Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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The strength of your wrists
won't be enough to fight.

You have to keep your
feet strong as well.

And you have to think about your move.
-I know Osman Bey.

Besides, I'm not alone.

Don't you think
that we are alone.

We start getting along once we
need each other's help, my Bey.

I'll be glad. Come at me now.


Now tell me.

Orhan! What made you
turn your back?

I'd look back if I felt someone
was behind me, father.

I couldn't have ignored it
even if it was a trick.

Alaaddin. Tell me.

What made you not
turn your back?

You wouldn't ask for Alps when
fighting with your children.

It wasn't worth stopping myself.

You are like the
fingers of a hand.

You will become a
fist together...

...and hit infidels
right on their hearts.

Who will we shoot first?

Me first.

Come at me.

We will not use each other
as preys, Osman Bey.

Brother... attack his legs.

He told me to attack your
legs, but I took your dagger.

You couldn't protect
your neck...

...when trying to protect your dagger,
father. -MashaAllah. MashaAllah.

You always say that
fighting is full of tricks.

Right... But your
dagger is there.

Here you go.

My children... That's
how enemies set traps.

But we will set
the biggest trap.

Now you are ready.

It doesn't matter how big
their trap is, my Bey.

We took shelter in the One
who is the Best of Planners.

Now listen to me carefully.

The children of North!
Stand tall!

The quarters will embrace you!

Sacrifice your animals for Odin!

Let Valhalla open
its doors for you!

Curse! The Black Curse!

The trial that is
going to be held...

...will kill Oktem
and his daughter.

Thanks to you.

My beautiful Valkyrie.

The ground is listening
to us, my love.

Oktem raided a village...

...and his daughter
injured the Soubashi.

What did we do?

I'll attend the trial.

The decision of the judge
will cause a civil war.

And Osman will be ruined
between me and the civil war.

That civil war will be the
beginning of our invasion.

And I'll take Yenisehir.

How are you going to do
that when Osman is there?

You'll see.

I'll take Osman out of the city.

I'll kill him outside.

Yenisehir will burn with
the fire of my anger.

But only Kantakuzenos
will survive.

Why do you like
Kantakuzenos so much?

I'm jealous.


He is the way that leads
me to the invasion.

His Empire will give me the
armies of the Roman Empire.

Forget all the famous
Commanders you remember.

The history will
mention about...

...Olof and his revenge.

Osman is just the beginning.

There will be no civilization
who is not afraid of my shadow.


You are the great wave which
destroys kingdoms, Olof.

The ones who stand
against you...

...are miserable, my love.

Today, Yenisehir will burn.

My children. They will want
to set Yensehir on fire.

But we will not let that happen.

It is time to test your
skills in a big fight.

Our future depends on
this fight of minds.

We will be one, one
body, and one mind.

One of you will confuse them...

...and one of you will
attack their hearts.

And I will cut their heads off.

But, my children, you will be
carrying the heaviest burden.

Without you, there
will be no moves.

There will be no victory
if we make a mistake.

They want to attack us by using
our justice, right, father?

Will we let them?
Will they attack us?

They will.

They will even
start a civil war.

They will think they
achieved their goals...

...but we will then
make our move.

The one who thinks he
succeeded always fails.

The neck of the one who fails...

...will be under our swords.

Come here.

Get ready.


The arrow has already
left the bow.

If the court announces a
death warrant today...

...we will go to Yenisehir
and take our Bey from there.

I will be supporting you with my
tribe and my Alps, Bengi Hatun.

We will not let them sacrifice Oktem
Bey with slanders, Bengi Hatun.

We are with you.

Then stay in the tribe
and wait for me.

Let's see who Osman Bey will believe.
The infidels or Oktem Bey?

Our shepherd is coming.

Apparently Malhun Hatun is suspicious.
She did this.

We are not sheep, Beys.

We are wolves.

You know what to do
if something happens.

Bengi Hatun. -Come, Turgut Bey.

You put my Bey at risk.

Go and sit on the chair,
since it’s empty now.

Your arrival can’t be good.

We do not want the
chair, Bengi Hatun.

We are here for justice.

So you are saying that
you want our heads.

Why are you here, Uraz Bey?

Ha, Sahin Bey?

What are you doing here? Tell
me if you have an issue.

It's a bad day, Turgut Bey.

We believe that we have to stay
with our friends on a bad day.

Why did you come? Tell us.

I'll stay in the tribe
with my Alps...

...until the court
makes a decision.

And no one should do
something wrong until then.

Justice will decide
if it's a bad day.

Your justice is damned.

If you were fair...

...you wouldn't put my Bey and my daughter
into dungeon, but those infidels.

You should've put
those infidels in...

...their graves, not
even in a dungeon.

Alps! Bring my horse!

We will attend the trial.

The tribe is entrusted
to you, my Beys.

Wait for the information
I'll send you.

Don't worry, Bengi Hatun.

Your tribe and your Alps
are entrusted to me.

Go safely now.

Go and attend the trial.

Let’s go!

My gold is going to Constantinople.
Huh, Huseyin?

Yes, my Bey.

And would I ever leave
my gold to others?

We will raid in an
appropriate time.

Follow the convoy immediately.

When the court is arranged,

When the lands of
Osman are ruined,

...the richest tradesman
of the west and east...

...will be me.

You will, my Bey.

