Kurulus Osman Episode 74 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 74 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Brothers! Brothers!

We arrived, brothers!

Hang on!

Hang on, brothers! -We arrived!

My Alps’ -Brothers,
are you there?

Come on, help!

My Bey!

My Bey, it doesn't open!

Brothers... hang on...

My Bey!

My Bey!

My Bey, it's stuck!

Alps! I won't leave!

My Bey! -I won't leave my Alps!

Alps! -My Bey! -Alps!

Look around! There
must be another exit!

We will find one, my Bey.
-Come on!

We will find one. -Go!

Come om, Alps!

Here it is!


Your Alps are dead. You
are going to die as well!

Let's go!

Let's find a way out!


Brothers... -Attack!

Allah-u Akbar!

Brothers! Are you alright?


My Allah!

Gencebay, take this, brother.

Come on! Come on Saltuk!

My Cerkutay...

Cerkutay doesn't die...

Come on brothers!

Let's go out!

My Bey!


Come on, brothers’ Come on!


Boran! -My Bey! -Come!

My Bey... some of the Alps couldn't
come with us. We have a lot of martyrs.

My brothers...


Let me go! I will
not come with you!

Don’t make this harder!

You are the one who is forcing the girl
who doesn't love you, Nikola. Let her go.

I've completed my preparations.

I will marry Mari.

Don't you see? Mari
doesn’t want you.

You should deal with me. Let her go!
Let her go, Kosses!

Don't! Don't hurt him!


Nikola, alright...
Look, don't hurt him.

I wanted to escape! He just helped me!
I swear, please brother.

Brother please. Please, Nikola!

He just helped...

I can't know you, Mari. What
did this man do to you?

How could you ask help
from our enemy Mari? How?

What kind of a man
are you, Kosses?

What kind of a brother are you? You
are ignoring the pain of your sister.

But don't worry. It
will be your turn soon.

I will question you for
every drop of her tears!

If I am Turgut Bey, I will be your
hangman and make you go through hell!

Hell! -No, brother!



...you are going to die anyway.

You will die in our hands!

Dreams... dreams, Turgut Bey.

You ruined my happiest day.

I will kill you in
such a way that...

...it will be a lesson
to all of my enemies.

Kill me... Kill me...

Or I will make you
regret, Nikola.

Nikola! Alright!

Let him go! If you don’t hurt
him, I promise, I'll marry you!

Don't, Mari. Don't. -Shut up.

Don’t say that... If I live, I won't
leave you with this cruel man.

Dear Mari... You are going
to marry me anyway.

Why would I let him go

Dastard dog!

Enough. Let's have some fun.

Lift him up.

Turgut! Nikola, don't, please!

-Brother, please! Don't, Nikola!


Let Mari go.

Tie him.

Tie me up, Nikola. Do your best.

But you should know.

Even if you marry Mari,
she will never want you.

Take his clothes off.

Look at Allah's hikmah!

You aren’t supposed to be here,
but there must be a reason.


Nikola, don't!


I have to get some help! I
have to go to the tribe!

Please, brother!


Take him!

We are going back!
We are going back!

Boran! -Brother!


My Bey!

My Bey, stop!

My Bey, my Bey!

My Bey, stop!

My Bey! We have
injured Alps, my Bey!

They are injured!




I won't let them take you.

Look at these..

Tell me Bala. What do you think?

Do you think it’s
a girl or a boy?

I don't know. I just
want it to be happy.


Mother... what do you think?

My mother always
guesses it right.

I don't know. I
think it's a boy.

May it be healthy first.


Can I come in? -Come in!

Kumral Abdal!

Turgut Bey and Lord's sister fell into
the hands of Lords when running away!

It doesn’t look
good, Selcan Hatun.

They will kill my valiant.

What are you saying?

Inform Gunduz.

Mother.. Gunduz is in Sogut.

What are we going to do?
Bey's Hatun is here mother.

I won't let those infidels
take Turgut Bey and Mari.

Aygul.. Tell the Alps..
We have to catch them.

Don't worry, mother.

Turgut Bey's Alps..
Where are they?

They were not there.

Kumral AbdaL. Find them.
You know where they are.

Mother... -Protect
yourself, my daughte

Nikola, stop! Nikola, stop!

He will pay for
his daring, Mari!

He will pay for it!

