Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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I'm here, brothers. I'm here.

-My Bey? My Bey?

I'm here, brother. I'm here.

-My Bey.

Thanks to Allah.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Hold on.

Come, brother.

-I'm alright, my Bey.
-Hold on.




Brother, come on.

Hold on, hold on.

Hold on

Are you alright, brother?

Osman, I was going to
make the ravens eat you.

But this cave has
become your grave.

Olof, we searched everywhere.

There are no other exits.

Saga... I've avenged
you, brother.

I was going to stick this
dagger into your chest, Osman.

But now I'm leaving
it on your grave.

What do we do if the enemy
don't have a leader?

We loot their land.

And we slaughter their
dispersed soldiers.

We'll take their herds and
make people our slaves.

We kill them all.

The enemy scatter
away without a head.

And the scatter enemy
are hunted by us.

Osman's death will
ruin Yenisehir.

After the chaos, our storm
will destroy Yenisehir.

But first...

We need to be sure he's dead.

A few men stay here.

It's impossible, but
if someone comes out,

...destroy them all.

Osman is dead, Olof.

Why would we leave our men here?

We should be sure he's dead...

...so our victory
won't be doubted.

These men are not for him, but for
those who will come to take him out.

Come on.

You two. Wait here.




Thanks to Allah, you are alive.

Come on. Hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Boran, say something.

Brother? Boran!

Say something! Boran!

Brother, hold on.


Boran, say something.
Say something.

My Allah, You are
The Most Merciful.

Spare the lives of my alps.

Boran? Boran!

Brother? Don't you hear me?

Say something. Say
something, brother.

Boran? Boran? Brother? Get up!

Get up!

Thanks to Allah.

Thanks to Allah. Get up! Get up!

Brother, hold on.

Look at me. You are alright?

You're lucky to be
alive, brother!

Hold on, brothers.
We're not dead.

But what will keep us alive
is our determination.

Hold on.

It's closed.

There must be a way out.

There must be a way out.

Malhun Hatun. Bala Hatun.

Any news from Osman Bey?

No news.

But they should have
come back by now.

The news we got last night...

Maybe, they used Konur Alp and
drew Osman Bey into a trap?

Prepare the alps. We're going
to look for Osman Bey.

They must be a way out.

There must be a way out.

Hold on, Boran. Sarica.

I hit my head, my Bey.

Brother, are you ok?


Give me strength, my Allah

Come on.

Come on.

Hold on, Osman. We
won't stay here.

You've gone through a lot.

A lot

Ya Allah!

I do not get involved in a
started war, but start a war.

Ya Allah.

Whoever harms us will
pay a heavy price.

You should always be
one body like this.

One will hold and the
other will shoot.

For alps.

For my children.

For an ever-lasting..


Come on.

Konur? My brother?

Hold on, brother.
Hold on, come on.

Come on.

Get up, come on. You
will be alright.

Konur. Brother, you
will be alright.

I arrived.

I arrived, brother.
Drink, brother.

Hang on, brother.


Ya Allah!

Hang on, brother.

Hang on.

Hang on... You'll be alright.


Hang on...

My Bey! We won't leave
you alone, my Bey!

Search everywhere, Bala.
Find Osman Bey.

We will find him Malhun.
Don't worry.

Be careful. The ones who set this
trap against Osman Bey won't stop.

We are surrounded by our enemies.
-Don’t worry.

What if something
happened to my father?

What will we do?

We will do what Osman
Bey would do...

...in this situation.

My children... Now
is the hardest time.

We will unite. We will
be stronger than before.

We will not lose our hope.
We will be hopeful..

..and protect Osman
Bey's entrustment.

Aktemur! Increase the number
of Alps in Yenisehir.

Place 5 Alps if there
needs to be 2 Alps.

We will not let the
infidels pass.

Tell all our Beys to come.

We will gather the council.

If Osman Bey is not
here, his son is.

Karacahisar's Bey, Orhan Bey.

Yes, mother.

As Karacahisar's Bey, you will
represent Osman Bey in the council.

Bala Hatun. Do you give consent?

Orhan Bey's shoulders are strong
enough to carry this burden.

I give consent, Malhun Hatun.

Alaeddin Bey. What do
you think about this?

Osman Bey would make the same
decision, Malhun mother.

My brother deserves the chair.

I consider your orders as my
Osman Bey's orders, mother.

I'll do as you say.

Then Orhan Bey will
attend the council.

Nothing will change in Yenisehir,
we'll act like Osman Bey is here.

Bala. Come back with
good news soon.

May Allah help us.

May He help us all.

May Allah be with you.

Come on, Alps! Sisters!

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My Allah... Be with them.

I brought the clothes
you asked for.

But... I guess it
is not a good time.

No. You are right
on time, Martha.

Alps will pay you.

But stay here.

Do not disappear.

I'll come and see you.

Kantakuzenos. You are late.

I am never late, Olof. Tell me.

I buried Osman alive.

Now he is with the demons.

It is the other Turks' turn now.

Did he die? How?

Sarkis... That dog...
Osman came to save him.

I... destroyed a cave
when they were in it.

Olof... Osman has the
luck of the devil.

Even if it's the
devil himself...

...he can't survive
under those stones.

Don't worry.

They died in there like rats.

Even their dead bodies
won't be found.

My men surrounded the cave.

Osman... died as he deserved.

Now we will get
everything we deserve.