And you will see me
then, inshaAllah.

To be able to see you then,
I shouldn't see you now.

I gave you a duty. Come on!

As you order, my Bey.

My Bey, you're used to giving orders from your
tent and maintaining justice with morals.

Will you be able to stay silent and
obey my judgement in the court?

What makes you doubt that?

You're coming from Konya.

Is Konya's justice
greater than ours?

No, my Bey.

Everywhere ruled by
sharia is equal.

No. You think I will
favor Oktem Bey...

...and fail justice.

You think I won't be able to
stay silent in the court.

Don't worry.

I'm the sword of justice,
and you the pen of justice.

You'll be in charge
in the court.

It will be managed by you.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

I'm the revenge taker
from disbelievers.

The justice of my cause...

...will be served
in battlefield.

The case is yours now.

I completely believe that you will
rule with justice. Thank you.

Thank you, my Bey.

But don't...

...compare me to others.

We are to be remembered with...

...our reign in the world
and the justice we spread.


Come on! Come on!

Oktem. Alcicek.

I'll save you.

I swear I will save you.

We won't give up against their slanders, mother.
They can't get away with this. -Of course, we won't.

I'd burn this city...

...for a single hair of yours.


Don't you make a mistake.

Let's go.

When the trial is over,

...let the Beys know.

The arrow off the
bow will pierce!

Ayse Hatun.

Yes, Ayse Hatun.

Ayse Hatun, Aktemur
Bey’s mother who...

...who your rioter
daughter wanted to kill.

Hatun, go your own way.

-I have no time for you.
-Look at me.

Your should have said..

....your daughter made a mistake and
you couldn’t put a leash on her...

...as her mother. But
look what you’re saying.

What do you mean I couldn't
put a leash on her?

I don't see my children
as dogs like you do.


Who is you're talking harshly
about is not only Ayse's son...

...but also our
state's head sentry.

Watch your words.

You can't carry
those words then.

My shoulders carried the
grief for my brother.

My shoulders carried the
burden of slanders.

So let me decide what
words to say or not.

You can say anything
in your own tribe.

But this is my city.

If you don't want to get into dungeon
like the rest of your family, be silent.

So should you, Ayse Hatun.

The smell of blood...

Tell the Beys that we won't
only save our Bey today...

...but also take our revenge.

Let them know this.

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May I come in, Aktemur Bey:?

Come in.

Oh... Where are you going? Your
wound isn't recovered yet.

Kumral Abdal said
you should rest.

Any news from Alcicek?

Don't... Don't mention her name
beside your mother, my Bey.

Tell me, Ulgen Hatun.
Where is Alcicek?

What a crazy man you are! She's
been brought to the mansion.

-The mansion?
-But I didn’t tell you that.

Tell me. Where is she now?

My Bey!

Your wound isn't recovered.

It's not a good time
to being stubborn.

Will you go again after the
girl who attempted to kill you?


I don't believe Alcicek hit me.

How did she manage to
blind you so much?

She stabbed you. Aktemur. And then
she also hit you with an arrow.

You couldn't even open
your eyes all day.

How could you say that?

If it had hit here...

Just a finger...

If it had hit here, you
would be dead now.

Then we wouldn't grieve for your wound,
but for your dead... Don't make me talk.

See you in the court, mother.

-Salaam Alaykum (Peace be on you).
-Wa alaykum Salaam (And upon you be Peace).

Where are you
coming from, Clerk?

The uprising heads should be bent.
I did my duty and came back.


The trial hasn't started yet.
What are you writing?

I'm recording the case to be conducted by
Dursun Faqih, the first judge of our state.


Ayse Hatun. You sit here.

Osman Bey's loyal soldiers...

We're not soldiers like yours.

We call ourselves alps.

It doesn't matter.

Just don't stand in my way.

I can’t let you enter Osman
Bey's house with your weapons.

-Let's go.

Where is Osman Bey?

My Bey comes when he wishes.


Where is Kantakouzenos?

What a world!

Killers are hosted
in the mansion

...and Beys are
condemned to execution.


You should have thought about this before
ordering your soldiers to raid my village, Oktem.

You deserved to be destroyed.

It is time to go.

Osman Bey, we are going to the court, right?
I believe I have waited enough.

You will not come to the court.

What do you mean?

-I am here for the trial. Emperor...
-You are an heir.

Your first duty is not dying.

That hatun called Frigg and Olof.

They might try to kill
you in the court.

I will not be intimidated.

I am the one who got shot.

My gold was stolen. My
village got raided.

But you are in my state.

I am responsible for the
wellbeing of my guest.

Don't worry. When the justice is served, you
will go to Constantinople safe and sound.

Osman Bey, this is the
last time I trust you.

I will honour my word

...no matter what.

Open the door. I need to ask
something to Alcicek Hatun.

-But Commander...
-I said open it, Ayaz Alp.



Are you okay?

I am not, Alcicek.

I did not do it.

I know.

Be sure that

...I will prove to everyone
that you are innocent.

I said that we should
trust Osman Bey's justice

That justice is now executing
my father, Commander.

If I had a thousand necks,

...I will sacrifice a thousand
of them to stop your tears.

But I cannot do anything
against justice, Alcicek.

I am saying that my
father will die!

He will die even though he is innocent!
Don't you understand?

Alcicek, he will not.

Trust Osman Bey's justice.

