Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 14 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 14 With English Subtitles

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Agha Reis.

Commander Pietro wanted him alive.
Don't forget.


...I did not want to make
your death easy, Ilyas.

Come on, get ready.

We are leaving.

The one who comes to
hunt without permission,

..becomes prey.



Come on, we will run
towards the city.

- Are you okay?
-I am okay.

Their leader run away with
his tail between his legs.

We need to go after him.

An arrow wound can't stop me.

Don't worry. Ayse and
the soldiers are here.

You take Meryem and
go to the mansion.

We will catch them before
they leave Midilli.

Abysinnian innocent people.


They were martyred by them.

They killed them all, Baba Oruc.


Where is Ilyas? Find Ilyas.


Open your eyes.

Look at me!

We will reach the
Shahada together.


Why are you hitting
me that hard?

The enemy couldn't kill me.
I will die because of you.

He is alive, Reis. He started chucking like
chickens as soon as he opened his eyes.

- Are you okay, brave soldier?
-I am fine, Oruc Reis.

Where is Ilyas? Find him.

Ilyas is not here, Reis.


They wounded Ilyas heavily, Baba Oruc.
They took him.


- Come on.
- They will make my Ilyas prisoner.

Where did they take
him, Baba Oruc?

Looking at the tracks, they are
headed to the north shore.

We will catch them.

Take Horozcu to the mansion.

We will bury our martyrs
according to our religion.

We need to catch them. Come on!

- Who are they, Baba Oruc?
- The ones who trapped Ilyas.

They are waiting ambush so that
we don't catch up to them.

Ilyas will die there and
you will die here, Oruc.


Okay, we waited enough.

Take the cannons away.

I am confiscating the ship.

Whenever Oruc Reis comes,
he will explain then.

Oruc will explain everything. You think
about how you will pay for what you did.

We did what the
Mamluk rules say.

You will obey those rules.

They raised Ottoman flag on their
ships on Alexandria, Mighty Emir.

Should we take that flag down?


No one can touch our flag.

Do you think that flag is a
piece of fabric, Commander?

Ottoman flag symbolizes justice,

...holly war for Allah,

...the glorification of Allah.

The one who wants to take down our
flag wants to hurt our cause.

I am following the rules.

Lives have been given, blood has been spilled
for this flag for hundreds of years.

If you try to touch our flag,
you will risk giving your lives

...and spilling blood.

This is our rule.

We are ready to sacrifice our
lives and blood for the flag.

If you are ready, too,
reach for your weapons!

Move away.

We don't need to
take down the flag.

But I confiscated the ship.

You are not strong
enough to take it back.

Kill them all! We need to
catch up to Ilyas. Come on!

- They will get out of the ambush.
- But Oruc will not make it our alive.


They shouldn't see us.
To the horses, quickly.

Come on.

Baba Oruc, are you okay?

Dishonorable men shot
out Reis on his back.

- Are you okay, Reis?
-I am fine.

Their leader shot me. Go after them and
catch them. We will deal with these.

Go to different directions. We
will make them lose our trace.

When your face is exposed, all
your dirt will be seen, Sahbaz.

I will first take your life..

..then my brother from you.

Sahbaz played a
game to confuse me.

He is your leader, right?

Admit it, so I will
spare your life.

No one sent us here.

We just attacked.

We killed Oruc and Ilyas.

Isabel Hatun.

Tell me. What are
you doing here?

I found out that the Knights Hospitaller
arrived in north shore with Unita's ship.

And I was suspicious that they
could have set a trap against you.

Could you get rid of it?
-Kind of.

Then I should go.

You can inform Oruc about it.

Baba Oruc was shot there.

We have to go to him.

Shot? How is he? Is he alright?

-Is he alive?
-He is, but...

...he is badly injured.

We went after the
ones who injured him.

Then I should come with
you if Oruc is injured.

I'll tell him what happened.

Isabelle still doubts about me.

She is still worried about Oruc.

I know how to hurt her.



What are you doing here?

I found out that Knights Hospitaller
arrived in north shore by Unita's ship.

And I was worried as they
might've set a trap against you.

And traces show that they
went to that shore at north.

I was worried..

I wanted to tell you.

You are injured.

When levents told me..

..I was worried.

I am alright.

Don’t worry.

Sahbaz is Unita's
puppet in Alexandria.

And since Knights
Hospitaller went there... a Unita ship...

...Sahbaz might be
involved in this.

Was Sahbaz involved?

I don't know, Oruc.

I really don't know.

I will go to that shore and catch
that ship before they take Ilyas.

You are known as a Unita member.

And I am Unita's enemy.

Go back before someone sees you.

Or they might hurt your brother.

You are injured Oruc. How
are you going to go there?

Reis, you are standing there
with a bullet in your arm.

May Allah forbid,
it will get worse.

Allow us.

Let us follow them.

They martyred our
brothers, Yareli!

They abducted my Ilyas!

I wouldn't stop even if I knew
I was going to die on the way.

My Ilyas is in danger.

Let's go.

-Where is our ship?
-At Tokasburnu, it is anchored.

We have to hurry, we have to leave
Midilli as soon as possible!


You know.. dog.

They cut the heads of animals who
are injured to stop their pain.

My dark steel will
stop your pain now.

The knife already
touched his neck, Piri.

Then let's say
"bismillah" and attack.

Let's attack! -Split up!

If the ox rubs his
neck with a knife...

...he will find himself at
the bench of a butcher.

They still don't know
what butcher bench is.

There is no way
out, you animals!

Allah Allah..

Towba towba..

There are kids! -Kids!

Are you alright? -I am alright.
-My lion...

-Are you alright?
-I am.

Hizir! What happened here?

They dropped a bomb.

You know what happened the rest.
-They ran away.

