Kurulus Osman Episode 79 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 79 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Whoever falls before
killing five heathens,

..I will pester him
in the afterlife!

Come on! Fight bravely!

For my brother Goktug!

-Allah is HAYY! (The Ever-Living)
-Allah is HAQQ! (The Absolute Truth)

You shed my brother’s
blood on the ground!

The ground shall be
forbidden to you!

Soldiers, move this cart aside!



Turgut! Kosses!

Traitor Kosses!

We can’t hold here for a
long time, Turgut Bey.

What's the plan?

We will figure something out.

Kutan! Serhan! Carry the
shields to the cart.

Come on.

Arrows! Faster!


You surprised me, Turgut Bey.

Honestly, I never thought
I would be saved by you.

We’re not saved yet, Kosses.

Let's get out of
this chaos first.

We can talk later.

-Kosses, the shield!

The traitor and the shepherd
are running off! Catch them!



I want both the impudent
shepherd and traitor Kosses!

I want them now! Follow them!

You are so stubborn, Osman.

But you will die eventually.

Alps, stop.

Now we split up.

We'll go different
directions to confuse them.

So we will buy some time.

-Then we’ll meet in Baspinar, inshaAllah.
-InshaAllah, my Bey.

Kosses, you go with them.

I will come after you.
-No, Turgut Bey.

I won't leave you.

We’ll go separate ways to divide them.
So they’ll be outnumbered.

So we are more
likely to survive.

We’re running out of time, Kosses.
Go now.


-Come on.
-Let's go, alps.

Shine like a star
in the frontiers.

I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah

and I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW)
is His servant and Messenger.

Turgut Bey!


Are you going somewhere?

You and I have an
unfinished business.

You are a coward.

You are so afraid of me...

..that you can’t confront me on your
own, but you come with your dogs.

Turgut, Turgut. You are
overestimating yourself.

To me, you are just someone
that I will crush.

You crossed the line and I got angry.
That’s all.

That's it.

Come then.

Yes, Turgut Bey.

As you see, I’m standing...

...and you're on the ground.

I'm on the top and
you on the bottom!

You are no different from a snake, Nikola.
Even if you go up on high summits,

...you can only crawl up there.

I'm an eagle, though.

Even if I fall, I
fall while flying.

These words are too fancy for a
shepherd, Turgut Bey. Bravo.

If you are an eagle and
your wings are broken,

And if you are also
alone, Turgut Bey,

...you will be eaten
by those snakes.

This is the end for you.

It’s time for you
to die, Turgut Bey.

Even if we die, we
become martyrs, Nikola.

We no grieve. We're not
afraid for our lives.

I'm only sad for Mari.

My wife. My hatun.

For leaving her behind.

And nothing else.
Come on, kill me.

Inglorious Nikola!

Dastard who stabbed
me in the back!

You thought you could
get away with that?


Traitor Kosses.

If I killed Turgut
and left you behind,

...I wouldn't be pleased!

I'm glad you're here!

I know about your evil
plans, you dastard.

Harmankaya Castle is too great for you!
You hear me?

I told you not to follow me.
But I’m glad you did. Thanks.

Yes, but if i went to Mari without you,
how could I explain that?

-Let’s go.
-Soldiers, let’s go.

-Yes, sir?

-Follow them, Argos.
-I can’t leave you here like this.

Argos, follow them..

Forgive me, sir. But I
can't leave you here.

Osman is a great Bey.

He should not die like this.

He will not die on
the battle field.

You will not be
remembered as a hero.


He will be crashed
under the horses.

Like a traitor.

No one will be sorry for Osman.

They will invoke that he did not go thought
what they will have to go through.

I will offer you to Erlik Khan.

I will beg Gok Tengri.

Everyone will know
that Geyhatu is here.

The tribe already has a Bey.

No Beylic meeting will be done because
Vizier who cooperates with the Lord said so.

Vizier represents Konya.

What about you, Malhun Hatun?

We speak on behalf of Osman Bey.

Don’t think that every
word we say is our own.

It is Osman Bey's order.

Osman Bey only cares
about Kayi's interest.

We all can vouch for this.

Where is Osman Bey?

When he is gone, his brother sitting
on the chair is appropriate.

For now, the empty chair
is better than Gunduz Bey.

Gunduz Bey does everything
for Vizier Alemsah.

Not for the tribe's sake.

You are talking about the son
of Ertugrul Gazi, blacksmith.

Gunduz Bey does not do
anything against Kayi's sake.

Is this your decision?

You speak so confidently.

I don’t understand.

I don't understand.

How a person can be on Haqq way,

...on Turkmen's side,

on the innocent's side...

...but not be on
Osman Bey's side?

I do not understand.

This world is full of things that
are hard to understand, shepherd.

You understand, of course.

But people who are not
on Osman Bey's side

...will die before
they understand.

You are satirizing.

You called us here to ask our
opinions but you are questioning us.


If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ArDirilisErtugrul.net/v ::..........

No one here is questioning
you, Yilmaz Bey.

We are sure of Osman Bey.

We want the people
who have doubt

...to stay away from us.

If you have doubt,

stay away from us, Yilmaz Bey.

Even if I sit on the chair,

hatuns will not
behave themselves.

It is obvious.

There will be a
conflict, Alemsah.

Turkmen likes a powerful
Bey, Gunduz Bey.

I will give you
such a power that

...they will not dare to object.

Fine but...

...what is this
power you speak of?

Look at these walls.

Inegol flag is not suitable.

We talk about the conquest
and Turkmen’s interest.

