Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 8 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 8 With English Subtitles

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We also put you in a cage.

Jackals can't put
wolves in a cage.

Giovanni. Protect the book.

We will fight against these
jackals with Niko, evelAllah.

You are a traitor. There
is no way out tor you.

My brother is losing his
patience in the sky, Oruc.

I will kill you right away
and reach his soul to peace.

I think he is losing his
patience to see his brother.

Don’t worry, I will let
you come together.

kill him.

I am not afraid of you, Pietro.

You now understood that a wolf
can not be put in a cage.

But you don't have enough time
lefy to tell that to people.

I will make fish eat your body.

I won't let anyone bury your body
since it might make the soil dirty.

You talk too much.
Make your move!

Niko, the book!

They are here!

Let's go! We have to help Hizir!


Let's go!

The sun will rise soon.

Hang on Niko, we will
leave this castle.

We will go and
help Oruc brother.

Come, Niko.

Come on, brother. I promise,
we will leave this castle.

Slowly, brother.


What are you going to do, Hizir?

If they are holding the doors, we will use the...
balcony, brother. -I'm injured, brothfer, i can't.

You left the book as Well.

Go and save your life.

We will save the book sooner or later.
Your life is more important.

All for one, one for all.
Let’s go.


Now we will go to
the harbor, Niko.

Find them right away!

I won’t let them leave
this island alive!

-Are you alright, Pietro?
-Do i look alright?

Hizir won't be able
to leave Kalimnos!

Send all of your men! I
want them, dead or alive!

-I'll come with you!
-No, stay here! Keep the castle safe!

Don't, Ishak.


You will not breathe
in this world...

..but burn in the
deepest floor of hell.


Come on, father.


forgive me, my Agha.

Why did you do this
to Ishak, Despina?

Who was the man that you
protected from him?


My Oruc Agha.

They are too loud, levents.

Silence them.

How is Niko?

He can walk to the ship.

The book is there.

We were about to save it..
-Don't worry, my lion.

We will find a way. Let's
take Niko to the ship.

What happened to you? -Oruc...
Oruc is the devil itself.

The poison he used put us into sleep
and now our tears are bloody.

We will see if he is the
devil after I stab him.

Come on! We have to catch them!
To the harbour! Hurry!


We took Esther. But they
have the book, my Agha.

All of our efforts will be wasted if we leave
without the book. What are we going to do?

Wait, Hizir. We will sail first, and we
will wait for the danger to disappear.

We will then find a way.

Full sail, lecents!

We couldn't catch them.
Their ship left.

Damn it. -Let’s go after
them with our ships!

Do you want to be defeated
by Oruc for one more time?

They took the girl. But the book
was important, and we have it.

I will make them
pay for this raid.

What did i do?

What did i do?

If Oruc finds out... Ishak Agha... How can I
look at Ishak Agha's face?

You made me do this!


Stop, my daughter. Stop.

You father is right.

Don't do this to yourself.

You did the right thing.

If it wasn't for you, that
villain would kill me.

You saw his anger, right?

Ishak tood an oath to kill me.

Now you see that your
father is right, right?

Why didn't you leave?!

Why didn't you leave? I told you to leave!
Why didm't you leave?

-I couldn't.
-I gave you all of my gold!

It would be enough
for you to leave!

Where is the gold?
Where is it, Asiye?

What did you do with
the gold, father?

My daughter, look...
Let me explain.

You gambled.

You gambled.

-I wanted to do it for once before I leave...

Enough! I did my best
to save your life!

But it’s over! If you are not
worried about your own life... should worry about me! My family!
Enough! You will leave!

It's over.

He is waking up.

Are you alright?

What happened to me?
Who brought me here?

Isabelle Hanim and her men brought
you here in the early morning.

Someone must’ve hit you from the back. We
dressed your wound, you will be alright.

Did that dog die?


Never mind.

That's the seal I affixed on
my heart with the hot brand.

I won’t speak to anyone,
before it cools down.

If it makes you so furious,
you are surely right.

But please tell me.
I may help you.

He was the dog who got involved
in my wife and children's murder.


Why would he do
such evil to you?

He was already our enemy.

He had an absolute grudge when his
daughter became our family's bride.

His daughter? How come?

How many sister-in-laws
do I have, Isabelle?

It’s Despina. He’s
Despina’s father.

Oh Despina.

To save him.

What did you say?

Save him?

Did you see who saved him?
Tell me if you did.

Whoever saved him, I'll
make their lives miserable.

Tell me who hit me.

No. I couldn't see who it was.

If I had, I would tell you.


I will find it out myself then.

And when I find out,
they'll pay for it.

Both him and the one who hit me.


Take this.

What is this?

The juice of feverfew.
To stop the jnfection.

We always take some with us
while going for campaigns.

No, thanks.

I don't like its name.
Feverfew or whatever it is.

Your wound is getting better.
Now get some rest, brother.

-Are you alright?
-I’m fine.

I told them too. You're
wasting your time with me.

I'm not the one to
solve the book.

Master Suleyman mentioned your name.
Don't try to deny it, Ester.

We'll get the book and
you will solve it.

Why don't you just get it? I got
in deep troubles because of you!

I'll get rid of you when
we go to Alexandria.

You can't go anywhere
until we solve the book.

So stop lying and
try to recover.

To the cannons, Gulletopuk.

We should be prepared if we
come across a pirate ship.

As you order, Baba Oruc.

To the cannons.

We can anchor in a bay
and gather strength.

Then we can raid Kalimnos again.

We won't anchor anywhere, Hizir.

-We’re going to Alexandria.
-Alexandria? What?

The book is still in Kalimnos.
Won't we save the book?

Sure, we will.

We will.

They must have intensified the
defense, won't let another raid.

We can't raid again
in this situation.