Don't, Alcicek.

Don't worry.

Please don't be upset.

Save my father, Commander.

Save my father.

Today, justice will be served.

You will end up like your men
who raided my village, Oktem.

Don't worry, dog.

Their destiny is Shahada.

Being a martyr is a blessing.

You will be punished.

You will drown in the blood of
the innocent people you killed.

Today, or tomorrow.

-Won't Osman Bey be here?
-Make way! Osman Bey!

Stop asking questions.

Only the court will ask
the questions today.

-Where is Kantakouzenos?
-They are bandaging his wound.

The woman named
Friggg targeted him.

That's why I’m keeping
him in somewhere safe.

Isn't your testimony enough?

My testimony is enough to burn
the whole tribe of Oktem.

And also Kantakouzenos was shot.

He will pay for that too.

The punishment of
these is death.

You dastard.

I didn't shoot Kantakouzenos
and I didn't raid any village!

Your every breath is
an insult for me!

The justice will
be administered.

You will die, Oktem!

I will cut your head
off with my hands!

Otherwise I will
administer my own justice!

Shut up!

This council has been
gathered for justice.

Oktem Bey.

Enough of your rebellion.

Now be quiet.

And you, make your complaint
and give testimony.

But if you try to administer
the justice on your own,

you will lose your head before
going to Constantinople.

-Salaam Alaykum (Peace be on you).
-Wa alaykum Salaam (And upon you be Peace).

I trust myself to
the customary laws

And it finds its path with
the Sharia orders of Quran.

and I pass judgment.

Our court is neutral.

It must not consider
people's religion,

and it must administer
the justice.

Let the hearing begin.

Here you go.

A bad incident happened in Akri

On the third day of
the month of Safar.

Today, the truth
will be revealed.

The oppressor will be punished.

Commander Olof.

We are listening to you.

This Oktem Bey gave order to kill
more than 50 innocent people.

He seized the gold of Rome.

He shot Prince Kantakouzenos

in his tribe.

The price of these crimes

can only be paid with death.

We will decide that, Olof.

What is your defense, Oktem Bey?

As I told before,

they told me that you
raided a village,

my Alps were there to
fulfill their duty.

They told me that there
were gold in your tribe,

I don't know anything
about these.

I trust the court.

But the real justice,

will be admistired in afterlife.

I will confront the liars there.

Be prepared. Our wrath
is waiting for them.

Now! Attack!

My Bey, what's going on?
Who are they?

Bayindir Bey knows where
to find the good gold.

The whole world is after him.

Let them kill each other.

Salaam Alaykum
(Peace be on you).

Wa alaykum Salaam
(And upon you be Peace).

The crimes are spoken.

To pass the judgment,

we need to listen
to the other case.

Soubashi Aktemur Bey.

We are listening to you.


she wanted to shoot the captive.

I stopped her.

She stabbed me.

But not intentionally.

She wanted to kill the captive,

but I went between them.

I wanted to learn how the captive
was related to these dastards

who martyred my uncle.

Don't talk without
permission, Alcicek Hatun.

Alcicek Hatun is innocent.

The crime was committed
against state,

not against you, Aktemur Bey.

You can't pass the judgment.

If I'm the Soubashi.

If I'm representing
the state here,

then I'm saying that,

this crime was not
committed against me.

So you're saying that she
stabbed you by mistake?

What about the arrow?

It would have killed
you, Soubashi.

Do I have to shut you all
one by one, Ayse Hatun?


What about the arrow
issue, Aktemur Bey?

I didn't see who shot the arrow.

All I know is

I was wounded by the
arrow of Alcicek Hatun.

Bala Hatun.

What do you have to say?

When we found Aktemur wounded,

we caught Alcicek close to him.

The bow and the arrow,

were in the hands of Alcicek.

Alcicek Hatun.

Do you have any defense
against these crimes?

It happened as
Soubashi told you.

I didn't shoot the arrow.

Someone hit my head.

I had the bow in my hand
when I opened my eyes.

You liar.

You are lying.

-She is liar.
-Enough talking, Ayse Hatun.

Get out.

Osman Bey.

Do you have anything to say?

I did not witness this matter.

But I cannot accept the attack

...against Yenisehir's Commander

...and my guest Kantakouzenos.

I will not be the
judge in this trial.

You will make the
decision, Dursun Faqih.

Alcicek Hatun's first attack
against Commander Aktemur

...was a similar case.

The punishment is

...five years of exile.


...the crime was
against the Commander,

...so it is a crime
against the state.

The exile will be ten years.

I will not let this happen.

As for Oktem Bey.

Baturalp, who seems
to be at fault

...took the gold to the tribe.

This proves that

...he is under Oktem
Bey's orders.

All those innocent people

...died because of Oktem Bey.

The punishment for such
crime is execution.

Thank Allah, we are believers.

Good comes from Allah.

Bad comes from Allah, too.

All right.

The court is adjourned.

When cruelty comes,

...law disappears.

It is over, Osman Bey.

You are not just anymore.

You do not follow the laws.

Look around. Don't
leave anyone alive.

Cut even the dead's throats.

Bring the horses.

Load the gold in the carriages.

I have something more
important to do.

You cannot take the gold.

You will not take it.

Would my Bey let you
take his lover?

Come on. Let's let
Bayindir Bey know.

I can smell the blood already.