Give it to me!

He isn’t going to die
before he suffers!

You are not going to die
before you suffer, Turgut!


Do you think you can
walk with these legs?

Nikola, I am begging you, stop!

Give it to me!

Let him do whatever
he wants, Mari.

Don't say please
to these dastards.

You made a mistake, Turgut!
A huge mistake!

Come on... Cut the ropes...

Then tell me whatever you want.

Or you can hit me..

Aren’t you a brave man, Nikola?

Turgut! I can cut
your tongue off!

Then you can not say
things that you shouldn’t.

I am alright. -Look.

Look, you are still doing the same thing. Let alone
reaching for the thing I own, if you look at it...

...if you look at her, I will take
your eyes out, do you understand?


Watch Mari. This is the result
of making a wrong decision.

Let me go! Please! I hate you!

My dear wife, Mari..
You always ask me...

Why don’t I ask for your opinion
Why do I make you feel bad?

Now I am asking you... Should
I cut Turgut’s tongue off...

...or take his eyes out?

I am not your wife! I hate you!

I hate you! I hate you!


Nikola, stop!

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May Allah bless you, brother..

There is no one inside, my Bey.
What is your order?

My Bey...

Here is the sword of my brother.

And he is in the
hands of infidels.

We will take Boran from them..

...like we take their
castles from them!

It will be their turn soon.

We will take the revenge of our martyrs
and our brother who is now a captive!

Baysungur and other Alps
won’t let anyone...

...take a step in the
mine except for us!

We will go to our tribe
and bury our martyrs.

Let's go, Alps!

Turgut Bey's Alps
were looking for him.

Aygul! Go! -Be careful!
Let's go!

May Allah bless our fight.

I will make you
suffer in every way.

Every way!

Nikola stop!


What happened? Do you feel
sorry for this shepherd?

I will break all of your bones!

No! Brother do something!
He is going to die!

It's enough.



Mari. Mari.

This is the end.

The end of Turgut Bey.


-No, Nikola.

-No, Nikola!
-I’m looking for the world!

Do you know which it is?

-You smell like the world!

Well, we needed a mad man. And
with you, we have one now.

What do you want, mad man?

A lover never dies.

A lover never dies!

We’re here for help, Turgut Bey!



Turgut, come with me.


No! No!


Turgut, come!

No, leave him! Let's go!


-Come here!
-Mari, watch out!

Hold on.




Get out my way, useless dogs!

Get off!

The land of all the fertility.

You're being crushed under
the reign of chaos.

You need order.

And that order needs
a powerful head.

I will be the head.

The vizier of Mighty
Seljuks, Alemshah.

From now on, these frontiers
are under my command.


Did you let Lord Nikola
that I would visit him?

I sent a messenger, my Vizier.
Lord Nikola is awaiting you.

I will see him first and
then go to Kayi Tribe.

I will see the rebel called
Osman in his homeland.

Let's see who is Osman
whose name I often hear.

Osman or the Lords.
It doesn't matter.

They all will give
up their politics.

The only truth in these lands...

...is my words now.

They all will learn this.

Easy, easy. Easy.

Turgut Bey? Mari?

I hope you're alright.

Malhun Hatun and Aygul...

...came for help right in time.

Thank you.


You have serious wounds.

You need to go to
the healing house.

I will, but...

Osman Bey. Is there
any news from him?

Where is he?

My Allah, protect us.



My son!

My Allah, protect us.

My Bey.

Cerkutay. Thanks to
Allah, you are here.

You are here.

My Osman, are you alright?

Turgut Bey.

I hope you are well.

You're asking after
me, Osman Bey?

I’m well, thanks to Allah.

But you...


The mine belongs to Kayi now!

Yet we have martyrs.

My brother Boran...

...got taken
prisoner by Rogatus.

My Bey.

The ground becomes homeland
when it gets wet with blood.

What happened?


Alps! Prepare the healing house!

It's not important.

The sane leaves.

And the insane stays.


The heathens captured
Boran, Aygul Hatun.

We will kill you all.
All of you.

It was you who gave the
order, right, Rogatus?

We will kill you too.

Especially you.


I will cut your head off.

I will cut your head off!

Even in this situation,
you are making threats.

Your wife did the same.

She stood upright like you.

She struggled very much.

But she died.

You will have the same fate.