Will we leave this
place to the heathens?

Glorious Kayi flag will
garnish these walls.

Why do you think we came to
Harmankaya Castle, Gunduz Bey?

I am curious about that,
too, Vizier Alemsah.

I didn’t expect to see you here.

Gunduz Bey.

You look tired Nikola.

am not only Inegol
Lord anymore.

I am also the owner of Harmankaya Castle,
of which throne you are sitting in.

Isn't that right?

That is worth being
tired, Alemsah.

You deserved it, Nikola.

By being on the right side.

I am not going to sit on the
throne forever, Nikola.

It is yours.

Now, you tell me the
news from Kosses.

What is the situation?

Did he reach the empire?


...is in a cage, just
like a traitor should be.

He is going to Constantinople.

When he reaches there, he will prepare
a good ending to the emperor.

I am grateful to you, alps.

I hope God gives me enough
time or me to repay.

We only followed my Bey's order.

If my Bey orders, we
will do it again.

We are going to Konya, alps.

I know, the road is tough.

But we will open this way.

And with Allah's consent, we will save
Osman Bey before he is taken to Konya.

InshaAllah my Bey.

I told you, Kosses. There is another
reason why we took you out of there...

...to take Osman Bey from them.

I see.

But for this, I have to send news to my private
troops who are waiting for me at Harmankaya.

After they join us...

...saving Osman Bey
will be easier.

They should give this ring
to their leader Kiros.

This is the only way to
convince them that it is me.

You know what you
have to do, Kutan.

Go to Harmankaya. Take Kosses'
soldiers and come after us, to Konya.

-Yes my Bey.
-Be careful.

Come on Alps’ We don't have much time!
Let's go

Are you standing there because we
told you to step back, Yilmaz Bey?

You misunderstood my
Sheikh's words, Yilmaz Bey.

We don't want you to
hear our words...

...we want you to
understand them.

May my Allah keep your heart
away from doubt and suspicion...

...on the way of truth.


We know that Kayi Beys dream
about fighting for Islam...

...and they are afraid of dying
when they are sitting...

...and they love conquests.

And you should know, those
fights and conquests...

...can only happen
with Osman Bey.

AyvAllah. AyvAllah.

Your hearts and
hands are strong.

Your intentions are good.

On the way you set off for
the peace on these lands...

...may my Allah's
blessings be with you.



May Allah help you, Hatuns.

I have to inform Mighty Vizier.

Osman is being taken
to be crushed.


I swear, Osman, your blood
will be shed under the ground.

It will meet Erlik Khan.

My Bey...


Come.. come...


When Geyhatu comes...

...you will be crushed
under these mad horses.

Their shoes will be
covered with your blood.

The smell of your dead
bodies will be disgusting.

A horse is the wing of a Turk.

A horse is the goal of a Turk.

We have never been
afraid of horses.

Let them come at us!

We can rough even
the angriest one.


Geyhatu will finish
the ritual and come.

Then you will all die...

...in great pain.

Traitors die in pain.

We know what happens
to traitors like you!

We die for once, and we
resurrect for a thousand times!

But your death will be worse!

Hang on brother.

They will question you harder!

Stop! Stop, dastard!

Stop, dog!

Hang on Cerkutay.

Geyhatu is coming.

Prepare the horses!

We will start wher
Geyhatu comes!

Brother., you are alright.

My Bey...

Can I come in, my Vizier?

Come in.

My Vizier.

Osman Bey's Hatuns
gathered at the lodge.

And they invited other Beys.
They are doing something.

Apparently Hatuns won't
sit silently, Gunduz Bey.

They even try poisoning
the other Beys..

...to stop you from
having the chair.

Unless they leave the tribe...

...we can not avoid
disunion in the tribe.

And the best way is to...

..exile them.

Including Selcan Hatun.

What are you saying,
Vizier Alemshah?

I did everything...

...for a union in my tribe.

If a single person goes
through any hardship..

..that chair is haram to me.

If I exile my mother,
my brother’s wives...

..my sisters..

...there won't be a union.

Gunduz Bey, this
is the right way.

It is not even close to being
right, Vizier Alemshah.

If cruelty comes in
from the window...

..morals walk out the door.

Now., if I exile the
Hatuns of my tribe...

..how can I sit on that chair?

How can I wander around
my tribe as a Bey?

Do you know why I keep saying
you deserve that chair...

...since I came
here, Gunduz Bey?

That's why.

Your mercy.

I know that your mercy will
always defeat your greed.

You don't want to
have that chair.

You just want to be a
friend to your people.

But you should know, to be
a friend to your people...

...you have to send
fitna away first.

Who brings fitna?


I can't do that.

I will assume that you've never
said these things, Vizier Alemshah.


-EyvAllah, Kutan.
EyvAllah, my Bey.

My noble warriors!


I'm always loyal to
you, Lord Kosses.

So are my soldiers.

Our loyalty oaths will be
broken only with death.

-I know.
-We are with you, sir.

To save Osman Bey, we will
help Turgut Bey and his alps.

My alps are tracing on the road
to Konya to locate Osman Bey.

Whatever you wish.

We won't stop until the
lungs of horses explode!

Until we save Osman
Bey from the cruel!

Whatever needed will
be done, Turgut Bey.

Let's go!

Here we go. Let's go, soldiers.

Come on!

The steel of these
swords came from Aleppo.

These are the sharpest
swords of these lands!

Are you doing things
without my knowledge?

Who are those who you
are giving swords?

Osman Bey's new
alps, Gunduz Bey.

