Kurulus Osman Episode 110 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 110 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Commander Samagar,
they went this way.

I'll rip your flesh off
your bones, Osman.

I swear by
Erlik Khan.


You are in big trouble,
Osman Bey.

Big people have big problems,
Mighty Sultan, don't worry.

You shouldn't have got
involved in this issue.

You will lose your small
tribe because of me.

The fact that you don't
have your post and command

does not affect your
arrogance at all.

What are Alps doing,
Osman Bey?

We just got off the horses
and now we're standing.

You have been with
them for many years,

but you don't know
Mongols at all.

That's why, you should
have fought with them.

They are talented scouts.

You are just trying
to hurt my feelings.

You still haven't answered
my question, Osman Bey.

They nailed the
horses backwards.

Thus, they will think we are
going to opposite direction.

But we won't be
on horseback.

It is hard to evade
Mongols by running away.

At least, we need
to mislead them.

-Do you think they will believe it?
-We will divide them, at least.

-Is everything ready, are the Alps ready?
-They are, my Bey.

EyvAllah, EyvAllah.

Alps. Get rid of the
horses and catch up on us.

Mighty Sultan.

My uncle, who is waiting for
his death in his mansion,

ran away the day he was
to be killed, huh?

Osman, Mighty Sultan.

The reason he came here
was to take Mesud.

-He took his son from the palace. Also...

This is my last
warning for you.

Don't make up
an excuse again.

Take an army
with you.

Kill my uncle and Osman
and bring them to me.


If you have lied
to me just now,

I will hang you
in the square.

Commander Samagar,
the traces point this direction.

These traces do not
point Yenisehir.

Osman and his men do not
go to this way either.

Samagar, the traces
point this way.

Since when can
you oppose me?

Look, these are the
traces of their forelegs.

They are deeper than their hind legs.
Horse's head is in the front.

That's why it's heavier.
You idiot!

Osman must have nailed
the horses backwards.

Bring the poisonous arrows!

We will divide into two.
You will follow the traces.

The rest are with me.

You will kill Osman and
Mesud when you see them!

Mighty Sultan, we are sorry for
taking you without horses.

I will decide on it when I
take the throne, Osman Bey.

I have no power right now.

We couldn't let the
Mongol army follow us.

That's why,
you should hang on.


Osman Bey.

I want you to give
me an honest answer.

I've known you for years.

Let's say you did it and
helped me take the throne.

What are you going
to ask from me?

When you take your
throne in the east,

the door of the west
will be opened for me.

You will help me
for the conquests.

But these will happen in the future.
If we're talking about the present,

the fact that you
are with me,

will weaken Valide Sultan.

She causes every

Even my nephew is my enemy
because of his desire for power.

He took my throne.

What did he take
from you, Osman Bey?

My citadels.

My castles.

And he gave them all
to the infidels.

But I will take my lands,

and I will take
his head.

You will.
I promise you.

When I take the throne,
I'll support you.

Whatever you lost, you
will take back even more.

My Sultan, my Sultan.

My Sultan, hang on.
Hang on.



Come on, Alps. Everyone
should get food.

Bala Hatun,

...we saved today but...

...what will we
do tomorrow?

We will find a way,
Bengi Hatun.

Don't you worry.

How can I not? This is
not only your problem.

I want to do what I can.

If you wish, give one of the carriages to us and
we will distribute the food to the near tribes.

Yes, Bala Hatun.

We want to help.


Hand out the food.

We need to reassure people.

Having you here makes
me happy, Bengi Hatun.

What happened between
us is between us.

This is different.

Gurbuz Alp!

Give that carriage
to Bengi Hatun.

-It will be sent to near tribes.

We will bring the food.

I do not trust Bengi
Hatun anymore.

Malhun Hatun, what
are you saying?

We are all working
for the people.

I put aside what you did to me and want to
help you. What are you saying in return?

Did you forget who you were
supporting, Bengi Hatun?


We will take the carriage.


Give us the carriage.

Stop, Gurbuz!

-Gurbuz, now.
-Gurbuz, I said stop.

I am here, Osman.

Samagar, who you put in the
dungeon will make you pay.

You should have not come here.

I was going to find you, anyway.

You are my revenge.

My duty is Mesut's head.

Give that to me,

...maybe I will take your
life before skinning you.

We would never give a person
who came to us for protection.


I will take him, Osman.

Let's see. Come and see.

My Sultan. Hold on.
You will live.

You will live. Alps.

Alps, I will go with the Sultan.
Protect us.

No one try to be a hero.

-We will get out of here alive.
-EyvAllah, my Bey.

-Baysungur, protect us.
-Yes, my Bey.

Attack! If Mesut and
Osman run away,

...I will kill all of you!

No, Bala. I do not
trust this woman.

-We cannot give her the food.
-Going against her all the time

...pushes her away.

-If we do not trust her...
-I said no, Bala.

I said what I said.

We will take the food.

I do not accept, Malhun.

You have changed since
yesterday, Bala Hatun.

What did Valide Sultan promise you
that you are acting like this?

I have always been this
way, Malhun Hatun.

But you always ignored me.

Be careful before talking, Bala.
Or I will lose my control.

Don't hold back.

Is this how you
follow orders, Frig?

How did Malhun get
to those goods?

Why did I put you there?

I will find out,

...Valide Sultan.

As if!

They ruined my plan.


I do not accept mistakes, Frig.

I promise you, Valide Sultan.

I will make it up to you.

Of course you will.

Or our deal will be off.

