold dust into bars.

I sent news to Sylvio for
this, he will inform us.

I won't let Oruc take the gold.

By the way, tie the wheels with herbs.
We shouldn't leave a trace

Yes sir.

Changer Raquel.

We have too many cases
filled with gold dust.

And we have to turn
them into bars.

We can do that in your workplace.
-Sure Sylvio.

I did many things for
Unita until this day.

And I will gladly do this.

Then... I will send
them news right away.

They will bring the dust
gold to your workplace.

And you have to
solve this tonight.


Thank God.

So Oruc is released.

But why is it under conditions?

What is the condition?

The gold is lost.

And Memluk soldiers are killed.

And they put the blame on llyas.


If they can't find the gold and
the murderers until tomorrow?

...Ilyas is going
to be executed.


You are suffering for your brother
because of Unita just like me.

Oruc must find the gold
as soon as possible.

He can then reach the murderers.

I wish... I wish Golem..

I wish I could help him.

But... we don’t have much time.
Don’t forget.

Changer Raquel...

What is he doing here?

The gold is lost. And
Raquel is with my father?

I must tell about this to Oruc.


Take me to my room.

What happened, father?

Did Oruc’s freedom upset you?

He said that he is going
to find the gold...

...and the murderers.

And in return, he will
save Ilyas from execution.

Is that so?

It’s his brother.

Oruc will find the gold
and the actual killers...

...and you know that very well.

And I also know that you can't stop
yourself and you want to help him.

I want it so much.

But thanks to you, it’s
too hard for me now.

I don't do business anymore.

Too hard, ha?

I would believe this
if I didn't know you.

Even if I keep you
away from Unita...

...I don’t trust you a bit.

Therefore, you will be
kept in this room...

...until the gold issue is over.


You can’t do this!

Enough! Shut up!

I can't get in trouble
because of you again!

Open the door! I am telling
you to open the door!

You can't keep me here, father!
Open the door!

You will not leave this door.

If she tries getting
out or running away...

...shoot her.

Shoot her, I said.

I will get out of this place
no matter what happens...

...even if I have to die

May it be easy.

Thank you.

I want to sell this ring.

Where did you find
this ring, Efendi?

From a kind old man.
In return for a sheep.

I am a shepherd. I sold a sheep
to them on the mountain.

And he gave me this ring.

I have never seen you around.
Are you a foreigner?

I live in the Nasaran
village, out of Alexandria.

I wanted to sell the ring
before going to the village.

I am in a hurry. I
have to go back.

I entrusted my sheep
to someone else.

May Allah bless you, Efendi.
May it be blessed.

Help me! Save me!

I am going to die here! Help me!

-Help me!
-I will save you, madam lsabel!

I can save myself!

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She run away!

Don't move!

Damn it!


Your father ordered us! If you don't
come back, we have to shoot you.


Alright, don’t shoot.
I’m coming.

Now you...

..and my life are
in my past, father.

From now on, I will have a life
to sacrifice to find my brother.

None ot you can stop me.

How can they hang Ilyas, Oruc?!

Couldn’t you draw your sword against Memluk?
Couldn't you take your brother out?

If we shed blood, it
will be worse, aunt.

Or I wouldn't leave
Ilyas in their hands!

Even Ottoman can't solve this.

We will solve this.


You are like my sons.

And Ilyas is the youngest...

He is our everything.

I lost my two sons
and put up with it.

I can t lose another son!

Don’t be upset, aunt.

I sent all of my levents.

We are all on alert.

We will find the murderers until
tomorrow and save my Ilyas.

Come in.

Oruc... I have important news.

Don’t be upset, Esther.

Oruc Reis said that he
is going to save him.

-He keeps his promises.
-I hope, Adelina. I hope.

I will not lose another child.

I won't surrender Ilyas to your
treacherous hands, dastards!

They martyred our two levents
in the forest, Baba Oruc.

They cut the hand of one.