We can't catch them.

They are our enemies. They can escape
today, but we will catch them one day.

Thanks to Allah, we
have no martyrs.

Muneccim. The children are scared,
go and give them some sherbet

And we have to recover
the loss of people here.

-Yes my Bey. Come with me, children.

Let's go.

You were right, Piri.

war has started.

This attack won't
be left unanswered.

We have to complete the preparations
for the conquest as soon as possible.

Let's go to the kiosk and
talk about it there, brother.

-Meryem was hurt. We will go and see her.
-Let's go.

Oruc's levents must be after us.

We will not let them catch us!
Hurry! Hurry!

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Have you heard about Oruc yet?

Could he take Ilyas?

We haven't received
any news, Huma Hatun.

InshAllah he'll save him
without any trouble.

This shop is enough for the

workshop that we're gonna build.

We’ve found worker
women from Alexandria.

InshaAllah we'll
get to work soon.

Huma Hatun, women from Alexandria
sent back the coin we gave them.

They changed their mind
about working with us.


We don't know, Huma Hatun.


Troop! Unfurl the sails!

We're going to
Kalimnos right now.

Yes sir!

Unfurl the sails!

Who's going to save
you now, Ilyas?

Check all over the ship.

We will save Ilyas
and leave, come on!

Where are you Ilyas?

Ilyas is not here,
the ship is empty.


You need to come to the deck.

The ship that took
Ilyas is there.

You’ve lost badly
this time, Oruc.

You'll lose again and again...

till you learn you shouldn't
mess up with a pirate.

Helmsman! Hoist anchor!

Unfurl the sails! To the other ship!
Come on!

Come on. come on!

Those rascals pierced the ship.

Ship will sink till we...

...drain the water.

We can't fill the holes.

Brother, let's inform
Reis, come on.

There are holes all over
the ship, Baba Oruc.

There is water everywhere. It's sinking.
We need to leave.

They did that so that
we can't chase them.

They're kidnapping my Ilyas.

I will catch you no matter what!

I won't let you hurt Ilyas!

Baba Orue. Your wound
is opening widely.

We need to leave
before the ship sinks.

It's also time to
heal your wound Reis.


Inform Midilli.

Ottoman spies in Kalimnos...

...must inform us about Ilyas.

Tell Ishak Agha that...

...gather all of his army.

Our war with Knight Templars...

...has begun.

From now on...

No woman in Alexandria
will be unemployed.

You will all be employed

under our state.

The state is more important
then anything else.

You'll be re-compensated
more than enough.


And now..

...are you recruiting people we
have bargained, Firuze Hatun.

Don t you know anything...

...about permission, Huma Hatun?

And what did you mean
by "recruiting"?

We are aligned with our state.

And Alexandria people...

..must work for their state.

You did this so that I
won’t have any worker.

You are using state as cover.

Shame on you.

We made a deal.

We even have you money.

You let us down.

The state is our
priority, Huma Hatun.

What can we do?

You heard her.

When it's about Mamluk...

...nothing else matters.

Youe command...

...and your agreement
are invalid.

You'd better accept
this and obey.

Otherwise you'll pay for it.

We have overcame all
of your moves...

..we'll do it again.

Keep acting this way.

You'll learn our power
under our boots.

Take her out!

Take Huma Hatun out.

Does your wound feel better?

I'm fine.

It’ll heal in a few days.

Their problem is with me.

But it is better this way.

Everyone will be in
trouble because of me.

They'll hit and we will hit...

how long this thing's
gonna continue like this?

Until we hit the last strike
and tear them apart, Meryem.

What did you think?

No doubt you'll tear them apart.

But meanwhile, I'm
afraid that...

...the ones that we
love will get hurt.

You are one of their problem.

Their bigger trouble is getting
us out of Mediterranean.

Our hostility did
not begin with you.

Don't blame yourself.

It’s time for the big war.

From now on, we both are
preparing for this big war.

You'll see.

All of the problems will
be solved for good.

Send this to the capital,
to the grand vizier.

Mamluks will see how the trap they
set will be their own annoyance.

Yes, Huma Hatun.

Haven't you heard from Oruc?

He took the injured levent
called Horozcu to the hospital.

And Ilyas?

They were together.

Where is Ilyas?

Oruc! What happened to you son?

We were attacked
on our way here.

I got hit by a rifle. I’m fine.

What about Ilyas? Where iS he?

The Abyssinian...

...martyred Levents.

And they took Ilyas to Kalimons.

- Ilyas...
Why are they taking Ilyas away?

They will try to take something
from us obviously, Aunt.

But don't worry.

I won't let them.

What are we going to do now?

How are we gonna save Ilyas?

I can get in and out anywhere.

I was taken to Kalimnos before.

Let me do whatever I
can to save Ilyas.

We have alsoVttacke.d
Kalimnos before.

But we can't attack again
using the smar method.

We have informed the
spies in Kalimnos.

When we learn something...

...we'll prepare and move.

Learn about Horozcu.

And send me a staff quickly.

Yes, Reis.



We were gonna be married
when he returned.

We were going to be together.

Do we deserve this?

We have suffered a lot.

We are in war with heathens.

They'll do whatever they can.

Even if we are in
pain, we need to...

...stand against them.

And we need to pray for Ilyas.

You called me. What happened?

You weren't here in
the morning Isabelle.

Where were you?

It's none of your business.
Why would I let you know?

Oruc was attacked. And you were
not around at the same time.

It's such a coincidence.

Sure... It's a day of
coincidences, right?

They say that Knights
Hospitaller attacked Oruc.

But those Knights can only
come here by Unita's ship.

Didn't you know that...

...Unita's puppet in Alexandria?

You would know if I knew.

You would go through the
documents like a mouse...

