Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 With English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 With English Subtitles

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Thanks to Allah, we saved both
the book and Ebu Muhammed.

When the secret of
Mediterranean is revealed,

...we will have the power.

We drew swords together
for this battle.

We have to make preparations,

...move before the heathens
and conquer Kalimnos.

Otherwise, even if many
secrets are solved,'ll be hard to rule
over the Mediterranean.

Unita is Pope’s sword
in the Mediterranean.

And Kalimnos is one of the most
important places for them.

If we want to conquer Kalimnos,

...we should reduce Unita's
influence in the region first.

I want to discuss
this with you later.

-Thanks, Hayrabay.

Ebu Muhammed is here.

He's yours now.

What's the matter?

You don't look happy.

What does this mean, Hayrabey?

Why are you blocking our way?

I ordered them to
block your way!

I am...

...the new emir ot Alexandria...

...of the Mamluk State.
I'm Karabay!

Hayrabay is my aide now.

I'm the ruler of Alexandria now.

How dare you come to
Alexandria freely, Burak Reis?

This is not an Ottoman,
but an Mamluk land!

Leave this city immediately.

You’re not superior to me. Why
are you speaking on a horse?

Get off the horse first.

I think you didn't
hear me, Burak Reis.

I’m the emir of
the Mamluk State.

And you're someone who entered
Alexandria without permission.

I have both authority
and superiority here!

I’m Ottoman!

I represent my state here.

An ordinary emir like you can't speak
superior to the Ottoman State!

Get off that horse!

What will you do if I don't?

Shoot him!

He'll get off his horse then.


Don’t think I got off
because I was afraid.

I didn't want to cause a
war between two states.


Don't cause a war.

And leave this city.

The agreement signed between
Ottoman and Mamluk.

According to this, until we
finish our state affairs,

...we can stay here.

Either your sultan will send a statesman
who knows the state affairs...

...or we will teach you
how a state works.

Oruc Reis.

You both live and earn your
bread in Alexandria...

...and work with
the Ottoman State.

Does Ottoman...

...teach ingratitude
as a state manner?

You didn't give us even a
ship in our tight situation.

But the Ottoman helped us although
they were already in trouble.

Gratitude is...

leaving the man who lives in your own
country alone against the heathens.

Keep showing gratitude
to Ottoman.

You will suffer for this soon.

Oruc Reis, Despina isn't well.
You should come immediately.

You take care of your things, Oruc Reis.
We can discuss that matte later.



What's wrong with you?

Our baby, Oruc.

It’s gone.

My heart hurts so much.

I don't know how to breathe.

I can't relieve your
pain whatever I say.

I know that.

Tha pain of our baby
burns your heart.

Mine too.

What can we do?

It's Allah's will.

I have nobody else left but you.

I lost my baby.

I lost my father.

Your father?

Ishak Aga killed him.

He was my father no matter what.

I couldn't stand when
I saw his dead body.

I went to Isabelle thinking she
told Ishak Aga where my father was.

To bring her to account.

But she fought me.

Then she made me
fall off the stairs.

Then I lost my baby.

It's not good Oruc
collaborated with Ottomans...

...and defeated us in Kerpe.

Well, his time
will come as well.

Oruc's time will come.

But it was actually
Pietro's fault.

I told him not to take Unita's war ships
several times.. They didn't mind.

Forget about that. We
have bigger issues now.

Ottomans will start preparations
to conquer Kalimnos.

Kalimnos is our strongest
place in the Mediterranean.

So we will start a great work to
increase Kalimnos' combat power.

What kind of work?

We secretly looted lots of
golds from the Muslim lands.

We’ll send those golds
to Kalimnos safely...

...and hit them with
the power we provided.


Well, how will you
transport the golds?

It's a confidential plan.

We'll let you know with
a private message.

Very good.

Who are you?

What is this place?

You're in Horrible Carlos' ship.

We found you on a
rock off Kerpe Sea.

You were wounded. You would be
dead if we hadn't saved you.

It means you owe us a life.

Horrible Carlos, huh?

And I'm Pietro, the commander
of Kalimnos Castle.

Set the route towards Kalimnos
immediately, Captain.

When we reach there, I'll pay
you for the life you saved.

You heard him? He says he's the
commander of Kalimnos Castle.

I'm Maximilian, the
Roman emperor!

When I feel bored, I disguise and
set sail in the Mediterranean!

We know how to take the
price of the life we saved.

They'll pay good gold for you in
the slave market of Alexandria.

No, you can't take
me to Alexandria.

I have enemies there.

Set the route to Kalimnos now!

When we reach there, I'll give
you as many golds as you want.

Listen. This is not the
land where you get spoiled!

This is a vast sea.

And you are completely
at my mercy now.

I will sell you to the slaver
traders in Alexandria.

Your enemies or anything else
don t concern me at all.

Get me out of here.

You can't take me to Alexandria!

Get me out of here, dastard!

Get me out!

Get me out!

Get me out!

Get me out of here!

Get me out of here!

Did you kill Yorgo, brother?

Tell me, brother.
Did you kill Yorgo?

I took my revenge, Oruc.

Or the fire inside me was
going to burn me alive.


Did anyone witness that?


No one saw it.

I left his body at the
place where I killed him.

I would go and surrender
if I was wrong.

But I took what I deserved.

I shed blood for
the blood he shed

The only thing I'm
sad about is... the end... lost your baby.

You are not guilty, brother.

It's the decision of Allah.


Memluks see us as a target.

If they find out the murder, they
will do their best to hurt us.

Hizir is right, brother.

Thus, the murder of Yorgo
will be kept between us.

And you will not wander
around for some time.

I shed blood for the blood he shed.
I took my revenge.

If they are going to question
someone, they can question me.

You are right, but it's
not just about you.

Emir Karabay will
take us as well.

We are dealing with the
biik issue and Unita...

If Memluks also cause us trouble,
we can t fight against them all.

I will visit the Dervish to talk
about the book, my brother.

And I will visit Burak
Reis to talk about Unita.

Let's not forget our
actual problems...

...while dealing with this.

Let’s go.


You will take care of Despina.

What are you trying
to do, father?

I’ve never seen an encoded
information like this.

You might think that
I'm guilty, Oruc...

...but I have to give you this
information despite everything!

Why do you keep doing this?
You scared me!

I gave you too much gold to
receive information about Oruc.

-And you still didn't.
-I don't know anything!

I know what everyone knows.
Get lost.

Look, Asiye.

If you are trying to get rid of
me and be left with the gold...

...don’t ever dream about that.
I'll hurt you.

Keep this thing away from me! What are you
doing? -Despina and Isabel had a fight

That's why she lost her baby.

Tell me. What was the reason?
Or I swear...

I will slit your throat.

I don’t know! There
is nothing different!

