Kurulus Osman Episode 106 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 106 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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This kiosk...

...is the heart of the state.

But Ismihan Sultan thinks she can do whatever she
wants on our lands like she's in her own palace.

We will not let her
fitna wander around.

Now she will unite
with our enemies...

...to make a move against us.

She freed Kantakuzenos
for a reason.

She'll work with him.

She can't see the truth
because she is so ambitious.

This woman can even let Olof
who killed innocent people...

...side with her.

We will not allow her.

She gets her power from her title. We
have to kill her to stop her, my Bey.

No. Her title and her
greed make her arrogant.

That's her weakness.

We will use her weakness.

My Bey, then let me
prepare some gifts.

Let's spoil and deceive her.

She will not fall for it.

We need more than gifts.

Are we going to kiss her
hand and obey, my father?

She won't believe us
if we do not obey her.

We will do whats necessary.

What are we going to do
after we stop them, father?

What we always do.

Enemies come and leave.

But Turks' homeland
cannot be replaced.

We will keep conquering lands.

Saruca is after Ismihan Sultan.

He will tell us who she is talking
to and who she is in contact with.

You are telling us about our
moves against enemies...

...but what about our
friends, Osman Bey?

We cannot defeat our enemies
before brothers unite, Bala.

That flaw can only
test the brotherhood.

Turgut Bey will unite with us.

What if he won't, my Bey?

We feel your absence in
the quarters, Turgut Bey.

But as you know, there is no need to convince
someone for conquests. You have to believe it.

Are you trying to teach
this to us, Konur?

Astagfurullah. Your absence...

Do not question me
for my absence.

I've been fighting with
him for years without...

I did not come here to talk
or remember the old memories.

You can solve your
issues with my Bey.

I came here to take the catapults
that belong to us with his order.



Where are you now, Konur?


And those catapults are the
catapults that took Inegol.

Those catapults are
the keys of castle.

They are mine, just like Inegol.
I decide what to do with them.

You keep saying "I".

Is your ego leaving your
da'wah in the shade?

Nothing can leave my
da'wah in the shade.

I am doing everything for
the consent of Allah.

I am just asking for justice, Konur!
Don't you see?

Is that how you ease your
conscience, Turgut Bey?

Are you blind because of your greed?
-No. You are wrong, Konur.

I am not greedy because I am asking for what I
deserve. I did not say a anyhing for all those years.

You know how Osman Bey treats me! -You
are on the wrong way, Turgut Bey.

I haven't chosen
my way yet, Konur.

Go to your quarters.

I'll let Osman Bey know
about my decision.

Lead Konur to the exit.

The wound on my heart
still did not heal.

Do not open another
wound, Turgut Bey.

We will be waiting for
you for good news.

We and Ismihan Sultan
have the same targets.

But the difference between
us is our intentions.

They want properties for gold...

...we want it to turn
it into our homeland.

They want sword for power.
What about us?

We want it to provide justice.

They want the chair
and the titles...

...because they are greedy.
But we...

...want them to
rule with justice.

That's our difference.

And that's what makes us...


Then let's defeat our
enemies with that power.

The enemy front is
divided into two.

Enemies inside and outside
grind their teeth against us.

But we do not have
a union as well.

Therefore, we will
not attack anyone.

We will be smart.

Malhun Hatun.

Go to Valide Sultan.

And present our gifts to her.

Announce our loyalty there.

If it is going to stop her, she won't be able to find a
gift that is more valuable than our loyalty, my Bey.

You are right.

Bala. You will come to the
Kopruhisar quarters with me.

We will be behind you
with the sisters, my Bey.

Olof, Kantakuzenos
and Ismihan Sultan.

They will all think
that we stopped.

But we will never stop.

Ismihan Sultan and

...will act together.

If we act before our enemies...

...then we will be the winners.

Now it is time to make an agreement against
Osman who is showing off on our lands.

Ask me the question
that disturbs you.

Why are you making an
agreement with me...

...against someone
who is on your side?

The ones who are with us are
not against us, Kantakouzenos.

Osman became stronger under the
wings of the Seljuk state.

But he thought he became
stronger on his own.

His arrogance didn't
stop there...

...he extended his bloody
hands to Constantine.

I know everything.

As the state weakens...

...the voice of the
traitors is louder.

Then let's get rid
of their voice.

Don't you want to
hear our conditions?

You won’t attack any Turkish
villages or Turkish people.

My battle is only with Osman.

No Turk who does not attack
me will not be harmed.

Since our purpose is the same,

then consider that I support
you for the Byzantine throne

which you want more than
everything, Kantakouzenos.

I'm grateful, Mighty Sultan,
but I'm not the heir anymore,

I'm the owner of the throne.

The Emperor is so sick that
he cannot use his authority.

That's why I'll run the
Empire in his name.

The power we have against
Osman is increasing.

If we learn what Osman is after,

the power we have will
be more valuable.

He's after a new conquest.

Maybe Koyunhisar,

maybe Cadirli,

or maybe Kopruhisar.

He definitely wants
to take one of them.

Who knows what are you after.

I knew he wouldn't stop
after he took Marmaracik.

We need to find out his plans
beforehand and we need to stop him.

Come here.

Don't worry, Kantakouzenos.

Osman is following
me for a while.

So what, does he suspect us?

He must never find out
that we made a deal.

Osman is trying to stop me.

You make deals with them

to stop my Bey.
But it's in vain.

You cannot stop those who
follow the path of Haqq. (truth)

Unfortunately, the dead
cannot speak, Kantakouzenos.

Are you with me,
while I’m destroying

Osman’s growing little Beylik?

What are we waiting
for to attack, Olof?

For the right time, brother.

This time,

our patience will be the

cause of our victory.

Someone's coming!

Someone’s coming!

And our alliances
inside our enemy.

Show me where to attack.

You're hasty like Osman, Olof.

Osman. Which place
is he after now?