...and run to Oruc
to tell him, right?

Yes, if I was worried
about Oruc's life.

I would do that. -Then
your brother would die.

You can't kill my brother.

You have to keep my brother
alive to keep me in your hands.

Don't be so sure.


It's your brother's blood.

You dastard!

Tell me you killed him!

Tell me you killed him, and
I will slit your throat!

I didn't kill him!

I hurt him a little
bit to warn you.

If you help Oruc...

...if you go to him...

...if you support him...

..he will die.

And it is my last Warning.

If you hurt my brother
once again...

..I will drown you
in your blood...

...I won't show mercy.

Thank you, Dervish.

You always help us.

It is our duty to
solve problems.

Thanks to Allah, you
arrived on time.

If the bullets stayed
in for longer...

...your wound would be infected.

That wound is nothing
compared to my anger.

They martyred innocent ones.

They abducted my brother.

I was responsible for
all these incidents.

I carry their burden.

Hang on.



Then.. are you going to...

...make them pay for
this cruelty, Oruc Reis?

I already drew my
sword tor a war.

I won't step back even if
infidels unite and come at me.

I will either turn the seven
seas into a bloodbath..

...or lose my head on this way.

Issues might appear
between states...

...during this war.

It might change the politics.

And the ones left behind
might descend on you.

We risked fighting against the
world for an innocent man.

How can we step back from a
cause when we are right?

You can't Oruc Reis..
iIt won't suit you.

Because with this decision. are doing
what Allah says.

Allan says in an ayah...

The sacred month for
the sacred month...

...sanctities should be...

...respected alike
(by all concerned)

Thus, if someone has
attachked you...

... attack him just
as he attacked you...

... and fear Allah and
remain conscious that...

...Allah is with those...

...who guard against violating the
bounds set by Him. (AI-Baqarah 194)

How is Horozcu, Yareli?

Doctors are treating him, Reis.

He will gather strength
soon inshaAllah.


We will fulfill our duties here
until we hear from Kalimnos.

We will start with
cruel Karabay.

Levents will bring
Knights Hospitaller.

He keeps boasting about
taking our ship... Alexandria.

I will put him to shame...

...and take my ship from him.

You are right.

It is your duty to make them
pay for what they did... they tried taking
what you deserved.

Those who did
things behind us...

...and those who shed our blood
can not do anything to us.

But... once Baba Oruc's
storm breaks out...

..everyone will see.. I will be
destroying them.

There were cannonballs hidden in Oruc
Reis's ship, Mighty Regent

And to follow our rules, we took
the cannonballs and the ship.

As you can see...

...we really hurt Oruc Reis.

I appreciate, Karabay.

Keep doing what you are doing. Do not give
opportunities to others on our lands.

And Oruc Reis will
be punished soon.

Emir Karabay!

-Who are you?
-Baba Oruc.

I came here to take my ship
that you took by force.

We know that you are
guilty, Oruc Reis.

Mighty Regent is here,
I told him about the incident.

That's not your only fault...

...the abyssiTTian people were killed
that you had to give the gold to.

That's what happens if you
don't let Memluks handle it.

You became a prey
for two bandits.

The ones who you call bandits
are Knights Hospitaller.

So that Memluk state knows
how to handle issues... couldn't it stop infidels from
shedding Muslim blood on their lands?

What are you saying?
What Knights are you talking about?

Those who made the raid
were Knights Hospitaller.

They sneaked in disguised as bandits,
and you did not realize.

What kind of state is this

...that it cannot stop the heathens
from spilling Muslim blood?

If your Alexandria
Emir had seen these

...instead of being
busy with my ship,

...that many people
wouldn't have died.

What is going on, Karabay?

Sir, we have patrols everywhere.

I promise, we will make
them pay as soon as...

We will make them pay for
the Knights Hospitaller.

Instead of showing
off with a ship, your duties.

These are harsh
words, Oruc Reis.

Not harsher than what
you did, Mighty Regent.

we took this ship and the cannons
from the heathens with our swords.

We fought innocent people's
cause against the cruel ones.

You tried to tie up our hands.

...and heathens the opportunity.

This is enough
embarrassment for you?

I will save my brother
from Knights Hospitaller.

...and take revenge for
the spilled blood.

Now, will you give me
the right of my sword

...or will we take it by force?

Give Oruc reis his ship and the cannons.

As you command.

These heathens spilled
blood on our lands.

Give them to us.

We will make an example
our of them in Cairo.

I said this before. We
will make the knights pay.

We will give them
their punishments.

That punishment will
be heard everywhere.

...from Kalymnos to Cairo.

Tell the levents to
prepare our ship.

As soon as we get information from
Kalymnos, we will get ready and said off.

- Yes, Reis.
- Take Gulle Topuk with you.

Go the that dog called Sahbaz.

Tell him the Alexandria
Ambassador wants him.

If he does not want
to come and resist,

...them hit him with your
sledgehammer and take him

Take that man here.
-Don't you worry, Reis.

I will crush his head if
necessary and take him.

Come on, levents.


Why did you want to talk to me?
- Baba Oruc called you.

He wants to talk about
an important issue.

If Oruc wants to talk to me,

...he can come here. But
I sent him away, right?


Clearly you don't
understand, Sahbaz Bey.

If Reis wanted to come here,

...he would have
come here like us.

But he wanted you to go to him.

and then talk.

Oruc Reis cannot call
us into his presence.

What does he want to talk
to me about, anyway?

About the Knights
Hospitaller's raid.

- He will know the rest.
- What does that have to do with me?

He can go and talk
to his enemies.

You get out of here.

Do not drive me crazy?

If Reis said you will go, will go.

Why do you

...blame us for everything?

He said we don't have
anything to do with it.

Don't you understand?

We cut off your finger and
you still haven't learned?