Are you hearing yourself,
Demirci (Blacksmith)?

Don't waste time and tell me.
Who are these alps?

I never waste time, Gunduz Bey.

As I said, they are
Osman Bey's new alps.

Did you let alps in the tribe
without my permission?

I'm asking for the last time.
Who are these alps?

And where did they come from?

From Kizilbeyoglu Tribe!

From the lands of my ancestors.

What we say can't
happen will happen...

...thanks to these soldiers.

I decide what will happen and
not happen, Malhun Hatun.

But this is not a good time.

I expect all of you in my tent.

You too, Demirci.

-Come on!



Osman Bey.



How do you say, Osman Bey?


Osman Bey.


I'm here, soldiers.

-My Allah, thank you.
-Come on. Are you alright?

This is not just vengeance now.

You are fighting Mongols.

Sorry, Osman Bey. I couldn't
take my revenge yet.

Besides, my sister's husband
is someone very persistent.

Osman Bey.

Osman Bey, we should avenge.

But now we should step back.
There are more coming.


We are drawing back!

Come on!

Kiros, we are drawing back!

Let's go!

Malhun Hatun.

Those alps won't
stay in this tribe.

They'll go back where
they came from.

Alps will stay, Gunduz Bey.

They will stay so you can wake up
from your dream of being a Bey!

Until Osman Bey clear himself and
come back, alps will stay here.

This is my Bey's order.

That vizier poisoned you with
his forked tongue, it seems.

But we will wake you up.

We won't let you
hold the council!

You won't let me hold
the council, huh?


Fine then.

Make your preparations.

You can't stay in
this tribe anymore.


I'm exiling you.

Kayi Tribe won't
remain without a Bey!

We will hold the council. And I'm the
only one who is suitable for ruling.

I'm Gunduz Bey, son
of Ertugrul Ghazi.

I will be Bey of Kayi Tribe who
is elected by the council!

Where is Osman?

Where is Osman?


I will rip your heart
out with my hands.

You will be exiled to
border village in Inegol...

...so that there will be
no conflict in the tribe.

What are you saying, Gunduz Bey?

Whose law is this?

A Bey law, who care
tribe's interest...

...more than everything
and everyone, mother.

Do not object.

I will not let you
do this, Gunduz Bey.

Forget about what
you're thinking of.

Everyone who doesn't follow Bey orders
and causes conflict in the tribe...

...I will not hesitate to..

..exile them.

I will not hesitate.

You are the one who causes
conflict, Gunduz Bey.

Obviously you like the chair so much that you are
scared that you will not be able to sit on it.

You are afraid that...

...Osman Bey might clear
his name, huh, Gunduz Bey?

Since you are so afraid
of us, who knows...

...what games you are playing so
that Osman Bey does not come back.

I will not risk my tribe..

...so that you will
like me, Bala Hatun.

You don't want to understand me.

I see that.

For everyone's sake, until order
is restored in the tribe...

...you will stay in the village.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ArDirilisErtugrul.net/v ::..........

Even his uncle did not
betray Osman Bey like this.

How can you be so low?

Even if that Vizier
got into your mind...

...what about your heart? Did
he get into your heart, too?

What kind of a cruelty is this?

Mother, you are drawling.

I am drawling.

I am drawling, huh?

Thank Allah that your
aunt-in-law is drawling.

If your late mother was here,
she would spit on your face.

Blood of your ancestors Suleyman Sah's
and Ertugrul Gazi's is in your veins.

Are you not ashamed?

Who am I talking to, anyway?

This face in front of me..

..is not my Gunduz's face.

You don't have blood,
or light on your face.

Know this, Gunduz Bey.

From now on, you
are a disgusting..

...despicable person to me,
just like that Vizier.

What are these words?

I made the best decision...

...by exiling you.


You will leave the
tribe tomorrow.

Until you understand
we should unite...

...you will stay there.

I am alright.

Vizier and Nikola. They
took my castle from me.

Now Nikola's flag waves
on Harmankaya Castle.

They gave the castle and
Harmankaya to Nikola, huh?


In that order Vizier keeps saying he will
restore, there is nothing for Lords, Kosses.

He only cares about
his own power.

His intention is to get
Turkmen’s support.

Vizier Alemsah..

He will give Harmankaya to my
brother before the meeting.

So that

...he can make Gunduz
Bey the Kayi Bey.

Kayi's power is
important to him.

How can you be so sure
about this, Osman Bey?

Heathens are good at
playing games, Kosses.

And I am good at
ruining those games.

Now send your most trusted
man as a messenger.

He should send news to
Nikola about the game.

What do you mean, Osman Bey?

Will we do something
in Nikola's favor?

No, there is a time
for everything.

We will stop my brother, who will sit
on Kayi chair because Vizier said so.

He deserves this.

I understand.


Go to Nikola.

Tell him what Osman Bey said.

- Turgut Bey.
- Yes, Osman Bey.

Give a few alps the mission.

They should bury
my brother Goktug

...and the other
martyrs, like heros.

We will take the road
that leads to the border.

We will do it, Osman Bey.

We will not ride our
horses to the frontier.

We will ride them
to the central.


Send five alps to where our
brothers became martyrs.

Yes, by Bey.

I do not understand. Did we risk
our lives for nothing, Osman Bey?

After everything that happened, will you go to Selcuk,
who could not protect you when you were a prisoner?

Sultan Mesud

...is the Sultan of Seljuk.

And I am his margrave.

I need to go to Konya.

It is not safe, Osman Bey.

What if you go and
never come back?

What if they kill you?
What will we do then?