You said we’d find a way and
certainly save the book.

Is this your way? Going to
Alexandria and waiting?

Who said we would wait, Hizir?

We should be more prepared
and make elaborate plans.

Alright, brother, alright.

So they'll solve the book
until we find a way.

All our efforts will
go for nothing.

You're being hasty again, Hizir.

They are not so careless that
they would let another raid.

And we're not so stupid that
we would go to death blindly.

We're going to Alexandria now.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

If the news of Oruc entering my castle spreads,
in Mediterranean, my reputation will be ruined.

Nobody will learn about this.

And I won't deal with
this matter anymore.

I'll deliver the book to Pope.

The mystery of the book
hasn't been solved yet.

The girl’s gone. We
couldn't catch Oruc.

We couldn't find the
person the girl mentioned.

Rome has been the capital of
science for centuries, Diego.

We did our duty
and got the book.

Let's leave the job of solving the
book to the priest scholars in Rome?

You’re risking yourself.

They raided my castle!

They could have killed me in my sleep!
This is the biggest risk!

And despite everything,
i protected the book!

And I've got tired of
trying to solve the book.

Our duty isn’t to, solve
it, but to deliver it.

The book wouldn’t be
enough, you know.

Ebu Muhammed.

Ebu Muhammed.

Now I must take
action to catch him.

You and Antuan will wait in Kalimnos.
Ratko is coming with me.

We're going to Alexandria?

You’re coming from
Asiy's place, huh?

Are you hiding
your father there?

Father? What are
you talking about?

saw it for myself. It
was you who hit Ishak.

The one you were trying
to save was your father.

Your father caused Ishak's
wife and kods to die.

Look at me. Stop lying.

Look at your own father
before talking about mine.

Everyone knows he
does dirty things.

And you assist him!

Now stop pretending
to be a good girl.

I know your intention.

Slandering me and
ruining my family.

You always get to the
issue of Oruc somehow.

Don’t worry.

You're the one who will
ruin your good family.

Whatever happens to you, it will
happen due to your hidden actions.

Ishak is looking for
your father everywhere.

I advise you to send your father
away immediately, Despina.

We sidled the ship in
the docks, Kilic Bey.

Thanks for your help.

Is this how you return a favor?

Creating enemies for us in
return for our alliance?

You raided Kalimons, Oruc.

You created enemies
for our ship in vain.

Sahin is right, Oruc.

They will target our ships too.

It wasn't a good
idea to raid there.

Don't worry, Kilic Bey.

They have a problem with
us, not with your ships.

You should have expressed your true
intention while taking the ship.

You thought my father wouldn't have given the
ship if you had told you'd raid Kalimnos, right?

I don’t share such sensitive
matters with anyone.

Everyone knows that.

I had no concerns
about Kilic Bey.

If I had said I'd raid Kalimnos,

...wouldn't you have
given me a ship?

Wouldn’t you have
trusted me, Kilic Bey?

Whatever. That's not the matter.

If this is only your matter,

...protect yourself, Oruc.

They will attempt to
take revenge from you.

Don't worry, Kilic Bey.

We're not afraid of our enemies.

As long as our friends who
we lean against stay strong.

Take care.

That's it!

You ran so fast!

Hamza who Lord Pietro
mentioned must be that boy.

Let's go kidnap him.

-Let's play again.
-Okay! Three, two, one!

-Don't walk to me.
-Who are you?

Why are you walking toward me?

-Don’t get closer.
-Go away!

-Stop running!
-Go away!

-Come here!
-Let me go!

-Mother Zeynep!
-Come here!

What’s going on here?
Let those kids go.


Let him go.

Go away, woman. Or you
will get into trouble.

You already did.

-Mother Zeynep.
-Hamza, don't be scared.

Let the kid go or you'll
bear the consequences.

What consequences, lady?



-What happened here?
-Adelina, go inside quickly.

Go inside. Come on.

-Are you alright?


-Is everyone alright?

If it weren’t for you, they
would have kidnapped me.

Who were those men, Zeynap?

They came to kidnap Hamza.

I told them to run and save their lives.
But they didn't listen.

I brought some news for you. There’s
an injured man in Oruc's house.

-Hizir needs your help.

I don’t know. They didn’t
tell me any details.

You stay with the kids. I'll go check it.
Close the door.

Go inside, kids.

Let's go inside.


Are you attitudinizing because
we didn't let you in Kalimnos?

It was like hell, brother.
I', glad you didn't come.

We barely could save Ester.

Why would I attitudinize?
Am I a kid?

See? I would have been a burden for you.
An eagle is always an eagle.

But let’s say it’s okay you
treat me like a sparrow.


You raid that big Kalimnos island
to get Ester and the book.

But you got the girl and
left the book there?

You did a half job, huh?

Oruc said we would make good
perparations in Alexandria.

InshaAllah, we'll
complete job soon.

-Selamun aleykum.
-Aleykum selam.

The secret is still in
the hands of the enemy?

But it doesn't belong to them
until they solve the book.

Let’s check the key which
will solve the mystery.

That may until a knot.

If you take your syrups regularly,
you will recover quickly.


Are you alright?

She's well. I said
what she should do.

I need to go now.

That's Ester. The
key of the mystery.

Let's see if she can
untie one of the knots.

-I will go get some rest, brother.


I found Yorgo in Alexandria.

-What did you do, brother?
-I caught him in his throat.

I was going to take his heart out but
someone knocked me out from behind.

I couldn't see who it was.

I suspect someone, but...

I don't know how to say.

Just say it, brother.


She may have met her
father in Alexandria.

If she had done that
and hadn't told us...

I don't think so, brother.

Despina would never
hide anything from me.

But still, i will ask her.


I will go out and take some air.

-I'll rest my head a little.
-EyvAllah, brother.

She can't untie the knot.

