Kurulus Osman Episode 76 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 76 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Split up!

He is injured! He can't
have gone too far! Go!

I have to find a place.




I have to go to the mine.

To the mine.

To the mine.

O, folk!

May everyone hear!

Ertugrul Ghazi's son...

...Kayi Bey Osman Bey...

...is a rebel law-breaker

He rose against the Seljuq...

...and escaped
from being judged.

Once he is found, he
will be punished.

May everyone hear!

You should be careful when
you are talking about him!

Vizier AlemShah.

Do our Turk laws allow you
to do that to Osman Bey?

Malhun Hatun..

Umur Bey's one and
only daughter.

Osman Bey's heir's mother.

You can't imagine how
much I am upset...

..about seeing you like this.

I can see it on your face.

Don't bother yourself.

No.. I am really upset.

Because I believe that
Osman Bey is innocent.

But... why did a man
like Osman Bey...

...rise against us
before denying the...


And since he escaped
from being judged...

...there must be something
he is afraid of.

If my Bey thinks that is
the right thing to do...

...then that is.

I have no doubt about
his innocence.

Osman Bey and I are
used to calamities.

We know how to get
rid of them...

...and speak their language.

Don't worry about it.

We will make them pay for
these days, Vizier AlemShah.

Mighty Vizier.

As you ordered, criers are telling
everyone that Osman Bey is a rebel...

...and that he
betrayed the Seljuq.


...it is time to
visit Kayi tribe.

Ya Shafi.

They couldn't take my
Osman Bey to Konya.

He got rid of them.

But... what is he doing...

Where is he?

Calm down, my daughter.

You should all calm down.

We will come out of this
well with Allah's consent.

We will, evelAllah.

If my Osman didn't
know a thing...

...he wouldn't go with
that dastard Vizier's men.

He must have a plan.

I will go to Konya...

...to talk to Sultan Mesud.

I have to talk to him..

...to find it out.

Until we expose the truth..

...wolves will think that
the Kayi's seat is empty...

...and surround us.

But Osman Bey will
find a solution.

Kayi's fur is never left empty.

Sabr, ya RasulAllah.

Vizier AlemShah is coming!

Mari., my dear wife.

You look prettier now.

I mean...

...the clothes that the
Turks gave you were ugly.

You looked like a shepherd.

But now...

...look at yourself.

You look like a real princess.

Clothes don't make people...

...strong and
honourable, Nikola.

Osman, that you could
never defeat...


...they all take their
power from here.

But you don't have it.

You will never be the man
that you want to be.

Where are you right now, Mari?


You are in my castle.

You are with me.

The man who you think
are too strong...

I took you from there, but
they didn’t even notice.

This is real power.
Do you understand?

This is the actual power.

Is it enough?

It is not!

More power...

More power... More...

Where is Cornelia?

I asked them, they said
that they didn't see her.

She is going to have some rest.

My dear wife Mari...

This is our first dinner.

I can assure you, Mari. I
prepared delicious meals for you.

If it has to be the most
special dinner in my life...

...it has to be the last dinner I
am going to have with you, Nikola.

What was the name
of your friend?

Cornia? No.. Cornelia..

Well-cooked, Cornelia...

The barrels are on fire!

Run! Fire!


Tent skin is..

...Turk's tradition.

A Bey's chair will not be empty.

The owner of the chair,

...the Bey of the tent
is alive and well.

Thanks to Allah.

When there is a problem,

...what is necessary will
be done, mighty Vizier.

Sheikh Edebali,

..there is no doubt
that you are right.

But it is not the
time for peace.

There are enemies all around us.

Lords are out of control.

What are you trying to
say, Vizier Alemsah?

There is no need for
talking around it.

Say what you want to say.

You are right, old woman.

No need for talking around it.

If Osman Bey is not
here right now,

..someone should
take the chair.

And that person is...

...Gunduz Bey.

Like my Sheikh said,

...Osman Bey is alive.

No need for someone else.

We will talk about that
when the time comes.

Right now, there is no need.

It's clear that you
misunderstood me.

My words are not requests.

They are orders.

I will kill you!

I will kill you! How
could you do this?

What did you think, Mari? Did
you think I was really in love?

What did you think?

I was only going to marry
you for my political goals.

Only for my political goals.

-I will kill you!
- What did you do?

What did you do?

You humiliated me!

You humiliated me. Do you understand?
You toyed with my honor.

I will not forget, Mari.

I will wait.

My dear wife.



- Turgut.
- It is okay.

Hold on.

Come on.

Come on.

Get me out of here.

Save me!

Get me out of here!

Please save me!

Save me!

Cornelia! Are you okay?

- Thank God.
- We are here to save you.

Where is Lord's room?

- But there are many soldiers outside.
- Where is Lord's room?

Follow me.

Come on.