Not only you, but
also all Turks!

We're not afraid of death. You
can't eradicate us by killing.

I will become a martyr
and see my wife.

But I'm not going anywhere
before I kill you.

You will kill us?

Take a break. Take some breath.

Take breath.

Take breath. No!


I will keep you for Nikola.

He'll take his anger about
the mine out on you.

You can enjoy yourself
here until that time.

Keep your eyes on him.

Do you know how your wife died?

Do you want to hear?


The poison cut her
breath off first.

Shut up.

Then her veins exploded!

Shut up your mouth!

Can you imagine how
painful it is?

The pain was so deep...

...that you can't believe.

Shut up!

By creeping,

...she agonized on the ground.

Stop! Shut up!

She was a strong girl, though.

Even in that condition, she
tried to be a heroine!

And with a single sword blow...

...she died.

I swear that.

...I won't die before I give you more
suffering than you gave my Gonca.

I won't go under the ground before
I cut your ominous head off!

I won't!

Now we also have to
deal with his hatun!

Damn it! God knows
where they came from!

God damn them all! All of them!

Damn them all!

Where did they come from? Where?

Damn them all!

Lord Kosses’ sister, Mari.

How could you do this to me?
I’m losing my mind, Nikola!

We'll gather the
army immediately.

Osman wife's has taken Mari. They
must be going to Kayi Tribe now.

I'll destroy them all. We'll
burn their tribe down.

We'll leave no heads
on shoulders!

I will burn Kayi Tribe, Kosses!

Are you crazy, Nikola? Will you
burn it while Mari is in there?

I can’t let that happen.

-I will go to take Mari back alone.
-What do you mean alone?

What about me? She was
supposed to be my wife!

She will be your wife, Nikola.
Just see it.

Things will get more complicated
if you attack their tribe now.

You must go back to your
castle and keep calm.

What are you talking about, Kosses? They took my
wife-to-be! You think I'll stay in my castle?

You don't get it, Nikola. If you
attack, you will lose Mari for good!

I will bring Mari to you.
You have my word.

Trust me.


Go, Kosses. Go take Mari back.

I’m going.

I hope you're right.

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I hope you’re right, Kosses.

I hope.


I'm not your wife! I hate you!

I hate you! I hate you!


Bring Mari to me.

So I can strangle her
with my own hands.

With my own hands.

My condolences, Osman Bey.

Thank you.

The iron in those mines got wet
with the blood of my martyrs.

Which shield could stand against
the swords to be forged in there?

Which city wall can stand against
the cannonballs made of iron there?

They can't stand, Kumral AbdaL
They can't stand.

I will save Boran
from the heathens.

Next, we will bombard
the castle walls.

Osman Bey.

As long as my hands have
the power to hold a sword,

...I’ll always be with you.

Don’t worry. We’ll save
Boran from the heathens.

-Do I have permission, my Bey?
-Come in.

My Bey, Lord Kosses is here.
He wishes to see you.

Let him wait.

As you order, my Bey.

He must have come
to see his sister.

We can't give her back because
we're not holding her by force.

I'm coming too, Osman Bey.
I have things to tell him.

Turgut Bey, wait.

Your wounds are still fresh.
Let Kumral Abdal bandage them.

Get some rest.

Let me come, Osman Bey.

Mari is with us now.

You should think about
the wedding date.

I will convince Kosses.

But... remember...

Our goal is conquest.


Conquest first
appears in hearts.

You must’ve conquered
Mari's heart.

You saved her from the cruel.

Don’t stand in my way.

First, give me your
sword, Lord Kosses.

Look, tribe man. No one can get my sword
from me today! Do you understand?

Now don't stand in my way!


Let him come in with his sword.

You are playing
with fire, Osman.

Do you think your fire is
strong enough to burn me?

You are being stubborn just like Turgut.
My sister is abducted!

And your Hatun abducted her!
I came here to take her.

You will give her to me.

We didn’t abduct Mari.

And we are not keeping
her here by force.

We saved her from the cruel.

From the cruel?

Osman... she is my sister.

I will take her.

I will break all the fingers
that dare touching my guest.

You can be sure.

Even if it's her brother.

My fire will not burn you...

...but the Emperor’s fire will.

If you don't give up, I myself
will go to Constantine...

...and come back with the
army of the Emperor!

