Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 With English Subtitles

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Now you are facing the power
of Knights Hospitaller, Oruc.

And this power will
tear you into pieces.

So you are stronger now, Pietro.

Good then.

Our teeth also like big preys.

Let's see if we are
going to be buried... this island or
Knights Hospitaller.

What happened, Hizir?

Is something wrong?

I travelled to Midilli
for many times.

But something is wrong
with the route, Meryem.

What does that mean, Hizir?

We had to be able to see the sun
from the starboard bow, Niko.

But it is left behind.

We are following the Yildiz
route, not the Karayel route.

This ship is not
going to Midilli.

This ship is not
going to Midilli!

Where are you taking us?

This isn't a Midilli
ship, Hizir.

It is a Kalimnos ship.

We are taking you all
to Commander Pietro.

I guess Pietro...

...wants to be in danger.

You can't escape from this ship!

Drop your swords!

Let's attack, Hizir.


Little levent, Ilyas...

Or should I say tiny?

Take the chests of cannonball!

You escaped from death...

...after we exploded your ship.

But, my sword is going to
be stabbed in your heart...

...not wooden pieces.

But I want to do a favor.

I will make you come together
with your brother who we killed.



Alright, we are dropping
our swords down.

Don t hurt anyone.

What are you doing, Hizir?

Why are you giving up?

Are we going to let them
take us to Kalimnos?

Listen to me Meryem.

Drop your sword.

The woman is braver
than you, Hizir.

But I like silent men more.

We will see how long we
are going to be silent...

...and when we are
going to be brave.

Take them to the storage room!

What are you trying to do?

They are killing the Knights!
I can't risk it!

We have the gold! We
have the cannonballs!

And I don't care about
Oruc, God damn him.

Let's go.

Let me kill the little
levent Ilyas...

We can die and lose all the gold!
Let's go!

You are right...

You are right.

I am not going to be able
to have the gold again.

But I will kill you
one day, Ilyas.

One day...




Stop, Isabelle.

Do you think it will be
easy tor you to see him...

...just because you
heard his voice?

Why are you keeping my
brother you dastard man?

ISabel. -Open the door!

I told you, open the door!

I will see my brother! -Isabel.

Your father betrayed Unita.

They were going to punish your
brother because of him...

...but I vouched
for your brother.

If you don't do as I say...

...and if you shoot...

...your brother will also die.

It's your choice.

What do you want from me?

I want you to work
with me, Isabel.

I want to take advantage
of your experiences.

Let's unite and
strengthen this inn.


Let alone helping
you in this inn...

...I can't even
breathe near you.

Good then. Your brother
is going to die.

What can I say, Isabel?
I did my best...

...but you sent your brother
to death with one word.

Stop. Don't touch him...

Don't touch my brother,
I am begging you.

Isabel... your brother
is here as he should be?


Once you accept my offer...

...your brother's
life will be saved.

I am giving you time
until tomorrow.

Think about it.

Stop, Ilyas.

Let's dress your wound before
you lose too much bloopd?

Are you alright, my Ilyas?
Is it deep?

I am alright, Agha Reis.

My wound will be treated...

...if I can shed Antuan’s blood.

Those dastards took
the gold, Reis.

What are we going to do now?

They tried to keep us in this island,
but we got rid of the chains.

Now it's our turn.

We will lure them
into a wolf’s trap.

We will hunt them one by one...

...and then descend on Pietro?

Then may our claws be
strong, Baba Oruc.

EyvAllah. Let’s go levents.

You'll die because
of this gold Oruc.

It'll be my pleasure taking
both of them.

You mean our pleasure, Pietro.

Don't forget my
share of the gold.

I haven't forgotten, shark.
Don't worry.

Where are the cannons?

Our men are carrying them, takes time.
They will be here soon.

What is with this face of yours?

Oruc is not a guy who
would run away from war?

He would take the gold,
or he would die.

I am thinking that they
are up to something.

Our men are all over the island.

Even f he's up to something he’s
not going to succeed. Do not worry.

I'm not worried about Oruc's dev lment.
I am worried about your situation.

Whenever you're drunk
with a war victory, lose your mind.

Diego talked like this, too.

You know what
happened at the end.

I took the gold.

I took the cannons
Oruc brought, too.

Oruc will be dead soon. There
will be one problem left, Antuan.

Just one. And that is Meryem.

When go back to Kalymnos,

..I will solve th s

...last problem. Yes I
am drunk with victory.

Because victory
will be like mine.

You're not a man who would give up
when he sees couple of enemies, Hizir.

Why did we surrender?

We did not surrender, Meryam.

It was hard for us to deal
with them in the ship.

But f you make it to the
land we will kill them all.

How can we make it
to the land, Hizir?

We will break the helm, Niko.

They will have to anchor in
some land to fix it, for sure.

Okay, move.

They thought they
beat us at the deck.

But one day will have
to anchor in a land,

...the real war will start then.

Come in.

Is there something
wrong, Huma Hatun?

We bought a shop in Alexandria.

The owner is here.

We are here to get the land
title stamped by your officer.

That is nice, Huma Hatun?

You will sell the good
you brought, then.

No need.

I will manufacture them myself.


You prevented me from
getting the silk,

...I will open a fabric factory.

..and make the
fabric myself, then.

You will have to get
the yarn you need

...from Egypt.

Then what happens?

Do we need Egypt?

The silk in Bursa,

...the wool in Ankara,

...the cotton in Manisa

...are better then
the whole Egypt.

Will you hinder the goods
coming from Ottoman too,

...Firuze Hatun?

Will you risk violating
the trading agreement?

Come on. Stamp that document.

We have a lot of things to do.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

You couldn t stop that woman.

She reciprocates
your every move.

I am doing everything I can.

Don't you see?

Alexandria is one of the most
mportant places for fabric trade.

The biggest profit is in fabric.

Know if this woman
opens a fabric factory.

...won t she ruin our trade ?

Will we let the Ottomans have
the trade in ou own city?

