Kurulus Osman Episode 108 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 108 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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No one got hurt, right, Hatuns?

An unexpected person
helped us, my Bey.

Alcicek's aide locked
the door on Bengi.

Thus we left quietly.

Bengi Hatun must have gone mad.

Alcicek's aide is a
pretty good girl, my Bey.

What about you, my Bey? How could
you survive all those spears?

When we told them we put flying
flames around the citadel,

they had to let us go.

Of course not, we wouldn't do
such a thing to our own property.

But their suspicion was
enough for us, my Bey.

They must have learned
the truth after we left.

But Bengi will
surely make a move.

Then we will take precautions.

Take precautions.

And as we promised
for the wedding,

we will go to take Inegol.

And InshaAllah our wedding
will take place on Inegol.

-My Bey.

Do it by force if you
can't do it gently.

Tell Alps to go to the tribe.

Let them take the battering
ram and the siege weapons.

Your wish is my command.

Come on.

My Bey. Will we
fight Turgut Bey?

First, Turgut Bey.
But for our Da'wah,

we will fight the whole
world if needed.

Come on.

They will all see.

They will all pay for

kidnapping my woman.


First of all, talk properly.

Alcicek is not your woman.

She is my daughter.

She was going to be, we
prepared a wedding ceremony.

You will not defend Osman
Bey against me, I guess?

Bayindir Bey!

Bayindir Bey is
right, Oktem Bey.

Osman Bey crossed the line

by kidnapping Alcicek.

We have to drown them all
for crossing the line.

They broke the
promise I was given.

You made that promise.

They broke your promise!

And now, we will crush them

This will not end like this.

Enough, Bengi. Enough.

All this happened
because of you.

As for you, Bayindir,

I understand that you're angry.

I know. Your pride was hurt.

But Alcicek is not your
woman, she is my daughter.

I will do what is necessary.

Don't you dare
question me again.

I won't care about all the
years we spent together.

You can only show
your teeth to us.

We are nothing in Sultan's eyes.

He couldn't stay in the
citadel because of anger.

And you, Oktem Bey.

-You couldn't protect your daughter!


Tell Alps to equip weapons.

We will go to Yenisehir.

You won't come, Bayindir.

I am going to take my daughter.

You have nothing to do there.


As you wish, Oktem Bey.

As you wish.


My conscience defeated me.

I should have killed Aktemur
myself before giving him to Olof.

But better late than never.

I will rip off that dog's
heart with my own hands!

Come on!

I thought he left.

I thought he was
scared and ran away.

But they tortured him a lot.

He would come.

Otherwise he would come.

He would.

Are these yours?

It is Aktemur's gift.

Wear it.

You're awake. You're awake.

Son? My Allah,
thank you my Rabb.

You're awake.

Look who's here.

Your uncle kidnapped Alcicek from
her wedding and brought her to you.


You're fine, right?


Come on. You two should talk.

I'll wait outside.

What are you thinking
about Turgut Bey?

Are you worried about
your property?

We gathered more Alps and
positioned the archers.

-We have taken all of the precautions.

When there is Sultan,
Bey's decision is null.

By increasing the precautions,

you're wasting your
time, Turgut Bey.

If you knew Osman Bey
as much as I do,

you would know we'll need
precautions, my Sultan.

I know Osman Bey very well.

You don't know me.


You should take
precautions, of course.

Because when words
are not enough,

swords will talk.

I still think that
precaution is necessary.

If Osman Bey thinks that he is right,
he will never listen to reason.

Then we will talk as he wishes.

Osman Bey will die at
his slightest mistake.

Let him come.

It's a noisy arrival. Apparently,
you have bad intentions, Osman Bey.

No. I am good intentioned.

You came here to take a
castle that Turgut Bey...

...deserves since he risked all
his presence to have that.

Is this your good intention?

You are right.

The castle belongs to Turgut
Bey as long as he deserves it.


...he doesn't deserve it.

You do not know your limits!

You can't make that decision!

I did many things that you said
I could not, Ismihan Sultan.

Now you will leave the castle.

The era that you freely
ruled has ended...

...the day I stepped
on these lands.

The only ruler of these lands is
the ferman of Sultan Alaaddin.

Inegol castle is given
to Turgut Bey...

...with this ferman.

Turgut Bey is not the
only ruler of Inegol...

...he is the one who
owns it, with no doubt.

Inegol is mine.

Why do you insist?

Let justice serve, Osman Bey.

My Sultan.

My brother became a
martyr for these lands.

I killed my...

...biggest enemy,
Nikola, on these lands.

I have been dreaming of
these lands for years.

And I have been
showing effort...

...for this place for years.


...you cannot come with a piece
of paper and take it from me.

Are you opposing
to Sultan's will?

As you said..

...he did not obey our words
or the paper we brought.


Now I am asking you again.

Are you opposing
to Sultan's will?

Can you risk it?

You can't even imagine
the things I would risk.

You cannot even imagine
the things I can do.

Do not mistake me
for someone else.

I am not a vizier that
comes with an order...

...and I am not a
Mongol commander.

I am Ismihan Sultan!

Whoever you are..

...I will not leave these lands
without shedding blood...

...that I took by
shedding blood.

Is that so?

You will lose more than
your blood, Osman Bey.

We have a guest.

Emperor's Deputy and
Heir, Dear Kantakuzenos.


Do not make me shed the
blood of my brothers. Move!


Drop your swords!


Your mother came! Your father came!
Come on!