Your death is here, Nikola.
I brought it.




My Bey, hurry up.
They are coming.

The secret passage.

Take us to the secret passage.

Come on. Hang on.

Hang on.

You will be okay, Mari. Come on.

Come on.

Let them run away!



The doors! Hold the doors!

Leave me, get the doors!

The doors!

Mari, wake up.

Wake up!



Come on.

Come on, Kutan. Where is it?

Come on.

Come on.


Run! Run!

Close the gates of the castle!

Leave me!

Close the gates of the castle!


She's waking up.
She is waking up.

Mari, you are good, right?

You're good, huh?

-I'm here. I'm here.

My Bey, there is no time.
They will find us.

Alright, let's go.

Let's go! Hold on to me.

Easy, easy.

Come on, bring Mari.

Come on, come on!

Come on. Easy, easy.

-Easy, Mari. Let's go.
-Let's go.

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Thanks to Allah.

Gunduz Bey!

My Bey trusted you.

Now instead of
looking for Osman,

...you are sitting
on the bey's chai

You're talking to
Bey, Malhun Hatun.

Watch your words.

Osman rebelled.

You were there. You
saw what happened.

I submitted.

If I had rebelled too, our
tribe would be devastated.

-Vizier Alemshah...
-Vizier Alemshah is playing a trick on Osman.

Don't you see that? Why
are you obeying him?

Vizier is doing his duty.

He just wants to help.

People are happy
since he came here.

He's helping the tribes.

And making peace with Lords.

Malhun Hatun.

All this blood shed
isn't enough yet?

Do you learn no lessons
from the past, Gunduz?

Vizier wants to
divide the tribe...

...and eliminate Kayi.

Look. You are there
and we are here.

He's already divided us.

Do you know where you brother
is and what he's doing?


Osman disobeyed Sultan's orders.

He's escaping.

And I'm sitting here for
the welfare of my tribe.

What about Osman?

You care about the tribe but
don't care about your brother?

Don't you wonder how
Osman is doing?

Are you blinded by the
bey's chair, Gunduz Bey?

Malhun Hatun, you're
crossing the line.

Osman is my brother.

I love him more than you all do.

But the orders of
Konya are clear.

I don't want those orders
to harm our tribe.


Gunduz Bey.

Go first after Mari who was
kidnapped from our tribe.

A guest in Kayi Tribe
got kidnapped.

Tell me.

Who did that?

Bala is right.

If you are sitting on the chair,

...first find the
traitor among us.

And then take my
Osman's brave alps...

...back from Vizier.

They are Kayi alps.

They are innocent.


We should go now.

Gunduz Bey has much to do.


What will we do now?

Maybe you made a mistake
by trusting Vizier?

I did everything...

...for my tribe, Ayse.

Keep your eyes on
Bala and Malhun.

They will obviously
do something.

My Vizier, we followed
Osman a long way, but...

...we lost him when it got dark.

We surrounded the forest.

With the first light, I will
join my soldiers and watch.

He's wounded, my Vizier
and he has nowhere to go.

Good. I want no mistakes, Konur.

Osman will be caught as
soon as you find him.

And his reputation
will vanish with him.

Besides, everyone who
helps Osman Bey...

...will be beheaded.

As you order, my Vizier.

Ferman, Kayi men
can do anything.

They will try everything
to reach Osman.

Keep the tribe under

I want Gunduz Bey and
Lords to be in Sogut Inn.

As you order, mighty Vizier.

The blood of the rebels..

...will feed the order
that I'm going to create.

In this order,

...only those who kneel before
me will be able to stand.

My Allah.

My Allah.

My Allah. My Allah.

Thank You.

My Allah.

Oh my Merciful Allah.

My Allah.

YOU didn't let this servant
of Yours starve to death.

YOU didn't leave
me without water.

I can't...

I can't ever...

No matter how much gratitude I
show, it will never be sufficient.

My Allah, I can't...

I can't thank You enough.

I can't, my Allah.

My Allah.

YOU are the Almighty and
Your Mercy is endless.

Oh my AI-‘Aleem (The All-Knowing,
The Omniscient) Allah!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

I will avenge you, my Gonca.

But first I need to find my Bey.

I need to find my Bey.


Don't go, Boran.

Even if you are resentful,

...we need our Bey, Gonca.

Don't go.

Don't go, Boran.

I won't go, my Gonca.

I won't go anywhere.

Soldiers, move!

The trails show this way!

Soldiers, move!

You've been driven into
a corner, Osman Bey.

I’ve found you, Osman.

You have nowhere to go now.

Hold this. Hold this!

Take it.

Soldiers, this way!

He can't go far. Let's go!

I know it's not a good time.
But tell me.

Who took you from the tribe?

I don't know.

I passed out.

I was in a chest when I woke up.

