Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 With English Subtitles

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Hang on,
my boy!

Hang on my boy, we're
gonna make it!


Come on.

How are the injured?

The situation is bad, Oruc. We need
to get them to the headquarters now.

Come on, come on, come on!

We will take them to
the headquarters.

Hang on, my agha.
Open your eyes.

Hang on, brave boy.

They managed to
rescue them all, sir.

Do you think they
will survive?

Even though they were pulled from
the wreckage, they will die.

The real attack
begins now.

Come on boys,
come on!

What's happening?



They set trap
into a trap.

Take a one last look at
your death, one last look.


- My boy!
- How is Hizir?

If we can't make it, he'll die.
Let's hurry, come on, come one!

Hang on, Hizir.
We're gonna make it.

Come on.

Bandage won't work, Agha Reis.
He keeps losing blood. Hang on Agha.

Hizir Agha will die at our hands.
Come on!

Don't die before
conquering that castle.

He survived much

One dagger hit is
nothing for my Hizir.

Hizir will get better now
and equip his sword.

Come on, Agha. Tell me
"let’s conquer the castle."

Don't you worry. Nothing
will happen to him.

They are one of us.
Why are they hurrying?

Don't stop, ride!

I stabbed Hizir without
mercy, father.

They can take him anywhere
they want, he won't survive.

Hizir will die
thanks to me.

Now you turned into a
holy warrior, Gladyus.

Oruc's defeat is a
victory for us.

This victory will devastate
besieging Ottoman army.

You are neither hypocrite like your
father nor a traitor like your sister.

I appreciate your loyalty
to our cause, son.

My father pledged
me to the Unita... sister couldn't
stop it.

My life was going to be
devastated because of them.

But you gave me a new life.

Unita tried to kill me many times.
You stopped them.

Even Sahbaz wanted to give you to your
sister but I couldn't let him do that.

I did this exactly
for these days, son.

Now, go back to
military camp.

Oruc will not stop after Hizir
dies, find out their plans.

Our spies in the woods
will be waiting for you.

Yes sir.

Did you see what happened? I told them
this tunnel will cause trouble for us!

Oruc didn't obey
my orders...

...and he disgraced

You shouldn’t say these in such
disastrous times, my Pasha.

Dervish Baba is right,
my Pasha.

We are all

I warned

But they didn't obey my orders
and they chose their fate.

You are a sanjak bey
of Ottoman, Ishak Bey.

Don’t be rebellious
like your brothers.

Don't act like them.

Otherwise we won't
forgive you, know this.

The injured has been brought
to the headquarters, my Pasha.

You put your life at stake
for this tunnel thing, Oruc.

Now it is time to make
you pay for this.

Bring it

Tell me doctor,
will he be okay?

Stab wound is deep and
he lost a lot of blood.

Hizir, my brother.

Will my brother get well?

We will do whatever
it takes, but...

But what?

He will get better, right?
He will survive, right?

It seems really hard.

What do you mean, doctor?
What do you mean?

Look, he breathes very well.
He is like a mountain.

Cauterize his wound, my brother will get
better. Nothing will happen to him.

You should wait outside.
I'll inform you.

But be ready for everything.

I can’t be ready. I can't
be ready for this news.

I can't be ready for
the death of my Hizir.

You should wait outside. I'll be here.
We'll do our best.

We'll do our best and leave
the rest at Allah's Discretion.

We fought with my Hizir Agha.

What if he dies while
he is angry with me?

What if he doesn't forgive
me in the afterlife?

How can I stand this...

Ilyas, Hizir won't die. Okay?

Agha, tell me. How can I stand
this if he dies this way?

- How can I stand this, Agha?
- Ilyas.

Calm down, boy.

I said Hizir won't die.
Pull yourself together.

We have a lot of troubles already.
Don't cause more.

Come on boy, pull
yourself together.

How is Hizir's

The doctor said be
ready for everything.

How are the injured?

Piri is not in danger
now, he is well.

But Niko is still injured
and unconscious.

We lost four levents.
Sorry for our loss.

It is our responsibility
to avenge them.

When my Hizir gets better...

...we will not
go back...

...before avenging the lives that
Pietro took and destroying his castle.

How could Pietro find out the tunnel's
location, which was hidden until now.

We were confident in front of the Pasha. You
put your life at stake, what will happen now?

Our Pasha wants to
see you, Oruc Reis.

You'll pay for the
tunnel defeat.

Give us your

Is this new? What danger did we
cause to deliver our weapons.

Our Pasha's orders, cut it out.

Watch your tongue. Your Pasha
and you must be well-mannered.

Are you the one to teach manner
to our Pasha? How dare you!

Calm down,

How dare you to hit
my levent, you dog!

I broke your fingers this time,
I'll tear your arm apart next time.

- Move.
- Oruc, I didn't like this.

Clearly, Pasha wants to
execute you in the tent.

Don’t go Agha, they will
do bad things in the tent.

I took responsibility of the tunnel
issue with my head held high.

Even though the punishment is
death, my head will be held high.

You disobeyed my order and
went to the tunnel...

...and you disgraced

Now you broke my
aide's fingers.

He hit my levent and
I made him pay for this.

Enough of this banditry!

Now it is time
for you to pay!

What are you doing?

What are these
executioners here?


What do you think this is?
Are we playing a game?

