Kurulus Osman Episode 73 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 73 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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My Hatuns , who set
off for the way of KizilElma...

...and who won't even hesitate
about sacrificing their...

...lives when necessary.

My brother...

We ruined all the
games of infidels.

The swords they have
drawn against us...

...cut them first.

And the future of our tribe,
our children are now with us.

Thanks to Allah, my Bey.

And those who tried to burn our
homeland Sogut burnt themselves.

We destroyed the move they made.

Now it is our turn.

It is time to conquer lands.

The first castle we will take...

...is Inegol!

We need catapults...

...to break their walls.

And we need more
swords for our Alps.

And we need iron for
all these things.

The way that leads to the
castle is filled with mines.

There are iron mines in Inegol.

If we take one...

...then we will have
solved our problem.

We have to work
on it, Osman Bey.

We have to see if the
mines are productive...

...and how many
people protects them.

A smith can notice
iron, brother.

Davut Usta is in
Inegol in disguise.

Hay MashaAllah.

It's a good move, Osman Bey.

It's smart.

InshaAllah he will come
back with good news.


InshaAllah he will.

Governor Saguros...

...set off from
Iznik to visit us.

We will host him according
to the rules of Turks.

-Are the preparations completed?
-Yes my Bey.

Iznik will talk about our
hospitality for days, my Bey.

We show our hospitality
to ones...

...who are trying to
be friends with us.

And we give a lesson to the
ones in the battlefield...

...who are trying
to be our enemies.

Now sharpen your swords.

It is now time to
make conquests.

New miners are coming.

We will sneak in the
mine with them.

Do not get their attention.

Don't show your faces.

I don't want any mistakes, Alps.

We will sneak in
evelAllah, Davut Usta.

Let's go.

They are not even letting
the villagers go.

Infidels are protecting
their goods well.

Give it to me.

Davut Usta...

It is the same
situation at the back.

There are archers everywhere.

They are placed on
a good position.

They are.

They are here.

Exploration comes first,
then the conquest.

Let's go Alps. May our
fight be blessed.

EyvAllah, Davut Usta.

Go, go.



It's Argus.

He might recognize us.

We will die if he
does, brother...

...but we will take him with us.

Then we will have reached
the shahada, brother.

What are you talking about?



Harmankaya Castle

Do you really think about
marrying Nikola, madam?

That marriage is not going
to happen, Cornelia.

Love is as strong as death.

Living my whole life with
a man who I don't love...

...is the same thing
with death for me.

I will never marry him.

You didn't forget what we
talked about right, Mari?

You have to complete your preparations
for the wedding as soon as possible.

By the way...

...you left the castle without
informing me yesterday.

Where did you go?

I went for a walk.

Where did you go?

I was around here, brother.

-I was in Harmankaya.
-You are lying to me while looking into my eyes!

How dare you go to Turgut's
tribe without informing me?!

What are you trying to do, Mari?

That's none of your
business, brother!

You are just spoiled!

You will not take a step out of
this castle until you marry Nikola.

Do you understand?

I have my eye on you, Mari!

You will get married tomorrow!
That's it!


Madam, are you alright?

My brother thinks he can use me
as his pawn, but he is wrong!

I want you to do something
for me, Cornelia...

It is really important for me.

I can do anything
for you, madam.

Go ask for help from Turgut.

Tell him to take me away
before I marry Nikola.

Do you trust him this much?

I trust him more than
anyone right now.

The mine is right here, my Bey.

The mine is close to the castle.

No matter what,

...we will capture this mine.

Tell me, Master Davut.

The mine ore is very fruitful.

That is from the mine.

And it means lots of
swords for our alps.

If we capture this mine, my Bey,

...I will make...

...the sharpest
arrow heads ever.

I will make the toughest cannonballs
to hit the castle walls.

Whatever we need for our bows and
catapults lies in that mine.

The mine is so fertile that..

...we can even sell the
swords that I forged.

MashaAllah, Master Davut.

I sent a goldsmith to
the mine for a reason.

The iron in your hands...

...will surely turn into swords.

But it's challenging, my Bey.

We need to cross the
border of Inegol.

Castle of Harmankaya

May God forgive
Priest Gregor's sins.

There was only one
thing he needed to do.

To place the flying flame. The
lose even failed to do that!

God may forgive him!