Alcicek, come on!

Bengi Hatun!

You should know that you can not
call anyone like this in my kiosk.

How dare you abduct our daughter
from her wedding, Malhun Hatun?

Which laws do you obey?

Oktem Bey... You are a wise man.

You know that Osman Bey would
not do this without a purpose.

Is this the right way, Bala Hatun?
Tell me.

My daughter told her mother
that she would marry Bayindir.

Is this the right
way, Bala Hatun?

Oktem Bey...

I guess someone is preventing
you from seeing the truth.

Aktemur and Alcicek
love each other.

We know the right way
to do something.

We sent messengers and
came to your door.

But you did not keep
your promise...

...and made us do this.

Do you want your daughter to live her life
with a man who she does not love, Oktem Bey?

Come on. Drop your swords,
let's solve this issue.

We will not listen to your
meaningless words now!

Alps! Attack anyone
who stands in your way!




My daughter.

Let's go.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Osman Bey..

As you can see, we are
representing two states here.

You have to..

...make an agreement with
us for your own good.

You didn't seem so confident when you
were asking for my help, Kantakuzenos.

Your title looks good on you.

Those who live in the past
only talk about the past.

Now I am right in front of you.

And we will make an agreement.


But we build our future
by thinking about past.

Do not forget that.

What is that agreement?
Tell me now.

Dear Sultan can tell
you, if she wishes.

This is Konya.

And this is the Constantine.

And there is you in between.

So we are holding the table up.

And you are carving
it from the middle.

We will end this now.

Your presence is harming
these lands, Osman Bey.

If you have power, it's because you
took it from both of our states.

The things you do only
bring tears and blood...

...on these lands.

Are you going to provide peace?

When did the one whose only
concern is the throne...

...the greed for power...


...benefit the people?

Your only concern is to
strengthen your position.

Challenging words for a man...

...who took his own Bey's
property just because...

...he thought differently
from himself.

Karacahisar, Kulucahisar...

...and Bilecik Castles...

You will give those
castles to me.

And Byzantine will keep the
trade taxes of those castles.

The caravans will work
with the Constantine.

And we want the same thing
for Sogut and Yenisehir.

Anyway, these will be the only ones left
in your hand after we make an agreement.

You want me to give
the land that I...

...took with blood on paper.

You want me to give you the places that
reaches the heart of our enemies like a ram.

And you also want my head.


We stated the conditions of the
agreement nicely, Osman Bey.

Ten thousand horsemen are
ready to enter Yenisehir.

They are waiting
for your decision.

Do not make me do it.

A thousand knights and five thousand
soldiers are waiting for my orders.

Osman Bey, we are
here for peace.

Please, do not ask for blood.

I do not want blood.

I do not feed on blood.


...if you want to send me
away from my own homeland...

...I will make sure that
there is no land left.

Without me...

...this will be the
result of the agreement.

I will announce my
decision tomorrow.


Are you okay?

If you did something
to her,

...I will burn down
this mansion and you!

You do not know me yet.

You have not seen anything yet.


I will burn each of you.

Speak carefully, hatun.

Who would do something
to Alcicek?

I was so scared, Aktemur.

I cried so much.

I thought you had left me

...and you had run away.

While I was coming to you,

...I ended up in hell.

That dog Olof

...said that the girl I loved

...would marry Bayindir.

I did not believe him.

But you...


You believed that I got scared

...and that I left you.

You believed everything

...but you did not
believe that I love you.


Take off those earrings.

From now on, cry for Bayindir.


-Let's go.
-Let's go, daughter.

Come on. This disgrace is over.

You are out of your line,

...I am about to run
out of patience.

Let's go.

Aktemur, what is going on?

Where did Alcicek go?

It was my decision.

I told her to go.

Osman Bey kidnapped a girl
from the Sultan's wedding

...and you told her to go, huh?


Aktemur. What does that mean?

How could you do
this to Alcicek?

Give me your pardon in
this world and Qiamah.

I am sorry.


...I do not believe
that Alcicek loves me.

She let me down.

The Alcicek I loved

...would do everything

...to avoid marring him.


I do not want to talk
about this anymore.


I named you lltutan.

Because we would take all
those cities together.

But they are all
trying to destroy us.

They want what we have.

Your noble horseshoes would
crush many heathens.

They are working with the heathens
and they want our homeland.

I do not carry this sword

...or make you wear
armour for no reason.

This will not be easy.

What was taken with blood

...can only be taken back with blood.

They are threatening
not only us,

...but they are threatening
many innocent people, too.

No. We will never surrender.

We will never surrender.

What if...

What if I am doing this because
they think I am scared?

No. I am not afraid
to be afraid.

They can think whatever
they want to think.

If I don't accept,

...two states will
be against us.

Our dreams of a new state
will be lost forever.


If I give the forts,

...I will still have
moves against them.

Those who are afraid
gave up already.

Those who are on our side

...will risk their lives.

What about surrendering?

What if those who
are on my side...

What if their dreams
are crushed, too?

What happens then?


Think, Osman.


This is a tough decision.

Oh no.

My Rabb,

...my Rabb.

My Almighty Rabb,

...please help...

...this helpless man.

There is fire ahead of us

...and flood behind us. My Rabb.

Please show mercy.

YOU are All-Knowing
and The Omniscient.

My Rabb.

Show me the way.

Help me.



There's still no news
from Osman Bey, but...

...we need to be cautious.