Didn't you risk your
life and go against me?

Now, you will lose your head.

You are coming at us during
our hardest time, Pasha.

First, you will hear us.
Do not be cruel.

This is not even enough.

What will you tell me?
How you were disgraced?

There is a plan on
this tunnel matter.

This is not out mistake. This
is because of the spy among us.

There is a spy who is giving
Klaymnos intelligence.

Now you are making
cheap excuses, huh?

There is a spy, huh? Would
I believe this, Oruc?

If I wanted to make excuses, I would
not have come here. I would have left.

These men haven't found this tunnel
until today. How did they find it now?

They were waiting in
ambush near the tunnel.

There is no other possibility
than a spy, Pasha.

This is not only my problem.
It is army's problem, too.

Until the spy is found,
the army is in danger.

You wasted the chance
I gave you, Oruc.

I cannot tolerate giving
you one more chance.

My brother is fighting for his life. I
want to deal with this more than you.

Then kill yourself!

You are responsible for this.

Even if I am responsible for
it, the spy is to blame.

I will catch that spy.

And finish my mission.

As long as the spy is among us,
the whole army is in danger.

This will blow up on
your face, Pasha.

Do not put yourself and the army in
danger because you want to kill me.

Let me deal with this.

You're so sure that
there is a spy, huh?

Okay then. Come with me.

Arrest Ilyas and those three
levents, tie them up.

What is he saying, brother?

- What do you want from them?
- Did you think this matter would be forgotten easily?

I will show you the consequences
of going against state's Pasha.

One of my brothers is
fighting for his life.

Do not come at us by taking my
other brother and my levents.

Oruc, you have until tonight.

If you do not come back, I
will kill all four of them.

If you come back and do not bring
the spy, I will kill you all.

Take them.

Let go!

Hos is Hizir, my aga?

The doctor has not sent news, yet.
It must be serious.

If we cannot find a spy, things
will get messy. What will we do?

We cannot trace him in the camp.

He would figure it out and hide.

We will go at his owners
and learn who he is.

The weakest walls of the
castle are the west walls.

We will go through
the west walls.

We will take some men inside
and learn who the spy is.

We lost many soldiers
because of that traitor.

My brother is fighting
for his life.

To make him pay, I will catch
that spy with my claws.

How is he, doctor?

The would is affecting him more and more.
He has a fever.

I cannot make his fever go down.

Come on, cheer up, Admiral.

We tore down their tunnel.

We will soon hear that Hizir is dead.
Today is our happiest day.

Yes. It was successful

...but do not be so happy before
we learn that he is dead, Pietro.

Are you..

...agitated because you
could not kill Piri?

- You can’t be jealous that I killed your biggest enemy, right?
- Nonsense, Pietro.

It does not matter who kills Piri,
it only matters that he dies.

But do not not let
your guard down

...before we learn
that Hizir is dead.

He must be breathing out for
the last time right now.

To the angel of death who
will take Hizir's life.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

My Allah, please
make Hizir better.

Please heal him, my Allah.

Ishak Bey, is Hizir?

It is critical. His life
is still in danger.

I heard that Oruc Reis will attack
the castle from the west walls.

Everyone is talking about in in the camp.
I wanted to ask you.

We need to reciprocate
for the tunnel incident.

We will raid and do
what is necessary.

After Hizir dies, Oruc will attack.
Learn what they are planning.

Our spies in the forest will
wait for news from you.

Why are you so curious?

Maybe there's something I can do.
I wanted to help you, that's why.

You stay in the camp,
that is enough.

I need to go. The cooks
are waiting for me.

Doctor, why the rush?

Hizir Reis is not well. I will
give him one last medication.

If it doesn't work,
Hizir will die.

My Hizir.

Come on, Let's give
him the medication.

Come with us, Martin.
You will help us.

What are you waiting for?
Hurry up.

Come on, doctor. Give
him the medication.

So that he will get better
as soon as possible.

Come on, my lion. Ya Shafi
(The One Who Cures).

Doctor, is the
medication working?

His pulse is weak. We are
about to lose Hizir.


This time, the effect of the
smoke will not wear down.

Very soon, she will be
like you want her to be.

My Maria.

I sent our enemy Hizir to the
angel of death, finally.

Today is our happiest day.

Come on, doctor. Hurry up.

Ya Allah.

Ya Shafi
(The One Who Cures).

Ya Allah.

Ya Shafi
(The One Who Cures).

Ya Allah.

Ya Shafi
(The One Who Cures).

Ya Allah.

There is nothing in the world
like a healthy breath.

(The Ever-Living)

Which Sultan's hand is this

...that healed me?

Whose presence am I in?

You are in the presence
of your Sultan,

...your fellow who you
share a destiny with the glorification
of the word of Allah.

You came like a thunder

...when my destiny was
tied up with death.

Are you Bayezid I?

You gave me back my breath

...which was stopped
by the enemy's dagger.

Are you Fatih?

Which one are you?

Do not look to the past. Look at the
future. That is where you will find me.

I am Allah’s servant and
the world's Sultan,

...Shah of Bagdad,
Emperor of Rome,

...the one who will send
his navy to Indian Ocean,

...the one for whom khutbahs would
be recite in Mecca and Medina,


Why do I see this
divine dream of future?

Because many holy
wars and conquest

...I will succeed in
the future await you.