-I can't forgive such a fool!
-Priest Gregor was my friend!

Watch your words while
you talk about him!

He died while fighting for
the same cause with us.

Alright! What happened happened! You won't
fight over a dead priest, will you?

Saguros, Governor of Iznik!

Governor Saguros.

What a nice surprise.

We weren't expecting you.

I'm not here for a visit,

...but to warn you.

-About what?
-About what?

About the attacked held on Osman
Bey on the road of Nikea.

Osman is our enemy.

Don't be insolent, Kosses.

They tried to poison
him in my castle.

The one who attacked on
the road of Nikea...

...continued attacking
him in my castle.

Who attacked Osman...

...was me.

I would do the same if
I had a chance now.

The one who trades with Osman
and acts against us....

...and dishonors
the cross is you!

Because my friends and I...

...have experienced enough
that Turks cannot be trusted.

And you, Saguros?

How do you know Osman
didn't poison you?

You see?

He's a hero in your eyes...

...and a friend for you.

You talk too much, Nikola.

Tongue could be the end
of many powerful people.


Even highly powerful men...

...can be crushed like a fly...

...these days.

I'm not the one who
speaks carelessly.

It's you.


...it's also you who...

...collaborates with
Osman and betrays us.


I'm Saguros!

Governor of Nikea!

I'm going to pay a
visit to Kayi Tribe.

Both my caravans and my goods...

...will be protected
by Osman Bey.

Whether it's hard or easy,

...you will have to accept that.

This is my final word.

In these lands,

...every throne is very
slippery, Saguros.

Be careful.

Good bye.

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What are you
thinking of, my Bey?

How will we cross the
border of Inegol?

There is a solution
for every challenge.

I invited Governor Saguros
for a reason, master Davut.

We'll enter Inegol
with his caravan.

The mine is not only
for the swords.

To conquer Inegol,

...we should capture the
surrounding area first.

I'm reaching my
goal elaborately.

When it's time,

...everything detail of
my plan will be known.

If Saguros stands beside us,

...Lords will turn
against each other.

And this...

...will be great for us.

Do I have permission,
Aygul Hatun?

I'm coming, alright?

Crazy girl.

Where are you?

Not here.

Where are you, crazy girl?

Why is your face so dirty?

I'm coming from a duty.

You lost your tent?

What are you doing here
at this late hour?

Looking for you.

Before I go back to my
duty in the morning,

...I wanted...

I wanted to see you.

While I was..

...working in the
dark in the mine,

..I saw this stone.

It was shining like
sun in the dark.

That made me think about you.

You enlighten my darkness...

...just like this stone.


Just say yes already.

Haven't we waited long enough?

-Go, Cerkutay.
-If you say yes to me,

-No, I won't.
-You won't?


If the cave collapses over me, you
will have a guilty conscience!

Then you'll wish you
had said yes to me!

I won't, Cerkutay! You
messed up the whole place!

I have to do cleaning now! Go!

-You will regret this.

-I won't. Go!
-I'm going.

-Just go.
-I'm really going.

Crazy man.

What a crazy man!

Tribe of Turgut Bey

Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in.

What's the matter, Cornelia?

What are you doing here?

Did something bad happen?

Turgut Bey, I brought
a message from Mari.

I'm all ears.

Lord Kosses..

...want to make her
marry Nikola by force.


When is the wedding?


What's the reason of this haste?

I don't know.

What does she want from me?

She wants you to save her.

Nobody but you can help her.

Will you save her?

First, I want to know something.

Why does your lady
Mari trust me?

You can ask her that
question when you save her.

Fine. You can leave.

I'll let you know my answer.

Alright. By your leave.

Serhan, accompany
Cornelia on the way.

Look at Osman the Nomad!

He's trying to get
Governor Saguros onside...

...and destroy our alliance.

We're closer to each
other than ever before.

What we should do
is quite clear.

We can't let him harm us.

Saguros will die! Like a fly!

If Saguros.

...dies under
Osman's protection,

...the emperor will send
a huge army over Osman.

Not only the emperor.

When Osman went to Nikea
to have collaboration,

...I talked to Alemshah,
the vizier of Seljuks.

He's also bothered that
Osman is growing bigger.

Alemshah will loom over Osman, who tries
to do things on his own, like a nightmare.


..we should do our part.