Didn't you see anyone?
Don't you remember anyone?

Seljukian soldiers.

It was them who delivered me.


Snake. Snake!

I will make you pay for this.

And there was sherbet.

Ayse Hatun brought sherbet to me.
I drank it.

I don't remember the rest.

Then Gunduz..

Gunduz Bey is collaborating
with the Vizier.


Why would you do that, Gunduz?


There is no one around, my Bey.

They lost our trace.

We can go.

Let's go, Kutan.

Let's go, so Osman Bey will
see the traitor in his tribe.

I will go to Kayi
tribe with Mari.

But be careful.

We can't know what that
Nikola jackal is going to do.

Yes my Bey.

Alps! Let's go.

We are leaving!

I am here.

I am here.

I won't leave you.

I won't.

Alright. You can go.

Argus, any trace?

None, sir.

We just received news.

Vizier AlemShah is waiting
for you in Sogut.

Right on time. Now
it's all done.

And I am in this situation.

Kosses must be there.

Kosses must never know
that I hurt Mari, Argus.


I can waste time listening
to his threats!

Sir... what if Kosses
heard about it?

I will understand if
he heard about it.

But I will make my moves
according to that.

Kosses is not an issue.
He is easy to handle.

But Vizier AlemShah..

Let's see what Vizier
AlemShah wants.

Let's go!

They came with
dozens of soldiers.

They said that the mine now
belongs to the Seljuq.

It is the order of the Vizier.

He is gathering Turkmen
Beys in Sogut.

I want you to come with me.

We can talk about this as well.

That Vizier caused
problems for my Osman Bey.

I don't trust that
Vizier, my Gunduz Bey.

Davut Agha.

Vizier is good-intentioned,
for now.

Come and hear him.

Alright. I'll come.

I'll understand his intentions.

It is Sultan Mesud's order.

Ertugrul Ghazi's
son Osman Bey...

...disobeyed the orders of
Sultan Mesud and became a rebel.

From now on..

...once Osman Bey is caught...

...he will be dragged to Konya
behind a horse, not on a horse.


...whoever helps Osman Bey,
he will lose his hea-


This is Kayi tribe.

We always obey the
orders of our state.

You bothered yourself
by coming here.

If I find Osman Bey...

...I myself will take
him to the Sultan.

We just deliver the
news, Gunduz Bey.

We thought it'd be
good to let you know.


They couldn't find
my Osman, mother.

Thanks to Allah, my daughter.

Thanks to Allah.

They are leaving
with empty hands.

Go mind your own business!

There is nothing to watch.


If you see Osman or
hear about him..

...tell me.

I can save my brother.

Come and let Gunduz
Bey know first.

Don't worry about
it, Gunduz Bey.

Osman Bey knows who
he should see...

..and who he should inform.

Don't worry about it.

Malhun Hatun.

Boran Alp... Aren't you
taking him with you?

Boran lost his mind.

He doesn't even know where to stop.
Don't you see?


We can't know what the
Hatuns are going to do.

Let me know if they
leave the tribe.

Yes my Bey.

Aygul! We have to go.

The tribe and Orhan
are entrusted to you.

Mother... Give me your pardon
in this world and Qiamah.

It's yours, my daughter. Go and
come back safely inshaAllah.

May Allah be with you. Let us
know if something happens.

Thank you Bala.

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They are Vizier AlemShah's men.

What are they doing
in the tribe?

We will use a different way
to get in, Mari. Let's go.

Ayse Hatun! I was
looking for you!

My Alaca, I have to go right now.
I'll talk to you later.

I know how beautiful
your needlework is.

I am trying to do one., but...

It doesn't look like yours.

Why don't you show
me how to do it?

Then I'll show you.

What are you trying
to do, Ayse Hatun?

Let's go!

Kumral Abdal! Let's go!

Mari! Turgut Bey!

You are alright,
thanks to Allah!

-Malhun Hatun..

You are injured!

Slowly... slowly...

She will be alright, InshaAllah.

I saw Vizier's men in the tribe.

-May it be good.
-It is not.

Vizier set a trap
against my Osman Bey.

Osman Bey is now a runaway.

We are going to look for him.

Then we can't get in the tribe.

You can resist, Mari.

I can... I am alright. -Then
we are coming with you.

But do you know
where Osman Bey is?

No... -We don't know.

We'll search everywhere.

Kumral Abdal... He
is good at tracing.

Good then. Let's go.

Let's go.

They will apparently
go to Osman Bey.

Let's go!

We will be after them
like their shadows.

We are getting closer.

This way! -Let's go, Kumral Abdal!
-Let's go!

Who are you running away from?

Who are you?


Dark Osman?

Bey Osman, ha?

There are people coming!

Are they coming for you or me?

Why would they come
after a shepherd?

They are apparently
coming for you!

Osman Bey...