Now is not the time
to reach Shahada.

You will get up and use
your holy war sword.

Even though my wound is deep,

...I will heal.

But the enemy is more
crowded than us.

If my holy war sword's
destiny is not conquest,

...I will be disappointed.

Your enemies will come
at you like the sea.

Even if you are not crowded, you
will drown them like the waves

...and destroy them
like the storm.

You can’t conquer lands on the
ground without a fight on the sea.

When our destiny brings
our ways together... will conquer the seas..

...and we will plant the sanjak
of conquests on different lands.

You will make the Mediterrenean
the land of Turks.

And we will rule the world.

You will conquer such lands
for the Word of Allah that...

...we will call you the
blessing of our religion.

Your name will be Hizir, but you
will be known as Barbaros Hayreddin.


The navy of infidels
are coming at us.

The infidels will be crowded.
And you won't be crowded.

But... the One who makes
the few defeat the many.

If you defeat them, you
will let us rule the seas.

Are you ready, Hizir Hayreddin?

Thanks to Allah.
How did this happen?

If one is confused...

...then there must be
the hikmah of Allah.

Dervish father.


The castle... Is the
castle conquered?

Don't worry.

We'll take it one day.

I had a dream, Dervish father.

It is a sacred dream.

It is from the future.

There was a Sultan...

Your dream is your secret.

Keep it in your heart
and on your tongue.

It depends on you to
make it come true.

You have to resist.

Even if you have crowded enemies,
you have to fight and live.

Then the secret you've been
hiding will come true.

We have lots of enemies now.
It's a difficult situation.

We can't have rest right now.

It is time to stand up with the name of
Allah and fight against the enemies.


The deaths of Hizir and
levents will drive Oruc mad.

Oruc must die after Hizir.

Sir... Martin...

...sent news from the quarters.

-Hizir and Piri...

...are alive.

You failed again, Pietro!
You failed again!

I told you not to
get happy so soon.

I exploded his body with gunpowder! I
left him under a mountain of soil!

Gladius shot him.

What can I do if that
damned man didn't die?

Sir.. I'm sorry
but there's more.


Oruc will attack our walls from
the west and get in the castle.

Holy Jesus... We have to stop him
before he reaches the walls.

I'll handle this.

You'll learn how to kill them.

I'll be convinced that
you are strong...

...only if you can bring
me the head of Oruc.

That rebellious Oruc
won't catch spies.

You'll lose your heads
because of him.

But I will show you the
mercy of our state.

If you stand next to me, Oruc
will pay his penalty alone...

...and you'll be my levents.

You don't know who we are!

But if our Reis is
going to die...

...walking to shahada
is what suits us.


You are not strong enough to make
us give up on Baba Oruc's way.

Your threats and title won't be enough
for you to make us do something.

We don't need your mercy.

Once we get over
these problems...

...Baba Oruc will
question you for this.

The men of sea are always angry.

But no worries.

I know how to calm you down.

We are respecting our state and being
patient, but don't try our patience.

Ilyas... Ilyas...

I really don't want a man
like you to be wasted.

Pull yourself together...

...and take shelter
in our harbour.

My Pasha.

I am happy in the harbour
I took shelter in.

Just don't bring shadows.
That's all I want.


You are too young.

Your brother won't be
able to catch the spies.

I don't want to hurt a
valuable man like you, Ilyas.

No matter what happens, it is an
honour to die with my Agha Reis!

Has your brother ever
done something for you?

He kept carrying you around
like a random levent.

Even if Oruc survives, this
is all you can become.

Being a Levent.

But... if you join me,
I will give you ships.

I will give you soldiers.
I can give you weapons.

You can kill infidels on the sea
and plant our sanjak there.

You are worth being the flag-carrier
of these honourable duties.

Think well, my lion. Think well.

They will use this way to
attack the walls from west.

Get ready. We will put their heads on our
swords and then we'll go to the castle.

What is happening?

Your spy told you that I'd
attack the walls, right?

But you fell into a trap in another trap...
You couldn’t do it this time.


How did this happen?

We will tell everyone in the quarters that
we will attack the walls from the west.

Their spy will inform them for sure.
We will lay an ambush.

When they come, we will take
them and learn who the spy is.

We are very lucky, Oruc!

It is Rhodes Admiral, Salvator.

He is one of the men who we can
get information about the spy.


Bring him here.

It will stop the bleeding
until we go to the quarters.

I always told you, right?

No matter how far you go...

...your destination will
be the tip of our sword.

Who is the spy that told
you about the tunnel?

There is no spy! We detected
the location of your tunnel.

And we destroyed it.

Did you find out that we would
come here by yourselves?

I guess he didn't understand
the question, Oruc.

We have to open his ears.

Tell me. Who is the spy?

I don't know anything
about the spy!

Then let's open the other ear!

Stop! Stop!


Martin is the spy among you.

Don't lie to us,
you dishonest man!

How can the man who you kept in
a cellar for years be a spy?

It's Isabel's brother, Martin.
You can believe me or not.

That child would never
betray us and his sister.

-Don't try putting the blame on him.
-Why would I lie to you?

Pietro raised him for
years, for himself.

Let's take him to
the quarters, Oruc.

We'll make him face Martin. Then
we will find out the truth.

If Martin really is the spy...

...Isabel will be destroyed.

But we have to think about other
things before we think about Isabel.