You're thinking about
what Aktemur did?

He even stood against me, Bala.

Despite all your
efforts, he says...

...he doesn't want.

I'm thinking about what
to tell Osman Bey.

There's nothing to do
if he doesn't want.

Should they be unhappy just
because we gave effort?

Or do something
they don't want...

...just because they're
afraid of Osman Bey?

Let's hope this is the
best for all of us.

You're right.

When Osman Bey is back...

...with good news,

...I will discuss
this matter with him.


May I come?

I've news for you. But not good.

Kantakouzenos and Ismihan
are working together.

They demand citadels and
castles with an agreement.

What are you talking
about, Samil?

What does Osman Bey
say about this?

-I don't know.
-How could they do that?

They are in battle formation.

They're talking about thousands of
cavalries and knights, Malhun Hatun.

Aktemur! Alps!

Aktemur, arm the alps. We
have a tough situation.

Thousands will attack us.

-As you order, Malhun Hatun.
-Not only alps,

...but also merchants,
pupils and everyone!

-Kutlu, go to the madrasah immediately.
-Alright, my Bey.

Ayse, go tell the sisters
to get prepared.

Dursun Faqih, send a message to all the
dervishes around Sogut and Yenisehir.

We expect everyone who is with
us to stand beside us now.

Malhun, are we sure that Osman
Bey will decide to fight?

How could you think
the opposite, Bala?

We can't surrender.

You never know what
Osman Bey would do.

I don't want to
surrender either.


We don't know how many they are.

They're talking about thousands.

Samil, send a message to Boran.

Dig ditches around Yenisehir.
Reinforce the walls.

Bring alps near Sogut here.

We can't defend Sogut
while Ismihan is there.

As you order, Malhun Hatun.

Come on! It's time to move!


We've fought together for years.

Do you really think that
we could surrender?

Not surrendering, but retreating.
You can take back what you give.

But if you lose your life
during the battle by that time,

...there will be nothing
left to take back.

These lands are taken with
lives and given with lives.

That's how it works.

But even if we are to retreat,

...I should take measures
as the mother of the state.

I can't risk it.


Mother, I want to
go to Karacahisar.

I can't surrender
my city to anybody.

Send a message to Karacahisar and
tell them the reinforce the defense.

You had better stay here
until your father is back.

Will we surrender the
citadels, mother?

Even I can’t know what
you father will do, son.

Neither can the enemy.

Don't worry.

We will overcome this somehow.

Don't be upset.

EyvAllah, mother.

I'll go help with the letters
to be written to the dervishes.

Dursun Faqih should
get them quickly.

Alright. Go.

Since Suleyman Shah...

...and Ertugrul Ghazi, our
purpose has been to gain lands.

Now you are giving
up on the lands...

...and going back, huh?

Who says we are giving up?
Who said that?

Look at this excitement.
Who is giving up?

You've been around for years. Have
you ever seen someone giving up?

If you give up,

...then the collapse will begin.

I can't live forever.

Old fox is never
afraid of an axe.

I'm just afraid for you.

Don't be worrying about us.

One born to fight is never
afraid of being a martyr.

We will advance.

Fine. Fine, guys.
But look at us.

We are just a few here.

Turgut Bey, Oktem Bey,
Bayindir Bey are all gone.

There is a path but
no men to walk on it.

If there is a path to walk
on, we can find men to walk.

Don’t worry.

We can't fight against our fate.

Without effort, you can
hope nothing from the fate.

Alps, where is Osman Bey?

Osman Bey is coming!

Join the council now. I have
important things to say.

Sultan doesn't trust Osman Bey.

Now that she's recruited so many
soldiers and deployed in Sogut,

...she thinks Osman Bey won't
surrender the castles.

What do you think, my Bey? You
think he will surrender them?

We will see, Kutan.

We will see.

Wait. They don't know
what they are doing.

You can't even distinguish
the ally from the enemy!

How can you protect me?

How can you fight for me?

You can't even be
dogs at my door!

Cut their heads off immediately.

Until soldiers who are worthy
of watching my door are found,

...you will watch my door, Avci!

Come in, Turgut Bey.

I will start the council,

With Holy Allah's 99 Names Who hold us responsible
not for the victory but for the expedition.



We need more than
the Bey council.

Open tha doors, let
everybody hear.

Call everybody here.

Before I talk,

I want to hear you first.


If you decide to fight,
I'll support you Osman Bey.

If you decide to give up on the
citadels, I'll support you.

It is not the right
time to oppose.

My Bey, we set off to die, so it will be hard for
us to explain if we go back to our tribe alive.

We'll do as you say.

We were suspicious about
the righteous one.

They are after your lands which
you earned by sword, Osman Bey.

You are the righteous one.

We will support you to death.

I said goodbye to my woman.

I asked for my child's pardon.

My Alps are ready, I'm
waiting for your order.

Our lives are our
trust, Osman Bey.

If it is the time to
deliver our trust,

we will do so.

My Bey, may my Rabb help
us through this test.

I'm all yours, my Bey.

I swore to follow you to death.

The time has come.

This is my second life, my Bey.

You saved the first one.

I'm ready to sacrifice the
second one for Da'wah.

I have nothing to say, my Bey.

You'll see me in
the battlefield.

As long as I have brave
people like you,

as long as I have
devotees like you,

no one can beat us.

Thank you. MashAllah.

Now I will tell my decision.

Osman doesn't have
enough men and weapon.

We control his trade routes.