No... there is
something different.

But you know the reason.
Tell me.

Despina's father was killed.

She thought that
Isabel was involved.


Ishak killed Despina's father.

And she thought that
Isabel told him...

...where her father was.

What do you mean?

Oruc's brother Ishak
is a killer, ha?

This information is worth
all the gold i gave you!

Well done.

His brother is a killer. And his
brothers are protecting him.

Now i will hurt you Oruc.

You took my finger.

And i will take your head.

tfou are saying that we should conquer
Kalimnos to destroy Unita but...

...we need more strength for
the conquest, Baba Oruc.

Will Ottoman accept this?

We have to make them accept it.

Look at that child...

I received an important information
about Unita. You have to listen to me.

What happened, Baba Oruc?

I have to deal with something.

We will visit Burak
Reis later on.

But we have to talk to
Burak Reis about Unita.

It’s also important.
It's about Unita.

I will first find out what that is.
Then we will go to Burak Reis.

You wait here. I'll come.

You fox!

The captive is free!

What is happening here?

I shed my blood on to your ship.

According to the laws of piracy,
you have to fight a duel.

I... the commander of
Kalimons Castle, Pietro.

I killed your leader.

I took your ship.

I don't want to
fight against you.

I will turn you into soldiers
who serve a greater cause!

Now ... tell me.

Do you want to become
famous warriors...

...under the command of
Kalimnos' Commander Pietro?

Yes, Commander Pietro.
-Yes, Commander Pietro.

Yes, Commander Pietro?

Then we are going to Kalimnos!

Course correction! We have
to arrive in Kalimnos!

Yes, Commander Pietro.

A long journey of revenge
is waiting for us.



I'm happy about your victory.

I called you here to
talk about Unita.


...first of all, I'm
so sorry for Despina.

It hurt me to know that
you lost your child.

But believe me, i am not guilty.

How did that happen?

I saw Despina hitting your brother
Ishak to protect her father.

But I didn't tell that
to you and Ishak.

I warned Despina and told her
to send her father away.

But when her father died...

...she thought that I informed
him and came at me...

...she tried choking me...

...and during the fight,
she fell off the stairs.

But I didn't want
that to happen.

I wish it never happened.

It is of course painful to lose my
child before having it in my arms.

But it's the decision of Allah.

Allah is the One who
gives and who takes.

We are carrying a great da’wah on our
shoulders for the innocent ones.

I will keep the grief of
my child in my heart..

...and fight for
the innocent ones.

We received news from Unita
with an encoded paper.

And I copied the same symbols
and wrote them down.

But i couldn't understand.

It must be important as
they needed to encode it.

Only Hizircan understand this.

They might be planning
something, we have to stop them.

As we came together, we should
examine this book, my Dervish.

Maybe we can find a symbol to find the girl
who is the key for the book. -InshaAllah.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

What happened, Hizir?

I took a look at it from
beginning to the end before.

I can't see some of the
papers i saw before.

Hay Allah! -What
happened, Hizir?

They tore some pages
from the book.

Kalimnos people must have taken
those pages as a precaution.

They didn’t want it to be solved
in case they lost the book.

We almost died for this book.

And look what we've found!

-Calm down, Hizir.
-How can I calm down, Dervish?

It's impossible to take
those missing pages back.

The book we showed great effort
for is just useless now?

The key will complete the missing parts.
The girl we've been looking for.

If we find her, we'll work together
and complete the missing pieces.

You were supposed to deal with her.
What happened?

I'm still looking for a trail.
Be patient.

Patience leads to
salvation, they say.

But patience sometimes
leads to grave.

It seems we will all die before
we solve the book's mystery.

What do you think you
are doing, fools?

They are my loyal men.
Put your swords down.

How dare you ignore my orders?

Your orders mean nothing
in this castle anymore.

Why? Am I dead? See? I'm here.

And I’m the commander of this
castle as long as I die.

No, Pietro.

Your body must be alive. But your
reputation sank deep in the sea.

This castle has a
new commander now.

You said you were the commander
of Kalimnos. Did you lie to us?

I'm the commander
of this castle!

I'll show this to everyone!
To the new commander first.

Pietro! Pietro!


He's even wearing
my Caesar crown!

I'll cut your head off
and take my crown back.


I thought someone else
became the commander.

It seems you thought I was dead and
did this to protect the castle.

I'm back, my friend!

I got my crown back.

No, Pietro. You don't have the
crown, the castle or the throne now.

How dare you talk to
me like this, Diego?

What does this mean?

You lost the battle.
You lost the book.

You lost Unita's ships.

Pope and Unita crossed you out.

I became the castle
commander to protect you.

I promise I will protect you
against Pope and Unita.

I told you... only fear was being stabbed
in the back like Caesar.

And you're a vile man who betrays
me under the mask of favor!

You are Brutus and...

Brutus can’t wear
Caesar's crown!

You should...

...listen to commander Diego.

He just wants to
protect your life.

He's now someone blessed
by the priests of Pope.

Damn Pope and those
who blessed him!

-I’m not a man to be wasted easily.
-Damn it.

What do you think you are doing?

You told me I would be in the throne
if I thought more smartly than you.

I secretly ripped these
pages off the book.

To stop them from solving the
book even if others get the book.

You see? I'm smarter than you.

So I have this throne. And my
intelligence will protect you from death.

Look, Pietro. Ottomans will definitely
start preparations to conquer Kalimons.

Unita will secretly send the golds which were
looted from Muslims to help us prepare for it.

You need to be in my shadow.
That s how I can only protect you.

We'll wipe Muslims off
the Mediterranean.

We'll take revenge
from Hizie and Oruc.

This is the best for all of us.

Who ever accepted to be in the
shadow of traitors and I should?

I'll take my revenge from
my enemies on my own.

Brutus got depressed
after killing Caesar.

And you.

Two Brutuses.

You will be depressed too.

I'll make Oruc and Burak Reis
pay for their impertinence!

How could they disrespect
us in our land?

It's all because
of you, Hayrabay.

You spoiled them so much that they
don't mind the great Mamluk state.

It's not my fault, mighty Emir.

Besides, those guys had never
disrespected our state before.

What? They have a
grudge only against me?

If I see you close to those guys
again, I will finish you, Hayrabay.

Yoy may leave now.

Mighty Emir, a local wants to
talk to you about a matter.

Mighty Emir, welcome
to Alexandria.

-With you, our state's sun will...
-Stop licking my boots.

Say it. Will you beg for money ?

-No, not money.
-What else can an ugly man like you demand?

I'm here to talk
about Baba Ourc.

I'll give you such

...that you'll make them badly
regret disrespecting you.

Don’t be upset, brother.
What happened.

Brother Oruc said the murder thing
would stay between us, anyway.