How come? Ester isn't
the key of the mystery.

Ester is the key of the mystery.
But she's not Ester.

I told him many times. He didn't mind.
You see it now?

What the hell is this? We
rushed around for Ester.

We almost died. Who we thought
was Ester isn't Ester.

Was master Suleyman
wrong about this?

Master Suleyman wasn t wrong.

But Ester obviously puts this
girl forward to hide herself.

I'm about to lose my mind.

We think we untied a knot
and another knot comes up.

What kind of game is this?
It's so difficult.

There is no game. But it’s
difficult as you said.

And such a challenging mystery
contains a lot of knots inside.

My Oruc.

I'm drying fish-fdr you. So you can
eat even if it's not the season.


My brother Ishak.

He caught your
father around here.

-Did you meet your father here?
-No. I told brother Ishak too.

Don't you believe me?

This is not about believieg.

I thought you might be afraid to tell my
brother, so I wanted to ask myself.

Look, Despina.

Tell me if you met him.

I won’t tell brother Ishak.
It'll stay between us.

But if it gets revealed afterwards,
it won't be good for you.

No, Oruc. I didn't meet him.

Oruc Bey, Isabelle wants to
see you in the inn urgently.

-About what?
-I don't know. An important matter.

She will tell you
about the details.


Why is Isabelle
calling you over?

-Maybe you shouldn’t go, Oruc.

Why are you scared?

You know about the llnita. You
just got over a problem.

I don’t want something
bad to happen to you.

We talked about this
before, Despina.

Isabelle wouldn't hurt us.

I will go and see
what's so important.


Sir Pietro. Were you heref?

Where have you been, sylvio?

I came all the way from
Kalimnos and I am on duty.

-But I've been waiting for you.
-I'm sorry, sir.

The balance is ruined
in Alexandria.

Especially, dealing
with sailors...

You should make your men deal
with the small issues, Sylvio.

Now there is something more important
that we should take care of.

Ebu Muhammed. I want you
to learn where he is.

But Memluks care
aboutu this man, sir.

He is always pmtected.

If they find out that I am
looking for Ebo muhammed.

...they will cut your
head off, right?

I think you are not
idiot enough to...

...expose yourself.


If you are idiot enough
to expose yourself...

...that I will be the one...

...who cuts your head off.


Right, sir.

Finding Ebu Muhammed
is also important...

for the benefits of Unita .

And as a brother of Unita who is under
oath you should fulfill your duty.

Unita, that gave you
all this wealth...

...knows how to take
it back from you...

...and even with your life.


...I will find out where Ebu
Muhammed is as soon as possible.

Bravo, brother Sylvio.

Then I can taste your delicious wines in
the lodge until I receive news from you.

Sure, sir.Come.

You raided Kalimnos, Oruc.

My father wanted
me to talk to you.

Unita might be
disturbed by this.

Then we are on the
right way, lsabelle.

This also means that Unita is not only
a company, but a deeper organization.

Let them bark if we
stepped on their tails.

It will be enough to learn where
the voice is coming from.

If we stepped back...

...that doesn’t mean
that we gave up.

We will raid the castle again the
moment we gain enough strength.

Will Kilic Bey give a
ship to you again?

He is scared of the people in Kalimnos,
as they might take his ships.

It is hard to take
a ship from him.

But I will find a way.


My friends... It is
nice to see you here!

You too!

What are you going to sell in Alexandria since
you've been staying here for long time?

Iwill take lives.


I want to start an animal trading business. As
you know, there are a lot of animals in Egypt.

By the way, I heard that you
raided Kalimnos, Oruc Bey.

Isn't it dangerous?

It happens when
you are a levent.

If you mean the soldiers of Kalimnos
by saying danger, they can come at us.

We already drew our swords.

The next place they’ll
arrive will be their necks.

Still, be careful.

These man are different
than pirates.

They will have approached you
when you are waiting for them.

They can sneak in, even stand in
front of you, but you won't notice.

If they are looking into our eyes, then
we are also looking into their eyes.

Don’t worry.

If you talked about the issue,
go back to work, Isabelle.

There place is surrounded by different
kinds of business, Mr.Alfonzo.

But... human lives can also
be sold in the bazaar.

Be careful.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

I will see your struggle...

...when I set that
bazaar for you.

Your daughter is too
close with Oruc, sylvio.

It's not good that someone
who works for Unita... friends with
Unita's enemy.

I wanted her to talk to
him about Kalimnos, sir.

Still, be on alert.

In the end, Unita only trusts its brothers
who took an oath, not even its children.

Your daughter is a
beautiful flower.

Like a flower that
blossoms in spring.

Unita is alsoa big tree.

But the flower that leaves
this tree will face death.

It will be a shame for her then?

-Areyou talking to a horse?

Sorry... I couldn't see
you whenyou came in.

Where were you?

I went for a walk.

Why? Are you the
questioner in this house?

You are entrusted to us here... You shouldn't
go out when you are injured, especially a girl.

You are also injured!
why do you go out?

We are not equal.

I am a man. I can
protect myself.

Then why didn't you join the
Kalimnos raid you brave man?

You should’ve showed them that you can
protect yourself despite your wounds.

Look, Esther. Don’t
make me angry.

Don't leave the house
before asking us.

We can’t save you
with your magic.

I can always protect myself...

...but you shouldn't wander
around without a dagger.

Then your manhood won't
be able to save you.

Maria, your voice is beautiful!
Bravo Maria!

Maria, sister, it
was awesome, again!

I will never forget this song. I will
always remember you when I hear it!

Sir Pietro...

We found out where
Ebu Muhammed is.

We sent news to Radko who is
in the forest at the moment.

They are waiting for
you with the soldiers.

Well-done Sylvio.
It's our turn now.

Let's go and take Ebu Muhammed.

