Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 With English Subtitles

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Open the door!

Open the door! Or
we'll break it!

Open the door!

How? How could you
do it, Meryem?


We will take you to
Commander Pietro. Go!



How? They are our
enemies, Meryem!

They are your enemies!

Take him!



Are you sure that this is
the cellar of Unita, Sahin?

I made a great effort to find it.
I'm sure, they are here.

God...We can save my brother
if nothing goes wrong, I hope.

Unita protects these cellars well.
It might be dangerous.

Let's be careful.

Thank you for your help, Sahin.

Sahbaz might be inside.

You can go back if you want.

Sahbaz is not my brother
anymore, he is my enemy.

And I know what should
be done to enemies.

Don't worry.

Good then. Let the raid start.

You won't feel any pain after Commander
Pietro cuts your head off, Hizir.

Hang on, Hizir!

I won't lose my head before
I cut your heads off!

Hizir, are you alright?
-I am.. I am..

Piri went to the dungeon
to save the spies.

And when I saw these soldiers going
the way you went... I got suspicious.

Hopefully, I came.

Where is Meryem?

Aren't we going to take her?

Don't ask, Niko. I'll talk
to you about that later.

Let's go to the yard. Piri was going
to bring the spies there. Let's go.

Go this way. We'll go this way.


You're at the end
of the way, Sahbaz.

That's it.

What do you think you are doing?

Drop that fire.

We will all die here.

What are you doing,
you dastard man?

I did my best to make
you happy, Isabel,

The only thing I wanted you to
do was to stand next to me.

But still, you left
me and went to Oruc.

You lied to me!

You tricked me when
you had my brother!

Weren't you going to go with him if I
gave your brother to you? You were!

So that you won't be mine... one else can have you.

Don't Sahbaz...

Only death can solve this
dead-end for three of us.

Sahbaz, don't!

I knew that I was going to shed
my brother's blood in the end.

Could you find her brother?

We did. Antuan took him out.
He is taking him to the ship.

Ah my brother... Thank God, I
am looking forward to see him.

I heard the gun shots from there!

Let's leave this place.

Go and check every place in the castle! Don't
let Hizir run away! I want him dead or alive!

We will check the yards of the castle.
Go, hurry!

Piri must've come here to save the spies.
I'll deal with him.

Who is there?

Ottoman's revenge.

My lions.. Hang on.

I arrived, my valiant. I
arrived, I'll save you.

Will you be able to
resist Demircan?

We are still alive, Piri Reis

We can resist until we die.

My lions...

Piri Reis and the spies
still haven't arrived.

I wonder if he couldn't
save them, Hizir.

We would find out if he couldn't. We have to go
to the backyard as soon as possible, let's go.

Take the swords
of the dead ones.

We'll save the others and head to the
back door. Hizir is waiting for us there.

We have to hurry before
the soldiers raid here.

Alright, Reis.

I was afraid that I wouldn't
be able to find you, Piri.

I would suffer if someone
else killed you.

You don't even know that you're just a sheep that is rubbing
its neck on the knife when standing in front of me.

And my duty is to
slit that throat now!


You put Niko's head in the water, now
I will put your head into the wall.

Knights are coming, Piri Resi.
We need to leave now.

Come on.


You can't run, Hizir.

Niko, stay with Hizir.

Guard the corner.

Where is Meryem?

This is not the place to talk about it.
I'll tell you when we get out of here.

You are losing
blood fast, Hizir.

Come on.

Piri Reis, knights are coming this way.
They are crowded.

You take Hizir Reis. We will
distract them for you to run.

We cannot do that. They will capture you.
We came here to save you..

And now will we give
you back to them?

You saved us, Reis. Now
now we protect help you.

One soldier dies,
a thousand comes.

But someone like Piri Reis and
Hizir Reis will be hard to find.

We made important preparations dor
the conquest in our secret hideout.

Complete them and finish the conquest.
Our lives don't matter.

Our destiny is Shahada, anyway.

Give us your pardon in
this world and Qiamah.

We do, Reis.

They are running away. Get them!

Fight for your
Reises, brave men!

Hizir and Piri got away.

At least they couldn't
take Maria or their spies.


...know how to find the
hideout they will hide in.


I will make you pay
for this sacrifice,

...for this sacred
act, brave men.

That man called Oruc hung Karabay
in the middle of Alexandria.

Mamluk State will
reciprocate, right, Regent?

They will make him pay.

We will make him pay.
He will caught blood.

Killing our Emir on our land.

Even the Ottoman Sultan
cannot save him.

Things got out of
hand in Alexandria.

Disrespectful Oruc's crimes,
Unita man Sahbaz's doings.

From now on, I will show the power
of Mamluk to all defeatists?

We will send
soldiers everywhere.

Oruc cannot get out
of Mamluk lands.

Bring him to me. Dead or alive.

I will put Mamluk State's
iron fist in Alexandria.

Thank Allah, Sansar and our
men were there in time

...and brought you before
you bled out and died.

My brother is here, huh?

There is no importance in
being brothers anymore.

From now on,

Kilicoglu Sahin is the
same as Oruc for me.

I will kill him when I see him.

That woman called Isabel
is the one to be blamed.

Sorry brother but that
women fooled all of you.

I told you not to trust her.

Enough, Sahsenem.

I am already stressed

Don't piss me off.

What do you think
you're doing, Regent?


We confiscated your inn.

What do you mean you
confiscated it?

On what grounds?

You worked with
Unite and fiddled.

We will not be tolerant like Karabay.
The state's fist is here.

That is why we confiscated it on
behalf of the state. Laws allow it.

Mighty Regent, I have documents.
I do not care about the laws.

If you don't care about the laws, the
state will make you care with its sword.

This is bullying.

We are speaking the
language you understand.

We will stop the bandits
like you and Oruc.

Pack your things and get the
hell out of Alexandria.

No one get kick
me out of my inn!

I will not let you have it! You
do not have the right to do this.

Kick them out.

Do not touch me. Let us go.

Let go of us!

Let go of us!

Our inn is taken.

They kicked us out of our home.

They ruined our lives.

The person to blame
for this is Oruc.

I will kill him,

...Isabel, Kilicoglu Sahin.
I will destroy them.