Julia, your men will
deal with this.

As you command, Lord Rogatus.


Bring your men to me.

Not only Saguros,

...but also his
daughter will die.

I want a great tragedy.



-Thank you.


You honored us.

Thank you.



Come on!




...I wasn't expecting
such a glorious welcome.

Well, a good bey...

...should host a guest well.

You have seen nothing yet.

You should watch the arrow
shooting of my alps.


Alps, attention!




Turks! There is no one better
than you at arrow shooting.

They are as good as people say.

Even better.

My daughter Hera.

She want to meet you
and see your tribe.

Welcome. -Thank you.

We couldn't see you in Iznik, Hera.
You did well by coming here.

I was in the Constantine then.

I am very happy to meet
you although it's late.

My daughter, so that you are
curious about our tribe...

...we will show you around our tribe before
going into the tent, what do you think?

I would like that.

Then let's go into the tent.

And let's talk.

Gladly, Osman Bey.


Come with me then.

We will help Mari.

But we can not get
in the castle.

We will abduct her on the way.

My Bey, you are
saying well but...

-:...what if it's a trap?
Mari trusted me and asked for help.

We have to hold that hand..

...that she reached for help.

Take your precaution and
have the Alps ready.

And inform Cornelia.

We will abduct Mari..

...on the way to Inegol.

Yes, my Bey.

It's for you.

I thought it would
suit a Bey like you.

Thank you Mari.

What do you think about Latins
who conquered the Constantine?

It's been years since the
destruction caused by...

...Catholic Latins happened.

But... it still has its
effect on Constantine.

What can I think about it?

But everything is good in
the Constantine, Osman Bey.

They are living in peace
with the help of...

...the overseas trade and the
good that comes from the west.

But I heard that there are some people in the
Constantine who want to come together with the Latins.

Am I wrong?

Stupid ones who lost their
memory might think like this.

But most of the people say
otherwise, Osman Bey.

So they must've understood that
the crusade they attempted...

...destroyed them first.

How are the things in Seljuq?

We heard that they are being
oppressed by the cruelty of Mongols.

They are ruling there.

When did we see the ones who
rised against Turks live long?

For sure, they won't
live for long.

Sultan Mesud's resistance
is also important for us.

It is a wall between the
lands of Mongols and us.

May God be with them
against Mongols.


Allah is with the believers.

We know what happens
to the ones...

...who try to be our enemies.


InshaAllah my Boran.

Swing it!


That's nothing for Goktug!

Swing it stronger!

Swing it!

Can you also shoot arrows?

Go, girls. Show
her your talents.

Hey mashaAllah.


MashaAllah to my girls.


Swing it!

We will have dinner in Sogut.

And we will see the places for
production and the goods...

..shortly the reason
of your arrival.

I'd like to see them.

I am very happy to do
business with you, Osman Bey.

Our trades will make you...

...and Nikea stronger.


How does that happen?

You apparently have a secret.

Secret is kept
here, my daughter.

But we have one another secret.

We migrate. And
when we migrate...

...we always take precautions in
case of a dangerous situation.

That's why we start raising our
children when they are young...

Both boys and girls.

Let's see your talent now.


Try it.

I knew that this would happen.

I can't do it. I am not
talented like you.


Come here.

-Yes mother?

Look, my daughter.

This is Goktug. He is
a talented archer.

He will tell you how
to shoot an arrow.

Astagfirullah mother.

I will share my knowledge with her.
-But you are, Goktug.

You are a good archer.

Talent blazes if praised.

Tell her how to shoot an arrow.

And you will bring our guest back
when the exercise is over, ha?

EyvAllah mother.

Hatuns! I'll bring
sherbet for you.

We have to cook and do our
jobs in the tent! Let's go!

She is very beautiful.

And she is not married.

Listen to the words of
your Selcan mother.

And steal the heart
of this girl.


Don't flush, son.

They are your sisters.
Not strangers.

Come on.

You have eyes like
a hawk, mother.

Eyes look, my girl.

But the heart sees.


...you should put
on this thumb ring.

Let me.

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Stand like this.

Arrange your arrow.

Look at your target.

Draw your bow.


Can I shoot so well?

Sure. If you train well,
you can be a good archer.

Come on. Your turn.


Hold a little higher.

Look at your target,
draw your bow.