Let's go back to the quarters.

If Martin is the spy...

...the lives of Ilyas and
levents might be in danger.

-Let's go.
-Oruc Reis!

I brought news
from the quarters!

Hizir Reis opened his eyes. He overcame
the life-threatening situation!

Thank You, my Allah.

Good news.

I told you. I told you, that wound
couldn't have hurt my lion!

Thank You, my Allah. Let's
go to the quarters.

Thank you, Martin. Eat some.
You must be hungry.

Oruc Reis's duty is really hard.

I wish I could go with them.

What can you do? Go
and eat your meal.

They will handle it.

I don’t know.. I
just want to help.

I can abduct Ilyas Reis and levents
secretly, if you allow me.


Oruc will handle it. I told you.

There is no need to
annoy the Pasha.

Isn't it too dangerous to
attack the castle, Ishak Bey?

They must've
improved the safety.

Even if he uses the weakest spot, he
might fell into the hands of chivalries.

So? Is Oruc a man who
can't think of that?

The attack is not actually real.

We just want to expose
the spy among us.

-Yes, spy.

There is a spy in the quarters.

He told Kalimnos
about the tunnel.

But Oruc will catch the infidels
who laid an ambush and...

...learn the
name of spy.

Keep this between us.
Don't tell anyone.

What happened Martin?
Why did you stand up?

That is enough. I have things
to do, I should leave.


Oruc will definitely discover.

-I need to run to the castle right away.
- Martin!

What happened? You are like a
bunny running away from wolf.

Chefs send me to gather up wood.

I will gather woods.

Yes but thank Allah, our
army has enough wood.

Why on earth this chef
sent you to the forest?

I don't know. I am trying
to fulfill every order.

Oruc Reis said that no one
will leave the headquarters.

I don’t understand, why did this chef wanted
you to gather woods? We have tons of them.

Come with us, come on.

So you are the traitor
among us, huh?

I won't let you go!

Find Martin and bring
him to me, come on!

What happened Oruc? What
will you do with Martin?

Martin was a spy, Agha.

He says so, we will bring
them against each other.

What happened Muneccim?
Who did this?

Martin did this,

He was going somewhere in haste.
We stopped him, he stabbed us and ran away.

No need to confront

Martin is a spy.

I told him you set an
ambush to catch the spy.

So he ran away
after this.

You should have kept
ambush as a secret, Agha.

Why did you
tell him?

We would have
caught him.

How could I think that the
man you brought is a spy?


What's happening?

- Who is this?
- Admiral of Rhodes.

He says Martin
is a spy.

We will bring them
against each other.

Where is the

He ran

What a Pity.

You brought an amateur,
infidel boy for the siege.

He was a traitor and
destroyed your tunnel.

And you were unaware
of this, huh?

The spy is exposed even
though we couldn't catch him.

We fulfilled our
promise at least.

Let Ilyas and levents go.


You'll get Ilyas and levents
when you catch that spy.

We said the spy ran away,
don't you get it, Pasha?

We know who he is now.

We will arrest him inside
when we attack the castle.

It is clear now that tunnel
issue is not our fault.

Keep your promise and let them go.
Don't push us, Pasha.

Oruc, I will not release them...

...until we catch the spy.

You don't need to release them.

My Hizir!

We know how to take them.

How dare you to release them?

How dare you to keep them?

My Oruc Agha kept his promise
and exposed the spy.

I won't give them even though you
attack with your whole army.

Don't you dare! I'm the state!

You are not the state!

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

This state never was
a place for jackals.

Sometimes, when the wolves
are in reclusion...

...jackals might take
advantage of this, but...

...every flow has its ebb,
wolves, with their claws... with all of the jackals.

Be patient until
that day, Pasha.

Because we are sharpening our
patience with our anger.

Now let them go.

Don't try our patience.

Piri, be thankful that you
are not one of these.

You are a nephew of a
statesman like Kemal Reis.

This is the only reason
I tolerate your words.

What will happen if
you don't tolerate?

Will you try to execute me too?

Piri, don't try my patience.

You almost died because of
these men, did you forget?

I would do it again!

What is their fault? It is
proven that he was a spy.

You need to release levents
to keep your promise.

You are representing
the state, Pasha.

Breaking your word will
damage its reputation.

I won't let this happen.

What will happen if you
don't let this, Piri? Huh?

I took Ilyas and his levents
and I won't give them back.

Come on, order them to
put a sword on my neck.

Shame on you!

We both are a statesman.
Because of these guys...

...two statesman are fighting
with each other, what a pity!

I am fighting for the
righteous, for the Haqq.

State decency demands so.

Come on, execute me.

I am not scared at all.


...think about what will
you say to Sultan Bayezid.

Look what our spies did to you.

But your spies are
groaning in our hands.

The torture you are doing to them
sharpens the vengeance inside me.

When I cut your head...

...I will have
avenged my Demircan.

He is Admiral.

It is better to keep him as hostage.
Don't touch him.

That's what Demircan said
while being tortured.

But I killed him in the end.

We used him enough.

This is what he deserved.

Do whatever you want with him.

You made a move to be the...

...conquerors of the castle,
because of your spy...

...your tunnel broke apart.

I ban you from the siege.

You will stay behind.

You all will see how
to conquer a castle.

Prepare the cannons,
gather the men... is time to
attack the castle.