So he can't oppose us.

And if he does,

he knows that he will be ruined.

I rule the Beys and Beyliks.

If Osman seeks help,

he won’t find it, Kantakouzenos.

Osman cannot deal with
this burden alone.

He has no choice but to
hand over the castles.

What do you think, Turgut Bey?

Do you think Osman will
hand over the castles?

Osman Bey I know can
sacrifice his life,

his head,

but cannot give up on his lands.
It won't be that easy.

Then we will kill him first,

and then take the castles.

But first I need to see someone.

You all wonder what
I'm going to say.

But know that, my
decision is certain.

My lands, Karacahisar,


and Bilecik castle.

I will

hand over them to
Ismihan Sultan.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ArDirilisErtugrul.net/v ::..........

Scatter all of the
armies you gathered.

Everyone can go to
his tribe slowly.

-Osman Bey.
-Don't do it my Bey.

-My Bey.
-My Bey, don't do this.

-My Bey, don't do this.
-Don't do this my Bey.

You told me that "your
wish is my commnand."

And this is my command.

You will obey.

Inform Ismihan Sultan.

Send messengers to the
citadels and castles.

Alps will hand over the
castles without fighting.

No one will provoke the Sultan

and everyone will
come to Yenisehir.

Your wish is my command.

The council is over.

Come on.

Osman Bey,

...you are the Bey of Kayi.

How can you give all these forts

...that our martyrs
blood was spilled for?

Father. Don't.

We are hurting.

All these Beys say that
they will support you.

Why don't you, father?


There is a time for everything.

When the time comes,

...you will understand me.

I did not expect
this decision, Beys.

We are risking our lives
but he is not, Beys.

Osman Bey cannot risk his life.

He is just worried about you.
Not for himself.

Don't blame him.

It is not his duty to
think about my life.

Ismihan Sultan was right, Beys.

How can he give a fort
without blood being spilled?

This is not right.

You are right.

He disappointed us.

Turgut Bey chose the right side.

We were wrong, Beys.

It does not make sense
wasting time here.

Come on, let's go to our tribes.


...what have you become?

My Bey.

My Bey.

I have news.

Alcicek Hatun...

You cannot talk about
this publicly!

Tell me now. What is the news?

Alcicek Hatun...

Tell me already!

My Bey, Alcicek Hatun
came back home.

When Oktem Bey went to get her,

...Alcicek Hatun was
preparing to come back home.

What are you saying?

I wonder what happened.

My Bey, I have
another good news.

One more, Huseyin?

Tell me.

I heard from the Beys that
left the council, my Bey.

Osman Bey will give
back the castles.

Oh, Osman Bey.

You are just a small Bey

...and you are going
against the greet Seljuks.

You will see now

...what will happen to you.

If you are in love,
why don't you say it?

Are you talking to
me, Ulgen Hatun?

What? No.

I don’t know what l
am talking about.


I will ask you something.

There is a girl in our tribe.

And that girl is in
love with someone.

That girl heard the boy

...talking to himself.

The boy was saying that
he loves the girl.

To himself. As if
he was practicing.

I told the girl to wait.

I told her that the boy would
tell her that he loves her.

Did he?


He did not say anything.

But he walks around the girl.

But he cannot look her in the
eyes and say that he loves her.

-Maybe he is shy. What?

Why would a grown man be.shy?

Is he really?

I cannot believe this.


Go away.

Before my Bey sends
me on a mission,

...I wanted to eat something.


Did she forgive me?

-Ulgen Hatun.
-Yes, Cerkutay?

Just say it. What are
you waiting for?

Say it already!

This isn't enough for me.

Will she give if I
ask for more food?

I am...


-I'll tell you something.

Ulgen, slow down.

Cerkutay, yes?

I'm listening. Say it.

No. She will even take mine
if I ask for more food.

No. Just eat, Cerkutay.

No, I can't say it.

I can't believe it!

He just couldn't say two words.

If I say wait for him...
He'll only come to my grave!

Unlucky me!

Ismihan Sultan, my Bey
accepted your offer.

He's surrendering the citadels.

I'm here to let you know.

We are retreating.

I'm happy that your Bey
chose the right way.

Send my regards to him.

This will be the
best for all of us.

Where did the wrong
way take you?

To me.

You've finally chosen the
right side, huh, Beys?

We've seen the truth, my Sultan.

We are in your presence.

Shall I punish you
for coming late?

Or reward you for coming...

...no matter what?

Whatever you desire, my Sultan.

Osman Bey never gave
you what you deserved.

I'll prove that I'm
the right side.

I will give you the lands...

...that I've taken from him.

We don't deserve this, my Sultan.
Pardon us.

I'm not Osman Bey. I never
give unjust decisions.

Stand up.

Uraz Bey, Karacahisar
is yours now.

Sahin Bey.

Bilecik is yours now.

Demirhan Bey.

I believe you will rule
Kulucahisar justly.

I Hope for the best.

May Allah not let me
fail you, my Sultan.

May Allah be pleased with you.

May Allah protect you and
our state, my Sultan.

Now go and settle
in your castles.

And never forget..

...whose shadow you are under.

If you forget, I
will be the sun...

...and burn you.

Salim Bey.

You did a good job.

You proved your loyalty.

My loyalty is only
to you, my Sultan.

They already pledged loyalty
to you in the yard.

It's just official now.

If Osman Bey hadn't
surrendered the castles,

...their faith wouldn't
be broken now.

This is our power.