Let alone the Emperor's army, even if you come with
the crusader army, I will not give Mari to you.

We never give those who take shelter
in us according to our laws.

The laws are going to bring the end
of you and your tribe, Osman Bey!

Come on. Pull yourself together.

Look. What did I tell you?

Haven't I told you that you
should marry one of our valiants?

You chose the most brave
and talented one.

You should smile now.

Thank you all.

If you hadn’t arrived on time,
Turgut would’ve been dead.

And it’s going to
be because of me.

My beautiful daughter, bad days
are in the past for you now.

Now it’s time to talk about
good things, my daughter.

I put you and your tribe
in danger by coming here.

Mari, this is Kayi tribe.

We don't give those who
take shelter in us.

If they come, they will
suffer the consequences.

They will want to hurt you. My
brother and Nikola won't let it go.

Bala is right. We are now companions
with you. They may not let it go.

Have some rest now. Don't
think about these things.

What if something
happens to you?

-Can I come in, Malhun Hatun?
-Come in, Alaca.

Malhun Hatun.. Lord
Kosses arrived.

He wants to see Mari.

My daughter... Don’t worry.

This is Kayi tribe.

EvelAllah, my Osman Bey will not give you
to anyone unless you want otherwise.

I just lost my Alps.

I haven’t even buried them yet.

Your friend, Rogatus, is
keeping my Alp captive.

My anger is like a
mountain inside me!

Now tell me.. Which one do you think is the
scariest? The fire of the crusader army...

...or my furor?!

Turgut went too far.
You know that as well.

He confused Mari's mind. You
can't keep her here by force!

No one is keeping me here by force!
I am here on my own will!

I won't come back, brother.

Mari... please, don't insist.

Let’s leave. -Never.

I will never come with you. You should've known
that I never stay at a place where I am ignored!

If you don’t come with me now, I will
come here with an army next time.

So you are going to come with an army
to take your sister’s dead body.

Don’t stop. Don't stop if
you want me to kill myself!

-You show your teeth when you can't get what you want.

You came to my tribe and threatening
me with coming with an army!

If you are brave enough, do it.

Do it and see what's
going to happen to you.

But I will never
give Mari to you.


If you have nothing
else to say, leave now.

As you wish, Mari. As you wish.

Osman... took the mine, Nikola.

How could they
survive in the mine?

Everything is going bad today!

How did this happen, Rogatus?

Why does it matter? He took it.

But... we took something
he cares about so much.


We took his most loyal Alp in
return for the mine, Boran.

Finally! Good news, finally!

Osman loves his Alps!

What about Kosses? Where is he?

He went there to take Mari.


-Can I come in?
-Come in.

You mustn’t leave your bed.

Can we talk?

It was a bad day for you.

I was worried about you.

They hurt you because of me.

I was so afraid that something
was going to happen to you.

I would never forgive myself
if something happened to you.

Don't cry.

Don't let your beautiful
eyes shed tears, Mari.

Your tears hurt me more
than their torment.

Don't cry.


You came to my mind when I
saw this at the bazaar...

...I bought this for you...

...I can now give it to you.

It's really beautiful.

You are beautiful.

I appreciate.


I don’t know what to say...

Have you...

...ever thought...

...that I...

-Can I come in?
-Come in.

Osman Bey is waiting
for you in the tent.

Let’s go then.

You were saying something...

Let's go.

You couldn’t take
Mari, is that so?

You are being
ridiculous, Nikola!

What are you doing?
Pull yourself together!

You ruined my reputation!

Mari is abducted because of you!
You couldn't control a woman!

That woman is my sister, Nikola.
Don't get mad at me!

I am mad at you! -Enough.

We took an oath! We said
that we were going to unite!

Did you forget?

-We were going to be stronger together!
-We are.

If you can stay calm, of course.

Right, Rogatu

Because we have to calm down and
talk about how to bring Mari back.

You put us in this!

Is that so?

I will take us out of this!

How? -Father, Son,
the Holy spirit.

Jesus will lead us.

My dear God. Did Rogatus help you
become more religious, Nikola?

No., no... It's the
things I lived.

Someone is coming.
He will help us.


The vizier of the Seljuq,
Vizier Alemshah.

Vizier Alemshah, welcome.

I greet the great Lords of
these lands with respect.

But I can see that you are not ruling
these lands with enough strength.

