Kurulus Osman Episode 107 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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You won't be able to
run from my furor.

My Allah, help us.

Alps! Bring the fire!

Wait for me to give a sign!

Alps! Step back!

Kill all of them!

Ya Haqq

You will all die in the worst way.

We destroyed their quarters, Olof.
We have to leave.

It's just the beginning.

They will pay for every
drop of blood they shed.

We will make them pay
for it together, Olof.

But not now. Not now.

We are stepping back!

What quarters are you
talking about, Osman Bey?

From whom did you get
permission and set up quarters?

From Allah.

I do not seek for permission
on the way of Haqq.

If you do not know me...

...ask the person next to you.

He knows me well.

You are being unfair, Osman Bey.
-I am being fair, actually.

Avci Bey.

Go to the quarters
with our soldiers.

Help those who have been hurt
for the sake of a dreamer.


We do not need anyone's help.

You are breaking the peace
between two states.

You are attacking them
and you get raided.

You will pay for this.

I can pay for it.

Whenever you want,
wherever you want.

Turgut Bey.


He is leaving, my Sultan. What
if he goes there on time?

He'll be there by the sunrise.

Everyone will have died
by the time he arrives.

You see it, right?

What, my Sultan?

Osman's arrogance.

Osman's arrogance
will defeat him.

Choose your side now.

Are you with Osman or me?

No... He is not around.

The Alps at the doors do
not know where he is.

He left Yenisehir
in the morning.

And did not come back.

I am sure something
happened to them.

Speak of good, Ayse Hatun.

What if they went to the tribe?

No, Ulgen. Would Bengi be so
silent if her daughter escaped?

She would raid our
mansion by now.

She is there, look.

Talk of the devil and
he is sure to appear.

Would a Hatun come to a marketplace
if her daughter escaped?

Something is off.

Let me see you if you
are brave enough.

I will find you. I will
find out who you are.

Show your face, you coward dog!

Now you have Soubashi.

Torture him well.

Do not worry about that.


Let's go to Yenisehir.

They might doubt about us
if they do not see us.

I am a newly engaged man. I should
go and take care of my bench.

Let’s go.

Take these.

couldn't they escape?

I can't believe it!

If Alcicek is here...

..where is Aktemur?

Ulgen. Let's go and try to
learn what happened from her.

Let's go.

Ayse Hatun.

Ulgen Hatun.

What do you want from me?

Alcicek... Aktemur Bey..
-My mother will come.

She must not see you.

Do not mention about
that name around me.

It's over for me.

What are you saying, Alcicek?

I will marry Bayindir Bey.

Stay away from me.


I did not understand.
What is happening?

Well... It seems Alcicek
changed her mind.

Oh Aktemur...

I did something, mother.

-Did you...
-I will elope with Alcicek.

-You wanted to elope with her?
-She wanted.

While we were leaving
the citadel.

She's a brave girl.

If she loves you much enough
to leave her family behind,

...don’t worry.

Go and do it.

I'm standing right behind you.

I shouldn't keep her waiting then.
She's waiting near the crooked trees.

Good luck. Aktemur...

Be cautious.

Sisters, Aktemur is gone.

Let Malhun Hatun
know immediately.

We're going where
Aktemur mentioned.

Let's go. Alps!

Prepare the horses.
We are setting out.

Let me go with you.

-I won’t leave you alone.
-Alright, Ulgen. Let's go.


We'll hit the road in no time.

We need to bury our
martyrs in Yenisehir.

Osman Bey is coming!


We gave so much
effort for these.

So much effort.

-Are you alright?
-I'm fine.




My Bala.

My brave wife.

You're alright?

I’m fine, Osman.


They burned everything down.



You trust your Bey like this?


Come here. Come here.

They attacked the headquarters
when we turned away!

Get out of my sight!

I've stood with you for years.

But you are blinded
by anger, Osman Bey.

With the first mistake, you
slap and kick people out.

-Turgut Bey was right.
-Get out!


Call Beys over.

We'll have a council.

As you order, my Bey.

They broke our arm,
but we won't stop.

Next, they will want
to cut our head.

-My Bey?

Go to Karacahisar
with your brother.

And get all the Beys armed.

Come to Yenisehir with them.

As you order, my Bey.


Leave with the alps.

I will see someone
first and join you.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

Come on, alps.

My brave men...

My Allah.

Let me take revenge from
the cruel and traitors.

Amfen. Amfen.

Send a message to
Bayindir and Olof.

Tell them to come to
hear my new orders.

I will need Olof
more than I thought.

Will you really give
Marmaracik to Olof, my Sultan?

That fool thinks so.

But I won't give him
any land at all.

When I’m done with Osman,

...I'll be done with Olof too.

What about Osman?

What is your next
move about him?

I will create a huge
hell for Osman.

Hell of loneliness.

His friends, his people...

...and even his family...

...will leave him.

I will make the winds of
famine blow in Yenisehir.

Osman Bey's people
will starve to death.

They will come to me.

They will leave Osman.

Those who have left Osman
will be on my side.

Their Valide Sultan will take the
whole Yenisehir under her wings.

Count the warehouses, I don't
want anything missing.

We took this path, but...

...may Allah help us through.
-Amen, my Bey.

You came here without
an invitation.