I don't care about the murder.

I'm worried about Oruc.

Oruc lost his baby.

I'm afraid that he and his
wife will be at odds.

I ruined my brother's family.

Don't be upset, brother. It's not
your fault. Oruc said that too.

What do you want?

You'll come in Emir
Karabay's presence with us.

Why will we appear before him?

You'll know when you go there.

Emir Karabay put us in
the blacklist, anyway.

He’s up to something
bad, it seems.

-We won’t go there then, brother.
-Take them.

This is tyranny!

But we will make
you pay for this!

When you appear before Emir
Karabay, make him pay if you can.

-Take them.
-Give me patience, my Allah.

Come on, Hizir. Couldn’t
you work anything out?

Be patient, brother.
Almost done.

Whatever is written in that
letter, we should solve it frst.

They’ll obviously
start a big plan.

Nile River.


They’ll carry a huge amount
od golds through it.

With the barrles of spice.

It seems they will land on
a bay near Alexandria...

...and secretly transport
them to Kalimnos from there.

There are gold
reserves in Abyssinia.

Clearly, they looted them.

They'll carry them through Nile River to
Alexandria not to be caught by Mmluks.

With the golds they
stole from us,

...they will increase the
combat power of Kalimons.

With what they took from
usm they will hit us!

Which ship? When? Which bay? Is any
other information written there?

There is not much
information, brother.

I will appoint
levent on this duty.

Let's go now. I need
to meet Burak Reis.


What will you do about the book?

How will you solve it
without the missing pages?

Dervish said he would find a lead
about the key, the missing girl.

If we find her, we
will complete it.

But I don't know
how to find her.

-Selamun aleykum.
-Aleykum selam.

Where are you going so hastily?

We untied an important
knot about Unita.

That's why we are in haste.

It seems today is the
day of unytying knots.

I've found a lead about the
girl we've been looking for.

She's probably on
Tenebris Island.

Tenebris Island?

I need to find a ship going
there as soon as possible.

Let's find that girl.

May it be good.

Oruc Reis. You will visit
Emie Karabay with us.

-You will learn the reason from Hadhrat Emir.

Is Emir now a cruel?

Why are you taking men from the street
without telling them the reason?


I have to deal with something.

We will deal with that first,
then I'll come and talk to him.

We don’t have time.
stand out of the way.

Who are you trying to
get a hold of, dog?

I am telling you that we have to
deal with something important.

Don't stop us.

Our swords will speak
if you resist.

Let's go.

Why did they bring you, Oruc?

Emir Karabay will tell us.

Tell us, why did you
arrest us, Karabay?

Do I need any more
reasons, Oruc Bey?

Ishak is arrested for murder...

...and you are arrested
for aid and abet.

Who witnessed it?

There was feud between the
deceased Yorgo and Ishak.

Besides, we have a witness.

It's enough for you
to be arrested.

Who is the complainant?
Where is he?

What are you going to do?

Are you going to
kill him as well?

The complainant will be kept hidden.
You will be punished for what you did.

You can't arrest us without
an evidence and a witness.

Why are you silent, Hayrabay? Are
you going to ignore this injustice?

Is that your loyalty
to friendship?

Whoever has the seal
is Suleyman, Oruc Bey.

I can't do anything.

This isn't a land of Ottoman
that you form alliance.

This is Memluk land.

Our rules are valid here.

And I am the person
who carries them out.

Thus, you are all arrested.

Take everyone out,
except Oruc and Hizir.

You are making a
mistake, Emir Karabay.

It's cruelty. Let us go.

If you knew the thing
that we were chasing.. would regret stopping us.

We are dealing with such
important issues that...

...Memluks and all Muslims
should be worried about that.

Let us go. Don't stop us.

I will let you go.

But first, you have to
accept my conditions.

Even though we
don't get along...

...I appreciate your
bravery and talents.

I need two men like you.

Come and...

...serve me.

I will not only let you go...

..but give you
everything you want.

Ships, properties, soldiers...

You are appreciating
our bravery...

..but you want to
buy us with goods...

Can you... bravery with
money, Emir Karabay?

Know you limits, Hizir.

I am offering you blessings.

What is Ottoman that you made
alliance with going to give you?

You are not offering us blessings,
you are offering us leashes.

You want to suppress us with
cruelty, then put on a leash.

We are not the men who will
surrender their nechs.

Ottoman gave us the
support you didn't.

That bravery is enough for us.


Take them to the dungeon!

They might have a chance
to think well there!

Your soul is living
with me Great Caesar.

Our fates were written the same.

You were a captive of pirates just like me.
Then you were freed.

We were both stabbed
by Brutuses.

You died...

...but I will let
your soul live.

I will seal the eagle
of Rome on my chest...

...for your soul to guide me.

I will keep the revenge that I
will take from the traitors...

...alive with this seal.

What is the letter in
your hand, Pietro?

There is no one that
can support my...

...great struggle in
this nest of betrayal.

I will send news to
the men i trust...

...and I will gather
them around me.

You are being childish, Pietro.

Stop being stubborn.

Look, we will soon get stronger
with the gold that Unita sent us...

...and take our
revenge from Turks.

And we will take the book back.
Let's do it together.

Diego... Diego... You stabbed
me once i turned my back.

I sealed the revenge i am
going to take on my heart.



...including all traitors.

I protected the castle
to protect him.

But if he has the opportunity,
he will not show mercy on me.

What are you going to do?

When I receive the gold that Unita sent,
will have the strongest weapons...

...and build a strong army.

I will take the missing pages of the
book and send them to the Pope.

Then Pietro will calm down
and pull himself together.

And he will start
thinking wisely.

Tell our men in Alexandria.

They will follow Hizir's steps.

we will take the missing
pages from him.

And he will let us find the man who
will solve the secret of the book.

I am not worried about myself...

...but my brothers are in
the dungeon because of me.

That's what I'm worried about.

Hadhrat Yusuf was put in a dungeon
by the Pharaoh of Egypt...

...although he was innocent.

A Pharaoh in Egypt
is torturing you.

But Hadhrat Yusuf trusted in
Allah and kept being patient.

With his trust in Allah, his hopes
were alive in the darkest dungeon.

You just need patience and
have to trust in Allah.

We trust in Allah, but...

...we have things to do outside.

I have to go to the island and find the
girl. I have to complete the book.

Unita will hit us with the
things it took from us.

We have to stop them.

But this dark dungeon
is stopping us.

No cruelty lasts
long in this world.

You will be saved, be patient.

Hadhrat Yusuf became the Sultan of
Egypt after he got out of the dungeon.

Allah always rewards those
who serve His da'wah.


I was devastated when I heard about it.
How could they be so cruel?

Someone complained
about the murder.

There is no evidence, but he hates us.
That's why he put us in here.