My Hizir!

- MashAllah.
- EyvAllah.

Agha, your wound got worse while
getting angry with this man.

Your bleeding is increasing.

Go to the tent and be treated. We'll
go to the attacking location.

Don't worry.

- Righteous will prevail, EvelAllah.
- EyvAllah, brave boy.

How come you couldn’t find out
it is Oruc's plan, Martin?

Sir, I did but... did but it was
too late, right?

And they captured Salvador.
Whatever happens...

...he is the most important
Admiral of Rhodes.

It is a big loss for us.

You were my most trusted
weapon in this siege.

And you are exposed because
of your own mistake.

You were among them and you made me
lose my most trusted weapon, Martin!

It is not out of pure intent that
he attacks with such enthusiasm.

He wants to be the conqueror
of the castle and defeat us.

Let's tear this
evil place down...

...and fulfill the duty...

He can take most
of the compliments.

It is enough for us that
Allah knows we are right.

Let the attack begin.

- Bismillah.
- Shoot!

Damn it.

They started attacking
the castle.

Before Ottoman army starts the rampage,
close the breaches on the walls, Gladius.


Close the breaches with
your bodies if necessary!

Come on! Hurry!

Damn it. Their cannons
are like dragons.

If you hadn't been exposed, you
would have known about this attack.

- Martin!
- Yes.

Don't worry, I set up a
trap before I escaped.

You will see how they
will be destroyed soon.

What are you saying?

My lions,

...we will attack before
they close the breaches.

We will go into the
castle and wave our flag.

Tear their castle down
and kill them all!


Soldiers, Let's go!

What happened to soldiers?

We need to help.

Run. Come on.

My soldiers.

What happened to you?

- My brave soldiers.
- Help them. Doctor!

Levents, take care of them.

My soldiers!

My lions!

What happened to you?

What happened to my soldiers?

They poisoned the soldiers.

The spy who was
with you did this!

Now you showed heroism, son.

We destroyed the
Turks on your own.

Everything is for our
holy cause, sir.

Since the siege started, you
wanted to fight, Gladius.

We destroyed them on land.

Now we will do it on the sea.

This is your chance.
Surround their ships.

We will not let them breath.
Neither on land, not on the sea.

Yes father. Kalymnos
will be their hell.

My brave soldier! Help them.

Save my soldiers! Carry
them to the camp.

- My soldiers!
- The soldiers are dying on by one, Pasha.

Doctors at the camp will not be enough
for the ones who are alive, Commander.

Send news to the
nearby ports and bays.

They should send doctors!
- Yes, Pasha.

My soldiers.

Because of you!
Everything is your fault!

My soldiers were
poisoned because of you.

The spy among you did this.

You ruined everything.

I took you out of the siege but I am kicking you out!

- Get out of my camp!
- We worked hard for this siege.

- We are not going anywhere.
- Because you are fools,

...the enemy is destroying us.

I will not let you
cause more harm.

All our efforts cannot
be for nothing, Pasha.

Who can go against my order?

You saw what happened.

You caused this disaster.

Piri, your reputation is not enough
for you to stay at this camp.

Who will the Sultan think
is right, if you tell him?

The war is not over yet!

If they attack once, we will
reciprocate a thousand times more.

We can do this.

We are talking about
the state's dignity.

You ruined the
state's reputation.

You will leave my camp tomorrow!

That is it!

This is the day we
truly unite, Maria.

Finally, you are yourself.

You became my sister Maria,
who I missed my whole life.

Since our childhood, I have always
imagined you as a princess.

Now you are just
like a princess.

Princess of Kalymnos, Maria.

Thanks to you.

You save me from my old dark life.
You gave my hope.

Hizir fooled you.

He was going to kidnap you
and take you away from me.

I forgot my own brother because
of darkness they put me in.

Who knows what cruelty they would do to
me if they could have taken me again.


You shot him with
these strong hands.

And then I did what
was necessary.

We will destroy our enemies
together from now on.

We will be the greatest.

Half of our army was
martyred because of Martin.

The siege will be even harder.

Oh, Martin.

The Pasha is right to get mad.

We are kicked out of the camp.

We will not leave because
he kicked us out.

We are not his servants.

Even though he is
right in his own way,

..we will assert ourselves.

Taking that castle is a
matter of honor now.

We will either take that castle
or we will be martyrs trying.

There is no other way.

My brother is right.

Is a spy among us caused
all these troubles is our responsibility
to make this right.

Mesih Pasha cannot attack.

But we will go into that castle.

We will go into that
castle and wave out flag.

We will make Pietro
pay for what he did,

...and make up for
what happened to us.

How will we go into
the castle, brother?

The important things is to go into
the city without anyone noticing

...and getting to
the castle door.

We can only take the castle
by going through the door.

We do not have enough levents
for such a dangerous mission.

We will ask Mesih Pasha
to give us soldiers.

I don't want to say it but..

But that man sent you
away from the quarters...

And you are still saying that you
are going to ask for soldiers!

We are not asking for
soldiers for fun, brother...

..we want them for a conquest.

I am telling you that
he chased you away!

No one can get rid
of this siege!

We made an alliance with Ottoman
for the conquest of this castle!

That stupid man's actions
don't mean anything.

My Agha.. We are going to fight
for a dangerous operation.

