Kurulus Osman Episode 75 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 75 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Come on!

Don't let them run away!

Do not let them run away!

Come on, Hera.

Watch out, Goktug.

I can't see anything!

Osman took my sister from me.

I will take his Sheikh from him!

I'm coming, my Sheikh!

Dervishes! Protect my
Sheikh with your bodies!

Hold on, my Sheikh.

Don’t leave Oghuzs in the dark.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Allah is HAQQ! (The
Absolute Truth)

Soldiers, attack!

We're drawing back!

Tell Osman...

...I will take many more lives
until I get my sister back!

Sheikh Edebali, are you alright?

Roads may be dangerous.

My soldiers will take
you somewhere safe.

And I will bring a doctor.

-You know where to take him.
-I do.

I will let the vizier know.

Our trick worked well.

The flying flame we
captured in Sogut.

You will use it when needed.

But our primary goal is to make our
leave easier by rising clouds of dust.

No innocent men will be harmed.

Don’t worry.

EyvAllah, Osman Bey.

Where do you think they
took Boran, Osman Bey?

The devil has many nests.

For every moment he holds Boran,
I will make him pay for it.

Don't worry. One way or
another, we will find Boran.

InshaAllah. InshaAllah, we will.

Goktug, tell alps to accompany
Hera to the castle.

As you order, my Bey.

My Bey, the vizier has started
gathering Turkmen in the inn.

Let’s go and see what he wants.

-Come on.
-Let's go, alps.

Turkmen Beys will be in
the inn shortly. But...

...I wanted to see you
before any of them.

I wanted to see the bravest
and wisest one first.

Welcome, Gunduz Bey.

Thank you, Vizier Alemshah.

The reason why I wanted to see
you is your brother Osman Bey.

What a brave bey he is, right?

He’s courageous and reckless.

And considerably strong.

And rebellious.



Just say what you are to say.

Gunduz Bey, there is an
ancient state tradition.

Like a two-headed eagle.

One conquers and
the other is wise.

It can see beyond the horizon.

Well, why didn’t you
become the Bey?

My father Ertugrul Ghazi
wanted it this way.

My brother wanted the throne...

...and I stood back.

What is the purpose
of these questions?

If Osman has the throne, you
should be the wise one.

Hold your brother's
leash tightly.

He is poking every
hive there is.

If my brother is poking a hive,

...the honey of that
hive belongs to Kayi.

Our Bey shows us a target and
we rush in like an arrow.

It's good to see that our frontiers are
protected by such determined beys.

You are loyal to Osman.

We need to stand behind those
who follow the goals of Turks.

Sure. Whoever works for
the good of Turks,

...we always support him.

What about me?

Trust of a brave man like you...

...is better than all the
treasure in the world.

Vizier, we are the frontier
tribe of Seljuk State.

We of course should
support the vizier...

...it has appointed.


I want you to attend
the council too.

So all the beys will see
how lucky Osman Bey is.

Everyone doesn’t have a mighty
bey like you beside him.

Whatever you wish.

If he can’t even
kill a soldier...

...he doesn't deserve to be...


My dear friend..


If you are going to give
me another bad news...

On the contrary, I
have good news.

Vizier AlemShah wanted me to stop
Edebali from going to Konya.

Mighty Vizier wanted
me to let you know...

...Edebali is not
going to die...

...but there is no harm if you
hurt him on the way to Konya.

Is that so?

What is Vizier AlemShah's game?

I will do as the Vizier said.

But sure, our game
must be convincing.

Bring me the armour.

This will protect
me from the arrows.

I did as he said...

...now he will do as I say.

He will bring Mari back to us.

Nice. That's good news!

And you better start getting
ready for the wedding.

I won’t even wait for Rogatus to come back
from the Constantine for the wedding.

You are right.

We are already late.

You still think that I am going to marry
your stupid sister who humiliated me?

It's weird.

This castle...

...will not be her home...

..but her grave.

Vizier AlemShah's
presence gives us...


Yes. He got in many fights
even against Mongols.

He also gained victories at
the table by doing politics.

May Allah keep him with us.


Get ready! Vizier AlemShah!

Beys of Turkmen tribes...

You brought joy.

Thank you. Thank you.

Sit down.

You accepted my invitation.

Thank you.

History is a river that
thunderingly flows.

Those who know how to build
a bridge against history...

...changes its route.

We came here to rewrite the history
by representing the Seljuq.

We came here to remove
the bad luck...

...on Turks’ fate.

From now on, we will shoot the legs of a
horse that runs without letting us...


...we will shoot the wings of a bird
that flies without letting us know.

Peace can only be
provided with an order.

Our Sultan is happy about
your presence on these lands.

All of you will see the value..

...that you deserve
for your service...

...the Beys of Turkmens.

I am sure that you will obey.

Now, the only truth..

...is the word of AlemShah.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Our Vizier is really generous.