-Are you assaulting our property?
-Shut up!

Get out.

You let our cause down.

They martyred our Alps.

Only you knew the location
of the headquarters.

You let us down.

Tell me,

should I hold you
responsible for it?

You told me this.

As if you don't know me at all.

Even if we take the same road, let's
not encounter each other again.

Our paths will not be
the same with those...

...who became the
servants of Sultan.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Are you blaming me with treason?

You have gone mad.

I have not gone mad.

I know you were not pathetic enough to
tell them where the headquarters was.

But you were pathetic
enough to go back.

They dared to attack us
because you were not there.

I trusted you.

You were my mountain.

But you,

you were not even a hill.

You hurt me the most.

What about what you did to me?

I'm not a blunt
knife, Osman Bey.

If you sharpen me that much,

I will cut something, of course.

I called you my brother
but you got angry with me

because of a property.

That's it.

Let it be a lesson for me.

Do you know what you did?

You replaced the ones
you set out with,

with the ones you
found on the road.

Do you know how many men I
lost while following you?

How many wounds do I have on my chest?
How many precious people I lost?

A few of those I left
behind are alive.

My wife died while
pregnant, Osman Bey.

I lost my big brothers,
little brothers!

Did we lose them,

-so you could let us down for a citadel?

If we cannot conclude our cause, then
we will have lost them all for nothing.

You're still saying citadel.

What citadel?

Don’t you see, I'm
the owner of Inegol.

The issue is

something else.


Go to kopruhisar
now, if you can.

Osman. He must have gone crazy
because of this move, Olof.

We broke Osman’s feet.


I will break his neck too.

What Ismihan Sultan
wanted has happened.

-I assume she's happy now.
-What about us?

Will we also get what we want?

Marmaracik is ours now.

My brother Frodi is right.

What if Ismihan Sultan
doesn’t give us Marmaracik?


Ismihan Sultan wants to see you.

Something else, huh?

Something else.

The issue is something else.

You want more.

What you have is not enough.

The desire for property
filled your heart.

Look at yourself. Look
at your arrogance.

You did this to me.

Are you not happy with
the Turgut you made?

Did you forget how
unfair you were?

Of course I was going to
give the castle to Oktem.

Of course.

They are just puppets.

If I don't give them
property, they'll leave us.

They'll go away.

But you.

You were my support.

I thought you were different.


I never thought

you would switch sides
for a property.

I have not and will not change
sides for the property.

Make your final decision.

Choose your side.

I do not ober you.

Now leave my castle, Osman Bey.


...is not yours anymore.

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You can't do this
without shedding blood.

I was the one who always fought,

I always leaded them.

I endured the tricks.


but those who were behind me,

always fell for these tricks.

I always fought.

Now you will fight too.

Against me.

I am giving you two days.

You will leave this place.

We will give our lives

...but if you want our homeland,

...we will now, Osman.

Then I will take both.

There are horse
traces on both sides.


Be careful.

Search everywhere.

We will look everywhere,
Ayse Hatun.

Don't worry.

We will find a track.

We will not go to Yenisehir
until we find something.

Where are you,


Where are you?

What is that?

-These earrings?

Are they Alcicek's?

If she came here...

I am confused.

Do you understand what happened?

I do not know, Ulgen.

I do not know.

The only thing I know

...is that Alcicek
destroyed my son.

She did.

Ayse Hatun.

Tell me.

This is Aktemur’s horse.

My Allah, protect him.




Search everywhere.

Find him. Search.


-Find my son.
-We will.


What is wrong?


Are you thinking
about Aktemur again?

No. I will not think about
the man who left me, mother.

I am thinking about
what I will do.

Good for you.

Listen to your mother.

That boy...

...is not brave enough.

His love was a lie, daughter.

Listen to your mother and
don't worry about the rest.

I learned my lesson, mother.

I will listen to you.


...let’s have the
wedding right away.

My Bey.

What are you doing?

Are you going to the council?


I am going to the council but...

I do not know how I will
look at Osman Bey's face.

You did not do anything wrong.

A thousand people would want to
marry a girl but only one will.

This is not something
to be offended.

Yes, hatun.

But it was wrong turning
Osman Bey down.

What should we have done?

Should we have
listened to Osman Bey

...instead of the
great Ismihan Sultan?

You did what was best.

Ismihan Sultan has
your back now.

Is Alcicek okay?

Does she want it?

I talked to her.

She agreed to marry
Bayindir Bey.



Let's go.

You will wait, Beys.

Why is that?

Are we not allowed
in the council now?

Alps, what is the reason?

Osman Bey's order.

If you are offended,

...Alps will accompany you

...to Yenisehir's gates.

Salaam Walaykum.

Walaykum Salaam.


Our wedding became a council.

There will be consequences.

We are now

...fewer in number.

It will be even harder now.

But we will keep conquering.

We will keep on
attacking the enemy.

We will not give
in to the cruel.


...if you do not
obey the council,

...you will pay the price.

You will risk your lives

..if you want to be here.

This is my last warning.

This is your last
opportunity to go back.

You can leave without any
questions being asked.

If you want to be here,

...you are welcome.

Those who do not risk your
lives, you cannot be here.

Come on, Beys.

Osman Bey let us go. Why
are you standing here?