When have I not

...destroy someone’s business.

...when I wanted, Karabay?

Huma might be a hard enemy.

But I am strong enough destroy her.

Do not worry.

We need to send a
man to the deck

...and find a new part of the
missing one to repair the helm.

Good thing we are
close to Nera Island.

We can anchor get get help
there for the repair.

That was n ee hiding the
necessary part, Hizir.

Until they repair the
help and get the part,

..we need to deal
with them on the land.

Swords will untie the knots.

No footprints, brother.

Only animal prints.

Are they the animals you
are talking about, Ilyas?

What k nd of animals are they?
They’re running towards death.

Even a rooster is
smarter than them.

Your trap is working, Reis.

Indian coyotes are in the trap.

Good then.

Let the hunt begin.

Come on, levents.
Heathens are down.

Now it is our claws' turn.

The ship will stay at open see.

You repair the helm.

And make a new part
for the missing one.

We are going to the
land with the crew.

They will wait here.

What are we going to do, Hizir?

If we cannot go to the land,
everything will be ruined.

f they don't let
us off the ship,

We will find a way.

I will not let you
repair the helm.

- You cannot take us anywhere.
-Do not misbehave.

Or bad things will happen.

What are you going to do?
Will you kill us?

Come on! kill us.

Behave yourselves.

- Come on.
-What's going on here?

They are not behaving themselves,
they wrecked everywhere.

If they are not behaving themselves, then
they are coming with me to the land.

- You will saddle until then.
- Take them.

No need.

When we were little when you lost the
game, you would make a scene, brother.

This is the first time I
like this habit of yours.

He e are the weapons that
will turn Midilli into hell.

I can see the excitement of
war in your eyes, Pietro.

The excitement of war,
gunpowder, and victory, Antuan.

Open the chests and
I will see the

...sea dragons that will
make me more powerful.

Come on.

Come on, hurry up!

No cannons in them.

A trap! Run!

We found out where Pietro is.

Come on, levents. Tme
for our last hunt.

Oruc took the cannons and made
bomb traps in the chests.

The gold! Is the gold okay?

I told you Oruc was
up to something.

Antuan s right, Pietro.

If you had listened to him,
Nothing would’ve changed anyway.

They were go ng to fall
into the trap, anyway.

I will kill you, Oruc.

I swear I'll kill you.


Protect the gold.

I will not let you have it.

I will not...

Now I am healed.

We cannot take the gold anymore.
Come on let's run.

I won't go
without the gold.

Greedy pirate!

Most of our men died
in the explosion.

They are more crowded that us. We won't leave the
gold to them but we need to get away from here now.

Damn! I will not let
you have the gold.

I will not!

Should we go after
that animal, Reis?

Let them go.

The ship is at open see.

If we go after them.
they can hold the ship.

We took the gold.

We will deal with them later.

Come on! To the ship!

Don't worry, brother.

I won't be a prisoner
to that Sahbaz.

And I will not let you be one.

Where are you going?

To find my brother.

Did you think I wouldn't know
what you were going to do?


You're bringing your brother
closer to death by doing this.

You disgrace.

You are a despicable man.

You can say anything you want.

I do not care.

If you want your brother
to live, Isabel,

...You'll have to work with
me, this is your only chance.

Or Unita will kill your
bother before me.

Until the helm is repaired,
you'll stay here.

Come on.

Meryem, untie your hands.

This is a complicated knot.

It is too thick. I cannot
untie my hands like this.

There are rocks
under your hands.

Pick the sharpest
one and use it.

How will you take the gold back?

I will capture their ships.

They will not leave this island.

Then I will breathe down their
neck, and I will capture the gold.

Go and capture Oruc's ship now!

They will not leave this island!

The rudder has been repaired

It's time to get
back to the ship.

But we will take the girls and you’ll
stay here with your friend, Hizir.

What does that mean?

You are what we need.

Take the girls'

Leave us or take them too.

You caused us trouble,
you'll pay for it.

You'll stay here with your friend and
you'll be hunted by wild animals.

Let them go!

Let me go, you devils!

- You vile dogs!
- Move!

We need to do something Hizir, they'll take
them to Kalimnos if we can't stop them.

Let me go, you dogs!

I won't go anywhere
without Hizir.

What to do brother? If we can't
untie ourselves, we'll die Here.

I don't care about my own life Niko, we need to stop
them before they take Ayse and Meryem to Kalimnos.

- Hizir! Hizir
- Move!

Come on Niko. Come on, come on.

- Hizir! Hizir!
- Move!

Hold on Meryem! We're here!

I will destroy you!

You'll pay for
messing with Meryem.

The people who sent you here...

...will see what happens
if they mess with Meryem.

Are you okay, Ayse?

Niko, prepare the lifeboats.

We'll capture the ship.

I was afraid you
would stay here.

My mind and my soul
would stay here too.

There is no such
power to hurt you...

...nor to defeat me.

We will not face death...

...before we eradicate
this trouble, don't worry.

Come on, let's not waste time.

We have captured the ship.
Helmsman, take the helm.

You will drag the anchor. The
others will go to ladders.

- All aboard, come on!
- Hold on, now.

The captain has not
yet given the order.

There are heads yet to be cut.

Your helm is way too weak.

But it's not your armor's fault.

Because my sledge is too strong.


Aren't you bored eating
the smaller fish?

When will we cut the
bigger ones' head?

First, cut the smaller ones,

the bigger ones will hear the
noise from Rodos and Kalimnos.

Then it will be their time.

Thank Allah, we did
it without any loss.

- Are the gold and cannons are safe?
- Yes, Baba Oruc. - EyvAllah.

Clear the deck.

We are going to Alexandria.

Vira bismillah, all aboard!

Vira bismillah, all aboard!
Vira bismillah, all aboard!

Come on, come on!

The ship is moving.

We couldn't save the gold.

You plan didn't work, Pietro.

Calm down, Antuan.

I will hunt him in the
middle of the sea.