Why are you giving us this
gold, Vizier AlemShah?

It proves that our intention
is good, Gunduz Bey.

We are giving it to let
Beys share with their folk.

They are being rewarded for the
service they did in their tribes.

I know that you care about the
peace in your tribe, Gunduz Bey.

Thus, I am giving the share
of Kayi tribe to you.

I am sure you will do
what is necessary.

Thank you, Vizier AlemShah.

Thanks to Allah, our tribe has enough.
We don't need it.

It will be better for Kayi tribe
if you give it to someone...

...who needs it.

Ertugrul Ghazi's generous
son, Gunduz Bey..

I'm so sorry
that we hadn't met before.


You can’t pass with your swords.

Know your place.

Whichever hand tries to touch
our swords is to wither!

Whoever disobeys
the state morals,

...his hand withers!

Nobody can attend the council
with a sword, Osman Bey.

Will you establish the state...

...which you are dreaming of
by disobeying its morals?

Leave it.

Why are you exceeding your authority?
Do you have a death wish?


Watch your words.

He doesn't have a death wish.

But he can’t see clearly.

Only a wolf can see
the dream of a wolf.

Don’t talk about the
dream you can't see.

Otherwise, I will put the sword which
will lead us to that mighty dream...

...on the necks of the cruel!

I hope you’re not one
of those cruel men.

Now I will give my sword...

...to my alp.


Your trade has been damaged.

You've gone through
many hardships.

For what? Due to a
bey's arrogance.

A bey should have no
arrogance at all.

Being the head requires
surpassing one's ambitions...

...and getting rid
of arrogance first.

Without thinking properly,

...he attacks caravans.

He puts Turkmen in tight spots.

Now you will be ruled...

...with wisdom of Konya.

Who are you talking
about, Vizier Alemshah?

Osman Bey.

Selamun aleykum.

-Aleykum selam.
-Aleykum selam.

Osman Bey.

You obeyed my words.


Thank you.

Now that we're complete,

...it's time to
give the good news.


I want to ask you first.

-Where are you coming from?
-From InegoL

Some secrets cannot be found
by searching, Osman Bey.

If you don't have virtues
and capacity to find it,

...you will exhaust
not only yourself...

...but also those following you.

When we go for it,

...even if they hide it behind fifty
doors, we can break them all...

...and capture it, evelAllah.

Don't be worrying, Vizier.

The doors which you break
are always open for us.

Here's the good news.


My brother.

Brother, are you alright?

Boran Alp, your loyalist alp.

We heard that...

...the heathens were
holding him as a captive.

We couldn't have
let that happen...

...as the protector of Turkmen.

Beys, we have the solution...

...for any kind of problems
and your tough troubles.

Just like we brought
Boran Alp back,

...we can solve every problem.

Why are the door
which we break...

...open for you, Vizier?

Power, Turgut Bey. Power.

They know politics well...

...so they don't treat
a frontier bey...

...and the vizier
of Seljuk State...



...is reinforcing the victory
gained with swords...

...with ink in the table.

He wasn't taken back with blood.

So I want to know what
concession you gave them.

Seljuk State never
gives concessions.

We only give time.

And when it's time,
we get what we want.

Don’t worry, Osman Bey.

I told you it's good
Vizier is here.

Great job. May Allah
be pleased with you.

May Allah be pleased with you.

As you see, Osman Bey,

...I came here to
maintain order...

...not to break hearts.

Thank you, Vizier Alemshah.

You saved a Kayi soldier
from the heathens.

Osman Bey is pleased
with that as well.

Thank you, Vizier Alemshah.

This favor of yours..

...will definitely be returned.

Let's go.

Osman Bey!

From now on, nobody will do
anything without our permission.

No attacks, no raids...

...and no agreements
will be carried out.

We will maintain
peace in the east...

...and march towards Mongols.

You're saying my favor
won't be unreturned.

It's return is clear.

Osman Bey...

...absolute obedience.

Let's go.

Boran! Brother... Are you alright?



Are you alright?

Thank you my Bey.

I am trying to...

...be alright.


...I didn't know that this Vizier would
take me from that dastard's hand...

I thought you'd do it.


What are you saying?

We came from Inegol for you.

I was thinking...

...when I was left
hungry and thirsty...

...and was being
tortured, my Bey.

The poison took her
breath away first.

Shut up!

Then her veins...

...broke into pieces!

Shut up!

Do you know how much it hurts?

You can't even imagine...

...how much it hurts.

Shut up!

She was fighting for her life...

...in pain.

My Hatun became a martyr...

...for an entrustment.

That dastard who
killed my Hatun...

..I don’t care about
my skin, my Bey...

...stabbed me in my heart.

Is the entrustment..

...worth the pain, my Bey?

My Bey... forgive him. He
is not thinking wisely.


You are saying these words...

...because of your wounds.

It's because of the
pain in your heart.

We'll talk later.


