Kurulus Osman Episode 77 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 77 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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We are going to Inegol.

It's time, Osman Bey.

My Bey!

My Bey, someone's coming!



We saved you from the Vizier..

...thanks to Kosses.

Welcome, Mihail Kosses.

Thank you, Osman Bey.

Damn it.

What happened here?


He was here. They ran away.

What is this
situation, Konur Alp?

Couldn't you stop
a bunch of men?

They played a game.

We tried to stop them but...

You noticed it...

...but you couldn't stop them.

Maybe you don’t deserve
the value we give you.

One of the Ahis made the soldiers
at the door drink sherbet.

When the men passed out...

...they got in without
drawing attention. But...

We will not show weakness
again, Mighty Vizier.

So it was an Ahi.

I was right about
being suspicious.


You helped Osman, ha?

You arrived on time, Celali.

He will see what
it'll cost him to...

...fool us and help Osman.

He will pay for what he did.

Yes, Mighty Vizier.

Pull yourself together!

You will find Osman.

And I don't want you to
make a mistake again.

Yes Mighty Vizier.

We took a sacred oath
with Lords for a union.

But the betrayal of
shameless Nikola...

...invalidates my oath.

Seeking revenge...

...made you collaborate
with us, Kosses.

Yes... Osman Bey...

But don't forget.

I will keep doing it
until Nikola is dead.

So that you are saying that...



...don't ever try...

...fooling me by saying revenge.

Don't worry.

I will plan my games
against those who hurt me.

Keep your heart in peace.

My heart is always in peace.

In games and traps.

Don't worry.


I want to tell you...

It is my folk's
goods that will...

..be sold in the bazaar.

And there are your goods...

I don't want them to be damaged.

A bazaar in Inegol...

...won't help you...

...and me, Kosses.

We will destroy that bazaar.

I see. What do you
want from me then?

Your goods are
being taken there.

The cart that will
take the goods...

...will take Alps and the oil
that will burn the tables.

We will burn those tables.

A Lord that can't even protect
his lands and his people...

...can not set a
bazaar like this.

Then what?

Vizier will set the
bazaar in Harmankaya...

...when he has no
other choice left.

You thought well.

But neither the
Vizier nor Nikola...

...will want that bazaar
to be set in Harmankaya.

Bazaar will not be
set in Harmankaya...

...but in a better place...


And I will tell about the advantages
of a bazaar in Bilecik to them.

What about Rogatus?

Will you be able
to convince him?

I can even convince the devil..

...to take my revenge
from Nikola.



The bazaar will be
set in Bilecik.

You will face the Vizier.

And I will kill that
shameless Nikola...

...who tried to kill my Mari.

So we will both
take what we want.

Mari is with us.

And I think you
understood your mistake.


We have to take your
brother's consent.

With Allah's order..

...and the sunnah of our prophet
Hadrath Muhammed (asv)...

...I want your sister Mari...

...for Turgut, who I
see as my brother.

Under one condition.

The wedding will be
hold in Harmankaya.


It will be hold in Harmankaya.

Then I allow my
sister Mari to...

...marry Turgut Bey.





My dear...

I always wanted you to be
happy, you know that right?

You can't stay here after the...

...tables are burnt. Everyone
will be looking for you.

Thus, I will host
you at Harmankaya.

We will first deal
with the Inegol issue.

It is my friend
Zehra, my Sheikh.

She is one of the
tribe's Hatuns.

Sheikh Edebali!

Osman got over my soldiers...

...took his Alps and left...

..when we were here.

Did you know that?

My soldiers passed out
after drinking sherbet...

...which was given by an Ahi.

You did something unfair.

You put the Alps in a dungeon
when they were innocent...

...and when you had no proof.

Osman Bey...

...was establishing justice...

...and I helped him. And
I will always help him.

You will regret, Edebali.

It will cost you a lot.

If the cost you are
talking about is...

...freeing the bird of live
from the cage of skin...

..don't hold it back.

The thing you think
is torment...

..is an honour for us.

The thing you think
is an honour...

..is torment for us.

Take the rebellious
Sheikh right now!

Don't touch my Sheikh!

My Sheikh! Don't touch me!

Don't take my Sheikh!
-Bala Hatun!

Bala Hatun!


Why are you taking my father?
What are you going to do to him?

Don't worry.

I will hand your father in
to the master of his job.

My heart...

My heart... stop.

Everything our Rab
tests us with...

...is a blessing.


Be patient.

Take him!

No... no father!

Don't take my father!

Stop! My Sheikh!

Father... father....


My lion son.

I will deal with

...all these troubles with
your strength in my heart.

I live so that your
sparkling eyes...

...see what is
beyond these lands.

My Orhan.


He will be a brave man like his
father when he grows up, inshaAllah.

He will be.

