Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 12 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 12 With English Subtitles

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- Father!
- Dervish!

-Do not!


I saw how afraid you were
that Dervish would die.

But I believe that everyone...

...deserves a second
chance, Hizir.

That is why,

...use this second chance well
and tell me where the book is.

Or my bullet will not
miss Dervish, this time.

Okay, stop.

Okay, I will tell you.
Lower your gun.

You know what you should do for
me to lower my gun, Hizir.

The book is in the cistern
at my Oruc Agha’s old house.

Why did you tell him, Hizir?

Because there is no
other way, Dervish.

While Hizir is trying so hard to
save your life, your attitude...

Is is appropriate?

Okay. Let Dervish go.

You got what you wanted.

First I need to make sure that
you are telling the truth.

I will let Dervish go only
after I get the book.

If you want my life, father...

...take it. But let Oruc go.

Isabel, don’t.

I didn’t have the chance
to say my brother.

I could not save him.

But you have the chance, Oruc.

Go and save your brother.

I said I would walk down this
road with you until I die.

That is what happened.

It is the end for me.

Isabel, don’t go.


I put my forehead on
the tip of the barrel.

Pull the trigger and shoot me.

As long as you let Oruc go.

You took everything
from me, already.

The one thing left is my life
and that does not matter.

Take it, father. Shoot me.

Shoot me, father. What are
you waiting for? Shoot!

- We are here, Oruc
- Aunt Huma.


Oruc, cruel Mamluk Emir
is about to hang Ilyas.

- Hurry, go to the square.
- Ilyas!

Levents, go for the gold.
Come on!

Yareli, Guile Topuk,
come with me.

We will go to save Ilyas.

Doing this to Ilyas before he
is judged in the Qadi trial.

Stay away, woman. Do not get
closer to the prisoner.

Is it easy to do this to a
man because he is alone?

Wait for Oruc Reis.


He is innocent. Have mercy.

I wish your father
Kilic Bey was alive, that he would see who
Oruc and Ilyas really are.

These punks put blindfolds
on his eyes, brother.

If he was here, he
would support them.

You enjoy this moment.

When time comes, we will watch the
execution of Oruc and Ilyas, too.

Ilyas, son of Yakup is guilty
of killing Mamluk soldiers.

His crime was proven because he
was caught in the crime scene.

Mighty Emir Karabay

...ordered his execution in front of Alexandria
public to make an example for everyone.


Don't do it, he is innocent.


What is going on here?

Dear Allah!


What a disrespect!

The day is not over yet. How
can you put Ilyas on the rope?

Your time was until the hourglass was
filled up. I did what I had to do.

How can you take a
man from the rope?

These are the real criminals.

These are who stole the gold
and killed your soldiers.

Come on! Confess everything.

He is lying. I am innocent.

Is this Unita
document a lie, too?

A proof that he was going to
take the gold to Kalymnos.

It was issued so that the
pirates would not attack.

How can you still deny?

You killed my wife, too.
You have no way out.

You will confess everything.

If you do not speak, I will
break your bones, one by one.

Talk! Tell him!

We did it!

It was stolen from
Abyssinian land in secret.

Then Oruc took if from us.

After Mamluk soldiers found and took the gold,
we killed them and took it back from them.

The crime...

We set Ilyas up so that
he would take the blame.

Do you understand now?
Everything is clear.

I will find the gold, like
I brought the criminals.

But first, I will
take this dog's head,

...who killed my wife
and set my brother up.

I will give the punishment to him.
I will put him in the dungeon.

It is up to me. I can
kill him or free him.

Your work here is done.

This is above your
judgement, Karabay.

Blood is spilled.

I will give him the punishment.

If there is a punishment to be
given, my word will do that.

If your sword will
give the punishment,

...I did it. But I will
decide on the verdict.

Thank Allah, we
came here in time.

I will tolerate your disrespect because
it is your revenge for your wife.

If you gave him his punishment, is not your job to find the gold.
It is ours.

You dealt with the gold once and lost it.
I will not let you take it anymore.

Why are you so stubborn?

Are you trying to get a
reputation by being a hero?

There is a great state here.

If it is stolen, we will
do what is necessary.

Only incompetent peculators
will do thing for reputation.

I put the gold in danger once.
I will not do it again.

Everyone here knows. Baba Oruc does
not leave what he started unfinished.

- Brother!
- My lion.

My lion..


Kill them!

Thank you, valiants.

But who are you?

Why did you save us?

Ottoman is everywhere,
Ishak Bey.

It is around its enemies like their
death and its friends like a shadow.

May our state be strong.

Tell us your name.

Let us know who is like a death to
our enemies and a shadow for us.

My name is Muhyiddin Piri.

But everyone knows me as...

.."Piri Reis".

You came and brought us
strength, Piri Reis.


Soldiers will come here soon.

Let's find a quiet place
and then we'll talk.

Let’s go then.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Don't speak badly of the sun.

Don't speak badly of the sun.

Why did you tell them where
the book was, Hizir?

It was the only way for
us to get rid of it.

Trust me.

What kind of a way is that, Hizir?
Tell us.

Be patient, Meryem.
Just be patient.

Where is that damn book?

My Agha... This levent
shouldn t come with you.

Why, my Hizir? What happened?

This levent should lay an ambush in
the cistern of the house and wait.

If something bad happens
and we get caught...

...they will do their best
to learn where the book is.

And as a last resort, I will tell
them that the book is in the cistern.

Then you will catch the man
and tind where we are.

You thought well.



If you make a single
move, I will shoot.

So you lured us
into a trap, Hizir.

My Agha.