It shall not be questioned.

Your orders, my Sultan?

Salim Bey.

Make the best of the high
position I provided for you...

...in Konya.

I'm always at your
service, my Sultan.

Osman is not a man who would...

...retreat and
leave his castles.

He must have a plan.

Not this time.

We drove Osman into such a tight
corner that he had no other options.

He was going to be destroyed
or surrender the castles.

I will be prepared for
his moves, anyway.

And when I find a chance,

I'm offering you an
eternal war, Olof.

You can shed blood until there is
nobody left to take revenge from.

But you will need weapons
and soldiers for this.

Now, I'm powerful enough
to give you that.

I know.

I know.

That's why I've decided
to become a Christian...

...to shed Muslim blood...

...with you in battles.

You'll be truly born only after
you meet Jesus Christ, Olof.

I knew you'd find the right way.

So I've brought priests with me.

Olof, you buried your
old life with baptism.

You revived for your new life.
May Jesus bless you.

Life is weird.

When I started the day...

...my God was Odin.

But now...

...I will breathe for Father,
Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our bond is much stronger now.

We will get rid of Muslims
on these lands together now.

My Bey, can I come in?

Come in.

My Bey. We gave the
castles to our Beys.

We lost too much blood
to take those lands.

It was not enough,
we died for them.

We will never give them.

Ismihan thinks she will let her
loyal Beys sit on the throne.

But I sent the Beys to Ismihan.

I planned a game
in another game.

Ismihan took the bait.

You cannot buy those who
live for their da'wah.

You can not make those whose hearts burn with the
da'wah of glorifying Allah's words leave the right way.

Those Beys who seem to
be loyal to Ismihan...

...are actually loyal
to us, to our da'wah.

They think they
took the castles...

...and had their men sit on the
throne and they are happy.

The castles are still
the land of Turks.

The enemies can do
whatever they want.

As long as my Beys are there...

...we will be ruling.

It won't be enough
for Ismihan Sultan.

She will want Yenisehir.

She will. She made a
mess in the palace.

It was not enough, she
now wants our lands.

But we know how to
make her give up.

There is time for everything.

They have made their moves.

Now they think they won.

But we made our move in advance.

With my Allah's
consent and mercy...

...InshaAllah we will win.

-InshaAllah my Bey.

What must happen will happen.

Come on Alps.



Empty the yard.

Are you still crying
for Soubashi?

You already disgraced us on the day of your
wedding, wasn't it enough, my daughter?

Who am I talking to?

Who am I talking to, Alcicek?

Is this how you
keep your promise?



Don't you see her? -Oktem Bey!

Why are you saying these things right now?
-We are late!

If this girl did not
listen to us...

...we know why.

-Look at my face!

Do you want to see the grave
you put your daughter in?

Come on, see it.

You should watch your
daughter's funeral and enjoy.

But you should know...

...you are the reason
of everything!

Bengi! -Let her do it!

Let her, father.

Let her hit me.

But slapping me won't be enough.

Let me die.

Let me die, so you and
I will be both saved.

But if it's not going
to be enough for you...

...hold the dagger.

That's how you can
punish your daughter.

You made me give
up on Aktemur...

...and convinced me to be a
bride, I died that day, mother.

Kill me again, mother.

Kill me!



Oktem Bey!

Don't you dare raise
your hand again...

...just because I did
what you couldn't...

...or you can't even know
what I am going to do.

Enough. Enough.

Oktem Bey! Bayindir
Bey is coming!

Let him come.

Stand up, my daughter.

You will be very careful.

I do not want you to make any mistakes.
-Yes, my Bey.


MashaAllah, you are
taking more precautions.

But you are tiring yourself.

You should rest a little.

How can I, mother?

This is my duty.

I fell behind all this
time, for no reason.

What do you mean, for no reason?

What do you mean, Aktemur?

Didn’t you go against
me for this girl?

Didn't you tell me
that you loved her?

What now? There is no obstacle.
Your uncle brought her here.

Did you lose interest?


She gave up on me,

...she did not believe
that I loved her.

-But, son...
-No buts. Mother.

I was risking my life for her

...but she was getting
ready to marry Bayindir.

This is over.

Alcicek is in the past for me.

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Bring Bayindir Bey's gifts.

What does that mean, Oktem Bey?

Just because Osman
was disrespectful,

...I did not change my mind.

I still want Alcicek.

Don't, Bayindir.


I changed my mind.

I will not give my
daughter to you.

What are you saying, Oktem Bey?

Bengi Hatun, say something.

Bayindir Bey.

Everything is very fresh.

Let us think about
this for a while.

There is nothing to think about.

Consider Alcicek your
sister, Bayindir.

We did not have this wedding
because we wanted to, Oktem Bey.

I have seen Alcicek Hatun
as my sister for years.

This was Ismihan Sultan's order.

That's why we wanted her.

We know, Bayindir Bey.

But he is her father.

This decision cannot be rushed.

Right, Oktem Bey?

I have said what I said.

Let alone Ismihan Sultan,

...Even the Caliph came,

...I would not give my daughter.

A good visit is a
short one, Bayindir.

Take the gifts and go back.

If Ismihan Sultan wants
to put rose in it,

Tell her what I said, Bayindir.


I'll do as you say.

As you wish.



Thank you Father.

I'd die if you gave me to him.

Don't say such things, okay?

I won't do anything without
your knowledge again.

How is Osman now, Avci?