They will do it easier there.

In Bilecik, on the roads,
they took their chances.

For what?

Geyhatu and Alemsah

...are working
together, clearly.

They do not want me
to go to the Sultan.

So I will go to the Sultan

...and tell him everything.

He will understand.

He will think I am right.

If that is the case,

...I will not leave you alone.

I will come with you. I know the
man who will let us in the palace.

You were by my side
on my hard days.

If that is the case,

...I will come with
you, Osman Bey.

We will ride our
horses to Konya.


Come on. To the horses.

Come on!

Alps! Come on!

Sir, Turks are going
to somewhere else.

What does that mean?

Sir, they are headed to Konya.


He will do what he could
not do with weapons,

..with words.

He is going to the Sultan.

I can take the fastest horse and
cath up to him, to rip his head off.

No need.

Let's let him go to the Sultan.

Osman does not realise.

He is riding his
horse to his end.

We need to alarm everyone.

You are right, Bala Hatun.

Most of the Beys support us.

Now they will support
us, inshaAllah.


Alps who are loyal to Osman
Bey will support us, too.

If they don't want to do this the easy
way, then we will draw our swords.

It is time to fight. We
will keep our promise.

We will not give
up on our dawah.

We will protect Osman Bey's consignment
at the expanse of our lives.

We will!


My Osman Bey's consignment
is safe, mashaAllah.

You were right, Vizier Alemsah.

You were right.

Hatuns aren't coming around.

They are causing
troubles in the tribe.

And who ordered them to do that?

My brother.


He ordered them...

...not to let me
sit on that chair.

You see, Gunduz Bey?

Your brother Osman is stirring up
troubles in your tribe from Konya.

They question your authority.

You can't be a Bey like this.

You have to care about
your people first.

You will be a good
Bey, Gunduz Bey.

You place your people
before everything else.

For this reason, exile them.

I already did that.

I exiled them and came here.

I told them about
my exile decision.

You did the right thing for
your tribe, Gunduz Bey.

Don't be upset about
them anymore.

Thank you, but...

My mother and hatuns don't
seem to go so easily.

InshaAllah, this matter will
be settled without swords.

Don't worry about that anymore.

I will stop those who
break the order.

Hatuns will be gone tomorrow.

Don't be worrying.

I used to see you
with Osman Bey.

Now you are Gunduz Bey's alp?

It's Osman Bey's order.

Whoever sits on the Kayi chair,

...I need to serve him.

You are standing against
your Bey for your Bey, huh?

Not against him.
Not against him.

When Osman Bey comes back,

...I will stand
beside him again.

I'm waiting for my Bey.

To do things for the
tribe's interest,

To do things in favor of Turks,

...do we really need Osman Bey?

Don't you have a mind?

Do I?

Tell me if I do.

Shut up.

A snake can only train a snake.

You talk about Turks..

You talk about Kayi...

...and keep poisoning people.

Your tongues are
forked like a snake.

Every man is to make mistakes.

Forgive me if I have made
a mistake, Boran Alp.

I've seen my mistake and I'm
trying to make up for it.

Have you seen your mistake?


Now tell me. When I need you,

...where can I find you?

When I find myself,

...you can find me.

Cevahir is closer to me than
my own brother, Osman Bey.

EyvAllah, brother. So are you.


Cevahir is a soldier
in the palace.

He'll lead the squad to
provide security tomorrow.

When you appear before Sultan,

...Cevahir and I will
enter the palace.

It's easy for me to go in
and out of the palace.

If something goes wrong
and we have to run off,

...I know a secret passage
through which we can get out.

We can get out through
that passage.

EyvAllah, brother. Thank you.

Thank you.

Besides, everyone knows
Osman Bey is a brave man.

I would anything both for
him and you, brother.


These clothes are
for you, Osman Bey.

You went through a lot. I
thought you might need them.

Thank you, brother Cevahir.

EyvAllah, Osman Bey.

While you are in danger in there, I won't
like just waiting here, Osman Bey.

I want to go with you.

We don’t know what will
happen inside, Kosses.

If a trouble comes up, alps and
you will have much work to do.

You will be near the
palace with the alps.


I hope everything
goes as we wish.

But if a problem comes up,
don't worry about your people.

EyvAllah, Kosses.

I will untie this knot.

With the light of the truth, I will
enlighten the darkness of the lies.

Sultan Mesud will hear
the truth as well.

We will send lots of soldiers
to Kayi Tribe tomorrow, Konur.

Be prepared.

Will we draw swords against
tribe people, my vizier?

We will if we have to, Konur.

I hope we won't have to.

We're going there to
prevent the bloodshed.

We will send there
soldiers in advance...

...so they will see
them and step back.

If they don't step back,

...the blood of those who rebel
are halal for us as you know.

The lives or a few rebellious hatuns are
not more precious than the whole tribe.

We will do whatever necessary.
Prepare the soldiers now.

As you order, my vizier.


...must have cut
off Osman's head.

I will go there to see that
with Kayi Tribe in my hands.

Nobody can stop us anymore.

Where is that man?

Where the hell has Kosses gone?

Maybe, Rogatus...

-Kosses and Rogatus may have met.
-Anything is possible, Julia!

Anything is possible!

But there is one
thing I'm sure of.

As the first thing
to do, Kosses...

...will want to take his
castle Harmankaya back.

The fact that I have both
Inegol and Harmankaya...

...makes me superior
to other Lords.

My enemies also know that.

Julia, pick up your
best soldiers.

Place them well to
defend Harmankaya.

They should see
everything but...

