Kurulus Osman Episode 109 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 109 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Your lands will be under our
control after we kill you.

I will descend on
your homeland...

...like a dark cloud.

I'll break your hands if
you touch what is mine.

You will have the hangman's
knot on your neck.

I am a wolf, even if there
is a rope around my neck...

But you...

...will be jackals even
when you are dying.

I'll stand up first.

Then I will question you all.

Selaam Aleykum.

Aleykum selaam.

Turkmen's protector Osman
Bey's son, Shahzade Alaeddin.

Alaeddin wants to
see the Sultan...

...and talk to him about
something important.

Since when do you come to the palace
without permission, Dursun Faqih?

Did you forget the rules after you
left Konya to go to the borders?

Don't be offended, Alaeddin Bey.

Sultanate is nothing
like Beylic.

Our palace's magnitude...

...is the proof of that.

InshaAllah this magnitude
did not humiliate you.

Magnitude comes from being
close to Allah, vizier.

Enemies do not wander
around our kiosk.

We would like to host you there.

But do not stand in our way now.

It's important.


Open the door.

Allow me.

Well, Osman Bey, well...

Look at you.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Bayindir who you thought was weak
and who you underestimated...

...defeated you.

Margrave Osman.

Jackals rule...

...until wolves stand up.

Do not resist, Osman! You will die!

-He has to be alive.
-Do not try taking my prey away from me!

I am protecting your
soldiers from Valide (Mother) Sultan.

-And we have to obey her orders.

The tribes trust Osman.

If we kill him now, they will
see us as their enemies.

We will first announce his betrayal,
then we will kill him. Stop your men.

The one who takes the
prey of hyena away...

...loses his arm in the end.

This is the last time, Bayindir.

Catch him! I want him alive!

Brothers, our Bey needs our help.
Come on!

We arrived, my Bey.

You came as a guest, but now you want
to be the owner, ha Valide (Mother) Sultan?

No! You will stop there!

I will not allow you to put your
eyes on my Bey's entrustments.

Bala, calm down.
-Let me, Malhun.

-You are making it harder.
-Didn't you hear her?

-Not now! -Now! Move! -Bala!

Malhun, move!

Arrest those rebels! -Alps!

-Move! -Not now! -Now.

Bala Hatun. What are you doing?
It's Valide (Mother) Sultan.

If it's Valide (Mother) Sultan, this is the kiosk
of Osman Bey. And I am his Hatun!

No matter who it is, we never
give our entrustments.

In this case, we will not hesitate
to take lives and sacrifice lives.


I'll behead all of them
with your order, my Sultan!

First, save your own head...

-Let me.

Drop your swords.




I see where Osman Bey's power...

...comes from.

Bala Hatun.

If you had tolerated my
words and kept quiet...

..I would have been
very disappointed.

What are you trying to
say, Valide Sultan?

Let's just say that I
wanted to see who is...


I saw what I had to see.

And I am glad.

Look carefully, Valide Sultan.

The stuff you see must
not misguide you.

My eyes never misguide
me, Malhun Hatun.

I want you to visit me as
soon as possible, Bala Hatun.

I want to get to know you.

Osman, you're desperate
like a deer in a trap!

If the deer knows the
mountain, you will be a prey!

You shouldn't have entered this
palace that belongs to me.

You can't get out now.

We are here so that this
place will never be yours.

We will take it back.

Catch him!

You know what to do. Come on.

Boran Alp...

It's a state affair. Calm down.
I don't want to shed blood.

That will never happen
before I die, Bayindir Bey.

While you have a such a brain,
life won't stay long with you.

Surrender, Osman!

So I can let you
breathe one more day.

I won't let you even
breathe, noker.

I'm Mighty Commander Samagar!

You can only call my
soldiers noker, not me.

-Noker, take his sword!

Osman Bey, your craziness
always brings troubles to you.

Bayindir Bey, all of us have
some craziness in our blood.

I can cut your throat
between my teeth!

Give me patience, my Allah!
Take them to the dungeon!

Stop! Take them to the yard.

I have great plans for
Osman and his alps.

Hurry up, come on.

-My Bey!
-My Bey! Release him!

They crossed the line, my Sultan.
Not punishing them...

Who says that they will not
be punished, Bengi Hatun?

I will make them pay
for what they've done.

There will be a time for this.

We can't stand it anymore.

This is because Osman Bey is gone!
Let's go to the mansion.

-Let's go!
-Come on, let's go!

Merchants got the
news, my Sultan.

Now it's Malhun Hatun's trouble.

What's going on, my Sultan?

Those are tradesmen. Why
are they gathering?

You were talking about not
punishing them, Bengi Hatun.

I gave them the
biggest punishment.

You said you would speak
in the presence of Sultan.

Now tell us why you are here.

We're here to warn Hadhrat Sultan
against a plot against him.

My Sultan, forgive me but...

Which immodest shepherd could
see a plot that we can’t see?

Are you involved in the plot too? Is
this why you are speaking loudly?

Hadhrat Vizier.

Watch your words.

The one you call a shepherd is
Alaaddin Bey, the son of Osman Bey...

...who our Sultan personally
sent gifts and set free.

Look at Faqih Dursun.

You think you are
equal to a vizier?


Let me hear them.

Who is plotting against me?
Tell me, Alaaddin Bey.

It's such a trap,
Hadhrat Sultan,

...that I can only
tell you about it.

We don't know who supports them.

I trust everybody in here.

Just say it.

Hadhrat Sultan.

You can trust whoever you like.

But on that throne, you can't
trust your own family.

You should know that better.

Sultan Alaaddin is
Sultan Mesud's nephew.