Who is the girl that
sings in the lodge

Someone who is trying to
earn money for her family...

She owed us a lot, and
we gave her a job here.

Write her debt off. Set her free.
Don't keep her away from her family.

Let her sing her songs to her
beloved ones. -Yes, sir.

How long are we going
to wait for, brother?

We are stuck here.

They will solve the secrets of the book
in Kalimnos and handle everything.

It will be over only if we want to, Hizir
not the enemies.

-I am also thinking about the chances
-We don't have to think, we have to act!

How, Hizir? How are we
going to tie their hands?

-Selamin aleykum.
-ve aleykum selam.

What put you in a
difficult situation?

What is the thing that upsets you and
should be thrown at the enemies?

You talk like you don’t know, Dervish
The book is still in Kalimnos.

And we are thinking about
a plan to take it back.

You put us into such
a secret that... gets more confusing
as we try solving it.

Esther wasn't even the real Esther.
How are we going to solve it now?

What do you mean?

It was someone else who
we should've taken out.

And she uses 40 names, and
no one knows where she is.

What does this mean, Dervish? How did you
understand that Esther wasn't esther?

The real girl would notice me when she
saw me. She would tell me what she knew.

Besides, a girl that knows a lot of
secrets wouldn't expose herself.

I am iust a auide. The oen
and the sword came together.

We will find the real girl.

Don't worry about that.

You have to save the book.

What if they solve the secret of
the book and take it to Rome?

Then the sword and the
pen will be useless.

They can’t.

They are not only after the
book but also Ebu Muhammed.

They can’t leave before
they take Ebu Muhammed.

What if we take Ebu Muhammed?

They will not be able to move.

We will gain time to
take the book back.

You were looking for an
opportunity, here it is.

Then let's set off to
take Ebu Muhammed.

Ebu Muhammed is protected by Hayrabay. I
will send Muneccim and learn where he is.

And we will start making preparations.

Your way is difficult
and thorny.

If your feet bleed,
dobn't rise against it.

The book will help you getting rid of
those who rise against the innocent ones.

Kill everyone at the
place that we will raid!

We only need Ebu Muhammed alive.

Yes sir.

Let's go.

Ebu Muhammed is around the old Memluk
observatory at the east of the Mariot take.

Hayrabay is with him. -They must've
given that old observatory to him.

I read about this in a geogrophy book
there are tow ways we can use.

The soldiers of Kalimnos can use
both of them. We will do the same.

Musa, Misket. Take levents
with you and go south.

Yes, Baba Oruc.

And we will go north.

Let’s go before they
abduct Ebu Muhammed.

Yes, Baba Oruc.

They left, sir.

Get ready, Radko. We
will kill everyone.

I want Ebu Muhammed alive.

They are the levents
of this border.

-Why did they come here?
-May it be good inshaAllah.

What is it?

Baba Oruc sent us, Hayrabay.
They will raid this place.


They are Oruc's levents. Where did they
come from? We were about to attack!

Don’t worry Radko. It’s just
a few more men to kill.

Besides, they are
friends with Oruc.

I will make him pay for that
raid be birning his heart.

Kill them all. I want
Ebo Muhammed alive.


Here they are!

Protect Ebu Muhammed!

Protect us!

My Agha!


Let's get out of here.


Brother Oruc stood up!

Be strong, levents!

Baba Oruc will make
you pay for this.

He is going to avange us.

I'd like to stay and
see Oruc's vengeance.

But I got the treasure so I
need to leave immediately.

Won’t we leave our
mark for Oruc, sir?


You know what kind of mark
you need to leave, Ratko.

Who ordered you to ambush us?

Who planned this?
People of Kalimnos?

They will waiting for you like
death in every step you take.

They clearly ambushed to stop
us from reaching Ebu Muhammed

We lost too much time.
Let s go now.

Let's go.


-Check if they took Ebu Muhammed.

-Hey, what happened here?
-Kalimnos people attacked us.

They took Ebu Muhammed.

Hayrabay is wounded.
Get him up, come on.



My companions.

You defeated many enemies.

You didn’t deserve to die
in such a vile ambush.

They ambushed to delay us.

How did they know we
were coing here?

We thought only we knew it.

Was there anyone else who knew it?
Think about i!


Raid of Kalimnos got
you inyo trouble.

Now you’re begging to Mamluk
cavalrymen to save you.

Begging? You think we are
inglorious like you are?

Baba Oruc is waiting for me. We
need to go somewhere urgehtly.

Get out of my way or I
will step on your skin!

Cafer asked me what I talked
to Mamluk soldiers about.

I said we’d go somewhere urgently
for something important.

That's all.

You gave such information
to an enemy like Cafer?

I didn't tell him
about Ebu Muhammed.

You think he doesn't know what he
could deduce from such information?

Isn’t it our tradition to
keep our plans among us?

How could you tell him
about such a thing?

-How could yoXumake such a mistake?
-Baba Oruc, Iam...

Your mistake caused all these
men to become martyrs.

This shame is even worse
than my slap for you.

We won’t leave the book and Ebu
Muhammed to Kalimnos people.

They took their revenge from us.
We'll make them pay a higher price!


...we'll perform our final
duty for our brothers.

I’d rather our voyage would take
place as a result of a kind request.

But you know... The

I hope you forgive me for having
to kidnap a talented engineer.

I won't.

I don't like this. What
do you want from me?

Why did you kill those men?

We'll take you to Rome.
The country of Pope.

There they’ll tell you what you will do. Don’t
be sad that you couldn't complete your job here.

They’ll give you the opportunities with
which you can do everything you dreamed of.

I will never serve Pope.

What you want or say
doesn't matter.

When we go there, they'll make
such things to you that...

...I’m sure you will be pleased
to serve Pope and our cause.