I knew that you were not
going to let me die but...

...I felt bad when I felt
the rope on my neck.

Iw wasn't scared of deathm but I was
scared of being executed because
of a treacherous slander and
making you lose your reputation.

My lion... we are proud of you.

Leaving our beloved ones with tears
in their eyes behind doesn't suit us.

You are right, my Agha.

Leaving our beloved ones
behind doesn’t suit us

What is going to happen
to the gold, Oruc?

I sent the Alps to the east bay.

We have to go there before
they carry it to the ship.

This is the levent that
Hizir left in the cistern.

-What if... Tell me!
-Kalimnos men have Hizir Reis, Reis.

And we caught this
bird in the cistern.

Tell me.

Where did they take Hizir?

Speak, dastard! Where are you
keeping my Hizir brother?

You will see his dead body.

I will break your bones
until you speak.

Tell me! Where did
they take Hizir?

In the Grove! -There are a
thousand groves! Which one?

It’s around Nazaran village!

In Razi grove!

My Oruc... You have to hurry.
We saved Ilyas from the cruel.

Don’t leave Hizir in
another cruel man's hand.

Levents already went to the east bay.
They will deal with them there.

Let’s go and save
Hizir and the others.

Oruc took the wind behind him..

...he will keep
praising himself.

That's why he insists
on taking the gold.

He wants to become a
hero on our lands.

He wants to show us weak
to the whole world.

He will say ’’Memluks couldn’t
deal with it, I did."

I will not let him
get away with it.

If they find out that the gold which
was stolen by the infidels...

...was saved by Oruc
and not by you... will
disappoint our state.

Even the Sultan can
dismiss you...

...because of losing the
reputation of the state.


Close the doors of the city!

You will announce that we are
doing it for a precaution!

No one is going to
leave the city!

Yes, Mighty Emir.

Oruc is not going to
step out of the city.

I will send my soldiers
around to find the gold?

I will take the gold...

...when Oruc is sitting
here doing nothing.

Famous traders brought precious
goods from the Indian region.

I will go to the bazaar
and buy lots of goods.

We will control the whole
trading in Alexandria.

I don’t want to work when Hizir
is in a difficult position but.

...Oruc will arrive on time
and save him inshaAllah.

Get ready. We will go to
the bazaar for business.

Famous traders are going to come. We will
buy goods from them and start our business

Yes, Huma Hatun.

Huma aunt.

Everyone is leaving...
I should go.

I will find something
to spend my time.

If you go, who will stay here
as the Hatun of the kiosk?

You took shelter in us.
You are one of us now.

Your home is this kiosk,
and your family is here.

Thank you.

I am really happy as you
embraced me like this.

You are happy... But
why do you shed tears?

Even my father
pointed a gun at me.

He didn’t pull the trigger...

...but he killed me there.

He took everything from me.

I will always be mad at him.

Then what would be the
difference between you and him?

The evil always does evil.

The talent is not letting it go
when standing against the evil?

If you carry anger
and hatred in you...

...what will make you
different than your father?

There are some people, they always
do bad things and commit a sin.

And there are other people who punish
them in the best way by forgiving them.

Don't keep anger and...

..hatred in you... this beauty of yours
will not disappear.

No matter what happens,
he is your father.

You have to fight
with your goodness.

I understand.

I understand you very well.

Good. Then...

...the kiosk is
entrusted to you.

My uncle Kemal Reis joined in the Egriboz
conquest with Fatih Sultan Mehmet's order.

My uncle Kemal Reis entrusted the dream of conquering
Mediterranean which was entrusted
to him by Great Fatih to me.

We came here with our spies.

My duty is to draw a
map ot this place.

We also analyzed the place. Kalimnos
men have ordered lots of handcarts.

There must be a reason.

Only Oruc can solve this.
We have to send him news.

You thought well, Ishak Bey.

Don't worry, our spies will send information,
to Alexandria as soon as possible.

My work in Kalimnos
is done for now.

Our spies will stay here.

So that we both have duties for
the conquest of Kalimnos.

...then let's go to Midilli
together, Ishak Bey.


Soldiers are waiting at the end of the
street. Let's use the side street.

How did you understand?

I told you that Ottoman is everywhere.
Let's go.

How long do we have
to be patient, Hizir?

When are you going to tell us why
you told them where the book was?

Sir.. Hizir set a trap.

Our soldier who you sent to
take the book was caught.

It was a smart plan and
a good trap, Hizir.

But I will ruin your trap
with a single bullet.

The secrets are not always
going to be my test.

Let it be your test tor once.

I will take the
girl and Dervish

Oruc will see your dead
body when he comes here.

Enough of your cruelty! Kill us all
and save us from your cruelty!

Whenever we are in a difficult position,
there is always a Khidr to save us.

You are my enemy, shoot me.

I know that a Khidr will come and
be your nightmare even if I leaves.

You are still playing games, Hizir!
But I ran out of patience'!

What is happening?

aYoiunda । told you, Pietro. Other Khidrs
arrive before a Khidr falls down

Take the girl and Dervish now!

Wall of shield!


They have Dervish and
Meryem, brother.

We will break their
wall of shield.


Kill them all!

The girl and Dervish
are running away!

They broke the wall!
We can’t fight!

We still have the gold. We will go
to the east bay and take the gold.

Follow different routes! We
will make them confused!

We will meet at the
end of the forest!

Let s go! Let s go!

I’ll find out where did
you learn the sky prayer.

Sometimes I wonder whose name
is Hizir (Khizr), you or me?

Just in time, as always.

The one gets you here is
more important, my Hizir?