You are giving Olof the
opportunity for revenge.

It is time to be Frigg now.

I was astonished by your
justice, Osman Bey.

You have not seen anything yet.

Tell me, Baysungur.

They raided the caravan that is
taking the gold to Constantinople.

It was my duty to
hand in the gold.

Osman Bey, I will find it.

No. You cannot act in my
state without my knowledge.

We will go together.

Alps, get ready.

The trial is over. They
will hang our Oktem Bey.

They exiled Alcicek
Hatun from her state.

Men! It is time!

What are you doing?

This will have big consequences.

This will cause a civil war.

We will not talk
anymore, Turgut Bey.

Weapons are drawn.

This was the last drop.

Until we save him
from that dungeon,

...you are a prisoner here.

Do you intend to make
Turks kill each other?

If so, I will make you pay.

I will not pity you.

Arrest him.

It is time for revenge!

We will save Oktem Bey
from being executed.

Come on!

You are making a mistake, Beys!

The enemy is not here.
They are in the border.

They are waiting for us to make a mistake.
You are making Turks kill each other. Don't!

Osman is coming toward the trap.

We have the gold.

Turgut will be the first
victim of the civil war.

Alps! Look everywhere.

Don't come back without
finding a trace.

My Bey, the ones
who stole the gold

the ones who raided Makri were
the ones who stole the gold.

They took the gold
and horses to Iznik.

What you saw unties the know

...but we need that know now.

We are making money
thanks to it.

But my Bey, this is
a different enemy.

We need to make a good plan.

If there is gold in it,

...I will make such
a good plan that

...even the devil
would believe it.

Making a plan is easy, Huseyin.

The gold will be mine.

No one can take it.

I will not let anyone take it.
Bring my horse.

This way, Osman Bey.

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These traces belong
to the same horses.

But these ones are deeper.

They loaded the gold
on the horses...

...and went this way.

So you are luring us
into your trap, ha?

But once your enemy
notices the trap...

...you become the prey.

I'm impressed by
your wisdom, Osman.

Yes. I set a trap for you.

But now, you are at
the end of the way!

The way of those who see
the sun as their flag...

...and the sky as their
tent never ends.

Dursun Faqih is responsible for making
a decision after seeing the proof.

But that proof was put there...

...by our enemies.

I will find them and
cut their hands.

-Dursun Faqih.
-My Bey.

I want you to...

...delay the execution of
sentence until I come back.

I will find the guilty ones
with my Allah's consent.

Then the justice will be served.

EyvAllah my Bey.



Bring my dark curse!

It's over, Osman. It's over.

Your scales of
justice is ruined.

I raided the village...

...not Oktem!

I injured Aktemur!

Look, you are alone.

Now I will kill you.

Then I will set
Yenisehir on fire!

You can't do much harm.

But I am...

...famous for ruining the traps.


I am Ghazi Osman
Bey's son Alaeddin.

I came here with
my father's order.

My word is his word.

Now listen to me
and trust my word.

Osman Bey says, "I
believe Oktem Bey.

I planned a game to
reveal the truth.

And I need your help."

Our Osman Bey will
go to their trap...

...after the trial.

And he will leave his
Alps in Yenisehir.

Therefore, Olof will think that
he lured Osman Bey into his trap.

And I will go and help Osman
Bey with Oktem Bey's Alps...

...to destroy Olof.


We will destroy those who made
us enemies with our union...

...InshaAllah. -InshaAllah.

Now, Beys... Are you with us?

We are with you, Alaeddin Bey!



Sow the wind, reap
the whirlwind.

Come on, sisters!

My Bala...



...or become a Muslim and
take shelter in our justice.

Or fight.

You are already cursed, Osman!


For Allah! Attack the infidels' hearts!


You dastard!

We have to live today...

...to take our revenge one day, Olof.
We have to go.

No, Frigg. No!

Olof! Not today!
Not today, Olof!

I will kill him with my hands!

Let's go. Let's go.

We are going back!
We are going back!

Go after them!

You finally destroyed my tent.

But I will not let you
get away with this.

I swear, I will make
you pay for this.

Know your limits, Hatun!
Speak carefully!

I am trying to
understand your pain...

...and I am not saying
anything but...

...I had enough. You are
testing my patience.

I am already out of
patience, Hatun.

You are killing my man and taking
my only child away from me.

You hurt a mother.

And this sin will not let you
be in peace until you die.

Bengi Hatun.

You are saying things that
you'll regret in due time.

Don't you think that I'll stop.

I swear, I will not sacrifice
my man and my daughter.


-My Cicek!

My beautiful daughter!

Why are you smiling?
What happened?

We knew Oktem Bey and
Alcicek were innocent.

What are you saying,
Malhun Hatun?

Osman Bey trusted Oktem Bey
from the very first minute.

And he is luring that dog
Olof into his trap...

..to reveal the truth.

The trial?

They made the decision! They are
preparing the trees outside!

The decision will be
cancelled once Osman Bey...

...reveals the truth, mother.

He will prove our innocence.

The Beys were going to...

...rise after the
end of the trial.

They must've heard about
it already, my Bey.

What did you do, Hatun?

What did you do?

We knew that as
well, Bengi Hatun.

I knew you would
do such a thing.

You didn't trust Osman Bey.
You didn't wait for him.

You believed in the devil
and became a rebel.

How could I know, Malhun Hatun?