I will rise from my
ashes, Sahsenem.

I will destroy them all
and turn them into ashes.

Nothing is finished.

We are just getting started.

You are guilty of killing
Emir Karabay, Oruc.

Either surrender or we
will cut your head off.

I gave the punishment for
Emir Karabay's betrayal.

Your state should think about its Emir's
betrayal, instead of messing with me.

Now get out of our way. We
are going to Kalymnos siege.

You cannot go anywhere. You will
surrender or we will bring you dead.

Kilicoglu Sahin, you can go.

I won't leave my companion.

If you take Oruc, you
will take me, too.

If he dies, I will die, too.

Let Isabel go.

- Your problem is with me.
- Okay.

She can go.

What are you saying, Oruc?

How can I leave you?

Unite with your brother, Isabel.
He is waiting for you.

We will find a way
to get rid of them.

Come on. Go.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Kill them all.

They are looking for us everywhere
because of the Karabay murder.

We shoul get out of these lands,
before the Mamluk get to us.

Hizir has been in
Kalymnos for a while.

We need to go to
Midilli and prepare.

Come on.


It's a good thing that we cauterized the
wound in time and stopped the bleeding.

Thank Allah, the ointment
will make it better.

I can't believe Meryem shot you.

Meryem was the dagger that was
inside us from the beginning.

She must've told them
where our spies are.

Oh, Meryem. How could
you do this to us?

Until today, I have never seen a sign
that would indicate Meryem is a spy.

Dervish Father raised this girl.

If she was a spy,
he would notice

I do not know. I
cannnot believe it.

One more sign do you want? Didn't ship go to the woods
to meet with someone in secret when I followed her?

Didn't I see Pietro
close by, Hizir?

Everything is so complicated.

I cannot believe she is a spy

...and I cannot be
sure she is not.

This knot will be untied
when Kalymnos is conquered.

Our destiny was to be hurt by
our loved ones on enemy lands.

But mission is more important
than our loved ones.

My brother Oruc will
come to Kalymnos soon.

We need to let him know that Meryem
and the spies are prisoners.

Should I tell him
that She shot you?

No need. I will tell
him when necessary.

My brother Oruc will
come for the siege

...and we still haven't
found a useful information?

Wait, Hizir.

Demircan told me they made preparations
for the conquest in the hideout.

It will be useful.

Something must be here.

There is something here.

Niko, help me.

They dig a tunnel outside of the Castle.
That's my boys!

This is what we need.

We'll conquer the castle using
that tunnel when the siege begins..

And then, we'll save
our brave brothers...

...and we'll discover the
secrets about Meryem.

Where are Hizir and Piri
hiding in Kalimnos?


Your strength and words
are nothing for me.

Hizir Reis and Piri Reis will hunt you down
eventually. Than you'll have your answer.

Your Reis will die in
pain at our hands.

Especially Piri,
he'll want to die.

If you don't want
to suffer, talk.

Where is their shelter?

I am ready to suffer
for my cause!

Think about how you'll suffer both
in this world and in the afterlife.

Are you threatening
us in this condition?

I'm not threatening... Rab says so in Quran.

Say to the Kaafiroon, "You shall be overpowered and gathered
in Jahannam, which is the worst of beddings (places)

We'll see who will be overpowered
and go to the Jahannani.

Oruc, Piri, Hizir... We'll bury
all Muslims in the Mediterranean.

You'll be gone with your state
lineage, beliefs, everything...

He was tortured till he fainted
and yet he's still not talking.

I'll wake him up and keep
torturing him, he can't escape.

But we need to find Piri and
Hizir in Kalimnos now, Pietro.

Because that shelter may cause
unexpected threats for us.


You said we'll capture
Oruc's family.

They are not here yet.

Don't worry. They'll be here soon.
Trust me.

Also, there are other spies to interrogate.
It is not over.

I'll question Meryem too, if she knows
where they are, she'll tell me.

Wake him up!


Thank you.

So? Where is Isabel's brother?



Let me look at you.

Your face.

Your eyes.

Just like the last
time I saw you.

Seeing you again was
my sole purpose.

I resisted those
sufferings to rejoin you.

I tolerated to be able
to see you again... be able to hug you... be with you.

My dear, it is over now. All
those sufferings are gone.

We'll never be separate again.


Never, sister.

...My brother.

No one willl be able
to separate us.

You saved me and brought
me to my sister.

I can't thank you
enough, Oruc Reis.

Your sister's love saved you.

We just helped her.

Thank you too.


This is the picture
of happiness.

Sahin Bey left his brother...

...and chose to be with us.

From now on, he is
our true friend.

We were enemies till now.

We fought a lot.

But life taught us that friends can be
enemies and enemies can be friends.

From now on, I'm with you for
the cause with all my strength.

I'll do my best for the
conquest of Kalimnos..

...and I'll give you the
necessary help InshaAllah.


Memluks are after us
because I killed Karabay.

Let's set off for Midilli.

Then we'll begin preparations
for Kalimnos siege.

Vira bismillah, all aboard!

Vira bismillah, all aboard!


Meryem is nowhere to be seen.

We thought she went for a walk.

Ayse went to check her but
she didn't come back.

I hope nothing bad
happened to her.

Maybe she went to
Hizir, to Kalimnos.

She was a spy before,
she knows the drill.

Hizir was going to inform us.

We'll learn if Meryem
is with him or not.


My strong, beautiful sister.

You stabbed Hizir,
you hit our enemy.

I hit him.

With that dagger.

You achieved something great.

l am proud of you.


...that devil is still alive.

And he is hiding
somewhere very close.

I'm sure that you know...

...where is their
shelter in Kalimnos?

I don't know.

Think harder, Maria.

You knew where the spies were.

You may know where
they are hiding too.

This is very important
for your brother.

I don't know.

I don't know anything.

What happened?

Did your sister tell
you Hizir's shelter?

She doesn't know.

Sir, I have a bad news.

Oruc saved his
family from our men.

They are headed to Midilli

Damn it.

How could he?

So Sahbaz and Karabay
couldn't even do that?

Oruc hanged Karabay.

And Sahbaz was exiled
from Alexandria.