If he also wants to conquer the
castle, he has to give us soldiers.

It can not personal.

If it is not, then you
should listen to Seraskier.

We are not their slaves, we
are their allies, brother!

Of course, we will show effort.

Besides, we are carrying
a heavy burden.

And we don't have to ask for
Seraskier's permission for that.

-What if you can't succed?
-We'll be martyrs then, brother.

We will die for once like real men instead of
dying for a thousand times under this burden.


You have always been stubborn!

I don't want your obstinacy
to cause bigger problems!

If we don’t attack our enemies, then bigger
problems will come and find us, brother.

I am not scared of the strength of enemies, and
I am not scared of the threats of that Pasha!

Those who are scared
should step back.

We will be brave and
walk to that castle!

The soldiers are running around.
Did something important happen?

Most of our soldiers were poisoned
during the siege of Kalimnos.

Some of them became martyrs.

And we are sending doctors for the
treatments for those who are alive.

How could the whole
army get poisoned?

A spy of our enemies did it.

Who is that spy?

One of Oruc Reis's men.

Oruc's men would
never betray him!

What is his name?

Martin... His name is Martin.


It must be wrong. You
must've misunderstood it.

It must be someone else.
It can't be Martin.

My brother is not a spy.

That's what we heard.

It can't be Martin,
do you understand?

He wouldn't do that.
He can't be a spy.

My brother can't be a
traitor, do you understand?

-Isabel, calm down.
-My brother can't be a traitor!

It must be someone else!

Enough, Isabel! Pull
yourself together.

I saw him with my own eyes.

You saw how he thanked
Oruc, Huma aunt!

Besides... He had been a captive
in Unita's hands for years!

He can't have been a
spy for Kalimnos!

He can't betray us!

I know..

It is hard for you to understand.

...why would they give Martin’s
name if the spy wasn't him?

He apparently believed the cause of our
enemies during the time he was a captive.

I won't wait here.

I can't.

-I will go to the quarters.
-My daughter...

What are you going to do at the quarters?
-I will find out what happened!

I will see Martin
with my own eyes!

The army is dealing
with the siege, Isabel.

They are all in danger.

If you go, you wi
risk your life.

I don't care about
my life, Esma.

Besides, it might be a slander! They
can kill my brother when I am here!

No matter what happens, I'll go
there and find out the truth.

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We approached the ships
of Ottoman in dark.

It was too late when
they noticed us.

We surrounded them,
they are in our hands.

We defeated the Ottoman army both
on the ground and on the sea.

They are not able
to move anymore.

I was dying to serve you
and kill our enemies... the cellar for years.

When they saved me, I wanted
to kill Oruc, Hizir...

...and even my sister because
she united with them.

And now, thanks to you, I am
just telling about my problems.

I will give them the biggest
punishment tomorrow!


The shining crown
of my victory..

You ruined our enemies, brother.
I am so proud of you.

I couldn't sit in my room.

I came here to congratulate you when you
were having a feast for your victory.

The biggest victory of my life
was winning you, my sister.

And the victory I will gain against
my enemies will be my gift to you.

How could they surround
our ships, ha?

They first hit us on the
ground because of a spy...

...and now they hit
us on the sea.

What is it?

Haven't you packed
your things yet?

We came here to be
martyrs, or veterans.

So that we are responsible for
everything that happened...

...then it is our
duty to clean it.

We have a plan to
attack the castle.

We thought about how
to sneak in the city.

We have to use the door at
the yard to take the castle.

The castle will be ours when we
go through that door, but... have to support
us with your soldiers.

I am telling you to get lost...

...but you are here telling me
about your plan for a siege!

And you are asking for soldiers, as
if your bad luck was not enough!

Don't you have grace?

The men of Kalimnos
surrounded our ships.

We can’t even breathe right now. But
you are still talking about an attack!

Gather your men and
leave my quarters!

If we wait, they will
take our breath away.

Give us your soldiers, and we
will destroy all their moves!

Everything depends on that door!

Mighty Pasha.

Commander Pietro came.

How dare you come here?

I came here to talk
about an agreement.

Did you forget about
military traditions, Pasha?


Half of your soldiers died.
Your ships are surrounded.

If it goes like this,
you will lose for sure.

But if you step back in return
for a good agreement... won't be defeated.

We won't step back even
if there is one man left.

We will not step back before
we destroy your castle!

Am I talking to them or you?

I can ask for soldiers from the
navy and get rid of your blockade.

Why would I make an
agreement with you?

It will take a long time
for them to send soldiers.

Besides, until you receive their support,
you will probably have been defeated.

And the state you will
ask for soldiers from...

...will think that you are
weak and unsuccessful.

I guess you wouldn't want that.

Don't worry, I will not
send you empty-handed.

Bring it inside.

This is the war indemnity
I will pay you.

If you agree to withdraw, you
will not have been defeated

...and you will go back home with
this indemnity and your ships.

But if you stay, sure that your situation
will be much worse.

Remember, Pasha.

Rhodes, the loss there.

You do not need to relive
the loss, Mesih Pasha.

Instead of becoming a Vizier not lose your life.

Do not agree to this, Pasha.

Think about we we told you.

We can tear down the castle.

I will consider
and let you know.

This is using the martyr
blood as a negotiation.

Making the dawah be for
nothing against the enemy.

You cannot consider this!