...nobody should see them.

And you lead them.

Don't worry, Lord Nikola.

Harmankaya Castle will be under
the protection of our soldiers.



I will not leave this power..

...or this supremacy to anyone.

No matter who stands
against me...

...I will destroy...

..all of them.

All of them.



Kiros, one of the
commanders of Harmankaya.

He wants to talk to you.

Lord Nikola.

Vizier Alemshah is playing
games behind you.

He will take the castle from
you and give it to Gunduz Bey.

Is that so?

Why would I believe
you, Commander?


How can I know that you didn't unite
with Kosses and set a trap against me?


Kosses is not at
Harmankaya anymore.

And I don't want to see the
flag of Turks at the castle.

That's all...


Yes. That's all you
should know, Lord Nikola.


All of you.

Vizier Alemshah.

Vizier Alemshah.

Vizier Alemshah.

Vizier Alemshah.

If what I heard is true..

...you should be
scared of me, Vizier.

You should be scared.

No one will be able to
take Harmankaya from me!

No one!

Ilgezdi Cavus.

Where is Osman's head?

Osman's body still has his head.

What does that mean? That's not
what we agreed on, Geyhatu!

A Turkmen named Turgut, and
a Lord named Kosses...

...took him under the
feet of my horses.

You know who they are, Alemshah.


Stupid Nikola!

What will happen now?

Only horses know where they go.

Osman's horse is
going to its death.

Disasters are waiting
for him in Konya.


Sultan's helper, Selman.

What are you doing here?

I swear on Gok God, you think
I am Sultan's helper...

...but I am what Geyhatu
wants me to be, Alemshah.

His words are above everything.

Osman's dagger...

I'm sure it shed too much blood.

Now it will bring
the death of Osman.

That's enough, Gunduz! I can
not carry all this burden!

Gunduz... what happened to you?

What happened to you?

How could you exile Selcan Hatun who you
see as your mother and your sisters?!

I had to do it for the
well-being of our tribe, Ayse.

They have to go.

If they stay, they will cause
disunion in the tribe.

You keep talking
about well-being.

Are you doing these things for
the well-being of the tribe...

...or your own

I don't know anymore, Gunduz.

What are you saying, Hatun?

Have you ever witnessed that I
asked something for myself...

...except for the
well-being of the tribe.

I can't know you, since the day
you sat on this chair, Gunduz!

You are doing what
Vizier says...

...instead of going
after your brother.

And now you are exiling
your mother...

..and the entrustments of..

...Osman Bey.

You are the one who causes
disunion in the tribe!

See it already!

You are my Hatun!

You can't..

...stand against me!

You have to stand next to me!

And you are not allowed to..

...question the
order of the Bey!

I am not allowed to question you
if you are on the right way.

If I don't stand against you
when you do something wrong...

...I can't answer for it.

How are you going
to look at your...

...brother Osman's face
when he comes tomorrow?

You should sit and
think about this.

O, my Holy Allah...

You are the One who
sees everything..

...You are the One who
knows everything.

You are Al-Muntaqim
(The Avenger)

For the sake of Your Rasul...

...our Prophet Hadhrat Muhammed
Efendi sallallahu aleyhi ve selim...

For the sake of Your
Prophets and Awliyahs...

For the sake of..

...all the martyrs who shed
blood and gave their heads...

...to spread the word of Allah.

Let us take the revenge...

...of my brother Goktug...

...and all the martyrs.

Ya Rabbi...

...ya Rabbi...

You are Al-Hakeem (The All-Wise)

You are Al-Hakam (The Judge,
The Giver of Justice)

You are the One who keeps
the good and bad apart...

...who keeps the falsehood and
the absolute truth apart.

Ya Rabbi...

May You ruin the games
of the cruel, ya Rabbi.

May You protect us
from the disasters...

..that are sent to us.

May You protect us from
the cruel, ya Rabbi.

Ya Rabbi.

Let us stand tall..

...for Your holy da'wah...

...o, my Allah, who is Al-Waliyy.
(The Protector)


Soldiers are ready.
We can set off.

-Can I come in, my Vizier?
-Come in.

Lord Nikola arrived,
Mighty Vizier.

Vizier Alemshah. I have
things to tell you.

Did you bring news about Kosses?

Kosses is waiting for the day he will be
judged in the dungeon. It's in the past now.

I am talking about the future.

The future..

-I am listening to you, Nikola.
-My words will not only enrich me...

...but also you, if you stand
next to me, Vizier Alemshah.

It's about gold.

I will carry a part of the
market place to Harmankaya..

I will decrease the amount of
tax, thus, we will earn more.

You are the one who
controls Harmankaya now.

You can build a market
place wherever you want...

...and you can sell
whatever you want, Nikola.

I like doing what I want.

I'm glad that you don't mind it.

The castle will gain the
respect it deserves...

...under the control of a
talented Lord like you.

It was ruined under
Kosses' control.

The castle and Kosses will
get what they deserve.


When someone rises...

...the other falls.

It's in nature. It's
the law of the nature.

-If you allow me.
-Goodbye, Nikola.


Kosses never went
to the Constantine

He is still lying. Why don't
we punish him, my Vizier?

We have to wait for
the right time Konur.

When the right time comes,
we will question him.

When we take the castle from
him and give it to Gunduz...

...he will be punished then.

Nikola will get mad.

I gave the castle to him.
I will take it from him.

For now, he can think
that we are convinced.

The important thing is
the strength of Gunduz.

In other words, my strength.

What is the plan of the Vizier?