He was crushed under your power, my Sultan.
He is devastated.

I took his castles
and ruined him.

When the time comes, I'll
tear his heart apart.



is injured.

He won't stop.

Send messenger to Turgut.

Let him come to me.


You will inform one
more person too.

Ismihan Sultan thinks that

I will blindly let her take

the rights of

all those martyrs and veterans.

Her delusions will
put an end to her.

Everything has its time.

When the time comes, just
like any other hypocrite,

she will be hanged with
the rope of truth.

But in this path of truth,

you will have the
most work, guys.

Your wish is our
command, Osman Bey.

Uraz Bey.

The weakest point of
Karacahisar Castle

is the blind spot of the walls.

Fortify them as the
main entrance.

Demirhan Bey.

The weakest point of Kulucahisar

is its east gate.

Repair it well.

EyvAllah my Bey.

Sahin Bey.

The weakest point of Bilecik

is the north entrance.

Place three times
more archers there.

Your wish is my command, my Bey.

Don't make any move
without my knowledge.


Don't try to thrifty
about the material.

Because Ismihan Sultan
will pay for them.

Give people a lot of
money from the treasury.

They will be generous, thinking
that they will benefit from them.

-Yes, my Bey.
-Yes, my Bey.

Come on then.

May our holy war be mubarak.


Which guest are we waiting
for to eat, my Sultan?

Will Osman Bey come again,
are we waiting for him?

You wouldn't be so angry if
Osman Bey came, Turgut Bey.

Sit down, Turgut Bey.

We are not accustomed
to such respect.

Sit down.


No, I can't do that.

I cannot tolerate this!

In my presence,

if you make

one more move
without permission,

you both will lose your head.

I'd rather lose my head

than eat with this dastard

on the same table.

Pull yourself
together, Turgut Bey.

Olof is a Byzantium commander under
the command of Kantakouzenos.

Just as you are a commander
under my command.

I'd like to resign now.

I refuse it, Turgut Bey.

Then cut my head now!

There's no need for that.

Because you are smart enough
to forget about the past,

and think about the future.

Mongols plundered everywhere.

People need peace, not war.

And we need unity for that.

From now on, we
will work together.

Osman is not stopping,
Turgut Bey.

Olof placed his men
in the citadels.

Because the beys we
placed in the citadels...

...are still loyal to Osman.

He's achieving his goal.

What did you expect
Osman Bey to do?

-Osman won't stop.

If we are to build
only one order,

...we'll need unity.

I expect calmness and compliance
from you, Turgut Bey.


And compliance.

You're such a survivor, Sarkis.

Let's see how many more
disguises we will face you in.

Don't question the loyalty
of men with me, Olof.

If you do, I will question the lands that
Kantakouzenos didn't give you and you took from me...

...and your loyalty to him.

So you say...

The reason why we are
working with him...

...is the fact that Osman
Bey still has the castles.


This is the hardest
spot of the meat.

It cannot be cooked or eaten.

Just like the beys
who have abandoned us.

Cerkutay, chop these up and
put them into the soup.

As you order, my Bey.

Ya Allah.
(O Allah)

Don't eat it, but put
it into the soup.

I'm not a savage
to eat raw meat.

You don’t have good taste.

Alps don't talk too much
in Osman Bey's kitchen.

Don't talk.

Boran, chop the onion into tiny pieces.
I don't want to feel it while eating.

As you order, my Bey.

I will chop them like
hitting the heathens!

Why are you those
beys standing there?

They don't get their hands
dirty because they are beys?

There's much to
do with the meat!

Go help with the bread. Many
people are waiting for meal.

-Yes, brother?

Let's give the dough to boys
and go help with the meat.

Yes, you are right.

Be our guest, my Bey.

No way. You will make me
do the dough work, right?

-My Bey.

Come here.

Come. Take the meat.

Yes. Take this too.

Remove the nerves from the meat.

Into tiny pieces, my Bey said.


I thought you were only talented
in the battlefield, Osman Bey.

I never saw you in the kitchen.

It's good to hide your talents.

Now that it's obvious, we'd like to
see talented guys in kitchen always.

EyvAllah, hatuns.

-May your work be easy.

You think you're doing something
good and they jump over you.

Remember this, Aktemur.

Cerkutay, why are you standing?

-We need to cook for many.
-As you order, my Bey.

Into tiny pieces.

Look at Cerkutay. He
can do nothing at all.

He just ruined it.

They even let him
hold double swords.

If I had known this
is the day off,

...I would cook for Cerkutay.

Cook a great meal for him.

I always cook great
meals for him, anyway.

Tell me.

Why did you send Alcicek?


She believed the possibility
that I'd marry someone else.

It was impossible to
marry someone else.

And she made it possible.

It's over.

Let your heart guide you.

Baysungur, bring the heart.

Let's cook it and
cheer up the table.

Gurbuz, is the soup ready?

It'll be ready shortly, my Bey.

Olof's men have taken the
castles from the beys.

They won't let anything
happen without our knowledge.

Reinforce the blind
spots of the walls.

Send the iron workers there. It
should be stronger than steel.

Increase the number of
the alp on the walls.

As you order, my Bey.

We have an agreement
with Ismihan Sultan.

Now we will rule Karacahisar
together, Uraz Bey.

Hope the best.

So be it.

We will rule Bilecik together.

Hopefully for the best.

Valide (Mother) Sultan's orders
are to be obeyed.

If this is the agreement,

...then we will rule
Kulucahisar together.

