Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 15 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 15 With English Subtitles

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Did you give Antuan
food and water?

We did, Oruc Reis.


You have my sword.

Kill me with my sword, worthy
of a Venice noble, Oruc.

This is my last request.

Are you full?

Are you comfortable

You are one of the biggest enemies
of us Christians in Mediterranean.

I am as comfortable
as a Christian noble

...who was taken as
a prisoner can be.

You are aware that we
are a daneger to you.

And we are aware that you a
key name for Christians.

Then you should be proud
that you captured me

You as a person are
not important to us.

You are important because

...we will ruin Christians'
goals in Mediterranean.

Tell me.

Rhodians and Venetians
did not get along.

Why did you come to Pietro?

To gather Crusaders
in Mediterranean?

You made my Ilyas negotiating
material, is that so?

Let's assume we did.

What can you do, Oruc?

Even if you become
allies with the Ottoman, cannot stop
the Crusaders

As you consider me your biggest
enemy in Mediterranean, are clearly afraid of me.

Thanks to you,

...we will learn
all of your plans.

We will leave you defenseless.

We will keep you away from
Mediterranean forever.

The person who I thought was my biggest enemy
was my brother I was looking for years

This will be hard for the
both of us for a while.

Destiny drifted us
to opposin sides.

This must be a secret between
us until the time comes.

Whatever happens,

...the years filled with pain
are in the past, brother.

We finally found each other.

My beautiful Maria.

Who knows what you had to
go through all this time.

Clearly that Dervish
forced you to be a Muslim.

What a burden for a small kid.

No. I was not forced
to do anything.

I wanted it. I chose
to be Meryem.

We were n sides that were enemies.
We were enemies.

Not knowing.

That Dervish who took you and raised you
maybe.knew this secret and hid it from you.

What if we killed
each other, Maria?

These people are so cruel that they
cause sibling to kill each other.

No. Brother, you are wrong.

Everything is in the past now.

Even if you are
Kalymnos Commende

...and I am Meryem, we
are still siblings.

This is the truth.

No. You are not Meryem.

You are my beloved sister Maria.

I will find a way to turn you
into your old self again.

You and I are children
of a Christian family.

I will do everything for you to
understand this again. Starting now.

Come in.

Sir, you need to come urgently.
Unexpected things happened in the island.

You wait for me here.

Oruc raided Telendos Island.

He killed the knight
army coming from Rhodes.

Ae saved Ilyas and took Leonardo
and Antuan as prisoners.

How can Oruc raid
Telendos Island?

How can he know that we
were keeping Ilyas there?

Send news to patrol
ships on Oruc's course.

Attack, take Leonardo

...and bring him here. Tomorrow all
Christian representatives will be here.

I need Leonardo
before that meeting.

Hurry up!


A ship is sailing in North
offshore of Kalymnos

Hizir and Piri Reis are aboard?

They are coming for
Meryem, for sure.

Sail off with ships and attack.

I want H zir here as a prisoner.

If Oruc had taken Leonarda,

..I will take Hizir.

No one knew we were keeping Ilyas
in Telemnos except for us.

How could Oruc find this out?

Maybe someone on the inside
gave this information to him.


save Ilyas.

You can be happy about
this, I'll understand.

No one on the outside knew the
island we were keeping Ilyas in.

Did you..

...find out about this
at the castle somehow...

...and inform Oruc?

Did you give him
the information?

Did you put your brother's
life in danger, Maria?

No, brother.

I did not inform him.

I did not get out of the island. If I
had, your guard would have seen me.

All right.

You were happy about
what just happened.

But thing you will be sad
about will happen soon.

Prepare yourself.

Our biggest enemy turned
out to be my brother.

I put him in danger.

My brother wants to
kill me loved ones.

My Allah, me a way out.

I know about sailers like you.

Whoever gives you more gold, take their side.

We will give you more gold than Ottoman.
Work for us.

We will give you an island, too.

You will rule your
own pirate kingdom.

Good offer.

But we will only make alliance
with honorable people

and for honorable goals.

Neither you,

..nor your goals are honorable.

You can't buy that with gold.

Do you think you can rule the seas
because you have a couple of islands?

We have Cyprus,
Rhodes Peoponnese,

...Corsica, Sardinia,

...Gibraltar. All
of Mediterranean.

Don't worry.

We will take all
of Mediterranean

...from Cyprus to Al-Andalus. Our
swords won't rest until then.

Our ships will be the
dra ons of the sea

...and swallow all of you.

You and people like you.

...will learn this painfully.

I'm not just Venedik.

I'm Castillo, Aragon,

...Holy Roman Empire.

You can't deal with
them all, Oruc.

You bit off more than you
can chew, capturing me.

You'll pay for this.

Since we have many enemies... means we have enough
ower for all of them.

We have a saying, Leonardo.

If a wolf can't make
other do shark... means it’s not a wolf.

Let's hear how your people bark.


...we'll find a way to tear you apart
with our claws, with Allah's help.


I caught you, Hizir.

Prepare the cannons


Get ready.

We'll shoot the stern.


We'll destroy your rudder.

Your ship will be
thrown into the sea.

They'll need to land
on the nearest island.

And we'll catch you.



If Meryem left the castle, they
must be after her in Kalimnos.

They may catch them any moment.

We need to take them, Piri.

They're shooting at us.

We're under attack.

They realized that we're
going to Kalimnos.

Let’s o to the deck.

Hizir. A cannon hit the stern.

Rudder is in pieces.

ts parts are broken.

The piece between the tiller
and main piece is gone.

Ship will be thrown
into the sea.

They hit us deliberately to get
us on the land and attack.

The nearest island
is Kalavros Island.

We have no choice
but to go there

We'll find a way to
fix the rudder there.

Niko, tell the levents
to prepare lifeboats.

Prepare the sails
according to broad reach.

We'll take the wind behind us...

...and drift into Kalavros.

We'll leave the ship in
the open sea and land.

Okay, brother.

They can turn the whole sea
into hell, if they want.