What would you do if
you were in my shoes?

-What would you do if your man and daughter...
-I'd be patient, Hatun!

I'd trust Osman Bey!

You tried to start a civil war.

The brothers were going
to kill each other.


Now look at your mother.

See what might happen to you...

...if you do not
control your anger.

You are right, Malhun Hatun.

My Hatun acted impulsively.

Forgive her.


Now let's pray...

...so Osman Bey can
reveal Olof's real face.

What if that dog
notices the trap?

What are we going to do then?

Are you going to let
them execute you?

HasbinAllah... HasbinAllah...

My Bey!

My Bey! Olof is running
to the castle!

What are we going to do?

Now we know where he is.

We'll attack him
on the right time.

Let's go.

-Who are you?

Commander Olof.

-Who are you running away from?
-I never run away.

I am just surviving
for my revenge.

I was sent here by the Emperor.

Lower your spears!

Improve the safety
in the castle!


Come, my Cicek.

Thanks to Allah, we
received good news.

Now you are free.

Olof admitted every
treacherous thing he did.

He will pay for what
he did one day.


Don't worry, Bengi Hatun.

Now have some rest.

My daughter...

Bring me some water.


Tell me now.

How dare you gather the
Beys and attempt to revolt?

How could you do that?

I did what I did to protect
you and my daughter.

How could I know that
Osman set a trap.

I trusted him and surrendered, you
should have trusted me too, Hatun!

But you didn't stop, of course.

You are looking for a fire to flare up.
I have always told you,

control your anger

Calm down.

Am I responsible for all of the crimes
now, Oktem Bey? What are you saying?

What if it was not a plan? then I
would be letting them hang you.

No. I would do the same again.

You are still trying
to justify yourself.

Don't do that.

You endangered me, my tribe
and my Alps, don't you see?

-You are going beyond your limit, Oktem Bey.
-Shut up!

Don't say a word.

Hatun, I can go but my
tribe will survive.

From now on, you won't do
anything without my knowledge.

You will remember these
words, Oktem Bey.

You will remember.

You will remember them when Osman
stabs you in the back again.

That day, I will be
there with you again.

But when the time comes,

I will make you remember these

one by one, Oktem Bey.

The horsemen will come first,
you're sure of it, right Huseyin?

They are passing now, my Bey.

Let them come.

Bring my gold to me.

My Bey, should we
shoot the arrows?


-Now, my Bey?

Now, my Bey.


Come on Alps.

We will take the gold and the
ground will take their bodies.

None of you will


Look at that.

Look at this, Huseyin.

As if they are competing
against the sun.

But these

shines better than the
sun, right, Huseyin?

Whatever you say, my Bey.

Come on!

Don't leave any trace.

Load the chest.

Before those who went ahead
realize what happened,

we should go back.

The justice will
be administered.


the real culprits are coming.

If you don't want your
enemy to know your secret,

you shouldn't tell it
even to your friend.

That's why,

we didn't inform you
beforehand, Oktem Bey.

Give us your pardon in
this world and in Qiamah.

What can I say, Osman Bey?

We are talking about the same
thing from the beginning.

Whatever you wish. I
give you my pardon.

Thank you Osman Bey.

It cannot be called justice
if it was administered late.

Bengi Hatun.

It was late and tough.

We needed to set traps
against their traps.

It was necessary.


If we have a pardon,

we give you our pardon.

Dursun Faqih.

My Bey.

You are working with the proofs.

And we brought you
the real culprits.

Olof is the reason for
the whole disorder.

And they are his tool.

They killed many lives.

They will all be punished.

The scales of justice was
about to stumble, my Bey.

Now with the heads of these traitors,
the scales of justice will be balanced.

Olof is our enemy.

He hides in Marmaracik.

We won't stop until

we turn the heathen's
hideout into our homeland.


I expect you to dinner
at sunset in my house.

We will forget our grievances and
we will remember our martyrs.

And we will talk
about our new moves.

EyvAllah, my Bey. EyvAllah.

Give me your pardon, Oktem Bey.

You too, Dursun Faqih.

I do.

You can do almost
anything, girl.

Do you think I don't know how to
cook just because I can use a sword?

My father loves
my food the most.


He must have missed your food.

Your husband will
be a lucky man.

May it be easy, Hatuns.

Go away now!

Ayse Hatun will come now.

He will ruin us.

May it be easy, Cicek Hatun.

Thank you Soubashi.

For everything.

Slowly, hey, slowly my Bey.

If it burns that much,
drink it with a jug.

You were right, Soubashi.

Osman Bey was always
backing us up.

Everything is over now.

We shouldn't think about these.

How is your wound, Soubashi?

Are you still calling me
Soubashi, Cicek Hatun?

My name is Alcicek, Soubashi.



Why are you still around my son?


The truth is revealed.

Alcicek is innocent.

-Don't make this a bigger deal.

Didn't this girl stab you?

How can you still look at him?

Don't you feel guilty at all?

I didn't mean to.

Before the devil
did what he did,

...he was innocent.

You will only cause trouble

...for my son.

Stay away from my son.



You are going too far.

Didn't I tell you not
to see her again?

Didn't I...

The more I let you
get away with this,

...the further you go, mother.


Stop, Frigg.

This wound will keep
my revenge fresh.

Don't cover it.

It will heal.