Was this your brilliant plan?

Oruc overcame all of your
moves and he did checkmate.

And now he will make preparations to
besiege Kalimnos, but I won't let him.

What will you do?

I'll prepare a battle fleet.

While Oruc is on his way to Kalimnos
he will face with our ships.

I'll sink him and I won't
let him go to Kalimnos.

We'll put an end to the
siege before it begins.

And do your job as a
castle commander...

...and find Hizir and Piri.

Discover that shelter, at
least do this, Pietro.

If you fail again, I
won't forgive you.

Let the soldiers
search the whole city.

Find Hizir's shelter, now!

Who knows what they fed you
in that cellar for years?

They made you
hungry and thirsty.

Eat well.

From now on I will take a
good care of you, I promise.

You were in Unita's
cellar for years.

Did anyone visit you
besides Sahbaz?

Did they ask you something?

Or did you hear
something important?

Just guards visited me.

To give me food and water.

I was in a dark cell, each
day was like a torture.

Did Pietro ever visit you?

What happened, Martin?

He didn't.

But I heard his name
from the guards.

That man who is the
head of Unita...

That damned Pietro is
the cause of all my suffering.

Pietro is our

After we arrive in Midilli and
complete the preparations...

..we will destroy
his castle.

Then we will have
taken your revenge.

I want to take my revenge from
the cruel with my own hands.

Allow me... Let me come
with you to fight.

You are just freed from
captivity, my lion.

Have some rest. We'll
do what's needed.

I can do it. Just
give me the chance.

It will be enough if I can throw
a single stone at that castle.

Your bravery is
admirable, my lion.

We'll first go to Midilli and
complete our preparations...

...then we'll talk
about this again.


Hay mashaAllah.

Our valiants dug a great tunnel.

They dug it under
the west walls.

They said that they couldn't complete it but
inshaAllah it leads us out of the walls.

We are at the end of the tunnel.

That's all they could do.


...they couldn't go
behind the walls.

The end of the tunnel
is under the city.

There is still a lot to do.

Where is this place? I've
never seen it before.

They dug a tunnel.

This mustbe the shelter that
Commander Pietro talked about.

Hizir and Piri might be inside.
Let's go and catch them.

If there is a lot to do... are we going to keep digging
when there are just 3 of us?

Reis will arrive
for a siege soon.

If we start digging... will take months.

We have to detect the
route of the tunnel...

...and start digging
from outside.

When my Oruc Agha arrives, Levents will
dig the tunnel as soon as possible.

Thus, we will
complete the tunnel.

Then we have nothing
to do in the castle.

We received the biggest
information we needed.


Let's go.

Would we dig a tunnel
without traps, you rabbits?

They are looking for you in the city!
They'll find this place. You can't survive.

Shut up and... Tell me
what you did to my spies.

Admiral Salvator is torturing
them and making them suffer.

He is burning their flesh with hot
iron and tearing their skin apart.

How can you do such a
thing to my lions?

Infidels! Dogs!

I will kill that Salvator.

I will make you
all pay for this!

Now... the girl you are keeping
captive in the castle... Meryem...

Did Pietro do something
to confuse her?

Or... was she a spy?
Tell me the truth!

Meryem is such a woman that... You'll be
devastated after you find out, Hizir.

what is Meryem doing? Tell me!

Commander Pietro will
tell you when it's time

Why would you be devastated after
finding out who Meryem is, Hizir?

She is either a spy, or these dogs
are talking like this to confuse us.

The issue about Meryem
got really confusing.

Let's conquer the nest of
evil and solve this issie.

Niko went out to check
behind the doors.

Let's go out and remove these
bodies after he comes.

Then we'll close the shelter...

...and leave Kalymnos.

Let's go.

We were waiting for you to remove the bodies, but
you were going to have yourself killed, Niko.

What bodies?

Two soldiers found this place.

But we killed them, don't worry.

The end of the tunnel is still
leading us into the city.

Levents will have to start digging
from outside and find it.

Thus... we will remove the
dead bodies downstairs...

...and we wi I leave Kalimnos,
as soon as possible.

We can't leave.


He brought ships from
the navy of Rhodes.

He placed the ships off to...

...cross Oruc Reis's path.

That's not good.

If we don't stop them...

...they will stand in the
way of my Oruc brother.

He won't be able to get in the city and the siege
of Kalimnos will be finished before it starts.

How are we going to
stop them, Hizir?

Should we sneak in their ships and open a
hole in their bilge? -How would that help?

Even if we sink those ships, the
new ones will replace them.

We have to find a way
to sink them off shore.

Thus, my brother will be able to move forward,
and they won't be able to re-enforce

Are we going to sneak in their ships and
explode them when we are in, Hizir?

Actually, there is a way.

We will set such a trap that....

...those ships will explode
themselves off shore.

Let's go to the kiosk and
talk about the siege.

We have to set sails to
Kalimnos as soon as possible.

Oruc Reis! We received
news from Hizir Reis.

Thanks to Allah,
my lion sent news.

Let's see what he found out.

What happened, 0ruc?


What happened to Meryem?

Meryem was in the castle.
Piotro took her captive.


That's not all. Pietro
also took our spies.

It is too dangerous now. We have to
set sail to Kalimnos right away.

I hope they are here to welcome
us, or it's a bit suspicious.

What do you think you are doing?

Who ordered you to
cross our path?

Where is my Ishak Agha?
-Ishak Bey is in the kiosk.

We received the order from
a superior man, Oruc Reis.

I am Mesih Pasha.

I was sent here... Sultan Bayezid for
the siege of Kalimnos

Not only for the siege, I am also here to make
you pay the penalty of your crimes, Oruc.

What crimes are you
talking about, Pasha?

You killed Emir Karabay!

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Did you think you could run
away from us, you killer?

My name is Firuze.

Even if you go to hell, our
revenge won't let you go.

-The person who you call a killer..

We allied with you.

The state privileged
you in Alexandria

Was it for the murder
of Memluk's Emir?

Do you know what kind of a cruel
Memluk's Emir was, Pasha?

If you privileged me...

...I fought with
the honour of it.

I got over different death
circles for our goal...

...when you were sitting on
your comfortable chairs.

