Kurulus Osman Episode 82 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 82 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Gunduz Bey!

Osman Bey!


Come, Gunduz Bey!


Let's not shed the blood
of alps and brothers.

You want to take
alps with you...

...and let the cruel
slaughter Turks.

They are innocent.

You are deceived by
Vizier and Geyhatu...

...and you deceive your alps.

All your life,

...you've witnessed the swords I hit
on the necks of the cruel people.

Now that you're on the
side of the cruel,


...meet my sword of justice.

Come, Gunduz Bey.

If you think I’m
on the enemy side,

...I won't stay
back then, brother.

After all your
treacherous actions,

After all your cruel actions,
you still call me brother?

What brother?

I'm not your brother anymore.

I'd never kill my brother!

Due to your betrayal,

...your blood is
halal to me now.

You are a son who has betrayed
the heritage of our ancestors.

You are an elder brother who
left his brother among traitors!

You are a bey who turned
his back to his homeland!

Now you will leave...

...this world without a brother,

...without the morals,

...and without a homeland!


2 days ago.

You want to kill me so much,
don’t you, Osman Bey?

I have been there.

Believe me.

Nothing in these lands could be
as beautiful as your departure.

Against the great enemy,




I don’t need to have
alliance with anyone.

I'm Aya Nikola.

Since the sun is behind you,

...you think your
shadow is huge.

If you don't need anyone,

...why are you
uniting the Lords?

How do you know that?

It seems not only I...

...but also Geyhatu knows that.

He also knows you are doing
things behind his back.

For that reason, he sent his
nokers to cut your head off.

Even if you and...

...all the other
Lords get united,

...you can't do anything to
twenty thousands nokers who...

...Argun Khan sent for Geyhatu.



Twenty thousands?

Twenty thousands?

Follow me.

Argun Khan and his
nokers are coming.

To repress the Turkmen riot.

Argun Khan will
march to the east.

His army will be
under my command.

I will destroy Argun Khan!

His throne will be mine.

And Seljuks will be in my hands.

Sultan Mesud is
struggling with death.

But he's a powerful man
even in that condition.

You are underestimating him.

He will do anything to stop you.

I'm greater than
death, Alemshah.

Mesud won't be able
to do anything.

His younger son will
look like Sultan.

And you will be the regent.

You will have the command.

But, first Nikola.

Nikola won’t be able
to reach his goals.

When Nikola reach his goal,

If he has gathered
the Lords for a war,

...that will make us lose time.

Our time is precious, Alemshah.

Didn't you kill Nikola?

Didn't you kill Nikola?



I was going to bring Nikola's
head for you, but...

...Osman showed up.

Nikola was supposed to die.
What was Osman doing there?


Gunduz Bey is here.

Let him in.


Twenty thousands
nokers are on the way.

Nobody will be able
to stand in our way.

First, we will capture Inegol.

And then we will repress
the riot in Turkmen lands.

Twenty thousands?

That would be slaughter.

Whoever riots, is to be
slaughtered anyway, Gunduz.

You will watch and get a lesson.

As you promised, you will
come with your alps, Gunduz.

You will fight together with us.


Moguls will come at
us like a flood.


But this is such a flood that

...it destroys every
civilization it touches.

Now it is coming at us.

It is coming at you, Osman Bey.

If it is coming at me, it
will come at you, soon.

Turks, Romans, Seljuks,


...we all are
People of the Book.

We need to unite against
these cruel people.

Osman Bey, you are smart

...and brave.

But you do not even
have a chair to sit on.

And you are talking about defeating
an army of 20 thousand nokers.

I am a Bey, who is
the son of a Bey.

My leadership does
not need a sign.


..if you do not listen to me,

...you will not
even have a castle.

These lands, Inegol,

...they are all mine

Neither you, nor Gethatu
can take them from me.

Moguls will not take it,

...they will destroy
and wreck it.





...and many more.

Were they weaker than Inegol?

Learn a lesson from this.

Not only Inegol.

If we do not

..unite against the cruel,

future will be the same.

Why did I gather
all these lords?

I will fight.

I do not need you
to defeat Geyhatu.

Every soldier in my
army has fought Moguls.

I know Moguls’ strengths
and weakness.

For Mogul's mounted troops,
we need Oguz's archers.

So we will unite

...not to lose the chance
to kill each other.

Okay, Osman Bey.

Let's say that I agree.


What do you want from me?

You will take me to
Emperor Andronikos.

Osman Bey,

...you said so yourself. Geyhatu is
coming with his 20 thousand nokers.

Until we come back from Constantinople,
this place would be wrecked.

We will not go to him. The
emperor will come to us.


The emperor will come to Iznik.

We will go to him.

How did you..

...find out about this?

We know about the broken
branches of trees

...and the future of
underripe fruits.

This is our secret.

Will you make an alliance
with the emperor, too?

First, I will make a
pact of non-aggression.

The one who leaves a mountain behind,
does not lose time by looking back.

Cengiz Khan conquered the west.

How nice. Do you take our
enemies as examples, Osman Bey?

No. I take mind as the guide.

I never care about a wise
person’s enemies and friends.

Now, you will come
to Iznik with me.

I will tell you emperor.

He will know that

...if east falls,
so does the west.

If there will be an agreement,
I mean if there is,

...I will have some conditions.

Think about them.

Tell me before the night.

Alps. Come on.

20 thousand nokers.

My lion,Konur. Thank
Allah, you are alive.

I will not die before

...I make them pay for what
they did to you, my Vizier.

You are wounded. Did
Osman do this to you?

Go to the infirmary. We
will talk about it later.

Yes, my Vizier.

Celali, tell the commanders.
They should prepare, s

We will attack the rioting tribes with
Gunduz's alps when Geyhatu orders.

Yes, mighty Vizier.

- Salaam Walaykum.
Walaykum Salaam, Osman Bey.

- Where are you headed?
- KizilElma.

- What is the goal?
- Shahada.

What do you fight for?

For the state.

- Where is the state?
- The whole world.

May the world be your state.

Welcome, Osman Bey.

Thank you.

Argun Khan's nokers are about
to come into our lands.

Did you prepare?

Did you make an alliance with
the lords like you said?

We are always prepared.

Lords are on my side,
like I told you.

These lands will be the grave
of Argun Khan's nokers.

What about the rioting tribes?

Let's say that you defeat the vanguards.
And then?

Rebels are with us.

We will make the riot
flame stronger with them.

We will make the ones who cannot
see how powerful they are...


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