My Bey... My Bey, swords.

You are alright, brother.

You are alright.

My brother...

What are you doing
here, brother?

Vizier AlemShah sent news..

...I came here to
learn what he wanted.

Boran is going to be
alright inshaAllah.

I will make those who
did this to my Alps...

...to my Boran...

...go through hell
in this world.

I swear...

...I won't let them be
in peace in both worlds.

My Vizier, as you ordered...

...we took Sheikh Edebali.

As you thought, he
is mad at Osman Bey.

It is time to visit Edebali.

Welcome, my Bey.

What happened my Bey? May
it be good inshaAllah.

Vizier AlemShah...

...is saying that he
brought peace and order.

And when he says that..

...Osman Bey has to obey.

What does Osman Bey say?

Can he be convinced?

He will be, Ayse. I
will convince him.

It's obvious.

Look, the winter
is about to come.

And Turkmens can’t
tolerate a war right now.

May Allah forbid, the
folk will be desperate.

In short, peace
is not an option.

It's a must.

May it be good for our
tribe inshaAllah my Bey.


Gunduz Bey, can I come in

Come in, Rashid.

My Bey... Osman Bey is
waiting for you in his tent.

Why didn’t the Vizier
tell us in advance?

He apparently has something
about us in his mind.



He gathered the Beys.

He was giving Boran
to us, he was proud.

He just wants to harm
the reputation of Kayi.

What was Gunduz doing there?

Can I come in, my Bey?
-Come in, brother.


You didn’t answer my
questions at the inn.

Tell me.

What were you doing
in Vizier’s meeting?

And you didn't tell anyone.

He wanted to see Osman
Bey's brother first.

Then he invited me
to the meeting.

How could I say no?

Please, my Gunduz.. Be careful.

His intentions are not good.

I told you that when
he first arrived.

It's obvious, he eats with the
wolves and cries with the shepherd.

Yes... Kayi tribe
has to be cautious.

Our lands don't
always grow roses...

...there will be grass as well.

With Allah’s consent, we will
remove the grass inshaAllah.


But we will wait for now...

My Sheikh will learn..

...what really happened
when he arrives in Konya...

...then we will do something.

Then we have to be patient
for now, Osman Bey.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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You are badly injured.
You have to rest.

Dear Sheikh Edebali...

...do what your doctor says.

Stay here until you
find shifa(healing).

Besides, we can’t know what
Kosses is going to do.

This place is safe.

We can wait, it’s not
going to hurt us.

Thanks to Allah, Konur
Alp was going to Konya.

You were destined
to come across.

He helped you get rid of
that treacherous trap.

Thanks to him.

Thank you.

We have to send a
messenger to Osman Bey.

Don’t bother yourself
with these thoughts.

Just have some rest.

I will handle that.


My Vizier.

Why are we still keeping
Sheikh Edebali here?

I would never give
him away, Konur.

Who would want...

...to surrender the
spiritual wing...

...of the power?

Let some time pass.

Let the possibility of Sheikh
Edebali being harmed...

...scare them and
crack their bones.

Then we will surrender
Osman by crushing him.

Vizier demands peace.

He wants peace in these lands.

We always fight in battles.

We lost so many.

Troubles come one after another.

I’m saying...

We will never make
peace, brother.

We won't surrender the one
who took shelter in us.

I don't know the
vizier's intention.

But I don't have a good feeling.

Vizier Alemshah seems to want
to put Turkmen Beys to sleep...

...by hiding the truth.

When Sheikh Edebali finds out
the truth and comes back,

...we will deal with the
vizier too, EvelAllah.


We can deal with him, but
it's great Seljuk State.

What is great is Seljuk State.

Not every finger is the same.

Even in Kayi, we fed many
enemies without knowing.

There must be more in the state.

Yes. My mother is right.

Humans may be mistaken.

We won't favor anyone
because of his position.

When my Sheikh is back,

...we will decide what to do.

-Do I have permission, my Bey?
-Come in!

My Bey, Sheikh Edebali...


Sheikh Edebali got ambushed near
llgin on the road to Konya.

-My Sheikh!
-Bala, stay strong.

My Sheikh.

He will be back with
Allah's will, my girl.

-Osman. My father...

Calm down.


Get on your horses!

I want my Sheikh back alive.

As you order, my Bey.

Calm down.

Fire has fallen in the heart!

Fire has fallen in the heart!

Fire has fallen in the heart!

I couldn't be siddiq
(loyal), ironsmith.

O the friend of Rasulullah(SAW).

O the star of the Efendi
of the worlds(SAW)!

I would even sacrifice my head for the
dust on your feet, Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA).

You couldn’t leave your
friend for a moment.

I couldn’t accompany my friend.

I left him alone in the caves.

I couldn't protect
him from snakes.

Oh Kumral!

Am I Belevi who left
Hadhrat Ali(RA) alone?

May my heart be cracked!