Sultan Mesud always
stood beside us.

He did everything he could
to reinforce the frontiers.

But that offended llhanli State.

So they turned against him and made
Sultan Alaaddin get the throne.

We'll find Sultan Mesud
and give him the throne.

How will we do that, father?

This duty is yours.

Everybody out.

-My Sultan.
-If you question me again, you'll be dead.

My Sultan, which move of yours would
turn llhanli commanders against you?

I got everybody out.

If you want me to hear you,

...just say your words
directly, Alaaddin.

Otherwise, I will let
my vizier decide.

As you wish, Hadhrat Sultan.

They want to dethrone you...

...and give back the throne to your
uncle Mesud from your dynasty.


Which dastards?

I will make them pay
for what they did.

They'll regret it.

They will regret what they did to
you and your daughter, not only me.

I'm looking forward to that
day, Mighty Valide Sultan.

You won't wait
long, Bengi Hatun.

I'll take the market first, and
than I'll take the mansion.

My Sultan.

Your power is limitless.

You can take what you want now.

What are you waiting for?

Instead of stopping the
caravans, you can take

the whole market
with your order.

It's not about the
market, Marta.

I want their reputation.

Caravans won't come.

When the market stocks are
empty, famine will break out.

Who will they blame?

Malhun Hatun, who is responsible
for the trade, of course.

I will bring the caravans which
Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun

couldn't bring.

I will save the people
from the famine.

Then they will not
see Bala and Malhun,

they will see your power.

Bengi Hatun, you are responsible
for the market now.

I'm sure that you
will be able to

fulfill this duty.

I'll do my best to be
worthy of you, my Sultan.

Konur Alp.

What do you think?

Do you like my game?

You know the best,
Valide Sultan.

Of course I do.

I always know the best.

And you...

Do you know that you
sent Osman to death?

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Your loyalty to Osman
ruined both you and Osman.

You will end up like

those who came before you.

I'm still supporting my cause.

We will beat you
with your own plans.

I will drag you first,

and then I'll destroy you.

You will experience it all.

Throw him to the dungeon!

Who wants to take my throne?

The one who overthrew Mesud.

I overthrew my uncle.

He was imprudent.

He would make too many concessions to you
and would cause our strength to weaken.

I guess your body doesn't
want your head anymore,

seeing that you don't
watch your mouth.

My Sultan do whatever
he sees fit.

But I wanted everyone to leave

not for me to speak freely,
but for you to speak freely.

What secret do I have
to hide in my palace?

The fact that llkhanids
put you on the throne

and that they can remove
you whenever they wants.

Osman Bey, who gave me your
name so that my reputation

would be like yours and your
ancestors', is in the palace.

Is Osman Bey in the palace?

He is fighting against those
who want to overthrown you.

We came to your lands the moment
we heard this information.

Your reign is a grace for us.

And as your servants, we want
to keep you at the throne.

Osman Bey.

I heard that he does not get
along well with my mother.

Still, is he here to defend me?

You, a Sultan whose
shadow spreads fear,

don't need to be protected.

What we're doing
is just service.

Where is Osman Bey?

My Bey! My Bey!

I will cut your heads!

I will cut your heads! My Bey!

Let me go!

Hold all of the entrances
and exits of the palace.

No one from the Sultan's
entourage should approach.

Don't resist Osman.
Don't resist.

You're trying to put
me in this cage,

I will turn this world
into a dungeon for you.

Osman Bey.

So it is my destiny
to see you like this.

Let go of me!

Didn't you tell me
to catch them alive?

He's alive.

We'll have some fun.

We will crush him.

We will crush Osman’s heart now.



Don't worry about us, my Bey.

They can't hurt us by
breaking our bones!

Crush Osman's Alps all you want.

But don't try to kill them.

You can't explain it
to Valide Sultan.

Samagar doesn't explain
anything to anyone.

And he does not show mercy

when he captures Osman.

Valide Sultan will make every
move to stop us and break us.

Then we will fight until
we are ruined, mother.

We can turn into ashes or
get better in this path.

First, we need to be cautious.

May I come in, Malhun Hatun.

Come on in, Cerkutay.

What's going on at
the door, Cerkutay?

Shopkeepers are waiting for
you to let them inside.

Let them come.

Come in.

We have big troubles. Caravans
are not coming. We are not well.

Let's not stay silent,
let's explain our problem.

Aghas, this is a Bey council.

First, pull yourself together.

Both shopkeepers and people
are in terrible state.

What are you saying,
speak properly.

Caravans do not
come to Yenisehir.

First, the caravans from
Constantinople stopped coming.

And now the caravans from
Konya stopped coming.

We won't be able to find anything
to eat if this keeps happening.

Guys, calm down. We won't
let anyone starve.

I will deal with the caravans.

I will meet everyone's needs.

And go back to your shops
and wait for my news.

And don't stir up people.

Hang on brothers!

Great commander Samagar,
let us break Osman too.

I have other plans for Osman.

We will tear off his heart.


Come on!

Get up and fight, Osman.

Come here.



Mighty Sultan Alaeddin.

Sultan Mesud will be
our first target.

If that doesn't work,

...you will say that the Mongols
are after Sultan Mesud.

You will confuse them.

This way,

...Sultan Alaaddin will
save us from them.

Yes, Osman Bey.


May Allah protect you, son.

Osman Bey probably prevented
the traitors' move.

...but he got arrested by
Samagar and his nokers.

You told me that I should not trust
anyone when I am sitting on the throne.

I do not trust you.

But I will listen to Osman Bey.

We need to hurry
then, my Sultan.

Mongols will try
to kill my father

...so that their plan
is not revealed.