Know your limits, Oruc!

Who do you think you are?

You are talking to the state!

We accepted you as an ally when
you didn't even have a ship.

And now... are you trying to
compete with a Pasha like me?

I took my ship with
the help of my sword.

The Ottoman state respected this
and offered me an alliance.

I am just the man
of my own wrist.

We are not one of those who hold on to
their chairs and depend on the state.

The Ottoman state is our home.

We respect every title there...

...we won't let those titles
harm our reputation, know that.

We have to go to Kalimnos.

We have captives there.
We have to hurry.

Don't help these evil
people and stop us, Pasha.

I joined many wars,
more than your age.

Don't try teaching us.

You killed Karabay, and it is a
cause of war between Memluk and us.

We can't risk a war just
because of your arrogance

You wjll pay for what you did!
That's it!

Look, Mighty Pasha. I am the
son of deceased Kilic Bey.

Shut up!

What would it change if
there were 40 Kilic Beys?

Are you going to
teach me my job?

They assigned you for the conquest
of Kalimnos but I guess... don't know how
important this conquest is.

I am telling you that we have to go
to Kalimnos! Don't you understand?

We have captives inside. They
are torturing our spies.

But you are believing their evil words and
telling me that I should be punished.

Watch your steps, Oruc.

You know the order.

If you don't accept being questioned,
you will face the Ottoman state.

And then., let alone conquering Kalimnos,
you'll die before being able to...

...take a step.

I tried really hard to find salt and sulfuric acid, but
you are still not telling me what you are doing Hizir.

How will the ships of Rhodes
disappear when they are off shore?

Are you making a poison? Are we
going to poison the soldiers?

It is the invention
of Jabir ibn Hayyan.

When salt and sulfuric acid come
together, it becomes a strong acid.

If nothing goes wrong, all of the ships that will
stop our men will be destroyed with this acid.

Close your mouth.

Alright... I understood.
It's a strong acid.

But.. Tell us how this acid is
going to destroy the ships.

I'll show you.

I'll show you when
we go to the ship.

If we can't end this tonight... Oruc Agha won't be able to arrive in Kalimnos and
the siege of Kalimnos will be ended before it starts.


We made a great effort for the
conquest of Kalimnos.

I can answer so that
we do not lose our battle unjustly.

Justice will eventually prevail.

Tell me why did you kill Karabay.

He attacked my mansion and
killed to Janissaries unjustly.

Seized the guns that Ottomans
sent for the siege.

Even if I look guilty, he has no right to
do any of these.

You can't kill an Emir to revenge
the death of two Janissaries.

About the seized weapons,
our state could take them back.

It seems so, you are using these. an excuse for your personal grudge.

What about Karabay's secret
alliance with Kalimnos?

If Karabay did this on his own, it means that
he commit a crime against us...

...and betrayed the Maniluk.

If Mamluk knows about this.

Then that means Mamluk declared a war
against Ottomans.

Karabay didn't form an alliance
with Kalimnos. This is a lie.

He sold my family he captured to them.

We saved my family from
the Knights Hospitallers.

Is this a lie too?

You are constantly
in war with Knights Hospitallers.

You are using this as an excuse.

That's enough, Mesih Pasha.

He only lies and slanders.

We demand immediate punishment.

Your crime is obvious, Oruc.

You are guilty for killing Emir Karabay.

I have a right to punish.

Relying on this right,
your sentence will be eye for an eye.

You'll be executed.

My brother...

...can't be executed just because
ne Killed a traitor.

Stop, Ishak Bey.

I'm talking on behalf of the state
and you are a Sanjak Bey of this state.

When it comes to the state,
brotherhood is insignificant.

Act according to your position.

That's right, and I want state to
do its job.

So... want state to do its job, right?


Execution will be in Midilli.

And as a Sanjak Bey of Midilli...'ll execute your brother yourself.

What are you talking about, Pasha?

Will you make me kill my
brother with my hands?

Didn't you say you want state to
do its job?

Here it is.

You'll act according to precedents.

You'll fulfill the state's orders.

Many people choked their own brother
and sorrowed for this state.

Now you'll learn what is more important,
the state or brotherhood?

You gave a verdict relying on your authority, but...

You haven't seen my proof yet, Pasha.

What proof?

You are trying to teach brotherhood
to my brother, but...

...first, listen to my other brother.

Let him in, Ilyas!

We captured two injured chivalry who came to
kidnap Huma Hatun and Esma Hatun.

I predicted this will happgn.

That's why...

...I ordered them to capture these soldiers alive.

Now they'll tell you the truth.


Emir Karabay sent Oruc's family out of
Alexandria, telling that he'll send them to the Ottomans.

We set an ambush beforehand
and attacked them.

We killed Mamluk soldiers
and took Oruc s family.

But before we get to the Kalimons,
they saved them.

Everything is clear, as you can see.

Emir Karabay betrayed his own state...

...and tried to give my family to them.

This is clearly a treason,
and I punished the traitor... required.

Now tell me.

Will I be punished for killing Karabay or not?

Emir Karabay betrayed you and
turned against us.

If Oruc didn't kill him, either you would have
executed him or we would have handled him.

This is it.

- Then it is our job to punish them!
- Stop.

I promised them that I'll let them live
if they tell the truth.

No one can break our promise
on our lands.

Come on, go back to your lands.

Ilyas, let them go.

Don't come against us, come on.

We need to move to conquer Kalimnos. Pasha.

Our men are prisoners inside,
they are being tortured.

We will be responsible for them
if we waste our time.

I'll give the necessary orders
for preparations.

Don't forget, I'm the
Serasker of this siege

Don't forget, I'm the
Serasker of this siege.

Everyone else will do as I say.

If you dreamed about being the
hero of the siege... should forget that dream.

I'm a sun.

And you can only shine
as bright as the light I give.

Thank Allah, justice prevailed.

Oruc freed from persecution.

One of my children is safe and sound.

But the other's situation bothers me.

My Allah, save our Meryem who was
imprisoned by the heathens.

I hope they'll start the siege and
conquer the castle eventually...

...and save Meryem.

Who knows how are they torturing her?

You are...

...calling yourself mother and
a woman of state.

Oruc killed an Emir.