Don't make me cut
your tongue off, too.

How can you hit our
man in our inn?

Do not even think about it.

I will rip your head off without
thinking it twice Wallah. -enough.

Baba Oruc is Ottoman campaign.

If he wants you to
go, you will go.

Otherwise, he ordered us
do what is necessary,

...with our weapons.

He have to follow
his orders, right?

We need to draw a
detailed map of Kalymnos.

This will be our most important
weapon for the conquest?


- Hizir!
- Is something wrong, Agha?

Why are you yelling?

I am yelling because
something happened, Hizir.

Oruc sent news.

Knights Hospitaller raided.

Abyssinians were martyred by them.
They took Ilyas to Kalymnos.

How could they take
Ilyas prisoner?

Those heathens
have gone too far.

This is the breaking point.

What you said is
happening, Hizir.

We are on the edge
of a great war.

What does Oruc Reis
say, Ishak Bey?

He says we need to sent
news to spies in Kalymnos.

He will arrange an operation according
to the information from there.

He want me to get a
back-up force here

...and wait with cautiori.

We are going to
Alexandria, Piri.

I cannot wait here. We
need to support Oruc Agha.

It is time to unite.

I will go with you.

I cannot stay here while
Ilyas is their prisoner.

Oruc Agha said that we
should be ready, Agha.

You should stay here and wait
for news from Oruc Agha.

Hizir is right I will
send news to the spies.

This war will be rough.

You called us into
your presence...

Knights Hospitaller went to the
beach with a Unita ship and raided.

Abyssinians innocent
poeple were martyred.

They kidnapped my Ilyas.

Did you know about thiss?

How should I know?

Am I the commender of the
Knights Hospitaller?

Are you not the Unita ally here?

How can you not know about the
people that got off their ship?

Why would I lie to you?

Interrogate someone else.

Should I ask you who
I would interrogate?

Who are you to speak without
permission in front of me?

Take this dog away.

Oruc, enough.

We said we don't have
anything to do with it.

Go take revenge from the
knights who did this.

I will, of course.

But until I take
revenge from them, will not get
out of this inn.

What does that mean?

Every step you take, everything
you do is suspicious.

While I am trying to save Ilyas, might tell
them what I am doing.

I will not take any risks.

Take him and put him in the inn.

If he sticks his head
out without my order,

...cut his head off
and take it to me.

Oruc, you cannot do this. You
are not the only ruler here.

They kidnapped my brother!

They killed innocent people!

Until I take revenge,

...I am the ruler,
I give the orders!

Come on!

The ones you trust can
come and save you.

Come on!

Take him away.

Is it ready to sail off
for the campaign, Reis.

But we still don't have news about
Ilyas from the spies in Kalymnos.

Piri Reis will send
news, for sure.

We will wait until tonight.

If they don't send news,
we will take the risk

...and raid Kalymnos.

We turned the place upside down.

We showed them how
powerful Kalymnos is.

But you could not bring Meryem.

You did not stop the Kalymnos
conquest preparations.

I want two things from you.

You could not do either of them.

Be thankful that
Antuan brought Ilyas.

Do not look. As long as we have him,
we can make Oruc do anyhing we want.

Or I would never forgive you.

Now get lost without being seen.

Not only did I bring the gold,

...but I also brought you the
gift you wanted, pietro.

Ilyas Reis.

Seeing a skillful sailor
such as yourself, like this.

...made me sad.

Hurry, catch him!

I know very well
how to stop him.

Take him to the dungeon.
Lock him up come on!

You won't be able to
stop me no matter what!

You won't be able to stop Oruc no
matter how high your waters will be!

You'll pay for what
you did, Pietro!

Why did we take Ilyas to
Temenos instead of Kalimnos?

We couldn't detect all of the
Ottoman spies in Kalimnos.

If Oruc learns something
from one of them...

...he can attack unexpectedly.

It's better if he doesn't
know that he's here.

So that we can get whatever
we want from Oruc.

And Temenos will be our base for

our attack of Midili.

We'll build a huge
shipyard here.

There'll be cannons
like dragons.

While Turks dreaming about
conquering Kalimnos..

...they'll bump into Temenos.

Don't we need many
soldiers for that?

More knights will
come from Rhodes.

And also I'm in
contact with Venice.

I'll form an alliance with them.

I'll form the Christian Union
that no one else managed.

With that power, I'll take
all of the islands of Turks.

And upon the Turkish blood that
we will spill on Mediterranean...

...our holy cross will rise.

Welcome, brave boy.

I didn't think you would come.

We couldn't waste our time while
those heathens have Ilyas.

We need to be together
in this trouble.

Piri Reis..

..he will fight with us.

EyvAllah. You've helped
my Agha before you're helping us.

We are grateful, Piri Reis.

We are all together, our hearts
are connected, Oruc Reis,

- I'm grateful too.
- EyvAllah.

I've informed Kalimnos
with my spies.

Haven't you heard something?

Not yet.

I suspect they are
playing dirty.

Ottoman spies from Kalimnos
sent word, Oruc Reis.


No one knows where Ilyas is.

He is not in Kalimnos.

I knew that they
will play dirty.

If we don't know where Ilyas is,
we can't do anything, Agha.

We need to do
something about it

Good evening, Oruc Reis.
- Good evening.

Commander Pietro sent
me as a messenger.

That worthless Pietro...

...sent a messenger shamelessly?

Where is my brother?
Where is Ilyas?

Wait, Hizir.

We all are angry but..

...they expect something
from us, obviously.

Let's learn what he wants.

Tell me, what did Pietro say?

Ilyas is in somewhere you
can never know and find.

Don't waste your time
searching for him.

If you want Ilyas back.

Hand over Meryem.