I found you, Osman Bey!

Did a wounded man pass by?

I asked you if a
wounded man pass by.

I can't say.

Maybe he did

...and I did not see.

Maybe he did not

...and I am mistaken.

I do not tell lies.

Do not speak nonsense, Shepherd.

Did you or did you not see him?


...I saw more than a man.


...he is nothing like a man.

You are asking the wrong
question, Soldier Agha.

- What is your name?
- Why do you want to know?

I am a shepherd.

They call me "Shepherd".

Look at me, Shepherd.

If you lie to me,

...I will kill you
with my sword.

Come on. Spread around.

He was old.

He was slowing down the herd.

I was about to skin it.

Soldiers, come on.

Be quiet.

Osman Bey.

My Osman Bey.

My Osman Bey.

Osman Bey.

Come on.

Come on, my Bey.

Come on.

You contributed
to a great thing.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, my Bey.

Come on, my Bey.

Try to walk, my Bey.

Come on, my Bey.

Careful, my Bey.

This is my food, my Bey.

I can't take it. It is yours.

My Bey...

It is yours, brother.

Take it, I want to share it.

I'll never forget you helped me.

Everyone makes mistakes.

We are humans, my Bey.

La Ilahe ILLAILah.

We live for Haqq,

...we do everything
for Haqq, my Bey.

How do you know my
way is the Haqq way?

Maybe I am one of
the cruel people.

What if they are looking
for me for my crimes?

How do you know?

Even if I don't, animals know.

They can smell the cruel ones.

They would blat and let me know.

But they were quiet, my Bey.

They were quiet.

They were quiet
and they hid you.

They accepted you.


I heard your reputation.

May you live long, brother.

You too, my Bey.

They would find you
where ever yo go.

But nobody would think to look
for you in the shepherd shed.

Listen to me.

I have a house by the mountain.

Go there, my Bey.

- May you live long.
- You too, my Bey.

Once I get out of
this trouble...

You will.

You will for sure, my Bey.

There is smoke in Uludag.

I will..

...never forget you.


Come on.

Slow down.

What are you doing here?

I am looking for a Bey
called Osman Bey.

Who is this Osman Bey?

What did he do? Why are
you looking for him?

He fights with the heathens.

He helps the innocent.

Why wouldn't I look
for a Bey like that?


You are looking at him.


No need for that, brother.

No need.

The bow which is drawn,

...the arrow which is shot,

...and the swords
which are carried...

...are under your
command now, Osman Bey.

-Tell me your name.
-Turahan, my Bey.

Your words are orders to me.

Obviously, you're not
from around here.

-Where are you coming from?
-Caucasus, my Bey.


I know Caucasus are famous for
its eagles and brave men.

Thank you.



You are with me now.

Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go.

Has someone passed
through here, shepherd?

Let's go!

Is Osman Bey a traitor?

Why will you behead
those who help him?

Is this right, Alemshah?

It's right, Gunduz Bey.

By escaping, he accepted the
offenses for which he was blamed.

Isn't disobeying
Sultan's orders...


You are Ertugrul Ghazi's son.

Is your priority Osman...

...or your tribe?

It's my tribe.

That's what I thought.

Keep your people under control.

I don't want anyone to suffer.

Those alps...

...are Kayi alps. When
will you release them?

No Kayi alps are
being held, Gunduz.

Those who are being
held are Osman's alps.

Not Kayi's.

If I release them, they will follow
Osman and ruin both themselves and you.

I'll send them to Konya. Their fate
depends on Sultan Mesud's mercy.

If they don't do anything crazy,

...their lives will be
spared, Gunduz Bey.

We have more important
issues we need to discuss.

They concern the
future of your tribe.

Mighty Vizier, Lords
have entered the inn.

Come on.

How is Mari, Nikola?

Is she still angry?

Mari is my jewel, Kosses.

I'm doing everything to
make her feel well, but...

...she is a little...
You know her.


Both her angry and
peevishness are with me.

Whatever mistake she makes,

...she is my most precious.

She's a smart girl.

She will understand
us over time.

I agree that we should believe in
the beauty that the time offers us.

By the time I returned
from Constantinople,

...Osman had become a
vile rebel for Seljuks.

Vizier is on our side
and we are in Sogut.

Right. Well said,
my dear friend.

Does this place smell victory?

I'm lucky to have chance to
sharpen my sword with Osman Bey.

Turahan, stop!


-Osman Bey.
-Turgut Bey.

Osman Bey.

-Are you alright?
-I'm good.

-I'm good, don't worry.
-Thanks to Allah.

Thanks to Allah, Osman Bey.

Come. Come.

Come with me.




My Bey.

You are wounded.

I'm good.

I'm fine, don't worry.

-You're alright?
-I'm good, don't worry.

How did you find me?