They will sink before
returning to Alexandria.

Mediterranean will
be your grave, Oruc.

It's just a piece of ore.

All of the world trying to
kill each other for this.

And we are facing death
because of this.

What are you talking about?

Do you think this
gold is the point?

This belongs to all
those who were wronged.

Wow. If Yareli talks wisely... means we did
our job, Baba Oruc.

We'll meet with Abysinnian
people and deliver the gold.

After the delivery, we
need to go to Midilli...

...and prepare for the
conquest of Kalimnos.

Conquest is our responsibility.

We can't delay that.

Cannons will stay here.

We'll take those to Midilli.

Agha Reis. Agha Reis. You
need to come to the deck now.

What happened, Ilyas?

Sharks are after us.


You swim fast like a tuna
but I am a spearfish.

You will never escape my spear.

There is gold, if the smell
of blood is intense.

And the shark can't
wait to get the gold.

We have one shot, Pietro.

And we need to stop
Oruc, no matter what!

Get ready for firing.

Get ready for firing.

- Turn left all the way!
- Turn left!

They are turning left!

Fire before Oruc goes away.


- Levents, are you okay?
- We are fine.

We are fine.

They hit the bottom. The
ship will be flooded.

Go down and close the breach.
Come on!

Come on!

- Turn right!
- Turn right!

Come on Levents! Come on!

Come here, come here!

- Bring one more plank.
-Allah, Bismillah!

Come on!

Bring plank, come on!

Come on! Come on! One more!

Come on!

They could only hit the bottom of the
ship because we turned the ship right.

But now, we'll
break them down...

...with our cannons!

Come on!

One more, come on!

Come on, I said come orf!

Come on, come on!

Bismillah, fire!

Cannonball is coming!

We hit his bottom...

...he broke our sail.

I told you to shoot
before they maneuver.

We need to fix our sail before
they fix their bottom. Come on!

Hurry! Hurry!

- One more plank!
- Come on!

- What are we at?
- We clogged it, Reis.

It won't take in water
for now, thank Allah.

It will be enough till
we get to Alexandria.

When we get there, we'll
dock and fix that.

We'll be already far away
till they fix the sail.

They can't catch us from now on.

This proves who rules the sea.

All of them will be
upside down soon.

Come on!

Come on!

Haven’t you fixed yet?


He beat us with one maneuver.

We couldn't cope with him
on land or at the sea.

Tell me, Pietro. Are you still
hoping to save the gold?

I have, God damn it!
Nothing is over yet.

He took the gold.
He took the cannons

What do we have?
Returning to Kalimnos.

Oruc will deliver the gold for sure.
I will inform Sahbaz.

He will gather us the information
needed in Alexandria.

I hope Meryem will be there
when we return to Kalimnos.

This is the only thing
that can help me now.

You are after a damn
girl, I don't get it.

Shut up! Don't curse at her.

We don't even know who she is.

Why are you so angry?

One might think I
cursed at your sister.

Who knows?

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

- Where is the captain?
- They are dead.

They are waiting tor you too.

They have fixed the rudder.

We just...

...need to put this piece.

This is good.

It's done.

- What to do now, brother?
- We will go to Midilli, brother.

Bismillah vira, all aboard.

Come on.

Once you accept my otter...

...your brother's
life will be saved.

I am giving you time
until tomorrow.

Think about it.


My daughter...

Why are you sitting here alone?

You seem tired.

My father's death is
upsetting me, Huma aunt.

I couldn't do anything...

...when I lost my..., who I
loved the most...

Your pain won't go away no
matter what we tell you.

Allah, who gives the
pain, also gives sabr.

Besides, don't ever think
that you have no one left...

...just because you
lost your father.

We are always with you.

I lost my family...

...because of the people
who my father worked with.

People around me have
always suffered.

I don't want to stay here
and make you suffer.

Don't say that, my daughter. You
did a lot of things for us.

Your pain s our pain.

Everything is written in our fate.
Good or bad...

As long as we are together...

...we can get over cruelty
and all the pain.

Come on. Don't stay in the cold.

Go to your room and
have some rest.

I am dressing my own wound
when dressing yours.

I caused this, even
though I didn't want to.

Just stand next to us... always dress the
wound that you opened.

What if they took you?

Then no one would be
able to dress my wound.

There were always men after me.

But it's the most dangerous one.

Pietro wants me.

I was the reason for all
these troubles and problepms.

I am worried about
you, not myself.

I am afraid that something is going
to happen to you because of me.

It's a gazelle... makes you chase it, it takes you
to dangerous places, I knew that.

But you can never leave her in
the hands of cruel hunters.

And I don't want to leave you.

You set sail to the
sea of hearts.

I want it to...

...reach it's destination
and get over this storm.

We set off by saying
Vira Bismillah.

Mediterranean, the aegean sea...

...and the sea of hearts,
that has no waves.

We will reach it one day.

These waters are a battlefield
for us and the enemies.

This ship was also serving
infidels to kill Muslims.

Every ship that is taken... equal to the castle of
an infidel that is conquered.

Thanks to Allah, we conquered one
of the ships of the infidels.

This ship is now our
right of sword.

Our Holy Rab orders
in Holy Kur'an...

"And to Him belong the ships [with sails]
elevated in the sea like mountains.

So which of the favors of...

... your Allah would you deny?

Our holy Allah...

...gave this ship
as a blessing... the valiants of the sea... you, who fought
for hte word of Allah.

First, with Allah's consent...

..and with you
belief and strength... will set sail like
flying a flag on the waters.

It will be the carrier of our
flag to destroy the cruelty...

of infidels and make
the word of Allah...

...control the world.

Ya Rabbi!

Let these valiants of
the sea who set sail...

...for Your da'wah gain
victory against the infidel.


Let our da’wah which we show
effort for Your consent...

...and our sanjak that we
fly for Your da'wah...

...control the seas.


Don't give opportunities
to infidels...

..who set sail tor cruelty.


Don't let our state
and levents...