If I find the one that
made a complaint...

If you want, I can take the
heys from the guardians...

...then you can
leave this place.

Don’t do anything, Esther.
We are innocent.

We will be freed in the end.

I am just trying to help.



If you doubt about me...

...I swear,
didn't do anything.

I buried this issue
in my heart...

...why would I make a complaint?

No one doubts about
you, Despina.

Don’t worry.

Besides, you are
already suffering.

Don't make yourself suffer more.

I am not mad because of myself.

There were things that
we had to deal with.

If we can't solve those issues
because we were here...

...they should be afraid
of my furor when i go out.

The gold that Unita sent... too important for
the war in Kalimnos.

Thus, i don't want any accidents
until they arrive in their place.

Or they will destroy us.

Oruc and his brothers are done.

What are sating, Cafer?

The Emir of Alexandria Karabay
put them in the dungeon.

What was the reason?

Because Ishak killed
Despina’s father...

...and Oruc, Hizir,
Ilyas helped him.

Everything works out well today.

Isabel, bring me some of the delicious
wine, then we will find some peace.


I complained about
it to Emir Karabay.

Oruc will pay for my
finger with his head.

You finally did something
that suits you, Cafer.

Well done.

Oruc, what are you going to do now? How
are you going to get out of there?

We don’t have much time.

There is a lot to do.

Did you think about what I said?

As we don't bow down here,
our answer is clear.

Find someone else
to put a leash on.

So that you are going to
judge us, call the Qadis.

We will defend ourselves. And
we will get out of here.

You are not going to be saved.

I will judge you.

I will make a
decision about you.

Let my brothers go.

Take me, if I am the only one
who is blamed for murder.

Don't be cruel.

Your brothers must've thought
that before embracing a killer.

You committed a murder in
the middle of Alexandria...

...and now you are
being rebel now!

Who do you think you are?

You know thos we are.

That's why you want
to destroy us.

But you will pay for this.

You will pay for
what you did first.

What do you think you
are doing, Burak Reis?

What do you think you are doing?

How dare you...

...arrest men with no evidence and no
witnesses? How dare you torture them?

It’s enough if there
are any complainants.

It's in our laws.

This is Memluk.

Now get lost...

...or you will pay for
your disrespectfulness.

You are trying to torture these men just
because they made an alliance with Ottoman.

But i won't let you do that.

Neither you, nor the state
of Memluk can touch them!

Allah Allah..

Why is that?

Because Ishak Bey is the
Sanjak Bey of Lesbos.

With the authority we
received from our Sultan...

assigned him to the
Sanjak Beylic of Lesbos....

If you...

...put a blame on Ishak
Bey and his brothers...

...without an evidence
and a witness... will fight
against Ottoman.

Now tell me. Are you
brave enough to do that?

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Alright then.

So that Ottoman is
protecting them...

...they will leave
Alexandria right away.

You are not strong enough to send
them away from Alexandria as well.

I am the Emir of Alexandria!

I do whatever i want!

You can’t!

Because Oruc Bey is now the
Ambassador of Ottoman in Alexandria.

If you send our Ambassador
away from Alexandria... means that you declare
wae against Ottoman.

Go ahead now. Do it it you can.

You did this to
take them from us.

You won, for now.

But game is not over yet.

I will make you regret.

You tried to take the men who we
supported just because you hated us.

You can do whatever you
want Karabay, but...

...keep this in mind, those
who want to take our men...

...always end up
losing their heads... the end.

Thank you, Burak Reis.

You did this to save us.

I didn't do this save you, Oruc Reis.
I was thinking about it.

We have to start making preparations in
Lesbos for the conquest of Kalimnos.

It will be centre of conquest.

They didn't have a
strong sanjak beylic.

Yakup Agha's son would be a...

...good choice to strengthen it.

Thank you, Burak Reis.

We always wanted to protect
the lands of our ancestors.

Alexandria is an important place
for the conquest of Kalimnos.

We need to receive information
here and send it to Lesbos.

Thus, someone like you would
be suitable choice, Oruc Bey.

Thank you, Burak Reis.

But we never depended on
a state with my levents.

It would be enough
if you supported us.

We will work on it.

We will follow our da'wah even
when we are alone, evelAllah.

It's a manly manner.

But... you are putting
yourself in danger, Oruc Bey.

We are giving you this
duty temporarily... will be a shield for you
until we conquer Kalimnos.

If you don’t have the power
of a state behind you..

...they will destroy you right away.
You just witnessed it.

We are not trying to
make you a servant...

You are not a man who can
tolerate it anyway.

With this alliance,

...we will both
conqueror Kalimnso...

...and you will destroy Unita.


...tell Ishak Bey to make his
preparations to go to Midilli.

You make your preparations
too, Oruc Bey.

I'll wait for you
for the ceremony.

EyvAllah, Burak Reis.

I'll go to the docks with Niko.

Letts seeif a ship going to that
island.We should find the girl in no time.

EyvAllah, Hizir.


Yu go meet levents.

Unita will smuggle golds through
Nile River in the barrels of spice.

Tell them to find out with which ship,
when and from which bay they will deliver.

As you order, Aga Reis.

Brother, we'll go home and make preparations
for the ceremony if you'll excuse us.

Are you crazy? No ship
is going to thet island.

No sailor even wants to
go past that island.

However much they
want, we will pay.

Is there no ship
that can go there?

We have very important
business on that island.

We have to go there.

The only thing you can do
on that island is dying.

Choose an easier way
if you want to die.

You see? That island is cursed.

Who would go to such as island?
we're pushing it in vain.

I read many stories about treasure islands.
Thay were all wonderful.

But in reality, it isn't.
Give up on this.

Mediterranean Sea is full of more mysterious
stories than what you read, Niko.

But we will make our own story.

And I have no intention
to give up on this story.

How will we find a ship?

You heard it. Nobody
wants to go there.

Oruc. He’s the only
one who can help us.

Let’s go.

You said you had enough power to
give me the position I wanted.

We were supposed to the ambassador
Oruc already took the position

Great Kilic Bey couldn't
do anything about that.

Anything! You couldn’t
say anything.

You're crossing the line, Sahin?

You're talking to your father.
What should I have done?

You're talking to your father.
What should I have done?

Bring great Burak
Reis to account?

Oruc collaborated with ottomans
and defeated the heathen army.

How could I say you deserved to
be the ambassador instead of him?

These are all empty words, father!
Empty talks!

I’ve gone on as many
campaingns as Oruc has.

I shed blood too. I
killed heathens too.

But you couldn't back me up.

You're still lying to yourself.

You’re not enough for
us anymore, father.

You're lucky...

...that you are my son.

If someone else said that to me,
I would cut his tongue off.

Get out of my sight now!

-My Despina.

How are you?