Yenisehir, Karacahisar, all
lands that belonged to us.

Osman's absence will
cause a civil war.

They won't have the
power to fight back.

An army without a leader
always loses, Olof.

Ophelia... What
happened to Ophelia?

Her body is being
taken to the Emperor.

Like everyone who
stood in our way...

...she was destroyed,

Good. Good.

Then let’s shed some
Turkish blood, ha?!

Let's destroy Yenisehir!

Please, my Orhan. Be careful.

They will test you. They
will test your strength.

Don't worry, mother. I organized
many meetings in Karacahisar.

I know how to control.

Don't, my Orhan. Don't! You
were the Bey of property there.

But here, you will sit on
the chair of the state.

Your father's shadow would
discourage them there.

The ones who couldn't
rise against Osman Bey...

...will sharpen
their teeth here.

They will first talk about
your father's absence.

They will sound curious
and good intentioned.

They will act like fhey are
worried about my Bey, but...

...there will be ones who
will not want Osman Bey back.

We have many enemies outside. But are there so many
ill intentioned people in our council, mother?

They do not have to
be evil, my Orhan.

Everyone tries to take
something when there is greed.

Power even lures the nafs
of the most honest person.

Don't worry, mother.

We educate our nafs when
it gets out of control.

May my Allah keep
us away from greed.

We are responsible for
providing justice.

We are trained. Let
them come to me.

We have answers for all
their questions.

MashaAllah to my boy.

Bey outfits suit you well, the chair
will suit you as well, InshaAllah.

InshaAllah mother. May
Allah be by my side.


If we will establish a state, it will
be with the help of strong mothers.

May you live long.

-My Bey! Osman Bey!
-Kumral AbdaL

Kumral Abdal!


My Bey! The other exit of the mine is safe.
We need to hurry.

-Osman Bey.

Come on, come on!

My Bey! Come on!

My Bey! My Bey! Thankfully.

Thankfully, thankfully!

Come on.


There are blood traces,
be careful Alps!

This way. Come on!

My Osman.

Hang on brothers, hang on.

Hang on brothers. Hang on.

You are alright. Hang
on brother, hang on.

Gather wood and light a fire.

No, no. Not fire. We
can't expose our place.


My bey.

Hang on.

Squeeze it harder.




Alps, be careful!

-My Osman.
-My Bala.

My Bala.

-You're fine, right?
-I'm fine, I'm fine.

Alps? How are the Alps?
Are they fine?

They are also fine.

Thankfully, we survived.
They will be better.

Bala, we need to inform Malhun.

Let them take more precautions.

That dastard Olof will
aim Yenisehir now.

Before we come, Malhun appointed
Orhan Bey as your regent.

Aktemur increased
the number of Alps.

We took early precautions.

Good, you did well.

But it is not enough.

We will send him a note.

They will defend the city as if they
are preparing for a big battle.

Note? Why don't we go to them?

Will we make our enemy happy?

We will make them happy so they
will get drunk out of their joy.

My Bey, you say the
enemy is coming.

Our children, our people..

Where will we go instead
of going to them?

To Marmaracik.

We will go to Marmaracik.

Osman's house is
already under fire.

Hatuns are trying to remain
firm in his absence.

Malhun took control.

And Bala went towards the cave,

to find her dear
husband's bones.

Osman is dead.

They will die too.

And the whole Yenisehir
will suffer our dark curse.

We shouldn't be so sure, Olof.

-You know, Osman is a devil.
-Not as devil as me.

Kantakouzenos. If Osman
had escaped from the cave

Malhun wouldn't be so stressed.

You should know to trust
Frigg's words, Kantakouzenos.

Malhun was so worried that he
appointed Orhan as Osman’s regent.

Poor Orhan, you should have
seen the fear in his eyes.


That fear will make them kneel.

These lands which we shed
blood will be their hell.

But we need more, Frigg.

Learn everything about them. How many
soldiers do they have, how many archers?

How many soldiers
keep which doors?

I will come back
with more, my love.

I will even learn the
breath in their lungs.

But for now,

with your permission.

We will first take Yenisehir

...and then the throne
from the Byzantine, Olof.

You will rule Byzantine's army.

Your name will be remembered with
brave warriors for hundreds of years.

Let's hang Orhan's head
in Yenisehir first.

That dog Olof thinks
I died in the cave.

While he thinks I am dead,

...we will take Marmaracik
when he least expects it.

Because he thinks you are dead, he
will send all his men to Yenisehir.

Marmaracik will be unprotected.

We will take advantage of this.


The alps are wounded.
How can we go now?

Alps will go to the tribe.

My Bey.

Go to the tribe with the alps.
Take them to the healer.

Don't be seen. Be careful.

Yes, My Bey. Come on, brothers.

If we will hunt Olof down,

..we need to discover.

We are going to Marmaracik,
which will be ours soon.

Let's go, Osman Bey.

Come on.

Come on, Alps.

Where is Osman Bey?
Has anyone seen him?

Alps left in a hurry.
That's what we heard.

How can he leave his chair
to a child this young?



Don't talk without knowing
so that nothing bad happens.

They are not saying
anything bad, Oktem Bey.

But they want to know.

But they don't know
what they are saying.

They should keep quiet so that we
don’t have to teach them a lesson.

-Salaam Walaykum.
-Walaykum Salaam.

Stand up.

Sit down.