The other levents tried finding them in the
forest, but they couldn’t find anything.

They must've been using
that way to take the gold.

And they got rid of the traces.

They know that they can't deliver
the gold easily, Baba Oruc.

Reis, they can
make another move.

We have to find a way...

...and find the gold
before it's too late.

Baba Oruc... What
are we going to do?

We will go to the place where they
murdered them and investigate.

Maybe we can tind a trace.

Let's go.

A shepherd from Nasaran village
sold this ring to the jeweler.

You are sure, right?
This is Dervish’s ring.

I wouldn't come here
if I wasn't sure.

Where is that Nasaran village?

Let's set off.

West of Alexandria.

But it is covered with mountains.
The roads are tough.

It will be hard for you to
go there and find a trace.

Oruc brother told me that
they were going west.

Nasaran village is
telling us where to go.

We found the sign... we can even pass
deserts, evelAllah.

Thank you, my lion.


My Oruc Agha...

We found a trace that belongs to Dervish. We
will look for him around Nasaran village.

We will set off right away.

But half of my heart
will be left here.

Save our Ilyas.

Don’t leave your
heart here, my lion.

I won't let Ilyas be a
prey to those dogs.

Just save Dervish
from their hands.

But those men from Kalimnos
will lay an ambush for sure.

-Be careful.
-Don't worry.



What happened, lsabel?

What’s wrong?

My father locked me in a room.

But I ran away.

I heard what happened
to your brother Ilyas.

You have to find the
gold and the murderers.

And I ran away to give you
information about this.

What is it? Tell me.

There is a man named
Changer Raquel.

My father lets him take
care of the gold of Unita.

And he visited my father today.

He has a workplace that he turns
the gold dust into gold bars.

It was suspicious that
he visited my father...

...right after Unita
stole the gold.

It is suspicious, lsaber.

They will probably turn the gold dust
into gold bars with the help of that man.

So it will be easier
to carry them.

If we find the gold, we
can find the murderers.

And we will save my
brother from death.

Do you know where
his wordplace is?

I do.

Prepare the horses, levents.
We will set off.

You disobeyed your
father because of us.

He will get mad at you.

Will you go back?

He ordered his men to shoot me.

I won't go back.

I won't go back.

All the ties between me and
my father are broken now.

I will dedicate my life
to save my brother.

What about you, 0ruc?

We are both suffering for our
brothers because of Unita.

We are sharing the same pain.

We will overcome this together.

I won't go back, Oruc.

I will find myself a place
to stay in Alexandria.

You can't live alone.

Your father will
find and hurt you.

You are in this situation
because of us.

You took shelter in us.

We don't give those who took
shelter in us to others.

First, we will save my brother.

Then we will save your
brother from those dogs.

We are together on
this way, Isabel.

We will destroy Unita together.

You are under our protection.

Even if there is
death in the end...

...I won't leave you, Oruc.

How did she fool
you and run away?

What do you even do, idiot man?

I told you to shoot!
What does it do?

You are stupid!

Two of our men are found
dead on the roof, sir.

You will pay for this, Isabel.

You will pay for this.

You did this for Oruc, right?

You disobeyed me,
your father for Oruc.

I will question you for this.

I will kill you and Oruc...

...and the stupid ones
who gave you the chance.

This is the gold dust that
you need to turn into bars.

We are in a hurry. You have to
complete them by the night.

We will take them out of
Alexandria before Oruc finds us.

Don't worry. They will all be turned
into bars before the evening.

And you will be able
to take them out.

Alright then. See you tonight.

We almost arrived the village,
but there are no traces.

I told you that it was
going to be hard, deckman.

We have to be patient.

We won't go back before finding him. But we have
to find the shepherd who saw Dervish first.

It s a weird place.

There are woodpeckers
on these trees.

But there are none on
the ones ahead of us.

Woodpeckers don’t land on the
trees if there are people.

So there must be other
birds on these trees.

They will tell them we are following.
We need to stop them.