And he warned us.


"Whoever goes back, he will
be no longer an alp or bey."

Whoever isn't an alp or bey..

...has no right
to carry weapons.

Give me!

If only I could smash
him with my mace.

Sit down.

With 99 names of
Almighty Allah...

...Who holds us responsible for
conquests not for victories,

...I'm starting the council.


You must have heard what
happened to our headquarters.

We got the bad news, Osman Bey.

But it wasn't what you
should have heard.

What you should have heard
was the news of victory.

My Bey, you keep your
conquests secret.

Who destroyed the headquarters?

I will behead him
when I find out.

Who attacked?

It was Olof.

No attack or no betrayal..

...is strong enough to stop us.

That's why I called you over.

Everything that got burned
will be provided again.

We are ready to do
anything, my Bey.

We'd sacrifice our
blood and life.

EyvAllah. EyvAllah.

Osman Bey, what does Ismihan
Sultan think about this?

You said you'd give
me a land, my Sultan.

How many years ago did your
ancestors come to Constantinople?

Two centuries?

Three centuries?

What makes you think....

...you can easily take the land from
me which Rome didn't give you....

...despite your long service?

That's not the case.

I did what you said. Now
it's your turn, Sultan.

Give me the citadel of
Marmaracik that you promised me!



You have a death wish?

I will keep my promise.

And you won't forget who
I am, commander Olof.


If I give you a
piece of land now,

..Osman will take
it back easily.

Good. Let him try.

I will crush him
under those walls!

You will do...

...what I like,
not your desires!

First, we need to
get rid of Osman.

When Osman gets the news,

...he will set out to look
for his nephew Aktemur.

And you will lure him
to the biggest trap.

The death trap.

Don't worry, Sultan.

I already prepared my move.

My Sultan, Turgut Bey is coming.

The one who is curious about
Ismihan Sultan's opinion...

...should follow her now.

Why did you come through
that door, Sahin Bey?

I am just asking to understand
the situation we are in.

If you are suspicious...

...you can behead us, Osman Bey.


Or else..

...the thing that is
discussed in the council...

...will be left in the council.

The conquest of
Kopruhisar was exposed.

They ruined all
our preparations!


..now it is time to conquer.

They won't think that we will
get ready in such a short time.

They won't be able to imagine
that we will attack Kopruhisar...

...although they know about it.

Alps. -My Bey.

You will cut the trees in dark.

You will continue to build the
catapults under the light of torches.

Alps will get ready soon.

Blacksmiths will continue to make
swords without blinking their eyes.

And you will bring
the war equipments.

They cut our beards.

We will cut their heads off.

Soon, InshaAllah my Bey.

The meeting is over.

Get ready as soon as possible.

The swords you'll bring will
be the keys of the conquest.

Osman Bey!


What happened to Aktemur?

He is not around, my Bey.
-My Bey.

He went to abduct Alcicek.

But he did not come back.

I went to the place he told me.

His horse is there.
But he is not there.

Osman Bey...

My son disappeared.

What are you saying, Ayse Hatun?

Why did you do this
without asking me?

Boran. Send Cerkutay and our men to
the place that Ayse Hatun knows.

They will start looking for him.

Tell our Alps to get ready.

We will head towards
a different place.

Yes my Bey.

My Valide Sultan.

My Valide Sultan.

Then I should go and start
organizing the wedding.

Yes, sure.

Start doing so...

...so you will be
able to move forward.

Walk, so you will be able to
reach the union, Bayindir.

Yes, Valide Sultan.

Yes, Turgut Bey.

What brought you here
without even informing us?

The one who I called brother
did not choose the Haqq's way.

On the contrary, he wants Inegol,
which is under my control.

I am here, Turgut Bey.

Osman's rule is not
valid if l am around.

Does he want all his property to
be taken with a single firman?

What does Osman Bey want?


Unfortunately, what
you said was true.

Arrogance has blinded Osman Bey.

He wants everything...

...because of his arrogance.

He received our support...

He sacrificed you.

He conquered many lands.

And now, he wants to
rule with oppression.

Didn't you shed blood
for Inegol, Turgut Bey?

You did.

Like all great Beys...

...you even risked
turning your back on us.

Osman fought against
so-called oppression.

And now he became
one of the cruel.

When I am here...

...they cannot be one of
the cruel, Turgut Bey.

If you stand on my side...

...I can give you swords
and soldiers as much as...

...you want.

You will feel the presence of...

...Valide Sultan behind you.

I first did not believe you.

But I saw it with my own eyes.

I won't show mercy to those who are
not loyal to their friendship.

Now I am...

...by your side, Valide Sultan.

Osman will fall into our
hands when he thinks...

...he will save you.

It will be your turn soon.

But first, I will
kill your uncle.

Once I get what I want...

...I will present
your blood to Odin.

You will not get what
you want, you dog.

Did you leave the bait?
-Sure we did.

They will first get confused.

We even made it harder for them to find
the traces, so they won't be suspicious.

But all the traces will bring
them to the same spot.

Osman's grave.

Today, we will fight
in such a way that...

...we will fight like it
is our last day on earth.

We will kill Osman and his men.

-Stay with him.
-Don't worry.

I'll keep treating him well.

May your axes be sharp...

...may Odin be your companion!