We know that Osman
is after conquests.

We know that, but,

we don't know where
he will attack.

But we will eventually find out.

And when we find out, we will
hit him before he gets there.

If you don't know where
Osman will attack,

why are you here now?

I'm here to inform
you about our move.

We will destroy the inside,

and you will attack
where disorder arises.

Wait for my signal.

Don't make a move
until that time.

I'm not a hound, Bayindir.

Tell your Sultan that he will
give me whatever I want.

What do you want
but blood and war?

I want a country, I want lands.

Lands that do not belong
to Byzantium or Seljuks.

They will only belong
to me and my brothers.

After the war is
over, Marmaracik

and the surrounding
lands will be mine.

Only mine.

I don't have the right
to decide on that.


I can convince the
Sultan for that.

Convincing him is not enough.

I want you to bring documents
with Sultan's seal

that prove Marmarcik
belongs to me.


I will cut your
head when you come.

Think of Osman's head,

cut off Osman's head.

My Sultan will you
more than Marmaracik.

Wait for my news.

No news from Turgut Bey.

If Turgut Bey does not come,
what will we say to Osman Bey?

We have been together
for many years.

We have fought in battles with him,
Turgut Bey wouldn't do such a thing.

Brothers, we were always together, including
Marmaracik. He shouldn't do that.

He won't, he won't but,

isn't it about Citadel, Konur?

We cannot accept him if he turns his back
on us because of the Citadel, Cerkutay.

Do you think the man we
trust still supports us?

Turgut Bey's heart is broken.

What do you do when
your heart is broken?

You break the infidels.

That's how it is done, and Turgut
Bey knows that. He will come.

It's up to him to come
here or not, but,

We need the catapults
and siege weapons.

-He cannot do that, as if he's seizing them.
-He can't.

He cannot do that.

But he will gather the weapons

and brothers, and
he will set off.

What if he doesn't
give the catapults?

What will my Osman Bey do?

Osman Bey is coming!

Where are the catapults?

Turgut Bey didn't give
the catapults, my Bey.



Make-way Valide Ismihan Sultan.

You made Inegol proud,
Mighty Valide Sultan.

But we didn't expect to see you.

A blessed guest is the one
who informs beforehand.

What happened?

Since when the Seljuk State informs
before visiting their lands, Turgut Bey?

Get out.

Since we left the borders,

so many things have
changed around here.

The greatest city
Osman Bey has...

...is definitely Inegol.

Inegol belongs to me!

You want me to say this...

...and turn against Osman Bey.

And he will hold
a grudge against me...

...and I'll join you by getting angry
with him. Is this your intention?

Valide Sultan.
(Mother Sultan)

This matter is between
the brothers.

If you're looking for a traitor
against Osman, look somewhere else.

There is no traitor here.

You misunderstood me...

...Turgut Bey.

I only wanted to see
the cities of Osman Bey.

You are one of the Beys Osman Bey has.

You are nothing more
than his shadow.

Whoever stays in the shadow
gets used to darkness.

Valide Sultan.

To capture Inegol...

I have just a few
alps with me now.

I lost most of my soldiers.

I'm the one who planted the
flag in Inegol personally.

I heard that, Turgut Bey.

For this cause, you lost
your wife and child.

Despite all the suffering,
you didn't betray Osman Bey.

That’s exactly why I need
you with me as a bey.

You are different
from Osman Bey.

You just want your right.

You just want the cost
of the blood you shed.

What did Osman Bey do...

...when you demanded your right?

Didn't he just ignore
it, Turgut Bey?

Where is the cost of the
blood your soldiers lost?

Work with me, Turgut.

So you'll have a
position in the state.

You'll live in prosperity.

Consider this.

We will meet again.

Turgut Bey.

You deserve more than this.

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Well, Turgut...

Our brotherhood was
like a fortress.

You betrayed me.

I'd forgive if you
just betrayed me.


You betrayed our cause.

I'll never forgive the ones who prefer
their own desires to the cause of Islam!


Everybody look at
their hearts now.

Look at your hearts!

Whoever has the same
desires and ego,

...he can leave now!

Whoever joins the devil's table
and works with his allies,

...he can just leave now!

Whoever doesn't have a heart
for this, he can leave!

I'd rather walk alone...

...than walk with the heartless.

We are with you, Osman Bey!

Your cause is our cause!
Your cause is our cause!

If the catapults don't
arrive by the evening,

...I will behead Turgut Bey.

Thank you.

May your work be
easy, Hatun.

Thank you, Aktemur Bey.


You shouldn't have set
your eyes on what is mine.

Your blood is halal to me now.

I need to move fast...

...before the bird
is off the nest.

-Yes, my Bey?

-Wait here.
-Alright, my Bey.

May your day be
beneficial, Bengi Hatun.

EyvAllah, Bayindir Bey.

I'd like to talk to you
if you are available.

Alcicek, take Esma with you...

...and go bring the goods
from the merchants.

What's the matter, Bayindir Bey?

What is so secret?

It's a good matter, but...

I know this isn't a
good time, but...

It will get harder as we wait.

What are you talking about?

Bengi Hatun, we've known
each other for long.

Both Oktem Bey and
you know me well.

And I know you.

What I'm saying is...

I'd like to marry your
daughter Alcicek.

What are you talking about?

You've never mentioned
this before.

Why now?

Valide Sultan says..

...she'll never leave this
place before I have a wedding.

And I'm getting older.

And I've thought...

...I had better be a
relative of Oktem Bey's.

I'm not offending
you, inshaAllah.

Estaghfirullah, Bayindir Bey.

But you should talk to Oktem
Bey about this, not to me.

Sure. Sure.

I will talk to him, but...

I know you, Bengi Hatun.

Your words mean a lot
more to Oktem Bey...

...than the words of others.

Please let him know
about my intention.

And I'll visit you in good
time and ask for the girl.