You capture the ones
that ran away, Niko.

Meryem and I will handle them.

Finally we captured this one
but the other one got away.

Where did they take Dervish to?

Somewhere you’ll never find.

I'll make you scream until you die.

I will never talk. You will
not find Dervish. He'll die.

We saw the first trap, it means
we are on the right track.

We'll see more traps, obviously.

But we will get
passed all of them.

Let's go.

You can’t come in.

- We'll talk to Ilyas, open the door.
- It is forbidden.

Emir Karabay is not here, you can’t
ask for permission. Go away.

It is our right to see
our son in the dungeon.

Why is it forbidden?

I will not go away
before seeing llyas.

This is Emir Karabay's order.

This is too much cruelty.

Open the door.


Drop your weapons.

You committed crime by
entering the Emirate.

If you shoot one single bullet,

the price will be heavy.


How can you...

...break into state’s building
like a bandit, Huma Hatun?

Now I have the right
to even kill you.

We have the right to see Ilyas.

Do you think I will
let you stop us?

Emir Karabay forbid it.

He is our prisoner.

We will say who has
what right, not you.

You dug your own
grave, Huma Hatun.

I raised Ilyas.

He is my son.

I did what a mother whose
son got the death penalty..

...would do.

When my son is in the dungeon,

Do you think I can stand
not seeing his face?

Are you not a mother?

What would you do if your
son was in this situation?

While he waits for
the death penalty,

...could you stand
not seeing him?

You say there is death
at the end of this.

I don't care.

I’ll see my son Ilyas,

...then you can shoot
me, if you want.

I don't respect you.

I respect the motherhood.

You can go and see him.

Don’t take too long.


- Ilyas!
- Mother?

- My son!
-Mother, how did you get inside? It is forbidden.

What restriction can stop
me from seeing you, my son?

If they do not give us our rights,
we know how to take them.

Oruc told me you were
going to be executed.

My heart stopped, my son.

How can they kill you,
put you in a dungeon?

The enemy is not powerful
enough for us, mother.

They can only do it with
traitory and slander.

But we are powerful
enough to get over this.

My brother Oruc will find the gold
and the killers, I believe in him.

You are getting closer to
death by the minute here.

If there was something
we could go outside,

...we would not stop for a second
and do everything for you.

Don't think about death.

Don't feel sad
because I'm in here.

Do you have memories that will
make you feel like I’m with you.

Find peace with them, for now.

I'll get out tomorrow and
come to you, for sure.

You say tomorrow,

...every second you are in the dungeon
feels like years to us, my son.

I raised you.

Now if I have to bury you,

...I will not care about
Mamluk, or anything.

I swear I will burn
Alexandria down.

We need to go, Huma Hatun.

Come on, Aunt. You go. Nothing bad will
happen. I will come home tomorrow.

InshaAllah, my son.


We will wait for you, Ilyas.

I can't wait until
I come to you .

May Allah protect you.

This is Raquel's atalier.

If the lights are on at this time, they
have something important to do, obviously.

They're probably making
gold dust into bullions.

Isabel and I will
take the front door.

You go in the back door.

We don't have much time to save Ilyas.
Let's hurry up.

There is no one here.

There is no silver
gold or copper.

I wonder if they haven’t
taken the gold here yet.

Let's wait for the levents.
Maybe they found it

What happened, Bulbul?
Did you find the gold?

No, Baba Oruc. No gold.

There's no trace of the
gold dust, either.

What happened then?
Where is the gold?

Sir, we took the gold out
of the atelier, urgently.

How did you know Oruc would
go there and set a trap?

Isabel killed her father's men
and escaped from the inn.

Obviously she knew
about the atelier.

I went to tell Oruc.

But with this trip we set
up, they will both die.

Silvio can't control his daughter.
Information is leaked again.

But will come to that, too.


This is sealed with Diego seal.



You take the gold to the bay
we will load the gold from.