We'll take Meryem
and Ayse, Piri.

Go to the forest

We won't return
Kalimnos without Hizir!

Come on!

- Come on!
- Search everywhere.

The seabed around
this island is rocky.

So they can t anchor everywhere.

There are two spots.

One has a countercurrent.

The other one is the
bay in the north.

Other side of the Island.

They’ll get to the land there.

Before they find us...

...will we be able to
make this rudder framer?

These trees don't
seem appropriate.

To do the rudder frame.

We won't do the
rudder frame, Niko.

We’ll take it from them.

If they’ll land where Piri said.

Then we'll follow that
route, to their ships.

Then we'll remove them and

attach them to our own ship.

How will we do this? They’ll
realize while we're going.

We'll masquerade as them, Niko.

So they won't recognize us.


...the wolf will
change its skin...

...but not its character, right?

My claws started to itch.

We must go to Kalimnos..

...and save Meryem.

Let's get this done.

Baba Oruc.

There is a Rhodes ship in sight.

She's showing her board.

Waiting for a sign to shoot.

They are probably
aware of our hostage.

That s why they re hindering us.

You have plans for me but...

...they’ll be very short, Oruc.

Our ships will sink you
before you get to Alexandria.

You said that you're gonna destroy
the alliance of Christians.

You'll see that you can't
overpower us in the sea.

Come then, come and watch.

Who'll prevail in the
sea, see for yourself.


Gulletopuk, get
ready for shooting.


- Prepare the rifles and get position.
- Rifles!

Prepare the buckets!

Go ready for fire!

We're in their
shooting range, Reis.

They'll shoot at us!

Let them hit our broadside.

- Port twenty degrees!
- Port twenty degrees!



- Are you okay?
- I’m fine.

We got over, Agha Reis.

It's our turn to fire.

Damn it!

Bismillah, fire!

They hit our side!

Fill the holes!

Ilyas! Rifles!

Get the rifles!


Bismillah, fire!

Take the injured ones.

New knights are arriving
on the deck, Reis.

Prepare the arrows!



Keep firing!

Don't let them make a move!


We can't move, commander!

The sails caught fire.

The deck will burn soon, we
will all burn if we stay here.

Move back!

They’re trying to run...

...with their tails tucked
between their legs, Reis.

Then send regards of Baba
Oruc to their owners.


We're going to Alexandria!

May our sea be calm...

...may our bows be straight.

May our sea be calm! May
our bows be straight!

Did you see what I'm
gonna do to you?

I capsized them today.

Tomorrow I'll burn you all.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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We need to inform Ottoman spies.

They must go help
Hizir immediately.

Will we be able to
leave the castle?

According to Hizir's information, there's
a door at the end of the corridor.

This must be it

If we can get out of here,
it'll be really easy for us.

You told me that you
have a secret to learn.

This was the reason you stayed.

Did you learn?

Here. The door has opened.
Come on.

Take the girl

Move, move!

You were gonna escape
to help Hizir, right?

You were gonna leave your
brother for that guy.

If I wanted to leave you, I would
have already fled the castle.

But I can't do nothing knowing that
something bad will happen to Hizir.

Do you love the man
you just met...

..more than your orother...

...that you rejoined...

...years later, Maria?

Tell me.

What you have going
on with Hizir?

He's someone I fought side
side tor our cause.

Of course I don't
want him to be hurt.

Your cause..

What cause?

What about your brother?

Don't ou care?

Will you prefer Hizir
to our brother?

Don t you still get it, Maria?

If I can't get Leonardo here...

...the'll destroy me.

Why would they destroy
you brother?

You'll find a way out.

There's no way out!

I will either kill or be killed.

Even if I know... will be upset, I
will do what is necessary.


I won't let you stop
me no matter what.

Let’s take their clothes off.

All of them?

Only these, Niko. Not
that we want it.

We don't wanna see
unclothed heathens.

So, Ishak?

What happened?

Is Ilyas safe?

Battle in Temenos was
sff intense that...

...the sound of swords
was everywhere.

There was a hill of skulls.

Blood flowed like a flood.

May Allah give me patience.

Son, what happened?

What happened was...

...really hard, aunt.

Agha, was Ilyas...

Ilyas was imprisoned
on the island.

But army of heathens was
there like a mountain.

Is the army of heathens... matter how
crowded they are... able to stop us?

Thank Allah, we defeated the
enemy on the battlefield!

And we saved our llyas.

Don't worry anymore.

Thank God.

Thank you Rab(Allah).

I am relieved now.
Such a joyful news.

Oruc gets back
to Alexandria... ceremony of
Ilyas and Esther...

...will begin.

Bride's side should be ready.

You're here. Where
is Hizir and Oruc?

Hizir will take Meryem from
Kalimnos and they'll join us.

Okay but...

Where is Oruc?

Ishak, since you're here
he must come already.

Sea wolfs cannot
go long without hunting.

They probably fought with heathens
on the way. They will be here soon.

Don't worry.

A knight troop is
coming from over there.

Let's keep going.

Your plan worked, brother.

We got rid of the knights.


Not yet, Niko.

Where are you going?

We are following a
trail, don’t you see?

You need to follow the trail towards the island.
Why are you following it towards the sea?

Look at that.

Those are some nice swords.

They are not swords,
they are yatagans.

Their names are Dark Steel.

They have names too, huh?

No Rhodes soldier
uses a yatagan.

Not Rhodes. These are Ottoman.

Head taking kind, too.

We will come after us soon.

Let's go to their ships.

Hizir and his levents.

They are dressed like us
and trying to get away.


We will reach the shore
before they get away.

Hurry up!

Did you capture them?

Sir, we did not want
you to be tired.

They came here themselves.

Are you kidding me?

Where are they?


Rhodians must have have
found out about our trap.

Let's finish this thing.

Boats are near our ships.

They must be aboard.

Take the lifeboats in the water.

We will raid the ship
and capture them.

They made holes the lifeboats so
that we would not catch up to them.