Know your place, Oruc.

Will you teach me my job?

Get out.

You tried so hard to occupy my castle
but I will not let you have it.

You cannot take
Kalymnos from me.

We will see.


Who is this? What
is this disgrace?

Your life is at the end
of this gun, Pietro.

If it is true that
my brother is a spy,

...I will kill you.

Will you let her kill me where I
came to make an agreement, Pasha?

Lower your gun.

If you kill him,
I will kill you.

Is it true that Martin
is a spy, Oruc?

This is not the place, Isabel.

- Lower your gun or you will lose your life.
-I do not care.

I came to get an answer.

Tell me, Oruc. Is it true
that my brother is a spy?

It is true.

He was a boy like an angel.

You poisoned his mind
and made him a spy.

I will clear this shame you
caused me by taking your life.

That boy was rotting
in the dungeon,

...while you and your father were enjoying
yourselves in your inn. - Shut up.

I gave him a life. I
did what you did not.

I gave him the family
love he was missing.

Shut up, you despicable man!

Truth hurts, right, Isabel?

If that boy was loyal to me
enough to leave his brother should be ashamed of this.
- No.

He will never be
your brother again.

You will live in disgrace
until the end of your life.

Come on, kill me, Isabel.

Pull the trigger, kill me.

Soldiers, be ready.

Isabel is one of ours.

Levents, take Isabel.

The heathen you took
with you is a spy,

..his brother is disrespectful.

This is what happens if a
great state makes an alliance

..with you sea bandits.

You ruined the army order.

It is obvious that this siege
will not continue with you.

I know what to do with you.

He was my brother!

My brother!

I did everything for him.

I dedicated my life to him.

They poison him with their lies.

He cannot leave me.

He will not leave me.

Pietro thinks we will accept the agreement
and he will let his guard down.

We will go to the city secretly.

We will go into the castle
through the back door.

Give us soldiers.

We will risk our lives.

I know how you risk
your life, Oruc.

Weren’t we right? Didn't we
prove that he was a spy?

Now we will sneak into
the castle and take it.

We will deal with everything.

Because of you, we were
in so much trouble.

But I cannot tolerate
another scandal.

It will be a scandal
if we withdraw.

It is enough if you give
us soldiers, Pasha.

If we don't succeed, then you
will do whatever you want.

We will obey you.

Look, Pasha.

If we cannot win this war, the
state reputation will be ruined.

Why would we agree to withdraw

...when we have one
last chance to win?

You do not have
anything to lose.

Give us soldiers, we
will go into the castle.

You will win as a Serasker.

Okay. I will give you soldiers.

I will wait on alert.

If you cannot go into
that castle today,

I will make a deal with
Pietro and retreat,

...then you'll either
enter the castle or die

But don’t you dare
to come back.

I'll execute you

My Pasha, I can't wait behind
while my brothers go to war.

You will,

How can I wait here while you
are fighting with death.

We have our ship,
weapons and levents.

We sacrifice all of
this for our holy war.

But you have your people
in your shadow, Agha.

You are a Sanjak Bey.

Our ancestors1 fields are
under your protection.

You can't come.

You took an oath for
the duty, Agha.

You should be loyal
to this oath.

We may be martyr
after this battle.

We might not be able to
see each other again.

Give us your pardon in
this world and Qiamah.

Of course.

Inform everyone Ilyas,
we’ll begin the operation.

Mesih Pasha will wait with
his soldiers in the battle.

Once we enter the castle gate,
he will attack the city.

- Yes, Agha Reis.
- Come on.

All of this happened
because of Martin.

I feel embarrassed.

It is not your fault, Isabel.

How could you know
Martin was a spy?

We will make up for everything.

We will trust in Allah and
we will continue bravely.

At the end of this, they will either
call us conquerors or martyrs.

But no one will be able
to say they gave up.

- I will come with you.
- No.

- Why not, Oruc?
- This is a really dangerous operation.

I fought a lot.

I've fought a lot too.
I almost died too.

And you witnessed most of them.

Yes, but...

I can't stay behind
like a coward...

...while you face death bravely.

Also, I want to see
Martin with my own eyes.

Don't deprive me of this.

Fine then.

May our holy war be blessed.

Come on, boy.

How did my traitor sister
tried to attack you?

Command me and I will
make her pay for this.

I will enter the
camp and kill her.

No need, son.

She learned her lesson.

If Oruc attacks castle...

...and if your sister
attacks with him.

Then you can face
with your sister.

Sir, Oruc, Hizir and
levents left the camp.

Only Mesih Pasha and
his soldiers stayed.

Mesih Pasha must
have dismissed them.

It means he will
accept the deal.

This is a decisive victory brother.
Oruc and his levents were defeated.

Ottomans bowed to you.

We won this victory because of the
luck you brought, my beautiful sister.

This victory is yours.

- What's happening?
- Who are they?

- What is happening?
- Hold the door!

What's happening? Who are they?

It seems Oruc and his
men won’t give up.

It is time to put them
in their place, father.

They will not be able to take the
castle as long as I'm alive.

Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!

You will never take this castle.

You will never be able to enter.

Come on!


Come on boys!

What's happening?


She is Meryem.

So she's not a spy.

She is the one who
shot the archers.

Real Maria is back.

You're trying to
set a trap, huh?

I will show you how
to set a trap.