And who knows? Maybe...

Valide Sultan might come with me
to ask for Alcicek for marriage.

Good bye.

Alcicek Hatun.

Where are you going now?

Koyunhisar, Kopruhisar, Lefke.


These are the places that
Osman is likely to attack.

Lefke is the strongest one.

He won't attack it.
But the others...

The other castles reinforced their
defense when we lost Marmaracik.

Not enough.

You will go Cadirli.

And I'll go to Kopruhisar.

If Osman attacks another place,

...we will unite near Karatas,

...and go wherever he attacks.


If he finds out where he will
attack, it will be easier for us.

The traitor near Osman.

Bayindir will bring death to him.


Now I need to be sure
about your loyalty to me.

What do you want?

While we fight against
the barbarian Muslims,

...I want you to abandon
paganism and be a Christian.

Then I can be sure
about your loyalty.

My ancestors...

My ancestors left their own
religion and became Christians.

But I cannot promise this.

If you can do this,

...you will be Byzantine’s
loyal soldier.

Then everything you
want will be yours.

I showed my loyalty to Byzantine
by sacrificing my brother.

But I will think about it.

My Bey.

We need the catapults in Iriegol.

We need the catapults in Inegol.

You are saying that we cannot
conquer without the catapults, huh?

We will take the catapults
no matter what.

Turgut Bey is coming.

Didn't I tell you
that he would come?

-He really did.
-Yes, Turgut Bey.

Come on. Let’s go.

We have control over
Yenisehir, my Sultan.

Even birds cannot fly over
it without us knowing.

Welcome, Frig.

Our common friends told
you about me already.

Valide Sultan.

That one, Valide Sultan.

The snake called
Frig is that woman.

She fooled everyone
with her smile

...but I saw through her.

Nothing is as useful
as a snake, Bayindir.

For our common goals,

...we will act together.

After we destroy Osman,

...you will live
as Frig, freely.

If we have common goals,

...then I assure you that
we will act together,

...Valide Sultan.

I do not need to
be assured, Frig.

But I assure you.

So that you can

...keep your beautiful
head on your body.

Now listen to me carefully.

I was surprised that
you picked Oktem.

I was disappointed.

Is this the first time
you got disappointed?

We have gone through
so much together.

I always supported you
but you left me alone.

You wanted this. -By picking the man who was not a
part of the conquests, you pushed me, Osman Bey.

You know who your real
friends aree in tough days.

We have been tested many times.

You did not have to
make a choice then.

Now that we are in the clear,
you are failing your test.

Since when have you been
dreaming about property?

For years, my soldiers' blood is spilled.
Since them.

Isn't Oktem's blood enough?

You gave the property to the one
who was not in the conquest.

I have always been
with you, Osman Bey.

You chose this.

This is your decision.

You are no longer welcome here.


I only brought the catapults.


May you live long, Alps.

May Allah open your way.

The one who is walking towards
conquest is always on a open road.

You are the one who is
going towards darkness.

May Allah help you.

Who will choose the right path and who will
choose the wrong will be revealed in time.

If you do not accept that you are
wrong, you are not welcome here.

That is that.

I let you go because
I am showing mercy.

You will understand
what is right.

If you do not see the truth...

The truth is clear.

You wronged the beys who were a
part of the conquest, Osman Bey.

If I made a mistake,
it is my mistake.

But you...

...are giving up on your dawah
because of your mistake.

You are giving up on our
dawah because of your ego.

You are fooled by the devil.

This is not about
my ego, Osman Bey.

I will always follow that dawah.

If necessary, I will walk alone.

But if you think I gave up on it

...just because I am
not supporting you,

...this shows your ego.

You are trying to walk on the road
that should be walked together, alone.


Come on.

We will win many
victories, Frig.

I cannot modest about.
this, Ismihan Sultan.

You should be, though.

I can take your life
with just one word.

But our priority is our
common enemies' lives, right?

Valide Sultan. Malhun
Hatun is here.

She wants to see you.

Let her in.

Welcome, Malhun Hatun.

I wanted to visit
you, Ismihan Sultan.

I apologize,

...because we did not know that you were
coming, we could not host you appropriately.


...you have spent a lot
of time in Yenisehir.

You got to know Martha.

We met. Yes.

I did not think that I would
find quality craftsmanship here.

You should be proud with Martha.

I hope I am worthy, ma'am.

If I can please
you, I am honoured.

Thank you.

I want to see you
here from now on.

Now you can leave.

Avci will show you
what you will work on.

Martha has taste, surprisingly.

And she is noble.

Unlike like.

But I understand you.

Even if you leave your tribe,

...the tribe is
still within you.

I am forgiving your attempt
of hosting Valide Sultan...

...as if I was a guest
because you are ignorant.

This is the pain of the
struggle of urbanization.

You’ll get used to
it. Malhun Hatun.

I have no doubt that you will deserve
the place you are at one day.

Astagfurullah, Ismihan Sultan.

We know that our power comes from
the support we receive from Konya.

And you are never a guest...

...you are the landlord here.

We couldn't get along at first.

I am happy to know
that it will change.

I don’t want you to get hurt
because of little issues.

We are sorry, Ismihan Sultan.

Osman Bey sent these
gifts as a sign...

...of our embarrassment and
our commitment to you.

We’ll be happy if
you accept them.

My happiness depends on the
happiness of my people and you.

Of course I'll accept them.


She won't.

My mother won't give
me to Bayindir.

What if she allows him?

She will give me if
Bayindir convinces her.

Did you tell him?
Is Aktemur coming?

I told him. He’ll come.

But you are getting upset for
no reason, Alcicek Hatun.

I told you.

Oktem said ”We can't have a
better son-in-law than Aktemur.”

My mother does not want him.

Don’t you know my mother?

She will convince my
father in the end.


Esma. Go now. Waste my mother's
time if she looks for me.

You told me...