They should go to
Kalymnos, right away.

I'll take a few men.

There is one more thing I
need to handle tonight.

Yes, sir.

Gold is not here. Let'
get out of here.

Maybe will find a hint outside.
Come on.

What's going on? Why
are the doors closed?

It's a trap.

What’s this?

This is toxic smoke.
They trapped us.

Come on.

Are you okay, levents?

You can’t escape this easily.

You need to inform us.

- Where is the gold?
-They made it into bullions.

- Where did they take it?
- Onlu Raquel would know.

He will stop by at
he Caravansary.

I only know this much.

We need to catch up to Raquel
before he leaves the Caravansary.


We need to find out where the
Unita men took the gold to.

We needn to find the gold and the
killers before the time is up.

Ilyas does not have much time.

Come on.

What's happening?
Who threw that?

Hizir. Is that you?


It's your nightmare.

Gaius Julius Caesar.

What are you doing, Pietro?
Why are you here?

The dagger wound on my
back has healed, Brutus.

I’m here to take what is mine.

I captured the gold.

I fulfilled my mission.

Now I'm taking my Kalimnos
commandership back.

What are you talking about?

Soldiers! Arrest him!

Are you gonna arrest
your commander?

If you want to end up
like your friends.

Okay, come and arrest me.

Will you obey a traitor?

Or me

Did you see, Brutus?

The dagger you stuck
did not work.

Caeser came back.

Pietro, don't do this.

We have Dervish,

We'll capture the book and
the girl who’ll solve it.

And Hizir has time
until tomorrow.

You prepared well for me.

I'm taking these over.
- You can’t do this.

Unita didn't give
Kalimnos to you.

You can’t take something
that they did not give,

They'll kill you.

I have such a power that,

I'll even crush Unita masters.

Soon, everyone will be talking
about powerful return of Pietro.

Give the Caesar his due.

The poet Horatius once said...

No happiness is as delicious
as a pain with a good ending.

You caused me suffering
with your betrayal.

But now it'll end.

This is the happiest
moment of my life.

I put you in the place of
all whom I loved and lost.

You were my closest
in this life.

And again, you made me
lose someone I love .

I will never...

...never forgive you.

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He died as a traitor.

Throw his body to the sea.

I don't want Kalimnos
lands to be...

...cursed with the
body of a traitor.

You are just a vile pirate. I
won't be sad about killing you.

Wait, wait, wait.

Give me a chance.

Letting you live that long
was not a big chance?

We asked Hizir for the girl and the
book, but he won't give up easily.

Our men said that they
are heading this way.

can bring them to you.

I promise.

If I can't. Kill me.

I'm accepting this just because
of my curiosity for the girl.

Now go away and
take your chance.

Or my men by my side,
will kill you there.

And I'll take care of Dervish.

I wonder what my Dervish
father is doing?

Is he cold like me?

Is he hungry?

Is he thirsty?

Dervish is more resilient than all of us.
Don't worry.

We have a tough road.

We're in difficult situation.

But as our Rab's
(Allah) orders...

"Surely there is easiness
along with every hardship."

"There is easiness
along with hardship."

Every time I worry, my Dervish
Father tells me this Ayah (Verse).

I have the pain of my brother
on my conscience for years.

I could ease it a bit thanks to
my Dervish Father's affection.

But If I...

...lose him as my brother... world goes into darkness.

You are also carrying the concern of
losing your brother in your heart.

But you are not letting
anyone know the fire in you.

If I let that fire
take control of me...

...I will break
stones and mountains

But I have to trust
in Allah and wait.

I have to save Dervish Baba now.

I am sure my Oruc Agha won't
leave Ilyas to death.

It's burning now.

It will warm you soon.

The words that got out of your
heart already warmed me, Hizir.

I am sure... long as you are with me... way won’t be
left in darkness...

...and the cold won't touch me.

It is really nice to see
you again, old man.

I am sure that you
thought about me.