Meryem is nowhere to
be found, Agha Reis.

We fled from them together.

I thought she was
in the collision.

They may have kidnapped Meryem.

Let's hurry.

Don't talk negatively
about The Sun!

Where did you learn
this sky prayer?

Why do you care? Why
are you asking?

It sounds familiar.

Answer me! Where did you learn?

Where does it sound familiar?

Why did you lock us here?
We are scared.

Yes, we are scared.

I have nobody to leave you
with while I'm working.

We must be patient to
have something to eat.

Umberto, when you are afraid, say
"Don’t talk negatively about The Sun."

Andi Maria, say ”The Sum
does not disappoint you.”

Then, God will hear your voice and
He will soothe all of your ferars?

Don’t talk negatively
about The Sun.

The Sun does not disappoint you.

The sword is on your neck.

Will you answer me or not?

If I don't tell you,
will you kill me?

was hesitated like that, when
you were in front of the gun?

What causes this dilemma? What
did we see in each others' eyes?

Tell me. What did we see
in each others’ eyes?

Maybe one of our response
will complete the other one.


- If you have no intention to kill me, let me go. I
can't be caught by them. - You won't go amywhere.

I won’t let you go,
this is my chance.

I don t want to hurt you.

Let me go.

I will give you to them.

Then we'll have time to talk about the
questions we see in each others eyes


You left me with
no other choice.

Make it quick, Levents.

- Meryem!
- Meryem!

Who did this to you?

Who did you chase and got hurt?

Commander of Kalimnos.

I caught him but he escaped.

Why are you trying to
do things on your own?

What if he hurt you deadly?

Shall we chase them, Agha Reis?

They fled separately. They
must have removed their trace.

They'll probably
go to Dogukoyun.

They'll flee with the gold.
We need to catch them soon.

Let us go too, Agha. We’ll
deal with them altogether.

Levents are enough
for me, Hizir.

You take the Dervish
and go to Alexandria.

EyvAllah. Fine then.
Let s go to Alexandria.

Come on.

Did you think you’ll take the gold
from Baba Oruc then leave Alexandria?

I want to take all of your raw silk.
I'll pay cash no matter the copst.

When can we get?

We unloaded them from The Red Sea.
It’ll be in Alexandria soon enough.

Good. During that time, we'll make a
deal with our buyer. We won't be late.

We heard that you brought raw
silk from India, merchant.

We want to open a huge
textile shop here.

We want to buy all
of your raw silks.

We made a deal
with the merchant.

Go away.

Go dig up someplace away.

This is called trade.

Whoever gives more
money, gets the good.

I’m the wife of
Alexanderia's Emir.

I want to give 1000
Mamluk People gold for...

...all of your raw silks.

You can’t find a better buyer.

If you say so, then I'll give...

...1000 Ottoman Sultan gold.

If whoever gives more money
takes the product...

...then it's your
call , merchant.

Ottoman Sultani gold is
valuable all around the world.

1000 Ottoman gold requires
at least 1200 Mamluk gold.

It's the only way.

What are you talking about?

I'm the wife of an Emir.

Are you trying to make me deal
with these ordinary people?

No offense, but in a trade,
all that matters is money.

And Huma Hatun's Ottoman gold is
more valid than your Mamluk gold.

Your product will be here today.

Your title couldn t help you...

..your weapon
coldn't help you...

...your gold couldn't
help you too.

Know that, your reputation
can t save anything...

...against our power.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

These are the Levents chasing
the convoy with the gold.

They killed Unita men too.

Something isn't
right about this.

Agha Reis, this one
is still alive.

-Who did this to you?
-I don't know.

What were you gonna
do with the gold?

The gold will be weapons of hell
that'll cause mass destruction?

They'll make guns with the gold.
Make it quick, Levents!

We need to catch them before
they flee with the gold.

- Antuan!
- Pietro!

Where were you? We
thought you were caught.

It almost happened.

The gold must have
been here already.

Did Oruc take that?

Not Oruc, I took it.


How did it happen?

Why did you take it?

Levents of Oruc caught your men.

The gold would be with Oruc if
I wasn't there to kill them?


You are the secret hero
of this gold thing.

Let’s carry the gold where
the ship will land.

One minute.

You earned the gold, right.

But Oruc didn’t get hurt.

Ilyas also survived.

That wasn t our deal, Pietro.

What is my benefit?

What do you want as benefit?

What do you want in Alexandria?
What can I give you?

Don't fool with me, Pietro.

Everything'you can give
me belongs to Unita.

And you are not on good
terms with them yet.

What can you give me?

I have such a power that...

...Unita won't be able to deal with
me even if they use all their power.

What kind of power are
you talking about?

You also said it yesterday.
What kind of power is this?

Is that the God of Sea,
Poseidon, who’ll help you?

Or else Caesar will leave
his tomb to join you?

You'll also see, Antuan, when we
return to Kalimnos with the gold.

Moreover, all of the Mediterrenian
will be talking about this.

Tell me, what do you
want from Alexandria?



I want the inn.

Fine, fine, the inn is yours.
Go and get it.

Sylvio already lost it because of his stupidities.
If he won't give you, you know what to do.

Pietro, Pietro.

That is the castle of Unita in Alexandria.
This is too much.

When we go to Kalimnos
with the gold...

...we’ll take care of Unita
masters too, Antuan.

And you'll see how I'll
convince them politely.

Why are you blocking
my road, Karabay?

I said, I won’t tolerate you running
your own show in these lands, Oruc.

Can’t you accept the fact
that you can't stop me?

Your privilege is available
within the borders of Alexandria.

And this is out of border.