Collect wood from the forest.
We will cover up the holes.

Sir, the ship is moving. We broke
their helm. How are they sailing?

They took helm parts
from our ship.

How else?

God damned.

He got away.

How will I tell this
to Commander Pietro?


Is there something wrong?

Children brought
the papers to you.


I told you

...I would handle the business
until you pull yourself together.

I am keeping my promise.

Brother, you don't know
anything aboubthe business.

You will ruin things.

What is going on, Sahbaz Efendi?

Were we eating rocks here
when you were not around?

What do you mean I can't handle it?
I am handling it just fine.

Brother, look.

You are pushing you luck?


Are you telling your brother
he is pushing his luck?

Were were you thinking before
you drank and made a mess?

This is my inn.

I can manage it while drinking.

Or manage it drinking acid.
Who can intervene?

I can intervene.

This inn is not only yours.

Once you told my deceased father

"This is not only your legacy,
we have a say, too", remember?

This is just like that

Do you want the inn?

Here, take it.

Do you want the business?
It is yours.

But first pull
yourself together.

Do you understand me?

If not, I can know know
to run the business.

While I want to
expand our business, are dealing with
small issues, brother.

I am running out of patience!

Even my father could not hinder me.
Do you think you hinder me?

Don't put my father's name
in your dirty business.

Did you hear me? Don't.

My intention is not
to hinder you.

I intend to make
you a decent man.

Do you understand me?

Either pull yourself together,

...or you will see
me taking a stand.

This is my last warning
to you as your brother.

The last one.


Then I am giving you a
chance as a brother.

If you can't handle
the business, will pay the price.

Give me wine, Isabel.

Find yourself a butler.

Don’t get me mad.

I am here because I have to.

Not to serve you.
Do you understand?

Stop drinking.

You can get out of the inn now.

Oruc won the battle against
the Rhodes knights.

He saved Ilyas.

He saved him, huh?

They learned that they can't get
away from Baba Oruc's sword.

Even Unita's shabby maids. Oruc

Look at this shame.

My job is with the inn,

...Mighty Emir.

If you are looking
Unita's shabby maid, can look right
in front of you.


...has never seen
someone like Baba Oruc.

Thanks to him, in Alexandria

...we feel the presence
of a strong warrior.

This makes us happy.

I think you as the
Emir of Alexandria

...should be proud.

If we can't stop Oruc,

...shabby inn girls like her
can talk to us like that.

You walk around saying that you
are Sahbaz in the seven seas.

Come on.

Give justice to your name.

Don't worry, Emir Karabay.

I know how to capture them.

I won't let them
enjoy their victory.

You are telling me about your incompetence
like it is a good thing, Gladyus.

Raise your head.

Behave like a brave warrior.

Raise your head and
look me in the eye.

I am your godson.

I would give my life
for you, if necessary.

But I cannot bear the
burden of these words.

I gave Hizir to your
hands like a gift.

But you let him get away

...because of your incompetence.

When you heard that
Hizir was saved, started smiling.

How can I not, Ayse?

Genoese, Papacy, Holy
Rome, the Spanish.

They will all be here tomorrow.

If I can't find and
brin Leonardo time,

...that meeting table
will be my coffin.

If I can't bring Leonardo here,

..I will die.

Do you understand me?

Now, go to Midilli.

Take the ships
they took from us.

Besiege Midilli
with those ships.

I will use Midilli blockade as
a threat to get Leonardo back.

If you can't do this...

I will succeed,


I will.

I won't let you down this time.

You suddenly look worried.

What is worrying you, my Hanim?

While we are happy that a
loved one of our was saved,

...the other loved
one of us might die.


Don’t worry about me.

I gave you a compass so that
you get out of the castle.

What are you waiting
for, Meryem?

Why aren't you taking action?


Don't worry, Hizir.

She is trying to get a
chance to get our, clearly.

Let's be prepared, piri.

If she does not get out of
the castle until tonight,

...we will raid and save her.


We lost the war.

The knights were
taken as prisoners.

Leonardo is Oruc's prisoner.
I lost Hizir.

Tomorrow the most important Christian
presentatives will come here and I have nothing.

I don't understand how information
was leaked to Oruc from the inside.

Let go of all of this.

Leave the castle
and commandership.

Come with me.

Let's have a new life.

We are enough for each other.

I can't do that.

They won't stop coming after me.

I won't..

...let anyone say "Pietro got
afraid and he ran away.

But if ou want, can leave.

If you want to leave.

I don't want to keep
you here by force...


My Ilyas.

My lion son.

If something had
happened to you,

...these seas couldn't put
the fire out inside of me.

Those traitors are not powerful
enough to tear us down, mother.

Don't worry.

Welcome, Ilyas.

Thank you.

Thank Allah, we are united.

Where were you, my son?

We were worried that
something happened to you.

A couple of jackals tried
to stop us, mother.

We showed them who the
wolfs of the seas are.

I told you that

...if they arejate, they
must be fighting heathens.

Didn't Hizir and Piri take
Meryem and come back?



Take Antuan and Leonardo
to the cistern.

Yes, Reis.

Come on, Guile Topuk.


We had the bigger weeding
on the battlefield.

Now it is time for

...Ilyas and Ester's wedding.

Finish the preparations.

Yes, Baba Oruc.

When Piri and Hizir take
Meryem and come back,

...- we will have our wedding.
- InshaAllah.

What is happening there?

Who are you?


Pietro sent spies after you.
To capture us.

Come, let's find a corner.

Ayse, Niko, look around.

You were in the castle for a long time.
We got worried, Meryem.

If you didn't get out until tonight,
we were going to raid the castle.

I found an opportunity just now.

I found out that they were going
to ambush you when I was inside.

Thank Allah we got
away safe and sound.

The spies were following you, so you
did not run away from the castle.

How did Pietro set you free?

He said that there was no point
in keeping me there anymore.

Maybe he let me go so that he
can follow me and get to you.

What is his problem with you?

Is this about the
secret of the book?