May your work be easy, brother!

Saying that doesn't
make it easy, right?

We're looking for a
bey, son of a bey.

Have you seen him, shepherd man?

Looking for isn't
enough to find.

Why are you looking for him?

Why we're looking for him
doesn't concern you.

Have you seen him or not?
We're in hurry.

Well, Malhun Hatun.
Don't muddy the sea.

Then he will even
hide the obvious.

The sea?

We can't even be a
single drop in the sea.

Osman Bey.

Don't worry, brother.

We're looking for him to
accompany him in his path.

Tell me now. Which
way has he gone?

They are his
companions, my lamb.

That way.

He's gone towards the threshing field.
But he's on foot.

-Catch him quickly.
-Thank you.

May Allah be pleased
with the shepherd.

Let me check your wound.

-Come, my Bey.
-Sit down.

Easy, easy.

Bismil lahirRahmanirRahim.

Ya Shafi (The One Who cures).

Thank you.

My Bey, we've come prepared.

Osman Bey.

Turahan Alp.

He wanted to walk in our path...

...and followed us.

He's my alp now.


I owe him a life.

You owe me nothing while I'd
sacrifice my life for you, my Bey.

-Long live you.


Tell me.

How is the situation?


I hope you're alright.

She's fine now.

But the dog called Nikola injured
Mari in front of my eyes.

I'm good now.

That dog...

How did he kidnap you?

Tell me. We keep a sharp
lookout in the tribe.

The last thing I
remember in the tent...

...is the sherbet Ayse Hatun brought.
I drank it.

When I woke up, I was with
Vizier Alemshah's men.

And then Turgut showed up.

My Bey, things got out
of control in Sogut.

Sultan Mesud announces everywhere
that he'll behead whoever helps you.

Forked-tongued vizier!

He's poisoning Sultan as well.

He intended to make
me stay alone.


But there is something else up.

Bala, Orhan..

How is our tribe?

How is it? Tell me.

Gunduz Bey.

Vizier made Gunduz Bey...

...sit on your chair, my Bey.

And Gunduz Bey is
siding with Vizier.

What are you saying?

Is my brother with Vizier?

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Attention! Vizier Alemshah!

The true Bey of Kayi Tribe.

Gunduz Bey.

Be seated.

How many soldiers did
you lose, Nikola?

Hundreds? Thousands?

And you, Lords?



And you, the mighty
beys of the frontiers?

How many alps of
yours passed away?

How many martyrs do you have?

If you want peace, prepare
for the war. (Latin)

If you want peace,
prepare for the war.

Forget about these
words now, Lords.

I'm promising you
peace with no war.

It's time to stop
the blood shed now.

Well, Vizier Alemshah.

How are going to do that?

There has always been wars
in these lands, after all.

What's the condition of
your people, Nikola?

What about your people?

What's the situation
in your lands?

Are your fields fertile?

There will be
fertility and wealth.

And this will maintain peace.

Wealth requires hard work.

What is your plan?

That's why I invited you.

We'll set a market in Inegol.

Many caravans will come both
from Konya and Constantinople...

...and buy your goods.

This trade will first bring
wealth to your lands...

...and then peace.

May Allah be pleased
with you, might Vizier.

We're happy since you
came to the frontiers.

Thanks to your presence,
we can fill our stomach.

-May Allah give you a long life.

Estaghfirullah. It's
Allah who gives us food.

We're just trying to help.

May it be...

...good both for us and
Lords, inshaAllah.

If Vizier Alemshah guarantees,

...we can transport
goods everywhere.

Gunduz Bey.

It's an honor for
me to guarantee...

...for someone who trades
with morals like you.

The merchants to
trade with you...

...are very lucky.

We will be very strong together.
Very strong.

-I nshaAl lah!

-I hope so.

Let Gunduz Bey...

...sit on the chair.

Sky is my tent!

Sun is my light!

And the ground is my chair!

Wherever I sit,

...there is the state.

They murdered...

...Hadhrat Husein (RA).

What for? For the throne!

Qabil (Cain) murdered
Khabil (Abel).

What for? For his ambition.

For his envy!

On one side, there
is Seljuk State.

And on the other side,
there are Mongols.

They are both
following their nafs.

All of them.


...I'm taking refuge
in Allah from...

...being overwhelmed by my nafs.

I'm taking refuge in my Allah.

My cause is not a
cause for the chair!

My cause is my love!

KizilElma (Red Apple).

Glorification of
the word of Allah

Spreading the
Greatness of Allah...

..all over the world.

Great love!

An ashik never dies!
An ashik never dies!

If my brother's shoulders...

...are more competent
than mine...

...to carry my cause,

...let him carry it.


If he violates the cause...

...and is overwhelmed
by his nafs,

If he tries to stab
me in the back...