Let's go!

It looks beautiful, Martha.

Send me one of each of these.

Sure, Bengi Hatun.

Looking at the
clothes you chose...

...I can see that you can
notice the best ones.

Bengi Hatun notices the
best of everything.


...if you do wrong to her,
you'll have done wrong to us.

Give her the best ones among
the clothes she chose.

Welcome, Bayindir Bey.


It's good that I've seen you, Bayindir Bey.
I was looking for you.

We have to start
organizing the wedding.

These are the words I want
to hear, Bengi Hatun!

I was with Valide Sultan.

We want to hold the wedding
ceremony tomorrow.

Since all the trashes
are removed...

...let's not delay it.

Great minds think alike.

I will talk to Oktem Bey.
Start your preparations.

-My Bey?

Send Carriers all around.

We have a wedding tomorrow.

As you order, my Bey.

Speaking of unnecessary things,

..I can't see him around.

What did you do to Aktemur?

I did nothing, but...

It seems someone
acted before me...

...and got rid of
the unnecessary.

So I didn't get my hands dirty.

What can I say?

I'm a lucky man.

Whatever Bengi Hatun
chooses, add it on my bill.

No need. I can do it myself.

You just do your
duty, son-in-law.

What are you doing?

Why are you smelling? You
thought it was meal?

Not every track is
what you leave behind.

Some tracks cannot be seen.

What are you talking about?
Are you playing with me?

Why did Osman Bey
give me this mad guy?

Someone's coming!

You have other talents
than eating, huh?

You'd be surprised if
you saw my talents.

-Selaam aleykum, brothers.
-Aleykum selam.

Cerkutay Alp, we got no lead
from the trails going that way.

It means we are on
the right track.

All the tracks lead to Sofus.

You go along this way.

I will go let my Bey know.

Look at me! Give me my apple!

Come here! Give me my apple!
I will ruin you!

I will ruin you!


Let's go.

Anyway,I will find you.

Konur, one of Osman Bey's alps,

...wants to see you.

Let him in.

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What's the reason why you've
come to me like this,

...Osman's alp?

To wake up from the sleep of
blindness of years, my Sultan.

I'm not Osman's alp.

I was a great
commander of Seljuks.

And now?

I'm an expelled man.

We can't welcome
every expelled man.

Who wants you to
welcome me, my Sultan?

I'm here to ask for forgiveness
from my country...

...and then get what I deserve.

What does he deserve, Avci Bey?

40 bastinados and all his
properties shall be taken.


I followed a Bey when I was
a soldier for my country.

I betrayed my position.

What I deserve is execution.

You came here...

...to ask us to kill you, huh?


The price of treason...

...is paid only with a life.

But you...

...will pay it with service.

I will do whatever
you like, my Sultan.

You will.

What is my duty?

They will think they ruined us.

But we will not stumble.

The conquests will continue.

As long as the Da'wah of
Allah tremble our hearts

we will keep trembling
the whole world.

Don't fall in despair.

Our target is clear.

Our target is Kopruhisar.

My Bey.

Our current headquarters is
pretty close to Marmaracik.

Is it a precaution?

This place will make the
conquest easier for us.

It is both hidden,

and obvious.

My Bey, if we are so
close to Marmaracik,

will we let Oktem Bey know?

Let's complete the
headquarters first.

Then we will let him
know if needed.

EyvAllah my Bey.

He is preparing right now.

We told what we needed
to say in the council.

We don't hide
anything from anyone.

When the catapults are ready,

-We will strike harder than before.
-InshaAllah my Bey.

InshaAllah my Bey.

My Bey, what about Aktemur?

-My Bey.


We found the traces
of Aktemur Bey.

They are keeping him in Sofular.

-Are you sure?
-The traces are confusing my Bey.

But all of them lead to Sofular.


Get ready.

We will go and get Aktemur.

My son cannot be happy for once.

My Rabb, protect my son.



You will get to see him
with Allah's permission.

Don’t do this.

Yes. Osman Bey won't let
those dastards keep Aktemur.

They will come back.

They will come.

Thank you.

Let everybody know!

Tomorrow evening, in
Marmaracik Citadel,

the wedding of Bayindir Bey and Alcicek, the
daughter of Oktem Bey, will take place.

The people of Yenisehir
are invited.

Don't do this, Alcicek.

That girl ruined my son's
life and went away.

We don't know where is my son but
they are holding a wedding ceremony.

My Ayse, calm down.

You're all here, is
that so, Hatuns?

I'm here for a blessed news.

But it seems

you heard about it.

Yes, Bengi Hatun, we did.


I hope you won't regret
this decision as a mother.

May Allah not let me regret it.

But I don't thing
I'll regret it.

Are you upset because we didn't let
you take Alcicek as your bride?

Bengi Hatun, tell us
what you have to say.

Don't waste our
time for nothing.

I get it, you're offended.

But don't be, Hatuns.

Is it our fault that my Alcicek is
beautiful and has many admirers.

A thousand people want a girl
but only one of themztakes her.

Isn't that right, Ayse Hatun?

Aktemur is nowhere to be found.

Is he ashamed and
cannot get out?

Aktemur is the
Soubashi, Bengi Hatun.

He doesn't even have the
time to scratch his head.