Stop war preparations
in Midilli immediately?

Otherwise Ilyas will die.

We neither hand over Meryem...

...nor stop preparations.

Doesn't Pietro know this?

As you wish, Oruc Reis.

Then Ilyas will die.

You rascals! Did you think
we will let you harm llyas?

Tell me! Where is my brother?
Where is Ilyas?

Clam down Hizir.

If you hurt the messenger, Ilyas
will get hurt, calm down.

Piri Reis is right, Hizir.

We need to be patient for Ilyas.

The messenger must not get hurt.

Hurting him would be
inappropriate for us.

You have two days, Oruc Reis.

If you don't hand over Meryem
and stop war preparations...

Ilyas will die.

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On one side, a
monstrous human...

...a demon of hell!

Most brutal man... Rhodes!

The Hellhound!

On the other side...

...little Levent

a tiny Levent Ilyas.

Are you putting a man with tied
hands against a man with a sword?

Have your fear against us...

..made you such miserable?

Our rules apply here, Ilyas.

Hellhound, don't kill him.

But you can spill his blood
as much as you want...

...and you can tear her flesh.

Come on!

Show youeselves!

Finish him, demon!

May Turks answer the...

... treachery of infidels!

Well done!

Thanks to you, I earned a lot
of gold from this show, Ilyas.

I can also prepare a feast
in the cistern for you.

If there is a feast,
there must be blood.

And we will have a feast
soon, don't worry.

It's so affectional that you still
hope Oruc will come and save you.

I hope that Allah will help me!

My Oruc brother will come
here with Allah's consent...

..and destroy you all.

Knights Hospitaller
will be around, Ilyas.

You shouldn't be so hopeful.

Now I am even more hopeful.

Because we like crowded enemies.

When we kill 20 enemies...

...we don't consider
it as a fight.

Count your gold now...

...we will make you
count heads later on.

Take him.

My daughter.

You haven't eaten anything.
Why don't you eat?

I can't eat anything when
Ilyas is a captive, mother.

It won't feel like before...

...unless he is saved.

I wonder where he is now.

Do they torture him?

Do they make him suffer?

Mabe he is hungry.

Maybe he is thirsty.

Don't punish yourself Esther.

Oruc will find a
way to save him.


I wonder where he is now.

They didn't take
him to Kalimnos.

Who will find him?

Who will bring him here?

If something happens to him...

..I can't live.

Don't worry.

Nothing will happen to him.

We will find where he is.

I promise you.

If Ilyas Is not in Kalimnos,
where else can he be?

We have to find all the places that
belong to Knights Hospitaller.

It is surrounded by little
islands, Oruc Reis.

It will take time to
search all of them.

Lets say that we
searched them... will take
time to find Ilyas.

We can't do anything
in two days.

How are we going to
find Ilyas then?

How are we going to save him?

I will find Ilyas.

I will go to Kalimnos.

I will surrender to Pietro.

I will go in and learn
where Ilyas is kept.

It can now happen.

We suffered to take
you fro them.

How can we send you
to Kalimnos now?

Hizir is right.

If we were going to give up on you,
we would accept their conditions.

I know that it is
hard for both of us.

But there is no other
way, Oruc Agha.

Pietro wants me for the book.

We already solved the
secret of the book.

We won't lose anything if I go.

But if I stay, we
might lose Ilyas.

Let's say that you got in...

How are you going to
learn where Ilyas is?

Even our spies
couldn't find it out.

Is it easy to learn where he is?

Spies are outside.

I will be inside. Besides,
I am experienced.

I know how to collect

I don't think it will
be good, Meryem.

What if you can't get out?

What if you can't come back?

I also caused this to happen.

Let me help.

Besides... We will find
where Ilyas is first...

...then I will find
a way to go out.

Under one condition.

Even if you learn where
Ilyas is or not... will get out of
the castle at night.

Ilyas is precious for us, yes...

...but I can't risk losing
you on this way. -Alright.

We will set sails to
Kalimnos with Meryem.

Where can we hide
in Kalimnos, Piri?

The fifth house is located at
the north side of the castle.

There is a pigeon
house on the roof.

It is also the secret
place of our spies.

You will go there once you
leave the castle, Meryem.

Then we will follow the
Information In the book...

...and find a place
to hide in Kalimnos.

And we will take the ship there.


You became addicted to haram.

Stop drinking that poison.

I am already upset.

Don’t mess with me, brother.

Why are Oruc's men at the door?

-I asked you why, Sahbaz!
-Because he hates me!

He says he is not going to
let me go out of the inn.

I will make him pay for it.

Alright but...

...why would Oruc do this?

There must be something
that he doubts about.

Knights Hospitaller made a
raid on Oruc's place today.

They abducted Ilyas.

Are you involved in this?
-What happened, brother?

Did you start speaking
Oruc's language?

How dare you blame your brother?

Stop calling me brother.
Answer my question!

Were you involved in the raid?

-Enough of you!

You came here to let our
family gain reputation.

...but you keep
doing haram things!

It's all because of Unita!
-What else could I do?

Was I supposed to sell
fruits on my father's ships?

Is it a good way to rise?

That's not rising! That's not!

Look, Sahbaz...

Look, brother.

I don't want you to
do secret things... gain reputation
for our family.

You will either pull
yourself together...

...or I will take the control
on this inn and other things...

...and you will just sit there.
Do you understand?

That’s not good, brother.

That's not good.

No one can take the
thing that I took. force.

Including you.

I told you.

I told you to stay away.

Stay away.


You are my brother.

You are kilic Bey's son .

I have to know
everything you do.

Do you understand? Everything.

If you don't pull
yourself together...

...I will be in the middle
of your business... such a way that... will first lose me..

...then everything you have.

Do you understand?


Will Oruc accept
your conditions?