He killed my husband.

Doesn't that bother you at all, Huma Hatun?

Is this your womanhood that
you were very proud of.

Let us be.

We have already a lot of troubles.
We don't want to deal with you.

Justice prevailed and you'll accept this
whether you like it or not.


...violated Allah's cause...

...and sided with His enemies.

Those who side with enemy...

...and unite with them...

...are neither a man nor an Emir,
Firuze Hatun.

Because of your anger that blinded
your heart, you exiled us from out country.

You hindered our business.

You wanted to hang my children.

But, you see, that rope
hung you in the end.

It seems so, justice is not done by
helpless people like us...

...but it is done by Haqq you forsook.

You destroyed my family.

InshaAllah yours will be destroyed too.

You are already devastated...

...don't get worse by curaing.

You tried every possible way to defeat us.

But you failed.

Now get out as a loser.

This war is not over before
I take my revenge.

You'll see.

My brother Hizir informed us that
they dug a tunnel in the west side.

We will dig another tunnel from the outside and get to it.

We will raid from somewhere that
the people in Kalymnos do not expect and get the castle.

And we will save the prisoners.

MashaAllah. Brothers are planning a siege.

No way. No tunnel.

The headquarter will be in the east
and all forces will attack east walls.

They will exhaust us in the east walls.
Soldiers will be weakened.

We need to get into the castle as soon as possible.

How many days will it take to take to
dig that tunnel you are talking about?

What if the enemy notices? No way.

I will not make a simple tunnel
seal the siege's destiny.

We will not dig a tunnel.
We will attack the walls.

The wall will make us lose time, Pasha.

Our enemies will be weakened.

The enemy will hurt the prisoners.

You attack in the east.

We will go through the tunnel in the west.

Then you will take all the credit that you won.

Mighty Pasha, the ships are enough the guard the
eastern coasts.

I will provide ships necessary to stop the help
that would come to Kalymnos from the west.

I see that you thought about everything.

You really want to take credit for the victory, don't you?

We do not care about the victory credit.

We want the siege to be over as soon as possible.

We have people in there.

We want to home of evil to be destroyed.

If you want the siege to be over,
follow the right plan.

You will do as I say.
No tunnel.

The headquarter will be in the east.
No one will leave there.

We will attack the walls.

Mighty Pasha, we can take the castle with your clam in a year.

Is that so?

You were sailing around, you raided couple of ships.
And now are you commander?

Keep your thoughts to yourself.
Know your place.

We have so many different ideas, already.

How will the siege be over?

There is only one idea, Ishak Bey.

And that is serasker's idea.

The one who does not obey will not come to the siege.
Do you understand, Ishak Bey?

I will go into the castle with my soldiers.

After we encircle the castle,
I will put the flag on the walls.

You will come after everything is done.

I have encircled many castles.

No one dare to tell me their opinions
from now on.

We know the military system.

But do not forget that we became allies
for the conquest of Kalymnos.

For the sake of this battle,
I have to do my part.

And I will.

We will see.

Many years ago, you were the serasker in Siege of
Rhodes, right?

We know how well you know about the sieges.

InshaAllah, Kalymnos's future.

...will not be like the Siege of Rhodes.

We will go back to Mamluk.

Firuze Hatun.

Yes, Pasha.

You let Karabay's murderer go.
Will you blame us now?

I want to help you, Firuze Hatun.

Your state will give Alexandria Emirate to someone else.

You are all alone.

No one will protect you there.

I used to be Emir's hatun.

I will be fine with my reputation.

when you lose your position, you lose your reputation, too.

They will take your belongings, your properties.

They will leave you hungry.

They will not even look at your face.

We know this well.

A hatun like you should not be in that position.

Accept my help.

I want you to be under my protection.

This way, the reputation you earned will not be lost?

If you are under my protection, you will be more powerful.

It is worthy of you.

And.. do not want to leave here defeated, right?

Why do you want to take me under your protection?

What do you want from me?

Your existence.

I have many soldiers and commanders around me.
But not a hatun like you.

If a smart, determined, strong hatun like you. under my shadow, I will be more powerful.

Of course, you will get your share of this power.

...and destroy the ones who try to act superior.

I don't expect an answer from you right away.

But know that you are welcome here.

This acid will melt and crack iron.

The cracked iron will explode when it is fired.

When they try to shoot my brother Oruc,

...they will die with their own cannons.

Would be like you expect, Hizir?

Will this acid crack the cannons?

I tried this on other things made of iron
and it worked.

According to my calculations,
the acid will crack the cannons by morning.

If it doesn't work it'll be a disaster.

Reis cannot go to Kalymnos with the Rhodian ships.

The siege will be over before it starts.

We cannot take the castle, Meryem, or the spies.

This is our only chance, Piri.

We will wait and see.

Let's prat that acid works and cracks the cannons.

Do not move.

Or we will shoot you.

What is that?

- Acid.
- Acid, huh?

Give it to us.

They they heard, more
knights will come soon.

We put it on all the ships that
will attack my brother Oruc.

We finished our mission.
We should go.

Akinji Bey Huseyin.

We haven't seen each
other in years,

...Mesih Pasha.

Or should I say my old
friend Mesih Pasha?

I stopped using the word friend
for you a long time ago, Huseyin.

Years have changed you so much.

You were the Akinji Bey, you are only a Dervish.

You haven't changed at all.

The fire of ambition still
burning in your eyes.

I was sure that justice
woulda be served.

That is why I was not involved
in the judgement process.

But I will be involved
in Kalymnos issue.

Those brave men worked
so hard for Kalymnos.

There are innocent prisoners
who are waiting to be rescued.

One of man is my
adopted daughter.

You act on your personal ambitions
to get a higher position.

And this hurts the
conquest of Kalymnos.

Position, huh?

Yes, position.

Didn't I lose the
position I deserved

...because you betrayed me?

I did not betray you.

You lost your position because
of your ambition and your lies.

Sultan Fatih gave you a
mission in Siege of Rhodes.

Just when our army was about to go
through the walls and put up our flag. gave into your ambitions.

You broke our soldiers'
morale with your mistakes.

That is why Rhodians won.

You turned the victory into loss,
because of your amibitions.