You can get dear
Ebu Muhammed out.

We'll take Ebu Muhammed
to Rome, but...

Both Oruc and Mamluks may
attempt to take him.

The ships we have aren't appropriate
to repel such an attack, sir.

I thought about this
and found a solution.

Sylvio will handle this for us.

We'll have delivered both Ebu Muhammed
and the book to Pope very soon.

Lord Pietro wants you to
prepare war ships immediately.

He'll take the book and
Ebu Muhammed to Rome.

But why war ships?

What will he do with them?
He can use his own ships.

Turks may attack on the way.
That's why he wants them.

Prepare Unita's war ships immediately
and send them to Kerpe Island.

Tell them to wait for
Lord Pietro there.

Why Kerpe Island?

Because Lord Pietro doesn’t want Unita's
war snips to be seen in Kalimnos.

So they’ll anchor in Kerpe Island. Then
Lord Pietro will take them to Rome.

War ships are
precious foe Unita.

If something happens to them, even
Lord Pietro can't account for that.

Start the preparations immediately
and send them to Kerpe Island.


I will take care of this.

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Martyrdom is the highest rank
that a person can reach.

A martyr walks before Allah... carrying his
wound like an order.

Many envy his wound...

...that he got while
fighting for Allah.

He is made to wear
a cloth of faith.

And even silk clothes are worthless
when compared to that cloth.

-May Allah bless our brothers' souls.


Their sails in this
would have got broken.

They've gone for the
afterlife campaign.

We should complete this
cause for whish they died.

So they won t have died in vain.

We will avenge their blood.

We'll keep our heads higher.
We will be more courageous.

And our hearts will
be more stronger now.

Apart from our target in Kalimnos,
we nave a new goal now. Vengeance.

We will avenger our martyrs.

I vow to make this
world unbearable...

...and turn these seas
into graves fro them!

We vow!

-Come on.
-Play, come on!

-Come on, man.

How dare you take a
man from our table?

What do you think you are doing?

did you tell we'd
take Ebu Muhammed?

Ebu Muhammed? What are
you talking about?

Kalimnos people killed my brothers,
soldiers and many levents!

I'll cut your flesh into a
thousand pieces for their lives.


Who did you tell?

I didn't tell anyone. I have nothing
to do with Kalimnos people


What do you think you are doing?

How dare you start
a fight in my inn?

This dog told someone that
we'd go to Ebu Muhammed.

We got ambushed because of him.

I lost many levents.

Oruc’s man Muneccim talked
to Mamluk soldiers.

I sounded him out. I
don't know exactly.

But they need to go
somewhere urgently.

They're going there
all together.

Just as Lord Pietro went
to take Ebu Muhammed, took information
from Mamluks, huh, Oruc?

We have to stop
them immediately.

The suffering of the death makes you blind.
He says he didn’t tell anyone.

You are one of those who
keep the collar of this dog.

He told you about it and you
told the others, Sylvio?

You are really insane.

If you want to start a
fight, try more honest ways.

Don't put such blames on us.
Now get out of my inn.

I will.

I will get out. But I still think
Cafer was involved in this matter?

From now on, I will cut a finger of yours
for every evil plan you have a finger in!

I cut this dog's finger. I'll also cut the
heads of those who are the heads of this dog.

I didn't expect that much, Aga Reis.
You pruned him like a branch.


My condolences. I was
really sorry to hear that.

Thanks, Isabelle. I made
Cafer pay for that issue.

Is there anything I
can do about this?

We need to find out what Kalimnos people
will do with Ebu Muhammed and the book.

We will take action accordingly. You
may learn some thing about that.

Unita is working with Kalimnos people.
Your father clearly knows them.

Let us know if you get any
information through those contacts.

It's a crucial matter.

Don't worry. I'll do my best and
let you know what I learned.

Thank you.

Hayrabay has waken
up, Baba Oruc.

EyvAllah. You go interrogate
the girl at home.

She stayed in Kalimnos for a long time. See
if she can give us useful information.

I'll talk to Hayrabay.

Mamluks may help us to get
Ebu Muhammed and the book.



He bet some golds in the gamble.

I remember those golds
from somewhere.

This job is yours.

Interrogate Cafer
in your own way.

Find out from whom
he took those golds.

As you order, Baba Oruc.
With pleasure.


Master Sylvio ordered this document
to be added in Unita registry.

These are war ships. Unita
wouldn't give war ships easily.

-Who are these going for?
-I don't know.

They didn’t give me any information.
I was just told to register it.

Alright, Golem. I'll do it.
You can go.

Unita is working with Kalimnos people.
Your father clearly knows them.

Let us know if you get any
information through those contacts.

It's a crucial matter.

Where are these sips going?

Fingerless Cafer, just give us a name.
Don't waste our time.

Come on, say it. Where did
you take those golds from?

They are mine. You set your
eyes on others' belongings now?

Dastard, stop lying and tell the truth.
You had a finger in that ambush.

Our brothers became
martyrs because of you!

Baba Oruc got angry
with me because of you!

Look, Cafer. I swear I will kill you here
and put your dead body in the square!

He’s both a gambler and liar.

Baba Oruc says he’ll cut a finger of yours
for every matter you have a finger in.

-Well, Cafer will lose one more finger.

Don't! Don't! Please.

Yorgo! I took them from
a man called Yorgo.

I won them in gambling!

Don't kill a dog
but just scare it.

-See? He speaks now.
-Yes, he speaks.

He speaks. Yes.

Let’s go.

War ships. War ships.

Where are those ships going?

There must be a list about that.

Ships will go to
Kerpe Island first.

Then to Rome. Just as I guessed.
It’s a plan of Kalimnos people.

-Did you register the war ships.
-I gave it to Isabelle, sir.

Oruc can't know about the war
ships going to Kerpe Island.