He’s on duty.

Don't worry about my son.

He'll eventually forget her.

He will, of course.

He has to.


Send Osman Bey my regards.

We expect to see you
all at our wedding.

My Ayse.

Ayse, please, calm down.

She came here to show off.

Let me find my son first.

I know what I'll do to her.

Wait for me.

I'm holding myself, I'm
holding but it's too hard.

But when the time comes,

don't try to stop me.


My Bey, there are
soldiers everywhere.

They are crowded, my Bey.

We will water our weapons
with heathens' blood.

We have found their den.

We will rip off their heads.

Allah is HAYY!

Attack! Kill all of them!

-Come on.
-You are looking for your nephew, right?

I take what I want.

The only thing you will take
today is Aktemur's dead body.

You will not even see that.

I will take Aktemur
and your life.


Come on.



I came to kill you.

I am here to take
revenge for my Alps.

I will kill you and
I will kill them.

We'll see. Come on!



Ya Haqq!

-Ya Haqq!

-Ya Haqq!

Ya Haqq!

Avci Bey, I want to test Konur.

We will then give
him his mission.

Show me what you can do.

You are strong.

You will be equal to Avci Bey.

You will be my guard

...and aide.

You can go now.

Can we trust him, my Sultan?

I am making moves

...that will destroy Osman.

They will be broken into pieces

...and they will

..hold onto me.

Turgut and Konur

...are just the
beginning, Avci Bey.

He is too close.

I keep those who I
trust close to me.

Those who I do not trust,
I keep them even closer.

Keep watching Konur.

Until we are sure
he is one of us.

Yes, my Sultan.

Olof, we cannot do it!


Olof, I killed one of you today.

I will kill every single
one of you tomorrow.

MashaAllah to my brave men.



Come here.

MashaAllah to you.

You are very brave.

As long as you fight
side by side,

...no one can defeat us,
with Allah's permission.

EyvAllah, my Bey.


You will be fine.

You will get better.

You are fine, brother.

My Bey! Boran!

Hang on.

My Bey is coming. You
are fine, brother.


-My Bey.

Hang on.

I am fine, my Bey.

Hang on. Come on. Let's go.

We are going to Yenisehir.

Come on!

We are going, you
are fine, Boran.


I wish the girl who stabbed
you could see you like this.

What is her name?


She was a pretty girl.
-Don't say her name!


Osman Bey fought them.

What happened, Olof?

What happened, Olof?

He didn't die.

My Osman Bey defeated you.


You will be worse.


Don't beg me to kill you.

Your turn will come.

I swear to Odin.

I will not die until I
drink Osman's blood.

They could not, huh?

Where are they taking the goods?

Karakayin Forest.

They said that it
will be safe there.


They should be careful.

Go and take a look to
see if it is safe.

Yes, my Bey.

What are they taking, Avci Bey?

Our goods that we trade.

-Why did you ask?
-No reason. I was just curious.

I want to learn everything
and do my mission right.

If you want to do that,

...don't be so curious, Konur.

Come on, let’s inspect
the soldiers.


Hang on, brother.

Come on. Put him here.

Hang on, Boran.

Kumral Abdal!

My Bey!

Kumral Abdal! Come here.

He lost a lot of blood.

Bring clean cloths and water!

Come on.

-His wound is deep.
-My Bey, Boran is dying.

My Bey!

Apply pressure.

My Bey! Boran, open your eyes.

My Bey, Boran is dying.


Get a grip!

My Bey, I cannot take it.

My Bey, I cannot.

He will be fine.

Don't worry.

Boran is strong.

He will be fine.

He will open his eyes.

Boran, wake up.

-My Bey.


How dare you tell people that

there will be a wedding
without my knowledge?

Tell me. Bayindir!


Don't get angry.

We also think that
it is early, but

Ismihan Sultan told us to do so.

-She told me...
-I don't care about that, Bayindir.

You didn't ask me about it.

Also, why are you in a hurry?

Just yesterday you asked for her

and you're talking about
the wedding today.

My Bey.

Ismihan Sultan says that we cannot
delay such blessing matters.

You shouldn't blame
Bayindir Bey.

How could he go against
Sultan's orders?

Today or some other day,
what does it matter?

-That's right, but...
-I know you.

You want to postpone it because
your daughter will marry

and leave home.

But know that I'm also upset.

If you're her father,
I'm her mother.

How are the preparations?

Don't let there be
anything missing.

We should let Osman Bey
know but I am ashamed.

How will we do it, Bayindir?

I invited them properly today.

But I don't know
if they will come.

We did our part.

We are no longer responsible.

The rest is up to Osman Bey.


Why is Bengi Hatun doing this?
Why is she in a hurry?

My mother is afraid that
I will change my mind.

That's why she's in a hurry.

Will you really
marry Bayindir Bey?

I will.

But you don't love that man.

Why would you do this to
yourself, Alcicek Hatun?

What should I do Esma? Should I wait
for the coward Aktemur who left me?

What if he didn't? Nobody
sees him in the downtown.

As if he vanished into thin air.

He has to be shameless
to show himself.

He must be thinking about
how he will face me.

Let's prepare this wedding,
you'll see how he shows himself.

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Kumral Abdal. He
seems exhausted.

He lost blood.