...that we could
be upset together.

Now it is time to
be upset, Aktemur.

What happened, Alcicek?
What does that mean?

Esma heard.

Someone went to my
mother and asked for my hand.

Who? For what? What are
you saying Alcicek?

Why don't you understand?
A Bey wants to marry me!

He asked my mother,
I said, Aktemur!

Who is he? Tell me.

Why would it matter?

-It's not about him.
-I asked you who he is, Alcicek.

Who is the man that is
asking for my beloved one?

Tell me!

Bayindir Bey.

He gave the name of
our Valide Sultan...

...to convince my mother.

If he convinces my mother, my father
will also be convinced, Aktemur.


I'll find him. -Stop!

Wait! You can't
do this, Aktemur.

I’m telling you that Ismihan
Sultan is supporting him.

You’ll get in trouble.

What are we going to do now?

I will solve this issue
today. Alcicek Hatun.

Let’s go. -Where?

To my uncle!


I will get rid of you.

Come on, Huseyin.
Let's go after him

You will attack our enemies.

How can you do this? Get lost!



You will attack me like you
are attacking our enemies.

What happened to you?

What happened to you?!

We are going to war!

You will die if you make
one single mistake!

Osman! -I am talking to you!

My Osman, come with me.
Calm down a bit.

Drink some water.

Come on. Come on. my Osman.

Here, my Osman.

Are you mad because of
Turgut Bey, my Osman?

My Beys and my Alps
are greedy for lands.


The man who I fought with
in wars for years...

...gave up on our
way for a fort.

Bala... Is there anything
more dangerous than that?

Tell me, is there?

With Allah’s consent, you will
get over that danger, my Osman.

What about my Beys?

My Alps? What if they let
this greed defeat them?

What will happen then?

We will get over it, my Osman. We will
get over it, with Allah's consent.

We will pray. We
will be on alert.

We will not be deceived by the
shaytaan's fitna, InshaAllah.

You are right. I will never
give up on this way.

-I can fight alone...
-My Osman. You are not alone.

Know that I’ll come after
you wherever you go.

Just show me the target,
then we will walk.

Just let me be with you on the
way of conquests and shahada.

I know, my Bala. I know.
see you and me as one.

But today showed us that...

...we are alone on this way now.

Therefore, we have many duties.


My Bey, Aktemur Bey and
Alcicek Hatun are coming!

They're coming here, huh?

Wow, Osman Bey.

So you’re building the
headquarters here, huh?

Selaam aleykum

Ve Aleykum Selam

Look at Aktemur.

He’s informing his uncle.

They will ask for
her for marriage.

I won’t give you what is mine.

-My Bey.

Let's go.

If they see us here,

-they will kill us.
-You're right, my Bey.

Come on.


Come here, Alcicek.

Since you brought Alcicek
to the battleground,

it must be something important.

It is. Uncle.

You asked if Alcicek
loves me too.

I learned the answer
of that question.

The answer is clear, son.

We all saw it and
we were convinced.

But there is something else now.

One of the Beys wants
to marry Alcicek.

Who is that? Who
wants to marry her?


He just revealed his
intention to marry her.

And he told that Ismihan
Sultan rs up ports him.

Bayindir, huh?


Alcicek, give me your pardon
in this world and in Qiamah.

That slap...

-When I saw Aktemur bleeding...

I give you my pardon.

Everyone would do
the same thing.

I’m not offended by it.

But I want to be a
part of the Sisters.

Thank you.

Let’s prepare your ceremony.

Then we will talk about that.

Not my father, but,

I’m afraid of my mother.

They don’t get along well
with Ayse Hatun, you know.

Don’t be afraid.

These are trivial things
when it comes to love.

Everything will be solved.

His intention is to
cause trouble for us.

He wants to side with Oktem

and get stronger against us.


I'm bothering you
with my problem

before such an
important conquest.

No. my nephew.

You conquered a heart.

It's not a problem, we’ll go
and ask for her for marriage.


I'll do my duty as your uncle.

My Bey.

Therre is one more issue.

They put their men everywhere.

They obviously know that
you're not in Yenisehir.

They're looking for you.

Good. Then we will
show ourselves

and visit the girl's family.


We’re going to Yenisehir.

We’ll go to Marmaracik to ask for Alcicek
for marriage before the conquest.

Oguz Alp.

-My Bey.
-Inform Oktem Bey.

We'll visit him for
a blessed issue.

Yes, my Bey.


Bala. Come on.

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We know the place of
Osman’s headquarters.

He cannot even

step on Kopruhisar before
that headquarters.


Very good.

But you don't seem very
happy about it, Bayindir.


Of course I’m happy,
we found Osman's den.

I’m happy of course.

I'm happy, but,

there is another
issue, Valide Sultan.


will want to marry his nephew.

So what?

Why would we care?

You’re right.

My Sultan, but,


will ask for Alcicek Hatun,
Oktem Bey's daughter.

I see.

And this marriage will

strengthen Osman inside.

He will gather the tribes.

And there is also Marmaracik.

Are you worried about
these, Bayindir?


I want to marry Alcicek
Hatun myself, my Sultan.

It's clear that Osman
will ask for her quickly.

Let us get there first.

Let us take the girl.

Love affairs.

I see.

Alcicek is your hatun.

Valide Sultan ordered so.

May Allah be pleased
with you, my Sultan.

Stand up, Bayindir.

And send a message to Olof now.

Describe the location
of the headquarters.

Tell them...

...to destroy it.

With the people in it.

Osman too?

An army without a commanders
is nothing, Bayindir.

If Osman's not around,

...his army will scatter.

Besides, I have another
plan for Osman.

He and his beloved
hatun Malhun...

...will be my guests tonight.

And during that time,

...you'll be engaged to Alcicek.

My Sultan.

I can send Huseyin
to Olof, but...

...Olof won't do this without
something in return.

They must have set their
eyes on Marmaracik.