And Isabelle. She doesn't
have to know the details.

-I didn't tell her anything.

Good. Because I suspect her too.

She may try to help Oruc again.

For this reason, we’ll
be careful about that.

There should have been a
list in the documents.

Look over there.

-Is it there?

Where did I put it?
It may be over there.

It's not here.

I must have put it
somewhere else.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. We
can prepare a new one. Let's go.

Take this.

You suspect me, huh, father?

You should. I should let Oruc know
about the things you do in Kalimnos.

-We’ll search you, Oruc Bey.
-Let him go.

-What? Mamluk State suspects me too now?
-No, Estaghfirullah.

Ebu Muhammed being kidnapped
bothered our state.

You are on a knife edge because
you are involved in that too.

The state will keep
an eye on you now.

We went to take him from the heathens.
And the Mamluk State blames me?

They blame everyone
involved in it.

Even me. If this matter isn't
settled, I can lose my head.

There is only one way
to settle this matter.

Carry out a good
raid on Kalimnos.

I can’t ask for ships
from Kilic Bey again.

If Mamluk State gives me a ship,

-I will bring Ebu Muhammed back.
-Not possible.

While the state keeps an eye on you,
they won t give you even trash.

Even I can't help
you about that.

Mamluk State should raid then.
His location is clear.

-They should go and take him.
-Kalimnos would know about the raid preparation.

They wouldn’t leave Ebu Muhammed there.
If we come back with empty hands,

...both Pope and Kalimnos will be our enemies.
Mamluk State wouldn't take such a risk.

As you see, Oruc Bey,
only you can help you.

Either you will take
Ebu Muhammed back...

...or Mamluk swords
will take our heads.


Baba Oruc.

We made Cafer spoke and learned
who he took the golds from.


Someone called Yorgo.


While you were a captive, didn't
you learn anything about Kalimnos?

We need to save Ebu Muhammed
and the book from them.

Even a tiny detail can
open a path for us.

I was being tortured in the dungeon.
What could I haver learned?

They didn't talk about
anything useful.

They say magicians see
what nobody can see.

She is neither Ester
nor a magician.

You didn’t say that when I took your
dagger. I can prove my magic everywhere.

-You should learn to keep your weapon.

What will Kalimnos people do
with the book and Ebu Muhammed.

How can we save them?
That's our only matter.

Oruc, what's up?

You said you didn’t meet
your father, Despina.

What makes you think I did?
Who saw? Who told you?

I saw, Despina.

I saw your golds in the gambling table.
Your father lost them.

You told me you didn't meet him, but
you helped him with golds, huh?

Didn't I ask you? Didn't I
tell you to tell me the truth?

How could you lie to me? How
could you ruin my trust?

Oruc, I was very
afraid to tell you.

I gave him the golds to make him go away.
But he lost them in gamble.

Didn't I tell you I wouldn't tell my
brother? You're still making up excuses.

What if Ishak found this out before I did?
You know what disasters would happen then?

Was it you who hit
Ishak Aga that night?

I'm asking you, Despina. Tell me
the truth this time at least.

Oruc, my father was dying
In front of my eyes.

Ishak Aga was going to be a killer
I did everything for us.

I did it to protect my
family from a disaster.

You are my hatun.

I relied on you
most in this world.

You lied to me, huh? By
looking at me in the eyes!

Oruc, don't say that. Don't.

I won’t deal with
this matter now.

I already have lots of troubles.

I won't tell Ishak
Aga about this.

For the sake of our
baby in your belly.

You destroyed such a
place inside me...

...that it can
never be repaired.


We couldn't get anything from the girl.
Like everything works together to stop us.

Baba Oruc! Baba Oruc!

Baba Oruc.

I got important information
about Kalimnos.

You should come to the back street
of the marketplace in the morning.

We have little time.

-Who is it? What is written there?
-Not all of the ways are blocked yet.

We have new ways to be opened.

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How is it going?

The bust is ready, sir.

I salute you, mighty Caesar.

A spirit of Caesar is
rising inside me, Diego.

While he was fighting his enemies in Gaul, Consuls
in Rome banned him from entering the city.

Because they were afraid of him.

He would be declared to be a traitor
if he crossed Rubicon river.

He did.

And he entered Rome. Then
a civil war broke out.

He became an emperor...

..and even divine
Caesar for most people.

What lesson do you
get from this?

I won’t cross Rubicon and start a civil
war. Blit wp land in Rome with our ships,

But I won't be welcomed as a yes-man
who was ill treated for years... the arrogant and incompetent men who knows
nothing but what happens in their palaces,

...but as a hero.

Just like victorious
Caesar entering Rome.

-The dices are thrown, friend.
-Be careful.

What made Caesar
divine killed him too.

The most dangerous wasn't
the people with him,

...but his arrogance
and self-confidence.

That's the biggest enemy.

You can never know your
enemies and friends.

Sometimes the hand you hold stabs you.
You are Diego.

Or Brutus?

Don’t be upset. I’m
just kidding, Diego.

Even if I become Caesar one
day, you'll never be Brutus.

What if Oruc’s ships block
your way in the open sea?

Why did I want the ships
to come to Kerpe Island?

Not to let Oruc we took the
book and Ebu Muhammed away.

Besides, Oruc isn't powerful
enough to attack our war ships.

And he's not so stupid that he
will show such deadly courage.

I hope he's not, Pietro.

You are nervous, Diego.

If you are so nervous, go to the church
and pray for both yourself and us.

But please, please don't put the poison
of fear in the taste of my victory.


What’s the matter, Isabelle?
What is your information?

A few war ships of Unita
have left for Kerpe Island.

Then they will go to Rome.

That's the plan of
Kalimnos people.

-Rome, huh?

The book and Ebu Muhammed
are very valuable.