You put the blame
on the soldiers

...and lied to the Sultan.

You wore supposed to

...protect your friends
in front of the Sultan.

Because of your betrayel, I lost the chance
of being a Vizier that day, Huseyin.

I have never forgiven you.

A friend cannot save
you from the state.

You can only tell the
truth to the state.

I told the truth.

A dishonest person sees the
truth like a betrayal.

Do not stop those soldiers.

Do not put those prisoners'
lives in danger.

Don't turn the victory into a
loss like you did in Rhodes.

Do your part, you
will got your award.


...I am this siege's serasker.

I will get the biggest reward.

I will win the Vizier position
which I lost years ago.

When I get the change now,

...I will never let some
sailors beat me to it.

I understand that you
are on their side

Do not mess with me.

Or I will make you pay.

Huseyin, you stopped me once.

I will never let
you do it again.

Just so you know.

I want to come to the
siege, Oruc Reis.

They tortured me for years.

I want toitake my revenge.

You have not weapons for years.

How will you fight
in the castle?

Do you only need fighters in the siege?
I will groom your horses.

I will cook for you.
Carry water.

I will do everything.

I want to help you.

The siege is hard. You sleep on dirt.
You make pillows out of rocks.

You don't eat or drink
anything for days.

It is not worse than the tortures
they put me through for years.

Believe me.

Tell the levents. They
will prepare you.

Thank you so much.

I've never met a person who makes other
people happy as much as you, Oruc. Thanks.

You made my poor brother happy.

I only gave him
what he deserved.

I know.

I know that you don't drink, eat,
or sleep for days during the siege.

But who knows how many
days it will take.

When will you come back?

I mean...

You and Martin...

When will you come back?

Only Allah knows.

If our destiny is to win,
we'll come back soon.

If we are destined to be
martyrs, we will not come back.

Don't say that.

You endured great pain
to conquer Kalymnos.

You will come back
safe and sound.

We want this siege
for our dawah, for ourselves.

Even if we are martyred, we will
be happy if our flag waves.

Being martyrs will
be our sherbet.

If we become martyrs,

don't be sad.

Be happy for us.

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I wanted you to have a piece
with me during the siege.


...a burned napkin is
not needed, right?

The fire in your heat is
put out, right, Oruc?

- Are all the ships in position for fire?
- Yes, Admiral.

- Are the cannons ready for fire?
- Yes, Admiral.

We'll see Oruc and
Ottoman ships soon.

We'll turn this into
a hell for them.

We'll stop them before they
start the siege, got it?

Yes, Admiral!

We have Rhodes ships ahead.

Let me see.

They have more ships than us,
we can't deal with them.

We need to change direction.

Let's turn the ships from flag.

Our ships will continue
directly to them.

Are you mad?

Are you out of your mind?

How will we deal with
this amount of ship?

They'll destroy us
before the siege begins.

We arranged everything
beforehand, Pasha.

Don't you worry.

Is that so?

What is that plan
we are unaware of?

My Brother Hizir and Piri
Reis fractured their cannons.

If they open fire,
they'll explode.

What is this?

You keep saying "my
brother Hizir".

Are you trying to be a
state with your brother?

Is it a crime to do
what is necessary now?

How did they fractured
those cannons?

Are they sure?

They said their plan
will most probably work.

Look at this, relying
on the possibilities...

...and we a're going towards
a sea full of ships, huh?

Don't do this. I won't
trust men like you...

...and risk my life.

If we change direction, they'll be
chasing us like cats chase mice.

Trust us, we'll go towards them.

If a cannon...

...leaves the enemy ship...

...and hit one of our ships...'ll pay for
this with your life.

Come on, boy.

Come on, brother.

Don't let us down, Hizir.

Ships are approaching.

InshaAllah acid worked and
cannons are fractured.

Or this will be unpleasant.

My Allah, don t let us down.


Honor of sinking Oruc in
Mediterranean will be mine.

All of the ships,
ready for fire!

All ships, ready for fire!

Farewell, Oruc.


Damn it! How did these
cannons explode?

We will not die in
the sea from now on.

This was our show.

Now it is time for
Oruc Agha's show.

Come on, wolves of the sea!

Ready for fire.

All ships ready for fire!

Bismillah, fire!

What kind of hell is this?

Admiral Salvator.

we must retreat.

If we retreat, they'll get to Kalimnos.
They'll start the siege, I can's let them.

If we don't retreat they'll
sink all our ships.

We all will be dead.

It can't be a coincidence that
all these cannons cracked.

Hizir, you did this.

You hit us with our own balls.
And your brother destroyed us.

If Kalimnos battle will begin,
we'll face with you there.

You'll pay for this.

Rhodians are escaping.

This means the siege will start.

My Allah, help us saving the
prisoners and conquering the castle

Let's go to the place where the
headquarters will be built.

We survived this problem, EvelAllah.
But we have bigger issues to face.

Especially Meryem's espionage
issue may cause troubles.


It seems so a tight battle
happened between you and Oruc.

I want to hear how
did you defeat them.

What defeat are you talking about, Pietro.
They destroyed our ships.

What? What do you mean?

What do you mean they
destroyed our ships.

Cannons were cracked... all of the ships
exploded when fired.

Piri and Hizir did this secretly...
Those damned men...

It means that they will
start laying siege.

The siege of Turks
is about to start!

I want all soldiers to.. defensive formation.

Prepare the cannonballs! Have
the cannons ready on the walls!

Place the archers! Hurry! Go!

Yes sir.

There is no need to
defend the walls.

Stop the soldiers!

We'll place a group of soldiers in
front of the castle and we'll attack!

No, no. We can't do that. They
will kill the soldiers there.

We'll stay in the castlel!

If we stay in the castle, Oruc
will find a way to get in.

I am the Admiral.
They'll do as I say.

And I am the Commander
of this castle.

And I defended this castle for many times.
Do you know better than me, Admiral?

Your duty was to stop
and defeat Oruc.

And you couldn't succeed with your navy that
you praise a lot. Please, let me defend now.

We will stay here, in the castle. And
Oruc will never be able to go in.

I was defeated because Piri and Hizir
were wandering around your castle.