They will demand it.

Greedy filthy creatures.

They shouldn't worry.

They'll get what they want.

Is there something wrong
before the conquest, my Bey?

It’s good news.

We're not going to
conquer a castle...

...but to conquer a heart.

Make your preparations.

We'll ask for Alcicek
for Aktemur to marry.

Happy to hear that, Aktemur.
I wish the best.

Ayse Hatun.

We’ve sent such a message without
asking you. Sorry about that.

Estaghfirullah, my Bey.

I have nothing to say.

If Gunduz were alive,

...he would make
the same decision.

Thank you.

Let's start the preparations.

I told you! I told
you they'd marry!


Aktemur Bey. Congratulations!

-Don’t do this, mother.

How could you do this...

...without asking me...

...and asking for my permission?

You disrespected me
with what you've done!

How could you say this, mother?

Please don’t do this.


Go ask your uncle!

I won’t go to that house!Your
cause is our cause!


He wants to marry Alcicek.

I can't live without
her, mother.

I had to.

I wouldn’t have done it without
your permission, otherwise.

Don’t leave me alone
on such a day.


You say you can’t
live without her.

Do you really love her so much?

And she?

She loves you too?

She wouldn’t have run
to me, otherwise.

She loves me as
much as I love her.

You’re coming, right?

Son, I see your love.

But know this.

I don't believe her love.

You can never hurt
your beloved, Aktemur.

Don’t you trust
my words, mother?

Alcicek loves me too.

I see love in her eyes.

Come on, mother.

Don't leave me alone in this.

You said they weren’t
serious about it.

But Osman Bey is coming
to ask for Alcicek.

You won't give her away right?

I am saying Osman Bey!
The Bey of the borders.

The Bey who made
Marmaracik our home.

When Osman Bey comes here,

...what will I say to him

If Alcicek agrees, there
is only one choice.

You will not give her, Oktem.

-I will, Hatun.
-You will not.

Oktem, I will not give my
daughter to a Soubashi.

They took my brother.

They did all kinds of thing to us.
I will not forget that.

Enough, Hatun!

I will not listen to you!

I will give Alcicek to Aktemur!

Attention, Valide
Ismihan Sultan.

Is that so, Oktem Bey?

What if I want to take Alcicek?

What will you do then?

Will you give your daughter
to Osman Bey, not me?

Ulgen Hatun.

Ulgen Hatun.

Don’t you hear me?

I do not hear.

I do not hear.

Ulgen Hatun.

I did not know that you
would be offended.

Forgive me.

You didn't know, huh?

You fooled me. Many people
knew that you could hear.

You fooled me.

I wonder what they
thought about me.

I will not listen to you
or talk to you anymore,

...Cerkutay Alp.

Will you not give me food?

I will kill you.


Are you eating, Cerkutay?

-It smells good, Ulgen Sister.

Could you please give me some?


Thank you, Ulgen Sister.

-Enjoy. Thanks, you too.

Don't do this to me.

Don't do this to me.

Who would be full with this?

Enjoy, Boran Alp.

I will give you this much.
No more than that.

You say that I will not
be full from now on.

You will not.

I will leave.

I am leaving.

Don’t you hear me?

I don’t hear you.

I do not hear anything.

I do not.

-I am leaving.

-I am leaving.
-May your war be mubarak.

I am going to war.

You always do.

I am desperate...

How can I fight

...with our enemy like this?

I do not care even
if you get hurt.

It will be your punishment
for what you did to me.

Astagfurullah. I did not
mean that, my Allah.

Oh, Cerkutay.

Why am I going through this?


What are you doing, brother?

What am I doing?

I lost my mind
because of hunger.

She is not giving me food.

Give that to me, brother.

Oh, Cerkutay.

Oh. Boran Brother.

What will I do, brother?

I am so hungry, Boran Brother.

What can I say, Ismihan Sultan?

I have no choice.

I did not do
anything, Oktem Bey.

Before Osman Bey,

...Bayindir Bey asked
for your daughter.

Now, as Valide Sultan,

...I ask for your daughter.

I was happy that I would
be Oktem Bey’s relative.


...he does not want us.

Astagfurullah, Bayindir Bey.

What kind of words are those?

I trust you.

Right, Oktem Bey?

Will we find someone
better than Bayindir Bey?

Yes, but...

Osman Bey...

Osman Bey is stubborn.

He is a rebel.

You all know

...what being a rebel
would lead to at the end.

So, Osman Bey is here today
but he may not be tomorrow.

But we are

...here forever, Oktem Bey.

I trust Bayindir Bey.


We need to ask Alcicek.

You can ask her, Oktem Bey.

You can ask, but...

If Alcicek is as
smart as her mother,

...she knows what to say.

I know Alcicek’s answer,
Ismihan Sultan.

This is appropriate for Alcicek.

You are too late, Aktemur.

Too late.


With Allah’s command and our Prophet's
(PBUH) consent, I ask for...

...for your daughter
Alcicek for Bayindir Bey.

Osman Bey.

What’s going on here?

Oktem Bey.

Didn’t we send you a message?

What is this?

What’s going on with
you, Osman Bey?

You came here
without permission?

We let him
know we would come.

But it seems...

..you are the one who came
without letting him know.

I don't have to let my
people know about my visits.

I asked you a
question, Oktem Bey.

What's your answer?

It seems Oktem Bey invited
us to hear his answer.

So let us hear.

Osman Bey.

-I didn’t know...
-Oktem Bey is right.

It’s something good.

I asked for his daughter.

And we'll take her
with Allah's will.

Right, Oktem Bey?

I’ll make my daughter
marry Bayindir.

Hope the best.

Oktem Bey, we came here
for a heart conquest.

To start a family.

It won't be hard
for us to go back.

Does Alcicek approve this?

Her parents are here.

We're not forcing
her, Osman Bey.

You think we are tyrants?