Am I Kufe who left Hadhrat
Huseyin(RA) alone?

May my heart be cracked!

May it be cracked!
May it be cracked!

I would gladly sacrifice myself
for you, Muhammed Mustafa(SAW).

I couldn't become Abu Bakr (RA).

I couldn't help my friend.

I couldn't sacrifice
my life for him.

I left my Sheikh alone.

Fire has fallen in the heart!
Fire has fallen in the heart!

May Kumral be burned!

May he be burned!
May he be burned!

May he be burned! May
Kumral be burned!

This poor man couldn’t become
Siddiq (loyal), ironsmith.

Fire has fallen in the heart!

My Sheikh.


-We will search this area thoroughly.
-We will.

We will find him, brother.



Saltuk, send two alps to Sogut.

We should know if they get
any news from my Sheikh.

Come on.

Alps, let’s move!

Keep searching! Check around!

Goktug will come back with
good news, my Bey, inshaAllah.

InshaAllah, he will.


-Do I have permission, my Bey?
-Come in, Goktug!

My Bey, we examined
the ambush spot.

Too many trails. We couldn't
distinguish his trails.

We looked everywhere, but..

...we couldn't find our Sheikh.

Bala, be patient.


Father. Father!

Thanks to Allah, you are fine.

Thanks to Allah, you’re good.

My Sheikh. My Sheikh?

Who did this?

Tell me who did this.

Sheikh Edebali, Light of Oghuzs,
whose words are wise...

...got ambushed vilely
on the road to Konya.

That didn't suit a
mighty bey like you.

How could you send him to Konya
without measures, Osman Bey?

Osman Bey.

Sheikh Edebali...

...is here alive with
us thanks to Konur Alp.

My Sheikh.

Come on. Bala.

Let's go, my Sheikh.

Who did this to my Sheikh?

Tell me.

The one who you hurt.


We all know the reason.

Those who attempted
to kill Edebali...

...may do even worse.

They won’t stop until
they get Mari back.

Unless Kosses'
sister is returned,

...things will get worse.
Many lives will be hurt.

And the order will be broken.

A wise bey like you...

...is to do the right thing.

What should be done is obvious.

I will never return Mari...

...who took shelter in us...

...as long as I keep breathing!

The truth is a bird
with two wings.

One is Quran.

And the other is morals.

Both say so.



Every word I will say...

...is for the welfare of Turks.

Are you taking
responsibility for...

...what will happen to
Turkmen, Osman Bey?

Turgut Bey.

What about you?

Gunduz Bey, the mighty of
Kayi, the eldest one of them.

What do you think?

I cannot say any words
after my bey’s words.

Think long and hard.

I'm giving you time...

...until tomorrow to
hear your decision.

What you should do is
to abide by the peace.

The situation doesn't
look good, Osman Bey.

I'd better take Mari...

...and go back to my tribe.

Mari is with us now.

You are also with
us, Turgut Bey.

Well-said, Osman Bey.

Thank you.

But everyone will be
harmed because of me.

Let me go. I don't want to
cause any more troubles.

I will go to my tribe and
prepare for the battle.

What battle?

Battle is a feast for us!

But it's not needed now.

Now that he's given us time

...we will declare our
final decision...

...by inviting him
to the wedding.

Start the preparations!

You have a wedding with Mari.

Oh Osman Bey.

You've become a mountain to
lean on in my hard times.

It’s my duty to follow
you as a mountain.

I see you.

I understand your path.

You are my Bey now.

Whenever you reach
out for your sword,

...the sword you draw
will be my sword.

Your path is my path.

And I'd sacrifice my
life for that path.

Only death...

...can separate us
now, Osman Bey.

My Gonca.

The poison cut her
breath off first.

Then her veins exploded!

Can you imagine how
painful it is?

The pain was so deep...

...that you can’t believe.

By creeping, she
agonized on the ground.


My boy. My brave boy!

My Boran! My boy!

Kumral Abdal.

The pain never goes away.

It’s not going anywhere.

Don’t do this, Boran. Don’t.

May their hands get broken!
May their hands get broken!

Kumral Abdal.

My heart hurts.

Don’t do this, Boran. Don’t.

I can’t live without Gonca.

What did we tell you, Boran?

It is a hard test.

You say that you can't
live, but you can.

You are standing in front of me!

It's a mortal world..

...it’s a world that
has no tomorrow.

Don’t be convinced by the world.

It was a beautiful
tree yesterday.

The tree dried.

It’s a mortal world, Boran.

Flowers die, trees dry.

Fire is put off...

...people die.

When it’s time they leave.

Gonca left. The Creator
called her, she left.

What are you doing, my Boran?

You keep saying
that you are dying.

You will resist, my valiant.
You will hang on, my Boran.

You will live with your pain.

You will live with
your patience.


Your wound is deep.

The shifa of your wound is hidden
in the ayahs of your Allah.

Take shelter in your Allah.