Samagar will wait for
me in my chambers.


What is going on, Osman Bey?

This property belongs to you.

I should ask you what
is going on here.

But there are many enemies here,

...the sedition does
not surprise me.

You will tell me everything.

You will be questioned,
Osman Bey.

If I believe your sincerity,

...I will spare your life.

EyvAllah, my Sultan.

Take a look at Osman Bey's
and the alps' wounds.

Treat them.

Then I want to talk to
him in my chambers.

Yes, my Sultan.

Meanwhile, Alaaddin Bey
will come with me.

Everything is going according
to our plan, Osman Bey.

They will reveal where
Sultan Mesud is, soon.

You did a good job
with Alaaddin.

-I will take care of the rest.

We will take what we want.

Then you will do your duty.

Yes, my Bey.


Are you okay?

We have had better days, my Bey.

But we are alive, thank Allah.

We are breathing

...for our dawah.

Come on.


We should write a letter.

We should tell Valide
Sultan what is happening.

Come on.

How are the merchants
doing, Ayse?

Caravans did not bring
any goods to Yenisehir,

...merchants do not have
much supply, Malhun.

Mother. Valide Sultan wants
us to be depended on her

...and she is letting
people starve.

She does not send the caravans.

If we cannot find
food for Yenisehir,

...the people will obey
her, like the Beys.

We will find it.

Aktemur, keep an eye
on the merchants.

When there is lees food, people will try
to take advantage of the situation.

We will not let them.

Valide Sultan is taking
more precautions.

What do you want to do?

We will make those who
scare us with famine pay.

Listen to me.

We will take the food in
the castles and tribes

...and bring it to
Yenisehir secretly.

Will it be enough for all
these people, Malhun Hatun?

Until the situation about the
caravans is figured out, it will.

But we need to hurry.

Aktemur, send alps to
castles and tribes.

How will we do this among
all these heathens, mother?


What about the goods, Bekir Bey?

Did you collect the
goods in Yenisehir?

We collected everything
yesterday, Valide Sultan.

We will buy the remaining
food from the merchants.

There will be no goods to
sell or buy in the bazaar.


What about the other tribes?
The goods in the castles?

Wee bought the goods in the
tribes for twice their price.

Olof and his men bought
the food in the castle.

Valide Sultan, where will
we put all these goods?

In our ally Olof's cave.

How are the people doing?

For how many days
will their food last?

People are panicking already.

Famine will start soon.

Malhun Hatun will be desperate.

So desperate that,

...she will give
Yenisehir to me.

Put the goods in Olof's cave.

They will be safe there.

Send news to Bala Hatun.

Tell her that she
will be our guest.

She will come.

We did what we had to do.

We knew their plan,
they set us up.

It is now time for us
to play our own game.

I knew that they would try to kill us
without even telling Sultan Alaaddin.

Tell me.

Who is acting so swiftly?

Who is it?

Mongols are keeping Sultan Mesud

...so that he poses a threat to
Sultan Alaaddin. That is why,

...Sultan Alaaddin suspects
them more than us.

With my son Alaaddin,
I made a plan.

We proved to Sultan Alaaddin

...Ilkhanates are
powerless in Konya.

Samagar cannot do what he wants.

Every throne bleeds.

We will get what we want
by using their greed.

We will open the doors of
west with the power of east.

InshaAllah my Bey.

Go now. Let's make
our last move.

Let’s go.

I will find who is
behind this betrayal.

And I will hang his head at the
entrance of Konya to teach a lesson.

He should know that.

My Sultan. Forgive me...

In my opinion, whoever comes
later and ruins the peace...

...is guilty.

Please forgive me, my Sultan, but
whoever finds and gets rid of fitna...

..will certainly ruin the peace
of the one who causes fitna.

The protector of all
tribes on the borders...

...the leader of conquests, who
turns the infidels' property...

...into their
homeland, Osman Bey!

My Sultan..

I am greeting you with respect.

I am not pleased
with your arrival.

You either prevented fitna
or you tried to cause fitna.

Now we will learn
the truth from you.

Thank you for trusting my
words to reveal the truth.

Hadhrat Sultan.

Kayi tribe and Konya have been
in unity for generations.

It was like that with your
uncle, former Sultan Mesud...

...and it will be like
that now, InshaAllah.

Will you provide a union
with these words, Osman Bey?

By mentioning the name of the old
Sultan in front of the Sultan?

You do not know your limits.

And you will have to pay for it.

Limitless tongues
tell the truth.

You said that you wanted
to hear the truth from me.

But apparently..

..some yes-men around you...

...are consoling you with
the lies that you like.

And the throne you
are sitting on...

...is strong enough to stay still after
hearing the name of a dethroned Sultan.

Apparently someone wanted
it to happen this way.


Didn't Gazanan send him
to be a guardian here?

Don't they even threaten to...

...re-enthrone Sultan
Mesud from the dynasty?

Hadhrat Sultan.

I am the shadow of Gazanan. I
am the representer of Ilhanli.

But if you are going to judge me
with the words of a tribe Bey..

...all Konya will pay for this.

How dare you?

How dare you speak like this?

We let you sit on that throne!

If you say one more word, I'll cut
your tongue and send it to Gazanan.


If you didn't have
to hide your move...

...you would bring us
to Sultan and leave us.

You would behead us...

...right there.

But you hid your move.

And you threw the flag of Seljuq
down when you were hiding it.

Take Commander to the dungeon!

I'll question him.


As long as there are
Mongols in the palace...

...your enemies will always
be around you, my Sultan.

Even the Shaytaan
checks his shoes...