I start the council with Holy Allah's 99 names
Who holds us responsible with campaigns.


Orhan Bey, can I speak?

What is going on, Orhan Bey?

Is what we heard true?

What did you hear, Bayindir Bey?

How is Osman Bey?

He is well, inshaAllah.

Osman Bey went on a campaign
to solve and important matter.

He left the chair
to me temporarily.

Osman Bey went on
many campaigns.

He is a good Bey, he does not
tell us what he does or thinks.

But this is the first time
he left his son in charge.

Obviously, it will be a
hard for them to come back.

You are thinking about
Orhan Bey, right?

I know that he will do
his duty very well.

He will teach a lesson

...to those who want to take
advantage of Osman Bey's absence.

As the Beys,
It is our right to know.

We want to take
caution accordingly.

-Right, Beys?

Bayindir Bey.

It is a secret.

I will share that
secret with you.

But there would be a price.

I will either keep you in the
dungeon until the campaign is over,

...or I will have
to take your head.

Now tell me, Beys.

Do you still want
me to tell you?

EyvAllah, Orhan Bey.

-Orhan Bey... He said
that it is a secret.

It is a secret. We need
to listen to the Bey.

If you don't have any more questions,
I would like to hear the new matters.

We just wanted to ask about
Osman Bey, he scolded us.

If he leaves the chair to a young
child, this is what happens.

This is not right.


Orhan Bey asked and you told
him about your matters.

Then the council was over.

What are you still
talking about, Beys?

Why can't we ask about
Osman Bey, Turgut Bey?

Wasn't Orhan Bey's answer
enough for you, Ivaz Bey?

If you think that way, you will
wait for Osman Bey in the dungeon.

This is not appropriate,
Turgut Bey.

You are the ones that are
acting inappropriately.

There's no need to
talk about it anymore.

The council is over.

Go to your businesses.

They are doing something
secretly again.

Whatever it is, we'll
find out soon.

If you accept my offer, I would like to make you
partner in my trade with Marmaracik, Bayindir Bey.

Thank you but why me among
all these merchants?

Because you are the
most successful

...and richest in
this town, Bayindir.

Aren't you in charge of
everything around here?


Let's just say that I am smart.

Don't underestimate yourself.

Osman Bey, for example. They are
saying that he's not around.

I am sure that no one knows the
real reason except for you.


You are overestimating me.

I know as much as everyone.

Orhan is sitting on the chair
on behalf of Osman Bey.

Alps are positioned all around.

May Allah protect him.

I hope Osman Bey is okay.


I hope you are wrong.

I don't even want to think
about Osman Bey dying.

Of course. I don't, either.

Who would want that? May
Allah protect our Osman Bey.

But that is what it seems like.

May our Rabb give Orhan
Bet strength, inshaAllah.

During this time of chaos, we
need to trade, Bayindir Bey.

We don't know what will
happen in this town.

We need to make more money.

We will, hatun.

We should talk about
the conditions first.

You will provide the goods,
I will find the customers.

We will share the profit 50-50.

I want two-thirds.

It is not the time to negotiate.

Agreed. Wait for news
from me, Bayindir Bey.

May it be profitable.

Reveal yourselves.

What is the situation
in Marmaracik?

They sent most of the soldiers
away, my Bey. We can go in.

But we have bad news, my Bey.

They took our brother
Turahan as a prisoner.

Those dogs.

They will be punished.

I will destroy them.

They are sending those
soldiers to attack Yenisehir.

We will take Marmaracik
and save Turahan.

We sweared to make
it our land, my Bey.

What is our role
in the conquest?

First, chain the barns.

So that they cannot run away.

When we go in, you will shoot
the archers on the walls.

If we shoot our arrows, we will not leave
anyone alive if Allah gives permission.

May Allah protect you.

Now, go to your duties.

Learn where the dungeon is.
We will first take Turahan.

We did, my Bey. This
is a map of the fort.

MashaAllah to my brave soldiers.

Come on then. May
our war be mubarak.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

Where are we going, Osman?

To where it all started.

Our tribe.

Come on.

Trade with Marmaracik will be profitable
for you and our town, Bayindir Bey.

We are giving you permission.

This is your licence.

I don't want
anything for myself.

I would sacrifice all my goods

..for Osman Bey's way.

This trade will make us
happy, Malhun Hatun.

InshaAllah, Bayindir Bey.

Come on. May Allah help you.


My Bey.

Can you hear the sound
of gold, Huseyin?

Of course I can, my Bey.

Did you learn something
about Osman Bey?

They say Osman Bey left at
night and didn't come back.

Osman is missing, Orhan
is preparing the council.

They obviously know something.

But they're hiding it from us.

I have someting on
my mind, but...

-Could he be dead, my Bey?
-Say Tawba!

I tried so hard to
make him like me.

All of our efforts
will be wasted.

But who knows, maybe his absence
will bring us more gold.

Come on, go and write a letter to our
Sencer Bey about what's going on.

-Yes, my Bey.
-Then prepare Marta's goods.

We will take off early tomorrow.

Your wish is my command, my Bey.

Of course it is, come on!

So you don't love me, huh?

Then tell it to my face.


-Do you want something?
-We will talk.

We have nothing to talk about.

Move away from the stand.

I said we will talk,
Alcicek Hatun.


Can't I escape from
you, Soubashi?

What are you after, Soubashi?

Say whatever you have to say.
I don't have time.