Caravans will not
reach Yenisehir.

Destroy the goods you find.

Valide Sultan.

The fact that we did not get
the food is not an ending.

The supplies...

...will be the end of them.

What are you planning?

Let it go, Bala Hatun!

Malhun Hatun thinks she is
in control of everything.

She can’t hear you or me.

Gurbuz Alp! Give the cart to Bengi Hatun.
It's my last word!

I will give this cart!

And this is my last word!

Cerkutay, come on.

Come on.

-Don't, my Ayse.

Don't say a word.

I cannot come to the
mansion with this anger.

I'll go to the lodge.


Aykut! Turan! Don't!
We promised our Bey!

We'll step back! Don't!
-EyvAllah brother!

What did you promise your Bey?

If you did not promise him "Our Bey, we are going
to die.", you’ll not be able to keep your promise!

My Bey said "Do not come back
without that dog Samagar's head!".

Your Bey left you behind.

That's what war is.

The big ones leave, the
small ones turn into preys.

Come at me, you dog. Come.

You are the prey
of Samagar today!

I never leave my Alps behind!

Hang on, my Sultan.

Alps, step back.

How long will you run, Osman?
-Do you want to die?

-Come at me, I'm here.


My Bey...

We threw all of our arrows,
but they are still coming.

We'll leave. We'll meet
in the cave of Uluagac.

Sultan will be with me. Come on!

Hurry! Hurry! Bring the horses!

Go and search around!

Osman and Mesud will be
found before the sunset.

Valide Sultan..

...made me sit around the
same table with Olof.

Then I wanted to go on a
different way, my Sheikh.

But the thing about
Osman is different.

Its wound is on my heart.

That's what it made me
walk on a different way.

Muslims cannot walk
alone, Turgut Bey.

Before everything, they unite under the
sanjak (flag) of Rasulullah (PBUH).

The one who falls into carelessness
and is thrown into a separate path...

...will also lose his way.

In the Golden Age...

...one of the munafiqs
tried to cause a fitna...

...between the Ansar
and the Muhajir.

While the Muhajirs were fewer than the
Ansar, their numbers had increased.

"They're bigger than us.
They're trying to defeat us."

When we return to Madinah, the natives
and nobles there will unite...

..and we will send the muhajirs
away from the city.” they said.

When this word of the munafiq leader
was told to Rasulullah (PBUH)...

...Hadhrat Omar
(R.A.) was there.

"Allow me."

"Let me cut this
heathen’s head off."

He asked for Rasulullah's
(PBUH) allowance...

...and he wanted to punish the
munafiq who was causing fitna.

But Rasulullah
(PBUH) opposed ...

...this request of
Hadhrat Omar (R.A.)...

...and said "Let him be, Omar.

I do not want people to
doubt about us and say...

"Muhammad (PBUH) is
killing his own ashab."

Rasulullah (PBUH) wanted to
stop fitna from spreading...

...and not to help
Munafiqs do that...

...thought it was suitable
to make his moves in peace.

Osman Bey obeyed the sunnah
and made his move in peace...

..by accepting Valide
Sultan's offer...

...and giving the castles.

But it is time.

Now we need the anger
of Hadhrat Omar (R.A.).

Do you have that anger...

...Turgut Bey? Do you have that
anger which is flared up for...

...da'wah, not your nafs?

Will you be able to
control your nafs...

...for the da'wah of the
glorification of the word of Allah.

In the name of allah
the merciful the beneficent

Will you be able to send infidels
away from the Turkmens' castle?

Think carefully.

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Come on.

-Come on. Hold on.
-Hold on, brother.

Samil! Hadhrat
Sultan, over here.

-Give me water.
-Here, my Bey.

My Sultan.

Come on, hold on.

My Sultan. Sultan...

...isn't a person to
die with an arrow.

You think the arrow was
poisonous, my Bey?

Let's open the wound.
We will see.

Brothers, Sultan is
not well at all.

I don't want to say, but...
What if he dies?

What will we do then?

Don't say such things, brother.

Our Bey made the
whole plan on him.

He has to live.

Bismillah. Bismillah.

His breathing is not good.

My Sultan?

My Sultan! My Sultan! My Sultan!

-Aykut, let my Sheikh know.
-As you order, my Bey.

Come on! My Sultan?

My Sultan? Sul... No.



Osman! Osman!

How could you abduct Mesud?

You crossed the line this time.

You crossed the line.

I'm all ears, Bengi Hatun.

I offered Bala Hatun
a little help today.

Malhun Hatun objected to it.

But it's obvious that Bala
won't mind Malhun anymore.

You are a smart woman.

But it seems Bala is smart too.

She took my words...

...as a lesson.

She did.

Now she's coming to the dervish
lodge to see her father.

I wanted to give you the
good news before her.

And not only this,
Mighty Valide Sultan.

Now we hear whatever they talk
about in Osman's mansion.

Alcicek's aide Esma is in
the house of Yenisehir now.

Very good.

Very good.

Tell Esma to wait for my call.

You say we will add to the fire?

We will grow the fire so big...

...that this spark will
burn Osman's dreams...

...to ashes.

Let's cauterize the wound.

Bismillah. Bismillah. Ya
Shafi (The One Who cures).

Ya Sha... Oh, my Sultan.

My Sultan? My Sultan!

Samil, check this out

His eyes are all red in the middle.
And yellow around.

Don't you know this poison?

I will find it out, my Bey.

My Bey, this is the
scorpion poison.

I know what herb cures it.