Let Gonca live in here.

Recite Kur'an as much
as you can, my Boran.

Can I come in?

Come in.

How is it?

You are beautiful.

Very beautiful.

Bala Hatun.. she gave it to me.
-Thanks to her.



I should've said this before.

But we always had issues.

When I first saw you...

...I said, "This girl is
going to cause me problems."

And you did.

But if you are with me...

...not a single bad
thing can happen to me.

It is not going to be easy.

Which love is easy

I can accept all of the hardships
and problems, if you are with me.

Can you be the owner
of my heart...

...and a companion
to my life, Mari?

I can accept all of
the hardships...

...if you are with me, Turgut.

Call Gunduz Bey here.

I want to talk to him about
something important.

But tell him, I don’t
want Osman to know that.

Tell Kosses that Mari
will be taken to him.

Yes, Mighty Emir.

Write it down. To our Sultan...

...the Sultan of seven
regions and four seasons...

...my words can not
affect the margrave...

...Ertugrul Ghazi's son Osman...

...on the lands where I
am at as your shadow.

Your rebel servant...

...who thinks disobedience
comes from the honour

He is doing business...

...with the Governor
of Iznik Sagaros...

...without an allowance.

The sea of blindness
that he is in...

...is so deep that...

He is even keeping
the sister of...

...Harmankaya's Lord captive.

The moves he is making harm...

...the Seljuq and
you, our Sultan.

I am afraid that the existence
of this rebel named Osman...

...is going to leave
us in between...

...Kayseri Greek and Mongols.

I am afraid that...

...the Beylic won't
be enough for him...

...and that he will
want to build a state.

His greed caused us
all those problems.

He has to be put in a
dungeon right away...

...and be judged.

May Allah let it be good...

...and let us give the...

...right decision...

...about him.

May Allah give long life...

...to our Khan of Khans...

...our Sultan.

It will be sent with a pigeon.

It will be delivered to Sultan
Mesud before the ink dries.

I didn't have time to ask him, Osman Bey.
He works for the state.

Even if I asked, he’d tell
me that it was a secret.

He would, yes.

He just came here...

...why did he sent his most
loyal soldier to Konya?

My Sheikh... Who knew that you were going
to visit the Sultan except for you and me?

How would Kosses know
about the route?

Our journey to Konya
was not a secret.

But our intention
was kept hidden.

Are you thinking about
something, Osman Bey?

Konur Alp was there
right on time...

I guess they understood something was
going to happen when you arrived there.

I will send one of my
Alps after AlemShah.

We have to know
what he is doing.

If we don't have proof, words can't
come out of our mouth, Osman Bey.

The truth will be exposed soon.

Servants have to try as well.

I will go to Konya
as soon as possible.

We will find out the game of
the Vizier when I go to Konya.

One who wants to be a leader
must defeat his arrogance first.

Gunduz Bey, you gave
up on yourself...

...and even gave up on
Beylic that you deserved.

Vizier AlemShah... If you are trying to cause
a fight in Kayi tribe and gain strength...

...you are not going
to get what you want.

I am not trying to cause a fight,
I am trying to let you be one.

I want to gather all Turkmens
under the flag of Great Seljuq.

We first neet
stability for this.

Your brother's da'wah of
conquests harms this stability.

Since when is it harmful to conquer
lands and extend the lands of Turks?

We don’t have much
power anymore.

Mongols tortured us.

If Konya falls, you will fall.

It is not the right time to
open a front against Greeks.

And it's for a Hatun.

It's in our laws...

We give our lives, but we
don’t give our people.

Laws is taking action for
the sake of the state.

Laws is taking action
for the safety of...

...people and for the...

...peace in the tribe.

It’s in our laws.

It is not watching
them burn the tribe..

...for a Hatun.

It is the note that
came from Kayseri Rum.

Rogatus is in the
Constantine right now.

They are building an army.

They will destroy
all the tribes.

What do we have to do now?

We will commit a...

...good crime, Gunduz Bey.

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Split up.

May it be easy.

Thank you, welcome Selcan Hatun.

I have beautiful clothings.

This one, this one...

...and this one...

This also looks good.
Give me one.

It's really beautiful.

It will look good on
my beautiful daughter.

I don’t know how to thank you.

You take care of me like I
am your own daughter...

..and your own sister.

Like? You are already
our own daughter.

You are our sister, like every other
Hatun in the tribe is our sister.

So that you are going to be
the Hatun of a Turk Bey...

...then let us tell you
about our traditions.

Mother.. -Let’s go.

Prepare these for us. We
will come and take them.

Come, my daughter.

May it be easy. -Thank you.

We make the bride eat
a spoon of honey...

...so her words will be sweet.

What are you doing, Cerkutay?

We have to learn what
is taken and given.

We will get married
soon, you know.

MashaAllah to my son.

Thank you, mother. We have to know.

Let’s go Cerkutay.
Don’t waste time.