The game is over. The
conquest begins.

Capture her!


Come on boys!

You can't escape our sword. You will pay
for your treason with your life, traitor.


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Are you okay,

I've been injured since I was a prisoner.
Now I'm okay.

My injuries are
healed now, Meryem.

You have nowhere to go, traitor.

Martin, Martin don't run away.


Your place is not here.

That dog poisoned you.

Come here.

Come to your sister.

Your should have been
with me, sister.

But you chose to be a traitor
who sided with our enemy.

You betrayed those
who saved you.

But still, you have a
chance to be forgiven.

Pietro was the one who saved me.

And it will always be like this.

Isabel told you to come
despite all your betrayals.

But you still didn't come.

Martin, those who reject
mercy deserves the wrath.

This is not how I imagined
our reunion would be.

We should have been loyal
to my master Pietro.

We should have united
in his shadow.

But you.. chose to be a traitor
who sided with our enemy.

If we will lose...

...then there is no point
in me surviving either.

Martin, stop. Martin
don't do this.

No, no, no, no!


Martin, Martin.

No, no.

I will save you.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.


Martin, please, my brother.


We will protect the castle.

Fight! We will never let
them take the castle.

Come on!

I am Yareliyim! Come at me!

Allah-u Akbar!

You thought that dagger you
stabbed me with would kill me.

But that traitory came
back to you as death.

My son

Don’t be sad, father. I am
giving my life for you.

Until today, you left many
children without fathers

...and many father
without children.

This sword is for their revenge.

It's your turn, Pitro.


Will you not say something to
your brother for the last time?

What is he talking
about, Meryem?

What brother?

He is telling the truth.

He is my brother whom I
was searching for years.

When did you find
out about this?

Why didn't you tell us?

He told me he would be with me.

He told me not to reveal
the secret until then.

I believed him.

So that Meryem was your sister...
If Meryem is your sister,

How could you take her
from us and make her suffer?

Let's assume that
you have no heart.

How couldn't you show
mercy on your sister?


What mercy are you
talking about?

I was sorry for her..

...because you
made her your own.

She was not your Meryem
she was my Maria.

And she still is.

Maria is my sister.

I did all those things
because I loved her!

You poisoned her consciousness
because you loved her, is that so?

You are the one who
poisoned her consciousness!

I did everything to let
her know who she is.

How could I..

How could I let her stand
next to my enemies?

I was on the right
side, brother.

You told me you would side with me. You told me
you were going to be our friend, not our enemy.

I saved captives because I
didn't want you to get hurt.

I lied to my beloved ones.

Because I believed that you
would stand next to us.

But I was wrong.

And I found out the
truth by getting hurt.

Forgive me.

Everyone would believe him
if they were in your shoes.

Thanks to Allah you noticed
the mistake you made.

You didn't lose your self even though
he poisoned your consciousness.

And we can't say anything after the
bravery you showed us today, Meryem.

Don't worry.

This cruel man
can't be forgiven.

Still, you will be the
one who decides...

...for the sake of the things
you did when we were in need.

Never! Never, Maria!

Never seek forgiveness!

I am not asking for forgiveness!

I couldn't have left you in my enemies's hands
when I found you and came together with you...

..after years.

You made me become their enemy!

You made me hurt them!

You gave me such a pain that none of
your excuses will make it go away.

I am not asking for forgiveness!

If I had another life..

..and if I lost you again..

...if I have to do the same thing
to come together with you...

...I would do the same thing for
you, for my sister, again...

...again, for you, Maria!

I have nothing to say.

It is your decision
now, Oruc Reis.

You showed no mercy to people to wash the
Mediterranean with the blood of Turks.

The sword that will cut your head will teach a
lesson to all infidels in the Mediterrenean.

And it won't be put back in its sheathe before
it beheads the infidels from Cyprus to Sicily.

So you took the castle..

May it be blessed.

And my soldiers took the
control of the city.

My valiants..

My lions..

You did justice
with your swords..

May it be blessed.

We planned the attack, but without Ottoman,
we wouldn't be able to conquer the castle.

From now on, this castle will
be the property of Ottoman.

And you accepted supporting the last
attack despite everything that happened.

Here, announce the conquest
as the Pasha of the state.

I wanted to conquer this castle so much, but you
were the ones who were granted with this conquest.

You are the Commander
of this conquest.

I am not a man who can go and
land on someone else's rights.

Besides, according to our laws, you are
the one who deserves to plant the flag...

...and announce the conquest.

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On the way we set off for the
conquest of the Mediterrenean...

...we said, "Vira Bismillah. Unfurl the sails"
and started our conquering journey with Kalimnos.

The conquest of Kalimnos is not the
end for us, it is the beginning.

From now on, our enemies will be more
crowded, the struggle will be harder...

...and the battles
will be bigger.

On the way we set off to make the
Mediterrenean the homeland of Turks...

...I swear, our swords
won't be silent...

...and our ships
will not stop!

May the conquest be
announced with adhan.

Tell everyone that Kalimnos
is now the land of Islam!

Allah is the Greatest,
Allah is the Greatest!

Allah is the Greatest!

Allah is the Greatest!

I bear witness that there is
no god except the One Allah.

I bear witness that there is
no god except the One Allah.

I bear witness that
Mohammed is His prophet.

I bear witness that
Mohammed is His prophet.

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