It's rare around here.
But I will find it.

What are you waiting for?
Go find it!

Samil, if you can't find it,

...we will lose Sultan.

Hold on, hold on.

Bala Hatun.

Valide Sultan.

Were you going to pass
without seeing me?

Let me look at you.

What brings shadow in
your beautiful eyes?

Thinking only my Sheikh
can calm my anger down,

...I wanted to see him first.

Then I was going
to visit you too.

Though not as good
as Sheikh Edebali,

...I'm a good listener too.

Tell me. What’s the matter?

You were right.

I thought everybody was like me.

You mean Malhun Hatun?

Today, she disobeyed my
words before everyone.

I won't forgive this.

She raises her voice
to shout you down.

But you should never step back.

I will invite the hatuns of all the
tribe beys to my inn tomorrow.

You should join us.

So everybody will see who
is the head hatun...

..in Yenisehir.

-Will it cure him fast?
-He'll open his eyes instantly.

And his wound will
recover in time, my Bey.

Ya Shafi.

My Bey, he needs to drink this.

Baysungur, help me.

-Take it.

Easy, easy.

It's working, huh, my Bey?

His breath is getting better.

-Thanks to Allah.
-Thanks to Allah. Thanks to Allah.

Hadhrat Sultan.

Take breath.

Take deep breath.

Are you alright now?

We've seen better
times, Osman Bey.

-Thank you, Samil.
-EyvAllah, my Bey.

MashaAllah. Hadhrat
Sultan, don't worry.

We'll take you somewhere safer.

Right now.

But who did this to you...

...is Valide Sultan herself.

-You know should this.
-I know.

I know, Osman Bey.

Samagar trusts her.

Saveyli trusts her.

If it weren't for them, Valide
Sultan would be powerless.

I will destroy them all.

Now tell me.

How can I ruin Valide
Sultan's power?

With what?

There is a seal, Osman Bey.

She takes all her power...

...from that seal.

A seal?

What if...

...we take the seal?

Can I leave Valide
Sultan powerless then?

Without the seal,

...she would have no authority.

Valide Sultan...

Traitor! Traitor.

I will cut off Turgut's
head with my own hands!

When Valide Sultan

-finds out that he took the supplies...
-Don't you dare!

Don't, Frodi. You won't
say anything to anyone!

You won't tell anything
to Valide Sultan.

Will that traitor get
away with what he did?

How many of our
soldiers died, Dan?

-He will pay for this.
-He will!

He will, Frodi, I promise
you that he will.

But not now. When
the time comes,

we will kill him ourselves.

-But not now.

When? When? When?


Whoeve is better in the battle,

you may belong to him.

Since when do you
dream of lands?

-Since my soldiers died in the conquest.
-Is Oktem's blood not enough?

You gave land to someone who
did not join the conquest.

I've always been
with you, Osman Bey.

You chose this, you
can't stay with us.

No, this can't happen. I
cannot tolerate this!

If you try to send me
away from my lands,

I won't leave any
land to claim for.


Yes, my Bey.

Send messenger to the Beys of

Bilecik, Karacahisar
and Kulacahisar.

Let them prepare their armies.
If I'm Turgut Bey,

I won't let the heathens
take the lands of Turks.

EyvAllah, my Bey.

-Your wish is my command.
-Come on.

Where is Mesud?

Where does Osman keep Mesud?

Tell me!

Breathing is haram for
you before you tell me

all of the hidden
places of Osman.

Ask your men.

Are you kidding with me?

Are you in pain?

You will suffer more
if you don't talk!

You can't make me say a word.

Call him.

I will find that
seal no matter what.

I will take Valide
Sultan’s power from her.

-My Sheikh.
-Osman Bey.

My Sheikh, Sultan Mesud is fine.

Don't worry.

-Bala? Are you alright?
-I am.


May my Allah heal you with His
Shafi name, Sultan Mesud.

Osman Bey, Dervish is outside.

We will find out now.

My Sheikh, Sogut is
the safest place.

The most out of sight
place is the lodge.

Dervishes will take
Sultan Mesud...

...without anyone seeing.

Valide Sultan is
so arrogant that

...she cannot even see
what is in front of her.

She will not go to the lodge.


We are honoured to host
you here, Sultan Mesud.

But if you miss the
comfort at your palace,

...you cannot find it here.

Our beds are made
out of goat hair.

You should know this.

Astagfirullah, Sheikh Edebali.

Your beds that are
made out of goat hair

...are better than the ones at the
palace that are made of goose feather.

At least, my life is protected
by the people I trust.


Bala will take care of this.

We will overthrow Valide Sultan.

Osman Bey.

Are you talking about
going to Ismihan

...and taking the seal?
-Don't worry.

She will not notice.

Bala will take care
of everything.

Don't worry, Sultan Mesud.

Come on, we need to go.

May Allah protect you.

My trusted people be with you.

Osman Bey.

Where are you going?

I said that I would
take two heads for you.

I am going to take
the first one.

My Sheikh.


Come, Frig.

He thinks you are Martha.

He will die with
that information,

...Valide Sultan.

This information will
not be useful to him.

Your skills..

...will be enough to
make him talk.

What is that?

Is it...

...a bug that can...

...spoil the
supplies of Yenisehir?


Look... Look, my Sultan.

He already started speaking.

I think we should
try it here first.

Let's see if it is
talented enough to...

...make Osman’s Alp speak.

We agreed with you once,
Turgut Bey, that’s alright...

...but why did you
gather us again?