..disappoint the
world of Islam.


Amin, ya Rabbi.

According to our ancient
seamanship traditions... our holy book Kur'an
on the top of our starboard.

Raise it!

Now we have a oly duty...

...with the Ottoman who
we made alliance with.

This ship will set sail
for conquests now.

We will fly, the flag of Ottoman, our
ally who we will work with on the seas.

Our goal is to conquer Kalimnos.

May the sea be calm...

...and may our ship be strong.

Allah-u Akbar! Allah-u Akbar!

Who are these injured
men, Gladius?

Two of the men who
brought Meryem.

Hizir... .tfilled themiall.

And one of our ship crew
found them on the sea.

So he killed them all.

So we couldn't take Meryem.

So Hizir took the
girl and the ship...

...and left when we were
trying to take the girl.

Why are they still alive?

We keep losing, Pietro.

They took everything from us.

No we are not losing! We
are not going to lose!

I will take the gold, Meryem
and the cannonballs from Oruc.

Gladius., you have an important duty.
Take your wildest soldiers with you.

You will go to Midilli. You can turn
Midilli into a bloodbath if needed.

But bring Meryem to me.

Yes, father.

I sent news to Sahbaz.

He will find out when and where
Oruc is going to give the gold.

The rest is your duty, Antuan.

Just offer me blood and gold.

How dare you cheat in the game
that is played in my inn?

I swear, I didn't
cheat, my Sahbaz Bey.

They are lying.

Don't move your head.

I forgive you, I am not
going to kill you.

But you have to pay a fee, which is five times
more of the money that you gained by cheating.

Sansar... Take him, and
make him sign a note.

If he doesn't payon time...

..this time the bullet
will be in his brain.

Don't make me pay that fee. -Go.

I will lose my home! My
children will be left hungry!

Walk! -I will die!

-I am begging you, my Bey.
Go mind your own business.



I thought about
your offer, Sahbaz.

I accept it.

But under one condition.

You will give my brother to me.

He will stay here, with me.


You saved the life of your
brother by accepting my offer.

But it's not enough for
him to stay with you.

I have to trust you first.

Then I'll do anything you want.

Is that all?

Welcome home.

I can assure you, better
days are waiting for us.

Send this to Captain
Kara Davud Pasha, Ilyas.

Let them know that t e ship we
took is carrying Ottoman flag now.

...and we will go to
Midilli for a conquest.

Talk to Abyssinians.

Where and when we should
give the the gold.

Let's give them their gold back as
soon as poss ble. Okay, Brother Reis.


You took the ship
with your sword.

You put the red Ottoman
flag with the crescent.

You are our pride.

Thank you, Aunt.

I haven't seen Isabel in the mansion today.
Is there something wrong?

Oh, my son.

- They killed Isabel's father.
- What?

Who killed him? Where?

Unita men. In his house.

Isabel was devastated.

She left the mansion and
hasn't come back since.

If Unita men killed him,

...she can go after Sahbaz.

I am going to the inn, Aunt.

People, look here.

From now on, gambling
will not be allowed here.

If you want to gamble,
go somewhere else.

-Why is that?
- Come on.

How is this possible?

We were rolling dice
and having fun.

They took it from us.

What is going on, Cafer Efendi?
why are you complaining?

Why did you get upset?

No, my Bey.

People gamble in
this inn, forever.

-I was telling my friend this.
- Cafer.

If I say no gambling,
no gambling.

Take your money.

What is going on here?

- Cafer, where are the customers?
- They left.

When Sahin Bey forbid
gambling, they left.

Why did you forbid gambling?

Why do you think?
Gambling is haram.

If this inn is ours, No profits
wil be made off of gambling.


Things will go as they used to.

Sahbaz. Are you going
against my word?

Brother, look.

Not on the Muslims come here.
People of every religion come here.

And when there is
a big pie here,

...we cannot lose it

...just because because of
your personal discomfort.

Our goal is to make
money, brother.

I don't care about
anything else.

Put the gambling stuff back
on the tables, quickly.

And tell people that.

...there will be gambling in
this inn, as they used to.

If someone tries to stop it,
they will deal with me.

Come on.


I won't say anything to
you in front of people.

But do you remember that
our late father said that.

...your ambition would
cause a big disaster.

I started to believe him.

And know this, brother?

This will not go on like this.

We just got news.

Oruc Efendi took the
gold from Pietro.

We want you to find to whom and
where he's going to give it.



Those punks did it again.

If Oruc gives the gold back,

...he will be famous,
we cannot stop it.

Short Cafer.

Are you still gambling?
Come here.

Look at me. You will follow
Oruc and his levents.

Whatever they do, you
will report to me.

- As you order, Sahbaz Bey.
- Come on.

Come on.

They are calling you
to Cairo, Hayrabay.

From now on you'll
continue your job, there.

Did I do something
wrong, Mighty Emir?

The situation has
nothing to do with you.

Stop this was appropriate.

I understand.

I will obey our
state's every order.

We had a canflict.

But I did everything I did
to keep peace in Alexandria.

- Give me your pardon in this world and Qiamah.
-I give it, Hayrabay.

You, too.

I give it.


What happened, Karabay?

Why so furious?

What does the letter that
came from the palace say?

They heard that Oruc took
Abyssinians' gold from the heathens.

I am under cross fire.

They called Hayrabay
to scare me.

They are implying that
they can send me, too.

Calm down.

We were in serious state
matters before, too.

We will get over this, too.

This isn’t like anything we
went through before, Firuze.

Ottoman's and Oruc's hero fame
will be heard by all Muslims?

They are spreading to the whole world by
conquering heathens’ lands and Muslims' hearts.

Do you know what this means?

They will have the Mediterranean
that we are trying to rule.

And will be flag-bearer
for the Islam world

...we are trying to control.

I need to

...ruin Oruc’s fame,
as soon a possible.

Otherwise, they will
take my Emir title.

Then, will do whatever
is necessary, Karabay.