Or something else?

It's about the book, of course.

What else would it be about?

Venetian Leonards was
taken as prisoner.

We took him.

Oruc Reis took him
to Alexandria.

We took him as prisoner,

...thanks to you.

I found out that Leonardo is an
important person in Christian world.

This will cause us big problems.

Now what?

Even if the whole world came down
on us, it would not work, Meryem.

Leonardo was his greatest
weapon against us.

He was the key to the
Christian union.

We have that key now.

We will use Leonardo as
a weapon against them.

When the time comes,

...we will first
tear down Pietro,

...and then the rest of them.

There are people coming.
We need to go now.

Come on.

We will go out the north
door and reach the bay.

Our soldiers following
Meryem were killed, sir.

Hizir did this.

But this is not
only Hizir's doing.

There are Ottoman spies walking
around in Kalymnos. Who are they?

We haven't identified them yet.

But their leader is an
Ottoman sailor named Piri.

I heard that name before.

He is a dangerous man.

Send news to our
men in Alexandria.

They should deal with Piri Reis.

Ottoman spies in Kalymnos
will walk round like

...headless chickens.

Yes, sir.

Tonigh they will
have Ilyas' wedding.

Tell men to

...begore that wedding.

I will make them pay
their attack with blood.


That Venetian Leonardo.

He has prestige among the

..Christian states.

He is a member of
Venice Doge's family.

You have been asking me about
this man since Kalymnos.

What is going on
with you, Meryem?

Why are you worrying
about thet man?

I just... Because of Leonardo

...I am worried that all
Christins will come down on us.

Your eyes used to sparkle.

You had a courage to
stand up to armies.

But it is like that
Meryem disappeared.

Is there something I don't
know about, Meryem?


I'm just telling
you my thoughts.

Pardon me if I did
something wrong, Hizir.

It's not a fault that you are
telling me your thoughts.

It is a fault that your
thoughts are filled with fear.


Know that

...we won't let Leonardo go.

Using him, we will
tear down Pietro

...and Christians.

I think you should...

...get rid of your
concerns until then.

Be the old Meryem.

Senor Batbarigo.

You can bring as much as
gold you want from Venice.

If you pay them the ransom
money, they can let us go.

You think you can handle everything
with gold as you are a pirate.

But Oruc is not a random sailor.

He has bigger goals.

Give it to them, my son.

O... old man...

We met again.

You came from long way
You must be hungry.

Mercy, which is more
cruel than betrayal...

How many loyal Christians have
you fooled with these actions?

I am not one of them.

Don't bother yourself.

We live for the
consent of Allah.

And we do this to gain
the consent of Allah.

How can we break the
seal of hearts?

Those who saw the truth
were predestined.

If it's not in your destiny... matter what we
do, it won't change.

There is something I
can't understand.


...first fought with us for
the God ou believe... took us captives...

...and for the consent
of your God... show us mercy... does that work?

We build our friendship...

...and get enemies for
the consent of Allah.

We are the enemies of
fitna and cruelty.

We do not fight... destroy.

We fight to improve.

Before fighting...

...we ask them to surrender.

If they don't accept...

...we fight against our
enemy with all our power... prevent cruelty and
fitna from spreading.

If he regrets and
takes a lesson...

...from the defeat...

..he won't be our
enemy anymore.

And we don't show mercy..

...just because we want to

...we do it to follow
the orders of...

...our Prophet (asv).

He ordered us to feed our...

...captives with
the food we eat...

...and dress them
with the clothes...

..we wear.

So, everything you see...

...comes from him...

...not from us.

And one of his most
important wills is...

...he wants those who
come to kill us.. find the truth in us.



If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

May it be easy. -Thank you.

I want 1 oke from each spice.
-Right away.

We heard that you
left Oruc Reis...

...and came back to the inn.

You couldn't resist
Sahbaz's wealth, for sure.

You are a sneaky woman, Isabel.

You are a sneaky woman.

How dare you talk
to me like this?

How dare you hit our friend?

And... attacked a woman
from her back, ha?

Shame on you.

I will cut your arms!

Come, my daughter.


Punish these dastard dogs.

Come here.

How dare you hurt a woman?

Thank you, aunt.

Don’t worry. There are
dastards everywhere.

I came here to invite
you to our ceremony.

We will marry Ilyas and
Esther at the kiosk tonight.

We want to see you there.

I am very happy for
Ilyas and Esther.

But it won't be right if I come.

Why, my daughter?

Our home is always your home.

Don't you see, Huma aunt?

Everyone thinks I betrayed Oruc.

I can't accept this.

And after all the things...

...if I come to the ceremony...

...I will disturb
the people there.

But thank you.

I already enjoyed the ceremony.

You have fun.

Do you take the words of
dastards that seriously?

Look, my daughter.

Neither Oruc, nor we
think you betrayed.

Besides, we will be
happy if you come.

And your heart will
find some peace.

May Allah be with you.

Huma Hatun.

What happened?

Are you looking for men to
work with in Alexandria?

If there were "men
among the...

...shopkeepers of Alexandria...

...I might've worked with them.

What does that mean?

Tradesmen united.

They attacked a lonely
girl in the market place.

Where are Memluk's soldiers?

Where is the justice of Memluk?

If they dared doing such
a treacherous thing... Ottoman..

...we would first beat them...

...then we would make
them ride a horse...

...and show them
to the people...

...and put an unforgettable
shame on them.

Fortunately, we were there...

...and did justice according
to Ottoman's methods.

Stop telling me these...

What were you and the inn
girl Isabel talking about?

Do you..

...want to work with her?

Are you really... so miserable?

Or is it because you
have no other chance?

Huma Hatun..

No matter how hard you try... won't be able to get
rid of the trouble I caused.

You won't be able to
find a single person...

..who can work for
you in Alexandria.

The people from Payitaht you were waiting
for have arrived in the kiosk, Huma Hatun.

Firuze Hatun.. don't worry.

We also solved that issue...

...with Ottoman's
methods, evelAllah.