Are we done just because
we agreed once, Uraz Bey?

Is everything completed?

What is not completed Turgut Bey?
Tell us.

We did not take our castles.

We did not send infidels
away from our lands.

We did nothing.

Don't, Turgut Bey. We were
standing against the infidels...

...when they were
asking for the castles.


...even shared your meal with
infidels back then and helped them.

Besides, didn't you stay silent
to weaken Osman Bey, Turgut Bey?

You keep saying the same thing!

That meal turned into
poison for me.

Mostly for me.

Now tell me.

Where is Osman Bey...

...when we are worrying about
our homeland? Tell me.

Where is Oktem Bey?

Is there anyone who shows effort
for this da'wah except for me?

If da'wah is the
da'wah of conquest...

...we will sacrifice
our lives on that way.

Tell us what to do.


First of all, we will cut the heads
of infidels in our castles...

...we will get rid of them and send
them away from our homeland forever.

Olof and his dogs think we are not
strong enough to make a move.

We will hit them on
their arrogance.

Now listen to me carefully.

My Alps will wait
around the castle.

And you will open the doors when
you are sure that it is safe.

Then, we will send
Olof and his dogs...

...away from our homeland.

Now tell me, Beys.
Are you with me?

Beys are with me.

Is Bala Hatun going to
stay in the lodge?

It seems so, Ulgen.

I do not understand.
Why did this happen?

Don’t talk too
much about this...

...they are mad
enough right now.

Bengi Hatun wanted to help.
She didn't want to do harm.

She could turn into a better person.
Why did they fight for this?


Malhun Hatun. I...

It’s not my place to say it,
but, I got upset, that's why...

So that you are upset, then
you should go after Bala.

Take your things and leave!


Are you sending me away?

Stop, Malhun.

Even if you dismiss Ulgen,
I won’t let her go.

I said my last word, Bala.

Ulgen will leave!

But I did not say my last word.

Then let's settle
accounts outside.

Take your sword and come.

Stop! Do not fight for me!
Alright, I’ll go!

Don't fight! I'll go!

That was admirable acting.

That was admirable, let alone
Ulgen, you even made me believe it.

You are really tough!

It will be enough if Valide Sultan
and Bengi believe it, Ayse.

They believed it, she is decisive
in strengthening the fire.

Why did you fool me like this?

I was going to pass out!

Elhamdulillah. Look.

Would we ever leave you, Ulgen?

You wouldn’t, right?

I was scared!

I lost my mind.

Valide Sultan...

...took an oath to
turn us into enemies.

She doesn't seem to stop.

Then we will play
a game for her.


Let her think that she
achieved her goal. So...

...she will be
relieved and sit back.


But... Let's do it in such a place
that everyone will believe us.

She will gather the Bey Hatuns tomorrow.
She invited me.

It is the most suitable
time to take the seal.

Are we going to be able to take
it among all those Hatuns?

She will carry it on her,
since it's really important.

Why don't we go to her room and
take it when she is asleep?

But I don’t want to do that.
Valide Sultan would bury me alive.

There is no need, Ulgen.
I know how to take it.

The time I gave you
for Inegol is over.

But I can see that...

...Valide Sultan who you
run behind is not here.

And your friend Olof.

Don't worry.

I will punish Olof.

Will you punish him by sitting
on the same table with him?

We will deal with this later.

But there is another issue now.

Mongols in Konya

are Valide Sultan's
greatest supporter.

Now they are coming to ruin us.

-There are two troubles, rather then one?
-When did we have only one trouble?

Commander Samagar
that will come here,

first we will kill him.
first we will kill him.

Then we will take Olof
out of the castles.

Samagar. Or whatever he
is, how will we kill him?

You will do that.

The fact that you are with
Valide Sultan will help us.

I'm listening, tell me.

Overthrown Sultan Mesud,

I have him.

I knew you wouldn’t
come back empty-handed.

But Sultan Mesud, huh?

You will tell Valide Sultan

that I have Sultan Mesud.

I’m keeping him in
our cave in Guragac.

You will tell her
that we took action.

And she will send
Commander Samagar.

When he comes, I
will kill him there.

EyvAllah. Consider it done.

Get prepared.

I have things to talk.

You left me alone in
my hardest moment.

Because of you,

Many of my soldiers
were martyred

Many of my equipments were lost.

Many of my conquest
attempts were stopped.

If I'm talking to you right now,

it is because that my da'wah
is bigger than my anger.

It is not any different for me.

All I do

is for da’wah.

Get this done.

It is certain that we
will be victorious.

You can be sure of that.

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Is Alcicek alright?
Have you seen her?

She was upset about
what Aktemur Bey did.

But she's strong, she
knows how to get up.

Of course she will,
Alcicek is a strong girl.

But those who cause her to fall

will regret a lot.

Esma, did Aktemur

...call Alcicek...


If he had, Alcicek Hatun would
have killed him right there.



He would have deserved it.

Check the dough.

Why are you looking?

I am just looking.
Is it forbidden?

Yes, brother. Come on.

Get out.

I will not.

I will not.

I am thinking. Maybe
it will happen.

Why not?

It will not.

It cannot. It should not.

-It will.
-Listen to me.

I said no. Don't cross the line.

Don’t even think about it.

Ulgen Hatun.

Ulgen Hatun, could you please
give me something to eat?

Not Ulgen Hatun.

You will call her Ulgen Sister.


You will call her, Ulgen Sister.
Like this.

Ulgen Sister.

Do you understand?