I will ask a question and leave.

I heard something last night.

But both my ears and my
heart do not believe that.

What you heard is
true, Soubashi.


tell that one more time
while looking into my eyes.

Lift your head, Alcicek.

Do you want to be
hurt, Soubashi?

Does it matter for you?


I love you.

Do you also love me?

I don't.

You misunderstood me, Soubashi.

If I caused that,

forgive me.

And take this.

I wouldn't have taken it
if my mother hadn't come.

I bought those earrings for you.

If they are not
important for you,

then throw them away.


I made a mistake.

Forgive me.

I won't bother you
and cross your path.

And take your dagger.

Don't injure anyone again.

Aktemur, Aktemur.

You messed with
the wrong person,

but you got your answer.

Don't do it Alcicek, don't.

Hurry up, Bayindir of Cavundur.

Otherwise Osman's nephew
will do something crazy.

Our tent where we
dreamed of many things.


Those dreams have
come true, my Bey.

We sowed the seeds of the
state in this tribe.

May my Rabb make you one
of his good servants.


In the name of Allah, The Most
Gracious and The Most Merciful.

You will carry the banner of the
Glorification of the word of Allah.

Ride your horses!

And now, we are raising
the sapling in Yenisehir.

May my Rabb destine us to see it
become a tree and reap its fruits.

Amen, my Osman.

You're both honored as
ghazis and resting.

Don't envy your
brothers, Cerkutay.

Turgut Bey.

I did not hear for a long time,
but nobody called me a ghazi.


Didn't you rest your head for a long
time saying that you couldn't hear?


I did.

I ate and drank all day.

The food of or tribe can't
satisfy you anymore.

You got used to Ulgen
Hatun's meals, huh?


To be honest, she's
a skillful hatun.


Like she's taking revenge on...

...the times I couldn't hear.

I hear her voice continuously.

Oh really?

Are you serious, Cerkutay?

You hear Ulgen
Hatun's voice now?


Cerkutay! Come here!

Do you still hear her?


I do.

She's calling me out.

Don't scare us, brother.

Cerkutay, it seems you've
already become a ghazi.

I not only hear her...

...but also smell her meals.

It smells like bulgur.

Don't worry, Cerkutay. We
hear Ulgen Hatun's voice too.

But smelling her meals...

That's what only you do.

You are fooling me, huh?

You will pay for this.

Come on! Don't keep
the bulgur waiting.

I can't believe you.

Eat! Eat it all!


Thanks for cooking. I was
so hungry, Ulgen Hatun.

But I still can't hear.

What? How come?

You still don’t hear?

-I've come on foot.

He doesn't hear. Whatever.
Eat, Cerkutay.

Enjoy your meal.

Don't be worrying. I
will find a way...

...to open your ears.

There is some herb...

Enjoy your meal.

Some herb... I will...

Like this.

Alright? I will find it and
open your ears. Your ears!

What am I even doing?

Eat your meal and
bread, Cerkutay.

I’m eating. It’s
delicious, mashaAllah.

-Enjoy it.

What did you say? I can't hear?

-I can't hear.


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Ulgen Hatun, what are you doing?

I'm going. Eat it.


-Thanks for cooking, Ulgen Hatun.
-You're welcome.

Enjoy your meal, brother.

-Will you even leave some for us?
-This is enough for all of us, brothers.

I don't hear.

I can't.

I can't hear.

Cerkutay, will you
leave some for us?

Osman Bey wants to see you.

We shouldn't keep
our Bey waiting.

Yenisehir is being crushed
under the feet of our enemy.

But Turks will be
destroyed tomorrow.

We will take our lands back.

Tell them, Frigg.

They're reinforcing the security.
People are so worried.

Some of soldiers have left.

They must be looking for Osman

Let them look. They
can't find him.

Keep talking.

The biggest is the west gate.
Most of the troops will be here.

I will clear that gate
for Olof and his men.

The number of your soldiers won't be
enough to clear those troops off, my dear.

So I will make my men
infiltrate the city all day.

They will help you
clear the gate.

But I will make the
biggest attack...

...from the east.

When their soldier
rush to the west,

...I will go through
the east gate...

...and crush everyone
standing in my way.

You will, my dear.

I will spread your men
all over the city.

When the slaughter begins,

...the east gate will be
completely opened for you.

They still think I'm their ally.

So I will hold the
most important duty.

I'll go into the mansion
with 20 soldiers.

While they are taking care of me,
you will have entered the city.

When Osman's family find out the slaughter
has begun, I'll be against them.

First, I will tell them
the war has begun.

Then I will cut their throats.

And I will take out the
hearts of the women there.

I will cut their petite hands
that make fine meals one by one.

I will turn that mansion into
a stable for our horses.

To leave the mansion

...I need to draw Malhun
into my trap first.

I will take care of her outside.

Yenisehir will be ours
before the sunset tomorrow.

-Only Yenisehir?

Turks killed the cardinal.

So Vatican will give
me an enormous army.

I will first take the
throne from the emperor...

...then our lands from Turks.

The army will be yours, Olof.

That's why I'm here.

I will make Odin's ravens
eat all the Turks.

I will bring death to all of them!
Yenisehir will be ours.

It will...

...be ours.

We'll take Marmaracik.

We'll be quick and merciless.

I don't want even
a single mistake.

We'll go in and take it.

It's something more than
just a property for us now.