I swear to you,

...before our blood is dried,

...I will hang Osman's
head on this castle.

We will do it together.

We will do it together, darling.

I have bad news.

They trapped the men to
whom I gave the gold.

And the gold?

They stole the gold and
killed our men, Olof.

No. No!

Osman Bey, if I am kept as a prisoner any
longer, I will consider it as a reason for war.

Is this how you pay gratitude to
the person who saved your life?

Olof came to the trial today.

He kept asking you.

He made a trap outside
of Yenisehir.

You were his target.

I saved you from him.

What about the trial?

Oktem Bey cleared his name.

Olof was the one who
planned everything.

Why would Olof do such a thing?

I don't want to listen
to your lies and longer.

You will believe
when he traps you.

When he tried to put the blame
on you, you became his enemy.

Do you not believe when he
tries to destroy one of us?

Don't be surprised,

Don't be surprised.

Are you sure about this?

He's the one who caused
trouble in my land.

He's the one who works
with Frigg and Ophelia.

In the trap he made today,

...he was fighting with
Frigg side by side.

I need to inform the
Emperor right away.

I am telling you so
that you can tell him.

Tell him that our Beys
are innocent, too.

Tell my friend Andronikos.

He has three days.

He will give me Olof's head.

Otherwise, our
friendship will be over.

I will not be responsible
for what will happen.

Osman Bey, I came
here for peace.

-I will do what is necessary.
-You will.

Or you will be crushed
under Turks' horses.

Rome is not weak enough to
be crushed under your horses

...and this is not necessary.

-Excuse me.

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Do you think the truth will be revealed
when he goes to Constantinople.

There are two options.

If he gives me Olof's
head in three days

...that means that
Kantakouzenos is innocent.

If he does not,

....I will bury both of
them in the same grave.

No matter if he is working
with Olof or not, Osman Bey.

We see the poison in him. He is looking
for a place to put his poison.

We carry our weapons to
destroy those snakes.

Let him try.


Why did we stop, Princess?

What am I doing here Sarkis?

What if they kill
my father, Sarkis?

I shouldn't have
left Constantinople.

I should have stayed and fought.

If it hadn't been
my only option,

...I’d have done my
best to stay, princess.

Don't doubt that.

But we couldn't have had
a fight that we'd lose.

Besides, your father would
have been on the enemy side.




Get on the horse and escape now.

-I won't go without you.
-Get on the horse, princess.

You idiot!

You failed!

It seems we should
do it ourselves!

To the horses! Hurry!

Princess. Princess, hold on.

We're about to get rid of them.

I can't go any further, Sarkis.

We have to move, princess.

I promise I'll save you.
Come on.

Come on!

Catch them! Faster!

You’ll find who did this, Friggg.

Whoever stole my gold...

...and drew my
dark curse on him,

...you will find him.

You will find and I
will destroy him.

Well... Odin let me down.

But I will walk with demons!

Your demon is here, Olof.

My brother with no
blood relation.

Who wouldn't want a demon brother
while fighting against Osman?

I'll start the great war
when I go to Constantinople.

You should.

They took me captive first.

Then they attacked Marmaracik.

Heroic commander Olof...

...repelled that attack.

Then a huge army under
the emperor's command...

...will march towards Osman.

-Hold on, princess.

-You'll be fine, princess.

You'll be fine.

We'll get out of here.

My Bey, we got attacked. We're
in the mine near Sarica.


Come on, Princess.
We have to go.

Hang on.

Search around!

Stop them!

You idiot...

So you think Osman Bey
will save you, ha?

If Osman comes here...

...Olof will want him.

Go and inform Olof.

We'll be around the cave.
Go! Hurry!

If an Alp did what you did...

...I would dismiss him
and send him away.

But you and I share
the same blood.

Someone among us...

...cannot be so careless.

You are the entrustment
of my brother.

This duty is entrusted
to you by your father.



I cannot ask forgiveness
for my mistake.

I neglected my duty.

My Bey.

Take my Soubashi title.

Come here.

Are you taking shelter in your father's
name and running away from your duty?


I did not dismiss you.

Will your injury recover?

That injury might recover...

...but the injury of
letting you down..

I'm not talking about the
injury you have on your body...

...I'm talking about the
injury in your heart.

That injury...

...that's deep.

They do not call it love
when it is not deep.

If it wasn't for love...

...you wouldn't make
such a mistake.

Tell me, does she love you?

I don't know, uncle.

You know... You know.

You understand when
you see her eyes.

Then... Know.

And tell me.

Then we'll ask for her.

Do not forget that I slapped
you because you were careless.

Don't make this mistake again.

And the injury on
your shoulder...

...will be the injury of your love
which you won't forget forever.

I will not forget
anything, my Bey.


Why do I keep thinking
of you, Soubashi?

May it be easy, Alcicek Hatun.

Thank you.

What's wrong? You
seem thoughtful.

You are saying no...

...but your eyes are telling a
different story, Alcicek Hatun.

Do you know what
your eyes remind me?

In the tribe that I was born...

...I would wake up
before everyone...

...and go hunting.

The green grass..

...the leaves of the trees...

...they would all
have dew on them.

Just like your eyes.

Dew looks good on
grass and leaves.

It does, but ...

...I can set the
forest on fire...

..for every drop of dew
that visits your eyes...

...and upsets you, know that.

Come on. Tell me.