There is still fight
in your lands...

Permanency needs order.

You lost that order, Nikola.

You know who broke the order
better than us, Vizier Alemshah.

How are we going to
take Boran, Osman Bey?

He is in the hands of the cruel.
He is in a dungeon.

I know what those dastards
are doing to him.

How are we going to save Boran?

He can be in a dungeon...

He will be alone with his Rab.

Dungeons give us privacy.

Let's say that they exiled him to the
infidels’ lands. Exile is hijrah for us.

Let's say that
they killed Boran.

Death is shahada for us.

It is martyrdom.


...we will not leave
anyone behind.

We will take my
brother, my Boran back.

And we will move forward.





My girl, why are you not eating?

My brother's threats. I'm afraid he
will do something, Selcan Hatun.

It seems you're not
affected at all.

We gained these lands...

..with our blood and swords.

We wanted the justice
and mercy...

...to prevail in our land.

If we got intimidated by the
emperor and surrendered you now,

As we ancestors used to say..

If the cruelty gets in through the window,
the morals get out through the door.

We're talking about the
emperor's army, Osman Bey.

I know your and
Turgut Bey’s tribes.

How can you deal with them?

As the brother said, even if he
attacks us with a huge army,

...he can’t defeat us.

You think we are this much?

Dodurga. Yazir. Eymur. Salur.

Bayat and Afshar.

All the tribes from
Kastamonu to Denizli.

If an army comes to fight
us, we all become one fist.

Do you know what a river is?
Have you ever seen one?

Do you know what a sea is?

I do.

In Constantinople, I used to go the
shore and watch it almost every day.

Well, the origin of those
rivers are the same.

So are ours.

Just like those rivers
become one in the sea,

...we become one under
the sanjak of Islam.

We have allies from
every tribe and land...

...who mention us
and who we mention.

For those allies,
we fight battles,

...make donations and
have long journeys.

If Allah allows,

...we will go to Konya
for an ally soon.

In Konya, I will also
visit Sultan Mesud.

Whatever you wish, my Sheikh.

Send my regards to our
allies and Sultan Mesut.



Don't worry.

As long as you don't want,
nobody can take you from here.

You bravery and determination
are really impressive.

The representative of
Seljuks is here, Lords.

Now tell me.

What do you need my help about?

My sister, Vizier Alemshah.


My wife-to-be.


They are holding her by
force in Osman's tribe.

If I can't take her back kindly, I will
go to Constantinople personally...

...and ask for an army
from the emperor.

No need for that, Kosses.

I’m saying I will
set an order here.

For such a small issue, you don't
need to disturb emperor Andronikos.

I will handle it.

As long as I have heard, you
have Osman's alp Boran.

Vizier Alemshah, how
do you know that?

Nikola, I know well the oak
tree dropping leaves early,

...the river flooding late and
everything else about these lands.

Boran. What are you
planning to do with him?

-My Gonca.
-My Boran.

Lie down, my Boran.

Get some rest.

You are here, huh?

-You’re with me.
-I’m here.

It's too cold, my Gonca.
Too cold.

Look at this Kayi alp. Cold
can't harm my brave man.

I miss you a lot.

Your voice warms up my heart.

Please speak more.

Speak more.

I've been feeling
cold since you left.

Your longing is difficult.

It’s like no other pains.
It never passes.

Think about the reunion,
not the longing.

Think about our reunion.

My Gonca, don't leave me.

When it's time, I
will leave too.

I hope that time never
comes, my Gonca.

Gonca, don’t leave.
Please don't leave.

Don’t leave, my Gonca. Don’t.

I told you, Boran.

This isn't the end.

In afterlife, we
will come together.

My Gonca, don't leave.

Please don't leave, my Gonca.

Gonca, don't leave.

Don’t leave, Gonca!

You took my sun from me.

I won’t die before I
cut your head off.

I won't die.

I won't die.

I will tie him up in the Inegol Square.
He will starve.

He will get thirsty. People won't
be able to sleep for a while.

They won't be able to sleep because
of Boran Alp's weeping and whining.

I will make him an
example for others!

I’ve got the drums
played all day!

Everyone will witness the death
of Osman's most loyal alp.


But I have a better idea.


What are you doing here?

We got the news that
your soldiers died.

I thought you got hurt too.