Enough! Stop! We get it.

You should know that

...I will not give
you anymore food,

Cerkutay Alp. Do you understand?
Get out of my kitchen.

-I did not say that to you.
-Yes, I must have imagined it.

-Some more, please.


Some more.


I see that you are
worried, Valide Sultan.

Constantinople's commanders
are supporting you.

InshaAllah, you
are not cornered.

I never lose, Turgut Bey.

I think you resented me
because of this Olof matter.

But this is politics.

Anyone can work with anyone.

I would never.


I heard that Osman took
Sultan Mesud from you.

You could not win this time.

Osman ruined himself...

...with this move.

Samagar will bring Mesud to me.

He's after Osman.

Samagar? InshaAllah.

What if I tell you I
know where they are?

What do you mean, Turgut Bey?

You know but are not teiling me?

Or do you want something
from me in return?

Don’t forget it's me who is
protecting your castle...

...from Osman.

Some things are more
important than Inegol.

Your throne...

...and your power depend on it.

That's why you want
Sultan Mesud so much.

What do you want?

120 horses and 200 swords...

...will go to Inegol
with your order.


Why? Is there a danger?

Dangers may arrive any time.

For example, you may...

...attempt to make Olof
get the chair of Inegol.

It's good to be secure.

Avci Bey.

120 horses and 200 swords will
be delivered to Turgut Bey.



Now I’m hearing you.

They’re keeping Sultan Mesud
in a cave in Guragac.

But they will change the place tomorrow.
You should hurry up.

How did you find out?

When you fight beside
someone for years,

...you don't have to find out.
You just know.

I heard about Mesud first,

...then checked the caves
and saw him for myself.

He was there.

Turgut Bey.

Are you selling Osman out
only for 120 horses?

Osman isn't worth
even five horses!

I'm done with him.

Now go and settle your score...

...with him.

Now I should go.

Take care.

If anyone moves, I
will skin him out!

This is the end, Sultan.

Ya Haqq!

It’s me who shall decide
what will begin...

...and end.

I will take your life, Osman!

I have no life to give you.

-As Salaam Alaykum.
-Alaykum Salaam.

Make way! Mighty Valide Sultan!

-Thank you.

Bala Hatun.

You may seat in the
seat you deserve.


MashaAllah. You are here
without anyone missing.

You called us, of course we would
come, Mighty Valide Sultan.

Everyone is here but Malhun
Hatun is not here, my Sultan.

Bala Hatun, the Head Hatun
of Yenisehir is here.

We don’t need anyone else.

Come on.

In the name of Allah, Most
Gracious, Most Merciful.

Come, let's go to the kitchen.

Since I came to the borders,

We have experienced many
things in short time.

But there something I realized.

Success of the sisters.

Both in the battlefield
and in the trade

they do not stop and they
get success after success.

Thanks to you, of
course, Bala Hatun.

-Isn't that right? Hatuns?
-That’s right.

-That's right:

If there is a success,

It is the success of Sisters,

who never miss their target
and risk their life.

-We only show the target.
-You are being modest again.

Everything you touch

blossoms, Bala Hatun.

From now on, deal not
only with Sisters,

but also with Yenisehir.

Come on Sisters, let’s
take the sherbets quickly.

First, take Valide
Sultan’s glass.


Wait. Oh!

If you take the glass like this,
they will blame me for it.

Don’t you see the dust?

Here. It shines as a mirror now.

-Neither you nor I will be scolded.
-Thank you.

Now, you are praising
the Sisters, alright.

But there are some
people who do not

send their daughters
to the Sisters.

Bala Hatun, if you confirm,

would also like to
join the Sisters.

First of all, we need to
ask your mother, Alcicek.

Do you consent, Bengi Hatun?

Of course she may join you.

It would please me to have
you teach her, Bala Hatun.


You did what was expected
of you, Bengi Hatun.


You also,

listen to your head Hatun.

-My Sultan.
-My Sultan.

Valide Sultan.

-Valide Sultan.
-Valide Sultan.

My Valide Sultan,
open your eyes.

Shut the doors, we
will search everyone.

-Come on.
-Open your eyes.

-Open your eyes Valide Sultan.
-Come on.

-My Sultan.
-Come on, Valide Sultan.

Valide Sultan, open your eyes.

Is she breathing?

-She's breathing.
-We need to make her puke.

-Come on Bala. Turn her around.
-Turn her around.

My Valide Sultan,
open your eyes.

Open your eyes. Come on.

Come on.

Call Kumral Abdal.

My Sultan.

We are here, Osman Bey!


Alps! Come on, Alp

Who can dare to do
something like this?

Whoever did this,

...will pay the price.

Valide Sultan? Do you hear me?
Are you alright?

Kumral Abdal? Why is
she not waking up?

Is it poison?


The thing Valide Sultan
is worried about

...makes her weak.

But she is alright.

You should take care
of her for a while.

She should stay away
from stressful things.

I will make them cook something
good for our Sultan.


-Bengi Hatun.
-Tell me.

What is going on in the mansion?

Tell me. What is Malhun
saying about Bala?

Tell me.

Don't, Bengi Hatun.

We should stop.

Did you give up on
your brother, Esma?

This is a game.

Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun.

They are playing a game
against Valide Sultan.

There is more.

The game is over, Osman.
My nokers will kill you.

If I help a Mongol,

...Osman will take my head.

If I help Osman,

...Valide Sultan
will take my head.

I know what to do.


-Hit me.
-What, my Bey?