Yok look at Orhan with love.

Look how much they love him.

Their eyes lit up.

Orhan is very lucky.

Our child will be
lucky, too, my Mari.

When I have a child,

...I will care for him in such a way
that his eyes will shine like stars.

Like my eyes do
when I look at you.

I hope so, Turgut.

My Bey!

Malhun, take him.

Take him.

- Baysungur.
- My Bey...

Vizier Alemsah..

He caught Sheikh Edebali and
put him in the dungeon.

They attack and hit.

And now dungeon.

My Sheikh!

My Bey...

Let me go and be with my Sheikh.

Let me go, my Bey.

Kurmral Abdal, wait for a while.

My Bey, let me go and cut that
despicable Vizier's throat.

Cerkutay, wait.

My Bey, give us your permission.

Alps! Wait!


Someone who does it
to ulama(alims)...

..is the biggest
of the traitors.

Vizier wants us to do this.

He wants us to go
into that dungeon

...and take our Sheikh.


We won't do that.

We will make the
people take a stand.

Turgut Bey!

Go to Sogut.

People are loyal to my Sheikh.

Tell them not to stop

...until the cruelty of
the cruel people stop.

The mission is yours.

EyvAllah, Osman Bey.

- Malhun.
- My Bey.

Go to the tribe. Watch
my brother carefully.

Yes, my Bey.


It is time to slay the
cruel people all around.

We are going to Inegol.

- Yes, my Bey.
- Come on!

No. This is not good.

Take this away. I want to take the
best ones to the marketplace.

My dear friedn Kosses. Welcome.

Julia, excuse us for a while.

Yes, Lord Rogatus.

You too.

We have a problem.

What is it?

Nikola and Vizier.

They have an agreements
we don't know about.

Of course. Why didn't I think of this
before? Their friendship goes way back.

That is why.


That's why Nikola is trying to team
up with the Vizier and take us out.

Don't you see, Rogatus?

Even his share in the marketplace
is twice as much as ours.

Tell me this.

Why is the marketplace
opened in Inegol?

In our meeting with Vizier, remember how he
objected when we did not agree with Nikola

Don't you see? They are
using us, Rogatus.

He will make Nikola financially
better by using us.

Then when Nikola is more powerful,
he will team up with Vizier

...and destroy us. Look at this.

I understand.

They will destroy us by taking twice as
much spot in the marketplace, is that so?

I talked to a merchant, Rogatus.

Nikola ordered many
shields and swords.

And he started collecting
soldiers from the villages.

Think about it.

Before even getting his chair from the
marketplace, he started placing orders.

Rogatus, do you think
Vizier Alemsah

...would be okay with
Nikola attacking the Turks?

Talk more frankly, Kosses.

I will talk frankly,

...Lord Rogatus.

If those swords

...cannot spill Turks' blood,

...whose do you think
they will spill?

What do you suggest we do?

I don't know.

The power dynamic on these
lands could change any minute.

But we will get a
chance, of course.

We will.


I just though of Imam-i Azam.

That mubarak

...endured much cruelty
because he spoke the truth.


...never kneeled
before the cruel.

We will walk on the Haqq way.

By being scared of the
cruel Vizier's cruelty,

...we will not turn our
backs to the truth.

Alhamdulillah, my Sheikh.

We will take a stand
against the cruel.

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Start speaking,


Where is Osman?

Don't hit my Sheikh. The hand
hitting him is to be broken!

Hit me! Don't touch my Sheikh.

Until you tell me
where Osman is,

I will flesh you...


Go first, Kutan.

Talk people into it.

As you order, my Bey. Let's go.

Selamun aleykum.

Aleykum selam.

This is Osman Bey's order.

Nobody will open their
stores tomorrow.

And they will say they'll
halt the production.


Vizier Alemshah put our
Sheikh in the dungeon.

We can't leave our Sheikh there.
We need to do something.

Our Sheikh is in the dungeon!

-How could they put him in the dungeon?
-No way!

How could they do this?
It's unacceptable!

How could they put our
Sheikh in a dungeon?

This isn't right.

Release Sheikh Edebali!



It's your turn now.

Instead of speaking
with the cruel,

...I would waste my
life in this dungeon.

We gave you even more
time than enough, Sheikh.

What are you doing?

How dare you hit Sheikh Edebali?

This is Vizier Alemshah's order.

I have permission to do the
necessary if he doesn't speak.

You will wait then, Celali!

Sheikh Edebali will speak
whenever he wants.

And you will wait!

And you will stand still.

Sheikh Edebali is an awliyah.

The hand hitting him...

...may be cut off
in a quiet place.

Get out now.

Soldier, give me the key.

Sheikh Edebali, are you alright?

Sheikh Edebali, are you alright?

What are you doing under
the command of...

...the devil, boy?