Beys, Osman wanted to
make our plan fail.

But we prevented
that thanks to Olof.

We have only one condition
in return for this alliance.

The innocent will never be harmed.
Right, Olof.

As long as I live,

...I will protect the innocent.

I swear on God and
his son Christ.

Are you satisfied
now, Turgut Bey?

Do you still want to leave?

If Osman Bey's reign
over the forts will end,

...I will obey you, my Sultan.

Sit down please.

Don't trust Konur.

He is Osman Bey's eyes and ears.

Thank Almighty Allah Who made it
possible for us to sit on this table

...and gave us all this food.


I am here with my family,
brothers and tribe.

We are here together.

Thank my Rabb.


Come on.
(In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful)

Thank you, Beys.

Even though the kitchen
looks like a battlefield,

...the food is delicious.

Alps will clean up, right?


They will.

Thank you, Beys.

I hope you do the same for
your families in the future.

Not only when your
Bey orders you.

They burnt the bulghur.

Osman Bey should not let
them in the kitchen again.

What are you saying, Ulgen?

My Bey...

It is crowded.

Should we have set the
table in the yard?

Food is delicious where it is cooked.
It is nice here.

-Can I come in, my Bey?
-Come in.

My Bey, there is news
about the forts.

All right.

We will talk about it, sit down.

-Eat something.
-My Bey.

They set up a trap.

Olof and his men
are in the forts.

Who is behind this?

Ismihan Sultan and

They ordered them
to share the reign.

Let me pass!

InshaAllah you will not let
Olof control Inegol...

...when this fight is over soon.

I did not trust
them, Turgut Bey.

I trust you.

Trust is the most
important thing.

A little sparkle is enough to...

...cause a fire.

I am responsible for putting
off those sparkles.

Just as I dethroned Mesud and...

...put my son...

...on the throne in order to...

...keep the Seljuks alive...

...I can also dismiss Osman.

You killed him, ha?

One should be scared of you.

Valide Sultan.

Great Sultan, my son...

...showed mercy
and let him live.

Now he is captive in his...

...lovely palace.


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What are you doing, Turgut?

After everything that has

...who are you working with?

The wound that the
brother opened...

...made you sit on the
table with enemies.

But where is this way going?

How is that going to happen?

How is what going to
happen, Turgut Bey?

How long have you been here?

Welcome. I didn't see you.

Those who do not want to hear do not hear.
Those who do not want to listen do not listen.

What’s wrong? Are the
properties you took...

Are the properties
that you deserved...

...giving you shame now?

I can see that I will
need your advice again.

What are you going to tell
me, Kumral Abdal? Tell me.

I came here to see if you woke
up from your careless sleep.

Why are we in this
situation, Kumral Abdal?

You keep coming here and
hurting my inner man.

But have you ever gone to
Osman Bey and asked...

...what happened and why?

Do you know if he is
asleep or careless?

Or do you only feel the
need to advise me?

O, the big world.

O, the rich throne.

You brought people
together who...

...wouldn't even spit
in each other's faces.

You are making friends with enemies.

But no...

I can't put all
the blame on you.

I should put the blame on the one
who became a captive of his nafs...

...and risked falling into a
thousand holes to resist.

The one who became friends with
enemies and betrayed his friends.

Kumral Abdal.

Your words are sharper than a sword.
They break hearts.

But I will not disrespect you.

Do not stand in my way now.

I will not listen to you.

Do not listen to me, Turgut Bey!

Who am I?

Your heart is the thing...

...that will show you the truth.

It is your conscience that will
make you wear the dress of love.

Do not worry about me.

Silence your blind nafs...

...so you can hear
your conscience.

I should go now.

Come, my valiant.

My Bey.

Tell me. What is that
devil Hatun doing?

Tell me.

They placed Olof's men
in the castles, my Bey.

I know about that.

What else? What evil things
is she trying to do?

Even the devil is
scared of her plans.

Ismihan Sultan made Olof and Turgut
Bey sit next to the same table.


How could you become blind
enough to work with infidels?


They say the lands
are corrupted...

...and a union is needed.

But they are destroying
a union for power.

All those things happened
after she throned her son.

What about Sultan Mesud?

Have you heard about him?

I have.

Ismihan Sultan is keeping
him in the palace.



Then we will go to Konya.

If we can save Sultan Mesud...

...he will help us get rid
of Ismihan and Alaaddin.

EvelAllah, we will get
over this trouble, my Bey.

They are here, my Bey.

Now you have another duty.

You will go to Yenisehir.

So that Ismihan Sultan
flared the fire up...

...then inform Malhun.

They will take precautions
against Ismihan Sultan.

Yes my Bey. -EyvAllah.

We will ruin the
games they planned.

Ah Osman Bey... You are talking
about selfishness but...

...you never give up
on your ambitions.

And you are doing things
behind our backs.

Ah, brother, ah.

Come on.

You are coming from the
Constantine, right?

There must be great
and big palaces.

The best of everything, ma'am.

You will use your
skills for me soon.

My Sultan. We received
news from Turgut Bey.

Konur and Osman Bey met.

Osman Bey set out to
Konya with his Alps.

Send news to Osman’s mansion.

I will visit them.


Let’s go and see that
mansion, we might like it.

Avci, wait.



Come on, come on!

Do not miss anything!

Ismihan Sultan is
hard to satisfy.

She might not like the food.

Let's not let her use
this as an opportunity.

Who wouldn't like your food?