He will be better when he
drinks the healing sherbet.

Our brother Boran
is in pain here.

Turgut Bey went some way, Konur
Alp went some other way.

We are falling apart
one by one, brothers.

Konur Alp is coming.

What are you doing here?

Is Boran fine?

What's it to you?

Didn't you let
your brothers down

and obey Ismihan Sultan?

Let me see my brother.

You cannot see anybody.

If you have something to tell,

tell it to my Osman Bey.

Come on.

We will continue to prepare.

Even though we lost people,

and there are veterans,

the conquests will never stop.

My Bey, we have not
set out just now.

We were born to set out.

Let my thousand
children be sacrificed.

But I believe that
we will take my son.

Boran will also be okay,
InshaAllah my Bey.

He will survive, InshaAllah.

He is my companion.

He is my confidant.

We survived many
troubles with him.

We will keep going with
him shoulder to shoulder.

My Bey, what about
Ismihan Hatun?

Which part of this
issue is she in?

When people heard that she
is against the conquest,

The number of people who want
to join the Sisters reduced.

She wanted to leave us alone.

Turgut, Bayindir.

This is just the beginning.

Konur Alp was also seen
behind Ismihan Sultan.

Why didn't you count him, dad?

May I come in, my Bey?

Come in.

My Bey.

I don't know how dare
he came here, but,

we brought him to you.

Tell me.

I heard where they
keep Aktemur, my Bey.


We will keep beating
them with our tricks.

But we will be careful.

We will not give up on our cause of
order of the world, even for a moment.


Now go away!

It's my first mistake but
you're sending me away.

-Turgut Bey was right.
-I said go away!

Ismihan Sultan will want
you to oppose against me.

Seek for her help.
Go and obey her.

You will learn
everything we need.

We know where Aktemur is now.

Thanks to Allah.

But your duty isn't over yet.

Give it to me.

You go back to your
duty in Sogut.

As you order, my Bey.

You will gain Ismihan
Hatun’s trust.

You should know every
step that she will take.

My Bey, I'd like to see my
brother before I leave.

My brothers...

...didn’t let me see him as
they didn’t know our plan.

Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in!

Salaam aleykum.

Aleykum salam.

-My brother.

-My Bey.

We will take revenge from those
who did this to you and Aktemur.

InshaAllah, my Bey.

Brother, give me your pardon
in this world and Qiyamah.

You acted so well that I
couldn't see the truth.

You have it, brother.

Thanks to Allah for
these days, brothers.

May Allah not let us
leave this holy path.

We’re hungry, huh?

You ate nothing at all to
take care of Boran, huh?

You see, Boran?

Cerkutay cares about
you more than meals.

Yes, brother.

My dear brother.


You will make me cry now.

Where is Gurbuz Alp?


Where is Gurbuz Alp?

All the meal is gone.

It’s all gone.

The meal is gone, brothers.

-Let’s go, brother.
-Let’s go.

Gurbuz Alp, stop!


The rest is mine.


Gurbuz Alp, I'm about
to feel hungry.

Ulgen Hatun doesn't
give me food.

Let me eat that.

Now put the thing
in your hand...


Brother, you know...

I love bulgur with meat.

Stop, stop!

Stop, stop, stop!

I know. I know.

That's Cerkutay.

What is he doing?

I know.

You love it too.

But you can't do this. I
love it more than you do!

Is he talking to himself?

I love it.

I miss it.

I look forward to it.


Did he say that to me?

My Allah!

Oh... You say so?

Have I got lucky?

Cerkutay loves me too?

He does! He’s practicing
to talk to me.


I go mad when I don’t eat.

I rise with fury!

This is only enough for me.

Go away!

You finished it, finished it!

Look at me.

If you don’t give it to me,
I will rise with fury too.

You took the apple from me
this morning, remember?


Go bring an apple to me now.

So I will share the
meal with you.

Seriously? An apple?

I will find you a fine
apple for you, brother.

But stay here.

Stay here.


Juicy apple.

Apple. Apple!

You will pay for
this, Gurbuz Alp.

I’ve got lucky today!


We’ll get married soon.

We can have a double wedding.

A double wedding with
Alcicek and Aktemur Bey.

We can’t.

Oh Aktemur Bey... Where are you?

Your beloved is marrying someone else.
Where are you?

My Sheikh.

The distress in my heart
has spread in your heart.

You came to heal me?

Welcome. Welcome, my Sheikh.

-Take a seat.

(In the name of Allah)

You are scared, Osman Bey.

I know, you are scared.

I want to walk on the
way of Hadhrat Ibrahim.

I want to destroy
all those idols...

...with my own hands, my Sheikh.

I want to, but...

Today's idols are
invisible and cannot...

...be touched by our
hands, right, Osman Bey?

Even my brother fell into
the trap of those idols.

He boasts about it.

He thinks he is the
victor when he wins.


I'm afraid of not being able to
break those idols, my Sheikh.

If you have this fear
in your heart...

...you should be
happy, Osman Bey.

Because without this
fear, you can’t win.

The moment when you are
the most victorious...

...is when the test is
the most difficult.

Think about Battle of Hunayn.

The first battle after
Mecca's conquest.

The Muslims were victorious
again, my Sheikh.

But they almost lost.