You couldn't catch those men!

And now you are trying to boast
about your castle and your

You'll do as I say. We will not
wait in the castle. We'll attack.

Then you will do it
with your own soldiers.

You can't even take
one of my soldiers.

Oruc will never be able to get in
this castle. And I will defeat him.. waiting here.

That's it.

I hope you can do that, Pietro.

But if Oruc gets in when
we are waiting here...

...I will dismiss you and
hang you on these walls.

After we follow the route and dig all the
way there, we will be in the castle.

Then we'll raid.

Baba Oruc ordered us to hurry. We must
find the passage before Mesih Pasha..

...kills our soldiers.

We have to take the castle
and free the captives.

As Ferhat opened a
hole in a mountain...

...we will succeed evelAllah.

Then the pride of that
Pasha will be destroyed.

Go. What are you looking Lat?

How could Meryem see you as her
enemy and stab you, Hizir?

Why didn't you tell us befor?

I didn't want to confuse you with this issue when
you were getting ready for the siege, brother.

This is the best time
to tell you this.

How could Meryem believe that?
How could she do it?

Meryem was apparently a spy
that sneaked in, Agha Reis.

She fooled all of us.

We can't make a decision before
we expose the truth, Ilyas.

It even gets more confusing.
We have to be sure first.

Ilyas... I was mad at first.

But we have to find out
what really happened.

What are we going to find out, Reis?
That girl stabbed my brother.

She was in our enemy's castle. What
is there to understand? She is a spy!

You raised Meryem, Dereish Baba.

Did she ever tell you something about
the ones who killed her parents?

Maybe we can understand why
she sees us as her enemies.

She didn't.

But she had two goals.

Finding her brother...

...and taking her revenge after
finding out who killed her parents.

She already took it. She thought Hizir
brother was an enemy and stabbed him.

Could Meryem contact the men of
Kalimnos when you were not together?

I know, it is hard for
you to hear that, but...

..Could Meryem be a spy?

My daughter devoted her
life to her da'wah.

She ran away from the
infidels for years.

She suffered.

I don't think Meryem is a spy.

There must be a game.

-There is nothing but spying!
-Enough, Ilyas!

What happened, brother?

I am upset because
she stabbed you.

Are you going to
defend that girl?

I am not defending anyone!

We will find out
if she is a spy.

But you are judging her
when you are not sure.

The girl's father is
standing right next to you.

At least respect him.

So I am disrespectful, is that
what you are saying, brother?

Enough! Shut up.

We came here to fight against the enemies.
But you are fighting against each other!

No one will judge beforehand...

...until we fina It out.

If Meryem was a spy, she would
abduct Antuan and Leonardo.

Did Meryem abduct you? She
didn't, right, Antuan?

During these times...

...unknown facts are
more important..

...than the known ones.

We shouldn't say a thing before the smoke
disappears in front of the unknown facts.

It is the time of fitna.

Sometimes, being silent. better than speaking.

It wasn't Meryem who saved us.

The preparations for the siege are
completed. The positions are ready.

Now, we need a messenger who can
go to Kalimnos to talk about...

...the conditions of resignation
and the offer of eman.

I want to go to Kalimnos.

No, Huseyin.

How can you be a messenger
with the clothes of a Dervish?

We'll represent the state there!

Someone else will go.

I served my state at
different places for years.

You know that the
best, Mighty Pasha.

Besides, I have to learn
something important.

I want to go.

Don't insist, Huseyin. I'm telling
you no, don't you hear me?

I'm telling you that
it's important.


I wasn't expecting to see you.

And we didn't expect to be
welcomed so tiaeacherously.

We came here to do as
our morals order us.

Don't you have any manners?

How can you show us our
valiants like this?

We brought them here to show you
what we are going to do to you.

Go, tell us what you want.
And we'll answer you.

You are going to tell us to
hand over the castle, right?

Not only tho castle...

...I also want you
to give Meryern.

Meryem belongs here.

Forget that.

Am I going to forget my daughter who
I raised for years with your word?

Meryem belongs to us.

You cowardly abducted her.

At least be honest for once
and give her back to us.

Abducting her? I
didn't abduct her.

She came here. And
she belongs here.

Besides... didn't you get your
answer when she stabbed Hizir?

She is not a person
who can do that.

You tricked her.

You did something bad to her.

I know... It is hard for you to accept.
But you should know, Dervish...

Meryem belongs here.

Besides... she has been my
spy from the very beginning.

Meryem can't be a spy

Give up on her!

Why do you want Meryem so much?

Why do you think she
is too important?

What is the relation that
keeps you next to her?

I told you. She is my spy.

That's all.

I won't believe that before I
look into my daughter's eyes

My daughter's eyes
wouldn't lie to me.

Learn everything from one thing.


What does that
mean, my daughter?

Learn everything from one thing.

Dervish Baba.

My daughter.

Did you see the
truth in her eyes?

Those eyes looked
at me like Meryem.

You played a game on her.

But the truth will be
exposed sooner or later.

You are consoling yourself to ignore
the fact that Meryem is a spy.

It's enough.

I won't give you the castle or Meryem.
If you have nothing else to say...

...let the war begin.

Then give us our valiants.

Do you want ransom money?
What do you want? Tell us.

We just want you to raise
the siege and get lost.

We came here to
remove the fitna...

...get rid of the evil and improve
this place with the conquest...

...for the consent of Allah.

We will never raise
before you...

...accept our conditions.

Then you will take the
dead bodies of your spies.

Thus, I will have taken my revenge from
Piri. He killed my men in the past.

Now he will see how it feels to
see the dead bodies of your men.

Don't do this!


Don't kill those valiants.

Admiral's men were
also valiants.

And also, they are spies.

Go and tell them. Every day you don't raise
the siege, one of your spies will die.

And I will start with him.

I can sacrifice a
thosand lives...

...for the da'wah of Allah...

...and our state, the sanjak carrier
of this da'wah, Dervish Baba.

Send my salaams to the
ones I am leaving behind.

Tell them, "Demircan...

...walked to the shakada as an honourable
man for the da'wah of Allah...

My soul will find peace when
this nest of evil is conquered.

May my Piri Reis give me his
pardon in this world and Qiyamah.