...to see if he wore
them the right way.

Bayindir Bey. What do you
think about this issue?

I'm talking to
you, Bayindir Bey.

My Sultan. -I know that you
are loyal to Valide Sultan.

Why did you come here?

To stop Osman Bey
from dethroning me...

...or to help him?

They abducted Alcicek!

Alcicek and Aktemur will
get married tomorrow.

Bayindir Bey. This is your share
of the Marmaracik conquest.

And this sword is
my gift to you.

Thank you.

Thank you, my Bey.

My great Hunkar...

...Hadhrat Valide Sultan...

...defeated Osman Bey for
many times on the frontiers.

Osman Bey is an ambitious man. I don't
know if he couldn't stand it...

...and made such a...



...we know how Mongols see it.

Is Osman Bey wrong? Don't
Mongols always use this?

Are you going to trust and
Ilkhanid Commander now...

...or a Turk Bey?

You are the one who knows
what to do, my great Hunkar.

I'll spare your life, Osman Bey.

With one condition.

Your son Alaeddin...

...will be my guest...

...until the truth is revealed.


EyvAllah, my Sultan.

Since we are sure
of our innocence...

...we can leave our son here.

As you wish.

Accompany Alaeddin Bey.

If Beys have nothing to say...

...they can leave.

My Sultan.

Speak, Saveli.

My Sultan.

Osman Bey was involved in the
throne issues even in Constantine.

Weakening their environment
is one of his moves.

We should not trust him.


It doesn't matter who he is.

You can't see the actual issue.

It's not about Osman...

...and it's not about Samagar.

It's about my uncle Mesud.

Our tribes have run out
of food, Malhun Hatun.

The food in the castles and around
was taken by Olof and his men.

There aren't any places
that we can take food from.

They are increasing
the measures.

What are they doing with
the food, Kumral Abdal?

Loading in the carts
and carrying them.

But we don't know where
they are taking them.

They can't defeat
us with swords.

So they are trying
that with trade.

If we can't find the food,
we'll be in trouble, mother.

They will turn people against us
by frightening them with famine.

We'll open up
Yenisehir's cellar.

Aktemur, hand out food
to people in need first.

We'll give every house what
they need, Malhun Hatun, but...

We don't have much
food in the cellar.

Where are they taking the food?

It must be somewhere on the
route of castles and tribes.

They know we will attack
and take it back...

..if we can locate them.

It must be somewhere remote.

Especially caves.

There are tens of caves
near the castles...

...around Karacahisar,
Kulucahisar and Bilecik.

But it must be somewhere...

...that reinforces can support
if there is an attack.

Taskaya, Eyitepe and
Yassitas caves...

...are on that route.

They are also...

...close to Kopruhisar.

Your ordered has arrived
in Konya, my Sultan.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Bala Hatun.


You said it was an urgent
matter, Mighty Valide Sultan.

You can tell me.

Although we had some
unpleasant incidents,

...they are all past.

You invited me to your meal.

Now it's my turn.

Join me with my dinner first.

Don't worry.

We respect the meals and
have table manners.

There won't be a problem.

Bala Hatun.

First of all, I want you to know
that I really appreciate you.

I've heard of the contributions
of Sisters during the conquests.

This is your achievement.

EyvAllah, Valide Sultan.
It's true.

Our sisters are really skillful.

They fight hard against
heathens and non-believers.

MashaAllah. MashaAllah.

But I think you
neglect something...

...while you fight
in battlefields.

The mansion.

You shouldn't neglect
mansion work, Bala Hatun.

Or people will
forget their places.

You shouldn't worry about
this, Mighty Valide Sultan.

We don't want the chair.

Osman Bey orders and we do
what is needed for our cause.

Everybody knows their duties.

After I've witnessed,

...I don't believe
that, Bala Hatun.

What do you mean, Valide Sultan?

What annoyed me in the mansion more
than you pulling a dagger against me...

...was Malhun Hatun
trying to stop you.

Obviously, she thinks
she is superior to you.

When one is fire, the
other becomes water...

...so we won't be
overwhelmed by our anger.

You are so considerate,
of course.

That's why you are wrong.

As I get to know you, I
feel certain that...

...Aladdin Bey will
be a great bey.

Don't look at me like
this, Bala Hatun.

As you know, according the Kayi
law, the younger gets the chair...

...and the elder lets him.

I'm sure Orhan Bey will
support his brother for this.


Malhun Hatun...

I don't think she
can swallow this.

She will get in your way.

A mother should stand
beside her son.

I'm today Valide Sultan because
I stood beside my son.

People in our situation...

...have no other options.

As you were dealing with
such matters in the palace,

..you couldn't see the truth
in our eyes, Valide Sultan.

Whether Orhan or
Alaaddin gets the chair,

...both are my sons.

When it comes to the
chair and throne,

...there is no
brotherhood or family.

You know that.

As a mother, never forget
what I'll tell you know.

Stand beside with your son.

In this bloody and dark path,

...don't leave him alone.

Neither Malhun Hatun or
I ever favor our sons.

When it comes to the
state and our cause,

...we see no chairs.

Enjoy your meal.

Is that why the gifts that
Sultan sent for Alaaddin Bey...

...upset Malhun Hatun?

If you had seen Malhun
Hatun's face when I said...

...Alaaddin would be a good bey,

...you wouldn't be
speaking like this now.

Malhun Hatun set on her
eyes on the throne...

...because she's a
Bey's daughter...

...and Orhan is the older son.


You can think I'm evil-minded.

I just care about you.

What is this for?

This is the ring...

...of my son Sultan Alaaddin.

A gift for Alaaddin
who is to be a Bey.