From now on..

...the people of Memluk
will see how a trader...

...should treat people.

You should be a
determined sailor... Haqq can grant
you with conquests.

There must be a teacher who
guides passengers on each way.

A sailor should do everything
with his knowledge.

You dropped your sharp sword
and took your sharp pen, Piri.

A man's life is the time
that is spent between...

...the sharp sword and the
sharp pen, Niko brother.

There is a map, and
there is a writing.

What is this book?

I named it "Kitab-i Bahriye.

I record my memories...

..and I draw my maps on it...

...and, I also write my
information about seas.

Mapping is really a hard work.


How did you start doing this?

How did you dive into
the sea of knowledge?

So you couldn't fit
in this sea... want to dive
into my ocean.

Come, then.

My story started here... Kroya Castle.


So you are secretly
drawing the map of...

...Kroya Castle.

He is Turks' spy! Catch him!

Give it to me!

You were going use this map
to attack Kroya Castle, right?

But I will not destroy it...

..and then kill you. -Don't!

Don't touch i !

It's a Turkish soldier! Attack!

Don't be scared, son.

This hand only hurts the cruel.

It is only hope for
the innocent ones.

Give me your hand!

Give me.

What are you doing here?

Are you from Serhat villages?

I'm from Anatolia.

Is this the child who...

...sneaked into the
army, Dervish Huseyin?

Yes, Sultan.

Sneaking into the army.... also trying to
trick the Sultan.

Your fault is huge, kid.

Now tell me..

Who are you?

Where did you come from?

I'm from Karaman
people, my Sultan.

My name is Muhiddin Piri.

I'm the nephew of Kemal Reis.

So you're the nephew of our
famous Chief of Azabs.

But this won't save
you from your crime.

Only if... have an
acceptable reason...'ll be forgiven.

Do you?

All of my reason... here, my Sultan.

So you have a grasp of maps?


I wanted to help my
nation, my Sultan.

Maybe this map I drew...

...will help you.

That was my only purpose.

You have..

...spotted the
castle accurately.

Look, make the scale
one to five hunderd.

So that..

...unevenness and
roads will be clear.


You consolidated your goodwill
with your competency.

This is enough for
you to be forgiven.

Know that, son...

...what we draw on papers...

..are only what we see.

We drew the real map....

...on our hearts, on our soul...

...on our dreams.

There lies the whole world... a red apple waiting
to be cherished...

...with Allah's justice.

I hope... day you can map
the whole world...

...and give it to us.

And we'll look at
your world map...

...and we'll remember
our red apple.


Dervish Huseyin.

Muhiddin Piri will also...

...join our conquest
of Kroya Castle.

Yes, my Sultan.

What's the situation?
Tell me Ahmet Bey.

We need to attack

from the east or west.

So what do you think,
Dervish Huseyin?

We're ready to attack...

...wherever you wish, Sultan.

The order and farman...

..are our Sultan's.

Muhiddin Piri.

Yes, my Sultan.

You're competent about maps.

Take a look.

What do you think...

which side are we...

...supposed to attack?

Both east and west
are open, but...

The ground in the east is rocky.

It may be hard for horses.

It's better to attack
from the west.

The order is yours,
my great Padishah.

I think so too.

Now I’m convinced that
you'll be a good mapper.

My Sultan. Forgive me.

It's the first time you're asking
for a child's opinion for attack.

Consultation, Dervish Huseyin.

Consultation is the order of Allah
and sunnah of our Prophet(SAW).

And I didn't rely on the kid.

I relied on the wisdom of him.

First, we must obey
the orders of Allah.

Then with the sunnah
of our Prophet(SAW)...

...we must act.

And respect for knowledge.

This is what led us to glory.

Ya Allah.

It's time to fight with swords.

We'll put an end to the..

...blasphemy in
the Kroya Castle!

Righteous will prevail...

...superstitions will disappear!

Ya Allah!

Allah- u Akbar!



The Conqueror of the World,
Sultan Mehmed Khan Hadhrat!

My valiants... lions...

...with Allah's consent and
the strength of our swords...

...we removed the cruelty and
treachery in this castle.

Thanks to our Allah who
granted us with this victory.


Ya Rabbi..

We are Your subjects...

...who fight to let
Your da'wah...

...control the world.

Victory only belongs... You.

Let us gain victory
on the way of Your...

...holy da'wah, ya Rabbi.


Ya Rabbi... Our goal is to...

...gain Tour consent.

We want to build an order!

We want a disciplined state!

Let us be victors..

..on this way, ya Rabbi!


It is our Red Apple to
make the light of Islam..

...control the world and
plant the sanjak of Turks.

Help us reach our
goals, ya Rabbi!



Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!


...our talent put
us in this way.

But the father of conquests,
Sultan Mehmed Han...

...was the hand that gave
light to this talent.

The support we received
from Great Sultan... enough to work until we
die without getting tired.

That hand might've
slapped us that day.

But still..

...the slap of a Sultan
would also help us.

The raider Turk
who helped you...

What happened to him?

Do you still talk to him?

I haven't seen him
since that day.

I would really like
to see and hug him.

We will see each other
one day inshaAllah.

Welcome to our place.. our house... our home, Ahi brothers.

Thanks you, Huma Hatun.

You asked for special
handicraftsmen from our state.

And our state...

...sent us...

...the most talented Ahis.

Thanks to the Ottoman.

-May our Sultan's life be filled with blessings.

From now on...

...we will serve Haqq
and our people...

...together in our workplace.


Look at this.

Ottoman Ahis are
showing themselves...

..on the lands of Memluks.

If goes like this, they will spread
the order of Ottoman around Egypt.


...Memluk's sword
is not dropped yet.

It is the rule of Ahis.

When new Ahis
arrive in a city...

...we ask for an allowance
from an old person..

...and we organize a
ceremony and we pray.

We are the owners of
the house, but... is suitable for
respected people...

...who knows the rules...

...and is here with us.

Dervish Huseyin
Efendi should do it.