Turahan is a captive there.
We'll save him.

We'll take their properties
too, inshaAllah.


The dungeon Samil told us about.

Right under the hall
of the citadel.

While we slaughter the soldiers, some
alps will get into the dungeons.

We won't waste time.

My Bey, it may take days
to besiege the citadel.

Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in.

-Selamin aleykum.
-Aleykum selam.

What are you doing here?

My Bey... Do not keep
us away from fighting.

My Bey... The wounds of veterans
recover in fights, evelAllah.

We will come.

EyvAllah to those
who come and leave.

But it will not take
days to take that fort.

We will ruin their nest...

...without harming our Alps.

Now... they will
want to sneak in...

..Yenisehir during our absence.

They will first sneak in,
then they will attack.

But they won't even think
that we will take Marmaracik.

Our enemies are on alert.

We will not sleep
tonight, my children.

Soubashi. Are our streets safe?

I placed Alps on every
street in Yenisehir.

That's not enough. We do not
know how crowded they will be.

Place 3 Alps if 1 Alp
is protecting a place.

Mother. It is our property.
We are in control.

I know, son. I know, but...

...Yenisehir is entrusted to us.

We shouldn't be comfortable
just because it's our property.

I am sending messengers
to Karacahisar.

My Alps will be here
in the morning.

I placed archers on roofs...

...and Alps in houses and stores
in case of an unexpected attack.

It won't be enough.

If we cannot deal
with them outside...

...we will step back inside.

As it gets narrower, the
number won't matter.

They can even follow
us to the kiosk.

We will destroy them one by one.

Kutlualp. Tell our
Alps and dervishes.

No one will be insistent
during the fight.

They will step back and come
to the kiosk if needed.

Yes my Bey.

Inegol, Karacahisar, Bilecik...

Send messengers
and ask for Alps.

Yes Malhun Hatun.

Yenisehir is entrusted to us.

We are protecting your
entrustment, my Bey.


...the owner of the

How are you, my Osman?

I sent Alps from
Inegol to Yenisehir.

But I don't know if we will
be strong enough, Osman Bey.

We will take our
strength from the tribe.

We will attack with our
Alps in the tribe.

My Bey, will it be
enough for the siege?

There won't be a siege.

The ones in the fort are asking
for food from Bayindir Bey.

And he took Malhun
Hatun's permission.

We will accompany those 3 carts.

They will be waiting for food...

...when they open the door..

...they will see us.

What about Yenisehir's
safety, my Bey?

Malhun Hatun will
provide safety.

Alps, dervishes will be
around the city in disguise.

But they won't stop
them from sneaking in.

They will come inside.

Olof and the others...

...will come to our trap.

And when the right time
comes, we will attack them.

First, Marmaracik...


...the whole world.

Thank you.


Thank you, my daughter.

Our Bey let the kid
sit on the chair...

...and I wonder what
he is doing now.

Orhan Bey said his words.

Why are you still
questioning, Bayindir?

Why? Why?

Whenever he disappears...

...he always comes
back with trouble.

I wonder what he will cause now.

When he went to the
Constantine the last time...

...Batur Alp... -Bayindir!

Why are you adding insult
to the healed injury?

Which injury healed, Oktem Bey?

Bayindir Bey is right.

Hatun. If it's not healed,
if it is still bleeding...

...Osman Bey will give us
opportunity to take our revenge.

We will conquer Marmaracik.

That is the nest
of that dog Olof.

I trust him.

Osman Bey will
conquer Marmaracik.

He will turn it into
the Turks' homeland.

We are not telling you to
lose your trust in him.

We are just telling
you to be careful.

The man who plays with the Emperor
can do worse things to us.

Bengi Hatun. Am I wrong?
Say something.

What changes if you are
right, Bayindir Bey?

Oktem Bey only hears
his own words.

He trusts Osman Bey
more than he trusts us.


We trusted Osman Bey when we were going
to be executed. And he protected us.

Don't worry about me.

Why are you getting
mad, Oktem Bey?

So that this man trusts
you this much...

...why doesn't he tell you where he is?
Why is he hiding it from you?

You trust him...

...but he does not trust you.

The time will show me if I am doing the
right thing by trusting Osman Bey.

Good night, Bayindir.

Soubashi is wandering
around Alcicek.

Be careful.

Good night.

What did he say, Bengi Hatun?

Nothing. It was about
the marketplace.


Ah Alcicek...

I know what to do to you.

I, who spread fear
around the world...

...Gunduz Bey's son, Aktemur...

...am shaking when
looking at her eyes.

-I told you that I will make him speak!

This anger will
harm you, Alcicek.

You are alright, right?

If I had a thousand lives, I would
sacrifice them all to make you happy.

I wish that dagger...

...would go into my heart, so I would
not hear those words, Alcicek Hatun.

But this is it.


Yes, mother?

I made Aydogdu, sleep.

How is my bigger son?


Tell me, what mountain
are you on again?

I'm under the ground, mother.

Don't think about me.

How can you tell a mother
not to think about her son?

Do you think motherhood
ends when you grow up?

My son, that tears
you shed inside,

they tear my heart out.

There is nothing to tear
your heart out, mother.

Don't worry.

My son.

I have nobody but you
and your brother.

That's why I'm angry
with that girl.

-If she hurts my son, then...
-I said it's over, mother.

It's over now!

Alcicek issue has ended.

She doesn't love me.