What made you cry

Let me help you.

These are tears of joy.

Thanks to Allah...

...my father and I got
rid of the blames.

We left the bad days behind.

You should never cry for something
that upsets you, Alcicek Hatun.

I hope happiness will be the
only thing that makes you cry.

If you allow me, uncle Bayindir.

I am in a hurry.

They killed my people!
And they took our gold!

Now they attacked
Marmaracik, ha?

Fortunately, our
hero Olof was there.

He repelled the attack.

How could Osman trust
himself this much?

He is brave enough to agree with
my daughter and poison me...

...he is brave enough to come
to my palace and save me...

....he is brave enough
to take you captive!

Your weakness.

Your weakness, my Emperor.

He became your hero
by saving you.

He got everything he wanted.

You are the one who
encouraged him.


I am begging you,
do not be weak.

Destroy the ones who set
this trap against you.

Roman Empire has this power.

Roman has never been this small.

It won't get any smaller!


Take your soldiers to Olof.

And kill my daughter, Ophelia.

Right away!


Don't you take off your armour even
inside the walls, Commander Olof?

Besides, while eating.

I sleep with my armour.

Commander Remos.

You can't know when
enemy's dagger

will be at your throat.

Why are you here?

Is this a proper question
to ask to a guest?

How long will I host you?

Until we kill Osman.

Only the brave ones
deserve to live.

Are you brave?

As long as you have this
coward leading you,

you can't be brave.

Osman is at your door,

and you are just sitting
here, doing nothing.

But you will be brave, brothers.

I'm not your enemy.

I'm your new leader.

Now unsheathe your swords.

You will need them
when Osman comes.

And you will be brave, brother.

Olof is a Commander
loyal to Rome.

From now on,

you are under his command.

Loyalty is measured by your
tenacity against your enemy.

Death to the enemies of Rome!

Death to the enemies of Rome!
Death to the enemies of Rome!

He is one of the men who kidnapped
Ophelia, and you know him.

He hasn't spoken yet.

But he will.

I will make him talk.

They found Ophelia.

I will go and kill her.

Commander Remos.

Wait for me here.

The fog has dispersed and
we have detected the enemy.

Alhamdulillah, father.

Now tell me,

what did you learn from today?

The enemy does not fight
with sword only, my Bey.

They also do dirty tricks.

But the one who takes control

and secures the unity,
wins all the battles.

You cannot know when the enemy will
be by your side or against you.

That's why we should always
keep your eyes open.

Also you should know if the
scabbard is empty or not.


You should always be
united like this.

One of you will hold and
the other one will hit.

So that you don't let
the cruel breathe

before even he lifts his head.

But hitting the enemy
is not enough.

You have to secure
the unity inside.

And the greatest
enemy is unrest.

As long as you don't
let that happen,

the blessed cause of
Islam will last forever.

Who spreads the unrest, dad?

The devil spreads it, my daughter.
The devil.

That devil sets brothers
against each other.

And he separates them
from each other.

Instead of hanging
on to Allah's rope

...and supporting each other,

...they will be deceived.

They will be defenceless against
the arrows of the heathens.

As long as we are united,

...the dawah of Glorification
of the word of Allah

...will live forever.

Thank my Rabb

...that our children carry the
love of Islam in their hearts.

They are on the right track.

Our dawah will spread

...thanks to our children

...and grandchildren,



-Brother, are you hungry?
-Like a wolf, brother.

-I am hungry, too.
-Then let's go to the kitchen.

I made Ulgen Hatun
make a great meal.

Will we eat liver, brother?

If so, we will have
halva, too, right?

-Right.-Then the fastest one
will eat two plates of halva.

One, two, three.

Come on, brother.

Cerkutay Alp!

Cerkutay Alp!

Oh no! Did he eat all of them?

He did.

I gave him three plates of food so
that he would not want some of ours.

But he does not get full.

Cerkutay Alp.

How will we wake him?

He does not hear us.

He ate our food and
he does not wake up.

What will we eat?

We need to teach
Cerkutay Alp a lesson.

We need to clean his ears, too.

Right, Fatma?

I will get it.

-What are you doing, Ulgen Hatun?
-This is necessary, my Bey.

Only a drum can clean
Cerkutay Alp's ears.

Come on, find something
to make noise with.

Are you ready?

Come on, make some noice.

I'm here, my Bey!

My Bey.

What are you doing?

We are making music.

I wrote a song. It is
called 'You do not hear'.

You do not hear?

Can you hear?

Huh? You can?

Do you hear me?

I do not hear!

I do not hearyou!

I do not hear you!

I do not hear, my Bey.

Cerkutay cannot hear.

He cannot.

I do not hear!

Cerkutay does not hear!


Enjoy your meal.


Here, my dear.

Thanks to you, justice
is served, Osman Bey.

Despite what happened, you invited
us to your dinner. Thanks.

We didn't know about your plan.

We rioted. Sorry, Osman Bey.

When it comes to a child,

...mothers can't
see anything else.

For now, I just ignore what
you did as you are a mother.

Your tribe had a tough test.

But don't get overwhelmed...

...by your anger and
make the same mistake.

There is justice in our land.

Nobody should try to
provide their own justice.

Right, Alcicek?

As you say, Osman Bey.

Thank you.

You stood on our side during our
tough struggle and helped us.

There will always be more tests.