That's it.

Saguros and his daughter
will die, Samuel.

I want no mistakes.
Do your best.

Governor Saguros...

...and his daughter won't
survive out of Sogut.

And Osman will be held...

..responsible for that.

Do I have permission, mother?

Come in.

You called me over?

Come here. Sit.

Tell me. How was it?

Did you teach her to
shoot arrows well?

Was she a good learner?

She learned, mother.

She did. She's talented.

She's not like a Greek girl.

She draws the bow very well.

She's obviously talented.

She shot the arrow
in the right place.

Well, mother. Don't make
me feel embarrassed.

You shouldn't be
embarrassed for love, boy.

You used your steel chest...

..against the spears and mauls.

Now you're protecting
it from love?

Some things are
impossible, mother.

Hera is the governor's daughter.

But I'm an alp who has
nothing but his sword.

What can I even give her?

If I go after the impossible,
I can lose myself.

Nothing is impossible.
You have your heart.

Don't we all worship Allah that is
QADIR (The Capable, The Powerful)?

Only He has power on hearts.

If He has predetermined,
nobody can stop it.

If she's the governor's daughter,
you are Great Osman Bey's alp.

If you have fallen in love,
you shouldn’t give up.

I will talk to Osman Bey.
We can help you marry Hera.

Alright, my boy?

Seriously, mother?

You think Governor will let
me marry his daughter?

He will if Osman Bey
demands that, boy.

But you should convince
her heart first.

Thank you, mother.

-You're welcome, boy.

-Wait. Stop that.
-It's me. Serhan.

We'll abduct Mari on
the road of Inegol.

Thank God!

My Lady will be happy for that.
Thank you.

Welcome, my Bey!

Thank you!

Thank you!


EyvAllah! Have a
nice working day!

Welcome, my Bey!

Have a nice working day!

Have a nice and
profitable working day.

Thank you, my Bey.

I didn't know you Turks
have urbanized so much.

You must have shown
great effort for this.

We'll be more
urbanized, inshaAllah.

It's all for the
welfare of my people.

,-Selamun Aleykum. Have a nice day.

Welcome, my Hanim.

You will like our
Sogut, my girl.

It seems so.

It's handwork of our hatuns.

-They make it with madder.
-Is that so?

It's beautiful.

Take it as a reminder, Hera.

I appreciate that, Bala Hatun.
Thanks. I'll always keep it.

-Thank you.

Come on, let's go.

May Allah be pleased with you.

-Have a nice working day.

-Come, dear.

Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you.

My Sheikh.

My Sheikh Edebali.

Governor Saguros.

-Welcome, Governor Saguros.
-Thank you.

Stop. Not now.

We'll wait until Osman leaves.

Our target is Saguros.

Selamun aleykum.

Aleykum selam.

Yes, Turgut Bey?

There is an urgent matter that
we should discuss, Osman Bey.

If you have time.

Let's talk in the inn.

Did you sleep well, Nikbla?
-No. Not at-all.

I thought about
Saguros all night.

I kept thinking what Osman
could do when he died.

Don't worry, Nikola.

Our plan will succeed this time.
Don't worry.

There was one more reason
why I couldn't sleep.


You haven't told
me anything yet.

Did you talk to Mari, Kosses?

I'm afraid you will have to...

...persuade her about
this personally.

You are right.

When Mari sees how much
I care about him...

...and the gifts I have brought,

..she will say yes without
hesitating for a moment.

Is there good news?

Turgut Bey will save
on the road of Inegol.

Dear Mari.


I will leave you two alone.

I hope you give the
best decision.

I'm sorry, Mari.

I should have talked
to you first...

...about such a sensitive issue.

Forgive me.

If you say yes to me,

...everything which belongs
to me will be yours as well.

The biggest gift...

Tihe biggest gift I
can give you...

...is not these.

I promise you...

...eternal happiness.

Beautiful-eyed Mari.

Will you marry me?

When you marry me,

...what will change
in your life, Nikola?

Many things.

Our loyalty to each other
will make us much stronger.

Loyalty and strength.

Are they enough for marriage?

Of course not.

Amore, Mari. Amore.

Love. Believe me, Mari.

Even the fire without love
is in darkness alone.

And I, Aya, Nikola, promise you.

We won't stay in darkness even
for a moment all our life.