...like Qabil (Cain)
killed Khabil (Abel),


Then I won't see him
as a brother...

...and do what needs to be done.

Osman Bey.

I didn't want to
say this before.

It's obviously Gunduz who
delivered Mari to Nikola.

I can't stay in the tribe without
making him pay for this.

I said I will do what needs
to be done, Turgut Bey.

So far, I haven't left...

...any cruelty and
injustice unpunished.

To ensure justice...

...I even executed my uncle.

For justice,

...I won't avoid killing...

...even my brother if I need to.


My bey.

I have another piece of news.


My Bey, Alps...

For the judgement of the Alps..

...they are taking them
to Konya tomorrow.


...we will save the Alps first.

The most suitable time to
go to Konya is tomorrow.


We will go to Sogut first.

We will take our Alps,
when the Vizier is there.

We will destroy...

...that Vizier's reputation!

Listen to me closely now.

-Slowly, my Bey.
-Slowly, Osman Bey.

Malhun. You go to my Sheikh.

Let them make the belt ceremony.

Call that snake-tongued
Vizier, too.

So that he loses his focus.

Make him think that
all Sogut obeys him.

We will take the Alps from
the dungeon meanwhile.

As you command, my Bey.


Go to the tribe. Talk with Bala.

My brother and Ayse Hatun.
Keep your eyes on them.

I want to know what is
going on in the tribe.

As you command, my Bey.

-My Bey!

Prepare the horses.

As you command, my Bey.

Kumral Abdal.

You go and talk with Kosses.

His sister is with us.

She is in good hands,
tell him no to worry.

After the things Nikola did to Mari,
he will want to take revenge.

As you command, my Bey.

When we have the same enemy...

...Kosses will also
want to walk with us.

If the roads are secured and the field that
the bazaar will be established is cleared...

...everyone will get stronger
and become much more richer.

As far as I understand,
Vizier Alemsah...

...our friend, Aya Nikola
will get stronger than us...

...and become more
richer than us.

Certainly, Kosses. Certainly.

Talk more openly, Tekfurs.

Why not Harmankaya?

Or, why not Bilecik?

Why just only Inegol?

It is not only Inegol.

It will be in Sogut for a month, and
then in Inegol for the next month.

If Nikola...

...is ready to sacrifice...

...we can establish it in
Harmankaya or Bilecik.

There is no need to talk further now.
It is time to practice.

Everyone knows what to do.

Get to work for the order.

When Tekfurs...

...heard that the bazaar
would be in Inegol...

...they turned into dogs
running after a bone.

But there is only one
bone, Gunduz Bey.

Soon, they will break
each other into pieces.

Being victorious is this easy.

We will beat the
infidels from inside..

...without even
touching our swords.

Mongols are on us.

We should handle these first.

And then, we will unite...

...against the enemy together.


My Bey.

You asked the main question?

What will be the
future of the mine?

You are right, Davud master.

I heard it was said Kayi's
mine belonged to Seljuk now.

That mine is the outcome of
the chaos caused by Osman.

We didn't give it to Nikola.

You should be happy for it.

The one to bring order is
Seljuk State right now.

Eyvallah. Then excuse us.

We couldn't find
Osman, my vizier.

But I sent my soldiers to the forest.
He can't move.

I will find him, my Vizier.

If you couldn't find
him until now...

...then it means he
will come to us.

His alps, Konur...

He will make preparations
to take them.

We will be cautious.

If he does what I
think, and come...

...then we will
take care of him.

Then I will take my
measurements accordingly.

Thanks to the bazaar, when we
bring prosperity and peace...

...it won't take long for people to forget
about Osman, who lost his reputation.

After I get the support
of the people...

...I will not only be the
ruler of the Sogut...

..the tribe and the border
lands, but the whole...

...Seljuk State!

What about the Tekfurs sir?

The Tekfurs?

They are just steps on the path
of domination I am walking.

Just like Turkmens.

When I want, I will
step over them.

For now, I am
allowing them to win.

Bala, my girl.

Stop walking around, you will get dizzy.
Sit down and wait.

There is still no word.
Couldn't they find Osman?

Look at our situation.

Oh my girl...

Are you okay?

I am fine mother. He kicks as if
he understands what's going on.

Oh my dear...

Can I come in?

Come Aygul.

We found Osman Bey, thank Allah.

He is fine.

Thank Allah.

Thank Allah!

Where is he now?

Aygul, he is really okay, right?

He is fine.

Turgut Bey and Mari are with him. Turgut
Bey found Mari and saved her from Nikola.

Thank Allah.

Now listen to me carefully.

Osman Bey suspects that Gunduz Bey and Ayse
Hatun are involved in the kidnapping of Mari.

What are you talking about?

How can that be?

Do you remember the sherbet Ayse
Hatun brought to Mari at night?

Mari passed out after that.