O, Ahi, who put his
belt on like Aleph.

Where are you coming from?

Where do you stop?

Where are you going?

I came from Qalu Bela
(Realm of the Souls)

I am waiting as a mortal...

I am going to Akhirah.

What is the seal of the belt?

La ilahe illallah.

Muhammeden Rasulullah.

What did they put on your waist?

They put good deed.

What did they put
on your tongue?

They put Zikrullah.

How many breaths do you
need for your way?


Our tongue repeats
the shahada...

our hands' duty
is to be generous...

...and our feet's
duty is to worship.


Let's remember the
Holiness of Allah-u Teala!

Muhammed Mustafa (asv)...

For his holy and blessed...


...for the continuation of
our Padishah's states.

...for the help of veterans...

...for the destruction
of Islam's enemies...

...for those who built
the way of Ahis...

...for those who
built these rules...

...for those who stayed
strong on this way...

...for the peace
of all Muslims...

...for the consent
of Allah, Al Fatiha!



I am telling you that we will
have a wedding ceremony!

Baba Oruc is busy!

Go now. Tell your Reis.

He should come at another time.

We don't care about weddings.

I told you that our
captains will see him...

...and they will!

Or we will raid your wedding...

..know that

What is happening here, Yareli?

What else can happen, Piri Reis?

His owners, Muslim captains...

...want to talk to Baba Oruc.

I am telling them that they
can't, we have a wedding today.

I am telling them
to come later...

...but they still insist.

He is telling you to come later.

Go now.

How can you talk
to me like this?

Our captains will come...

...and see him.

That's it.

I will...



Go and take care of the levents who are
making preparations for the wedding.

So that they don’t know me...

...I will go and learn
what they want...

...and introduce myself.

I will come with you.

We will introduce ourselves.

Don't worry.

I speak their language.

And I know how to
punish them alone.

Oruc and his helpers...

...fight against infidels
and put Muslim sailors. difficult positions.

Infidels will attack you soon.

Thus, corner them in
such a way that...

...they won't be able to
do whatever they want.

Don't worry. I will support you.

Don't worry, Sahbaz Bey.

We will descend on their nest...

...and bring them to reason.

What can they do...

...what we are here?

Stay away.

What happened to you?

I heard that there are people
who want to talk to Reis.

They can come and talk.

Who are you?

Your dog asked the
same question.

And I answered him in my way.

I am warning you in advance... I won't have to
answer you the same way.

I am Piri Reis.

So you are Ottoman's
famous Piri Reis.


Then you must've heard of me.

Don't you know that you
can t get in the inn ot...

...Sahbaz, the ruler
of seven seas?

And if you know who I
am, you should know...

...I can go in
wherever I want...

...and go out the way I want.

Cut it short and tell
me what you want.

Because of the war you
waged against infidels...

...they will attack
Muslim sailors!

We won't be able to work.

We won't let that happen.

You will either be one of us...

...or we will be
standing against you.

These waters will be
a graveyard for you.

We saw many men who
said the same thing.

And they all became
a prey for fish.

I mean..

You want us to give up on defending
the truth of the Islam world.

...ignore the cruelty...

...and become dogs, har?

You might think that
the leash looks...

...good on you but...

...we don't bow down to
anyone except for Allah!

We are standing
against the world.

And if you stand against us...

...we will just have to
take a couple more heads?

How are you going to
save our own head?

Look around you.

Do you think you can survive?

I can cut your tongue
and feed dogs with it.

Pull yourself together.

And bow down.

Alright, but...

...we don't bow down.

We cut heads

How dare you...

..shed blood... my place?

I can cut you into pieces
and bury them into the sea!

You can't make us bow
down like those pirates!

Who do you think you are jackal?

Know us well, sinister dogs.

We are the Reis of this sea...

...we are the sword of it...

...and we are the
ruker of the sea!

We give orders... we punish.

Our da'wah doesn't tell us to...

...set sails and...

...steal others' goods!

It is the da'wah of
destroying infidels... the Mediterrenean!

Know that we will cut
the heads of those...

...who rise against our da'wah.

I cut your captains
In front of you...

...and shed their blood.

I freely walked in here...

...and now I am
leaving at my will.

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Piri Reis, Commander Pietro...

...wants your head.

Taking your head to him
will be a great pleasure.

I would want you to
enjoy that pleasure.

But unfortunately,
we have a wedding.

So Pietro..

...will have to settle
for your heads.

You protected us from the
traitors, Efendi Baba.

Thank you.

We need to treat your
wound immediately.

Give me your hand, son.

Give me your hand.

This hand only attacks the cruel.
It is hope for the innocent.

Akinji Bey Dervish Huseyin Baba.

How do you know me, son?

From your hand that
harms the cruel...

...and is hope to
the innocent, Baba.

Do you remember me?

Muhyiddin Piri?


You grew up and became a
brave man like a lion.

I heard you were sailing
with your Uncle Kemal Reis.

Finally I got to see you.

Thanks to Allah.

That day, I got help from
your hand and strength from.

...Sultan Mehmet Khan, Baba.

We are sailing from sea to sea.

May out state live long.


And now we are companions
to Oruc Reis and Hizir.


Brave men who were helped
by great Conquerer


How blessed are the
seas awaitin hope.

How great for the state

...and for Islam's future.

We will dress your wound. that you will not
be in ain an more

We will have more time to talk.

Come on.

You gave us your hand again.

Nothing can heal our wounds
better than that, Dervish Baba.

It's time for the wedding.

From now on, Esther...

...will be the wife...

...and support of her husband.

She'll take care of
her job and house.

And If necessary,
she'll be ready to

fight side by side

with her man.

She will be the
strongest branch...

...of the family
tree that will grow.

Well, same to you all.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Why are you crying?

I never had a family.

Now I'll start a family.

I’ll be a branch of
this beautiful family.

That's why I'm crying.

Wipe your tears, then.

Or else Ilyas...

...will think that
you're crying because... married him, and
he'll change his mind.