I promise.

I hope so, Nikola.

We will be..

...very strong and happy, Mari.

You will never regret this.

Mari sent me a message.

I didn't know what to do
and wanted to consult you.

His brother Kosses is trying
to make her marry Nikola...

...although she doesn't want.

What does she want from you?

She wants me to save her.

It's a tradition of Turks.

We help those asking for help.

I will save Mari, Osman Bey.

But more importantly,

...what is Nikola's
goal in this marriage?

Nikola wants to marry Mari and
strengthen his relation with Kosses.

But we will act more quickly.

We will stop that.

By taking Mari, we will
deal a major blow to Lords.

When Nikola can't get what he expects,
he will fall out with Kosses.

There will be no
alliance between them.

If I take Mari,
they will scatter.

If you do that,

...it will bring
great things to us.

I will give you my bravest alps.

EyvAllah, Osman Bey.

Merchants of Sogut are working
hard to deliver the goods.

Welcome, my Sheikh.

Thank you, Akca.

Akca from my dervish lodge.

He can prepare the
leathers that you want.

Very good quality.


There's no quality difference.
How do you ensure that?

Do your master never
produce bad-quality goods?

First, the shoes you like...

...are a gift from me for you.

As to the answer
of your question,

...that’s what Ahi
community exists for.

Firstly, we make
merit-based works.

Nobody who doesn't deserve
can open a store in Sogut.

They can't get permit.

Each of the masters is trained
as an apprentice first.

Each of them is given a job
according to their skills.

But the most important aspect...

...is the morals.

Our prophet Hadhrat Muhammed...

Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam

...used to deal with trade.

Like everything else,

...we also follow
his path in trade.

We do things with his morals.

What is our goal, Akca Dervish.

To produce fine goods...

...and sell them without tricks.

Our only intention is to have
halal profits, my Sheikh.


That's why they are fine
goods, Governor Saguros.

Like all the merchants, Akca
produces the finest goods as well.

Estaghfirullah, my Sheikh.

I just do my best.

Go to the fabric-maker now.

If you find a single
faulty product,

...you can take all of
his money and goods.

Go to the tinman.

If you find a single hole,

...I will give you his
all goods as a gift.

Governor Saguros.

My Sheikh.

Governor Saguros, my Bey
told me to let you know.

Your room is ready in the inn.
You can rest until the dinner.

No need for that.

Your word is a guarantor
for our trade.


Now if you'll excuse me,

..I want to rest in the inn.

-Have a nice working day.
-Thank you.

Damn it!

This job will be finished
tonight, Samuel.

Where are they now?

Osman is holding a feast in
the inn for Saguros today.

We'll sneak into the inn and
let our men come inside.

Nobody there will survive.

What's in your mind?


We'll disguise and
let our men in.

Not only Saguros but also
his daughter will die.

This scandalous incident should
be a huge trouble for Osman.

Good evening.

You may be seated.


O, our Rab, Who gives the
ones who He wishes...

...plentiful blessings.

Thanks for Your blessings.

Amen. Amen.

O, our Great Allah...

Let us taste better blessings...

...in the place where...

...there is...

...infinite happiness.


Let us pray for
these blessings...

...and serve You
like we have to.





Let's eat.

You taught me a lot
about archery today.

You are really good in archery.

MashaAllah to you, Hera.

If you keep exercising, you
will also get used to it.



Goktug! Are you alright?

I am fine!

Who can do this to my guest...

...on my table?!

Alps! Go!

Go to the lodge! To Sogut!

You will find the
traitor who did this!

Go, Alps!

Father... father, are you alright?

-I am alright.
-You are alright.


The arrow might be poisonous.

Take him to the room. Hurry!


Goktug! Goktug!



Calm down!


They wanted to cook delicious
meals for Osman Bey.

But those dastards killed them.

What did you find?

They killed them, my Gunduz Bey.

They wore their clothes.

Find a trace, Boran.

Search everywhere.

EyvAllah my Bey.

Kumral Abdal. Tell
me, how is he?

I gave him the antidote, my Bey.

But the poison is
very effective.

Don't... don't...

You are the most
talented healer.

You have the shifa
of Governor Saguros.

InshaAllah my Bey.. InshaAllah.

Ya Shafi!


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Don't cry.

Your father will be alright.

I will hang the one
who did this...