You're offending
them, Osman Bey.

Nobody can be forced about
such a good matter.

Now we need to talk
about the wedding.

By the way, I'd like to host
you with your family...

...and your beys in Sogut Inn.

Sultan Alaaddin has
important news for you.



Listen to me.

I won't marry Bayindir.

Do you still want to marry me?

I don't only want
to marry you...

...but also I want to get
older and die with you.

-There is only one option left.
-Then come and take me away tomorrow.

I will come.

I will save your from this
fire no matter what it costs.

I’ll wait for you under the
crooked tree in the woods.

Go now. Don’t let them see you.

The walls have been repaired.

Pits have been dug
around the castle.

They can't go beyond our
walls anymore, Olof.


Place the soldiers.

Nobody should sleep.

Bayindir’s man is here, Olof.

Let him in.

Bayindir Bey has sent this.

It shows the location of
Osman's headquarters.

-So Ismihan Sultan orders you..

...to destroy the
headquarters tomorrow night.

And in return?

My Sultan says you
will be awarded.

The headquarter is very
close to Kopruhisar.

It's near Taspinar.

If you fail to destroy
the headquarters,

...you will face the same fate
that you faced in Marmaracik.

Dan, leave him.

I’ll hit thousands of
birds with one stone.

I'll both take
Marmaracik back...

...and take whatever Osman...

...is owning.

You think Osman Bey will
come tomorrow night?

He will. Sure.

They offered their
loyalty today.

Nobody can reject Valide
Sultan's invitation.

-Are the gifts ready?
-Yes, my Sultan.

I got two white horses prepared
especially for Orhan and Alaaddin Bey.

Two horses?

No, Avci. Not two horses.

We will offer one horse.

What's the biggest
weakness for a mother?

Why am I here, Avci?

Because I’m a mother.

The biggest weakness of Bala
Hatun and Malhun Hatun...

...is their children.

If they turn against each other,

...the hostility between
Orhan and Alaaddin...

...will help us drive a
wedge between the hatuns.

I will get a horse
prepared, my Sultan.

The white horse will gallop...

...by crushing Osman
Bey's dream...

...of establishing a state.

Ismihan Sultan is getting
into this for a reason.

She thinks we want to control
Oktem Bey after taking Alcicek.

That's why she will
want to stop us.

But be patient.

I will take that girl for you.

I promised my brother.

I will organize your wedding.

InshaAllah my Bey. InshaAllah.


Bayindir keeps following
Ismihan wherever she goes.

Apparently they
both planned this.

Ismihan Sultan will take Oktem Bey
away from us through Bayindir.

Saruca. I still haven’t
heard from him.

Send Alps.

Yes my Bey.

We have more enemies.
Conquests were hard enough.

Now it is becoming
even harder, my Bey.

As you said, Malhun Hatun.
It is hard.

Hardships do not matter anymore.

We know where our quarter is.
We know which fort to conquer.

Neither the large
number of the enemy...

...nor our few number
will make us give up.

With Allah's consent...

...Kopruhisar will belong
to us after the sunrise.

InshaAllah. InshaAllah.

I want to host
Sheikh Edebali well.

He is the light of Oghuz.

He is the biggest
weakness of Osman.

If we put that light off...

...we might leave
Osman in the dark.

-Selaam aleykum.
-Aleykum selam, my Sheikh.

You brought joy.

You enlightened our
house with your light.

Astagfurullah. -Here.


Welcome, Ismihan Sultan.

May your sudden arrival
bring good news.

Why would evil follow
us, my Sheikh?

Our intention is to
provide well-being...

...and grant our
people with this.

If your heart is saying the
same thing with your tongue...

...it is good for
you, Ismihan Sultan.

Tell me. Why did you come?

I am going to think that...

...you are disturbed by
our arrival in Sogut.

It upsets me, my Sheikh.

Astagfurullah. Why
would I be disturbed?

Sogut is the
property of Allah...

...just like all other
lands in the world.

Your presence is not a
blessing or a torment.

But your presence is
a blessing for us.

I want to talk to you about...

...the situation of
the World of Islam...

...and tell you about my issues.

You invited me to eat together.

If you are genuine
in your issues...

...you can find
solutions anytime.

Has it always been like this, my Sheikh?
Was it always hard for Muslims...

..to unite?

To stay away from arrogance?

It was.

Muslims’ tests are
always the hardest.

They were in trouble because
of the hypocrites...

...who concealed themselves...

...rather than the
visible enemy.

The infidels inflicted
the greatest harm...

...on the Islamic world.

How did they do this, my Sheikh?

They looked like one of us...

...but they are one of
our strongest enemies.

They would join our table...

...invite us to their table,
but they would expect...

...to hit us in the back...

...with a dagger in their hands.

But we know that all
infidels will certainly...

...get their share...

...of the curse of Rasulullah.

I did not know that a
curse came from...

..the mouth of our
beloved prophet.

It means that he
suffered so much..

...that he cursed.

I want to learn why.

Once, a messenger of...

...a people from
the deserts of...

...Necid came to Rasulullah.

He asked Rasulullah...

...for hafizes to...

...explain Islam to his people.

Rasulullah asked for assurance.

He made them promise. He
made them promise....

...so the lives of the best
hafizes of Suffa People..

...would be safe.

What happened after that?



When they arrived at
the well of Maune...

...the strongest army of
infidels awaited them.

They killed the hafizes without even
reading the letter of assurance.

Seventy hafiz...

...seventy nightingale
of the Quran...

...were martyred there.

When the news reached Medina...

...the hearts of the
believers were in pain.

They burst into tears.

And the infidels got happy.

The fire that fell in the
heart of the Rasulullah...

...was such a fire that...

...Enes bin Malik said...

...”l have never seen Rasulullah
get upset about anything...

...as much as he was upset..

...about the
incident in Maune.”

With this pain, the
Rasulullah cursed...