You still chasing the things that
will take you to your death.

It is funny that you are saying these
things when you are waiting for your death.

My doubts...

...and the secret you keep...

There is no salvation for
you before I find that out.

The girl who was with you...

The one who came with Hizir...

I also have a weird
feeling about her.

When I think of you and
that girl together...

...the doubts that drag my mind
into a storm are increasing.

Tell me... Who are you?

Who is that girl?

She is the light which
will drown the cruel...

....and save the poor ones.

And you surrendered your mind
into the swirl of cruelty.

Maybe that’s why the
light is disturbing you.

Apparently, taking the answers of my
questions is not going to beHZeasy.

I will have the book and
the girl tomorrow anyway.

And then, my doubts..

...all of them...

...will start disappearing.

And that girl, the light...

...can lighten my darkness.

Tell me how much it costs. I am in a hurry.
I have to leave. -Yes my Bey.

There are lots of empty tables.
Why are you sitting with me?

Don't leave right away, Raquel.

We are going to talk.

What are we going to talk about?
Who are you?

They call me Baba 0ruc.

The disaster of the
ones like you.

Oruc... How could you
survive in the workplace?

How did you find me?

It wasn’t really hard, Raquel.

Isabel, Sylvio's daughter.

So you united with Oruc
and betrayed Unita.

Let's not call it betrayal,
let's call it revenge.

The revenge of the pain you caused
by taking my brother away from me.

The revenge of the poor
ones who you stole...

...the gold from and
who you killed...

...the revenge of my brother who
is in the dungeon because of you!

Then the journey of revenge
ends for you here!

Let’s see who will take your
revenge after I kill you!

Tell me! Where is the gold?

The men who killed
Memluks are taking it!

Ilyas doesn't have much time!
Tell me!

I don’t know!

I won't leave before
I make you speak!

Levents! Make him speak.

He is going to speak, but I think
he can’t spell words, Baba Oruc.

Maybe some water can
help, right, Yareli?

I will stop giving you water
and drown you in your blood!

Tell me, my brother
doesn't have much time!

They will take it by ship, but I
don't know where they will go!

Keep pouring... His mout
will be opened soon...

No., no...

Enough! Alright!

There is a bay where Nile comes together
with the Mediterrenean. They will go there.

They must be on the way!

Prepare the horses, levehts!

We will cross their path
before they load the gold!

We will catch the killers
in Unita and save my llyas.

Unita will destroy you all! You
can’t fight against Unita!

I will first rip your heart
off, then the heart of Unita?

That's where I saw them!

There is no one here.
Are you sure?

They can't be far away.
The fire is just put off.

We couldn’t arrive on time.

Let’s not wait! Let's go!




We fell into a trap!

I waited for you to come here... catch you.

Let them go.

Come and do whatever
you want to me.

As the wild girl of
the nature is here...

Why would I fight with you?

I came here to take you to the
Dervish you are looking for.

My father and I are not
going to be your captives!

I knew that this man
would bring you news.

You didn't disappoint me.

It was a little show... show you what can happen to
your friends and Dervish if you move.

Drop your swords.

Or they are going to die.

Dervish is also going to die.


We are dropping them!

Don't hurt anyone!


..........:: ::..........

Catch them!

We will take them to Dervish.

We will find out what they have
ready for a fight, Muneccim.

The equipments of the castle,
the number of soldiers...

...the ammunition, we
will check everything.

Yes my Bey.

InshaAllah we will get over
this without getting caught.

Or may Allah forbid, our dead
bodies will leave Kalimnos.


May it be easy, masters.

These are nice handcarts.

We need handcarts to carry
goods tor short-ranges.

How much is it?

They are not for sale. The Commander
of the castle ordered us to make them.

I see.

Why does he want handcarts?

I don't know why.

Alright then. May it be easy.

He found us!

Take th'e gold to the bay! And the others
will fight with them and waste their time!

Let’s go!

This is the killer of
Despina aunt, Baba Oruc?