While Rasulullah (PBUH) had
even conquered Mecca...

...all his victories in
Hunayn would be in vain.

Hunayn was the
battle in which...

...the army of Rasulullah (PBUH) was...

...both very numerous and equipped
with the sharpest swords.

They looked very strong.

But some of them
declared that...

...they had won before
they even fought.

On that day, they said,
"Who can defeat us?”

This question went against
the efforts shown for Allah.

When the battle was over...

...Allah said in Towbah surah...

(In the name of Allah)


...Allah has given you victory on many
battlefields, even at the Battle of Hunain...

...when you took pride
in your great numbers...

...but they proved of
no advantage to you.

The earth, despite
its vastness...

...seemed to close in on you...

...then you turned
back in retreat.

What about me?

What should I do, my Sheikh?

Be afraid of Allah’s furor...

...and expect His rahmah (mercy),
that will be enough Osman Bey.

People tend to forget...

...you and your army
must not forget that...

...small forces vanquished
mighty armies for many times.

When you are few against the
enemy, remember Badr...

...and remember Hunayn when there
are many of you, Osman Bey.

Osman Bey.

Don’t forget.

It was the imaan...

...of the believers who won...

...in Badr and their
surrender to Allah.

In Hunayn, despite all
their strength...

...they almost lost because of
a moment of carelessness...

...a moment of arrogance.

Now we are going
through the same test.

We are being tested by
our nafs, my Sheikh.

Servants are always tested, Osman Bey.
What are we here for?

But you should know...

As long as one holds on to...

...the rope of Allah, he
will always be victorious.

The ones who are deceived
by their nafs...

...will live in disgrace.

You are right, my Sheikh.

Osman Bey holds us responsible
for the attack on...

...the headquarters even
before questioning others.

As if that was not enough,
he wants Inegol, which we...

..watered with the
blood of martyrs.

But I won't give it to him!

I will not give a single
piece of land under my rule!

What are we going to do, my Bey?

Are we going to draw our
swords against our brothers?

We will do what is necessary!

If you are worried about
it, you can leave!

You are showing them the
door to take them out.

What are you going to show to the one
who wants to come in, Turgut Bey?

Your furor?

Kumral Abdal. -Please.

Sit down, my Turgut Bey.

Aren't you fighting to sit
on that chair anyway?

Don’t you stand up.

You will hurt me
if you stand up.

It is clear from your anger
that you are hurt...

...because I wanted to
take what I deserved.

But let me answer your question.

All these fights are not because
of my love of throne...

...but because of Osman
Bey’s injustice.

I did not come here to gossip
about Osman Bey, Turgut...


When one takes off the
clothes of love...

...he gets dressed in the
clothes of the nafs.

The clothes of your nafs
does not look good on you.

You are on the wrong way.

I came here to tell you that.

Now my Kumral Abdal
sees it wrong.

Neither property nor gold can
get in the way of my da'wah.

I am walking on this path to
spread the name of Allah.

I will always walk on that way!

Is this the reason why you insisted on keeping
your properties and caused duality, Turgut?

The properties I have acquired are
the symbols, trophies of my da'wah.

They are halal. Why
would I be embarrassed?

Your tongue and your heart are
telling different things, Turgut.

If you go to war
like this now...

...if an arrow...

...hits your chest...

...you will die, Turgut.

Turgut, whom I knew
before, would not die.

Because lovers do not die.

But you would die, Turgut.

You are careless.

Wake up from your sleep
of carelessness.

Wear the dress of love.

Careless ones die.

Lovers do not die, Turgut!

Alps. Come on, we are leaving.

My Bey.

My Bey, let us come with you.

We cannot just sit here.

Ayse Hatun, sorry.

We did this without you knowing.

But I will save my
nephew Aktemur.

I will take him to you safe and sound.
Don’t worry.

InshaAllah. May
Allah protect you.

EyvAllah. Alps. On your horses.

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Keep giving gold to merchants,
Beys and people, Avci Bey.

I want people to know where
the gold is coming from.

Merchants should know who
they should trade with.

Do your job well, Avci.

Give gold to those
who want gold.

Give horses to those
who want horses.

Give weapons to those
who want weapons.

We sent the immigrants to
near tribes, my Sultan.

We sow discord

...among Karacahisar Beys.


This will be useful later on.

-Did you send news to Olof?
-Yes, my Sultan.

Aktemur's head

...will burn Yenisehir
as if it is fire.

Didn't your Osman Bey
come to save you?

He left someone who
became a prisoner

...in charge of the city.

Osman does not deserve anything.

You dastard.

You are underestimating us.

That girl...

Alcicek, for whom
you got caught.

Do you know where she is now?

I told you not to say her name.

At her wedding.


...does not value you that much.

Do you expect me
to believe that?


What a shame.

As you are dying here slowly,

...she is getting married.

I will take you from Osman.

You will be the first
thing he loses.

Do you want to say goodbye?

So soon?

I was going to skin him.


...I will send you to hell.

I bear witness that there
is none worthy of worship

...except Allah and I bear witness that
Muhammad(PBUH) is His servant and Messenger.


Hell is for people like you.



Don't do this, Osman!

You will say the same things when
I put my sword on your neck.

But I will not show mercy.





Are you okay?