I will tell you later.

Selcan mother... Did you
say honey for sweet words?

Yes son.. But you don't need it.

We will give honey to
the one who needs it.

Let’s go, mother.
Let’s buy some coms.

Let's buy.

So her tent and her
tribe will be blessed.

But we have to buy more.

It's obvious, we'll need more.

My Aygul daughter..
Take care of the corns.

We will do the other things.

Let’s go.

Give us a pocket, brother.

Why are you buying
corns, crazy girl?

That’s why, Cerkutay.

Crazy boy.

Let's go. Walk.


The Sultan of seven regions
and four seasons...

...my words can not
affect the margrave...

...Ertugrul Ghazi's son Osman...

...on the lands where I
am at as your shadow.

He is even keeping
the sister of...

...Harmankaya's Lord captive.

The moves he is making harm...

...the Seljuq and
you, our Sultan.

He has to be put in a dungeon...

...and judged.

How can you be so
careless Osman Bey?

I even entrusted my
army to you once...

You lost my trust.

It is the order of the Sultan.

Arrest that rebel named Osman..

...and bring him to me.

It's been a long time since
I saw you happy, my Bey.

May Allah always
let you be happy.

Thank you.

But it’s your turn now, Kutan.
Know that.

InshaAllah my Bey -InshaAllah.

It's good that we united
with Kayi tribe my Bey.


From now on, our
swords and hearts...

...are on the way and under the
command of Osman Bey, Kutan.

Hay mashaAllah.

It’s crowded outside.

People are waiting
for the wedding.

We will deal with this,
with Allah’s consent.

You are putting a debt on our
shoulders that we can't pay back.

Our duty can't be
a burden to you.

Thank you, Osman Bey.

What happened, brother?

Where are you coming from?

From Sogut, Osman Bey.

What were you doing in Sogut?

Same things, Osman Bey.

I just looked around.

I have things to do.

If you allow me, I'll
pass, Osman Bey.

Go ahead, brother. Go ahead.

Ah Osman..

Let's go!

Please, stop, Nikola.

I am out of patience, Kosses.

I can see that, Nikola.

But don’t worry. Vizier
will keep his promise.

He will bring Mari to us.

I brought Vizier
AlemShah's greetings.

Mighty Vizier told me that
he will give Mari to you.


Tell Vizier AlemShah
that we are thankful.


Mari is coming.

So, my friend..

...when are you going
to get married?

Right away. Right away, Kosses.

I won’t make you regret.

I will take good care of Mari.

I will give her heaven..

..in this world.

Kosses is worse than a mad dog.

He even touched Sheikh Edebali.

I can’t convince Osman...

...when one thing
happens after another.

I don’t want to but..

...there is no other way
than giving Mari to..

...the Vizier to protect our tribe
from the cruelty of Kosses.

Gunduz... How can you?

How can you give up on someone
who took shelter in us?

Isn't there another
way for peace?

I looked for a thousand ways, Ayse!
A thousand ways!

There isn't any!

The Emperor is building an army.

Lords are angry, the Seljuq is forcing us..
And my brother...

And my brother is
trying to be a hero.

We will solve this before
anyone finds out, Ayse.

For the sake of our tribe.

I would give you to him if I
didn’t know it was for that.

My Bey... I know that your
intention is good, but...

...what if Osman Bey finds out?

What are we going to tell him?

We will solve this
before he finds out.

We will solve this before
someone finds out, Ayse.

Is it for Mari?

She will pass out
when she drinks this.

Find a way and make
her drink it, Ayse.

I will take her out of the
tribe without a noise.

Ayse, for our tribe,
for our people.

Or would I ever do
something like this?

Would I ever do
something like this?

For our tribe...

How was your day in Sogut?

It was nice. -Good.

Are we getting married tomorrow?

You are going to marry the
man who you called...

Byzantine beauty.

-Can I come in, my girl?


What are you doing here?

I came here to talk.

To ask if she needs anything.

What is there to talk about?

You already talked and
convinced her to marry you.

What else will you say?

Come on. You can’t enter
this tent till tomorrow.

Come on.

As you order, mother.

Come on, boy.

Are you still here?

I’m going, mother. I’m going.


My girl, he seems to have
fallen in love with you.


-Come in.



We bought too much, mother.
It’s hard to carry them all.

Women never stop working.

Well, Aygul.

They say we will also
prepare dowry for you soon.


My girl, these will
look great on you.

Thank you.

Ayse Hatun, join us.

Let's open them.

Mother, these are beautiful.

Really beautiful, my girl.

This will look perfect on you.

All of them are pretty, my girl.

Look at this color.

-Do you like them, Mari?
-They are beautiful.

Osman Bey’s rat.

What did you expect to
see by following us?

Konur, his bones are itching.

Bat him until you get exhausted.

Don’t worry.

Everything will be
ready tomorrow.