So, you can't take another Step?

They are stealing gold. We have no time.
We need to get to Dogukoyun soon.

We can search the gold wherever we want.
No need for you.

Now go away.

If you pass the border, you'll
have broken your privilege.

Then we'll have right to attapck.

Even The Ottoman
can't support you.

You're doing all of this just because
of your desire to find the gold.

You're not trying to defend the
purpose of the wronged ones.

All you care is your title. I shall
break your title, and your borders.

Break, then.

Bring it on!

Break your privilege, thern...

...shadow of Ottoman will be removed,
and our swords will cover for it.

Then nobody can save
you from dying.


A ship set sail from Dogukoyun.

They fled because of you!

You set us against each other,
and the infidels fled away.

No, it’s because of you.

If you hadn't bothered us with trivial
things, we would have caught them already.

You turned your personal vengeance
into a matter of state.

If you are an Emir of state,
then I'm the state itself.

From now on, I promise you, I’ll counter every one
of your dirty tricks in ways you can’t imagine.

We lost the gold, Baba Oruc.

We worked hard for that, are we
gonna leave it to the infidels?

We won't. Our only chance, the
guns they'll buy with the gold.

We'll find out where will
they buy the guns somehow.

Then we’ll take the
gold from their hands.

Where are the raw silks?
Huma Hatun.

Be patient. It’ll come.

We’ve just made a deal. I hope
there won't be any problem.

There won't be.

Here it comes. Where were you?
Where are the products?

The products won’t be coming, Huma Hatun. They
turned them'away at the entrance of Alexandria.

How? Who turned them away?

We turned thema away!

From now on, this merchant and his
goods can't get in Alexandria?

How could you obstruct?

We thought that merchant
and his goods...

are not suitable tor our laws.

We are the owner of Alexariana.

We carry out the laws.

Whoever wants to bring this
merchant's goods to Alexandria...

...they will also get punished.

This is not good, Huma Hatun.
This was just our first trapde.

This is not good.

You did this just to hinder
our source of money.

You spoiled a lot of people's source because of
your anger, do you think you'll get away with that?

This is a dishonorable act.

You'll drown in your own grudge.

- That is enough!
- How dare you talk like that?

Let me go!

Enough foolishness!

If you move your sword, I'll
bleed you without mercy.

I’ll cause you
trouble, Huma Hatun.

From now on, let that Ottoman
you trust so much...

...come and save
you, if they can.

Our acquaintance with you
began with sword.... seems so it'll
end with sword.

We don’t wanna turn this
into a matter of state.

But if you turn this into
a matter of state...

...don't doubt that... state knows how to
put an end with sword.

Why are they standing in front
of the library like a scarecrow?

We'll see now.

What's the matter? Why are
you blocking the library?

Karabay’s firm order.

It is forbidden to enter the
library as a security precaution?

A library is where a pen
rules, not the sword.

Nothing uncanny happens there.

- We have an important thing to do, we need to pass.
- We said it is forbidden.

Stop babbling and go away.

Look at me, we can talk to
you in a polite manner.

If your words go too far, we can give
you a taste of your own medicine.

What are you gonna do? Do you
have courage to attack us?

If things escalate, it
will be bad for you.

Library is the
institute of people.

You can't shut it down
whenever you want.

We said we have important things to do.
Move aside. -I told you to go away!

How dare you touch her?


You disrespectful people!

How dare you try to
hit our soldiers?

As long as you continue to be inconsiderate,
this is what you get in return.

How dare you close the library?

The other day, when you were at the
library, there was an incident.

There was a fight, the
doors were broken.

So I shut down the library until further
notice. Should I have asked you?

The library is not
your father's house.

You have to open
it for everyone.

The library is the property
of the Mamluk Sultanate.

I, as the Emir of the Sultanate,
am free to shut it down as I wish.

No one can do anything.


There is a really important
book for us inside.

We absolutely need
to analyse it.

You can shut it down
later, if you want.

But do not stop us right now.

From now on, I will stop
every step you take, Hizir.

You lean back against the Ottoman
and do whatever you want, huh?

I will make your life
unbearable for you.

I will make your life
unbearable, too.

From now on, be afraid of
even your shadow, Karabay.

The bomb I defused
the other day?

One day, it will blow
up on your lap one day.

Is it a map of Kalymnos?

I am mapping it according
to my analysis.

Thought the analysis is not complete
yet, it will useful for now.

So your primary knowledge
is cartography, Piri Reis.

We travel the seas sometimes as
voyagers, sometimes as scholars,

..and sometimes as merchants,
with the order of the state.

But our primary purpose is
to map the places we go to,

...and send them to our state.

They prepare for conquests
according to these maps.

But my biggest purpose, to make a complete map
of the Mediterranean, one day.

Isn’t it hard to fit the
world on a piece of paper?

We think of the world as KizilElma
and fit it in our heart, Ishak Bey.

It is not hard to fit
it on a piece of paper.

I recorded such information
about the world map,

..if they knew, all the states in the world would
give everything they have and want to take it.

But one day, I will complete it and
give it to our state, inshaAllah.

My brother is very good at
science, just like you.

He likes to learn about
the seas and the lands.

In fact, he has a book.

The secret of the Mediterranean
is written on it.

Did you say the secret
of the Mediterranean?

Does Hizir Reis have that book?

Hizir has it but...

the pages are missing, I guess.

They are trying to complete the missing
parts of the book without those pages.

I know who can complete the missing
parts in a short amount of time.

That book will be useful for
our purpose, the world map.

We don't want any
blood to be spilled.

...and do not want it to be a matter of state,
these Mamluk people are trying our patience.