I will first catch you and
confess the murder...

...then I will cut you into
pieces to take my revenge.


Well done, Antuan.

Well done.


What is it?

You look like you're surprised
to see me, blacksmith.

I spilled your blood with
my sword, the last time.

I thought I took your life while
you were sinking at the sea.

I have a contract
with God, friend.

I won't go anywhere before
I take what I want.


It's you.

I remember you. What did you
do to my father? Tell me.

I'm glad you remember.

- Father!
- Dervish!

So this old man is your father.

Don t worry I m tine.

Let go my father. Are you only
powerful enough for him, coward?

You can't even imagine
how powerful I am.

Don't. Don't go near
the girl, Pietro.

Tell me,

...Is this old man
your real father?
H A P H A P () S1 A P A K D l N Z

It s none ot your business.

If your problem is
with me, I am here.

Let go him and take me.


Sure, I'll do what you said.

But there is one problem
and I don't like problems.

No book, no Dervish. So my
beloved arch enemy Hizir,

No book, no Dervish. So my
beloved arch enemy Hizir,

...tell us where the book is so
that my man will go and get it.

Then I will set Dervish free.

Instead of giving you the book and be responsib
for all those innocent people, Pietro,

I will gladly give my life here.

You started playing the hero again.
Calm down.


For the sake of your daughter,
I'll give you more time.

But if you don't don't
tell me where the book is,

I will make you watch
the greatest slaughter.

I told you something was
up with this, Muneccim.

But what they will do
with the handcarts, a mystery.

We need to tell Oruc about this.

He’ll know what’s up with it.

It is your first
time in Kalymnos.

As soon as you come, you
question the handcarts and go.

Do you think we could not figure
out you are Ottoman spies?

Now we’ll send your heads
to Ottoman Sultan.

I would tear you apart with my
hands and get my revenge but...

...Ilyas’ time is running out. You will first
confess the murder, and then I’ll deal with you.


We took care of all of them but they took
the gold. They are taking it to the bay.

Now what is urgent is,
making the killer confess?

Ilyas doesn't have much time.

Gulletopuk, Bulbul,
go after the gold.

- Yareli, take him.
- Come on.

No one is going anywhere?


You are not my daughter.

And I am not your father.

From now on, you're my enemy.

Your time is up Ilyas.

Your brother couldn't
keep his word.

He couldn’t bring the men
whom he claimed to be guilty.

Gallows is set.

It is time to execute.

Make him wear it.

This is unfair. I didn’t do that.
Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

I did not kill. I did not!

I did not kill! Let me go!

This is unfair! Let me go!
Let me go!

I did not kill! Let me go!

I didn't kill. Let me go!

Let us go Sylvio.

Ilyas is short on time.
Or they'll execute him.

Let us go.

On one condition.

Give Isabel to me.

I'll kill her with
my bare hands.

Isabel asked our help.

I won’t hand over and let her
die, since she asked our help.

Then, you’ll face with
a shooting spree.

You’ll die here...

...and Ilyas will
die in Alexandria.

The day we met each other...

Your eyes looked so similar.

I thought you were someone that
I lost track of years ago.

And she might be the same age as
you, but then I laughed of course.

This is impossible.

She can never be
someone like you.


Sir Pietro.

Oruc has assaulted
to the gold convoy.

- What about the gold?
-We saved them but...

They can find our spot.

Oruc. So he escaped the trap
that we put in the gold mine.

We won't die until we beat the
enemy on these lands, Pietro.

The time is up, Hizir.

Tell me where the book is.

And I’ll take the girl and go.

Or else, Dervish will die!




Don’t, Hizir. Don’t.

If cruels take the book,
innocent people will die.

Our trivial lives are not worthy
to throw them into the fire.

As far as I understand,
you've come to an agreement.

I'm so sorry, old man.

You chose this ending yourself.


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I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah

and I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW)
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Father! No! Don't do that!



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