Rogatus has really got
confused, Osman Bey.

After we burn the
stands in Inegol,

...he will be
completely convinced.

When we enter Inegol
with the cart...

...carrying your goods,

When the stands are burned,

When the flames rise up,

..Rogatus will be
convinced then.

After we burn them, we can get out
of there by fighting, my Bey.

Yes! Some will leave and
some will become martyrs!

Right, brothers?

Yes! We miss fighting, my Bey.

-Our hands are itching, my Bey.
May Allah bless our fight, my Bey.



If I didn't see for myself,

If I didn't hear for myself,

...I wouldn't believe
this, Osman Bey.

You're lucky to have
such brave soldiers.

This is what you fail to see.

They are not soldiers, Kosses.

They are Kayi alps...

...with faithful hearts...

...who are brothers and
fellows to each other.

Alright. Then I will
do my best to...

...get your few-number
huge army...

...out of Inegol.

I know the way for
you to get out.

Well-thought, Kosses.



You will be cautious.

You will check everywhere.

But you will do no
harm to anyone.

You will memorize walls,

...houses, towers and
even the stones around!

They all will be useful
during the time of conquest.

-As you order, my Bey.
-EyvAllah, my Bey.

-EyvAllah, my Bey.

Having just arrived, we
started jihad, Osman Bey.

MashaAllah, brave man!

Come on, alps!

These are just samples.

This iron will be
from Harmankaya.

Our valuable stones
are from Bilecik.

And the leathers
will be from Inegol.

And this is from Sogut
as the representative...

..skillful Turkish iron smiths.

Well-thought, Lord Nikola.

But our iron smiths never forge
anything but our own iron.

Gunduz Bey.

We're in a new system now.

When those skillful
Turkish iron smiths...

...see how much they can earn,

...they will change their minds.


With these materials,

...we will make the strongest,

...the sharpest...

...and the best
sword in the world!

Is this enough, though? Never!

We will also make
the best sheath!

You seem to have waited for this
moment all your life, Nikola.

How enthusiastically you talked!

I haven't waited
for this moment,

...but waited for
Vizier Alemshah.

Because we owe him all this.

Vizier Alemshah.

Thank you for showing us
how powerful we are...

...when we are together.

When we hold the sheath
together, Nikola,

...then each of us will
get more powerful.

Osman took back his alps...

..from the dungeon.

He took his alps, but...

...those alps will remain
without a bey soon.

By doing this, Osman took
an irreversible step.

He will pay a tough
price for it.

Now you also know...

...the importance of
this market, Nikola.

Be careful.

I want no mistakes about it.

I got this.

Even a bug can't fly here
without my knowledge.

But, Vizier Alemshah,

...there is a small problem.

I wanted to kill Mari.


...Turgut took her from me.


Does Kosses know that?

We will see.

If he's overwhelmed by
anger when he comes here,

...he may harm our
mutual interests.

Vizier Alemshah.

Are you with me?

Take care of the market now.

We will talk.

Where is my dear friend Kosses?
Why is he so late?

We did our part, Davut.

The rest is up to
Sogut people now.

Don't be worrying, Turgut Bey.

Our people won’t leave
our Sheikh there.

-Take care.

To the woods, alps.

Soldiers, bring the
horses quickly.

Sorry, my friends.

I'm a bit late.

I hope I didn't miss
anything important.

Welcome, Kosses.

We can’t say you
missed something.

Mighty Vizier and Nikola took care of
everything. There's nothing left to do.

-Right, Nikola?

You are my guest, anyway. I
don't want you to get tired.

I appreciate that,


Come on.

So, where is Mari?

Why are you alone?

Mari has gone to make preparations for
the wedding that we just couldn't hold.

She's in Constantinople.

While our enemies are
trying to catch Mari,

...you’ve sent her to
Constantinople alone?

If something happens to her, I won't mind you
are my friend and will cut off your head.

How vile you are,


You're lying by
looking into my eyes.

But you're running out of time.

How are you, Gunduz Bey?

Thanks, Lord Kosses.

I've heard that Osman
took back his alps.

Isn't that frightening you?

Osman's actions are
against the laws.

And I'm not afraid
of my brother.



It's time for meal. Let's
get in the castle.


Hey, what's going on?

Osman! This is his doing!

Because of you!

You did this. This
is because of you.

You teamed up with
Osman and let him in!

What are you saying, Nikola?

I am here for my people's sake.

Why would I damage
the marketplace?

Why did I come here?

Should've never trusted a Turk!

Nikola, think before you speak!

Don't slander Gunduz Bey
for your unskillfulness.

I can vouch for his loyalty.

This is the opportunity
we were looking for.

We need to take advantage
of this situation.

We need to open the
marketplace in Bilecik.

We need to weaken Nikola.

Do you see what your brother
is doing, Gunduz Bey?