Are you okay? Yes, you are okay.

Alps, help. We are
going to Yenisehir.

-My Bey.

We are going somewhere else.

Listen to me carefully.

Who stopped the army I sent
to help Commander Olof?

Which one of you?


-Emperor Andronikos...
-So it was you.

You stopped it.

Tell me.

Where is Andronikos?

He is not here.

Who is here?


You are not serving
Byzantine anymore.

To prove your loyalty to me,

...kill this traitor.


Who knows for how many years
you were friends with him.

You killed him

without a question,
without even objecting.

Can I trust you?

Yes sir.


All of the armies are
under your command.

I want you to send

one of your best troops to Olof.

-Yes, sir.

Bring all of the agreements
Andronikos made with Osman.

-Right now.
-Right away, sir.

So, Olof.

If you expect someone
else to help you

you'll regret it in the end.

You couldn't keep a Soubashi.

They gave you a task.

But you messed it up.

Okay, I didn't say anything.

We tortured Soubashi so bad.

Until he heals,

I'll take my woman and
settle in my tent.

Why are you here if
you have a wedding?

Ismihan Sultan ordered me.

She got angry that

you let them take Soubashi.

I calmed her down.


Until we hear from
Valide Sultan,

you won't make any move.

I'm here to tell you this.

As long as she gives
me what I want,

I will do as Ismihan
Sultan says.

Go and tell this to her.


Let's go then.

It's not right for a groom to
keep them waiting. Come on.

It makes me sorrowful
to see you like this.

Why are you torturing
yourself, Alcicek Hatun?

I thought I was leaning against
an indestructible mountain.

The mountain collapsed.

And I stayed under it.

I died, Esma.

I don't care about anything.

Get up, come on.

Just run away.

Don't do this to yourself.

I've accepted my fate, Esma.

Don't be sorry for me.

My beautiful girl.

You look so pretty.

May your beautiful eyes
not drop any more tears.

My baby girl.

Whatever I did, I did
it for your good.

Remember this.

Here, my Bey.

I got what I wanted, huh?

You did, my Bey.
MashaAllah, mashaAllah.

Well, I've got everything
that I want so far.

My Sultan.

You made us happy
with your arrival.

Thank you, Bayindir.

MashaAllah, everyone is here.

Where is Osman Bey?

We sent him the invitation. But I
don't know if he comes, my Sultan.

This is not appropriate.

A great frontier Bey...

...leaves his...

...two important beys...

...alone in their happiest day?

You see, right, Beys?

Not every man...

...can’t be a statesman.

A Bey should put his
personal matters aside.

You know Osman better
than we do, Turgut Bey.

You've fought with
him for years.

And he just crossed you
out with his arrogance.

The man who did this to you...

Whether he comes to
the wedding or not...

Osman Bey is coming!

Osman Bey...

Saalam Aleykum.

Aleykum Salam.

What happened?

Didn't you expect to see us?

Welcome, my Bey.

We didn't know you were coming.

But you did the right
thing and came here.

Thank you.

So, where is the bride?

She'll come here
soon, Malhun Hatun.

If that's the case,

then let's sit here.

Malhun, come here.

MashaAllah, my daughter.

My Alcicek.

Your fortune is as
beautiful as your face.

Bengi Hatun, Osman Bey is here.

You're here Osman, is that so?

Let me see.

Come on.

Alcicek. MashaAllah. Let's go.

Bala Hatun, where are we going?

What's going on?

Hurry up, we will
take you to Aktemur.

To Aktemur who left me behind?

I'll scream there is a fire now!

Girl, he almost died for you.

While Aktemur coming for you,
the enemies kidnapped him.

He is not himself right now.
He is not conscious right now.

Are you serious, Bala Hatun?

-No buts.

Alcicek, you do not want
this marriage, I know.

You do it because you have to.

But as long as we are here,

...no one will marry a
person they don't want.

Your mother will come. Come on.

I know it since the first day.
You love Aktemur.

You still love him.

Are you serious?

No, we are joking.

Of course we are serious.
Come on.

Come on.

-Who is with Osman Bey?
-Malhun Hatun and his Alps.

Bala Hatun is not there?

Where is she?

If Bala Hatun is not with him...

Osman did not come
here to congratulate.

They will kidnap Alcicek.

Come on.

Let the Alps know.
Close the doors.

Come on.

Open the door.

Break it!

Don’t, Alcicek.

Don't do this to us.

Don't, daughter.


The person who will let us
out is here, Bala Hatun.

We should hurry.

Ulgen, let Osman Bey know.

Come on, Alcicek.

Because we could
not get the girl,

...did you think we would turn our
backs to you, Ismihan Sultan?

You surprise me, Osman Bey.

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Don't be surprised.

You haven't seen anything yet.

I see that

...my presence unsettles you.

You are wondering
what I will say.

I hope you did not
do something wrong.

What you think is
wrong, is our right.

You cannot pay the price

...for what you did.

No one among you can
make me pay a price.

Your games, disloyalty,


don't make us lose anything.

Not love, nor patriotism.

Oktem Bey!

They kidnapped Alcicek.

Alcicek and Aktemur are
having a wedding tomorrow.



At Inegol Castle, which Gunduz
Bey spilled his blood for.

You are all invited
to our wedding.

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