If he doesn't, he will see
his brother's dead body.

I don't understand why
you want Meryem so much.

I know that it's not
just about the book.

What makes her interesting?

I will find out what's
up with her now.

I wasn't expecting that Oruc
would accept my condition.

You took me.

Let Ilyas go.

You are not the only condition?

They have to stop making
preparations in Midilli for a war.

What do you want from me?

Do you want information
about the book?

More, Meryem.


Now my soldiers will
take you inside.

We will have time to talk.

Like I said..

...Oruc wouldn't accept
your conditions so easily.

We have his brother. He
has no other chance.

But still, Oruc must
be playing a game.

But if he was planning a move
Sahbaz would let us know.

I wonder what happened to him, he
has been very silent recently.

You are right.

Tell the patrol boats, they
will patrol around Kalimnos.

If we detect Oruc's ship...

...we will understand that
he is playing a game.

Then Ilyas will die.

Yes sir.

It is on the west of Kalymnos.

We will wait in the
Arginonta Bay.

That is the best place for it.

As soon as she learns where
Ilyas is, she will go there'

With the help of southeaster,

...we will reach
the bay, quickly.

There are no wind on that route.
it will not stop us.

There will be a lot of patrol
ships around Kalymnos

We need to go there
without being noticed.

Guile Topuk, put Knights
Hospitaller flag on the ship.

Even if we get caugh, they will think
we are one of them. -Yes, Baba Oruc.

Yareli. We will sail with full
sail until we reach Kalymnos.

Yes, Reis.

There is no turning back now.

Either we take Ilyas back,

...or we will all die there.

Why aren't you eating?

I made them prepar
this feast for you.

No need.

What do you want for me?

What were you going to ask me?

I had one prisoner,
now I have two.

Until Oruc stops .

...the war preparations in
Midilli, you will stay here.

I want you to behave
yourself in the meantime.

About the thing I am curious about...
My question.

That sky prayer.

Why did it interest
you this much?

It was just a
familiar, old prayer.

As far as I know,

...Dervish adopted you
when you were little.

Where did this happen?

And how did it happen?

What happened to your family?

My family was my Father Dervish.

And now Hizir's
family is my family.

I don't have anything
else to say.

You can eat your feast yourself.

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It's a song I like very much.

We used to sing it with my
sister when I was little.

What happened to your sister?

I lost her. Not like that.

We drifted apart.

Years ago.

In our tiny house,

I used to play and
she used to sing.

Was your house in Rome?

I did not say that.

How do you know that?

You are from Rome.

That’s why.

Why were you moved so much
because of that song?

It has deep memories in me.

Maybe you were in Rome
before you were adopted.

Maybe someone played
for you and you sang.

If you have memories of it,

...can you sing it for me?

I need to get some rest.

Let me go! No.

He can't be my brother.

They are playing a game.

My brother is not here.

My brother is far away.

- Is there something wrong?
- No Admiral

There is a ship sailing towards Kalymnos.
Our flag is on it.

It must be taking war
supplies to Rhodes.

We did not get any information
about a ship coming to Kalymnos.

This is suspicious.

Will change the route. We
will interrogate the ship.

If we walked around
that much together,

...we would've travelled around the
would and completed the map, Hizir.

Meryem took a big risk for us.

I am worried about her. That's
why I'm walking around.

Calm down, my lion.

As soon as Meryem finds out
where Ilyas is, we will move.

We will go and save her if she doesn't
get out of the castle until tonight.

Oruc Reis right.

We got rid of the
Rhodians at the open sea.

Will set things
right, inshaAllah.


You scared me , Gulle Topuk. I
thought the knights raided us.

They will, soon, Piri Reis.

A Rhodian ship is
getting closer to us.

They suspected us.

They might know you
and Hizir, Oruc Reis.

I will deal with it.

Lower your weapons.

Kneel or we will kill you.

I said kneel. Or
we will shoot you.

What is going on here?

What an outrage!

Who are you to raid our ship?

Who are you? We didn't get any information
about a ship going to Kalymnos from Rhode.

Show us your order
document or you'll die.

You show us your order document.

How will we know that
you're Knignts Hospitaller?

Maybe you are disguised
as one of us

..and you are Turks?

Don't you see? I come
from the patrol ship.

Are you so blind that you.
didn t see the Rhodian flag?

Show me your order document or you
are the ones who will get shot.

Here you go, the orders
from Commander Pietro.

Now you show us yours.

Or we will shoot
you in the heads.

Here is ours.

Knights Hospitaller's
Grandmaster's seal.

We came here with his order.

This is our Grandmaster's seal.

Now do you understand
whose ship you raided?

I know how to make you
pay for this arrogance.



Yes, Reis.

Yes, Admiral.

Write a complaint about
these arrogant people.

When we reach Rhode,

I will give it to our
Grandmaster, myself.

Please don't make a
complaint, Admiral.

You know, we are at war
with Oruc and his brothers!

I stopped you as a precaution. It
won't happen again, believe me.

I will forgive your arrogance because
of your loyalty to your mission?

Now go back to your ship.

Tell me, Piri Reis.

When did you find his
seal and copy it?

When we went to Rhode to mabp it,

...we got it with our spies.

I wouldn't have imagined that that man
called Grandmaster would be useful to us.

Come one, levents. To Kalymnds.

Since Sultan Mehmet

...occupied the
island in the Aegean,

...Turks are going fast
in the Mediterranean.

If we don't stop them now.

...they can move
towards Gibraltarian

...from the East Mediterranean.

My purpose is to start the
big Mediterranean War.

This war

...will be between the Muslim Turks
in Mediterranean and the Christians.

For this, we need to.

...take Midilii first.

And for that,

...we need to unite our forces.

You know.