I want to you deliver
it as his mother.

Thank you.

We could not find the one
who locked the door.

I told you.

Bala Hatun must have
locked it before leaving.

We will find out who did it.

How is Valide Sultan?

Valide Sultan is more deceitful
than we thought, Oktem Bey.

She wants to be close to Bala

...but the price they will
pay for their disrespect

...will be heavier than
being put in a dungeon.

Tell me.

Yenisehir Bazaar, Oktem Bey.


It will be ours.

When Valide Sultan
takes the bazaar,

..it will be ours.

What does she want in return?

We should support her.

We will not side with Osman, who
humiliated our daughter and us.

I don't even want
to remember, Hatun.

I am having trouble
controlling myself.

I would do something but...

You say that you do
not want to remember

...but I do not forget

...what they did to my
daughter, Oktem Bey.

You should not forget, either.

So that we will know
where we will stand.

So that the people who
are talking behind us

...will beg for forgiveness

...when we have the bazaar.

Valide Sultan's order

...is clear.

I thought that

...she would have a court

...but mashaAllah,

...she does not leave
anything to luck.

The people would have stopped
her because they like Osman.


...she found a way
to control people.


She told us to kill Osman.

Will we, my Bey?

It is an order, Huseyin.

-You are right, my Bey.
-I am right.

We follow orders.

We love gold.

Whatever Valide Sultan orders,

...we will follow

...so that we have
a lot of gold.


...you should...

...find ten men...

No, that is not enough.

Find 20 men who are
loyal to Valide Sultan.

It is time to

...solve this matter.

-Yes, my Bey.
-Come on.

You made your bed, now
lie in it, Osman.

We pointed the Sultan on
the direction we wanted

...but will he make a
move against Mesud?

He will.

Sultan is young

...but he is fierce.

He heard what I said

...and he thought about them.

Even if he does not believe it, we
planted the seeds of suspicion.

Us, or llkhanates.
It does not matter.

He will have to send
an execution warrant.

This will lead us to the Sultan.

We will find the
Sultan before them.

If we put Sultan
Mesud on the throne,


...will give us whatever it
takes for the conquests.

-InshaAllah, my Bey.


My uncle.

He has always...

Evertthing is for
the state, Vizier.

Everything else is pointless.

-My Sultan.

My uncle Mesud will be executed.

-My Sultan...
-It does not matter who does it.

As long as Mesud lives, he
will be a threat to my reign.

If not today, tomorrow. As long
as he lives, they will use him.

-My Sultan...
-If you say one more word,

...I will consider you
one of the traitors.

Like traitors, I will take your head
and hang on the entrance of Konya.

Yes, Sultan Alaaddin.

Gather a troop from
the loyal nokers.

When this is over, their tongues will
be cut off and eyes will be carved.

You will go to the mansion in Kalekoy.
Listen to me carefully.

Did you finish the preparations?

Yes, my Bey.


My Bey, can I come in?

Come in, Boran.

My Bey,

...they are keeping Sultan Mesud
in the mansion in Kalekoy.


We got the news.

We know where Sultan Mesud is.

We will take him from there

...to win. But...

We will take precautions
while going there.

Don't forget.

-Come on.
-My Bey.

What about Alaaddin Bey?

You will save Alaaddin.

-How, my Bey.
-Don't worry.

You will not be alone
in the palace.

Turahan is disguised
as a soldier.

Samil will be your watchman.

Yes, my Bey.

EyvAllah. Come on.

We will not fight
with pens today,

...we will fight
with weapons today.

Osman Bey!

Where is Osman
Bey, Dursun Faqih?

Why do you ask, Bayindir Bey?

No reason.

I wanted to talk to him.

No worries.

I will talk to him later.

But I will, for sure.

That annoying woman.

She hurt me.

These kinds of things
always happen to me.


She thinks that she can hurt
everyone because she is a Sultan.

Don't cry anymore.


When the time comes,

...we will make her pay.

Look at him. He did
not see the onion.

He thinks that I am
crying because of her.

You are so soft, Cerkutay.

Just watch.

We will make her pay, right?

We will.

Don’t cry.

Why would I cry

She should cry. When
Osman Bey comes,

...he will make her pay.

Then why are you crying?

No reason. I am not crying.

Why are you standing here?

If you are hungry,
the food is there.

You can eat anything.


She is crying because
she loves me.

I need to do something.



I, Cerkutay,

...Ulgen sister....

I mean...

What did you say?

I did not hear.

What did you say?

Ulgen, I said that...

I wanted to say that...

Ulgen Hatun...


Maybe you should
join the Sisters?

Get out of here, Cerkutay.

Get out or else.

Calm down. Put that down.

-Slowly. Put that down.
-Get out!

Or else!

-Think about the Sisters!
-Get out!

Sister huh? Sister.

You're ruined, Cerkutay.

I'll ruin you.

No, you're kidding with me.

I won't do this to myself.

If I'm Ulgen,

I won't love you anymore!

Sometimes, I say

all this is a nightmare.

I will wake up and
it will be over.

Aktemur will be the
Aktemur I know.

Don't think about it Alcicek.

Didn't Aktemur do this to you?

You were wrong, then.

He was always like this,
he had an evil heart.

No Esma, you don't know.

He wouldn't intentionally
harm anyone, not just me.

He can’t.

But I broke his heart too much.

I broke his heart in
such a way that...


Oh my idiot girl, she's
still blaming herself.

...he doesn't believe that I love him.
That's why he's doing all this.

Your love made you
blind, sister.

Would a loving man let people talk
bad about the woman he loves?

Don't cry, Alcicek.