Is the Vizier really going to
give Harmankaya to Turks, sir?

I never give what is mine
to someone else, Argus.

Harmankaya is mine.

If the Vizier makes a mistake and
tries giving it to Gunduz...

...it is going to be
really hard for him.


Argus. Place more
soldiers at Harmankaya.

But Vizier should
never find out.

In the end, he is a Turk, right?

Never trust a Turk,
Argus, never.

Don't trust men like him.


I won't surrender easily.

My son, who warms my
heart with his look..

Your presence gives me
strength, my Orhan.

Alps and sisters are ready.
Let's go.

No one will be able to touch
that chair until my Bey comes.

Let's go then. Let's make Gunduz
Bey leave Osman Bey's chair.

Gunduz got up in anger, and
will sit down with a loss.

Too much blood will be
shed if it goes like this.

Maybe we should talk to
him for one more time.

Gunduz Bey's ears can’t hear
the truth anymore, mother.

As you know...

...if one's ears stop
hearing the truth...

...it can never hear it again.

Mother, we don't want
blood to be shed as well.

Gunduz Bey will understand that
we are serious and step back.

What if he doesn't give up?

What if he doesn't step back?

Then too much blood
will be shed, mother.

It's time.

InshaAllah, they will
see the truth...

...and leave nicely.

Don't make things harder
for me, my Allah.

Don't make me do things that I
don't want to do, my Allah.

Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in!

My Bey, as you ordered, I
went to the tents of hatuns.

But all of them are in
Malhun Hatun's tent.

It's time, but they
don't seem to go.

Time is up.

If they are not
leaving nicely...

Take the alps and
go to their tent.

Gunduz Bey!

You are exiling us
from our tribe, but...

...we aren't going anywhere!

If you are brave
enough, come out!


Your time is up!

Why are you still here?

It's a Bey order.
Will you disobey?

We are here to obey a
Bey order, Gunduz Bey!

We are here to take you down off
the chair with Osman Bey’s orders.

What you are doing is
dividing our tribe!

Don't confuse my people!

Before my arrow
goes off the bow,

...leave properly, Malhun Hatun.

We're not going anywhere!
Stop us if you can!

Bala Hatun.

Don't do this.

Just leave silently. Otherwise
it won't be good for you.

You shouldn't do
this, Gunduz Bey.

Bey of Kayi Tribe is Osman Bey.

And this is his order.


It seems you don't
understand the words.

You asked for this.


Stand at attention!

I’m Malhun Hatun!

Osman Bey's hatun!

If there is a Kayi alp who can draw
a sword against me, draw it now!

Alps, be aware of who you are
drawing your swords against!

These women are
Osman Bey's hatuns!

Have you forgotten the days
when you fought with Osman Bey?

What you are doing
doesn't suit an alp!


If they are Osman Bey's hatuns,

...I'm Gunduz Bey, son
of Ertugrul Ghazi!

This is Bey of Kayi's order!
Take position!

Gunduz Bey.

Malhun Hatun.

What is going on here?

Put your swords down.

It's time.

Now what is dark and what
is clean will be revealed.


I'll wait for you on the closest
spot to the palace, Osman Bey.

I'll be ready for anything.
Don't be worrying.

Thank you, Kosses.

I will never forget
your kindness.

You are a good man.

After the things
what you did for me,

...I should do this
at least, Osman Bey.


We, alps and Cevahir
will go ahead.

We'll be in the palace when
you arrive, Osman Bey.

EyvAllah, Turgut Bey.

Let's go, alps.


You'll be on alert
here with Kosses.

Yes, my Bey.

May Allah protect you.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

Whatever Gunduz Bey does,
he does for his tribe.

Did we do something bad by making
Gunduz Bey sit on the chair?

Doesn't Gunduz Bey have the
right to sit on the chair?

Is Gunduz Bey not the son
of Ertugrul Gazi, too?

Your Bey sends Osman
Bey's wives away

so that there's no conflict
and swords are not drawn.

You are the ones who
cause conflict.

You disregard chair's real owner

...and do a beylic meeting.

Go in the tent and
see, Malhun Hatun.

Is the owner of the chair
sitting on the chair?

The former owner of the chair

...waits to go in the
Sultan's chambers.

Do you speak as if you don't
know, Vizier Alemsah.

You sent the Bey to
Konya, with deceit.

But don't worry.

My Bey will reveal the truth

...and will come
back to his tribe.

You are wrong, Bala Hatun.

I do not resolve to deceit.

I came here to establish order.

I do not want to hurt
anyone, or cause damage.


If you intend to cause
conflict by talking like this,

...I will have to do
things I don't want to.

Who are you kicking
out of whose tribe?

Gunduz Bey!

Did you learn anything
from your uncle?

Don't do this. Make this right.

Now, hatuns.

Go away from the tribe
without causing any trouble.

We will not, Vizier.

Come on!

- Send us away.
- Whatever you do, we will not take a step.

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Who are you? What do you want?

I will talk to Sultan Mesud.

Tell the aide.



Lower your weapons!

Kayi alps do not draw their
swords for Kayi alps.

We will not be
fooled by this game.

We will not spell our
siblings' blood.

Come on!

If this Gunduz..

...is the Gunduz I know,

...he will not let
this happen, I said.

He will know to take a step
back when the time comes,

...he will be the
bigger man, I said.


Either I never
knew Gunduz truly,

...or the Gunduz
I knew, changed.

We will not let this happen.

We will not spill our
siblings' blood.

That is why,

...we will leave our tribe



When the day comes, and Kayi's Bey
Osman Bey comes to his tribe,

...you will...