...those who killed
the hafizes...

...after the morning
prayers for a month.

He cursed them.

I am surprised.

I thought he would
pray with mercy.

Mercy to the oppressor...

...is betrayal to
the oppressed...

..Ismihan Sultan.

I feel sorry for the hafizes.

Hafizes became martyrs.

They were granted with
the dua of our Prophet.

Why would you feel
sorry for them?

They were talented people...

...moreover, they
were from ashab.

One gets sad.

Don’t be sad, Ismihan Sultan.

There is no higher rank
than martyrdom for us.

But you should be scared.

Be scared of being
one of the infidels.


Be afraid of turning your
back on the truth...

...and remaining in disgrace.

The fate of the one
who is in disgrace...

...is always terrible.

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You left me no other choice.

Who would want to disobey
his mother or father?

No one.

My Alcicek.

My beautiful daughter.

Are you okay?

Why would I not be okay, mother?

While you love that boy,

your father decided to
give you to Bayindir.

I hope this doesn't upset you.

My mother, my father,

and our Valide Sultan
decided this way.

Why would I be upset?

You're making me happy.

What happened, my Alcicek?

Where are you going?

Do you think I won't be a trader
anymore just because I'll be a bride?

I have things to
do in the bazaar.

MashaAllah, my daughter.

Come on then, go and
come back quickly.


Let Bayindir Bey know.

His future wife will
escape with someone else.

Kantakouzenos it he only
heir of the throne.

We stopped him twice.

But Andronikos is a fool.

Kantakouzenos will take the
throne sooner or later.

When he does,

he will go to Yenisehir
with his army.

The army will stop at

Bursa and Iznik.

If we take Kopruhisar,

We will build a
defend line here.

But if we can't,

then we cannot stop the
attack of his army.

Ismihan Hatun will
take advantage

and try to destroy us inside.

For that reason,

this is not just a
conquest for us.

This is our struggle
of existence.

After the conquest of Marmaracik, the surrounding
castles took more precautions my Bey.

But all in vain.

They cannot stop us.

We will also take precautions.

We will, Cerkutay.

Konur. Inform me
about the status.

They are more crowded
than us, my Bey.

Their walls are strong.

But our discoveries coincide
with Gurbuz Alp's findings.

They have weakness of five
in their eastern walls.

They reinforced it but
that's not enough.


Go to them with 5 Alps.

You will brighten the
walls with torches.


Catapults will shoot altogether.

And they will open a hole
in that wall in one blow.

Some of the Alps enter
inside through that hole.

When they enter, they
will go to the big gate.

When they open that gate,

Alps and Sisters there
will enter inside.

We will conquer
Kopruhisar before

the soldiers realize
anything, InshaAllah.


My Bala, you will be standing
behind that big gate.

Konur, you will
brighten the walls.

Boran, you will
lead the catapults.

You will rule there with Alps.

And I'll

be the one to enter
through that hole.

My Bey.

Our Catapult expert Alps

are with Turgut Bey.

I don't want to hear any excuse.

You will hit it in one blow!

Otherwise there won't
be a conquest.

Don't you forget.

Yes, my Bey.

When will we attack, Olof?

We will wait for the dark.

First, the dark will
fall upon them,

and then we will.

Will everything be over when we
destroy the headquarters, Olof? -Yes.

Because Turgut left him.

Ismihan Sultan dispersed them.

And we will tear them apart.

Their precious commander
is in the headquarters.

All of their siege weapons
are in the headquarters.

When I destroy that place,

Let alone taking a castle,

they can't even
defend a village.

He splintered both
inside and outside.

He is already dead.

But he's not aware of it.

Get prepared.

We will shed blood in Osman's
headquarters tonight.

We will go to Ismihan
Hatun's invitation.

Even though we do not want it, we
will get along with the snake.

She will think that
we are submitting,

but let her think that way.

Get prepared!

We will attack the
moment we come back.

Come on.


Why did you stop?

We shouldn't leave the
headquarters alone, my Bey.

We have many enemies.

With your permission,
I would like to stay.

Of course.

But be careful.

As long as you're here,

I will be at ease.

Come on.

I'm here Alcicek, I'm here.


You wronged me, Aktemur.

You will pay for the price.

Alcicek is mine.

I cleared the rubbish

between us, Alcicek Hatun.

Where are you, Aktemur?

Where are you?

You won't throw me
in the fire, right?

You won't do this to us.

You will come, Aktemur.

You will come.




Has this love blinded
you, daughter?

How can you do this to us?


He did not come.

Right? He will not.

I know this, that is
why I don't want this.

He will not come.

He did not, mother.

He did not come.

He left me here all alone.

Get up.

Stand up.

Will the love of a
unfaithful man break you?

You are my daughter.

Alcicek, you are strong.
You have to be.

Stop crying.

You should not cry

...for an unfaithful
who left you behind.

Stand up straight.

Good for you, my
beautiful daughter.

You changed your mind, huh?


Your love was a lie.

-Salaam Walaykum.
-Walaykum Salaam.

Valide Sultan is coming.


Thanks, Ismihan Sultan.

This inn, Sogut is your legacy
your ancestor Ertugrul Gazi left.

It is your right to sit here.


Where Valide Sultan...

...thinks is appropriate,

...we will sit there.


Where is Bala Hatun?

We have many enemies.

We left her in
charge in Yenisehir.

Tell me.

Why did you invite me?

We could not talk throughly.

There is always a quarrel,

...or chaos.

I would like to say that

...Konya is very pleased
with you, Osman Bey.

I am glad.

Are the Uch Beys
happy with Konya?

Sultan Mesut came,
he let Geyhatu go.

You came, you let
Kantakouzenos go.

Whenever we capture an enemy,

...Konya lets them go.

We have gone through all
this together, Osman Bey.

Sultan Mesut saved you

...from a Mongol army.

What about you, Ismihan Sultan?