-I'm better as you are with me.

So, how did they release you?

Burak Reis said he chose me
as the Ottoman ambassador.

-So Karabay couldn't hold me.
-Are you an Ottoman ambassador now?

I'm so happy for you, Oruc.

That gave us a little happiness
at least in these painful days.

Whith my Allah...

...tests me with the
suffering og our baby,

...I need to be strong for
the rights of the innocent.

All I want from you
is to be with me.

I know I upset you.

I got overwhelmed by my anger while
you were dealing with many troubles.

Forgive me.



Unita will smuggle golds through
Nile River in the barrels of spice.

And Reis wants to know with which ship,
when and where they will make the delivery.

I have friends working in
the river transportation.

I will ask them without
deawing suspicion.

It will take some time to find out.
But we will doour best.

We should leave immediately.

Gome on! Please!

-Please! Please!

Guys, I'm not in the mood tday.

Turning kids down doesn't suit
a magician like you, Ester.


You're free again?

How did that happen?

Well, I said I would get out
of there with my head up.

And in case you might
change your mind,

...I get the key.

Do you never stand still?

Seriously, how did you
get out of there?

Ishak Aga became the
sanjak bey of Midilli.

And Oruc was declared to
be the Ottoman ambassador.

So Mamluks had to release us.

It's nice to see
you outside again.

I’m happy that you’re out.
I mean all of you guys.

I was going to the ceremony
of Oruc's ambassadorship.

I shouldn't be late.

Guys, come here!

You want moneyjto come
out of your ear's back?


-See? It's here.
-How did you do that?

How do you do that? It’s magnificent.
You must be the best magician!

These are small tricks, guys.

The best magician is the
magician stealing a heart?



Remember this truth.


This cavalryman sanjak once was
give to your father Yakup Aga... Fatih Sultan Mehmed.

As the sanjak bey of Midilli,
the entrustment is yours now.

Single fringed aigrette.. the sign of your
authority in Midilli. the name of
the ottaman State.

I'll carry out this honorable
duty that me state gave me.

I will do my responsibilities at
the cost of my life and blood.

Thanks to this edict, the
power of the Ottoman State...

...will be represented with
your alliance in Alexandria!

The Ottoman State is our
ancestor's homeland.

I will properly do...

...whatever our alliance
and my position require.

From now on, to rule all the seas,
we will have the same goals,

...the same path and
the same cause.


It was a dream. But
it's real now.

May Allah help you
succeed, brother.

Congratulations, Aga Reis.

You are an ally with the
shadow of the Ottoman State.

May your shadow in the seas be
might like the state, brother.


Congratulations, brother

Our route is clear now.

We'll take Ishak Bey to Midilli

Our alliance has
begun, Oruc Reis.

May the destination of our
path we've started... the heathen's suffering and
the victory of the Islam world.


Midilli is important for the
conquest of Kalimnos, brother.

Muneccim will come with you.
He’ll be useful there.

I'll always be in contact and
support you when you need.

InshaAllah, we'll plant flags
of conquest like our ancestors.

InshaAllah, brother.

-May Allah protect you.

Even I am taken here blindfolded
now, the master of Unita?

Before you got defeated, were on the masters
of Unita, Pietro.

But now you're a guilty one who
destroyed our ships and soldiers.

-Kneel, Pietro.
-I won't.

I'm not here to ask for forgiveness
orsurrender my head to you.

Why are you here then?

You know your
punishment is death.

I didn't get defeated.
I just lost a battle.

I'm here for another
chance to take revenge.

Why should we give
you another chance?

You know why? Because...

I’ve spent years to rule everywhere
that you see in this map.

I sacrificed my face to plant this
cross on the top of the world.

I've fought, got wounded and
shed blood all my life!

I almost died several times!

I couldn’t even look for my brother
because of working for Unita.

While you gave orders from your
mansions and counted your golds,

And while you enjoyed your
days with entertainments,

...I fought in the battle
fields and castles!

While I was working for Unita,

I lost my castls, my crown...

...and the damn master chairs...

...which you are
sitting on right now!

Now it's my right to take
revenge of what I have lost...

...and especially to kill Oruc.

So you need to give
me a second chance.

Oruc has become the Ottoman
ambassador in Alexandria.

And Ishak the sanjak
bey of Midilli.

They will do their best. destroy Unita
and conquer Kalimnos.

How will you deal with them?

It makes me more determied.

We have to increase the
combat power of Kalimnos.

You're bringing golds
for that secretly.

You can guess the
transportation won't be easy.

I want you to give
this duty to me.

Those golds are very
crucial, Pietro.

They need to arrive in
Kalimnos without trouble.

That’s exactly why you
should give this duty to me.

Alright, Pietro.

You got your second chance.

If you bring the golds to
Kalimnos with no troubles,'ll be among the
masters ot Unit again.

But if something
happens to the golds, will lost your life.


We need to find a ship to
go to Tenebris Island.

I don't like this, Hizir.

The way leading to that island is
full of storms and whirlpools.

The island itself
is already fatal.

I don't want you to
go to that island.

Brother, the girl is there

She's our only chance
to solve the book.

Dervish said it was
just a possibility.

You’ll risk your life
for a possibility.

We need to follow
every possibility.

There is no other option.

So we have to find a ship.

No ship will want to go there.

No captain would
turn to that island.

You are Baba Oruc. Only you
can handle this issue.

Look, you and I untied the
knot of a big issue together.

And will you leave
me alone on this?

Won't you give me
a hand, brother?

Besides, we can also learn
things about Unita from her.


This arranged this huge
place as an orphanage!

Weren't the orphanages
in cairo enough for you?

A orphanage was
needed in Alexandria.

-There are orphans here too.
-Orphans are everywhere.

State can’t establish
orphanages everywhere.

Most of them are brought to
the orphanges in Cairo.

We train them for the state,
the madrasah and the army.

And what do you do?

Mighty Emir, here....

Orphans do nothing at all.

Our state will provide a
future for them in Cairo.

Here is my order.

The orphanage will be
closed as soon as possible.

And the kids will
be sent to Cairo.

You can’t do this. I’ve sacrificed
my years for this place.

You can't close it so suddenly.

Mighty Emir, Zeynep
Hatun isn't worng.

She did a lot for
this orphanage.

Besides, they train
the kids very well.

You shut up, Hayrabay!

There is disorder in Alexandria because.
of the tolerance of people like you.

How well could only two women
train kids on their own?

The kids will be in the shadow
of our state, in Cairo.

The orphanage will be evacuated
as soon as possible.

And you can teach the kids again
in the orphanage in Cairo

If you don't accept that, won't be able to
work in an orphanage again.


-Zeynep -Yeah?

Guys, , it’s meal time.
Let's go to the kitchen.

It's meal time, Hamza.