-How can I hit you, my Bey?
-Come on.

Hit me. Come on.

My Bey.

Are you hitting your
enemy, you dog?

-My Bey, what are you doing?

-Come on.
-Come on, my Bey.

We are coming!

I am here, Osman Bey!

Bayindir of Cavundur.

Come on.

You play the games,

...we hit the traps, huh?


We are the ones

...who play the games
and finish them.

This game will end with
your head being cut off.

You dastard.

Erlik Khan's rage will
destroy you, Osman.

When Gazanan hears what you did,

...when he finds out that
you help Sultan Mesud,

...he will turn your
land into hell.

You turn the land you
step on into hell.

But we water the lands
we take with our blood

...so that we turn
it into heaven.

This is the difference
between you and us.

Bayindir of Cavundur.

Now see where the ones standing
against up will end up.

I'll meet my Gok Tengri.

But your sword...

...will cut your own head off.

The head you are cutting
off is not only mine...

...but people's!

The ones afraid of losing
their heads cannot be free.

The ones who don't fight to be
free have no place among us.

Look at me, dog.

I’m neither the captivated
Sultan in Konya...

...nor a Bey to afraid of you.

I am...

...the one who is planting
the seeds of a state...

...which will rule
the whole world...

...and growing it
bigger with blood.

Tell the cruel
people I killed...

...I am Osman Bey.

The nightmare of the cruel.

The protector of the innocent.


Easy, Bengi Hatun. Easy.

Bala Hatun has just left.

What's the haste?

It was a trap, my Sultan.

Bala made a game..

...to take the seal.

Bring Bala Hatun...

...to me immediately.


-Follow her! Come on!
-On horses, hurry up!

Don’t come back without
catching that rebel!

Take him away.

And deliver this to his owner.

As you order, my Bey. Ayaz!

Come here.

Come here.



Osman Bey, I helped you...

...and your alps.

Spare my life in return.

You think dying is...

...something like trade?


There is no such trade.

If you work with the cruel,

...I cut your head off.

I will you coins and gold.

For your conquests,

...you need sources. I
have a big treasure.

When I kill you now,

...al the gold will be mine.

Don’t, my Bey. While
I fight for you,

..I risky my own life.
Don’t you see that?

How can I prove that
I'm loyal to you?

You are loyal, huh?

You are loyal?


Only one chance for you...

...to show your loyalty.


Don't be happy so fast.

Listen first.

Valide Sultan is
holding Konur captive.

You need to save him
from Valide Sultan.

My Bey... So that I can
gain your trust this way...

...I will bring Konur to you.

-Get lost now.
Come on, Huseyin!

Come on!

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My Bey... Bala Hatun is late.

What if something bad happened?

My Bey!

Thanks to Allah,
you are alright.

We are. We are.

We are.


Game is over, Bala.




What is happening here?

Why are you wearing these clothes?

-How could you do this to me?
-I don’t understand, mother.

Bala Hatun gave these
to me and left.




My Bey!


Are you alright? -We are. We
are alright, thanks to Allah.

Tell me. Did you take the seal?

Now we have the seal.

Hay MashaAllah.

What are we going
to do now, my Bey?

We are going to take
our castles back.

No one will be able
to stand against...

...the seal of the Sultan.

That's why I invited you.

Bala Hatun. You will take
Kulucahisar castle with...

...Alaeddin Bey.

Malhun Hatun. You will
take Karacahisar Castle...

...with Orhan Bey.

And we will take Bilecik.

Come on. Bring it here! -It
is not ready yet, my Bey.

Good. Heat it up.
We will do it once.

-My Bey. -Yes? -Are we
going to take Konur...

...openly or secretly?

Osman became already
obsessed with me...

...it won't matter if
we do it openly...

...or secretly.

And Valide Sultan...

Once we make an enemy of her, we'll be
destroyed, Huseyin. We'll be destroyed.

Bring it here! It melted down!

-Slowly, alright? For once, alright?
-Alright, my Bey.

Slowly! Wait! Stop!

BismillahirRahmaniRahim. Do it.

Do it.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!


It didn't hurt like this
when I got injured.

My Bey.

You know, we are going
to save Konur...

Osman wants to turn you
and Ismihan Sultan...

..into enemies by telling
her that you saved him.

Demon man! You owl!

Say a good thing for once!

Being enemies with Valide Sultan?
Towba astagfurullah.

Give me water! Come on!
Give me water!

HasbinAllah. -Here, my Bey.

I am already in pain!

Take it.

Until this dusty weather...

...is gone...

...we have to...

...stand by Osman
as long as we can.

He is the one who
brings the dust...

...and who makes it leave.

Right, Huseyin?

Yes, my Bey. But...

...what if we are
choosing the wrong side?

Towba astagfurullah. Go! Move!

I’ll have some rest. Go!

Tell me now.

Come on.

Hasn’t he spoken yet?


But he will speak.

You are protecting Osman.

Where is Osman though?

You made a big mistake
by assuming that...

...Osman is your
companion, Konur.


...as Valide Sultan...

...I am giving you
your last chance.

You will tell me
Osman’s secrets.

And I will give all the
wealth of the world...

...to you.

You have nothing to give me.

My Sultan!

Konur will tell us
Osman’s secrets.

What is in that sack, Avci?

My Sultan, if you wish...

-...I can...
-Cut it short, Avci! Open it!

Osman Bey sent this.

This is the end of those
who follow your way.

If I am not killing
you right now...

...it's because of
the things you know.