And they do not hesitate to
mess with our livelihood.

The arrow is already
off the bow, Aunt.

We will see when,
where, whom it shoots.

I will do everything
to get that book.

What happened?

You all lined up here. Is
there something wrong?

Emir Karabay shut
down the library.

There was an important
book we needed to analyse.

We could not go in
there because of him.

His grudge is against us.

Firuze messed around with me out of jealousy
I was embarrassed in front of the the merchants.

Emir Karabay stopped us
from taking the guns.

He got out of the line.

He took an oath to ruin us.

This is bigger than us now.

They want to breark a war between
Mamluk and Ottoman because of us.

Hizir is right.

We are Ottoman's
ally, after all.

Ishak Agha is the
Midilli Bannerlord.

Every move we make will cause
incidents between states.

We need to be cautious
and watchful.

We won't start the war.

But we will always
be ready for war.

Papacy, Unita, Venice,
Mamluk, Ottaman...

There is one purpose of
the battle between them.

To rule the Mediterranean.

As long as you are the
sword of of seas,

...and when I reveal the secret of the
seas, we will rule, with Allah's help.

We will not start this war.

But we will end it.

With Allah’s help, my lion.

Come on, Ilyas. Let’s go and see
what we can do to find the guns.

I’ll get that book,
no matter what.

I know how to deal with this.
You stay calm.

You have news from
Ishak Bey, Oruc Reis.


What did my Ishak Agha write?
Is he asking how we are?

No, Ilyas. He's not
asking how we are.

He went to Kalymnos to
investigate in disguise.

He met Muhyiddin
Piri Reis there.

And he’s giving important information
about the preparations in Kalymnos.

Many handcart are
made in Kalymnos.

But the cannons to be put in the handcarts
will be brought from somewhere else.

What does that mean, brother?

Cannons are made specifically.

So the guns that will be bought
with the gold are cannons.

My Ishak Agha. He untied the
know from an unexpected place.

The knot is not
untied yet, Ilyas.

We need to find out where they will get
the cannons made, and who will make them.

You get every cannon
master around here.

They will know for sure.

As you order, Agha Reis.

Oruc. Kalymnos men would not get
known men to make the cannon.

They would get their
own makers to do it.

- Do you know who they are?
-I do not know.

But my father would know.

We can learn it from him.

We have unfinished
business with him, anyway.

You are right. Let's go now.

Where is that cripple Silvio?

You cannot go inside.

I said you cannot go inside.



You are pointing a
gun at me, huh?


Oruc and I have an issue.

I thought you were him.


I will not talk for
too long, cripple.

Take you things and
men, get out of my inn.

Your inn?

What are you talking about?

You heard right. My inn.

I made an agreement with Unita.
Pietro gave the inn to me.

You don’t have any
business here, anymore.

Go away.

What are you saying?

I gave years to this inn.

This is my home.

How can Unita give this
inn to someone else?

I don't know.

Maybe they gave you a punishment
for your stupidity., Silvio.

Go ask Unita.



Pietro, how can you give
my inn to someone else?

Get out of here!

Are you kicking me out
of my own inn, you dog?

You will kill me, huh?

You will not give
the inn to me, huh?

But I took it, beating you.

Sansar. Take him, get him out.

If he comes back, take his head.

If this inn is mine, means that Alexandria
will be mine, too.



For you...

...I gave up on my
daughter and my son.

But you gave up on me..

...for a bully.

Now that I don’t have
anything to lose, revenge will be bitter.

Who are they?

Where are our employees?

Who are you? Where is Silvio?

Silvio is not here anymore. We take the
orders from the new owner of the inn.

What do you mean the
new owner ot the inn?

Who dares to take
this inn from us?

Calm down, Isabel.

Is this how you congratulate us?


How can you take this
inn from my father?

What did you do to him?

I did not do anything.
Unita did.

They fired him because
of his incompetence.

I made an agreement
and took this place.

This is the document.

So you are working
with Unita, huh?

Are you serving their purposes?

I only serve myself,
I told you before.

I traded in the seven seas.

I traded with Unita, too.

Oruc, do not cause a scene.

We made a agreement and took the place.
We will not explain to you.

Yes, you will.

I gave my years to this inn.

I swear, I will wreck it down.
I will not let you have it.

Come, we will both
have it then, Isabel.

Leave Oruc. Go under my shadow, run the inn and
take the profits.

You will live happily
in your inn.

I will make you pay for
every word you say.

How can you talk to a girl
under my shadow like this?

Oruc, do not make this bigger.

I don't understand.

What about it you don't like?

I offered her partnership.

The answer is not yours.

Isabel is your what?

What right do you have on her?

She is my honour.

She is a girl took refuge under our shadow.
She is our honour.

If you say something
bad to her again,

...I will cut your tongue
and make you eat it.

Oruc. I told you before.

I am nothing like those worthless
pirates you fight at the sea.

I will not tolerate you anymore.

From now on, either
behave yourselves,

...or I will take your heads.

This is my last warning to you.

From now on, I will be on your neck
like the sword of the eternity, Sahbaz.

I will make you pay for
every dirty deed you did.

It is our honour
to take this inn.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Why are you crying, Isabel?

I can’t take it that they gave
the inn to someone else, Oruc.

That place was my everything.

They gave it to someone
else, just like that.

How could they do this?

Do not feel sad.

I took an oath in there. I will
take that place from them.

I will ruin their order,

...and ease your bleeding wound.

You said I was your
honour in there.

You said that taking back the
inn was a matter of honour.

What a happiness it is for
be that I belong to you.

But on the other side, problems do not end, Oruc.