...to my guest on my
table in Sogut...

...on the door of Sogut!

I'll find him first..

Kumral AbdaL. How is Goktug?

I gave him the antidote, my Bey.
He is in the room next door.

Alps... what happened?
-They made an attack.

Is Osman Bey alright?
-Our Bey is alright.

Don't worry.

What is happening?

What is happening?

Damn it! Couldn't you succeed?

I appreciate it.

If it wasn't for you...

...maybe I would... -There
is nothing to appreciate.

It is my duty to protect you.

Are you alright?

I am.

Brother., are you alright?

I am, brother.

Ya Shafi...

It hurts, right, Goktug?

It doesn't, Kumral Abdal.

It doesn't.

I am not talking about
that, my valiant.

I am talking about this one.

Allah Allah!

The secret is
exposed, my Goktug!

The secret is exposed!

Look at Osman Bey's valiants...

All of them have
their own wounds...

They are being tested
in different ways.

Love is a test.

Sometimes, you are tested
with separation...

...sometimes you are tested
even when you are together.

Which lover came together with his
beloved one before being tested?

What if it's impossible?

There is nothing called
impossible love.

Listen to me now.

But I don't want your ears.

I want you to listen to
me with your hearts.

Look how it crazily beats.

There was a lover sahaba named Suheyf (RA)
during the era of our Hadhrat Prophet (asv).

He didn't have friends..

...and a house to stay in.

But it's love.

It got in the heart of Suheyf like it
was an arrow that just left its bow.

His heart was beating
and screaming for love.

Suheyf was in love with the
beautiful Shifa Hatun.

And many people were in
love with Shifa Hatun...

...but she was not
in love with anyone.

She just asked for the
consent of Allah.

She asked our holy
Prophet (asv)...

...'O, Allah's Rasul...

...what do I have to do to
gain Allah's consent?"

The beautiful named and beautiful
faced Muhammed (asv) answered...

"O, Shifa...

Single ones count as half.

You should get married, so you
will complete your belief."

And Shifa said, "Then you
choose the man I'll marry."

Our Prophet Efendi (asv) said...

"I will marry you with the first person
who comes to the morning prayer."

I told you that she
was beautiful...

Many people asked for Shifa Hatun.
They offered gold and carpets to her.

They all slept with the dream of being
the first one to arrive in the mosque.

And Suheyf...

...didn't think that
he suit Shifa Hatun.

He thought it was
an impossible love.

His heart was beating with
her name, "Shifa, Shifa."

But Suheyf couldn't say a thing.

Didn't he go to the mosque?

He did. He did, but slowly.

Can people run away from
their fates, my valiant?

Could you run away from
the arrow that hurt you?

In the morning, none of the sahabas
who loved Shifa Hatun woke up.

Suheyf was the first one
to enter the mosque...

...although he walked slowly.

Did he come together
with his beloved one?

Yes. He did.

Do you think you see the
same thing with Haqq, son?

The thing he thought was
impossible was his fate.

He walked slowly,
used the long way...

...but in the end, the
lovers came together.

The secret is exposed!
The secret is exposed!

Who can stand in
the way of love?

No one can stand in
the way of love.

EyvAllah, Kumral Abdal.



The secret is exposed.

The secret is exposed.





My daughter...

-Are you alright?
-I am...

I am... You are
alright, thank God.

Osman Bey...

Did you wait for me to wake up?

I am grateful.

You saved my life...

...and my daughter's life.

It is Allah who makes it
happen and who kills.

And the messenger of this shifa
(healing) is Kumral AbdaL


Have some rest now.


My daughter...

Thank God, you opened your eyes.

Thanks to Allah...

Thanks to Allah,
Saguros is alright.

He is still injured.

But we were not the target...

...it was Saguros.

They were going to kill him...

...and use it as an
excuse to attack us.

Those who can't defeat us in the
battlefield play these games, my Bey.

Thus, we are always
going to be on alert.

Brother, have the Alps
ready for a fight.

We will go to Inegol
with Saguros.

But we will cross the border...

...of Inegol without
using our swords.

Then we will attack the mine.

My Alps are inside.

While they are killing
the ones inside...

...we will deal with
the ones outside.

Just like a pack of wolves.

Yes my Bey.

Did you succeed?

It was crowded in
the lodge, Kosses.