Was it you, Cerkutay?

Let go. No. I do not
know what she will say.

Get up.

Come on.

-One piece...
-No. Come on.

Come on. No. But, Cerkutay...

...I saved you some.
It is in the kitchen.

Ulgen Hatun.


No! What are you doing?


This is not good but...

We will welcome our friends

...and we will
fight our enemies.

Yes but...

Ismihan Sultan...

Did she come alone?

Ismihan Sultan is here.

Ismihan Sultan is coming.



Alps, we are going to Konya.
Come on.

Yes, my Bey.

Tell me.

A thousand horsemen are
coming, Commander Samadar.


They have not walked
on these lands enough.

Prepare your men. Konya Palace

...will belong to its
real owner soon.

A thousand horsemen will
make Samadar more powerful.

Commander Samadar, there is
news from Ismihan Sultan.

Kayi Bey Osman is
coming to Konya.

Welcome him the way
he deserves, Samadar.


It is my destiny to kill you.

Let him come.

He will come to his death.

What do you say, Martha?

Will you turn this dusty
mansion into a palace?

As you wish, my Sultan.


What is this?

How can you serve this to me?

This is shameful.

-What did I do?

Get out.

Ismihan Sultan.

It's disrespect.

What is wrong with the food?



I'm Valide Sultan (Mother Sultan) of Seljuks.

How could you put such
food in front of me?

It seems your mouth has
no taste, Ismihan Sultan.

There is no other explanation
for talking like that.


You forget who you
are talking to.

The price will be heavy
if you want to remember.

We are not known for paying the price, we are known
for making our enemies pay the price, Ismihan Sultan.

What you did to food
is a disrespect.

Don't force it.

After all, a human makes the food,
of course it will have deficincies.

But we don't want to

worsen our mood because of this.

You are right, Ayse Hatun.

For your sake,

I will ignore it.

My Sultan.

Come to our house tomorrow and
I'll set a table worthy of you.


Oh, Bengi Hatun.

They are wasting
you around here.

Your place is Konya.

I saw your skills
in the ceremony.


Some misfortunate
events occured.

Right, Hatuns?

If I'm here at this table,

it's for your sake, my Sultan.

These Kayis disgraced me
in front of Turkmens.

And now they are
discrediting my daughter.

Know your place.


Know your place.

You did everything yourself.

-If you hadn't separated them...

I'm thinking about the
future of my daughter.

Bala Hatun.

You kidnapped my daughter
from my wedding.

As if it's not enough, now you're
discrediting her, Malhun Hatun.

You don't care about
your daughter.

If you cared about her, you would have
opposed her marriage with Bayindir.

Stop it.


-Salaam Aleykum.
-Aleykum Salam.

We’d like to see
Sultan Alaaddin.

Well, brother...

He's the bey who Sultan Alaaddin
personally gave his horse as a gift.

Don't doubt the truth, soldier.

Or I will blind your eyes.

I’m Dursun Faqih, the
former judge of Konya.

And he is Alaaddin
Bey, son of Osman Bey.

If you raise difficulties, we will
do our job in the difficult way.

Dursun Faqih, forgive me.

Come,my Bey.

Dursun Faqih, you know the laws.

You can't enter without
leaving your weapons.

No way, brother. An alp can't
stay without his sword.

I won't give my sword.

We should obey the laws!

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This way, my Bey.

We will protect him, my Bey.

Hadhrat Sultan.

Sultan Mesud.

Disrespect is flowing
in your veins!

I'm here to teach
you your place!

You should have gone
to visit Bengi Hatun.

But she acted like
a mature woman...

..and came here with me.

Now you will apologize to
Bengi Hatun for what you did.

Ismihan Sultan.

Are you hearing yourself?

We didn't disrespect anyone.

We went there and ask
for the girl properly.

And we just abducted Alcicek from
marrying a man she doesn't love.

You're right.

You're right, Ayse Hatun.

You abducted the girl.

And you just sent her to her father’s
house instead of holding a wedding!

There is already gossips about
Alcicek downtown.

This is about the
future of a young girl.

This is not a game!

Don't make me say it again.
Apologize now.

We will apologize to
nobody, Ismihan Sultan.

It's you who disrespects us!

If you’re a friend, eat our
meal, thank us and leave.

If you are an enemy, stop fighting
shy and just challenge us!

How dare you kick me out?

Pack your things and
go back to your tribe!

You don't deserve a mansion.

This mansion will be mine.


Turn this mess into a palace.

Whatever you wish, my Sultan.

Now you want to take
the mansion?

You're not our guest anymore.

-Bala! Bala!

Bala, calm down.

You impertinents.

My Selcan mother would say that "a
mindless guest host the landlord."

You tried to host us, we will treat
you with our sword from now on.

-Let me go!

Welcome to your end, Osman.

It is my destiny to kill you.

You won't end my destiny.

Where is Sultan Mesud?

He has never been here.

This is not Mesud's room,

this is your grave.



See, Osman Bey?

It is time for you to

pay for all of
your persecutions.

Are you the one to make me pay?

You won't be able to

talk like this,

when the people you
belittle beat you.


He is our hunt.


After I kill you, your
lands will be ours.

I will haunt your lands,

like a dark cloud.

If you touch my ring,
I'll break your hand.

This rope will choke you.

I'm the wolf even if I
have rope on my throat,

But you,

you are the jackals
even when you are free.

Let me get up,

then I will make all
of you pay for it.

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