Thanks to God, you are well.

My father wanted me to deliver an
important message to Osman Bey.


Let's go see my Bey then.


-Do I have permission, my Bey?
-Come in.

My Bey, I followed
Rogatus as you ordered.

He went to Inegol,
not to his castle.

He's up to something evil again.

What else?

My Bey, there were town
criers in the Inegol Square.

Go ahead.

They will kill Boran Alp in
the Inegol Square tomorrow.

What are you saying?

A Turkish alp can only die
fighting in the battlefield.

Not by being slaughtered
in a town square.

Tell all the alps. This
is Osman Bey’s order.

We’re going to InegoL

As you order, my Bey!

-Do I have permission, my Bey?
-Come in.

Welcome, Hera.

Thank you, Osman Bey.

Are you here only to deliver
your father's message?

Are you not upset that
my soldiers died?

Of course I am, Osman Bey.

Alright then.

You don't need to
be upset anymore.

We need your help.

Sure. Whatever you need.

It's good that you
have come here.

We will save Boran
thanks to you.

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Saltuk said you didn't
eat anything at all.

Come on, Cerkutay. Eat some.

I don't want, Aygul Hatun.

Thanks, anyway.

Cerkutay would never
turn down food.

Come on. Eat a little.

My brother got captured by the heathens.
Hخw can Cerkutay eat now?

Who knows what they are
doing to my brothers.

They must be torturing Boran.

Cerkutay, don’t do this.

You said Cerkutay was a mountain
and nothing could take him down.

Now you should stand
upright like a mountain.

I believe in you.

You will take your revenge...

..and bring our brother
Boran back alive.

-I will, huh?
-Yes, you will.

Come on. Eat your
meal while it's hot.


The heathens is holding
our brother Boran.

It’s not a good time, but...

...I've thought long and hard.

I have...

...been thinking
since Gonca died.

What happened today...

You could have
died in that mine.

When I saw the dead
bodies in the tribe,

...I got afraid.


...is so close.


..it may be also far.

What are you talking
about, crazy girl?

The life...

I’m saying the life is short.

-You asked me a question, remember?
-What quest...

When did I ask?

-We shouldn't wait any longer.

We should get married, Cerkutay.

Are you serious, crazy girl?

I'm serious, crazy man.

The secret has been solved.

The lover has come
together with his beloved.

The secret of love is patience.

You’ve solved the secret, boy.

As Salamun Alaikum
ve Rahmetullah.

As Salamun Alaikum
ve Rahmetullah.

My Allah.

YOU are Hakeem (The All-Wise).

YOUR Wisdom is
beyond everything.

YOU are Maalik (Master
of the Kingdom).

YOU are the Owner
of all properties.

When we shoot an arrow,

...we know it's not us
who is shooting it.

It's a gift for us from You.

We know You always ruin the
traps of those who deny You.

Let us be grateful
for this, my Allah.

My Allah, give us
strength to....

...spread Your Might Names
in the whole world.

Let us avenge our
brothers and alps...

...who became martyrs for
this cause, my Allah.

My Allah.

Let us...

...save my brother Boran
from the heathens.

Amen. My Allah.



We’re going to take
our brother back.

My Bey, Seljuk Vizier
Alemshah is coming.

Welcome. You honored us.

-Welcome, Alemshah.
-Welcome, my Vizier.

-Welcome, my Vizier.

Welcome, you honored our tribe.

Welcome to our tribe.

Welcome to the property of Kayi. Vizier Alemshah.

His eyes carry evil in them.

Kayi is a good tribe,
he came here to ruin its reputation.

Mother., he just arrived.
Why do you say that?

His eyes reminded me of Saadettin Kopek.

He has evil in him.

I know a lot of things about people, my daughter
I can see the bravery and betrayal from far away.

Osman Bey... I came here to end an era.

The era of doing whatever you want has ended.

Complete your sentence, Vizier.

You forbade Turkmen tribes to
do business with Lords.

Then you made an agreement with the Governor
of Iznik.

Who did you ask?

Who would I ask allowance from for
the well-being of Turkmens?

From Konya, Osman Bey.
From Konya.

Is there a free state in Konya to
ask allowance from?

Know your limits!

You go raid places, take mines...

What is your intention, Osman Bey?

And here you are questioning the freedom of your

How can we know that you are not
going to draw your sword...