These lambs are the
seamen customs.

Treats of Baba Oruc. Eat well.

If you have friends who did
not eat, gather them too.

I'll give you the biggest one.

Eat, grow and be a seaman.

Come on, call other kids.

Reis will be angry with us, he told us
to give food to all of the children.

Come on, call them
before it runs out.

It will run out because
of you, Yareli.

You ate all of the lambs.

I craved when I see them.

It’s just a little piece,

I had to teed my craving.

Yareli, Yareli...

Your craving won't be
fed with two lambs.

Stop eating and hand out to the kids.
Baba Oruc is waiting.

Our Proghet(SAW)...

...says that...

...people are half...

...but when they marry,
they become a whole.

These two young people...

...have survived many hardships.

But their love became stronger.

They were two...

...and they're here
to become a whole.


...before we marry...

...I have a request.

I was a homeless bird.

These people welcomed
me to their house.

I was on the streets.

But they embraced me.

They didn t ask for my religion.

They didn't force
me to do anything.

I warmed in their house.

I was protected
under their wings.

I know that..

...the reason of this
beauty is their religion...



...this beautiful religion
makes them do these favors...

..I want to be Muslim too.

Our Rab says... Surah Aal-lmraan that...

"It is because of the
mercy of Allah...

...that you are.

lenient with them.

If you had been

Il-tempered and hard-hearted,

They would have all

dispersed from you.

Luckily, this surah is

this house's guideline.

And lucky you,

you chose to be prospered
with Islam's divine light.

And now repeat after me.

I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah...

...and I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW)
is His servant and Messeriger.

May Allah make your faith
mubarak, my beautifu girl.


Since you chose Islam and...

...this house is the reason...


...Reis of this house...

...Oruc Reis...

...shall give you a Muslim name.

...your name shall be Esma...

...the daughter of Hadhrat
Abu Bakr(RA) friend of.

...Hadrath Mohammad (SAW).

All of the beautiful
Asmas(names) of Allah...

...may accompany you. - Amen.


Wedding in Oruc's
house will be bloody.

Everybody in the
wedding will die.

They'll witness a
bloody wedding.

Commander Pietro
expects victory.

Come on!


Ya mol heyamol...

...mola heyamol!

Mola heyamol!

Ya mol...


Mola heyamol!

I have a ship...

..that goes to the mountaih

Helesa yessa!

Mountains are on sight.

Helesa yessa!

I saw my lover...

...I crying my eyes out.

Helesa yessa!

Heyamola yessa yessa!

Mola heyamol!

Ya mol...


Mola heyamol!


Mola heyamol!

Helesa yessa! Helessa yessa!

Helessa yessa!


Brothers should perform
according to our feast customs.

Baba Oruc and his
brothers will perform...

...and the feast
will be complete.


Come on, then.

Agha, I don't...

Hizir, your brother will
perform, so as you.

Come on, come on.

I thought you were
not gonna come,

when I couldn t see you.

In your happiest day...

...refusing your offer...

...does not suit me.

Thankfully, I didn't
miss the best part.

You made our day even happier.



For a glorious wedding,

..our music would
be appropriate.

Play Anatolia's zeibek

...we will remember our home.

Come on.

All four brothers are
dancing in the middle.

First four of them will die,

...then the whole wedding
will be a blood bath.



You traitors!

Did you think we
were unprepared?

Did you think we would let you
spill blood during the wedding?

It's a good thing that we took
precautions everywhere, Yareli.

If not, these traitors would
have turned the widding

...into a funeral.

Let's keep this
between us, -brother.

The wedding and the
dancing bore me.

I like the celebration on
the roof more than that.

So this will be our
room from now on, Esma.

You prepared everything so well.


But do you know?

I want to see our room, too.

If you want to open
my veil, of course.

Allah! I forgot. You are right

Sorry about that.

Before I forget, I
have a gift for you.

There was no need, Ilyas.

This must be very valuable.

Not as valuable as you, Esma.

And this is tradition.

I knit this for you.

So that... will think of the love
you knitted in my heard.

A gift for our wedding.

Take it for the bracelet
I got from you.

Kill them all!

We will take all of
the ships tonight!

Don't show mercy!

Sir, we had a signal
from the other ships,

Our soldiers took them, too.


Point all the
cannons to Midilli.

Blackade Midilli.

Yes, sir.

We took him as a prisoner, sir.

Send his head to the city.

If they try to attack
from the city,

...we will attack
Midilli with cannons.

Everywhere will turn into hell.

Send soldiers to every
beach in Midilli.

Ambush all four sides.

Yes, sir.

Send news to Commander Pietro.

We accomplished our mission.

We are ready to destroy
Midilli with his command.

Midilli will be ours.

Long live Knights Hospitaller.

Long live Commander Pietro.

Long live Knights Hospitaller.

Long live Commander Pietro.

From Kalymnos, my Bey.

Pietro's troubles never stop.


Send news to our men.
They should be ready.

Tomorrow there will
be a big incident.

What, my Bey?

Oruc took Leonardo
Barbarigo from Pietro.

That man is a member of
Venice Doge's family, Sansar.

Pietro was going to get him.

But he is asking for our help.


If we Kidnap this man,

...we will not only help Pietro.

We will open our doors to
the great Christian states, thank to him.

- I got it, my Bey.
- Okay, come on.

Fine but...

...we are the hand of
Unita in Alexandria.

If they didn't assign us to...

...kidnap Leonardo.

Who did they give it to?

Who's going to kidnap...


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I told you.

That Venetians won’t
let us to Oruc.

You don't have to
hide your face.

We deserve to see the face...

...of the hero that
came to save us.

Show us your face so
that we can trust you

Are you trying to lure
us into another trap?

I won't believe you unless
you show me your face.

And I won't come with you.


I can't save Leonardo anymore.

But you...

...only you can do this.


For the both of us.

I have one condition.

After I save Leonardo,
you'll come with me.

You'll leave these behind.

You'll do this.


I promise.

Just save Leonardo.