We have a great cause.

It's such a cause that there
will be many hard tests.

We should trust each other.

We should help each other.

So when we lean back
against each other,

...our beylic will be a state.

Oktem Bey, we need to
talk after the dinner.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

My Bey.

With your leave, I should
go check my mother.

Why are you knocking
on the door...

...like a debt-collector
at this hour?

Give me the fabric that
only Beys would wear.

We don't work so late.

Come again tomorrow.

Aren't you the best fabric-seller
around here, hatun?

I am.

Don't miss this
opportunity then.

Give me your best fabric...

...and I will pay you a fortune.

Let me see the gold first.

And I will check if it is
worth interrupting my sleep.

You must be very rich.

It's none of your business.

You just take the coins.

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Well, this fabric is quite good.
Sew it.

You must arrange the size.

Prepare it for tomorrow.
I'll come and take it.

Consider it done.

We found the trails of
Ophelia and Osman's spy.

And I found the gold.

Will you help me
pass As-Sirat too?

Like it's washed in the rivers of heaven.

We couldn't arrive
in time, my Bey.

You came from a rough way.

A long way.

You came across a sea.

You're exhausted.

But not because of the way.

You fell.

You dropped your load.

You still have some load?

What is that, Kumral Abdal?

You are Konur Alp's horse.

Help us, my Allah.

Let's go see our Bey! Hurry!

-Oguz Alp, give the horse water.
-You heard him.

Go bring some water! Hurry!

All those brave men
didn't fall in vain.

They all died for a great cause.

But I told you when I
gave you Karaagac region.

That it'd neighbor Makri...

...and be the gate
of the conquest.

You told me, my Bey. You did.

You suffered a lot, Oktem Bey.

But not in vain.

The way is tough and
we need tough Beys.

You suffered, but acted patiently.
Thank you.

Whoever shoots the arrow in haste
will lose the big hunt, my Bey.

Well, I've been fighting in
these frontiers for years.

I lost many brave men,

...but I couldn't
become a martyr yet.

This way taught us to
be patient, my Bey.

This way leads to
Marmaracik now.

It will be hard too.

But we will be patient.

We never deal with the easy.


Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in!

Oktem Bey.

Excuse me now.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

-Tell me.
-My Bey.

Konur and Ophelia got ambushed
while coming to Yenisehir.

They seek help.

They took shelter...

...in the iron mine near Sarica.

Aktemur, take care of Yenisehir.

I'll go there with my alps.

As you order, my Bey.

Ayse Hatun seemed pretty well.

When did she fall ill that

she can't come to the dinner.

Isn't it the time to end the tension
between you and her, Bengi Hatun?

Also everything is cleared now.

Am I the only one causing
this tension, Bala Hatun?

She insulted my daughter

in the middle of the bazaar.

You're saying so
Bengi Hatun, but,

we heard what you said.

You need to apologize
to Ayse Hatun.


I talked to her as she deserved.

And I stand behind
my every word.

I'm here, but she is not
brave enough to face me.

Who are you to
question my bravery?

Maybe I don't want to get
involved in evil things?

Hatuns, get a hold
of yourselves.

Ayse Hatun.

Bengi Hatun is our guest.

Be quiet.

You raised a pretty
coy child, Hatun.

She stabbed him, so what?

He didn't die.


Bengi Hatun.

Watch your tongue.

They both our children.

From now on, this issue is over.

Enjoy your food.

You disgraced me in
front of Turkmen.

And I swear

I will ruin your peace and
destroy this mansion.

I'm here to spill your guts.

Osman's rat.


What does he mean, Sarkis?

Didn't he tell you
his real name?

He was going to take you
to your Osman Bey, right?

Loyal spy of Osman.

Did you trick me too, Sarkis?

I will tell you
everything, Princess.

You won't be able to tell.

You won't have a head to talk.

You heathen.

Come here.


Stop! Am I not the one you want?
Take me.

We already have you, Princess.

Take him to Marmaracik.

I will wait for Osman.

-No! Let me go!
-I will be your hell, Olof.

Let me go! Sarkis!


You count on your
Osman Bey, right?

He will come and save you, huh?

You must be wondering
why I don't kill you.

I will let you live
until he’s here.

Because you will kill Osman.

I am listening to
you, Malhun Hatun.

Alcicek, I will ask
you a question.

You know that Aktemur
loves you, right?

What are you talking
about, Malhun Hatun?

So you don't?

I saw him once and
I realized it.

Couldn't you tell while
looking at Aktremur's eyes?


I did not.

And why would I care?

I was sorry that I
stabbed him by mistake.

Just because I was sad
and I regretted it,

...should I love him?

I saw you two in
the bazaar today.

You did not look like
you are telling me.

You misread the
situation, Malhun Hatun.

I do not like Aktemur
or anyone else.


Hold this.



Hold on.

I do not like girls
who cry, Princess.

And I hate princesses.

And I hate creatures like you.

Do you hate your father, too?

Is that why you tried
to kill our Emperor?

You are a basic woman,
except for being a Princess.

You can't even fight.

You lost your crown
the day you...

...attempted to
kill your father.

You will die as a traitor...

...before you can
prove your innocence.

I'm so sorry.

Don't bother yourself.
Don't tire yourself.

It will be alright. Hang on.


Hang on.

Resist. Resist.

Let me go.

Hang on.



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