And Vizier's soldiers took Mari
and brought her to Nikola.

Oh no!

Oh Gunduz what have you done?

Couldn't we teach you the tore?

How can you surrender a guest that
came to the tribe to the enemy?

Ayse Hatun did it
while lying to us!

This is treachery! How
could they do this!?

Osman Bey wants you to watch
Gunduz Bey and Ayse Hatun...

...but they shouldn't
notice anything.

They won't know that we met
with Osman Bey either.

No secret should be revealed.

Don't worry my girl.

My Sheykh, you need
to stir up Sogut.

Osman Bey wants you to hold a belt
ceremony and gather the people.

He wants you to invite the Vizier
and show that you obey him.

Now this is a battle. And a battle
can't always be won with weapons.

We will do what Osman Bey said.

Now our brains are our weapons.

There is no problem in being
seen loyal to the Vizier.

Thank you my Sheykh.

Now let's invite the Vizier.

I recognized you.

The crazy man in the forest.

Crazy man?

Thank Allah.

Thank Allah. InshAllah
that's true.

You're Osman's crazy man.


How dare you?

How can you be so brave?

How could you come to my
castle all by yourself?

Do you trust Allah as well?

Everything's clear if
you want to see it.

But if you don't, you can't
see what's in front of you.

You can't see Rabb by
looking up at the sky.

Look inside your heart.

You are blind Kosses.

You can't see it
even if you look.

But you won't be blind forever.

It'll pass one day.

What are you talking about?

Just get to the point.

Don't worry about
your sister Mari.

Her wound has healed.

What are you saying?

What are you talking about?

Mari is with Nikola.


Mari isn't with her executioner.

Nikola tried to kill her.

But Turgut Bey...
He's a brave soldier.

He saved your sister's life.

She's with Osman Bey now.


What are you talking about man?

I thought you were smart.

How could you get
fooled by Nikola?


How long were you
going to lie to me?

You took revenge on Mari.

You tried to kill my sister.

You'll pay for this.

You will.

Soldiers! Gather around.


Catch your breath.

Osman Bey's waiting for you.

He said "Kosses
is a smart man...

...He'll come and see
me before Nikola."

He's waiting for you at Sofular.

Your secret will be
revealed Kosses.

All the Turkmen tribes
will finally have peace.

We made a deal with our old enemies,
Tekfurs and Vizier Alemsah.

A big market will
be opened Inegol.

There are no new
and old enemies.

That snake Alemsah
is poisoning you.

Open your eyes.

You're talking to the Bey
of the tribe mother.

He's the Bey mother.


I'm talking to the Bey
of the tribe son.

You're right.

I talk and I talk...

...but the blinded Kayi
Bey can't see the truth.

What can we do about that?

Where is Osman Bey, Gunduz Bey?

How is he?

You don't know where
your brother is...

..and you're talking
about peace.

Know your place Bala Hatun.

I don't want to
break your heart.

But you're talking
to the Kayi Bey.

We're talking about
the future of Kayi.

Don't talk about
unnecessary things.

The deal we've made
with Vizier Alemsah...

...will fix all the
trouble of your people.

You're still talking about
the Vizier and the trade,

Bey is gone. Alps are gone

Master Davut.

My respect for you
is running out.

I'm saying this for the
well being of the Turks.

We've been fighting for so long.

Can't this tribe thrive?

Can't the Turks just
catch a break Davut Aga?

May I come in?


Come in.

Sheykh Edebali sends his
regards Gunduz Bey.

There will be a belt
ceremony tomorrow in Sogut.

Vizier Alemsah will be there.

My Sheykh expects
you to be there.

I'd want to come Akca Dervish.


...I'll go to see the new
market in Inegol tomorrow.

I'll come next time

Send my regards to my Sheykh.

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I actually came to ask for
permission about something.

If you'll allow us...

...tomorrow, for the transition
of our apprentices to mastery...

...we'd like to hold
a belt ceremony.

You don't even have to ask me.
Of course.

How could we say no
to Sheykh Edebali?

You can do it.

Vizier Alemsah, I would like...

...you to be by our side
while our young ahis...

...receive their mastery.

Frankly, that makes
me very happy.

And it also surprised me.

You shouldn't be surprised.

All ahis and I are now
under your command.

We'd like all Sogut to see that.


Good, Sheykh Edebali.

Gladly, I will be there.

Thank you.

Please excuse me.

We have a lot to do.

Of course.


Thank you.

Edebali is a very
dangerous man, Konur.

He's definitely in
contact with Osman.

They're setting up a game.

I will let them play their game.

For now.

Tomorrow, while I'm
with the ahis...

...be very careful.

My bey.

I heard this from Blacksmith..

Vizier will set up a
market in Inegol.

That degenerate
vizier wants to...

...fill the sacks of
beys and tekfurs...