I am causing more problems
on top of your many others.

You did so much for us.

Whatever we do,
it is not enough.

I will make people look for
your father everywhere.

Don’t cry.

Every problem has a solution.

And, do not worry.

I will not let Sahbaz
have that inn.

You will try to take the inn
from me, Oruc, is that so?

I will take everything from you.

Where are we going in the dark, Esther?
Tell me something.

Be patient, Ilyas.

It must be important then.

Since you are looking for a quiet place..
Why didn’t you tell me in the kiosk?

We can’t handle it in the kiosk Ilyas.
It’s in the library.


What are we going to do
in the library, Esther?

Hizir Reis and Meryem
were looking for a book.

Karabay didn’t let them in.

I will go inside and take the book.
And you will be my watchman here.


So you brought me here to
watch around for a theft!

Let’s not call it a theft! We
will take whatwe deserve.

You will just watch around.

Esther, a rope was on my neck the
other day. Karabay's eyes are on us.

Are you insane? Let's go!

I am not going to let them catch us, but
your crying will let them hear, Ilyas.

Ah Esther ah..

Why did you bring
us here, Esther?

Come on... Put your mask on.
Be careful.

Come on, Esther!

Here it is!

You are caught, thief!
Turn around!

Let’s see your face.
Who are you?


Let's go! Let's leave before
the other soldiers come!

Come on. Run!

You run!

Our Commander, pietro.

The hero of Romans, Pietro...

And... baptised father, Pietro.


It means "sword".

You are sharp and brave like a
warrior that suits your name.

My dear baptised son.

The warriors of the Knights Hospitaller
who were blessed with blood...

...greet you!

So the new power you
received support from was...

...Knights Hospitaller!

I wasn't expecting this.

We are much more
stronger now, Antuan.

And this strength will be enough for
us to bury Turks in the Mediterrenean.

You, Masters of Unita...

Did you also fall under the spell of our
new power and come here to celebrate?

We didn't come here to
celebrate Pietro...

We came here to question you.

What does that mean?

Who are you? How dare
you do this alone?

It is not more painful than being
sold out because of a fight!

Knights Hospitaller are one of the
biggest powers on these lands.

We need to send Turks
away from these lands...

...and build our empery!

Thus... Unita is under the control
of Knights Hospitaller now.

And I am the only
master of Unita.


Masters of Unita will never
obey a dastard like you.


Stop, Pietro.

We will obey. You are
our only master.

I obey.



Listen... see...
and be silent...

...if you want to live.

The strong warriors
of these seas!

Turks dream about conquering Kalimnos
and ruling the Mediterrenean!


...will capsize their
dreams in those waters!

We will first take Midilli where they
make preparations for to conquer.

Then we will conquer
all of their islands!

We will keep fighting
until there is no Turk...

...lives on these waters!

And we will fly the flag of...

...Knights Hospitaller everywhere!

They see Mediterrenean as their Kizilelma
since the era of Fatih Sultan Mehmet!

And we call Mediterranean
"mare nostrum"...

...since the era of
Great Ceasar ended.

It means, 'Mediterrenean
is ours"

Turks’ Kizilelma dream
will be ruined!

Only our goal will be..

...heard in the Mediterranean!

Mare nostrum!

Mediterrenean is ours!

Mare nostrum!

Mediterrenean is ours!

I sent levents around
to find Sylvio.

We can only find information about where the
cakalos cannonballs are being made with his help.

What is going to happen to the book?
How are you going to find it?

I am not going to sit
and wait, my Agha.

I will secretly go in the library and
take the book at midnight if needed.

Selamin aleykum.

Aleykum selam.

Could you find what you were
looking for, Dervish father?

I made them look for it,
but they couldn't find it.

I took it, Dervish.

That's why you couldn't find it

Thanks to Allah.

But why didn't you give
it to me all this time?

I waited for a response, but I now understand
that you are not going to tell me?

That’s why I am
giving it to you now.

It must be a precious
dagger for you.

It is a reminder.

It's an important reminder.

Were the hands that gave it to you
important or is it the dagger itself?

There is the tughra of
Fatih Sultan Mehmet on it.

What is your secret, Dervish?

Isn’t it time to tell us?

Hizir is right.

This dagger apparently
tells your story.

Tell us your story, so we will now where
you and the book are coming from.

My Sultan..

Our army that was under the
command of Gidik Ahmed Pasha...

...conquered the castle of
Otranta, west of Italy.

The army of Ottoman
finally stepped on Italy.

They are waiting for you to come with
your army for the conquest of Rome.

Your first KizilElma
was Istanbul.

You conquered it and
became a Conqueror.

When you conquer Rome, you will reach
your second KizilElma inshaAllah.

Our KizilElma is
the whole world...

...according to Allah’s
Word, Isa Bey.

And we need to rule
the Mediterrenean... rule the whole world.

This is why we want
to conquer Rome.

Our KizilElma is now
Mediterrenean to be able to...

...rule the world.

But we need important men
for this goal, my Sultan.

I already found that
impprtant man, Isa Bey.

My Sultan...

The Bey of raiders (Akinci
Bey), Dervish Huseyin.

You've been fighting
for so long.

We were always proud ot you.

Thank you.

The battle of Rome that
we will set off for... of vital importance.

Now... are you ready to start your
journey with your duty for our da'wah?

It is the greatest honour to
reach the point where you... us on your
blessed way, my Sultan.

We are always ready to carry
out the orders of yours.

Then gather your Akinci
valiants, Dervish Huseyin Agha?

First the Mediterrenean...

..and the whole world is
waiting for to be ruled byus.