I wish my hands were broken so I
wouldn't lock Bengi Hatun in that room.


What did you say?

-What did you say? Let go of me!
-Mother, what are you doing?

-Mother, one second...

Don't you dare protect your
accomplice Alcicek, don't.

-Forgive me Bengi Hatun. If had
known, I wouldn't have done it.
-I don't want to see you

in my tribe and my castle.
Get out!

You will pack up and leave
first thing in the morning!

You rascal dastard!

Come on! Come on!


Don't say a word, Alcicek.
Go to sleep.

Otherwise you won't be
able to leave this room.

Am I worried about the property?

Then why my heart feels
tight in this castle?

My Rabb,

help me.

Show me a way out.

My Sheikh.


-Salam Aleykum.
-Aleykum Salam.

Happy to see you.

Have a seat, my Sheikh.

It is not the right time
to sit, Turgut Bey.

While the enemy has
surrounded us,

it is not the time to
feel offended or sit.

You too, my Sheikh? You too?

Are you offended at
us, or at yourself?

Question this, Turgut Bey.

You can't even tolerate
the things we say.

Astagfirullah, my Sheikh.
How could you say that?

You always support Osman Bey

in my fight with him.

It would be good if you looked
at it from my point of view.

It's not about Osman Bey.

It's not about
Turgut Bey as well.

Heathens and hypocrites want to

starve people out together.

They are detaining supplies.

It is time to defend
Muslim's right first.

It is time to stop the infidels.

We can handle your issue later.

But when the time comes,

we will talk about them too.

Since you left Osman
Bey, not your Da'wah,

fine then.

Protect your Da'wah, Turgut Bey.

Don't let the infidels

take people's supplies.

Don't let them.

I will come back.

Regardless of my hostility,

I won't let anyone take
Turkmen's supplies.


Yes, my Bey.

Prepare the Alps.

We will attack the
infidels in the morning.

Yes, my Bey.


Let go of him.


If you hurt him even a little,

then I will destroy this palace.

Don't you forget.

-We did it, father.

You did it.

You fulfilled your duty.

Don't worry. Your father
deal with the rest.


don't feel like a captive here.

What is captivitiy, dad?

All I want is to

sacrifice my neck like Hadrath Ismail so that
you can be victorious in your blessed path.


Make your move, I'm ready
to be a martyr, father.

You are Allah's gift for me.

I won't let them keep
you, don't worry.

If something happens to you,

I will come back to
destroy their place.

Don't worry.

May Allah protect you.

Have a safe journey, Osman Bey.


EyvAllah, son.

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What are we going to do if
we can't find the supplies?

My Orhan.

As a Bey, this question
does not suit you at all.

A Bey knows his moves beforehand.
Even if he doesn't,

he never reveals it.

You're right, mother.

I made a mistake, forgive me.

It's not a mistake, son.

You will learn it this way. But
let this be a lesson for you.

Don't, don't be sad in front
of your people and your Alps.

You will always support
them as a Bey.

They will take
strength from you.

You will be tested with these
when you take the throne one day.

Keep what I said in mind.

I will, mom. I will be
ready for that day.

Malhun Hatun wants the throne,

thinking that she's the daughter of a
Bey, and that Orhan is the oldest son.

It's obvious.

You still think I'm
the bad person.

I'm just thinking about you.

Welcome, Bala.

What happened?

Why did Mother Sultan call you?

Nothing. She just said empty words.

Didn't she mention any important matters?

Are you hiding it from me?

Do we have things to hide
from each other, Malhun?

Do you?

I don't.

Then, there is nothing to discuss.

What's up?
Is there any news?

We sent scouts to the caves.

As soon as we locate them,
we will take our goods back.

They can't hide anything
from us anymore.

Every secret is to be revealed one day.


What about Osman Bey?

Any news from them?

No. But inshaAllah,
they will be victorious.


Now excuse me.

What's wrong with her?

Did you deliver my order
in the Christian villages near Yenisehir?

Yes, sir.

They won't trade with Yenisehir
in any circumstances.

What about the food around
and in the castles?

They mean a lot to us.

Everything is settled.

Dan and Frodi...

...are gathering them in Beytepe Cave.

Turks will come after them.

Be careful, Olof.
If they take them back,

...everything will be over.

They can't locate that cave.

Even if they do,

...my soldiers will give them
a good welcome party.


There will no food left
near Yenisehir.

And then people will rise up
with the fear of hunger.

And the hunger will disunite them, Olof.

And Valide(Mother) Sultan will make use of this...

...and ruin Osman's reputation.

She will make him get down on his knees...

..and we will give him
the deadly blow.

What about the castles?
Can she do the same to us...

...to capture the castles?


Valide(Mother) Sultan wants only Yenisehir and Sogut.

She's ready to give the castles
and citadels to us.

Fill it.

Turgut Bey...

Why do you think
he called us over?

We'll get the answer of the questions
preying on your mind just now, Sahin Bey.

Brave beys of Turkmen Tribes.


-EyvAllah, Turgut Bey.

What's the matter, Demirhan Bey?

What annoys you and you are
standing separately from us?

What's your intention, Turgut Bey?

You left your brothers alone in their hard times
who you once shared bread with.

Will you demand the same from us now?

I've never given up on
the cause of Islam that I fight for!

This is the reason why I called you over.

You defended the castles with your life...

....without any complains...

...that you lost lots of men to capture.

We lost many men
and had many fights.

And what did Valide(Mother) Sultan do?

She placed...

...Olof and his men in the castles!

We heard that you and she were
in the same table while that was happening.

While we supported Osman Bey,

...you helped those who did this.

I didn't help anyone.