..pay for what you did.


Now is not the time.

If we draw our weapons now,

...you will make this
a point of no return.

Come on, daughter.

You did the right thing, mother.

May you live long.

Look at what you have
done to your own tribe,

..with your own hands,


I don't know how you
can listen to him.

But I know one thing.

You are a stranger
to your brother.

Don't be a stranger
to your tribe.

Mother, give me your pardon
in this world and Qiamah.

I don't want you to
leave here like this.

But I cannot do anything.

I know, daughter.

You cannot do anything, I know.

I give you my pardon.

Take care of yourself.

Come on.

Malhun Hatun!

Where are you taking Orhan,
the heir to Kayi Tribe?

Orhan belong in the Kayi Tribe.

He didn't tell us who he was. He
wants to speak to the Sultan.

I would like to
see Sultan Mesud.

Who are you to be
accepted by the Sultan?

I asked you who you are!

The mighty Bey of margraves.

Border of Rome and Konya.

Turkmens' protector.

Seljuk's margrave.

Ertugrul Gazi's son Osman Bey.

Now, you know who I am.

There is a royal mandate for me.

I am here to surrender
to the Sultan.

I will never give
my son to traitors!

He belongs with his mother.

You are a Bay daughter,
Malhun Hatun.

You know the law.

Orhan belongs to the Kayi Tribe.

Don't come any closer.

Orhan is Osman
Bey’s consignment.

We are leaving the tribe

...but we will not give him to anyone.
Orhan will come with us.

Orhan belongs with his mother.

You cannot separate a
mother and a child.

Gunduz, do something.

Don't separate a
child and a mother.

Don't sin.


Can you separate a
child and a mother?

Who are you to separate
a child and a mother?

Selcan Hatun,

..you know the law.

Don't fight.

Am I wrong, Kayi Tribe?

You tell them.

Orhan is Osman Bey's blood.

Safest place for Orhan
is the Kayi Tribe.


...leave Orhan

...and leave quietly.

I will die and not
leave my child.

We will die and kill for Orhan.
Step aside so that we can leave.

Salman Effendi will inform Sultan
that you have arrived, Osman Bey.

Don't worry.

I'm not worried.

I'm waiting.

My Sultan.

Osman Bey, Bey of Kayi,
has surrendered.

It means llgezdi Cavus
has brought him.

Bring him here now.

My Sultan, Osman Bey is alone.

Vizier Alemshah.

You shouldn't do this.

Don't separate Orhan
from his mother.

He's too young.

Orhan should be in Kayi Tribe.
That's what morals order.

Ayse, take Orhan.

Don't come close, Ayse Hatun!



Don't want me to
do this, mother.

Patience, my girl.

We should be patient.

His milk-mother is here.

Ayse will take a
good care of Orhan.

Come on, my girl.

Mother, Orhan is a just a baby.
Mother, no!

My son.

He's got his test as a baby.

He’ll be brave like his father.

Come on, Malhun.
Come on, my girl.


Ayse, come.

I won't leave him.


There will be too much bloodshed.
Osman would want this.

Don't make brothers
fight each other.

When Osman comes, you will
pay for what you did.

I swear that I will look
after your baby well.

Come on, my girl.

Malhun, my girl.

The day of justice will
arrive, Gunduz Bey.

Until that day, you can
do anything you want.

When that day arrives, I
will make you regret.

May the whole Kayi
Tribe be my witness!

You are separating me
from my tribe and son,

...you will pay
the price for it!

I hope your blind eyes will be
opened soon and you see the truth.

Otherwise, you
will be regretful.

But it will be too late.

This is my final word to you.


Find Guile. Those three women will die
before they become a trouble for me.

And Kayi Tribe will
be peaceful forever.

As you order, my vizier.

When will the suffering
of Turks end?

The cruel are walking around
in the heart of the state.

For now, they take my
bowing as the truth.

What is thought to be right is false and
what is thought to be good is evil.

You did the right thing
by exiling the hatuns.

That was needed for the
peace of the tribe.

You acted like a true bey.

Everything is for my tribe.

I did what I needed to do.

But, Vizier Alemshah..

Why did we separate
Orhan from his mother?

I don't want to separate a baby
from his mother either, Gunduz Bey.

But the morals of
Turks are clear.

The safest place for
Orhan is his tribe.

You're right.

The morals.

Orhan is..

...an entrustment
from my brother.

May Allah forbid, if something happens
there, we can't look at Osman's face.

A big conquest would suit an...

...experienced Bey like you.

Get ready Gunduz Bey.

We will conquer the
castle of Harmankaya.

Kayi will have all the trophies.

The lands where Osman gave many
martyrs but couldn't take...

...will be yours and you won't
even have to draw your sword.

So the sanjak of Kayi will be flied
on the walls of Harmankaya, ha?

Right, Gunduz Bey.

The conquest that is gained by
peace without shedding blood...

..is the best one.

Our goal was to give
Harmankaya to Kayi...

...without losing someone
from the beginning.

But rebel Osman couldn't see it.

Now, conquering the
castle of Harmankaya...

...will be in your
destiny inshaAllah.

The tribe and Sogut will
gain a lot of things.

All of our people
will be in peace.

InshaAllah Vizier
Alemshah, inshaAllah.

You will also win, Gunduz Bey.

With the conquest
of Harmankaya...

...no one will be able to approach
this chair except for you.

When you attend that Beylic meeting with
the news of the conquest of Harmankaya...

...Beys will never allow someone
else to have that chair

My Sultan...