This is our position
we are talking about.

If necessary, you will break.

....every rule you know.

To ruin Oruc, will try
everything, from now on.


What are you doing here?

Unita killed my father.

They have my brother.

I need to get to my brother
as soon as possible.

The only way that I can
get to him is this inn.

Did you forget our
promise, Isabel?

We swore that we would
save your brother.

We went through so
much to ruin Unita.

How can you do this now?

Is there someone
threatening you?

Is Sahbaz threatening
you with your brother?

Tell me. We will
deal with him too.

Whar's going on, Oruc?

Why are you questioning Isabel?

What kind of dirty thng did you
do that Isabel is working here?

Be careful what you say.
Isabel did the right thing.

Was she supposed to leave the inn she
gave her years to, and sit with you?

You killed Silvio.

You threatened Isabel
with her brother.

I will not believe these lies

I won't let you have
this inn, or her.

Okay. Then ask Isabel.

If you can take he ? Ask her.

Come with me, Isabel. We will save
the inn,and your brother together.

You don't need them.

I cannot come with
you anymore, Oruc.

Isabel is nothing to you.

But she is my partner now.

Her companion ship with you is over.
Sne is my companion now.

So, go away.

And do not come to
this inn again.

I will come here one day,

...and ruin you and the
people who hold your leash.

I will take this inn from you.

I will take everyone you
keep here by force.

We defied death and came here.

You behave like t is
something ordinary, brother.

You and Oruc cannot
live without trouble.

I would be surprised if you
did not get into any trouble.

You took a heathen
ship and came here.

Midilli deserves it, not me.

Add this to your fleet, Agha.

You made us proud, boy.

Tell me now, what
are you here for?

We need pieces of
map for the book.

Some copies of which are here.
We're here to take those.

Did you say map?

Piri Reis is also
a master of maps.

He’ll help you.

Here he is.

That scholar I was telling
you about, Hizir.

We’re honored, Hizir Reis.

Same here.

Ishak Agha says you
are a master of maps.

We're here to gather
some map pieces.

Is that what you're looking for?

Piece maps in Caliph
Memun's world atlas.

This is what we're looking for.

How do you know about this?

Ishak Reis told me about the book
you re trying to figure out.

There were some missing
pieves, I heard.

Since I am a master at this, I figured
out that you are looking for these.

I found it and prepared
it before you came.

Tell me then, Piri Reis.

Will we rule Mediterranean after
we figuring out the book?

Will we have this sea in
the palms of our hand?

With that book...'ll have the
secret of Mediterranean.

...and thanks to that book...

...I will finish the world map.

Then we’ll be togethe...

...and this world will
be our, Allah willing.



Take this.

- We can order more if you want.
- Thanks, Cafer. Best of luck.

Long time no see.

I felt very sorry when I heard
your gold were plundered.

Those infidels...

They did but Baba Oruc
took the gold back.

Really? Well done, Baba oruc.

He is our enemy, actually.

But I have always
admired his courage.

So you took the gold back, then?

He sent word with his brother. Tomorrow
we'll meet at Suez and take it back.

MashaAllah. MashaAllah.

InshaAllah he will
deliver without trouble.

- InshaAllah.
- InshaAllah.

I'm really hungry.

Prepare one more, I have
developed an appetite?

- We'll eat till we puke, right?
- Right away, sir.

Don't cry.

Every trouble has a solution.

You are crying.

Is there a problem?

There is no one to
wipe my tears anymore.

That s why my tears are seen.

Don't worry about me.
Mind your business.

- Why did you bother, aunt?
- It nothing

You were like this
when you were child.

If someone didn’t bring you food,
you would never remember to eat.

And also, you would seclude
yourself when you suffered...

...and you would care for
your suffering on your own.

You are thinking about
what Isabel did, right?,

Do I have any other option?

I understand the
pressure she felt but...

She left even though...

...I told her I will save
her brother and inn.

I told her to come
back, she didn't.

We welcomed her to our house?

How can she stay with
that Sahbaz dog now?

I don’t get it, aunt.
You are a woman too...

you can understand her.
Why did she do that?

I'm Huma, son.

I have seen many
sufferings at the border.

I have lost my husband
and my two sons.

I endured it all.

That fire inside me,
made me much strongepr?

You are Baba Oruc.

You lost a lot of people
you love in your life.

You lost your child, your woman.

These made you much stronger.
But she is...


She may have suffered, right.
But she may not be strong yet.

Deep inside her, there
is a graceful place.

And that is her brother.

That pricks hit that spot!

How could she bear?

It's not the time for her
to understand you...'s time for you
to understand her.

Because your heart
is made of steel.

Don't judge her.

Don't try to reconsider
your conscience.

Her body may have left this place,
but her heart is still here?

Don t give up on her completely.

Now pricks has that...

...graceful flower.

You need to protect
her all the time...

...even from a distance.

That's what suits you.

EyvAllah, aunt.

You're having fun with
your aunt on the balcony.

- MashaAllah.
- Come, Ilyas, come.

What's the situation, Ilyas?
Have you talked to Abyssinian?

We have, Agha Reis. Tomorrow we will meet
in Suez to give the gold in the daytime.

Fine, then. We'll
move ear y tomorrow.

After we deliver the gold,

we'll set sail to Midilli for the
conquest of Kalimnos, Allah Willing.


How lucky you are!

Mr. Sahbaz, I have great news.

Oruc will meet with
Abyssinian in Suez tomorrow.

Road of Suez, then?


Well done, Cafer.


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The missing parts of the
book are finally done.

with the information
in the map pieces.

It seems that this book..

...reveals the secret
passages of the islands...

and coastal countries
of the Mediterranean.

If the secrets of
Kalimnos are written...

...then our our preparations for
conquest will be strengthened.

You are right, Hizir Reis.

This is a map of the
south coast of Kalimnos.

I have calculated
the width as 37.5.

Upon considering the
atitude is the same...

...this piece of map appeared.

He who rules knowledge
rules the world .

