Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 With English Subtitles

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You are now threatening us
with killing Leonardo but...

...then we will kill you.

Your life.. return for
Leonardo’s life, Oruc.

What is that?

The sound of the doomsday
we will bring to Kalimnos.

This is the first one.

So spies have placed gunpowder
around Kalimnos, ha?

What did you think, my Ilyaps?

Would Reis go into the nest of
jackals before setting traps?

Come, sit.

Have some sherbet.

It will be fun tonight.

We placed gunpowder
all around Kalimnos.

Unless I leave this place... will keep exploding.

Kalimnos will turn into a wreck.

If you shed a drop of blood...

...Leonardo's head will
be brought to this table.

Nice plan. Nice plan.

But I won't surrender easily.

Sir, there are explosions everywhere.
The streets are destroyed.

Our soldiers who are out
for search are dying.

The doomsday won't
only affect Kalimnos.

We placed that mechanism
all around Kalimnos.

With one move, your
soldiers at the harbor...

...your sh ps, they
will all be destroyed.

So? If you are brave enough...

...then dare shedding
a drop of blood.

What do you think you are doing?

-Lower your swords!

Are we going to let
a Turk defeat us?

They will set Kalimnos on fire.

If we shed blood here, they will
kill Leonardo. Drop your swords.

I am giving you two days.

If you don't stop the
siege at Lesbos...

...we will send you
the head of Leonardo.

And his death will bring
your death as well.

You got rid of our
swords for now, Oruc.

But next time it
will be different.

You are right, Pietro.

When I come back...

...I will be planting
the sanjak of conquest.

What are they saying, Meryem?

Were you the one
who abducted them?

Of course it wasn't me, Hizir.

Do you really believe such
a treacherous slander?

Why would we lie?

The truth is standing
in front of you.

It was Meryem who abducted us.

-She is Pietro's spy.

Stop lying!

Or I will cut your tongue off!

I will find the person
who abducted you.

If you want to find the
person who deducted us...

..rub your eyes and
look around you.

Then you can see the enemy
that is close to you.

Don't talk more.

If it wasn't the rule of captivity,
I would slit your throat.


Lock them in the cellar.

Walk, the demon of the sea!

You can not take me like a
random captive by force.

Sure, my Bey.

The army is waiting for you outside.
We will take you there with drums.

Don't talk too much. Walk!

They agreed to tell the same story,
and they are now blaming you.

Why would they do such a thing although
they knew we wouldn't believe them?

Their intention is to cause confusion and
make us turn our backs on each other.

Why would they do it?


They wouldn't just lie
without a reason.

There must be something deep.

Did something happen about you
when you were in Kalimnos...

...that we don't know?

Answer me, Meryem.

Did something
happen in Kalimnos?

-My brother...

What happened to your brother?

We gathered to build
the great Crusaders... the representers
of the Christian Union?

But a single Turk came and
destroyed everything.

And he left freely!

You are the only
person to blame!

But we will not sit silently!

Look, I am angry as well.

I will not stop the
siege at Lesbos.

I will save Leonardo, I
will take him and...

...I will make
Oruc pay for this.

You failed, Pietro!

We will handle it.

And you should look for
a place to escape!

Or stay here and wait for
the day we will punish you.

I am the man who gathered
you for this Union!

Are you betraying me now?

You caused this, Pietro.

We never let anyone bring shame
on the name of Christian Union.

Now you will see how we will save
Leonardo and take our revenge from...


And bring your strongest

We will go and raid Alexandria.

You will see!

You won't save Leonardo!
I will save him!

And I will make
Oruc pay for this!

So that the dice is thrown...

..Pietro will make
his last move.

What happened about
your brother?

Did you see him?

Who is it?


Pietro, what?

It will be hard for both
ot us tor some time.

It must be our secret until
the right time comes.

You said Pietro?

Pietro told me that he
could find my brother.

Of course, I didn't believe him.

He must’ve lied.

He tried using your weakness
to get what he wants.


What else could it be?

It is so weird.

Many weird things
have been happening.

And they also said that you
abducted the captives.

There is something weird.