I am from

...Doge of Venice Agostina
Barbarigo's family.

And a member of Venice Council.

There is an ongoing dispute between
us and the Knights Hospitaller.

If I cooperate with you,

I will be a target in venice.

I want to be allies
with ou because are a member
of Venice Council.

Because you...

Only you

...can unite the Christian states.
You are the most powerful key here.

Venice, Genoese,

...Papacy, Holy Roman Empire,

...the Spanish.

Only someone like you can
unite these Christian states.

But first two of us.

...need to start
pur own alliance.

Then we can deal with
the big alliance

...for the Mediterranean.

What about Oruc?

Everyone heard about
his attacks on you.

In Venice, Genoese,

...Florence, Rome.

Closet also heard that I
have his brother Ilyas?

For him, he will stop

...the war preparations
in Midilli Island.

After we weaken them,
we will finish them,

...starting in Midilli.

You have Oruc's brother Ilyas.

This is a big leverage.

All right then.

Give Ilyas to us.

We will make an
alliance, right away.

I keep Ilyas to threaten Oruc.
Why would I give him to you?

If I take Ilyas to Venice,

...Doge and the Council
will be happy.

This way, it'll be easier to
convince them to help you.

And I will start the attempt
to unite the Christian states.

Don't worry, Pietro.

We know how to threaten Oruc
when we take Ilyas to Venice.

( The Sustainer, The Self-Subsisting ).

(The Opener, The Judge).

There's a room in the castle
that messengers use as entry.

Downstairs, second corridor.

There might be a clue about
where they keep Ilyas.

How's the room's security?

It's not a place that is
kept strictly protected.

But it will be hard
for us to get there.

Piri Reis gave me a map of
the castle before leaving.

If we can get to the corridor
downstairs using the window...

...we can get in the
information room.

Check everywhere, Ayse.

We need to find where
they keep Ilyas.

I got it.

Copies of the letters they
made with Rhodes people.

A huge army of Rhodes
will come in a ship.

They are coming for an island.

Name of the island is not here
but its location is written.


I'll give you the directions of
the island where Ilyas is kept.

Your ships should prepare
according to this.

We'll be in the island with
Leonardo Barbarigo tomorrow.

I'll inform you
when we get Ilyas.

Ilyas is in the island
where Rhodians will go.

Venetians will take
Ilyas to Venice.

We need to report this now.

They must go there before
Venetians take Ilyas.

Come on.

Are you thinking
about Ilyas, Agha?

Ilyas is a brave guy.

He's astute.

He can't stand any
hardship but...

I can’t help worrying about him.

He's our youngest.

Sometimes I still
consider him a child.

I want to protect him always.

Is he hungry now?


Is he cold?

He can't stand cold, you know.

He is our youngest.

But he is also the most
uncontrollable one.

He must have found a
solution, InshaAllah.

Even more, he must
be yelling now...

...saying "Oruc will come

Hizir will come, they
will kill you all!"

When Meryem finds out
where he is kept...

we'll save Ilyas
tomorrow no matter what.

I've said yes to you already.

I've accepted your
offer already.

Have you?

- Have you?

With Allah's consent...

...and Prophet's
(SAW) sunnah...

...we want Esther as our bride.

You have memories that will
make me feel like I'm with you.

Console your heart
with them for now.

I'll get out of here one day.

It's not appropriate
for us to...

...leave our loved ones behind.

Ma'am, what are you going
to do with the bow?

Piri Reis described the
pigeon they'll be expecting.

I'll go to the roof and send
the information with arrow.

We've got so far,

we can leave the castle
without any trouble.

I need to stay here for
a while too, Ayse.

There are still secrets in this
castle that I need to solve.

I won't go anywhere
before I learn them.

Come on.
Return to your room.

So that they won't
notice our absence.


There is the loft.

Come on Meryem.

You've shot so much
thing in the darkness.

You'll get this shot too.

Or else they'll kidnap Ilyas.

A lot of time has passed.

Meryem has not left
the castle yet.

Let's enter the castle, Agha.

Something bad
happened, obviously.


Meryem says I'm good, obviously.

What did she write?

To the island where
they keep Ilyas...

...a huge army of knights
from Rhodes will go.

A Venetian called Leonardo Barbarigo will
go to the island tomorrow and take llyas.

Leonardo Barbarigo?

He's someone from the
family of Venice.

From the big council.

So Christians are forming a huge
alliance for Mediterranean.

And they are using Ilyas as...

...bargaining material.

We need to capture Ilyas
before Venetians.

Where is he?

The direction is written.

But its name is not written.

Let me see.

37 from the north,
26 from the east.

Temenos Island.

They are keeping Ilyas in
Temenos Island, Oruc Reis.

Send word to Ishak
Agha with spies.

They must come to the Temenos
Island with all of their army.

A huge and bloody battle
will be made in Temenos.

Why haven't Meryem come? We've
told her to come today.

She says she must
stay for a while too.

If she leaves now,
she'll be exposed.

She must be fine
considering she sent word.

But still, I'm not comfortable
with her staying there.

Don't worry.

Our spies in Kalimnos
will protect her.

Rhodians will land
on the island.

We need to save Ilyas
before Venetians take him.

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I have sent word to the important representative
of the Christian states, Pietro.

They'll be here soon.

We'll meet in the big meeting.

and we will make a deal.

And we will crash on Turks...

...with even stronger
than the crusades.

I'm looking forward
to big meeting.

Our army of knights
will be in Temenos.

They'll give you Ilyas there.

Then the may the big Christian
union be blessed already.

You've arrived in time, my Aga.

Knights Hospitaller
will land on south.

Venetian Leonardo
will come there too.

We will prepare and be
in a combat position.

Our other soldiers wil join
from the bay we anchored.