InshaAllah, Osman Bey.

I know what you have done for me.
I can't make it up to you.

Thank you.

Brother, we can't know
what heathens will do.

For this reason, tell alps..

...to be on alert all the time.

They will keep a sharp lookout.


I want no mistakes.

As you order, my Bey.


My Bey, what is this called?

They call it opium.


Don't. Will this
thing harm Mari?


It will just pass her out.

Besides, it’s not for Mari only.


Nobody should know this.

Nobody should realize.


Alps shouldn’t see that.



To get rid of a big trouble,

...we accept a small one.

There is no other way.

Aygul Hatun...

...will give food to alps.

And we'll serve sherbet.

So the soldiers won’t be
able to get in my way.

May Allah help us, my Bey.

I hope we can handle
this without being seen.

We will. We will, inshaAllah.

We have to do this for the
welfare of our tribe.

We can be the bad ones...

...if you say this is for
the welfare of our people

Allah knows our
intention, anyway.

Yes. The cart is ready.

You make Mari drink the sherbet.

And make sure Alps
drank it first.

I hope nobody gets in my way.

Don’t worry, my Bey.

We will take Mari out of the
tribe before anyone knows.


Give me your blessing.

You have it, my Bey.

Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in!

My Bey, we need another alp
to get the vizier followed.

I got exposed, my Bey.

They know me.

I couldn't achieve my duty.

Who did this?

The vizier?


Yes, my Bey.

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The meal smells
great, Aygul Hatun.

What is in it?

There is poison in yours.

For the first time, Km eating
poison more delicious than honey.

Thanks for cooking, Aygul Hatun.

Sherbet is great too.

Ayse Hatun prepared it.

Enjoy your meals.

-Thanks, sister Aygul.
-EyvAllah, Aygul Hatun.

Enjoy your meals, alps.

EyvAllah, Gunduz Bey.

Goktug, where are
the other alps?

-They are helping for the wedding.


Gather the rest of the alps.

Soldiers, this is
Osman Bey’s order.

We will intensify the measures.

-As you order, my Bey.
-Yes, my Bey.

Enjoy your meals.

You will be very
beautiful, Mari.

Thank you.

I hope you will be
the next, Aygul.

That will be very soon.

Cerkutay is acting fast, huh?

When Turgut Bey sees you,

...he will fall in love again.

Ayse Hatun, it will look
great on her, right?

It will look great on Mari.

She will be like a fairy girl.

What is that, Ayse Hatun?

I made sherbet.

I prepared some for you.

But I sent it to Malhun Hatun's
tent thinking you left.

You know, tomorrow
will be a tiring day.

Mari needs to rest, right?

Ayse is right, hatuns.

It's late.

-Good night, Mari.
-Good night.

Good night.

Thank you.

Enjoy your drink, Mari.

Good night.


You are doing this for
your tribe, Gunduz.

What have you done?

Mari drank the sherbet.


Good. The head
alps drank it too.

Our job will be easier
when they sleep.

Boran wasn’t there, though.
But he never left his tent.

I will give Mari to the vizier's
men early in the morning.

-My Ayse.

My Ayse, please.

We aren't doing anything bad.

We are doing this for
all the Turkmen tribes.

May Allah forgive us.

What have you done,
Vizier Alemshah?

We have done much
since I came here.

Which one are you asking
about, Osman Bey?


I'm talking about Saltuk.

How could you beat a
frontier bey's alp?

He's breathing because
he's a frontier bey's alp.

If he were someone else,

...I would have hanged him in the
entrance of Sogut to make an example.

Whoever hits my alps will be
called to account for it!

There are much to
account for, Osman!

You tell me first.

How could you send a
man after a statesman?

How dare you get me followed?

I’m the owner of Sogut,

...the frontiers, the tribe, the
cushion you are sitting on,

...and even the bed
you are sleeping in!

You are saying words which are
beyond your power, Osman Bey.

This land is the property
of Seljuk State.

This land belongs to our state.

Here, I’m the Bey...

...and the state itself!

These disobedient
actions and attitudes.

You signed your own
death warrant, Osman.

This will be your last
disobedient action.

You put yourself in chains.

Gunduz Bey will deliver
the girl in the morning.

Osman has come to an end, Konur.

Where am I?

Who are you?

Leave me!

What are you doing?

Leave me!


Leave me!

Gunduz Bey.

Our mighty Vizier
sends his regards.

Soldiers, let’s go!

Come on.

Wake up, brothers. Gencebey.

Wake up. Cerkutay.

Wake up!


Brothers, how did
we sleep like this?

Thanks to Aygul Hatun,
we ate too much.

Wake up, Cerkutay.

Give me honey...

Give me the dowry.

Why are you here, Aygul Hatun?

Aygul! Dowry Hatun!

Yes, dowry. Dowry.


You always say I
eat like a beast.

Each of you has a
Cerkutay inside!

Can we come in, Mari?