...against Seljuq with the
help of that mine?

Watch your language!

I respect your position...

..but you are going too far.

You are talking about betrayal.

I never betray!

It is the order of Sultan Mesud.

The tax of Kayi tribe is now doubled because
of the...

...business you do without
an allowance and your stubborn actions.

The state is here now.

Prepare a room for me in Sogut.

From now on, I will be staying here.

What you said will be done.

Konur... I want you to gather Turkmen Beys
in the lodge.

I will talk to them.

I want you and Turgut Bey there.

We will come.

If you have nothing else to say...

...allow me.

I have important things to deal with.

Do your last business, Osman Bey.

I will be the one who is giving you important
things to deal with now.

He said the tax is going to be doubled when
the folk is mourning for our martyrs.

We will find a solution, brother.

But. we will first take Boran.

The door.

But these wounds are closing up..

No... do you know what I am going to do to you

I will cut you into pieces and send them
to your beloved Bey...

..I will send them to him!

Coward dog..

Coward dog...

Don't worry, I won't do it right away.
I will corner Osman first.

I'm sure that he is now sorry and mad
because his Alp is a captive now.

Yes... he can do anything now. Anything...

As I wanted!

Allah-u Akbar!

You infidel..

Kill me when you still have time.

Or. . sooner or later..

...I will take your life.

You Turks... and your
stupid bravery...


Let's see now .

Let's see if you can be so brave when
you are crucified.

As we talked...

our valiants went to Inegol in advance.

They will search the streets
and collect information.

But they don’t even have swords.

Thus, we will use
the front door with Hera Hatun’s cart.

Our swords will be kept in the cart.

When you go in the city, you will
give the swords to the Alps inside.

And the rest depends on our efforts and

We will take our Boran brother from them.

May our fight be blessed.

Yes my Bey.
-EyvAllah my Bey.

Let's go.

Byzantine's honourable children!

This Turk is the most loyal Alp of Osman!
Boran Alp!

What did our archenemy Osman do to us?

He took our village!
He took our mine!

And it wasn't enough!
He killed our folk! He killed you!
He will keep killing our people!



Where was Boran Alp when
Osman was taking our village...

...our mine..

...and killing you?

He was next to Osman!

What is going to happen now?

We will feed the animals with his body
to teach a lesson to them!

Sure we will!

Then it will be Osman’s turn!

Now, her...

You can do whatever you want to him.
He is yours!

My Rab... my Rab...

O, my great Allah...

..even if they cut me into a thousand
pieces here...

...I will not bow down.

Our Prophet (SAW) didn't bow down to
the cruelty of polytheists.

I will not bow down.

I will not bow down.

If I become a martyr here...

...may You...

...resurrect me next to our Efendi (SAW)

...and his companions on the day of

Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!

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Where do martyrs go?

They go to heaven

Gonca Hatun and Alps are now in heaven.

Kayi’s brave Alps!
What are you talking about?

We are thinking about our martyrs, Kumral Abdal.

You should know.
Do our martyrs go to the same place?

In Kur'an, it says for martyrs

"Do not say that those who are killed in Allah's cause are dead;
they are alive...

...though you do not realize it.”

So our martyrs don't die.

Now we are going to Badr, my children!

There he is.

He is freely walking.

He has no fear in his heart!
Each step is shaking his enemies!

Look... Watch how he defeats
them one by one.

Allah Allah!

Every wound on the bodies of
polytheists was opened by his sword!

Who is he?
Do you know who he is?

The Efendi of martyrs...

...the lion of Allah, Hamza!

Polytheists want to take the battle of Badr's revenge

Utbe's daughter Hind...

...gives a mission to the black slave...

..to take the revenge of her father and uncle.

She gives a mission to her slave Wahshi...

...to take the revenge of her father and her uncle.

It was covered in dust.

Where is this place?

It is Uhud.

It's a fire in our hearts.

Uhud means pain, it means tears.

The war started.

A great man, he saw
it in his dream! Ah!


It is there!

He has no shield!

He cuts his enemies with both of
his swords!

The Efendi of martyrs fights in such a way that...

...the hearts of the polytheists are shaking!
Allah Allah!

Allah Allah!

There is someone.

There is someone

He has a spear in his hand.. Wahshi...

Don’t, Wahshi...

Don't., don't..