This knowledge alone
makes us stronger.

We'll have more
with our efforts.

So this is why those infidels
were after the book.

This book thing is over now.

From now on, our goal is to...

...conquer Kalimnos first, then we
will conquer all Mediterranean.

Then let's start doing
our part, Hizir Reis.

May our sea be calm...

May our prow be clear.

First we’ll draw the rout
of the conquest with pen.

Then with sword,
we'll beat them.

the great conqueror
who gave our ancestor.

the banner of conquest and bestowed
this spiritual power on us,

May your soul rest in peace.

Now it is time to
follow your will.

Kalimnos, Rhodes,
Crete, Sicily...

...Cyprus, Gibraltarian, the whole
Mediterrenean is waiting for us.

Did you bring me here to show me
around the ship and show off?

It's not my ship. It belongs
to Baba Oruc and his levents.

Besides... I brought you here to talk
to you about something important.

Why are you telling
me on the ship?

I am a levent, where
else could I say that?

I am listening to you, levent.

You know, we set off for
a theft the other day...

I mean we went there to
take the book we deserved.

That day... I thought you were going
to tell me something important.

That day... I am going
to tell you the thing...

...that I wanted to hear.


After you came into our world... became colorful.

You came to our kiosk...

...and that kiosk started
feeling like home... family.

It all happened because
of you, Esther.

I mean...

...I want it to be like
this for all my life.

I want you to be always with me.

I want to keep you in my heart.

I mean...

I want you to be
my Hatun, Esther.

I... I grew up in
the streets, Ilyas.

I never had a home, a family...

I had no one.


Your world became a family...

...and your kiosk became a shelter
that I could take shelter in.

If it wasn't for you, many
things would be missing, Ilyas.

You completed all the things...

...that was missing for me.

mean.. I already
said yes to you.

I already accepted to you.

Do you accept it?

-I do. -Do you? -Yes!

Your wound seems to have
healed, Dark Pirate.

And you must've kept your anger
against Oruc and Hizir alive!

I hope you can cut
their head off...

...with the same moves.

You shouldn't doubt about that?

But now...I want your
sword to cut them.

You will go to Alexandria
and talk to Sahbaz.

He will inform you about the
gold and its destination.

It is not easy to
get in Alexandria.

Oruc might understand.

You will secretly go to a bay...

...that is far away from the centre with Unita’s ship
I will send a group of Knights Hospitaller with you.

But still, this operation will be
carried out secretly and in disguise.

Blood and gold are waiting
for you, Dark Pirate.

Kill Oruc and his levents,
bring the gold here... US.

I especially want to
kill that Ilyas...

...more than Oruc
and his levents.

I will open a deeper wound
than this on his body.

It will be so deep that...

...I will take his life.

The shark is smelling
blood and gold.

There will be a
massacre tomorrow.

A massacre.

Ilyas and Esther are in love.

And decided on getting married.

We wanted it to happen
according to our traditions.

Esther doesn’t have parents.

And you are the father of
orphans, Dervish Father.

Therefore, we ask for
our Esther daughter...

...with Allah's consent and
our Prophet s (SAW) sunnah...

Allah let their hearts
warm each other.

We are glad to be
granted with...

...letting them getting married.

May Allah bless you. EyvAllah.

May it be good, my lion.

Hay mashaAllah.

My daughter... may
it be blessed.

May it be blessed, my
beautiful daughter.

May it be blessed inshaAllah.

May you have good children.

May it be blessed.

May Allah let it be
blessed inshaAllah.

Thank you Dervish father.

We will marry you both after delivering
the gold tomorrow inshaAllah.

Then we will set sail for
the conquest of Kalimnos.

Fighting is a wedding for us. We
will first make your wedding...

...then we will go and fight.

As you say, brother.

Oruc... as you know, we
are the girl's side...

...we are going to
prepare Esther's dowry.

And Oruc Reis must prepare a
wedding that suits our Ilyas.

You see, Ilyas? The girl's side has
already started demanding things.

If I am called Baba Oruc, I swear that I will organize
a fairy tale wedding ceremony for my brother Ilyas.

Do you still think about them?

It s none ot your business.

Everything that is under my
protection concerns me, Isabel.

I am not under your protection, I was
under the protection of that family.

I had a family
that embraced me...

...and a home for the
first time in my life.

But what did I do?

I left them behind
me because of you.

Isabel... They are
not your family...

...they can only cause
problems for you.

Thus, gather your
thoughts and forget them.

Especially Oruc.

Oruc has such a
plave in me that... one is powerful
and brave enough to...

...take it from me.

And you should keep
that in mind, Sahbaz.

But Oruc is going to
die soon, Isabel.

Then you will take him out
of your mind and heart.

My Bey, we received
news from our men.

A bandit came to the inn.

He robbed everyone at the inn.

And when he lost it,
he caused a scene.

Who can rob our
guests at the inn?

Let's go and make
him pay for it.

The information we
collected from the book...

...gave us important clues when we were
getting ready for the battle, brother.

The place where chose for a
shipyard is not suitable.

We need to fnd a safer one.

Hizir is right, Ishak Reis.

It is the map of the sea that is
between Midilli and Kalimnos.

Infidels call this "Portalan".

And according to this portalan, we can estimate
where they are going to attack Midilli from.

Therefore, we have to build a shipyard
in a bay that is like a claw.

Then choose a placee...

...and I will provide the
equipment that we need.

They couldn’t take me. And
they are going to be hit now.

I don’t think Knights Hospitaller
will stop now, Hizir.


Where did these
demons come from?

It is the answer to Meryem's
question, Ishak Reis.

I guess they won't stop.

You are a smart man. Then give the
girl to us and save your own life.

Good but... We use our mind
to behead the infidels...

...not to bow down.

We will blow this place up if
you don’t give the girl to us!

These dastards stained my beautiful
seaside with their dirty blood.

Get ready, Ishak Reis.

Midilli-Kalimnos war
has already started.

They will keep
attacking Midilli...