I couldn’t understand
what happened.


I was waiting outside.

Alps started moving.

I waited.

My men didn't come.


Osman's Alps started
searching Sogut.

I had to run.

There is only one thing...

...that I am curious about.

Is Saguros dead...

...or not?

Is Saguros dead...

...or not?!

He is not dead.


We came...

...you nobly welcomed
us and honoured us...

...and you did the
same thing for now.

We can't let you go alone.


My enemies are playing
their games secretly.

I don't think they can dare
attacking me on the way.

They don't know where to stop..

...but they know how to
lay an ambush on the way.

Don’t forget what
happened yesterday.

Thus, I and my Alps
will accompany you.

Have you received news about
an ambush, Osman Bey?

You are dressed like you are going
for a fight, not for a journey.

Their games and traps...

...are like the
sands in deserts.

And we are always on alert...

...and ready for a fight.

I appreciate you, soldier. You
saved my daughter’s life.

EyvAllah. I just did
what anybody would do.

Your soldiers are
like you, Osman Bey.

I am glad that I gained
brave friends like you.


You shouldn’t be surprised
by their bravery.

Because they are not soldiers...

...they are Kayi Alps.

Alps! Let's go.

Let's go.

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My beautiful sister...

I hope you'll be happy.

Nikola is a smart man.

I am sure that he will
never upset you...

...and make you happy.

You always cared about me...

...you always wanted
me to be happy.

I am grateful, brother.

It's been a long time since I
saw you smiling like this.

Why would I not be happy?

Of course I'll be happy. It is
the happiest day of my sister.

Let's go now.


I don’t want any mistakes.
It is going to be flawless.

Everything is done as you ordered, sir.
Gifts are taken to the cart carefully.

We are leaving.

What if Turgut Bey can’t
arrive on time, madam?

If he can't come...

...Nikola will die
if I'm lucky...

...and if I'm not, I want you to remember
me with good memories, Cornelia.

Sir, there are people coming!

It's Osman!

How dare you use
this way, Osman?

We don't give an answer to the dog, why
would we give an answer to its tail?

Don't stand in the way!

Is there a problem?

Is there a problem?

I didn't know that
you were here, sir.

Now you do. Make the way!

It is really kind of you to send your tailor
here for my wedding clothes, Rogatus.

Thank you.

Do you think it will
be ready in time?

He's not only the best tailor...

...but also the
fastest one, Nikola.

It's done, sir.

Good. Good.

There's something not good.

Governor Saguros and his
daughter are still alive.

How come?

My men wounded Saguros
but couldn't survive.

Damn them all! Damn
all those men!

I will kill them all
with my bare hands!

Since your clumsy men
failed to kill Saguros,

...I won't wear a groom's
clothes but a battle armor!

Bring my armor!

You should have delayed the
wedding and killed him then!

They're coming, my Bey.

Let them come.


-You know your duty!
-EyvAllah, my Bey!

My dear friend.

Am I stupid?

You think I'm getting married
for love like stupid people?

Strength, Rogatus. Strength.

More, more and more strength.

For that, we should be a family.

You seem to have changed your
mind about being a family.

Not at all.

Nobody can stop me
from marrying Mari.

And you should watch your words.


We should delay this
argument for now.

Governor Saguros, you will go
the rest of the way alone.

I had always been
alone, Osman Bey.

Until I met you
and your friends.


Have a safe journey.
But remember this.

My tent and table are
always available for you.

As you say..


MashaAllah. MashaAllah!

To help you continue
your training in Iznik,

...I want to give you this.

You are so kind.

I hope we meet again.


Market of Sogut! I
can't wait to open it.

Those days are very soon.

But be careful on the way.

The caravan will have arrived
in Iznik before you.

See you. Take care.


The friend has been hosted.

The goal has been achieved.

Now it's time to
capture the mine!

Let's go, Alps!

My Lady.

I think we are almost there.

What if he fails to save you?

Jesus Christ.

Help us.

Turgut is going to
come, Cornelia.

He's not going to
leave me alone.


Cheer up a little, Mari.

You're going to marry a
noble Lord, after all.

Here we go.

Ambush! Shield wall!

Mari, stay behind me.



Stop, alps!

Damn it.

I won't take your
life today, Kosses.

But if I were you, I wouldn't take
a single step. Stay where you are!