Who did you save us from?

Emperor Andronikos

...was informed about his daughter's
death and Kantakouzenos' imprisonment

...at the same time.

With all his rage,

...he wrote this
letter to Konya.

Kantakouzenos will be taken


...we will attack Yenisehir.

Kantakouzenos is the
only heir to the throne.

So, Malhun Hatun,

...Konya saved you
from great trouble.

More importantly,

...Kantakouzenos is sitting
on the throne now.

You are wrong, Ismihan Sultan.

He is not the emperor.

Kantakouzenos is only a proxy.

The throne...

...has gotten its real owner.

Soon, you will be mine.

When that Andronikos is dead,

..I will be the only heir
and you will be mine.

Cowards will not rule anymore.

Byzantine will resurrect
with my light.

I will destroy Osman
and all Turks.

Be ready!

Byzantine will
bring hell to you.

What has gone is gone.

I will come for what
you have left, Osman.

For what you have left.

Are you still crying?

Maybe he came after
we left, mother.

I should have waited.

-He said that he would come.
-But he did not, Alcicek.

He was afraid.

He was afraid of Bayindir
Bey and Ismihan Sultan.

He gave up on you
when things got hard.

Understand this.

Aktemur's love and yours
are not the same.

Stop crying.

I cannot stop.

My tears keep falling.


...you cannot stop.

Even if you try to stop it,
you know that they will go.

Like you.

Even though I knew that you
would run, I did not stop you.


You are my daughter.

You do what you want.
No one can stop you.

You should have
stopped me, mother.

So that

...I would not have this pain.

Let it hurt.

This pain will remind you
of the lesson you learned.

You were dreaming, daughter.

You are now awake.

Aktemur cannot be your husband.

If you had married him, you would
be a Soubashi's wife. Nothing more.

Bayindir Bey is different.

Ismihan Sultan is
supporting him.

You care about today. I
care about your future.

My beautiful daughter.

Don’t cry for someone
who gave up on you

...and who left you.

If they try to hurt
you, destroy them.

-You are smart, Alcicek.

Don't act on your feelings.

Be logical.

From now on, I will
always listen to you.

I will marry Bayindir Bey.

Bala Hatun is coming!



We placed our soldiers
near Kopruhisar.

When we start attacking at dawn,

...they will attack too.

Brave men and women of Kayi!

May the blue sky be pierced!

May the ground be shaken!

Our justice swords that we've been carrying
shall be pulled out of their sheath!

-May Allah bless our fight!

Konur Alp, carry the
catapults first.

We have to arrive near the
walls before the dawn.

As you order, Bala Hatun.

Come on, brothers!

It's time.

Tonight will smell
like death only.

Alps! We're under attack!

Come on!



Who can even save
you from me now?


Destroy everything.

Everything! Attack!

You want to have the same
fate with your brother, huh?


The world and the
games of throne.

I hope Kantakouzenos won't make a
mistake for the sake of our alliance.

There will be peace, Osman Bey.

If you don't make a
move against it.

We don't want peace.

We are just taking a rest.


If Valide Sultan (Mother Sultan)
wants peace,

...we have to obey her.

I appreciate that.

I hope you are not
offended about Alcicek.

The good matter should
be taken care of fast.

I didn't know you would
ask for her as well.

The bride gets on the
horse and hopes the best.

Whatever is in our
fate, it happens.

Hope the best.

This is the best.

By the way, my son Sultan Alaaddin
sent many gifts for Alaaddin Bey...

...as he carries his name.

A fine horse...

...for the boy to be a Bey.

And a sharp sword...

...for Orhan.

To help him protect his
Bey against the enemies.

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Thank you, Valide Sultan. (Mother Sultan)

My sons.

Go see the gifts
of Valide Sultan.

It seems you think you decide...

...who will be the next
Bey, Ismihan Sultan.

Not at all, Malhun Hatun.

I talked for your good.

It's a tradition in Kayi Tribe.

The younger becomes Bey...

...and rules with
his elder brother.

I've heard this also.

Our ancestors ran after
this horse for years.

It took very long to catch it.

When Sultan Alaaddin
heard your name,

...he sent it as a gift
for you, Alaaddin Bey.

It's really beautiful.

I will write my gratitude
to our Sultan, Avci Bey.

It's really good, brother.

What will you name him?

His name,

will be Akyel.

MashaAllah. MashaAllah.

So, brother,

what will you name your weapon?

Its name will be Game-changer.

Alaeddin Bey, don't you worry.

I'll have someone
saddle the horse.

You're wondering why are
we still waiting to eat.

Because we have one more guest.

Salaam Aleykum.

Aleykum Selam.

Aleykum Selam.

You will die snake, I
swear you will die!

Don't waste your breath.

We breathe for martyrdom!

Give me strength, my Rabb.

-You've come to an end, snake.

I'll kill you,

and I will make Osman
suffer a great pain.

You cannot run away.

Tell me quickly.


We do not need to spend
more time than we have to.

Ismihan Sultan

...and I have the same goal.

No doubt.

Everyone's goal is throne

...and authority.

You giving up on the dawah (our cause)

...does not take
anything from the dawah.

It only takes from you.

I did not give up on the dawah.

Even if we walk on different paths, we
are going towards the same destination.

Just because I do
not follow you,

...don't think of us as
your enemy, Osman Bey.

Because of the path you left,

...if something
happens to my people,

...you will pay the
price with your head.

You cannot take anyone's
head, Osman Bey.

Peace and order
will be provided...

...under the shadow of
the state of Seljuk.

No one should attempt taking
on the duty of the state...

...when the state is still here.

Ismihan Sultan!

Olof raided a
quarter of Turks...

...around Kopruhisar.

It looks bad.

Who is it, Osman Bey?

Who built a quarter...

...behind Kopruhisar?

The quarter is mine.

The command is mine.

I will decide who
will be beheaded!

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