It can't be Osman.

I don't understand.

Why would he want to
hurt his own people?

Who else would it be, if
not Osman, Gunduz Bey?

His intention is to
ruin the marketplace...

...and ruin our reputation.

He would even damage something
good for the people.

I want you to tell your tribe
everything Osman is doing.

Osman is a rebel who does not
care his people's prosperity.

Come on.

My Bey, you go. We
will handle it.

We are...

...in this together, Kutan.

Where are you going, Turgut Bey?

Come here. I have been waiting
for this for a long time.


You played beautifully,
brave man.

Thank you, Kumral Abdal.


You have a blessed occupation.

Don't get me wrong

...but a shepherd?

Yes, Mari Hatun.

Shepherding is a
holly occupation.

Our Prophet Hadrath Mohammad (SAW)
who is mighty like his name

...used to be a shepherd, too.

Not only our Prophet...

Not only him.

Hadrath Adam's (AS) son Abel,

...Hadrath Musa (AS) (Moses)

...and Hadrath Davud
(AS) (David).

They used to be shepherds, too.


Our Prophet Hadhrat Mohammad (SAW) who
is mighty like his name said that

"Allah did not send any prophet

...but who shepherded sheep."

Companions of the Prophet asked:

"You too, Allah's Prophet?"


...I used to shepherd sheep
in Mecca, too." he said.

Why is shepherding is
so much important?

Shepherding means patience.

They wake up at dawn,

...shepherd all those animals.

They protect them from
jackals and hyenas.

You can only do
this with patience.

You need patience to
wait, Mari Hatun.



Come on.

Come on!

Come on!

How nice were the
stands burning?

We warmed up Inegol.

Marketplace was burning
like a bonfire.

Osman Bey, live long!

Osman Bey, live long!
- Stop, crazy.

There are Vizier's and
Nikola's soldiers everywhere.

MashAllah to my brave soldiers.


My Bey.

Where do we go now?

Kosses showed us he is a friend.

Now, the safest place
is Harmankaya.

We are going to Harmankaya.

- Cerkutay.
- My Bey.

Tell Turget Bey.

He should take Mari and come.

If we are going to Harmankaya,

...then we will have the
wedding ceremony tonight.

Oh! Yes, my Bey.


To the horses.

We need food for the guest.

Be careful.

A guest is my responsibility.

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Kumral Abdal.

Can you tell me
about your Prophet?

After I got to know
you, I am curious.

Turgut? You are hurt.
Are you okay?

It is not important.
It is a small wound.

Ya Shafi! (The One Who Cures)

We need precaution.

Sit down.

Kumral Abdal?

Don't be afraid, Mari Hatun.

His wound is not deep.

We will put ointment on it and wrap it.
He will be fine.

I am fine, Mari. Don't worry.

Does it hurt a lot?

Your touch won't hurt me.

Your hands will be my cure.

Now, the roads are dangerous.

Vizier's men are everywhere.

They were following me
while I was coming here.

I got rid of them

...but they will be here
soon, Kumral Abdal.

I will search outside.

You out ointment and
wrap his wound.

Thank you.


We are getting married.

You are a Christian.

I am a Muslim.

Have you ever thought
about becoming a Muslim?

Do I have to do that
for us to get married?


In our religion, we don't force anything. But I
heard that you were asking about our Prophet.

No. I like my religion.


Can I come in
-Come in.

I brought news from
Osman Bey, Turgut Bey.

My Bey says...

...Turgut Bey...

...will take Mari...

...and come to Harmankaya...

...and we will organize
a wedding ceremony!

We will have a wedding soon.

MashaAllah, you are very lucky.
I've been waiting for a long time.

I couldn't convince Aygul Hatun.

You are really quick.

May your dreams come
true, Cerkutay.


EyvAllah Cerkutay. -EyvAllah.


Why are you looking like that?

Don't you want to? -No.

I want to.

But I am scared, Turgut.

What if something happens again?

Don't worry. We are used to it.

Even if your brother Kosses
breaks his promise...

...I will abduct you from
Harmankaya once again.

I can burn that place for you.
But know that...

...no one can take
you from me now.

No one.

Are you ready, Mari Hatun?

The wedding ceremony
is waiting for us!

How could you let that
disgrace happen, Nikola?

I am not doing anything!

I took all my precautions!

But... Osman... -Osman...

...is playing in your castle
with three of his Alps!

What were you doing?

You are right, Vizier AlemShah.

Why are Osman's three
Alps outside? Ha?

So you failed as well.

Stop making excuses,
Nikola, please.

The shame is yours.

And we have to find a solution now. -What
solution are you talking about Kosses?

That market place will be built!

No, no, no...

We can't fall into
the same hole again.

Apparently, you can't
protect your castle.

We can't trust Inegol for
such a big market place.