To take them to Rome safely,
they demanded war ships.

And they'll go there from Kerpe not
to let us know what's going on.

What are you going to do?

If they leave for Rome, we can’t
attack them in the open sea.

We’ll attack them in Kerpe Island.
I will do my best for that.

Thank you, Isabelle.

Ishak will kill me
if he finds me.

Ishak can't kill me!

If he comes across me, I
will choke him to death!

Wow! Wow!

You meet the innkeeper's daughter
Isabelle secretly, huh, Oruc?

I will destroy your
marriage, Oruc.

I will destroy your marriage.

You can’t escape
from revenge, Yorgo!

This was for my Hatun!

This was for my one child!

And this was for the
blood of my other child!

My Hatun... my children... Your
souls will find peace now.

And I will come together
with you when I die.

We need three ships, Kilic Bey

It's too important.
only you can help us.

Where are you going to raid this time, Oruc?
Are you going to cause problems for us again?

You want 3 ships,
not one or two.

You can't understand, Sahin.

Those men martyred my men.
Did they touch your ship?

Don't be so scared.

I only have one ship, and we
need it, my Oruc. Besides...

...I can’t send my ships
to dangerous journey.

But Kilic Bey... If I
can't get over this... won't find a ship to set
sail in the Mediterrenean.

Now I am asking you.

Are you going to give
us the ship or not?

What is your last decision?

Selamun aleykum. -Aleykum Selam.
-Aleykum Selam.

Welcome, you brought
joy, my Efendi.

Here. Sit please.

I don't want to sit, thank you.

I heard that your ships
are being used often.

You are good at business.

You keep earning gold.

May Allah give you more.

But... what is the object
that you call gold?

It's just a piece of metal, even the
dogs won t eat if you give it to them.

You don't want to give ships to the valiants
who want to fight for the de wah...

...just for gold. Is that right?

It's not just that, my Efendi.

-They attacked Kalimnos. I don't want my ships to be
marked... -Why do they call you Kilic (sword) Bey?

Because you bravely drew your sword
against the infidels, right?

How did you get all those ships?

By killing infidels, right?

You set off as a
soldier of our da'wah.

But you are turning away from the da'wah that
brought you here when you became a rich man.

Is that right, kilic Bey?

Oruc wants ships from you for an
issue that is about all Muslims...

...and you are going to risk giving up
on those Muslims' lives, is that right?

How can you say that, my Efendi?

Your words are
stabbing our hearts.

Now tell me, kilic Bey.

Are you one of those who turn away from
the da'wah when they become rich...

...or not?

Get lost! My life is
ruined because of you!

-Oruc learned everything! Get out!
-wait despina!

It’s about your father, Despina! -Don't
tell me anything about my

Your father might have
been killed, Despina.

They found a dead body in the bazaar.
They took him to the healer.

Christian, white haired...

...and white bearded.

It sounds like your father.
I wanted to let you know.

It can't be...


When the darkness of the cruelty comes,
it is time to wear the dark steel swords!

When secrets are buried under knots, it
is time to take them out with our

It is time to hit them with our fists
when the cruelty of the enemy rises.

For the holy aim...
-for revenge...

To be the hope for the innocent ones, the
fear for the cruel... It is time to fight!

Karpathos is in between
Kalimnos and Alexandria.

If everything goes according to the plan, we
will raid that place before they set off.

Are you ready to fight?

We are!

-EyvAllah. Then let's start.

I am also ready!

Whar happened, my Agha?

Cavalryman Yakup Agha’s three sons will go,
but I will be left behind. Is that so?

I will fight as well.

My Agha. You don’t like fighting on the
sea. -I cooled my heart on the ground.

I just want to fight.

Either a martyr, or a veteran.

My Agha.. -I am not your
Agha, I am your levent.

And you are our Commander!

Now, give us an
order, Oruc Reis.

It is the day of war!

Vira Bismillah!
Unfurl the sails!

They are all fresh.

The ships must’ve arrived in the Karpathos
They will be eaiting for you.

Thento the Rome.

I will visit the Pope with
such a success that...

...even the Pope won’t
be able to destroy us.

The only thing that the Pope does is pray.
Praying is useless in the Mediterrenean.

The biggest power of the sea
is gold, steel and powder.

It'will be enough
if you earn them.

This man whose childhood was stolen, who was
humiliated, will be at the top now Diegeo.

I wish we could have more ships!

I wish we could send estimators
in advance on our route!

Think, Pietro.

I’m afraid that you might
fall into an unexpected trap.

Didn’t I tell you not to poison me with
fear? Are you doing this on purpose, Diego?

I am just worried about you!
-Shut up!

I don't want to hear about
your fear and concerns!

I just want the feeling
Of victory to accompany!

Alright Pietro. Alright.


The ship is ready. -Nice.

Kalimnos is entrusted to you, friends.
I will be stronger when I come back!

Maybe I can bring the
heads od Oruc and Hizir!


No... no...




Why didn't you leave, father?

Why didn’t you leave, father?
I told you to leave!

I didn't want to
see you like this!

I’m sorry for your loss. They stabbed
him from three different places.

I know who informed on you!

I will take your
revenge, father!

I will...

I will kill Isabel!

What are you saying, Despina?

I will kill Isabel!

I will kill Isabel!



What happened, Despina?

Is it your delusions again?

You told him where my father was.
You were the reasin...

What happened Despina? What
reason are you talking about?

My father was killed...

Why did you do this, lsabel?

Why did you do it?

I did everything to
protect my family...

...and stop Ishak Agha
from becoming a murderer!

Why did you do this?

I did this despite Oruc's anger!

I didn't do anything. -I was
going to send my father away!

You informed on him, Isabel!
And Ishak Agha killed him.

-I didn't do anything.
-Don't lie to me!

Despina, if I wanted to do this,
I would do it in the beginning.

