Kurulus Osman Episode 78 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 78 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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You betrayed all.

You turned...

...my people,

...my people and even
Sultan against me.

You're biting off more
than you can chew, Osman.

You will pay...

...for your impudence with
your tribe and people.

But your alps first.

What are you talking about?

Laying a trap...

...and drawing a sword against
the vizier of Seljuks, huh?

You're walking towards
your death, Osman.

Stop there, Konur!

Step back.

We have your alps.

Don’t make a mistake, Osman.

Or they will lose their lives.

My alps.

For Allah!

Are my alps alive?

It depends on you, Osman Bey.

Tell me!

Let Vizier Alemshah go.

If you...

If you hurt them,

...I will kill the
vizier first...

...and then you right here.

Cut it short, Osman.

Put your sword down.

Put it down so I will
take only your head.

Get off! Dastards!
Inglorious rats!

My Bey, we are here!

-My Bey!
-We are here!

-Don't worry, my Bey!
-My Bey!

-We are here, my Bey!

Step back.

Step back!

Now move.




Brothers, are you alright?

-We're good, my Bey!
-We are alright!

Your alps are alive.

Let Vizier Alemshah go.

Or we will behead them all.

My Bey, kill him!

My Bey, don't worry about us!
Kill that inglorious man!


What are you doing, brother?

I'm holding the
head of the one...

...who you work
with, Gunduz Bey.

Don't, Osman.

If you kill the vizier, there
will be no going back.

Think about your alps.

Think about your
tribe and family.

For my tribe and family,

...you want me to work with a
traitor like you, huh, Gunduz Bey?

You are disobeying
Sultan’s orders.


Look, Osman. Surrender.
Sultan likes you.

Go and talk to him yourself.

My cause is the cause of Turks.

This cause is so holy...

...that I don’t have to
talk to anyone about it.


...even you couldn't
understand that.

My brother.

Don't you take one more step.

I would never ever...

...miss the chance to...

...kill you, Gunduz Bey.

Or ...Just go ahead.




You will pay a heavy
price for what you did.

But you will never be
able to take my life.

Because you are merciful, Osman.

You can neither sacrifice
your brother nor your alps.

-Don't worry about us. Kill him, my Bey!
-Don't let him speak! Cut his head off, my Bey!

Your alps are ready to
sacrifice themselves.

Gunduz Bey is already brave.

What about your tribe?

If he kills me...

Konur, Ferman.

Burn Kayi Tribe
down to the ground.

Leave no tents unburned...

...and no heads uncut.

-I will...

If Osman Bey doesn't...

...make such a mistake...

Not for what you did,

...but only for what you just
said, I will cut you into pieces!



Not now.

Wait for it.

Wait, Vizier Alemshah.

Don't let him go, my Bey.

Not later either, Osman.

This is the end for you.

Let me think about tomorrow.

Finally, the wolf
is in the cage.

And the treacherous lion is
on the edge of my sword.

I will take Nikola for
what he did to Nikola.

I want you to let Osman in
when he comes to Bilecik.

If we don't work with Osman,

...they will be united
and destroy us.

Let's hope so.


Look at those Lords.

Working with Osman...

...and destroying me, huh?

Nobody will move until
Osman thinks he has won.

Let him think he's victorious.

I will show him that
he's the greatest loser.

Now it's time to complete
the missing piece.

Julia, bring Rogatus.

Defend the castle!

Lord Rogatus, run away.
We've been betrayed.

Damn it!


I will kill you myself!

Kosses, do you like
what you have done?

You have never been able to stand
on the right side, anyway.

Which side I take
doesn't matter, Nikola.

I will kill you myself.

Our people will be
sent into the dungeon.

Kosses, you will be
judged for treason...

...by the emperor
in Constantinople.


Lords are up to the
emperor's mercy.


But you...

...will be executed
in this castle.

What are you talking about, Vizier
Alemshah? He'll be executed?

-My Bey!
-No, you can't!

-My Bey!
-My Bey!


My old friend, let's go.

Take him.

Come, Gunduz Bey.

We will talk.

Why are you standing there?
Find him!


We will make you pay
for the ones you hurt.

What are you doing?

Are we going to make
them speak or not?

There is no need.

If you tortured them before...

...they wouldn't try
killing the Vizier.

You must fulfill
your duties, Konur.


Bring him.

Brother, hang on.

Baysungur! Baysungur!


Let me go!

Dastard dog!

Hang on, brother...

Dastard dog!


Hold on Brother.

I will kill you!

So you tried hurting
the Vizier, ha?