You’ll be surprised when you
see what I'm going to do...

...once I have the knowledge.

Olof! Osman!

Osman is here.


This is my castle, Osman.

You cannot come here like this.

This is not your castle.

Commander, what is going on?

Do you protect your
consignment like this?

The only consignment here
is your life, Osman Bey.

With the Sultan’s order,

..this is my castle.

-It will not be easy this time!

Not only Bilecik,


...and Kulacahisar

...are my castles,
just like before.


Move. Let us go to the lodge.

Where are you coming from
and where are you headed?

We come from Allah and we are
always on His Way. Let us go.


-As Salaamu Alaykum.
-Alaykum Salaam.

Did the dervishes
do something wrong?

We are following orders, my Sheikh.
We have to search the carriage.

Go ahead.

There are apples
in the carriage.

Those apples are for
the brave soldiers.

Give them to them.

No, Sheikh. We cannot eat
what belongs to the lodge.

You can eat them.

This carriage is loaded
with apples, too.

It will be enough for the lodge.

Come on, accept it please.

-Thanks, Sheikh. We are sorry.

May Allah help you.

This is the order, Olof!

We will give the
castle to Osman Bey.

Not only Bilecik.

The other properties...

...will be ours,

...just like they used to be.

Come on.

I will take back what you
took from me, Osman.

But this time, I
will spill blood.

I will skin you and your men

...and make flags out of your skin
-Is that so?

You do not even have a home.

Find a home first.

But be careful,

...so that the wolves outside

...don’t bite you.

When will I hold sword like you?

Why aren't my arms like yours?
I’m not strong enough!

Strength is not only about
arms, my dear child.

What can I do when my arms are
not strong, Kumral Abdal?

I guess you haven't heard the story
of the lion and the forester?

We haven’t heard it
too, Kumral AbdaL

I hope you’ll tell us.

Then gather around.

Now. Once upon a time,
there was a forester.

The forester would go to the
forest after the morning wudu

and would find the woods that are the thickest
and hardest to cut, and he would cut them.

And in the evening, he would go
back to his home with the woods.

One day,

while he was cutting
a thick wood,

the king of forests, lion,

came to him with
all his majesty.

Lion said to the forester
that ’’you are so silly.”

And the forester said that ’’Why, lion?".
And the lion responded,

"Why do you think? I'm
the king of forests.

I'm so strong but even I
cannot cut this wood.

How will you cut this big wood?”

The forester had a brave heart.

He said to the lion that,

"Lion, I am stronger than you."

Lion felt offended by that.

It said ’’Then let's fight.

Let's see who is the stronger?"

Then they started fighting.

Forester was exhausted,

but he did not give up.
He told lion that

"Oh, the king of forests,

I forgot most of my
strength at home,

this is not a fair fight.”

Lion felt proud.

It said "I won’t beat a man who is
fighting with half of his strength.

Go and take your strength.”

The forester knew about
the lion’s arrogance.

He tried to offend him.

He said ’’What if you trick me?

What if you run away?”

The lion,

roared fiercely.

It was such a roar that

all of the animals in the
forest hid in their nests.

It came closer to the
forester, and closer...

and said that,

"I am not afraid of anyone.

I am the strongest.”

Forester was not convinced.

He said, "No, I will fight you
with half of my strength.”

And lion refused this.

The forester pretended to
have a different idea.

He looked at the rope,

and looked at the lion. He said,

"Alright, I'll go.

I will take my strength
and come back.

But I need to be sure
that you will wait here.

I'll tie you to that tree.

You will wait there
until I come back.

The lion refused. It said
"No, I can’t accept that."

The forester looked at the lion
in such a cynical way that,

"I knew you would run." he said.

The lion felt very offended.

It said "Alright then. Go
and take your strength."

I will never run.

The forester tied the
lion to the tree.

But he didn’t go.

He hit the lion with the
stick again and again.

"Do you want me to stop or not?"

"Do you want me to stop or not?”

So what did the lion
do, Kumral Abdal?

It said to the forester that

"Oh, human being,

either kill me right away,

or let me go. But don't
damage my pride.

I can't stand it.

Alright, I accept
that you are strong.

You have beaten me
with your mind."

But the forester did not stop.
With the stick he was holding,

he kept hitting the lion.

He said to the lion
that, "Oh, lion,

oh, the king of forests,

your power is ruined
by your pride,

and my power gets better with
the mind that my Rabb gave me.

As long as you are arrogant,
you will be beaten more.

And you will be
disgraced to everyone.

And the tiger, lion’s greatest enemy
in the forest, was passing there.

When it saw the lion’s state,

it started giggling
and mocking the lion.

It said to the lion that

"Oh, great lion,

you were so great, huh?

You were so strong?

What happened to you?

Shame on you!”

The lion looked at the
tiger many times.

The lion was in
such a state that,

instead of roaring,

it was acting like a tame cat.

It said to the tiger that

"No matter what, don’t let
the humans entrap you."

Because he is
strong enough to...

...defeat us with the
help of his mind.

And those who do not know how
to use their knowledge...

...might have claws of a lion...

...but they still cannot
defeat the enemies.

People must think.

People must make their moves
by using their wisdom.

Don't forget that.

Brother, I will read
all of your books!

I will strengthen my mind!

Then infidels will see...

...how Osman Bey’s
daughter will defeat them.

Carry the bravery of a lion.

Do not carry its arrogance.


...what happened to the ones
who carried its arrogance.

We took the properties we lost
back, thanks to Allah, Osman Bey.