What will you do now, Zeynep?

Will you leave the kids
and stay in Alexandria?

The purpose of my life
is those kids, Adelina.

L've devoted my life to them.

Besides, there are some
guys who want Hamza.

They attacked again.

I can't leave them alone

You'll go to Cairo too then.

I don’t know.

I am very confused.

Stop. You can't leave.

Don't you know who I am? Idiots.

We do. But now you
are a traitor...

...that is wanted by Unita.
And Mr. Sylvio...

...ordered us to
kill you for Unita.

Take the bodies of
your friends...

...and clean this place.

If I see a single
stain on the floor...

...I will wash this
place with your blood.

Pietro... -Did you forget
how to say "sir”, Sylvio?

Sure... If you are brave enough to
make an order to have me killed... are surely disrespectful
enough to call me Pietro.

I'm so sorry, sir Pietro.

But Unita wanted you dead.
What can I do?

Unita gave me another chance.

If you didn’t know about
that, you must be an idiot.

But if you made this order
although you knew this...

...then you are a traitor.
And I hate both of them.
Yem Bolum

I am so sorry.

I didn't know that Unita
gave you another chance.

Forgive me.. If you kill me... will have lost your
best assistant in Alexandria.

Forgive me for our cause.


We fight for our cause,
we risk our lives...

...but you are playing with
women who work in your lodge.

And I don’t like
perversion, Sylvio.

Sir Pietro, please, don't.

Sir, forgive me...

I'm sorry.

I beg you, I promise...

...I won't do it again.
I promise.

That fear will be enough for
you to not do it again.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Where is the gold that
came from the nile river?

They will arrive in the
bay in the morning.

They will let us know
which bay it is, sir.

Why did you ask?

Unita gave me the
duty of delivery.

We need to handle this
without a problem.

I lost many things, Sylvio.

My reputation.. position, my
crown, my castle...

And I will take a revenge as
big as the things I've lost..

...from Oruc.


...sir Pietro...

...Oruc became the Ottoman
Ambassador in Alexandria.

It will be harder for us
to fight against him.

Don't think about this, Sylvio.

I called a man... That man will
turn Alexandria into hell for Oruc.

Who is he?

He is thoughtful.

Do you see him? -Yes...

What are you looking at?

Watch your language, Sahin!

Are you making us
pay for the slap?

You dog! How do you say
that my father slapped me?

Everyone knows! People speak
in Alexandria, don't you know?

Control your anger,
or we will crush you.

Are you going to crush me?
Ha? Answer me.

Are you going to crush me?

How are you going to crush me?
Show me!

How dare you punch our brother?

Take the dead body and get lost!

Or I will kill you as well!


We got rid of those
dogs thanks to you.

Let me see your face.


Brother.. -Brother...

You came back to your homeland!

MashaAllah... you
look like a lion.

Where is our sister? -She
will come later, brother.

Brother... I heard
that dogs are...

...ruling Alexandria.

And our father Kilic Bey
is supporting them.

And he is torturing
you for them.

That's right.

My father turned into
a different man.

He even slapped me for
those who you call dogs.

How can he do that
to my brother?

For a few dogs...


We will take our revenge.

We will.

Since you are back...

...we won't die on the ground.
My lion...

Going to that island
is going to death.

Even if you pass the waves and storms,
death will still surround you.

Pirates never go there.

We knew this before we
came here, Kilic Bey.

If I go, death is going to be one of the
possibilities. But if I don't go...

...the innocent ones’
future will be in danger.

Just give us a ship,
it will be enough.

Hizir is right, Kilic Bey.

If Burak Reis didn't send the ships
he took from Unita to Alanya...

...we were going to
take the ship from him.

But you are the only one left
who we can ask a ship from.


You are welcoming your son who came
to the homeland after years... this.

Did you have another
son, Kilic Bey?

We didn't know that.

Are you still mad at me, father?

Are you mad enough to
not mention about me?

It’s not the right time.

Oruc and Hizir are
our close friends.

So you are the famous brothers
of Alexandria, Baba Oruc...

...and his brother.

Good... I was always curious...

...about the ones who my father called
his sons instead of my brother.

Do not start speaking of
evil once you say Bismillah.

You just arrived.

You don’t know who I am. I am not saying
anything just because we don't know each other.

We know who you are. You
should know who we are.

You know the seas that you try
to rule without a ship...

...I did business all
around those waters.

My name is known on seven seas.

I am not kind like my father...

...and I am not a
loser like pirates.


Let's go, brother.

He apparently lost his sails.

He shouldn't be
overturned in our furor.

I will take care
of the ship issue.

What happened, father?

What ship are you talking about?

Are you giving your
goods to them now?

Why do you care?

Who are you to question me?

We were all going to be
destroyed because...

...of the haram
business of yours!

And you dragged your
sister with you!

Your mother died because of you! And
now you are standing in front of me...

...and questioning me about my business!
-Of course I am, father!

I am!

Don’t forget, I and my sister
supported you for this wealth!

We now have the right to speak!
Who are they, father?

Who are they, father? You both support
them and torture my brother for them!


You cried the blues, ha?

What do you mean, father?

Everyone in Alexandria talks about it.
We are in shame because of you.

-Know your limits’
-Look, father.

I came here to unite
with my family...

...and stronger.

I won't give a single thing that
belongs to our family to them!

From now on, you are not the
only one who has a voice.

I am also here.

Since my brother came here...

...a new period is
about to start.

Even if you want or not, the old
period will be destroyed...


Sahbaz seems worried.
What do you think?

Someone must've stepped on his
tail since he is so angry.

We will see.

Then we have one more
enemy in Alexandria.

Baba Oruc. Our levents brought
an important information.

It's about the gold that is going
to be brought from the nile river.

-Let’s go.
-I'll go home, brother

We will make preparations
with Niko for tornorrow.

Alright, my lion. I will
give you 4 levents

You will need them in the island.
May Allah lead you.


Thank you, brother.


It's been years since
I last saw you.

-Welcome, my dear friend.
-Thank you, Roman.

Thank you.

When you told me what happened in
Alexandria and called me here...

...I understood that
I should come back.

We are strong on
the sea, Pietro.

But we always asked for
the support of a state.

Oruc became the Ambassador...

...and his brother
became the sanjak bey.

And my father just watched.

It's not good.

It can't happen.

I will not let him support
those dogs anymore.

I will be their storm.

This is the Sahbaz I missed.

What did Sahbaz mean
in your language?

The Shah of eagles.

You and I, as two eagles,
will ruin this order...

...and destroy Oruc
and his family.

But... I received news from
our men at the harbor.

Kilic Bey is having
a ship prepared.

And Hizir is on it.

And just because
Hizir wants it... will change its route. -Hizir
must be doing something about the book.