Don't worry, it's over.

I hope the best for you.

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I stabbed him with the dagger.

But my heart is in pain.

How hard it is to love.


Why did you turn him
down if you love him?

To test him.

What do you mean, Alcicek Hatun.

What if his feelings
are not true?

What if he was after
me because of a whim.

I need to know first.

Does he really love me? First, he must
make me believe that he loves me.

He must make me believe so
that I can be with him.


I told you not to see that boy.

And now are you talking about

your love for him, in my tent?

-Mother, I...
-Do you want them to gossip about our tent?

I won't let you do that Alcicek.

You won't even see his shadow.

Mother, enough! What
do you want from me?

Why are you bothering
me so much?

Why are you so angry?

What mistake did Soubashi do?

Isn't it a mistake for him to go
after you without my permission?

But I will also make him
pay for his indecency.

He's so barefaced that he's still
chasing you after all I said to him.

Mother! Listen to yourself!

Be careful with your words!

-What indecency did Aktemur do?
-Pull yourself together!

You are revolting against your
mother for a boy you just met.


Alcicek, don't.

You won't see that boy again.

If he crosses your path,
then change your direction.

From now on, you won't
leave my sight.

Soldiers of Kayi.

We are going into
a tough battle.

Even if we don’t go
towards the enemy,

they will keep
coming towards us.

This is the fight between
Haqq and superstition.

My brave Alps.

Now is our time to strike the lands
of the infidels like a steel mace.


reaches into the lands of
the infidels like a ram.

If we conquer that citadel,

we will be able to
conquer many more.

Our horses are facing forward
and we are always facing west.

Come on Alps.

It is time to conquer!

Tell me Soubashi,
how’s the state?

We sent messengers to all our properties.
They are preparing the Alps.

I sent my Alps from Karacahisar
to Yenisehir in civilian outfits.

They are waiting for
your order, mother.

What's the situation around here?
Did we take precautions outside?

Our spies are patrolling around Yenisehir,
disguised as merchant shepherds, Malhun Hatun.

Ayse. Any news from Marta?

She’s like an ant.
She does not stop.

There are goods
coming in and out.

We will see if she’s a hardworking
ant or a snake waiting to bite.

Soldiers, we will slaughter
Yenisehir today.

We will give the Turks
who spilled our blood,

...the ending they deserve.


Odin's table is for warriors.

We will not show mercy to those

...who spilled our and Byzantine's blood.
We will kill everyone who we see.

We will kill them!

You will infiltrate Yenisehir.

Don't forget. Easiest way to destroy
the enemy is ruining them from within.

Some of you will
die in this path.

You shall not fear.

Deserve Odin's dinner table.

After the signal,
war will start.

To curse them!

For blood!

Dark curse!

My Bey. They are coming.

Let them come.

-My Bey.

-Get ready.
-EyvAllah, my Bey.

-Did they find out about the gold, Huseyin?
-There is no way, my Bey.

Lower your weapons.

We are going to trade with Marmaracik
so that Turks become more powerful.

Did we sin that your
are blocking us?

Your sins are between you
and Allah, Bayindir Bey.

We want you.

What is going on, Turgut Bey?

What did I do?

Look who is coming.

Osman Bey?

Bayindir Bey.

You will take us to the fort.

I would sacrifice my
life for you, Osman Bey.

But what is your purpose?

Marmaracik will be
a Turkish land.

We will conquer it.

It is time. You
will come with us.

If you want to conquer, we
will support you, Osman Bey.



Yenisehir without Osman is like
a soldier without armor, Olof.

I will go visit my friends now.

Orhan Bey. He has the burden of Yenisehir
on his little shoulders, what a pity.

Go, Kantakouzenos, our friendship
with them is our greatest weapon.

This will be the last time
they see me as their friend.

And first time of my hostility.

I will scratch their eyes out

and fill those holes with fire.

Neither Orhan nor Malhun.

I won't even leave

a living thing alive
in Yenisehir.

At the end of the war

I will have taken my revenge

and you will have taken
the gift you deserved.

The crown of Byzantium.

They have nowhere to escape.

Revenge will be taken and
I will wear that crown.

We will attack
from all quarters.

Come on.

Come on.

Here we go.

We will damn Yenisehir
with our dark curse.

Come on.

Osman Bey is still not around.

What is he planning again?

Only Allah knows what kind
of trouble he will cause.

But it is your fault.

He does what he wants,

...then he talks about
holy war and you...

What should we have done, hatun?

Other than supporting him?

Osman Bey gets more
powerful every day.

You will, too.

You cannot get more
powerful by waiting here.

Look at Osman. He never
stops, he is always working.

It is not time to stop.

We will not stop, hatun.

Is Osman working with heathens
without you knowing again?

What he did before hurt us.

We will see who
he will hurt now.

I will go to Yenisehir
and talk to the hatuns.

Don't worry, I will find
out what is going on.

I will act as if I
am looking for you.

Don't leave the tribe today.


Don't worry, Oktem Bey. I will find out.
There is no other way.

What is wrong with Alcicek?


I handled it, don't worry.

Open the doors!

Only you can come in.

Is that so?

What does that mean?

Should I carry all
this on my own?

-My Bey.

I changed my mind.
We are leaving.

Merchant! You just came,
where are you going?

They won’t let my men in.

We only need you.

Soldiers! Search the carriages.

Search it throughly.