Rogatus? You are
being ridiculous.

What is your offer? -Bilecik.

I would never let that happen.

Bilecik is the best place
for a market place.

-Even the place is ready.
-I agree.

We will not make
the same mistakes.

Bilecik is the best choice.

I trust you, Rogatus.

The meeting is over.

Why didn't you tell me that
Osman was coming to Sogut?

So you could give Osman Bey to
that dastard Vizier, right?!

Malhun Hatun, know your limits.

You think I am a bad man..

But let me tell you...

...the only thing I want...

...is to prove my
brother's innocence.

If he surrenders..

...I will go to Konya with him.

But if Osman keeps
being a rebel...

...it keeps getting worse!

He came and destroyed Inegol!

MashaAllah to my valiant.

May his hands be blessed.

Mother, what are you saying?


Osman doesn’t care about anyone.

After he burnt Inegol
down, Lords came at me.

If it wasn't for
Vizier AlemShah..

...they were going
to kill me there.

Mother, I don't care
about my life...

I can sacrifice it.

But our tribe is important.

The well-being of our tribe.

What will happen to our tribe
after we lose our business?

You all know what will happen.

Osman must stop.

Or his actions will
bring more problems.

Valiants don't have a single day
without problems, Gunduz Bey.

The Vizier that you like
a lot and support...

...put my father in a dungeon!

What are you saying, Bala Hatun?

Why would they put Sheikh
Edebali in a dungeon?

Go and ask this question to
your friend, to the Vizier.

You don't trust your
brother but that Vizier...

Shame on you.

That Vizier took my father...

...Smith Davut
encouraged our people.

Our people rised against them...
but it didn't work.

The Vizier succeeded.

Now my father is in the
dungeon, Gunduz Bey!

So that you are strong enough...

...take our Sheikh out
of the dungeon first.

Bala Hatun.

I will talk to the Vizier.

Don't worry.

I will not leave my Sheikh
Edebali in that dungeon.

When, Gunduz Bey?

Vizier is in Inegol right now.

I know that he is there.

If he was in Sogut, I'd
go to him right now.

I will go first thing
in the morning, though.

I swear as Gunduz Bey...

...that I will take
Sheikh Edebali.

Julia, go ahead and get
the carts prepared.

As you wish, Lord Rogatus.

Thank you for trusting
me, my friend.

So we will get the lion's share.

And you'll get the biggest share
as the market is set in Bilecik.


...Vizier got very
angry with Nikola.

Because his mistake ruined
all the plans of Vizier.

Now we should deal a death blow.

You must help me.

When they enter Bilecik,

...I will take Nikola for
what he did to Mari.

I hope you wouldn't mind this.

I just don't like you getting
me involved in this.

But the benefit you
provided for me...

...is priceless.



I want you to let Osman in
when he comes to Bilecik.

-He will confront Vizier.

Osman? Are you crazy?

In my castle?

Remember Rogatus. The
enemy of my enemy...

...is my friend.

Sometimes, I can't
believe you, Kosses.

What you can do for
your goals shocks me.

Oh come on. You also
see the danger.

If we don't collaborate
with Osman,

...they will get
united and destroy us.

But now Osman will take Vizier.

I will take Nikola.

And you will take the
benefit and the gold.

Isn't that good?

I hope so.

We won't hope, my friend.

We will make it happen.

You look beautiful, my lady.

Thank you, Aygul.

This is really a
beautiful dress.

Mari, what is beautiful
is not the dress...

...but the person in it.

Come on, in our tradition,
a bride must have henna.

May Allah make you happy.

Thank you.

-May I come in?


Turgut Bey.

Come on.

Come on, let's not be late.

Edebali isn't speaking,
Mighty Vizier.

He's tight-lipped.

In my opininon, he has no
idea about where Osman is.

Even you couldn't
make him speak.

It means he really
doesn't know anything.

If I whipped him well,
he would speak...

...even if he doesn't know.

But Konur Alp stopped me.

Do I have permission, my Vizier?
-Come in.

Mighty Vizier.

Sheikh Edebali is a person...

...who not only
Kayi and Sogut...

...but all Oghuzs respect.

If we torture him,
that will debase us.

A traitor is a traitor!

What debases us is leaving
a traitor unpunished!

Konur Alp is right, Celali.

Even if Edebali is
in the dungeon,

...we should...

...treat him justly.

We shouldn't get him
away from us completely.

To reach our goals,

..we need Edebali.


You go to Kayi Tribe.

And keep your eyes wide open.

Someone will definitely
visit Osman.

As you order, Mighty Vizier.

I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah...

...and I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW)
is His servant and Messenger.

Mari, daughter of Baltu, do you
take Turgut, son of Dogan Bey...

..as your spouse..

...on the condition that he gives
two hundreds of gold coins...