...while we are getting ready
for the conquest ot Kalimnos.

I will ensure a stronger
security in the city.

You are right, Piri Reis

The war has already started.

We have to go now.

We will explore new places for
the shipyard tomorrow morning.

No matter how hard
they attack us.

This will be over when we plant
the Ottoman Sanjac on Kalimno.

Come on.

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They killed everyone of
our soldiers at the deck.

This was just a trial.

Our big attack will
happen tomorrow.

Follow their steps.

We will take Meryem and go.

While we are leaving, we will leave
such a horror behind us that.

...Midilli will smeel blood.

Who is acting tough in my inn?


The ramblers in your inn. not know the rules
of the game, Sahbaz.

He want ten pieces when you win, and
five when you lose, Sahbaz Bey.

This is the pirate's rules.

He does not like to lose gold.

Are you crazy?

What are you doing here? Do you know what
would happen if Oruc finds out you're here?

I anchored the ship
in a far away land.

I came with a gentleman hat.

Did you find out where they
will give the gold back?

I did. They willl meet
in the Suez Road.


We kidnapped may Abyssinians
while I was trading slaves.

You do every kind of dirty jobs
but you could not deal with Oruc.

Tomorrow do your job
properly, take the gold,

...I will take their lives.

Don't worry, friend.

A shark wil not leave its prey
without tearing it into pieces.

By the way, Oruc took
one ship from us.

On that ship, there
were cannons.

Pietro said that this information
will be useful to you.

Yes it will.


Dark Pirate?

Tell them to let that man go.

Are you crazy? Taking ten
and five pieces of gold?

You are right.

Dark Pirate's rules, friend.

Don't kill him, Sansar.

Tomorrow we w’ I need him.
If you can, wake him up.

Come on.

Tidy up.

Wow, Ilyas.

Your heart anchored in
a harbor at last, huh?


-I hope you wi I have this, too.
- Amin.

While we are drinking here, will
you sit with your wife, Ilyas?

He will have kids, too.
While waves rock us,

...he will rock a crib.

He is in love.

You don't know
anything about love.

You don't listen to them, Ilyas.

If they see a girls hand,

these animals will
hold it like a rope.

Look who is talking.

Yareli, you have a
stomack and muscles.

Meaning you only know
to eat and fight.

What do you know about love?


Going through a narrow passage

While putting up a
silver- threaded flag

Girl, while taking
you and running away

Ya mol heyamol...

Ya mol heyamol...

I have a long ship

Summer goes and autumn comes

Do you promise this sailor?

Ya mol heyamol...

Ya mol heyamol...

I have a scale on my hand

The farmer seel cherries

Who doesn't like a
girl like this?

Ya mol heyamol...

Now that you have the inn, I
forbid alcohol and gambling.

I am the deputy in the inn, Mighy Emir.
This is still Unitai

The sin is the drinkers' and the gamblers'.
We re trying to make money.

I heard that because of Oruc,

...Cairo Palace's arrows
are pointed at you.

If I don't defeat Oruc,
those arrows will shoot me.

Oruc put an Ottoman
flag on his ship. the middle of Alexandria,
like he is trying to piss you off...

Did you call me here
to make me angry?

-I am crazy, already.
- No.

I called you to give you information
that could be useful, Might Emir.

There were cannons on that ship.

No one knew about this.

This means getting
weapons on Mamluk land.

They are preparing for war
against the Mamluk State?

Mighty Emir, this
crime will ruin Oruc.

You need to raid his ship while
he s givng the gold tomorrow

...and do what is necessary.

I will.

Gave me the necessary
information at the right time.

Where did you learn
this information from?

Even we don't know.

Do you have a spy among
Oruc and his levents?

Mighty Emir, they called
me captain Sahbaz.

Every drop that ship is
swimming on are our ears.

After we gve the gold back,

....we will sail
to Midilli, Ilyas.

I will prepare the horses.

I left my belongings here.

I will take them and go away.

I will not stay here
for long, don't worry.

What are you talking
about, Isabel?

Th s is your home.

You are angry with me.

You resented me, I know.

I can see it.

I am sure they are
storms happening in you.

Get angey, yell at me.

I won't say a thing.

Say whatever you want to say.
I am ready.

Are you okay.



Nothing else matters.

If you get cold, you
can get warm here.

If you get lonely,

...your family is here.

Whatever you need,

...I am behind this door.

May Allah protect you.

Where is Piri Reis? Is he not
coming for the shipyard inspection?

He's preparing his horse.

My Ishak Agha gave us
soldiers for our protection.

Meryem. Maybe you
shouldn't come.

You know, there were
attacks fo you.

I am worrying about you, not me.

You won't let cruel
hunters get me, right?

Or did you forget your promises?

This is not about
what I said, Meryem.

I intend to protect you

Brave flowers bloom on
vicious lands, Hizir.

You will not leave me behind and protect.
You wil ma e me fade.

Then I will die.

We will get our share of your
thorns then, brave flower?

don't always get sad
that I b eed your hand.

If you complain, do not
walk into this garden.

I don't complain.

If you step into a rose garden,
you have to deal with the thorns.

Goodness, mercy,

Goodness, mercy,
- Stop!

Stop it with the goodness,
love and mercy, Priest.

l want to destroy my enemies.

Bless me with blood,
revenge, and death.

Come on.


- What?
- Hizir and Meryem left the mansion.

They are heading north.

They have soldiers with them.

Then the bloood feast big.

Gather our men. We will kill
them all and take Meryem.

Yes, sir.

No need for you, Priest.

I will bless myself with
the blood of mu enemies.

Get that Oruc's levents.

Raid the ship and
get the cannons.

What are you doing?

You cannot raid Oruc Reis' ship!

You and your Oruc
Reis will pay for

taking up arms in
Alexandria, secretly.

Here are the cannons,
Mighty Emir.

There are some
more chests in the

Now I will ruin you.

What are you doing here?

Why are you raiding the ship?