It is free goods.

Soldiers, it is a trap! Attack!

No goods for you!

Samil! Aykut!


Come on, Alps!
-Allah Akbar!



Samil, come on!

Don't fight it, Commander.

It is my duty to
protect the citadel.

If necessary, I will
die protecting it.

Are you okay, Commander?

What are you waiting for?
Go and fight.

You spilled my blood, I will kill
your man in front of you, Osman.

Send news to Olof with doves.

Osman is here. Come on.

They are keeping Turahan
down the hall, my Bey.

We came here for a reason, brother.
We will get him out.

Are you okay, brothers?

-Yes, thank Allah.

We will save our brother

...and take the
citadel from them.

Come on then.

Come on!

I respected you when you
came to Constantinople.

But Olof was right. You are not our
friend, you are our biggest enemy.

You don't know who is your enemy and
who is your friend like your Emperor.

You cannot fool me, Osman Bey.

I will destroy you.

This is now my property. I will
decide who will be buried.


Take this commander
to the dungeon.

He has things he will tell me.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

You will die soon. You
lost a lot of blood.

I will live thanks to you.

When I get out of here,

...I will feed you to ravens.

When Kantakouzenos and Frig open the
doors of Yenisehir, we will attack.

Don't show mercy to anyone.

I will kill those who
show mercy after the war.

If you come without
blood on your axes,

...your blood will be on them.

Be brave, brothers.

We will

...tear Turks' hearts out.

I do not want any mistakes.

We will kill the ones

...who want to destroy us!


Olof, come. Osman is not dead.

He came with his men. They
will take the castle.



Osman... Osman!

I do not know how you
got out of that hole.

But Marmaracik will
be your grave.


What will we do now?

Let Frig know.

They will raid
Yenisehir without us.

They will burn it without us.

Come on.

We will go to Marmaracik

...and hang Osman's
head on the walls.

Come on!

Turahan, my brother.

This is not good.
Where is Turahan?

-This way, Turgut Bey.
-Let's go.


I won't leave you here.
Let's go.

Thanks to Allah.

You're going to die.

You've lived too long.

We'll be martyrs and you
just a corpse. Do it.

That dog is here.

We're here, brother. We'll
save you from the heathens.

Get back.

Get back.

Get out of my way now.
I'll go out.

You can't go anywhere.

Even if you get out of here,

...you can't beat this lion.

Come, brother.

-Are you alright?
-I'm fine, brother.

It was a good fight.

If it weren't for me,

...how could you have passed
these enormous walls?

-We could have destroyed them.

We did it before.

We could have ruined them all.

Stop bragging on
it, Bayindir Bey.

Bala Hatun.

Your alps...

...despise even our service.

Estaghfirullah, Bayindir Bey.

We appreciate your help.

Your trade has been beneficial.

We've taken a
property for Turks.

If Osman Bey likes, I'll even send
my caravans to Constantinople.

Thank you.

Come on.

Bala Hatun appreciates us.

Now we know who we
should be close to...

...to stand beside Osman Bey.

Yes, my Bey.

Marmaracik is ours now.

Lower those flags!

-My Bey.

Thank you, my Allah.

Thank you.

Welcome Bengi Hatun.

Where is Malhun
Hatun, Ulgen Hatun?

Let is be good news Bengi Hatun.

Yenisehir is empty.

Malhun Hatun I can't find people
who I'm looking for.

Everyone is doing their job.

I'm looking for Oktem Bey
and I can't find him.

I heard Osman Bey
is not here either.

Did they leave for somewhere
together, do you know?

Bengi Hatun.

What I know is enough for me.

I know where Osman Bey is.


...you should know where
Oktem Bey is, not me.

Do you think I do?

Someone did know him
better than I do...


Let's sit down.

Here you are.

Thank you.

Oktem is discreet.

But only discreet to me.

He doesn't tell me where
he goes or what he does.

But he wasn't so to Zuleyha.

He used to tell her where
he went or what he did.

I'm not following, Bengi Hatun.
Who is Zuleyha?

Oktem's first wife.


I get goose bumps when
I even say her name.

I didn't know he was
married before you.

Nobody knows.

The usual story, Malhun Hatun.

Zuleyha didn't have a baby.

And she just passed away.


Oktem's love for her
has never faded away.

Whenever I look deep
into Oktem's eyes,

...I see Zuleyha.

But there's nothing to do.
She was his first wife.

Don't misunderstand my words.

No. Not at all.

First wives are never forgotten.

You may think that I shouldn't
be jealous of a dead woman.

But I am.

Women are jealous.

Aren't you jealous,
Malhun Hatun?

Bengi Hatun, we are a state
before anything else.

When we wear the
garment of the state,

...we leave our emotions behind.

Jealousy is weakness.

We have no right to be weak.

But your don’t have
to worry about that.

You don't know.

So keep talking. I
will listen to you.

Thank you.

When we don't tell others,
we keep things inside.

It seems my heart couldn't endure
it anymore and I just told you.

I just can't tell
everyone about it.

But you are not like that.

You understand me.

I couldn't give a son to Oktem.

I had Batur and he's gone now.

Now Alcicek is the
only joy of my tent.

And I don't want to lose
her too, Malhun Hatun.

My daughter is my everything.

A child is the work of
the mother, Bengi Hatun.

Hug your child.

Digging down an issue that is
over won't do you any good.

On the contrary, it devours you.