Those who walk on
the way of Allah...

..on the battlefield
of shahada!

When the martyrs fight, the
truth is shown to them!

Let alone our sword, even our
sadness hurts the enemy!

For the well-being and the
future of the world of Islam...

...with the consent of Allah, with the
will of the father of conquests...

...Hadhrat Fatih
Sultan Mehmet...

...for the future
of our state...

...for our army’s
lasting victories!

Ya Allah! Ya Allah!


May your fight be blessed!

What happened Isa Bey?
What is wrong?

Hadhrat Sultan Mehmet Han...

...was poisoned on the
way to the battle.


He is now in his tent
in Hunkarcayiri.

He wants to see you
on his deathbed.

My Sultan...

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My Sultan... Who
did this to you?

Infidels who wanted
to prevent us...

..from reaching our KizilElma.

My Sultan...

Isn’t there a shifa for this?

The army is waiting for
you to conquer Rome.

The only shifa is...

...the permanency
of our da'wah now.

It is the KizilElma coming true.

Only then...

...our efforts on the
world can be completed.

And then our soul
will find peace.

My Sultan...

You came all this way... waited so long for the
conquest of Rome with patience?

You waited so long to be the
ruler of Mediterrenean?

If you leave, this da'wah will
be left as an orphan, my Sultan.

Mehmets die...

...the da'wah of Allah lives.

Even if I die...

...the flag will
be in your hands.

This is my entrustment to you.

Remember our KizilElma...

...the Mediterrenean...

...when you look at it.

Now listen to me carefully,
Dervish Huseyin.

There is a book filled with secrets
in the hands of infidels...

...which is a key that will
lead to the Mediterrenan.

They will use the
book for cruelty.

Stop them.

Save the secret.

Carry our goals...

..with patience.

When you find the valiants who will make
our dream of Mediterranean come true.

...who will reach KizilElma...

...entrust it to them.

Entrust it.

It is my will.

I seek refuge in Allah
from the outcast Shaitan.

In the name of Allah, The Most
Gracious and The Most Merciful.


By the oath of the wise Qur'an.

You are verily among the Ambiyaa
on the straight path (Islam).

A revelation of the Mighty,
the most Merciful.

To warn a nation whose forefathers were
not warned and who were negligent.

And then, the legend of the Great
Conqueror in this world was over.

But... he left this legend as a legacy
to us, we have to keep it alive.

What happened after that?

What made you come here and become a
Dervish when you were an Akinci Bey?

I was an Akinci Bey in Rumelia.

And I also took lessons from
the way of Sari Saltuk Ghazi.

I became a Dervish
for his blessed way.

We were Bektashis.

With the sign and
order of my Sheikh...

...we also took
lessons from shazeli.

And since that day, I've
been looking for valiants? entrust the goal
of Sultan Mehmet...

...which is conquering
the Mediterrenean.

Could you find them?

I found them.

Here they are, standing
in front of me.

Sultan Mehmet was the
great Commander...

...who our Prophet
Efendi (asv)...

..mentioned about.

And you are the valiants...

...who he mentioned about.

So the actual secret was...

...entrusted to us
by the Great Ruler.

Even if the seven seas are
filled with secrets...

...there is no knot that I can't
untie with this inner power?

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han gave our
father the flag of conquest once.

Midilli, where he planted that
flag became our homeland?

We left there and set sail
for the Mediterrenean.

The dream of Mediterrenean was
entrusted to us from the beginning.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han
mentioned about it...

...and you became our
spiritual guide.

Hizir's knowledge
lightened our way...

...and my sword will turn into a
storm in Mediterrenean inshaAllah...

.and we will reach
our holy goal.


Well-done, Sahbaz Efendi.

You came to Alexandria
and changed everything.

You took the inn
in a short time.

I told you, brother.

I told you that this place
would be in our control.

You told me., you told me but. There
is something that confuses me.

It is not easy to agree with
Unita and take the inn.

How did you do this?

We are known in all seven seas, brother.

We also did business
with Unita in the past.


Don’t tell me lies.

It doesn't work with friendship.

This inn is the heart
of Alexandria!

Why would they give you
the heart of Alexandria?

Don't they have their own men?

Look, brother.

Years ago, you didn’t listen to
me and agreed with my father.

...and they oppressed you here.

I came and we became
Efendis in Alexandria.

Thus, don’t question
my decisions.

Surrender, and we will
both be in peace.

This was the book in the
library that we needed.

How did you take it?

Don’t 'you understand how
Esther takes it, my Agha?

You told me that you would go
in the library if necessary...

...I didn't want to bother you.


I know what you
are looking for..

...and why you are
looking for me.

I came here to give
you what you want.

MashaAllah my Bey.

You prepared a perfect table
with delicious meals, enjoy.

Don't lick your lips
like a dog, tell me.

I saw Sylvio, my Bey.

He went to the kiosk of Oruc.

Oruc is going to kill him.

Maybe he lost his mind,
we hit his head too hard.

No, my Bey. He didn’t kill him.
They let him in.

They must've forgiven him?

They would never forgive Sylvio if he
didn’t give them an important information.

He has no place to
take shelter in.

He went to Oruc to take
his revenge from us.

I wonder what informations he
gave them to cause us problems.

I will make you pay for
this, you cripple.

Well-done, you fingerless man...

Sit down. You deserved a feast!

-If you say so, my Bey..
-Do you want to eat?



What are you going to
give to us, Sylvio?

Cakalos cannonballs that
will be taken to Kalimnos.

I know where they make it.

This is the information we need.

But how can we know that you
are not luring us into a trap?