I really get mad at your
father for supporting him.

We have to stop Hizir.

You have to stop your father
from preparing a ship for him.

warned him.

I warned my father for once,
but he didn't listen.

I guess I have to show the
dark storm to my father...

...before Oruc and Hizir.

We learned where the gold barrels
will be delivered from, Agha Reis.

There are two bays near Alexandria at the side
of Nile River. They will use the one at north..

..then they will carry
them with carts.

But we don't know how they are
going to send them to Kalimnos.

So we have to take the barrels
once they arrive in the bay.

Levents. Get ready.

We will set off in the morning and take
osmcnhc, gold on the way. -Yes, Agha Reis.

So...the north.

Inform your men.

They will go to south

But won't a sudden change
cause an accident?

Don’t teach me anything, Sylvio.
Just do as I say...

The gold will not only determine
my fate but also Unita's fate.

If Oruc finds out,
he won’t wait.

Yes, sir.

And I will go to north.

I hope Oruc comes.

Killing him will be the greatest
pleasure for me, Sylvio

No one that went to that
island came back Kilic Reis.

You know that as well. How can
we risk the ship and our crew?

I own the ship and the crew.

And I see you all
as my children.

I am giving you this duty because
I trust you and the crew.

You will handle this. Now go...
And fulfill your duty,

Don't, Captain.

That ship won't take Hizir.

You graceless!

How dare you make an
order after my order?

You are risking the
ship and the crew...

...just to support Oruc
and Hizir, father.

You supported them enough.

That ship will not
carry Hizir, Captain.

I will cut your tongue off..
I promised them!

I am not going to let anyone
say that he broke his promise!

I told you, father. I told
you that I also had voice.

But you are still making
your own decisions.

I won't let that happen.

Hizir won't get on that ship.

Or next time, I won't
come here like this.

Thanks to you, we are going to
visit death again, brother.

Let’s see if we can
survive this time.



Emir Karabay came.

They are going to
close the orphanage.

They will send the
children to Cairo.

I thought about leaving...

But this is my da'wah.

I will go to Cairo
with the children.


-He disturbed everyone after he arrived.
-Don’t get mad, whatrhappened happened.

Life is stormy.

It waves people around
when you least expect it.

Be careful, alright?

-May Allah help you.
-Don't give up.

We will find something else for
you to continue your da'wah.

It is hard for me to leave
Hamza and the other children.

I should go.

So that you’ll be happier...

May it be good for you, Zeynep.

It was good to know you.

I hope we can both survive
the storm of life.

Hizir! We are ready, brother.

May Allah be with you, Zeynep.

Good bye, Hizir.

Sir Pietro!

Sir Pietro!


You are going to let
us take the gold...

...on the men who
we killed, right?

I don’t want an ignoble man
who can rob dead bodies.

If you want to live
like a gentleman... are not going
to act like a mouse.

Sir Pietro. Sir Pietro.

Oruc set off to
Nile with his men.

Nice. I was right.

Oruc must’ve found a
clue about the gold.

Let's lay an ambush. We will present a good
prepared death to Oruc when he arrives.

The waves must seem like
a mountain, brother!

And the storm is
not going to end!

I hope we can arrive in the island!
-We will, Niko.

Even if the ship is overturned, I will hold on
to a piece of wood and swim to that island.

I won't give up!

It got harder to control the ship!
We can not resist the waves!

We have to change the route!

If you change the route,
you will risk your life.

I will throw you to the
sea, take your ship...

...and take this
ship to the island!

Sailors will have to
stand on the deck!

No one will stand on
that deck in this storm!

Niko! Bring those clothes!

Now you have men that
can stand on the deck!

We will do everything
that you need.

-Wear them, Niko!
-Hizir, are you insane?

I said wear them, Niko!

Where is that man?

Oruc must've fallen
into my trap already.

You were right, Agha Reis. They are following
south to deliver the gold Unita stole.

We will set off
in the morning...

We will take the gold on the way.
-Yes, Agha Reis.


Unita won't easily
handle this...

...since they used
encoded letters.

If they said north,
they might go south.

Send some of our
levents to north.

We will go and lay
an ambush to south.

As we detected the place... is time to make a raid.

Let's go, levents!

They are Oruc's levents.
Should we attack them, sir?

No, Alfeo.

If Oruc set off to Nile...

...why would he send
three levents here?

Why isn't he here? -Do you
doubt about something?

Yes, Alfeo.

Let’s go. We are going south!

Who are you? What do you want?

-We came here to take some spices.
-There are no spices!

Get lost! It will
cost your lives!

I see some spice barrels.
You shouldn't be so stingy.

We won't leave before we
take the spice barrels.

Because we love hot
and spicy things.

-These don't look like spice barrels.
-Because there is gold in them.

Let’s not waste time here. Other
Unita members might come here.

Take the chests. We will take the
horses in the forest and leave.

Let's go!

Captain left as he brought us
here without looking back!

Do you think all captains are
as brave as Oruc Agha, Niko?

Just peay so we can find
the girl before the afternoon.

If the ship can't find us when it arrives
on the shore, it will leave right away.

Finding the girl in this forest is
harder than finding a sea in a desert.

I don't know how
we can find her.

If we look for, we can find.

We'll check every stone,
every tree and every bush.

Now that we've come this far, we won't
go back without the girl, EvelAllah.

There are trails
here, Hizir Aga.

Calm down.

We’ll open it now
and save your hand.

It will stop bleeding
when we bandage it.

Don't worry. Come.

Don't jump on the
every trail you see.

This place is full of traps.

We will continue cautiously.

Damn it! We couldn't
arrive in time.


-These are Unita's men, sir.

We set traps for him.

But he made us fall in his trap.

Now what will I tell Unita?

Sir, save me.

For a clumsy man like you,

...death is the best salvation.

This was my last chance.

I won't let you waste it, Oruc.

I will take those
golds from you.

SubhanAllah. Why can
I not open these?

I’ll break them all now!

It’s opened.

It's full of black pepper. They
may have hidden it inside.

There are no golds here, Aga Reis.
Did we take real barrels of spice?

What a pity if we killed all
those men for black pepper.

-Give me a fine sieve.
-Here, Reis.

It's gold powder.

They were carrying
the gold as powder.

And they put it inside the black
pepper to hide it from us.

Look at the intelligence of the heathen!
But Baba Oruc’s intelligence beats them.

We got the gold, Aga Reis.
What now?

We'll give it back to those
who they stole it from.

But we'll keep it for a while. Unita
will definitely try to take it back.

We'll trap them by
using the gold.

Levents, you sift the gold.

Stay with the gold.
You come with me.

May your work be easy.

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I almost died.

Thanks, Hizir.

You saved my life again.

We're in an unknown area.

Everybody keep their
eyes wide open.