-Why would I wait?
-Don't lie to me!

You did your best
to give me grief!

You dirty woman! You did this!

Pull yourself together, Despina!

You can't call me dirty.

I understand your pain...

But I am not the one who did
things behind your husband!


As Ishak Agha took his family's
revenge by killing my father...

...i will kill you...

...and take my father's revenge.

Despina.. Despina let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go! Something will
happen to your baby!

Don't you dare acting like you care
about my baby! -Despina, let me go.



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Can you see the magnificence of the Yeni Boliim
army that is waiting for us, Radko?

I will go to Rome... a hero with this army.

Sir, the ships are
waiting at west.

After the army greets you...

...we will go to Rome
with the other ships.

Will you go with the
warships of Unita, sir?

Take Ebu Muhammed and the book to
the warship. It will be safer.

Yes sir. Release life boats!

We will go ashore!

Ya Rab..

You are the One who lets
the less defeat the many!

Let the swords of those who
fight for their homeland...

...and the faith in their
hearts be strong! -Amin.

Ya Rab... let us be victors... You let Hadhrat
Ali Efendi be a victor...

...and fly the
sanjak of Islam... the battle of Khaybar.

Ya Rabbi.

No one can stand
against Your strength.

Protect the ones who set off...

...for Your da'wah. -Amin.

Ya Rab!

For the sake of him...

...for the sake of Badr,
Uhud and Kerbela... us, our Owner!

Help the Ummah, our Owner!

Help us, our Hunkar,
Haci Bektasi Veli!

Help us, the three, the five,
the seven and the forty!

Hu, Allah!

May You accept our prayers.



...salli ala seyyidina...

It’s good that we dropped the anchor
behind. They won't notice that we arrived.

They will be more crowded than
us since they are using 5 ships.

Are we going to be able
to fight against them?

We will either take the book and
Ebu Muhammed or we will die here.

There is nothing in between.

Hadhrat Ali(RA) went to the Castle of Khaybar
alone which was considered to be tough.

He defeated all the warriors and
soldiers who were considered undefeated!

And we will see our
swords as Zulfiqars...

...and attack like the Leader
of Warriors, Hadhrat Ali.

Then, there will be no
army that can defeat us.

Let's go, valiants.


The one with the helmet must be the commander
of Kalimnos. I can't see his face.

I saw that man's face before.

And inshaAllah, today will be
the last day i'll see him.

And Ebu Muhammed is with them.

The army of the infidels
is like the sea.

It will be a difficult fight.

May Allah help us.

They started moving, my Agha.

It is time to attack without being
scared of numbers and them!

Now we are facing a Khaybar.

Each valiant that will
fight for Haqq is Ali..

...and each sword is Zulfiqar.

What's happening?

If die, we will be martyrs, if
we survive, we will be veterans.

Ya Allah!



They are just a few men. It
will be easy to kill them!

Take them into the circle of death.
But I will make the last move!


They are holding Ebu Muhammed
and the book behind, my Agha.

You are at the end of the way.
It's over!

Be strong, levents!

You showed great bravery... attacking with
a few men, Oruc.

But death awaits at the end
of the mindless courage.

As it is now.

Ottoman came!


O, my Ottoman!

You arrived on time!

Whenever you think it's
over, our legend starts.

We will not depend on
one snip, my Hizir.

Burak Reis from the Ottoman
navy is on duty near Karpathos.

I sent news to him.

I asked for his help.

What if they don't
help, brother?

Ottoman navy always help the ones who
fight against infidels, my Hizir.

These infidels...

..thought foxiness
was a talent...

...when they couldn’t see
a lion on the field.

They should see that
Ottoman is the only one.. charge on the sea!

Ya Allah! Attack!
-Attack, levents!

Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!

You are Romans!

You can’t be defeated by Turks!

Allah-u Akbar!

Damn it.

We can't wait.

We will go back to the ship and
take Ebu Muhammed and the book.

They are taking the book
and Ebu Muhammed, brother.

They are going to the ship!
I will stop them !

Take Ebu Muhammed
to the storeroom!

They can't come here
without lifeboats.

Sailmakers, navigators on duty!

We will set sail!

Hurry! Hurry!

You will never make it to Rome.

Don't ask questions.

And don't move until we go to Rome.
The ship will set Off.

No one is powerful
enough to stop me.

How did you come here?

The Smith...

My sword will question
you now, Pietro!

So that the swords will
say the last words...

Then let's fight.

The swords said the last words.

And your fate depended
on your sword.

You wanted to turn this
sea into a bloodbath...

...but I will make
you a prey for it.

My men can cut you into
pieces it they want.

But I will show you
what manhood is.

Let’s see...

Hunt us, it you can.

I killed your levents!

The same ending is
waiting tor you!

Thanks to Allah, my Agha!

We saved the book and Ebu
Muhammed, thanks to Allah!

 My lion...

Thank you, Burak Reis

If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be able
to break the circle of death. EyvAllah.


...are the sons of
Cavalryman Yakup Agha.

You are the entrustments
of your father...

...who fought for the state.

The state..

..never forgets...

those who fight for it.

...and those who
fight against it.

Besides, these infidels..

..wanted to take the secret that would
turn Mediterrenean into a bloodbath.


...conquered these lands by
washing them with our own blood.'ft

We will shed blood once again. turn this sea into
a graveyard for them.

You deserve the largest share
of the victory, Oruc Bey.


My levents.

My sea wolves.

We, who took an oath to be the
swords of Mediterrenean

...sealed our oath with
the blood of infidels..

..we shed today.

We wrote our revenge on the
blue waves with our swords.

It's not the first time. And
it won't be the last time.

Our aim... to bury the
infidels in the sea...

..and set sail on seven seas!

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More seas, more rivers!

Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!

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