Look at me, Oruc.

Do I look like a man who
can lure you into a trap?

Would I come here by myself
if I wanted to do that?

I would find a way, right?

I want you to hit them
more than you want.

After you succeed... can come and kill me.
I won’t make a sound.

Where are they making
the cannonballs?

In a foundry at Matruh.

It is Unita’s private place.

They will carry them to the ship
in the morning and set sail.

I don't know where the
delivery point is.

But they will take the gold
from the place they arrive?

We will make a raid and take the
cannonballs before they set off.

We will find out where
they are going.

And we will take the gold
at the delivery point.

Unita kicked me out.

They gave the inn to Sahbaz.

My life is in danger.

If they find out that
I talked to you...

..they will kill me for sure.

So that you ask for

...from now on, you are
under our protection.

You should try protecting
yourself as well.

Don't wander around.

I am very sorry, Isabel.

I apologise from you...

I know it's too late. But I had
to go through such a disaster... open my eyes.

I made you and your
brother suffer...

But now, I am the one who
is suffering the most.

If you don’t believe
that I am sorry...

...stab me with your dagger.

At least, I will be able to say that
my daughter ended my damn life.

Go ahead.

Go, don't wait, Isabel.

Kill me.

Drink some water, father.

It will comfort you.

Forgive me.


When the disjoined seas come
together, all seas will become one.

Finally! We found the part
that is about the book!

When the disjoined seas come
together, all seas will become one.

It points at the maps in pieces that
was made by Memun centuries ago.

If we can take the pieces,
we will solve the secret?

One of the copies is in Baghdad.

And one of them is in the Sahni Seman Madrasa
which was founded by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han.

And one of them is in
the island of Midilli.

Since Midilli is the homeland of sailors,
precious maps and books are kept there.

Then we will set sail
for Midilli tomorrow.

The pen has drawn the route.
The ship will go to Midilli.

You and I will unite and solve
the secret of ruling the seas.

My Agha, what kind of a foundry is this?
It is quiet and peaceful.

We will find out when
we go there, Ilyas.

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What kind of a foundry is this? They
heard us, but they didn’t come.

If you let me live...

I don't behead those
who fell down.

But i don't know if you are
going to live.

Where are the cannons?

They were loaded on ships.

Ships will set sail soon.

Where will be the deliver?

Kasus Island.

He means Coban Island.
Northeast of Girit.

Leave a Levent with him.
Bondage him up.

Let's go.

We need to catch before the
ship drops anchor. Let's go.


Huma Aunt. Did you
see my father?

I checked inside but
he wasn't there.

I saw him leaving this morning.
That’s all.

Didn’t he say where
he was going?

He was leaving the
mansion when I saw him.

Oruc told him not to
leave out of the blue.

He might die any moment.

Let me check him, Huma Aunt.

Fine, daughter,
do as you please.

Thank God.

Isabel finally forgave me.

It's like I was born again.

I'll save my son from Unita.

I devote myself to my family.

Isabel might be
concerned about me.

I’m coming.


So, you visited Oruc
last night, Sylvio.

Turn the flag here,
lifeboats are approaching.

They must be the fishermen,
don’t mind them.

Lower that gun of yours!
Where is the crew?

Your crew is useless, Captain.

We are here to take
over the ship.


Ilyas. Have you ever
seen a flying fish?

I haven't.

You just did.

That was good.

But this is the Ottoman style.

Levents, check the
ship's hold tor cannons.

Cannons must be in the hold.
Open those.

Look at those.

That rascals prepared cannons
like a dragon mouth.

But now they are the target.

There is a lot of cannon here.

Let's move, inform Baba Ourc.

Cannons are in the hold, Baba Oruc.
-Fine, then.

When we get to the delivery site, we'll
take the gold while it's being delivered.

May our holy war be Mubarak.

- EyvAllah Reis.
- EyvAllah.


Father? Are you there?


It's because of Unita.

And his collaborator...


Cannons were supposed
to be here by now.

Where are these sea dragons?

Getting close to the beach.

They reached the delivery spot.

We need to take the gold
right away, levents.

Sea weather makes
you sick, quickly.

Don't get cold.

Is this gazelle leather?

I made it from a
gazelle I hunted once.

It was waiting for the
shoulders to keep warm, found them.

Gazelles walk around
in deserted areas.

Steep areas.

In the mountains.

Sometimes they show up,
sometimes they disappear.

It is hard to hunt them.

But it was obvious when you
found me in deserted places.

Gazelles are the signs
of a happy future.

When a wise hunter feels
the happy future,

...he dies with it.

Never kills it.


You disgrace!

Do not move!

What did you want from my father?
Why did you kill him?

- Why would I kill your father, Isabel?
- Shut up.

I know you killed him.

You teamed up with that damn
Unita and took my father.

But I will make you
pay for all this.

First you, then Unita.

It is time for you
to die, Sahbaz.

Enough with this insane
courage, Isabel.

Lower your gun.

I told you to lower your gun

I told you you will die, Sahbaz.



My brother?

Finally they came ashore.


The big fish is here
too, right Reis?

How nice it will be to reap him!

They are not crowded but
still be careful, levents.

Why are you standing
that tar away?

Unship the cannons so that
we can do our business.

First let's see the gold.
Cannons, later.

I on't like this method.

Why are you dressed
like that, anyway .

We will reap you, Antuan.

Did you think I would
let you have the gold?

You fell right into our trap.

Your dead bodies
will go to Kalymnos.

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Alfonso in Alexandria.

But in the Mediterranean,
Pietro, the Kalymnos commander.

So you are Pietro, huh?

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