We need to take the
gold back from Oruc.

We need to get them before
Unita asks about them.

And it bothers me that Oruc gets
our confidential information.

The information comes
to the inn first.

Maybe there is a mole working
for Oruc, huh, Sylvio?

Someone who gets
along well with him.

What do you mean?

You mean my daughter Isabelle?

She would never do that.

-Besides, how could she know?
-I don't mean anyone. Don't worry.

But now we should suspect
everything and everyone.

Did you manage to prevent your father
from arranging a ship for Hizir?

I said what was
needed to be said.

But he didn't listen to me.

-He arranged a ship for Hizir.
-He arranged a ship for Hizir.

How could you say
that so easily?

-I’m not pleased with this either, Pietro.
-Tell me how you'll rule Alexandria.

You can't even make your
father listen to you.

What will be your difference from your
brother Sahin? Tell me why you are here.

If your brother isn't affected by the
storm, be a hurricane then, Sahbaz.

Don't worry.

Even if he's my father, he will
learn my words should be obeyed.

You summoned me, sir?

We need to push from every direction
to take the gold from Oruc.

Now go and abduct
Oruc’s wife, Alfeo.

If we can't convince him, he'll have to
give the gold in return for his wife.

As you order.

You've brought curse here by landing
on our holy island, strangers.

This place will be your grave.


I told you not to provide
Hizir with a ship

Why didn't you listen to me?


I thought you were a man and
let you sit in my table

Stop being a dog

And eat.

Stop blabbering.

Your ship will bring him
back from the island.

-Is that so?
-Yes. Should I leave him alone there?

This is not good, father.

Not good at all.

I said we should be
united as a family.

You betrayed me.

You didn't mind my words.

Everyone who knows me knows
the price of this action

You will learn too.

Are you threatening me?

Who are you?

How could you threaten me?

Who are you?

Did you..

You poisoned me?

You.. Did you...

We’ve come this far
following a myth.

Even if there is a
girl on this island,

...these cannibals must have eaten her.
Let's get out o here.

No, Niko. I won’t go
back from this point.

We came here to find the girl
and won't go back without her.

Come on!

We ruined a great game of Unita
thanks to your information, Isabelle.


But Unita will never
stop chasing the gold.

They may try new plans.

I will let you know
if I learn anything.


-Mr. Alfonso.
-Not Alfonso. I'm Pietro!

Pietro, the commander
of Kalimnos Castle.

Pietro who you defeated
in the battle of Kerpe.

My castle, reputation and crown.

I lost them all because of you.

Now you've taken my last chance
from me by taking the gold.

My vengeance will be severe

No, no. Not now. Not now.

He must live for a while so
we can take the gold back.

My friends, you are
together again.

-It's nice to see you.
-Mr. Alfonso.

Honestly, I envy
your companionship.

Who knows what important secrets
you share with each other...

...and what important
matter you talk about?

I wish I had such friends too.

Tradesmen become friends only
with money, Mr. Alfonso..

Aren't they enough to solve the deep
secrets and get important information?

No, senorita. No.

Money doesn't open every door...

Love does, senorita.

Only those who have mysterious
and deep love for each other...

...can be close friends to share
their secrets with each other.

I've heard of your heroic
actions in the battle of Kerpe.

You were just like brave
Achilles in the battle of Troy.

Achilles came from the west and the
defeated the east with a trick.

I did just the opposite. I
defeated the westerners bravely.

Then you must know Odysseus too.

He had to have a sea journey for years to go
back to his homeland after the battle of Troy.

He got rid of all the obstacles and
went back to his homeland eventually.

Maybe an Odysseus survived among those
who you took down in the battle.

He may get over all the troubles and
come back for vengeance one day.

I'm saying this as a friend who says the final
word in the game by playing the card of death.

Don't be so
self-confident, Alfonso.

That card of death may have
been played on you too.

I'm saying this as someone who
survived many traps of death.

I'll be waiting for your
news about llnita, Isabelle.

Alright, Oruc.

I’m coming!


If you're here for
Oruc, he's not home.

First, we'll take you. Then
Oruc will come to me himself.

What's going on?

Who are you?

-Let me go!
-Come here.

Leave me!

Leave me. Oruc won't
let you live!

You think we will let Oruc live?


My father isn’t here. Were you
going to tell him something?

I have important news.
I will stop by later.

-Give it to me. I’ll deliver it to my father.

can give this only to Mr.

I will see him later.
Have a nice day.

If you don’t give
me, I can take it.


I'm here to check Despina. To
check if she needs anything.

I’m here for you.

I mean, I wanted to check
her in case you didn't.

-Go inside then.
-After you.


What happened here? It's
like a battlefield. Sister?

The door is open. Despina
wouldn't leave it open.

I will check inside.


Despina isn't inside, Ilyas.

-They abducted her.

The door is open. It's a mess.
Blood on the ground.

They clearly
abducted her, Ester

We need to go after her quickly.

I'll take levents with me and let
Aga Reis now. Let's go! Hurry!

The masters of Unita will meet
in the circled place, Oruc.

Like you guessed, they will make
a great game to take the gold.

If you catch them, you can destroy Unita.
You need to move fast.

Tell Ilyas and levents that
we'll have an important raid.

Ilyas and levents are
gone, Oruc Reis.

What do you mean they're gone?
Where are they?

-We don’t know, Oruc Reis.
-Find them.

I need to go somewhere now.
Give this to them.

We will miss them
if I don't go now.

-Tell the other levents to be ready.
-As you order, Oruc Reis.

Are you sure she came this way?

The woman I asked said so.
This is our only proof.


Is this..

It belongs to Despina.

-Sister Despina clearly struggled with someone.
-She’s probably in trouble, Ilyas.

Let's go this way, levents. We need
to find her before she's hurt.

You couldn't escape

Where are you going? Our
game isn t over yet.

-The game is just over, dogs!

Hold on, sister.
Attack, levents!

Let me go!


Be fast, levents! We need
to catch them! Come on!

This is where Unita will meet.

Did you check around?

Yes, Oruc Reis. There is no one.

You that way. And you that way.
Be cautious.

This is the light we've
been looking for.

We've finally found her, Niko.

I was tired of waiting, Hizir.

You've finally come.

I knew you would do something to
complete the missing pages of the book.

And I got you followed.

We also found the
girl thanks to you.

And your share is the death.

Let me go.

You have nowhere to run.
Leave her.



Don't get closer.

Or I will kill her.

Keep calm, sister.
We will save you.

If you leave her, I will spare your life.
You have my word.

If you want her
to live, go away.

Or I will kill her.

I won't die.

I won't die, but live for Oruc.


If my share is the death,

I will either kill you
and take the girl...

or die right here!

I need you for the book.

But you don't have to live.


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