It is clear what we are doing. Oruc
Reis is hiding cannons in his pship.

This means taking arm
secretly in our land.

This is crime.

Oruc took them from heathens.

kdeniz He will take them to Midilli today.
This is not right.

You say you are a
woman of state.

You don't even know
about the laws.

Might Emir said this is a crime.

If Oruc's intentions were good,

why is he hiding the cannons?

I confiscated the ship and the
cannons, according to the law.

This is bullying. You cannot
do anything before Oruc comes.

If you insist, things
will get messy.

Not Oruc,

...not even the Ottoman
Sultan can save you.!

Not only I am
confiscating your ship,

...I will exile you.

...from Alexandria
because of this crime.

Heathens have been raiding the
prosperity in our land for years?

We are not strong
enough to stop it.

Only you helped us- Oruc Reis.

You went through and
did so much for us.

Thanks to you, we know
we are not alone.

Our cause is Islam’s victory
against the heathens.

We did what we should for this.

As heathens get more cruel,

...we will stand against them.

This land awaits for the
courage of heros like you,

...and Ottoman's justice.

We have been alone and
unprotected for years.

The shadow that will unite us is the
world conquerer shadow of the Ottoman.

One day, that will happen, too. The
history will make its decision.

at the right time, the justest
way, if Allah allows it.

The gold is outside. Excuse us.

Oruc Re s. Before you
came here, we agreed...

Since you started
conquest preparations against infidels...

...then we want to
contribute to your path.

That's why, we want to give
the gold you saved to you...

...for the preparation
of the conquest.

That's a very humble attitude.

But you need to increase
your welfare with that gold.

And also, that gold is
enough to make you stronger.

The fact that you will end this
cruelty will make us better.

Since we are determined to be united,
then we ask you to accept this offer.

Even this offer gives
us spiritual strength.

But we can provide the

financial support we
need, thank Allah.

With the victory we will
have in our glory war,

and with our shadow that
will always cover you,

our bonds will be
strengthened inshaAllah.




Escort them to the place where
they will take the gold.

Sure, Agha Reis.

Emir Karabay raided the ship.

Captured the cannons and the ship. Huma
Hatun asked you to come immediately.

What is Karabay trying to do?

Horozcu and Ilyas, escort them.

And bring the gold.

Oruc has gone.

Ilyas will escort
the Abyssinian.

In a moment, we will make the most
terrifying raid this land has ever seen.

The swords of the Rhodes knights
will strike like lightning.

We'll make them bleed
then we'll take the gold.

The waters here are shallow. Will we be able
to land the ships even if we make a shipyard?

It gets shallow
for a short time.

But the waters often rise here.

The waters will rise again in the
season we will land the ships.

Then there will be no problem.

Don't forget. We need the girl.

We will kill the others.

This is Antuan. There is an ambush.
Send word to Reis.

Why are you surprised, Ilyas?

Did you think I would
give up the gold?

Now it's clear that you
are a greedy pirate.

You'll sacrifice
yourself for the gold.

Don’t be sure about that, Ilyas.

If you love the
gold that much...

...unleash those infdels...

...we'll throw you some
gold for you to man up.

Unfortunately, there is no
gold to buy my revenge, Ilyas

You took one of my brothers,

and I will kill one
of your brothers.

And that brother
will be you, Ilyas.

Here they are again.

Was it worth..

...risking yourself
for a girl, Hizir?

You should ask this to yourself

You've tried many times. Did you
think we would fall for that again?

There is nothing your owners
can take from us by force.

The on y thing we can give
them will be your head.

Ilyas, they have already
set up everything.

We will hang on until
Agha Reis comes.

When swords are drawn...

...mouths must be shut.


How dare you take
my ship, Karabey?

You are hiding
cannonballs there!

I just did what
the laws ordered.

We took those cannonballs
from the infidels.

We will take them to
Midilli for the battle.

We will set off now. Give the
ship and the cannonballs to us.

They are all crime elements.

No one can take them from me.

Including the state
that you trust so much.

Hear your own words.

Or you will lose your
tongue, Karabay.

Who will cut it off?


We lost the peace on our
lands since you came here.

Memluk's swords
rule these lands.

If something needs to
be cut, we cut it.

And especially the heads
that rise against us.

You are guilty, Oruc.

Forget the ship and
the cannonballs.

What is our guilt?

Did we keep the cannonballs against
your state? Did we shoot Alexandria?

You know that I fight
against infidels.

Stop being cruel.

You are the one who is cruel.

You committed a crime, and you are still being
a rebel. There is no such thing like that.

I am taking the ship
and the cannonballs!

Go now! Save them if you can!

Oruc Reis! They made a raid on the way.
Ilyas and the others are in trouble.


Prepare the horses. You should be
thankful that I am leaving for Ilyas.

When I come back, you will give the ship and
the cannonballs or I will take them by force.

Let's go there before
something happens to them!



Finally we are alone, Ilyas!

Don't be sorry for your friend.

You will visit him soon.

Injured fish, Ilyas!
What happened?

Don't your flippers work?

I can resist until the morning.

You should think about what to
do when my Oruc brother arrives.

When your Oruc brother arrives,
he will find your dead body.

We heard that you are
going to get married.

Such a shame...

he heart of the girl
that you love...

...will be torn into pieces
just like your body will.

Don't talk about her
with your dirty tongue!

You apparently
love her so much..

But don't worry.
After I kill you...

...I will kill her
and send her to you.

You can't do anything to her!

If it wasn't for you...

...many things would
be missing, Ilyas.

You are the one who completes...

...the missing parts in me.

You won't do it!

We are finally alone, Ilyas.

You were going to kill me and let me be
with my brother Ilyas... What happened?

Now I will kill you.

And then I will kill Oruc..

...then the girl you love.

I will kill you all.

You came to our kiosk..

...and that kiosk turned
into a home for me.

It turned into a family's house.

I mean...

...I want to keep
you in my heart.

I want you to be
my Hatun, Esther.

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