Don't... Don't, you'll regret, don't do
it, Wahshi.

He hides behind a rock,
he is looking for an opportunity.

He lifts the spear, he throws the spear..

He jList threw it!

He just threw his spear!

My Hamza is on the ground...

Uhud is bleeding...

Hadhrat Hamza is on the ground.
Hind is standing there.

My Hamza left..
My Hamza left..

The secret is exposed!

The secret is exposed, my Hamza is
a martyr.

How could they hurt you?

The mountain that my beautiful-named, beautiful-faced
Muhammed (SAW) took shelter in...

The secret is exposed, my valiants!

My Hamza is a martyr!

My Hamza is a martyr!

They don’t die.

Do not say that they are dead...

Martyrs don't die!

Martyrs don't die!
Do not say dead to those who are killed in Allah's cause.

Martyrs don't die!

Martyrs don't die!
Martyrs don't die!

Gonca Hatun and Alps
are martyred...

...but we are here!

We will carry the flag of Kayi!

We will!

May Allah bless you, valiants!

May Allah bless you!


What are you here for?

I said what are you here for.
Are you deaf?

My wife and I have come
from Nikea to do shopping.

Where you're coming from doesn't matter.
Get off the cart. We will search it.

Search the cart!


Searching a cart which belongs to
the daughter of Governor Saguros?

How dare you?

Sorry for the disturbance.

Clear the way.

Otherwise you will pay a
heavy price for this.

Soldiers, open the gate!

Let's go.

Gencebey, tell alps
to take up arms.

Come on.

I've walked around Sogut.

Its town planning
is astonishing.

But Osman Bey is the
hope of these frontiers.

And you are the
light of the Oghuz.

I expected the land where you
lived to be more prosperous.

I'm sorry to say this, but I couldn't
find what I expected in Sogut.

It has many deficiencies.

There are always deficiencies
where people live.

But a mature man always
sees it complete.

Whoever is deficient always sees
deficiencies in the whole world.

You are right about your
words, Sheikh Edebali.

But seeing isn't enough.

The state demands that the
deficiencies in Sogut...

...shall be filled
during our absence.

So your words shall
enlighten our way.

We should walk together.

As long as my Allah lets me live,
I will walk in the path to Him.

We like what He likes.

We stay away from
what He dislikes.

We should go now.

We will meet again, anyway.

If Allah allows
us, we will meet.

But you have come. Yet
we are leaving now.

We’ll take your regards to
Konya too, Vizier Alemshah.

Is that so? That
would please me.

What are you going to Konya for?

I'm going to see our friends.

I will be here. We'll meet
when you're back then.

Have a safe journey.


My Sheikh, do you have
something in your mind?

When we reach Konya, we should see
Sultan Mesud before our friends.

As you order, my Sheikh.

He dodged my every
word very well.

He has already chosen his side.

Go to Kosses immediately.

Tell him to accompany Edebali
on the road of Konya.

Edebali shouldn't
reach Konya, Konur.

Sultan Mesud shouldn't
know about our plan.

Brother. Brother.

Alps, this is a trap!


Osman Bey!

Inglorious dog!

Why would you kill Boran? Is
your goal to kill the bait..

...or Osman who would do
anything to save him?

Oh, Vizier Alemshah.

You want Osman to die too.

Turks never run out of
brave commanders, Nikola.

But we need to crush
those who rise.

Take him prisoner or kill him.
It's up to you.

What about Boran?

When Osman comes to get Boran, he
will come across someone else.

And then the traps
of your soldiers.

Vizier Alemshah.

I'm happy that we
have common goals.

I'll draw Osman into a trap.

-Do I have permission?
-Come in.


They beat you hard. But
you're lucky that I'm here.

You are standing alive
here thanks to me.

If it were up to Osman Bey,

...we would be performing
your funeral salaat now.

What's up, Edebali? Where are you
going without my permission?

It’s Allah who created the
path and my weak body.

If He wants us to walk ahead, even
the whole world can't stop us.

If He doesn’t want us to go, we can't go
even if thousands new ways are opened.

Is that so? Let's ask then.

Your God doesn’t want you
to go anywhere today.

Soldiers, attack!

My Sheikh!


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Dogs which bark by relying
on their number...

...are beaten by the wolf!

You outnumber us.

But we are Turks.

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