...and build his reputation.

Whatever I do, he
does the opposite.

And also...

...he makes false
promises to the people.

May I come in, my bey?


My bey.

Come in.


Are you okay my sister?

You left me to Nikola...

...and tried to kill me.

Now you remembered
that I'm your sister?

Mari, I just...

Don't, Kosses.

Stay back. Don't get close.

Hold on.

I just wanted you to
live a good life.

I won't let that inglorious
Nikola get away with what he did.

I promise you.

I will make him feel
so much pain...

We have the same enemy now.

Whatever is necessary..

Osman Bey.

I'm ready to work with you to turn
life into hell for those two.

In Sogut...

...there will be a belt
ceremony for the ahis.

If you really mean it...

...you will get us into Sogut.


You'll get in without
drawing any suspicion.

Samuel will let you in.

If you lose us...

...you'll have no
one on this land.

Being alone means...

...becoming a prey...

...for the wolves.

I am not a wolf...

...a prey or a
hunter, Osman Bey.

I am merely a wounded man
who has been betrayed...

...by those closest to him, and
who wants to take revenge...

...for his sister.

You can trust me.


Why are you here?

I brought Tekfur Kosses'
presents for Vizier Alemsah.

Let them go!

Peace be on you.

Peace be upon you.

The brave soldiers of
the state of Seljuk!

All Sogut drinks
this Ahi's sherbet!

I also wanted to bring
some to let you drink.


May Allah bless you.

May it be good for your health.

I seek refuge in Allah, from the evil of Sheitan,
in the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.

And in no wise covet those things
in which Allah Hath bestowed...

His gifts More freely on
some of you than on others.

To men is allotted
what they earn...

...and to women what they earn.

But ask Allah of His bounty.

For Allah hath full
knowledge of all things.

Allah Almighty speaks the truth.


Peace be on you, the
keeper of Sharia.

Peace be on you, the
keeper of Tariqa.

Peace be on you, the
keeper of skillfulness.

Peace be on you, the
keeper of the truth.

Tell me, the leader
of the artisans.

Which profession...

...does our son have, for
whom you seek permission?

Under the sky and on the grass.

He is ready to struggle
among the other wrestlers.

The one, who is in need of your
prayers, the leatherworker, Ahmet.

Your servant, the master...

...has come into your presence.

It is so soon.

Your suffering will end forever.

You are going to Konya.

We will send Osman
Bey after you.

Either alive...

...or dead.

Don't utter my Bey's name with
that foul mouth of yours!

You will see now!

You bastard! Untie us!

You damn bastard!

You bastard! Untie us!

Brother are you okay?

Peel your eyes open.

Don't let anyone come close.

Did you think I
would forget you?

We need to be fair. Drink
to your heart's content.

It's the sherbet of Ahihood.
I want everyone to enjoy it.

May Allah bless you.

Thank you.

Enjoy it my brave ones.

I would like to give some
to the brave ones inside.

No, there are prisoners inside.

Now it's time to save the alps.

Come on.

Kumral Abdal, bring the clothes
of the alps to the horses.

As you command my Bey.

Come on.

Now take this purse.

Alps will go to Konya. Keep
a low profile for a while.

It's the order of
Vizier Alemsah.

Traitor! -Traitor!


You traitor dog!

Traitors don't
live long Bahadir.

Traitors don't live long.


Wait. Don't go there.

Get out the back in secret.


You filthy traitor.
-Shame on you.

Osman Bey.

My Bey.

Yes, Osman Bey.

You filthy dog.

You sold your honor for money.

The price is set for
what you did to my Alps.

Come here.

Tell me.

Are you the traitor
in the tribe.

Tell me.

Not only that.

I'm the one who killed Karayel.


Thank Allah my Bey.


My Bey.

My Bey. -My Bey.

My Bey.

Thank Allah my Bey.

My Bey how's your wound?
-It's fine.

Are you alright?

We're okay my Bey.
-We're okay my Bey.

We're okay.

Come on.

Welcome Osman Bey.

Tell me.

Will you ask for
our swords again

Come at me.



This is for the javelin.

And this...

...is for all alps.

Let's go, alps.

Dear son.

We adorned you on the outside...

...may Allah adorn
you on the inside.

In commerce, abide by
fairness and sharia.

Always control yourself,
your hands, and tongue.

Use your scale honestly.

Kiss your master's hand.

May it be blessed.

May it be blessed.

-May it be blessed.
-May it be blessed.

Vizier Hadrath.

Osman Bey came to the
inn and took the alps.


Sheykh Edebali.

Thank you for everything.

However, an important issue has arisen.
I must leave.

We will meet again anyhow.


Your presence here made us
very happy, Vizier Alemsah.


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Where are we going, my Bey?

We are heading to Inegol!

Come on, Alps!

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