I head what happened afterwards.
I didn't know it.

What I want to do here...

What I want to do is a counter move.

-What's your move?

You don't know me.

I didn’t give my homeland...

...to even Osman Bey who
I saw as a brother.

How could you think
I'd give to Olof and his dogs?

Those lands have the blood
of my martyr brothers.

We lost good men for them!
Don't you know me at all?


While we are arguing here,

...the heathens aren't waiting.
They keep making games.

They took the food in our lands...

...and piled them up in Beytepe Cave.

They intend to...

...break Turkmen with famine.

But we won’t let that happen.

We will attack the cave surprisingly..

...and destroy Olof and his dogs!

Now tell me, Beys.

Are you with me...

...in this holy cause?

My Bey.

As you ordered, we watched
those men.

They got into a well-protected

At north, ahead of the mosque.

Does the yard of the house
lead to the street? -Yes, my Bey.

Take us there.

Come on Alps.

Osman won't be able to come back from Konya.

All his union will have been ruined
in his absence.

There is no power which can keep them together.

Soon we will make our last move, Olof.

When Osman dies...

...we will take all his lands and castles.

You keep telling me good things, Kantakuzenos.

Famine will make them enemies.

Osman's death will end them.

Why don't you think of bad?

What if Osman...

...enthrones Mesud and...

...attacks us with a great...

...Seljukian army?

Is this possible?

It's not possible.

It's not.

Osman won't survive there.

If he survives...

...he will face his people here
who will be provoked by famine.

How long do we have to stand this, brothers?
Osman Bey is not around!

We still haven't heard anything
about the caravans!

What are we going to do?
What will we do if they do not come?

That's what I am saying!
We are left alone!

Winter has come. What are
we going to eat if those caravans do not come?

I will go to Hadhrat Valide (Mother) Sultan if they
cannot solve this.

We’ll come with you!

Why did we come here?

Why are you bringing me to a place
that you were sent away from?

Shut up and walk, Esma.

Bala Hatun will not leave
you in the street.

Come on.

What are you doing here?

Don't worry.

I did not come for you, Soubashi.

-Bala Hatun.

I'm sorry.

We didn't want to come here
like this, but..

Why would you be sorry, Alcicek?

You can come whenever you


What happened to you? Who
did this?

My mother.

When my mother heard that it was
Esma who locked her in...

...she went mad.

She dismissed Esma.

She had no where to go.

And I thought...
-You thought well.

Esma. This is your home



May Allah bless you.

I can never forget your favor.

May Allah bless you, my Esma

Besides, you did not make
a mistake.

Why would you be punished
for that?

Now you will be under our responsibility
in this mansion, Esma.

After your mother and father

...I treated you like my own,

I took care of you and your

Is this what I get in return?

Forgive me, Bengi Hatun.

I was ignorant.

I couldn't stand it when I saw
my Alcicek Hatun so upset.

You betrayed me, Esma.

You cannot stay here now.

I can go.

I can go, but..

I have no one.

You know where to go.

You will go to those...

...who made me dismiss

You will go to the mansion
of Yenisehir.

You will be my eyes and
ears there.

I cannot do that, Bengi Hatun.

You should've thought about
that before betraying me.

Your sibling will be here with

Right in front of me.
And you will go to that mansion.

-How am I going to do this, Bengi Hatun?
-You are going to do this.

You are.

If you want your sibling to be

...you will do as I say.

My stupid daughter will
take you to Yenisehir anyway.

May Allah bless you, Bala Hatun,
Ayse Hatun.

I will not forget this.

Don't worry, Alcicek.

You should be in peace.

Your sister isentrusted to
us now, my daughter.

Besides, stop
blaming yourself, ha?

My Esma daughter, come. Let me
show you your room. Come.


Do you still want to
join the Sisters?

Bala Hatun. People are gathering
downtown because of the caravan.

Why hasn't the caravan come

that has been coming all
this time stopped coming?

Is this how they
keep their promise?

Will our trade agreement end
when Osman Bey is not here?

Beys! Beys!

Didn't we tell you to wait and that we
will bring the caravans? What's this?

We can't feed ourselves
if we wait, Bala Hatun.

While you are focusing
on your own problems,

we are facing famine here.

There is no famine, Bekir Bey.

How can you say that it is a famine
because two caravans did not come?

You know nothing.

Whatever Osman Bey did,

even the surrounding
Christian villages

don't sell us their products.

They say the
agreements are over.

-He's right.
-What are we going to do now?

If Malhun can't
find the supplies,

there will be chaos.

Aktemur, take the
alps and be cautious.

I think they will
do something bad.

Kutlu, come on.

I'll take the three on the left.

What? What do you mean
you’ll take them?

Don't be greedy, Gurbuz Alp.

You carry two swords,

and they would be enough. My mace
rusts when there's no blood.

Is this food? How can
you take the most?

Look at me. You can't compete
with me, you can't win.

Why would I compete with you?

Are you equal to me?

This is battle.

They are mine, I don't
want any objection.

Now Gurbuz owns the field!

Look at me Gurbuz Alp, I will tie you up and
lock you in a chest when we go to the mansion.

You won't get any
food or infidel!


Don't touch my infidel!

Come on. Let's
inform Malhun Hatun.

This path is clear

for the attack.

Change of watch, come on, move.

Break the door.

We know that there is no trap.

Now we will attack as if a
wolf is attacking the pack.

-We will take Sultan Mesud and leave.
-EyvAllah, my Bey.

-InshaAllah my Bey.
-Come on.

So the day has come.

I'm ready for martyrdom.


I won't fall down before I
knock most of you down.