No time to talk. Follow me.

Horses are waiting
for you outside.

And these are the files to
ensure that the goods...

...loaded on the Unita ship.

...are to be transferred
to another country.


This is how they
do business, then.

Thank you Isabel,
it was helpful.

No problem.

I know everything
Unita does, Sahin.

I want to help you about it.

I'd be very grateful.

If I can't handle this...

...Sahbaz will keep doing
his evil things...

...and I don’t want that.

I know.

You are more honest than Sahbaz.

He shouldn't deal with these.

Someone like you
must be responsible.

EyvaAllah, thanks.

You are my support about
Unita situations.

Have no doubt about it.

I’ll take these files back.


The files are still in
the old room, right?

No, it has changed.

Downstairs, it's inthe room
at the end of the corridor.

You have just married but you're going
to Midilli for conquest preparation.

What did you think, Piri Reis?

It's destiny.

What happened Ilyas? Did you
miss your wife already?

Glory of being a levent commands so.
Get used to it.

Are the cannons loaded
onto the ship, Ilyas?

Yes, Agha Reis.

Ishak Agha went to the
deck to prepare the ship.

Fine, then. Come on.


What happened, Agha?

News came from Midilli.

Rhodesians captured all
of the guardships.

They aimed Midilli.

People hunkered.

They besieged Midilli.

This is the counteract
of kidnapping Leonardo.

We need to inform the
soldiers in Midilli.

They must fight
till we get there.

It’s not enough to
break the siege.

I’ll ask for Chief
Admiral’s help.

Until the Ottoman
reinforcements arrive,

the heathens will also
bring reinforcements.

What are we going to do then, Oruc?
How will we break the siege?

The fastest way is Leonardo.

When we threaten them
with Leonardo...

...they will have to
give up on the siege.

Reis... Antuan and Leonardo
escaped from the cistern !

A person with a
mask abducted them!

One problem comes after another.

Rhodes men started attacking
from each side, brother.

If we can't find Leonardo..

...we can not break the siege

Stay in the kiosk brother.

We will find Leonardo
and come back.

Let's go.

That's not the one...

I found it.

God... may my brother be there.

Oruc, I can't take my
brother without you.

You are the only person
who can help me.

We will go different
ways from here.

From now on, the rest
depends on your talent.

So you were Pietro's spy
from the beginning.

Congratulations, senorita,
no one could notice that.

I am not a spy.

And the reason why I did this
is none of your business.

Now you are saved, get lost now.

We owe our lives to
you, Senorita Meryem

A noble Venetian...

would never want to owe someone.

Do you want gold... or a ship...

Or a kiosk in Venice...

Make a wish.

I really would like
you to go to hell.

Come on.

Get lost now.

Ciao Bella!

She is a wild flower...

There are also deadly thorns
here, Senor Barbarigo.

Let's go there before
getting caught!

Come on Oruc.

Where are you?

There is no trace here.

They can't have
turned into ghosts!

Where are they?

Agha Reis ordered us to
split up and search.

Iskender Agha. Yareli,
go different ways.

We will go north, if you find a
trace, you will come after us.

Alright, Reis. Yareli.

Let's go.

They're after us. Don't stop.

You are unarmed!

Don't make us do it by force!

My friend, Sahbaz!

I am very happy to see you,
you can't even imagine!

I didn't know that Pietro had
many friends in Alexandria.

Pietro always has friends.

Just like you.

Nice to meet you,
Leonardo Barbarigo.

I prepared the Unita
ship that will take you.

Oruc must be after you.

You better arrive in the
ship before he comes.

It must be the one who
abducted the captives!

Let's go, Reis!

We will make you pay for what
you did at the inn, Piri Reis.

Stay out of our
way, we have to go.

Don't make me cut
your heads off.

Come and do it if you can.

He must've gone far away by now.

We can't catch him.

There was a festival
here, I guess.

But you handled it mashaAllah,

We dealt with the dastards...

...but we lost the one
who took the captives.

And we couldn't find a trace.

What are we going to do, now?

We can't get rid of the siege
in Midilli without Leonardo.

They think they escaped.

But Baba Oruc's game starts...

...when their game ends.

I can't believe you, Oruc.

You wanted me to inform you, it got
dark and you are still not here.

I will save my brother alone.

-Who are you?

You betrayed Unita twice.

Now you will be punished and killed.
-It's betrayal for you...

...but it is justice for me.

I will not die before
I save my brother.

You will pay for betraying
Unita with your life, Isabel.

Where are you Oruc?

Where are you?

I am honoured to gather the great
Christian union against Turks.

Like these ships...

We will attack together... these ships.

First, we will take Midilli.

Then... we will conquer
all the islands...

...that are ruled by Turks... Mediterrenean.

Imagine Christian
ships that floats...

...on Muslims' blood.

Imagine... Imagine,
and believe it.

Believe it, because
in the end...

...we will take the

...back from Turks!

You are telling us the dreams
of Christians, Pietro.

I will do my best to
convince the Roman Empire.

And I will convince the Genoese.

I will convince the Kingdom of Spain.
I will convince the Pope.

But to convince all of them...

...we need Leonardo
Barbarigo, from Venice.

Where is Leonardo, Pietro?

You are right, gentlemen.
Don’t worry.

I received news.

Leonardo is about
to arrive here.

Here they are...

My soldiers who will go
to take Leonardo came...

And here he is!


I came here to
destroy your game...

...and ruin your table!

What happened?

Where have you been?

I was in the forest.

I missed it.

I wish you knew what
happened to us today.

Someone got in the cistern....

...and took Antuan and Leonardo.

What will happen now since Antuan
and Leonardo went to Kalimnos?

Who told you that they
went to Kalimnos?

Can they escape from us?


Now let's ask the most
important question...

Who took you out of the cistern?

Tell me.

Who was it?


Meryem saved us
from the cistern.

You can't even lie..

You lost your chance!

Ask Leonardo!

Antuan is telling the truth.

This girl took us
out of the cistern.

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