Where is she?


The bed is still neat.

The veil still stays
as I left it.


Yes, mother?

My boy.

Do you know where Mari is?

I don’t.

Isn’t she around?

She was in her tent when
we left last night.

Neither the bed nor the veil...

...seems to have been touched.

They stay as I left them.

We looked everywhere she can be.

But we couldn't find.

What do you mean?

Malhun! Who is lost?

Mari, my Bey.

Osman Bey..

How did that happen?
Where did she go?

My Mari wouldn't leave
before letting me know.


It’s a big tribe, my son.

We are all here. No
one can abduct her.

How did that happen, Osman Bey?

Where did Mari go?

Who did this?


Alps! Tell me!

Did no one see her
leaving the tribe?


I know. Nikola did this...

Nikola.. -Turgut Bey.

-I can't stop, Osman Bey.

The dastards apparently
abducted her last night.

Come on Alps, we are leaving!

We are leaving!


Let's go!

We are in a hurry,
Mighty Vizier.

What is it about?


You are under arrest
by the order...

...of the Sultan of
Seljuq, Osman Bey.

What are you saying?

Do you hear what you are saying?

He is the Bey of Kayi
tribe, Osman Bey!

It is the order of Sultan Mesud.

You are arrested, Osman Bey.

Why are you arresting him?
Tell me!



Drop your swords.

Take your hands off!

Don't touch my sword.

Don't touch him.

He doesn't even have a life.
He suffered enough.


Come with me.

Finally, Kosses.


Take good care of her, Nikola.

Although she made mistakes...

...she is my sister.

She is the most precious
thing for me in my life.

Don't upset her. Never...

Don't upset her.

Don't worry. I will
take good care of her.



My dear wife...


Damn it.

How could you do that to me?


Mari, you are going
to drive me crazy.

Look at yourself,
look at your clothes.

I will make you pay for this!

Turgut won't leave me here.

Enough, Mari.

I hate you, brother.

Mari is my wife now.

Be careful.


...you are my guest now.

Make yourself comfortable.

That Vizier is doing
this to us...

...I wonder what he is going
to do to Osman Bey...

He wants to send my Bey
away from these lands.

He seemed like a good man...

...but he was a demon.

Osman Bey’s loyal Alps...

I wish you chose to
obey your state...

...instead of choosing
loyalty for your Bey.

You wouldn't be suffering now.

Vizier... Your cruelty
will never be enough to...

...make the valiants
of Kayi give up.

Do your best.


Whip them until their
skin leaves their bones!

Then put them in the dungeon!

Go to Sogut! Send news
to Vizier AlemShah!


We can't tell this to the
Vizier and the Sultan.

Those who come back before finding
Osman will lose their heads.


It was obvious that he was
going to play a game.

He kept rising against
my Bey since he came.

I noticed it.

I told you when
he first arrived.

His eyes carry evil in them,
just like Saadettin Kopek.

Are we going to sit and wait here, mother?
What are we going to do?

We are not going to wait, Bala.

Vizier will pay for this!

What did I do?

I trusted Vizier, I did this...

They took my brother!

Osman Bey is not guilty.

They can’t do anything
to him, right?

I don't know Ayse. I don't know!

But I will find out.

I will go to AlemShah.

How are we going
to do it, my Bey?

We will get in the castle
and take Mari out, Kutan.

I will not leave Mari in the
hands of that dog Nikola.

How are we going to fight all those soldiers, my Bey?
You know, Nikola dog's castle is well protected.

We will get in...

...in such a way that...

..the whole world will
hear and talk about this.

Hang on Mari. Hang on.

-Can I come in, Mighty Vizier?
-Come in.

Mighty Vizier, Gunduz Bey came.

Let him in.

Vizier AlemShah, are
you involved in this?

It is the order of Sultan Mesud.

We just have to follow...

...the orders of Konya.

-Can I come in, Mighty Vizier?
-Come in.

Mighty Vizier, we received
news from Konur Alp.

Osman Bey...

What happened to Osman Bey?
Tell me!

Osman Bey ran away,
Mighty Vizier.

We didn’t understand
how it happened.

Your brother keeps being
a rebel, Gunduz Bey!

He doesn’t listen to his
brother and the Vizier!

And he also disobeyed the
order of our Sultan.

No.. I also don't understand what
he is trying to do this time.

That's not good.

Send news to the Sultan.

Tell him that Osman ran away to
avoid being judged by the Qadi...

...and that he is a
rebel and a traitor.

Send criers!

Everyone will know what
kind of a rebel Osman is.

His people will find out that...

...he betrayed the Seljuq.

Once he is seen, he will
be caught and punished.

Yes, my Vizier.

Vizier AlemShah.

Do you really need
to announce it?

We are doing the
necessary thing.

Go back to your tribe.

Kayi tribe can not be
left without a Bey.

Get ready, Gunduz Bey.

You will have his seat.

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