Osman Bey, who I thought was the
glorious Bey at the frontiers...

...is now standing in
front of me as a rebel.


Never, my Sultan.

I will always be loyal.


...if you allow me...

...I want to tell you
about my suffering.

Since the day it came, I
kept reading it Osman.

I looked for a single lie in it.

Tell me, Osman.

Tell me.

Give some water to my trust
which you left in flames.

But... first... start
speaking with telling me...

...where llgezdi Cavus is.

They will pay for taking
my son away from me!

How can they do
this to us, mother?

Malhun Hatun. Ayse Hatun will
take good care of Orhan.

You will come together with your
son inshaAllah, Malhun Hatun.


Blood will be shed.

Too much blood will be shed.
The last thing he did...

Taking the child away from his mother,
how is he going to pay for it?

But we made a mistake. We
shouldn't have left Orhan there!

Enough, Aygul.

We left Orhan there to stop brothers
from shedding each other's blood.

Orhan is in his tribe. He is
not in the hands of enemies.


Don't you understand what
the Vizier is trying to do?

He was going to make us seem like
rebels and justify what he did...

...but he couldn't
get what he wanted.

If we shed blood, we would've been
wrong in the eyes of our people.

That's why I took you
away from your son.

Give me your pardon,
my daughter.

If the swords were drawn, we would never be
able to put them back into their sheathe.

It's all yours, mother.
You did the right thing.

Motherhood is hard,
Malhun Hatun.

But leaving your
child is harder.

But you are a strong Hatun. The Vizier
couldn't lure you into his trap.

Why would Geyhatu attack
my soldier, Osman?

How can I know that
you didn't do it?

If I killed llgezdi Cavus...

..I'd do it to escape.

My Sultan..

Here I am.

I am standing in front of you.

Geyhatu... Geyhatu, ha? Why?

Geyhatu didn't attack
the state of Seljuq...

..he attacked me.

Ilgezdi Cavus was martyred there because
he didn't want to give up on me...

...and my Alps.

Are you really that
important, Osman?

Geyhatu wants to kill you...

...and llgezdi sacrifices
himself for you.

Geyhatu is ,my ally.

Why would he want to kill someone
who was being brought to me?

Besides, you were a
law-breaker who was arrested.

My Sultan..

There are so many people who
you think are your allies...

The reason why they
stand behind you...

...is because they want to
set their traps easily.

And I am not standing
behind you...

...I am standing next to you.

I have no secrets.

But... you should look at the
ones who stand behind you.

If you have no secrets..

...if you don’t keep
things hidden...

...speak clearly, Osman Bey.

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Are you alright, my daughter?

-Mother, I am in pain.
-Alps, stop!



My daughter, are you alright? -Mother,
I thought it'd stop but it didn't!


We are lucky today, Julia.

We will kill all of them.

No one will be left alive.

Bala, are you alright?

I will kill the..

...pregnant one.

Tell me. Since when
are you in pain?

Mother, what if she
gives birth right now?

Stop, my daughter. Tell me,
since when are you in pain?

Since yesterday, right? You were
holding your belly yesterday.

I've been in pain since yesterday
but it is worse now, mother.

Let's lay her down.

Slowly! Slowly!


I'll be waiting for you on the
way to Sogut when you are done.


Soldiers! Get ready.

Vizier Alemshah..

...rised against your
ferman(will) at Bilecik...

...and tried executing me.

Ilgezdi Cavus stopped him.

He sent Geyhatu on me
because he knew that..

...I'd tell you the
truth when I came here.

You are putting blames on him
without a proof, Osman Bey...

He caused a fight between me
and my brother Gunduz Bey.

He put Sheikh Edebali
in the dungeon.

He united with Lords and he is trying to
gather everyone around him at the borders.


...he needed to get rid of me.

If you don't have proof, these
words will remain as a slander.

Did you send the Vizier...

...to the frontiers?

What is it, Osman?

Did you start questioning
our decisions?

Of course I did.

I didn't mean that, my Sultan.

Alemshah would always say...

...that we needed to bring
an order to the frontiers.

He would say that it was easy to
make Greeks and Mongols kneel.

He always wanted to
work at the border.

What does it prove?

Everyone thinks the situation is
positive in the borders, expect for you.

Do you have any proof? Tell me.



...is what I saw with my
eyes, believe with my heart...

...and speak with my tongue.

It is up to you to believe
or not believe this.


...when he uses the power
he gained on the borders,

...you will understand that
I am telling the truth.

I will obey the Sultan.

It is your order, my Sultan.

Are you okay, daughter?

I am okay, mother. I can
make it to the village.

He is active. He
will be a hellion.

Let's go to the village quickly.
He will come early. - Yes, mother.

Alps! To the horses!

Come on.

Come on.

Bala, stop.

My Allah, please
protect my child.



I told you I would kill you.

Here I am.

I don’t like to leave
things unfinished.

I will kill you and the
child in you belly.

You cannot, dishonorable woman!

- Attack!
-Zehra, protect Bala.

Protect Bala!

My Allah, please protect
my child, my Rabb.

Alps, protect Bala!










Mother! No!

I have known you for a long time

I know your intentions are pure.

But I am afraid, Osman,

...that the strength
of your wrists...

...and the courage of your heart...

...may blind you.

What about the letter
that came from Alemsah?

The intention to
found a state...

You despicable man.

With Geyhatu's order, I will
send you to Erlik Khan, Osman.

My Sultan.

My Sultan?

You dishonorable dog.


...is the best planner."

...let me get out of
this evil with my honor.

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