Whoever moves..

...will be killed my
archers one by one.

No matter who he is.


Mari, have you lost your mind?

I'm leaving. I told you. I
told you not to force me.

You can't do this! Never!

I can't ever let you go with a Turk!
You hear me?

Kill me then.

What's going on there?

What is going on there?


You can't do this to me, Mari.

You will regret a lot.


The marriage game
is over, brother.



What are you waiting for?
Catch them!

Turgut Bey!

I have soldiers all over the forest!
You can't go anywhere!

-My Bey.

You'll tush to the
middle with alps...

...and then join
the ones inside.

As you order, my Bey.

-Yes, my Bey?

You'll attack from the right.

-And I from the left.
-EyvAllah, my Bey.

It's time to start.


...none of us will
become a martyr.

Even a single dead
man means defeat.

They can't get away.

They can't get away.

Turgut! I will make a glass
with your skull! A glass!

Let's hurry, Nikola.

Split up!

Come on, brave men!

My Bey, you should go.
We can hold them.

Let's go. Come on, Mari.

Sir, we found it over there.

That's Mari's dress.


Here. Smell it.

Come on. This way?

Come on, come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on, boy!

Come on!

Come on! Find them for us!


The conquest of Inegol
depends on this mine.

May Allah bless our fight.

Let's go!

Allah is HAYY! Allah is HAQQ!

Come on, Alps!

Let's go!

Thanks to Allah.

They arrived, brother.

-Let's go.
-Let's go, brother.

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They are close! They found us!

Where are we going to go in
this huge forest?! -Calm down.

I won't let them hurt you.

Let's go.

They are close.

They can come. We
took our precaution.


Search every hole!

Don't stand there!

I found you, Turgut!


I found you Turgut! I found you!

I will make you a prey to the
wolves that you like a lot!

I will make a glass out of your
head and drink your blood with it!

Hang on...

Nikola. Mari..

Mari is mine! Mine!

Give it to me, brother.

Hay mashaAllah.

Hay mashaAllah.

Hay mashaAllah. Bismillah.

Hay mashaAllah.

MashaAllah to my valiants!

Thanks to Allah, my Bey.

Thanks to Allah.
Thanks to Allah.

Let's visit our Alps...

...who made us gain
this victory...

...days before.

He has his men in
the tunnel, Lord.

Let's go. Osman took the mine.

We are not waiting here
for nothing, Julia.


Osman is going to take the mine.

What are you thinking of?

I will surprise him, Rogatus.

Once he goes into that tunnel,
it will turn into hell.

And since I am going to be
attending the wedding...

...that pleasure will...

...belong to Rogatus Laskaris.

Osman won't leave there!

So these tunnels are
going to explode!

It is really nice!


...come on.

Allah-u Akbar!


Come on!

My heart is burning.

Protect us, ya Rabbi.



Come on!



Once my Bey takes the mine...

...I will make the best
catapults and cannonballs.

We will attack the
Inegol Castle with them!

InshaAllah Davut Agha.

Kumral Abdal, look now.

Two catapults will shoot
cannonballs from here.

Two catapults will shoot
cannonballs from here.

And three catapults will
shoot cannonballs from here.

Then you will
witness a festival!

You just know how to beat.

You beat and hit.

You destroyed the
walls and the castle!

Where is my Bey's property now?

Davut Agha...

Taking is not the goal, taking
it in one piece is the goal.

Wrecks don't count as goods.

The goal is to cause the
least damage, Davut llsta.

Kumral Abdal.. it will be easier to
confront soldiers who come from one hole.

We will lose many Alps. Is stone
more precious than our lives?

Besides, go deal with your arrows. Say some words with
hikmah. Don't poke your nose into the strategy of fighting!

More than two holes is
just going to be wastage!

-Or you will be responsible for the restoration of the walls!
-I can be!

I can be! We will
take Inegol first!

Inegol is nothing... This piece of
cloth is not going to be enough!

The whole world, Davut Agha! The whole
world is not going to be enough for us!

It's going to be our homeland!

It's going to be our property!
Allah Allah!

Allah Allah!

What happened, Kumral Abdal?

I have a bad feeling.

My heart is in pain.

It burns my heart.

May You protect us, my Allah.

My Bey!

My Alps!


My Alps!


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