...and thirty sheep?

-I do?
-Do you?

I do.

-Do you?
-I do.

Turgut, son of Dogan Bey,

...do you take Mari,
daughter of Baltu...

...as your spouse in return
for the mahryou promise?

I do.

-Do you?
-I do.

-Do you?
-I do.

You witnesses, do you witness?

We do.

May Allah bless your vow.


My Allah.

We have witnessed the oath...

...of these two young people.

-May You witness too.

May Allah bless your marriage.

May You...

...give this couple...

...love and goodness
in their marriage.



May You not give them hatred,

...conflict and separation.




Turgut Bey and
Mari met after us.

But they are getting
married before us.

When will we get
married, crazy girl?

Mind your business, crazy boy.

Since they are married now...

...it's time to draw swords!

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Congratulations, Osman Bey.

Such a great wedding
in such a hard time...

...is unbelievable.

Don't be surprised, Kosses.

We're always ready for...

...both wedding and battle.

I can see that.

By the way, I have good news.

Rogatus is convinced.

He will let you in
Bilecik Castle.

Vizier Alemshah.

I will catch you unaware.

And I will finally take my revenge
from that dishonorable Nikola...

...who attempted to kill Mari.

May it be mubarak.

May your wedding be joyful. May
you continue your bloodline.

You've always been with me.

Thank you, Osman Bey.

Thank you.


I want you to be always happy.

Remember, I will
always be with you.

Thank you for being
here for me, brother.

I thought you would
never forgive me.

Turgut Bey.

May your wedding be joyful.

-May you continue your bloodline.
-EyvAllah, brother.

-May it be mubarak, Turgut Bey.

May your tent be cheerful.

May you have a long life,
inshaAllah, my Bey.

EyvAllah, brother.

From now on, you shall look
after my sister, Turgut Bey.

I won't be worrying
thanks to you.

I'm grateful for this.


What will I do with these?

-What are they, Cerkutay?

You said there must be
corns in a wedding.

And I brought these.

Well done, Cerkutay.

You've just won my favor now.

Did you hit or fondle me?

Come on, Cerkutay. Do what I do.

What did Turgut Bey do?

He set up a grand feast
for the wedding!

What did he do for Mari Hatun?

He sacrificed horses and stallions,
cows and camels, and sheep and rams!

Did he break any hearts?

He neither broke any hearts
not said anything bad.

He married Mari Hatun!

Then May Allah make them
live happily ever after!


Have a long lasting marriage
and live happily ever after.

If only Boran were here.

I miss my brother's voice
in the wedding, my Bey.

My Bey.

My Bey, I heard from
a hatun that...

...Boran isn't well.

What's wrong with my alp?

They say he has lost his mind
and is talking to himself.

My mountain-like warrior.


Who did this to you?

How could they do this to you?

I feel really upset, Gunduz.

I want these issues to end now.

Today, I heard that...

...Nikola attempted
to kill Mari.

And Turgut Bey saved her
in the last minute.

We sent Mari to death with
our own hands, Gunduz.

How can we carry such a burden?

What if she couldn't survive?


...keep saying that they will find
the traitor who abducted Mari.

May Allah don't expose...

..that we did this.

My Bey...

Are you alright?

I am.

Go, Ayse.

Hay mashaAllah to my valiants.

But I knew that you would come.

I knew.

I told my Gonca to cook!

She will bring it now!

We will enjoy it now, brothers!

Of course, if Cerkutay
leaves us some.

Come on! Enjoy!

Come on.

My Gonca! May Allah
bless your hands’



My Bey...

We were eating with
brothers, my Bey.


You told me that we
were going to talk.

You kept your promise.


I did.

Whose Bey am I? -Hey mashaAllah.

You are Boran's Bey, my Bey!

You are Kayi's Bey!

And you are the
bravest Alp of Kayi!

You are the most
loyal Alp I have!

My Bey...

I became Gunduz Bey's Alp.

I obeyed him.

You did well.

We entrusted the chair
of Kayi to you.

You will stand
next to the one...

...who sits on it.

But... you came.

Now I am your Alp, my Bey.

I am leaving now..

...but you will stand next
to me when I come back.

Now promise me.

You will pull yourself together.

Pull yourself together.

Now I am leaving. But
when I come back...

...I want to see you strong...

...I want to see
you standing tall.

Do you understand brother?

Yes my Bey.


Ya Rabbi...

Give me strength
to pass this test.

First, my Osman..
Now, my father...

Destroy the traps that are set
against my Osman, my Allah.

Destroy them, ya Rabbi.


Selcan Mother...



My Osman!

My Bala...

Don't cry... Don't cry...

You are alright, right?

We are alright.

We are alright, thanks to Allah.

Don't worry. I am alright.

But I want you to be alright.

We are, my Osman. We are...