We did.

We did, for sure.

The properties we lost with the
help of mistakes you made.

My mistakes?

Those were mistakes.

But mistakes can be compensated.
That’s what I know.

Do not show off because you helped
a bit by carrying some water...

...when you are the
cause of ashes.

I can see that you are
underestimating our help.

Alright then. We'll count
it as an ant’s help.

As long as we walk on the same
way, being an ant is also enough.


Even though our
target is the same...

...our ways are different now.

You chose this.

It's because of anger! I got angry
because my brother ignored me!

Anger makes people do things they don’t want
to do. You know that the best, Osman Bey.

I do.

Sure I do.


...it is time for you to
pay for what you did.

The choices are made.

The decisions are made.

You will go your own way...

...and I will go my own way.


As you say.

I will not stand
next to you anymore.

But you should know, I hold
no grudge against you.

I will not stand against you.

I recommend you not
standing against me...

...for your own good.

Still, you should know that...

...if you need anything...

...I’ll come...

...no matter what happens.



How dare you?

What do you think
this place is, Olof?

The castles you gave me...

...now belong to Osman!

What does that mean now?

Don’t make a fool of me.

Here is your seal!

Osman seized the castles...

...with your seal.


You stole my seal
to do this, huh?

You promised me!

Osman told you to
leave the castles...

...and you did like a good boy?

Is that so?

You never thought of fighting?

Is that so?

Were you afraid?

Didn't you have power
to fight Osman?

Don’t play with me.

Your mask is dropped, Sultan.

The soldiers you gave me...

...took Osman’s side!

You set me up.

But all of you..

All of you! You will
see my strength.

Pull yourself together!

Don't be a fool.

Osman made this game.

If I were to give the
castles back to Osman,

...I would have kicked
you out myself!


You stole the seal
which belonged to me!

You became a thief and rebel!

I swear I will burn both Yenisehir
and that mansion down!

I will hang...

...your dead body at
the gate of Yenisehir!

Your people...

...will curse
your dead body.

Even your dead body.

Avci Bey, get prepared.

First, I will take...

...Osman’s heart out.

We’ll attack the dervish lodge.

-Come on.
-I'm going with you.

I will make Osman pay
for what he did.

You’re late.

-You’re late.

You should have shown this courage
before you surrendered the castles.


Now you’re not going
anywhere, Olof!


My Sultan, Osman Bey keeps
doing things on his own.

My uncle Mesud.

What news about him?
Have you found him?

Just as Samagar was
about to find him,

...Osman Bey set a huge trap.

He cut Samagar’s head off...

...and threw it under
Valide Sultan's feet.

You crossed the line, Osman.

My Sultan, there is even more.

Osman Bey stole Valide
Sultan’s seal...

...and issued an
edict on his own.

And he seized the castles which
were under Valide Sultan's command.

Valide Sultan demands a
huge army in Yenisehir.

As I didn’t leave the justice
and protected people's rights,

...you bit the hand
that fed you, Osman.

You started this fire.

But it’s me who will add to it.

Fear my army's wrath.
Fear, Osman Bey.

The ones to teach
you your place...

...will be at you
gates tomorrow

Thank you so much..

...for hosting me in your
property, Sheikh Edebali.

There is no property in
this world, Sultan Mesud.

Especially a dervish lodge
isn’t the property of anyone.

A roof for the fallen, a
shadow for the tired...

...and a shelter
for the escaper.

You fell from the throne.

Our door is always open for you.

You should know a property
never serves a human.

I experienced this in the
hard way, Sheikh Edebal

But Osman Bey says the dark
shadows over us will be removed.

InshaAllah, InshaAllah.

-Hurry up, come on! This way!

-This is a dervish lodge.
-What's going on?

This is Ismihan Sultan’s order!
Get out of our way.

He's alright. He's
alright, brothers.

They say...

...a sword wound is
the closest friend...

..of an alp.

Who says that, Cerkutay?

I've never heard that.

They just say so...

-They say?
-They say.

What are you looking at?

When will it be ready?

It's not your concern.

Not your concern.

You just look ahead.

Look at Aykut.

Tell me, brother Gurbuz.

Do you have any kids?

As I’ve rushed from one duty
to another, brother Aykut,

...I couldn’t find
time to get married.

No, he has no time.

You are right. Why
didn’t I get married?

It is time.

Yes, tell this to my Bey.

My Bey will plan your
wedding in one night.

Yes, he will.

Who would get married to you?

Look at you.

Now I have to beat you up.

Let’s see you try.

-Calm down.

Cerkutay, even if you were thirsty
in the middle of a desert,

...I would drink all the water.

She is furious. This is bad.

She will starve me.

Sister, huh? You will see.

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Thank you, hatuns.

You did well, Bala.

We did it together.

-Right, Ulgen?

Alcicek played a big role, too.

I wonder what Bengi Hatun will
do when she sees Alcicek.

She wants to join
the Sisters, huh?


She is brave.

Osman Bey is coming.

-As Salaamu Alaikum.
-Alaikum Salaam.

Sit down, please.

Come on.

They thought that
they can defeat us.

But they did not

...break our courage.

With my Allah's permission,

...we took back our
castles and forts.

Come on. Enjoy.

In the name of allah
the merciful the beneficent

In the name of allah
the merciful the beneficent

May I come in, my Bey?

Come in.

My Bey, they raided the lodge.


What are you saying?

Sultan Mesud...

My Sheikh...

Even if they slightly get hurt...

...I will make sure that they pay!

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