Don't forget about Ilyas losing
ourselves in the battle.

These heathens may distract us in
the battle and do something dirty.

If necessary, we will hold
the battlefield, Oruc Reis.

You should focus
on saving Ilyas.

This battle is not only
about saving Ilyas...

...and revenging
Abyssinian innocents.

This war... the severe beginning of the war of crescent
and cross that will begin in Mediterranean.

May our holy war be Mubaurak.


Holy Knights Hospitaller.

Temenos Island... the heart of the war that
we will declare against Turks.

With our rising swords...

...we'll cut heads of Turks.

We will spill their
blood on Mediterranean.

We will capture their
islands one by one.

Shadow of the cross will be the
nightmare of all Turkish lands.

- Mediterranean is ours!
- Mediterranean is ours!

(Allah Is The Greatest)

Esselamu Aleykum
and Rahmetullah.

Rab (Allah), for
Allah's consent,

in this war for the glorification
of the word of Allah

make us glorious.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Grant us power to save
our captured brother,

to get innocents' due
from the cruel ones.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Grant power to the Muslims
gathered under the crescent flag,

to be glorious against
the army of heathens.

- Amen.
- Amen.

May our swords be sharp,

may our wrists be strong,

may our hearts be durable.


El Fatiha!

Why is Commander Pietro giving
Oruc's brother Ilyas to Venetians?

You are not our
friend, or our ally.

Even an ordinary commander
questioning his superiors.

Are the Knights Hospitallers

always such arrogant?

That's enough, commander.

It's Pietro's order.

Ilyas will be given
to Venetians.

A big agreement relies on this.

We'll see the Turks'
sword of Mediterranean.

To save his brother...

...he will beg us.



How did he come here?

How did he learn?

Battle position! Now!

Come on Levents.

We'll be martyr if we die...

We’ll be veteran if we survive.



Come on.

Stop ighting.

We will take Ilyas.

The Venice army is retreating Aga.

Piri Reis! Keep fighting
on the battlefield!

We will save Ilyas!

Why did you call me?

Apparently, I won't
be receiving answers.

Now go to your room...

...and see what you have to see.

If you still don't
want to speak...

...I will receive
the answer I need.

Then you can go
wherever you want.

Oruc raided the island. But
he won't be able to save you!

We will take you to Venice.
Take him.


This is the leader of Venetians.

I am just a soldier of Venice.

Is that so? Since when Venetian
soldiers carry Venice's arms?

Leonardo Barbarigo...

You united with Knights
Hospitaller and set a game.

But your game...

...lasts until we hit you.

We took Ilyas from you!

Let's see who will take
you from my hands!

My lion... Thanks to Allah...

My lion...

Hay mashaAllah to my lion.

My Ilyas...

Thanks to Allah, my brother. You arrived
on time. -Didn't you trust your brothers?

How can brothers give
up on each other?

Should we leave him here?

I never lost my hope, brother.
What did you do outside?

Was there a fight?

We killed an army of Rhodes, Ilyas. You
should've seen it, it was a tough fight.

Don't say it, brother.

It is the beginning of
bigger wars, my Ilyas.

Don't worry.

We will get in many
wars with you.

Levents will take Leonardo.

We still have things
to do with him.

-Let's go to the battlefield, brother.
-Let's go.

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I missed you so much!

Hug me and say "My daughter...

I am still alive."

Tell me that you didn't
die and came to me.

I missed you so much!


Father, look, I am here.

Play with my hair again...

Please, hug me.

Put me on your
knees and love me.

Your beautiful
daughter has come.


Your Maria is here, brother.

She came to you.

She finally came
together with you.

Your Maria is here, brother.

Where are you?

I am here, Maria.

I am here.

You are not my brother!

My brother is not here!

-He is far away!
-It's me, Maria.

It's your brother.


I came here to hug you and
tell you that I am here.

Now we got rid of our doubts?

We came together...

Your brother missed you so much.

Your sister missed you
so much, brother!

In addition to this dishonorable, there are
Knights Hospitaller we took as prisoners.

Take the prisoners to the ship

We caught the dog
who ambushed Ilyas

...and made Abyssinians
martyrs, Oruc Reis.

The judgment is yours.

I don't care about
my own wounds.

But you martyred those innocent
people right before my eyes.

I will never let go
of my grudge for you.

They killed my wife

...and my two children.

You killed my sibling.

What would you have
done if you were me?

I have killed innocent
children and women like you.

We would face our enemy bravely, what is necessary in
the battlefield, like today.

Well you're a dishonored
man who can't do that.

You lived dishonorable
and fought dishonorable.

But I will kill you honorable.

Forgive me!

Forgive me, Oruc.

Don't kill me.

I am begging for
your forgiveness.

Agha Reis.

Can you accept a
traitor's begging?

I am hurt. I am a prisoner.

I am defeated.

What more do you need to ask
for forgiveness, Ilyas?

You talk about honor, Oruc.

Even it is your enemy,

...isn't it your law to forgive?

My Agha.

He killed your wife

..and your kids.

Only you can make this decision.

I would have...

...tear you into
pieces wit my hands.

If I let my nafs take over me.

But we..

...don't make enemies
for our nafs.

And we do not fight the
enemy for our nafs.

It's our law to forgive
who asks for forgiveness.

Even if we are hurting inside,

...we will put our nafs aside.

..and follow he laws.

Take Antuan with Leonardo.

They will all be our prisoners.

Today, the swords we used here

...will affect all heathens
in the Mediterranean.

The blood we spilled here is the declaration
of the war we started in the Mediterranean.

For the glorification of Allah

..we swear to fight until
give give our last breaths.

We will glorify Allah's cause

...and the Turkish flag
on the seven seas.

We show effort, Allah
grants us with victory.

Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!

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