But... we are being tested
under hard conditions.

First you, now my father...

I know.

I know everything.

But there is one more
thing that I know.

I know that we will
get over these days.

InshaAllah my Bey.

But I also have good news.

Mari and Turgut...

They got married in Harmankaya.

Is that so?

I wish I could witness
Mari's happiness.

But it's destiny...

It had to happen this way.

Besides, their
dreams came true..

Don't stand there, my Osman.
Come, sit.

No, my Bala...

I will talk to my brother.

No, my Osman.

Vizier's soldiers
are everywhere.

-Don't go.
-My Bala.

Don't go out of your tent.

Go. Go, sit.

Be careful.


Traitor, ha?



Osman, what are you doing here?


Gunduz Bey, who I
called my brother

...and trusted...

Osman, what are you doing?

Gunduz Bey, who
sits on his chair

...and teams up
with the traitor.

I did what I did for
the sake of our tribe.

Is the sake of the tribe

...selling it for money?

Being loyal to Vizier?

Do I need to be a Bey
like you, Osman?

Should I put the
tribe in danger?

Should I cause pain
after pain, Osman?

I saw you in Inegol.

saw you but did not
tell it to anyone.

I don't want any pain, Osman.

You are making a
mistake, brother.

You should have said
"Osman is here", then.

You should've stabbed
me on my back.

But when I saw you with them,

...I was hurt.

We are trading.

We are making the tribe better.

We care about
people's prosperity.

"Do you want an enemy?

Don't you have a
brother?" they say.

You ruined the tribe's honor.

If I had known, I would
have never trusted you.




...made a mistake, Osman.

Now I am making up
for those mistakes.

I am healing those wounds.

You made a mistake, Osman.

You go to war.

You are afraid to bleed.


Only the brave can
walk on rough roads.


Gunduz Bey!

I am afraid your end...

...will be like my uncle's.

Gunduz Bey?

What's going on here?

That Vizier Alemsah..

I will not have peace

...until I crush him in my palm.

He got me so furious that

...he will pay the
heaviest price.

I understand you, Osman Bey.

I hate Nikola

...as much as you
hate the Vizier.

Don't worry.

We will both achieve our posts.

Then let’s not wait.
Let's go to Bilecik.

Osman Bey.

I was afraid that I
wouldn't be here on time.

You won't go without me
inshaAllah, Osman Bey.

No. I'll go without
you, this time.

You will stay here.

Don't leave Mari
on the first day.

Alps will be with me.

Don't worry.

As you say.

Then we will see you off.

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What's going on here?

Where are the Ahis?

Why didn't the shopkeepers
open their stores?

Stores won't be opened until
Edebali gets out of the dungeon.

You are rebelling.

You can't do that.

You captured my Sheikh.

Do you think we
would keep trading?

Do you think everyone
is the same?

Sheikh Edebali might
be in the dungeon.

But I will not let
anything happen to him.

Whoever tries to hurt
him, they will face me.

Where were you when

...the Vizier
captured my Sheikh?

Think carefully.

Are you with Haqq

...or the falsehood?

Let our Sheykh go!

Vizier Alemshah!

The light of our Sheikh...

...can't be put out by
your dark dungeons!

Release our Sheikh!

Release our Sheikh!

Orhan. Orhan.

MashaAllah to my boy.

Orhan. Orhan.

Look at your grandma.

MashaAllah to you.

My nice-smelling boy.

Go to your mom.

May I come in?


Come in!

Welcome, Bala.

Come, my dear.


Bala, my beautiful girl.
You look very well.

It seems Zehra is taking
a good care of you.

Yes. Thanks to her.

She helped me a lot.


I have good news for you.

Go ahead, my girl.

Osman came last night.

Did my Osman come here?

Yes, Osman came.

Allah protected him...

...and he didn't get caught
by Vizier's soldiers.

Thanks to Allah.

And keep talking.
Is my son well?

He's well, mother. Don't worry.

Mighty Vizier, I need to talk
to you about an urgent matter.

Go ahead, Gunduz Bey.

I heard what happened.

Osman raided your tent.

That's not the matter.

The matter is my Sheikh.

What is Edebali doing
in the dungeon?

Edebali collaborated with Osman
and played a trick on us.

Now he's being
punished for treason.

Every human being makes
mistakes, Vizier Alemshah.

And the ruler...

...is as high as the
mercy he shows.

Don't you see the yard?

People are rioting.

If Gunduz Bey, son of Ertugrul Ghazi,
is requesting for something from me,

..I won't turn him down.

Thanks, Vizier Alemshah.

It won't happen again. I promise
on behalf of my Sheikh.

We intend to gain
people's trust.

People are pushing our
gates for Edebali.

It seems we made a mistake.


Bring Sheikh Edebali

As you order, Mighty Vizier.