And if I have the right
to say it, it's all his.

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship
except Allah and
I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW) is His servant and

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What do you want?

Take me to my brother.

Sir, your sister
wants to see you.

She wants to see me? Let her in.

What did my beloved beautiful
sister want to talk to me about?

Did you find our enemies?
- No.

Now they're outside of our
castle with their armies.

Don't worry, sister. Your
brother will destroy them all.

The enemies are not there.

They are close.

Is that so?

Where are they, Maria?

Tell me.

Right in front of me.

They are not the enemy.

You are.

You made me shoot Hizir.

You will be destroyed.

What are you saying, Maria?
What are you doing?

I remember everything.

Maria is gone. Meryem is back.



You hurt me in the worst way.

You made me spill Hizir's blood.
You made me hurt him

You will be stabbed with the same dagger.
You will die.

I do not care about Hizir or
the knights in this castle.

I only care about you. I found you, Maria.
we are united.

I only want you to be okay.


Marya Don't!

What are you doing?
I am your brother.

My brother died when he was a
little kid in Rome, years ago.

You are a devil in his body

I took the prisoners from my loved
ones so that you do not die.

But you made me shoot them.

I cannot forgive you.

It is my duty to destroy
you and your city.

Damn it, Maria. Put
that dagger down.

- Put that dagger down, Maria.
- No.

- You will die.
- No!

I've been risking and doing
everything for all my life... find you and come
together with you.

But one look of Dervish
nullified them all.

Enough, enough!

Take her to her room.

Pietro claims that
Meryem is a spy.

But you say there is something
wrong, Dervish Baba.

She was very moved
when she saw me.

Why would she be upset
if she was a spy?

Obviously, something we
don't know affected Meryem.

After all, you raised her, Dervish Baba.
Even a stone would be moved.

Also, we know who Meryem is,

we are wasting our time.

If there is something wrong, we can't
understand this before we reveal it, Ilyas.

We are confused again.
Is she a spy or not?

Everything will be unraveled after
we conquer the castle, Agha.

Hizir is right. Let's put
Meryem thing aside and...

...focus on the conquest issue.

Also, Meryem is not
our only problem.

Our spies are being
tortured there.

They are waiting for our help.

Did our levents manage to
get to the tunnel, Ilyas?

They went a long way, brother.
Soon they'll reach there.


Fine then, let's get to the tunnel.
Battle is about to start.

During the battle...

...if Meryem tries to do
something against us...

...we are here for
the sake of Allah.

Whoever acts against Him...

...consequences are clear.

This consequence...

...can't be change even the
person is our own child.


Brave boy!

Your Reis couldn't save
you from the cruel.

Give me your pardon in
this world and Qiamah.

But I will avenge you.

If I can't take Salvator's head,

...may honor be haram for me.

We are sorry, Piri.

Demircan died bravely.

Our duty is to avenge him.

They hurt my heart.

I'll tear their heart apart.

If I can't avenge him...

...may my own sword stab me...

...and may it leave my
body with my red blood.

May earth and sky witness this.

Your oath is ours.

Time is up.

We'll raid the castle
using the tunnel.

Today our swords will
shine for vengeance.

We'll enter, we'll save our prisoners,
we'll destroy the evil's nest and leave.

Our Pasha is calling
you, Oruc Reis.

What happened, boy?

Pasha said it is urgent.

Let's go together, Agha.

There will be something
unpleasant obviously.

Come on.

What do you think
you're doing, Pasha?

What do you think you're doing?

Didn't I tell you that you
won't dig the tunnel?

I'm just taking responsibility, it is just a matter
of time to enter the castle using the tunnel.

Why did you arrest my levents?

- Let them go now.
-I won't.

Don't you know violating the
orders of serasker in the army?

This is not an
order, Mighty Pasha.

We have a chance to
seize the castle,

but you're ordering us
to deal with the walls.

While we have prisoners waiting
for our help inside... are wasting our time.

You are the one to teach
me what is an order, huh?

How dare you? You
deny the state... deny the Emir...

...and you deny your commander.

You only care about being the
conqueror of the castle.

You are against my orders
with the ambition inside you.

Our purpose is to
conquer the castle.

Our purpose is to
save our prisoners.

For that, we want to take responsibility
as an ally. Don't hinder us.

I'll stop everyone who violates
the order in my quarters.

If you violate my orders today, someone
else will try to do so tomorrow.

You must pay for this audacity.

I didn't violate your orders,
I just took responsibility.

I am ready to risk
everything for this.

It is only a matter of time before we get
through the tunnel. I won't change my mind.

You are crossing the line.

If you can't succeed after passing the
tunnel, you'll be executed for this.

This is the consequence of
denying the orders of serasker.

I am ready to pay for
the consequences.

What more is there to say?

We will enter the tunnel...

...and raid the castle.

Is that so?

If you are determined
enough to risk your head...

...go now, get
through that tunnel.

But if you can't succeed, don't
come back to the headquarters.

They shall bring your head.

You'll see the consequences
of violating my orders.

Oruc and his levents are
deployed near the castle.

Oruc would not be deployed
near the castle for nothing.

He must have a plan to
come into the castle.

You said it was impossible
to go in here, Pietro.

Hizir will let us know when he
gets to the tunnel opens the door.

Be prepared.

Mesih Pasha will
learn how to take a castle.

He came to watch his
castle being taken.

We still haven't gotten
to the tunnel, Hizir.

Are you sure we are
digging the right place?

I am, Niko.

Try a little harder, come on.

Thank Allah, we got
to the tunnel.

Come on. Let's go
to the hideout.

Then we will send news to my
brother Oruc for the raid.

Come on, brave soldiers.

Come on, brother.

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Damn it.

Gunpowder barrels.

What does that mean, Hizir?

They found the tunnel.

The death card of Pietro
will make the last move.

It is burning. The tunnel
will explode. Run!

The tunnel! They
exploded the tunnel!


I congratulate you, Pietro.

This was a great accomplishment.

You killed his brother
Hizir and Piri front of Oruc's eyes.

You deserve to be
congratulated, son.

You told us where the tunnel
is and succeeded your mission.

It is my honor to
serve you, sir.

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