But I will find it out, Meryem.

Even if I have to die, I will
not bow down to you, dastards!

Those who betray Unita pays
for it with their lives.


Isabel betrayed Unita, Sahbaz.

You are a part of the Unita.

Stay out of this.

Isabel is under my protection.

I can fight against everyone...

..and kill everyone for her.

I told you that you could take your brother if you listened
to me. You didn’t and you were almost going to die, Isabel!

Where is he, then?Tell me!

Didn't you hide him?

Unita took your brother from me.
They decived me.

But I will do my best
and find your brother.

Please trust me.

You are not a man who can
fight against Unita, Sahbaz.

Never expect me to trust you.

The man who you think are supporting you are
the ones who you shouldn't trust, Isabel?

You wouldn't come here alone.

You informed Oruc, right?

He was going to come and
save your brother together.

But look... He left you alone
when you needed him the most.

He didn't care about you.
He didn't come.

Enough! Shut up!

Don't talk about him like this!
-But I come, Isabel.

I would come, no matter what happens.
I would never leave you alone.

I would still come if I
knew I was going to die.

Isabel. No one can find your
brother except for me and you.

Thus, don't keep Oruc in this.

Keep him away from you.

Just be by my side.

I can never trust you!
And I won't!

I don't know who hid my brother or
where, but I will find him by mysuelf!

Senor Konrad.

What are you doing here
with your soldiers?

Don't you know what happened
on your lands, Emir Karabay?

Oruc took Leonardo Barbarigo from
the Council of Venice captive.

-He is hiding him in Alexandria.

Believe me, I didn't know that.

Leonardo Barbarigo is one of the most
precious men of Christian Union.

You have to give us
permission to find him.

Or else, we will assume
that you are helping Oruc.

It can even cause a war.

Wewl attack all your ships
on Yemen sea and Mediterranean.

We will all unite, you
won't be able to breathe.

And you will be
responsible for this...

...and be punished by
the Sultan of Memluk.

Calm down.

We can't. As if abducting
Leonardo wasn t enough...

...he came to Kalimnos
and threatened us all.

We will make Oruc pay
for what he did.

Or we will destroy Alexandria!

What Oruc did put the
state of Memluk at risk.

But the state will punish him.

It will make him
know his limits.

Senor. You can call for
military action against Oruc.

But first, I will question him.

Wait for news.

I will turn Alexandria
into hell for him.

Storm is brewing in Lesbos.

People are rising.

If we can't get rid of the siege as soon as
possible, the state will start questioning us.


Let's free that infidel
and take Lesbos back.

If we let them continue, the
outcome might be worse.

We can not free Leonardo before
they stop the siege, brother.

Or they might do
something treacherous?

I know that they might come at
us until the time is up but...

...we will resist
until we defeat them.

How dare you get in my kiosk
without an allowance?

What should we call your
actions in Alexandria?

You took Venetian
Leonardo captive!

The State of Memluk might get in trouble with
the Christian States because of that man!

We won't let that happen!
Free Leonardo right now!

Those infidels must've
scared you...

But we are not scared
of you or them.

Leonardo is not in Alexandria.

If you can find him,
you can take him.

Who do you think you are?
Know your limits!

You are rising against
great states!

You are also putting the
state of Memluk at risk!

hey will make your
generation pay for it!

Free Leonardo right now!

Didn't you hear what Hizir said?

Leonardo is not in Alexandria!

And you should mind
your own business.

Now take your soldiers
and get out of my kiosk.

Don't make us draw our swords.

Search the kiosk!

If you draw your swords,
we will shed blood.

Step back, or our swords
will get in your hearts

I told you that Leonardo is not here.
Don't go too far, Karabay.

I am the Emir of Alexandria.

If it's important...

...I have the authority to
search wherever I want.

you can't find him,
you will get lost.

And if you ever come
to me about this...

...I will crush you
under my feet, Karabay.

Levents! Go with the soldiers!

How could they hide
a man in a chest?

Moye. Or I will make you
paint the wall right now.

Do you think this sanjak is useless?
How dare you throw it, dog? Walk!

He is not here! Get lost!

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