Come here, come here.

Come here. Are you okay?

Osman Bey. They will...

...they will think
you are a traitor.

This move you did...

No. When did we hesitate?

Didn't you make the same
mistake in the past?

Move. Hurry up, hurry up!

They won't be able
to run away, sir.

-Kill them the moment you see them.
-Yes, sir.

Hurry up.

There are many
supplies to unload.

-Raise the number of guards.
-I did.

I left some men in the route.

We will be informed
about everything.

Still, keep your
eyes open Frodi.

Olof gave certain orders.


You two, go there to help.

Hurry up, come on! Move!

Attack, alps!

Come on, attack!


Protect the food!

Do you remember me?

I remember the dog whose
life I will take!

What are we waiting
for, Turgut Bey?

They are coming from everywhere!

You are on the wrong side, Turgut.
You are siding with the enemy.

I fight with everyone who
goes against the Turks.

You stand where
your interest is.

That is your opinion.

Come on! Attack!

I will bury you here, Turgut!

I will bury you, Turgut!

-Son, are you okay?
-Yes, mother.

Gurbuz, put the food
in the carriages.

We are going back to Yenisehir.

EyvAllah, Beys.

EyvAllah, Beys.

Orhan Bey.


Thanks, Turgut Bey.

But we expected you
would be against us,

...not on our side.

I just saved your life.

Is this how you thank
me, Malhun Hatun?

You did not save
anything, Turgut Bey.

We ruined the cruel's plan.


You should know that you will
be seeing me a lot more.

From now on,

...whoever tries to
hurt the innocent,

...I will decide what
their future will be.

Come on, Beys.

You turned on us, Turgut Bey.

The void you are trying to
fill is bigger than you.

If I sense that you will
betray us one more time,

...there will be only
one thing we can do.

Don't ever forget that.

You like to threaten people.

Everyone is replaceable.

When you work for
the same dawah,

...a brave man who will
lead will be found.

Come on, Beys.

Close it.

Come on.

-Mesud is not here, sir.

As we see, when the head is
cut off, the body is useless.

Osman Bey is gone and there
is chaos in Yenisehir.

Yenisehir was not protected
well, Bala Hatun.

We were inspecting the trade when Osman
Bey was here, too, Valide (Mother) Sultan.

I heard that.

I am not talking about you.

Malhun Hatun was in
charge of the trade.

But the market has got chaotic.

And she’s not even here.

Malhun Hatun does her
best for people.

-This matter...
-This matter...

...is very big, Bala Hatun.

You led your people to poverty.

But don’t worry. The Seljuk
State is always with you.

As Valide (Mother) Sultan,

...I’ll take over the market.

I will never let that happen!

Mighty Valide Sultan.

Malhun Hatun.

You’re finally here.

But if you don't let
that happen now,

...there will be famine.

I will make the trade
flourish again...

...that you screwed up.

It’s your choice.

Now say it before people.

If you let me take over
the market, I will...

...bring the whole caravan
to Yenisehir tomorrow.

If you don't,

...you will lead your
own people to poverty.

Your choice.

Gurbuz Alp!

-May Allah be pleased with you, Malhun Hatun.
-Thanks to Allah.

-Thank you, Malhun Hatun!
-May Allah be pleased with you.

Look carefully, Valide (Mother) Sultan.

Don’t let what you
see deceive you.

Both the market and Yenisehir
are under our command!

And we have nothing
to give anyone!

-Long live Malhun Hatun!
-May Allah give you a long life!

Alps, hand out the
food to people.

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-Salaam aleykum.
-Aleykum salaam.

Hadhrat Sultan wants to see
Dursun Faqih and Alaaddin Bey.

Look everywhere.

Don't come back
without finding him.


I swear I will put this
rope around your neck.

You did this knowing
that I have your son.

I will put this rope
around his neck...

...before you.

Hadhrat Sultan. There is something
I have to do before I leave Konya.

I will handle it and
then come back.

What is more important than leaving
Konya right now, Osman Bey?

My Sultan.

I left my son as a hostage
in the palace to save you.

I will take him first. It is the
most important thing for me.

EyvAllah Osman Bey. EyvAllah.

Don't worry. My Alps will
take you to a safe place.

And I will meet you
after I take my son.

Osman Bey... What
are we going to do?

Don’t worry. You will
have the throne again.

But first, you have to be strong
to make your sultanate legal.

Therefore, no one should
know where you went.

Carter, stop!

Come on! Keep going!

Stop! Where are you going?

You go. I’ll handle it.

My son... Alaeddin.

We've arrived, my Bey!


Allah Akbar!
(Allah is the Greatest)


My son...

My son...

-My son..

Would I ever leave you here?

Would your father
ever leave you alone?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Open it.

Did the Sultan come to
his senses, Vizier?

Osman abducted Mesud.

If you had convinced that
stupid boy in time..

...I wouldn’t have let
him do that, Vizier!

You just watched when he
put me in the dungeon!

Gazan Han’s furor will burn Konya.

Khan will question us
for our incompetence...

...before burning Konya.

Now... You will go and
find them, Samagar.

You will kill Mesud and Osman.

-What does Valide (Mother) Sultan know?

I sent messengers.
She will soon learn.

Now do not tire your head
with these thoughts.

Think about how you can
kill Osman and Mesud.

I swear on Gok
Tanri(God of Sky)...

...I will kill them
with a single spear.

Honorable Mongol
Commander Saveli.

We have to solve this issue
before Gazan Han hears about it.

Or we will lose the
frontiers and Konya.

He will not let a stone
rest on another stone...

...and he will not let our
heads rest on our shoulders!

Untie him.

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