I'm releasing Edebali, but...

...I want you to
deliver him to people.

So people's trust in
you will increase.

Now I am going to Bilecik
for the market place.

You will give the
Sheikh to people and...

...come to Bilecik, Gunduz Bey.

EyvAllah, Vizier AlemShah.


We will wait for the Vizier
in the Bilecik Castle.

My Bey.. What are we going to
do after we take the Vizier?

He asked for my furor...

...I will cut his tongue that
he put slanders on me with...

..and I will burn it.

I will take those evil eyes out
that looked at my Sheikh..

...and cut his head
off of his evil body.

I will feed jackals
with his blood...

...to stop it from
making our lands dirty.

EyvAllah my Bey.

How are we going to go
in the Bilecik Castle?

We will go in there without
drawing our swords, Goktug.

We will be waiting for
the Vizier inside.

He deserved such
a confrontation.


Let's go!

Oo... Even the Lord is
taking his soldiers back...

...with my Bey's order.

We are going to punish
the cruel, brother.

No one should stand against us.


Split up, go in the rooms,
to the hall, everywhere.

I will go to the room
of Vizier AlemShah.

He will meet my
sword of justice.

Yes my Bey.




This market place will
make us a lot of money!

Its place doesn't matter.

While Osman Bey is
living like a runaway...

...we will be getting
richer and wealthier.

Actually, I didn't think that
Vizier would be able to do this.

The order he built
helped us the most.

-The goods are coming tonight, right?

They will be displayed on the tables
at the market place in the morning!

There will be a festival
in Bilecik tomorrow!

Vizier should arrive first...

Sir... Vizier
Alemshah is coming.

The Vizier of Seljuq state...

Vizier Alemshah.

This is the architect
of the order we built!

We built this order
together, Lords.

And we will walk on the
same way for its presence.

Absolutely, Vizier Alemshah.

Thanks to you, the market place we built will
bring a lot of new things to our business.

From east to west,
south to north...

...wealth will turn into a river
and flow through our castles...

We will first open the
bazaar tomorrow...

...we will see the river and
the sea together, Kosses.


Now you will get
what you deserve.

Once my Bey does
everything he said...

...he will regret his cruelty.

His bones will be
broken first...

May Allah forbid bad luck.

May my Bey handle this
as soon as possible.

Vizier will pay a heavy price.

We will punish him

..but let's not make
it fast, Saltuk.

You were coated in

...many cruel people's blood.


...were many
traitors' nightmare.


But this is different.

May my Rabb give
me honest enemies.

He so two-faced that...

...cutting him into two pieces

...is my duty.

Be careful. I will bring such
swords to the marketplace

...that your eyes will dazzle.

Gunduz Bey, the
protector of our...

...property order.


Thank you, Vizier Alemsah.

Yes, now that
Gunduz Bey is here,

...we can go to our
rooms, if you want.

Tomorrow there is the opening
ceremony of the marketplace.

We should rest well.

You are right, Rogatus.
We should rest

...so that we will
be rested tomorrow.


Every cruel person...

...needs an Osman.

Come here, Vizier.

Come to your end.


Gunduz Bey,

...this is your room.

Good night.

And this is your room, Mighty Vizier.
One of the biggest rooms.

We will be here, Mighty Vizier.

What happened?

Why do you breath heavily?

Because you know it
is your last breath?

Here there are no soldiers.

And no slaves you can order

...or walk on.

What are you going to do,


What are you going to do?

Osman Bey...

I see that my strength
affected you.

You were crushed under it

...and playing games to

...get to me when I am alone.

Games, huh?

Games are your thing, Vizier.



I ruin the games...

...and make people
pay the price.

From whom do you get
this courage, Osman?

You don't have a
tribe, or soldiers.

You don't have power.

You don't even have people

...who will listen to you.

I have my faith..

..that fills up my heart.

I believe that my almighty
Rabb helps the right people.



You don't have that.

That's why you are afraid.

That's why you are
looking at the door.

How dare you question

...the Seljuk Vizier's
courage and faith?

What questioning?

I will judge you with
my justice weapon.


You are talking about something you
are not powerful enough to do.

Don't regret it tomorrow.

Let me worry about tomorrow.


You won't see tomorrow, Alemsah.


...betrayed Turks' cause.


...shadowed Turks' tomorrow.

You put that holy
sycamore into fire,

...that we watered with
our blood to grow it.


...I will burn you.

Now, I will hang you on that
holy sycamore's branches.


...swear to do this.

But I will wake you
from this wool-sleeping

...with my justice weapon...

...that was watered with
cruel people's blood.

Mighty Vizier.


Vizier, are you okay?

My Vizier?

If the cruel does cruelty,

...we are the weapon of justice.

My Vizier?

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My Vizier?

My Vizier?

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