It's enough for now.

I'll come.

And I am saving you
for the last, Osman.

Do your best.

Julia... What do you mean
you couldn't find him?

We couldn't. We searched
everywhere in the castle.

But that traitor
Rogatus escaped...

...from me.

He has no where to go, Julia.

I don't like excuses.

You will find him.


Don't give me bad news.

Sir. Kosses is ready to go to
the Constantine as you ordered.

I don't want mistakes, Argus.

I placed our best soldiers, sir.

We will hand him in
without an accident.


Vizier AlemShah.

What Osman did was wrong.

But... what execution
are you talking about?

You know that..

Sultan's ferman ordered that...

...Osman was going to
be judged in Konya.


Why are you punishing Osman...

...before he is judged?

You witnessed
everything, Gunduz Bey.

Osman drew his sword against
the Vizier of Seljuq.

If I wasn't lucky, I
would be killed there.

Of course, his
punishment is execution.

You are right.

Osman made a big mistake.

But it must suit our laws.

I want you to...

...judge Osman in Konya.

Is it really important for you
to let Osman live, Gunduz Bey?

Vizier Alemshah.

Osman is my brother.

He is the entrustment of
my father, Ertugrul Ghazi.

No matter what he does..

...if you hurt him...

...you will have
to deal with me...

...and the tribe of Kayi.

So that's what you are saying.

There is only one way for you
to save Osman, Gunduz Bey.

But... you must
fulfill a great duty.

If you want Osman to be alive..

...you will be the
Bey of Kayi tribe.

You will not sit in
there for him...

...you will be the actual Bey.

You will organize a meeting
and sit on the chair.

And you will be my
right hand man...

...on these lands.

Will you be able to
do this, Gunduz Bey?

I will.

If... my brother's life
is going to be saved...

...I can do anything.

Vizier Alemshah, it is the promise
of Ertugrul Ghazi's son Gunduz Bey.

You will get what you want.

Good then.

Osman will be taken to Konya...

...to be tried.

AyvAllah. If you allow me...

We can not let Osman live..

...when we are so close
to have him killed.

Vizier Alemshah, if you
can't do it, I can!

If you are going to
take Osman to Konya...

Calm down, Nikola.

\Ne can not take that risk.

Osman will never
set off for Konya.

He will die here.

Do-you fh'ink we won't
take Gonca's revenge?

Do you?


Rogatus escaped.

But you and your soldiers

...will be in great pain.

Get him out.

Don't touch my Bey!


Take me, let go of my Bey.

Don't touch my Bey!

- Come here!
-Let him go.

Let him go!

If we get out of here,

...you will wish
you were in hell

...because of what
we will do to you.

Whip him.

So that we won’t dream about
the things he can't do.

Let go of my Bey.

- Whip him!
- My Bey!

Hang on, my Bey.

You degenerates!

Hit him!





Bala, my daughter?


Bala, wake up.

My daughter, wake up.


-Mother, Osman...
-Calm down, daughter.

Bala Hatun,

...are you okay?


I saw a dream, mother.

Give her water, Zehra.

I saw a dream. Osman
was in the dark.

I am worried.

I am afraid. What if they do
something to Osman, mother?

Here. Drink this.

It was a nightmare. Don't get
worried because of a nightmare.

Stay calm.

Thanks, Zehra.

Osman is okay.

Please don't worry.

Vizier Alemsah is
waiting to see Osman.

Tie his hands and feet.

He can do anything.

I will make you pay

...what you did to Mari,


So the reason for your betrayal
is your stupid sister Mari.

You got Rogatus to
your side, too.

I will forgive your insolence
because you are desperate.

If I was going to be
judged by the emperor,

...I would get crazy like you.
But don't worry.

You will not go alone.

When I capture that Rogatus,

..I will send him after you.

In exchange for my
burned marketplace,

...Harmankaya's lands

...are mine.


I'm Aya Nikola

...the Lord of Inegol
and Harmankaya.

You will beg me to

...kill you.

Did you hear me?

I will kill all of you.

What can a nobody

...do to me?

Welcome, Osman Bey.

Come closer.

You are a Bey to these lands left
you by your father Ertugrul Gazi.

He had an uncle,


...if they had made
Osman the leader,

..he must be a smart
man, I thought.

But you...

...are a fool, Osman.

What right move we did,

...or what virtue of us
do you think is foolish?

Tell me.

You do not think about the

...power dynamics.

Who am I?

The shadow of the Seljuks.

You are right.

You are right.

The Sultan Mesud is the sun

...and you are his shadow.

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