Don't think about the future.

Everything you think

only hurts your heart.

Then with your permission,

I'll find my
daughter and my Bey.

You may leave, Bengi Hatun.

I flared up the embers,

it is up to you to
burn it, Malhun Hatun.

You brave soldiers.

You are here to shed
blood in Yenisehir.

Listen to me carefully.

When Kantakouzenos makes his move, we
will attack the soldiers in the West

and clear the way for Olof.

You, commanders. When Olof arrives, you wil
scatter your soldiers all over the city.


keep an eye on the mansion,

if someone leaves,

kill them.

We followed everyone
as you ordered sir.

Shahzade Aladdin is in the Kadi House
and others are in the mansion.

I will drink the blood
of all of them.

How long will we wait,
Soubashi Aktemur Bey?

We will let you in

when Malhun Hatun
approves, Kantakouzenos.

Impatience is not a good
thing, don't question it.

Soubashi. Malhun Hatun is
waiting for Kantakouzenos.

Here, Kantakouzenos.

I will shed your blood first when
I capture this city, Soubashi.

Your destiny will be the
same as your father.

Surround the shop.

Break it.

Ayse Hatun?

What's going on?

Why did you lock your door
in the daytime, Hatun?

I'm scared.

Explosions... There is always
an incident in the city.

I lock it.


Search everywhere.

There is nothing
pstairs Ayse Hatun.

Won't you tell something?

What are you looking for?

There is a traitor, Marta.

We are looking for traces

Keep your eyes and
ears peeled, okay?

Alps! We're leaving.

They are watching us.

Make your moves accordingly.

Malhun Hatun.

A blessed guest brings
news, Kantakouzenos.

Tell me.

Hasn't Osman Bey arrived yet?

I brought gifts.

He didn't come.


he sent news.

How did it come?

Osman Bey is in Marmaracik.

I couldn't understand?

Let me explain one by one.

Marmaracik is now
Osman Bey's property.

He took it from our enemy, Olof.

Why are you surprised,

Be happy.

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-Are you okay, brother?
-I am, my Bey.

Oh, brother.

Thank Allah.

Don't worry, brother.
We are here.

Turgut Bey, may
Allah protect you.



The dogs at the door
caused all the trouble.

Listen to me carefully.

This will be the
last time I say it.

Now tell me.

So that I will take
your head fast.

What do you want me to tell you?

How we raided the village?

Or how we killed your men?

Or how we killed Batur?

Or how we put the blame on you?

This will be your
last battle, Osman.

You will always attack.

But we will be the
ones who defeat you.

You think this is
the last fight, ha?

This is a fight between the
Haqq and the falsehood.

It will be there forever.

But you won't see it.

Allah Akbar!

Allah Akbar! Allah-u Akbar!

Remos is a good commander.

And he knows the truth.

He knows that Olof
played this game.

Now take him to the dungeon.

He has things to tell me.

My Bey. Olof is coming.

They are really crowded.

Come at me.

Close the doors!
Archers, upstairs!

Come at me.


Brothers, come on!

Pull it come on.

Pull come on.

You will die, Osman!


The infidels are attacking
with all their power.

There can't be a union in the world of Islam. Mongols
and Crusaders are attacking from different sides...

They are attacking,
and we are defending.

We can not tolerate it.

How can we comfort
ourselves, my Sheikh?

Rasul (PBUH) says...

Allah loves the ones...

...who show effort.

Everything in the universe...

...is in a state of being.

Streams flow, day becomes
night, night becomes day.

The seasons change. The
moon disappears...

...the sun rises.

Therefore, my Rab always
loves movement...

...action and rebirth.

For this reason, a Muslim
must always be strong....

..and in action.

Working is important, friends.

It is too important, friends.

The world of Islam
forgot how to work.

We have to flare up the
fire of struggle in hearts.

Can we make the
cruel kneel then?

With Allah's consent.

What else should
we do, my Sheikh?

The surah Towbah
answers this question.

O believers! What is the
matter with you that...

...when you are asked to march forth in the
cause of Allah, you cling firmly to land?

Our union was harmed.

What is the advice of my
Allah, my Shahzade Alaeddin?

Allah orders in surah Towbah...

If you do not march forth, He will
afflict you with a painful torment...

...and replace you
with other people.

You are not harming
Him in the least.

Who does Allah love,
my Shahzade Orhan?

My Allah orders in As-Saf...

Allah indeed loves those who fight in His Way as though
they are a solid wall cemented with molten lead.

MashaAllah. MashaAllah to you.

You keep making me talk.

You have the answers
of the questions.

Thus, we will not be tired.
We will work.


My Allah... Don't put Your
valiants fighting for You...

...who raid the enemy
in the morning...

...in a difficult situation.

Help them.


Do not let our valiants be
humiliated by the enemy.


Grant us the ability to
make the infidels kneel.


May the Islamic world be
united against disbelief.


May the world of Islam regain its
honor and become brothers and unity.


Let it unite and be strong.



I will hang your
head on that walls!

You just speak...

..but I do what I say.

Dorig! Dorig!

There is no need to talk now!

From now on, you will
only hear my war cries!


You can scream as
loud as you want.

The fort of Marmaracik
now belongs to Turks!

Allah Akbar!
(Allah is the Greatest)

Allah Akbar!
(Allah is the Greatest)

Allah Akbar!
(Allah is the Greatest)

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