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Kurulus Osman Episode 111 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 111 Season 4 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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Come on.

I should have gone there. What if
something happened to my father?

I can not wait here and do nothing.
I'll go.

Calm down, Bala. With Allah's consent,
nothing will happen to our Sheikh.

I placed our Alps and
Sisters in Yenisehir.

Don't worry. Even birds will ask
for our permission when flying.

Keep your eyes on them Ayse.

Ulgen Hatun sent this. She said "they did not eat
anything, tell them to at least drink something."

Thank you.

It's important.

I'll go and see Halime.

Don't worry.

Brothers! Shield wall! Come on!

Come on.

Boran! Shields are
not strong enough.

Brothers! We will use the
counters as shields!

Come on! Come on!

Open it!

Close it!

Open it!

Close it!



Brothers! My Bey is going into the
lodge, we'll go into the inn. Come on!

Trap! Shield!

My Bey... What are
we going to do?

Wait, Alps. Wait.

Now... now!





Alps... Be careful. Be careful.

It’s silent. We'll go slowly.
Come on.

What is happening Esma?
Why did you call me?

They wanted me to
give this to you.

But you are the only one
who needs to see it.

Who gave this to you?

I don't know him.

But Valide Sultan sent it.

Only to you.

Sheikh Edebali is in Marmaracik Fort.
You’ll be here before midday.

If you do something wrong, or if you do not
come, your father will die, Bala Hatun.

You will be taken in
return for your father.


Who, Esma? I am asking you! Who?

I don’t know! VAllahi,
I don't know!

Esma! It's about my father. If you
lied to me, I will not forgive you.

A man came. He gave a
me a piece of paper.

He said Valide Sultan sent it.

He told me to give
it to Bala Hatun.

I know nothing else.

My Sheikh... My Sheikh..

My Sheikh...

My Sheikh...

I will drown those who did this
to my Sheikh in their own blood!

Hurry, inform our Sultan!

Sultan Mesud.. -Osman Bey.
-Where is my Sheikh?

They will come inside now! Hurry!
Come on Mesud! Come on!

No one knows about this hidden place.
Go in now. Go.

I will not leave
you, Sheikh Edebali.

No... Don't, Mesud. They don't know
you are here. They want to take me.

You will hide now, so the game
of the cruel can be destroyed.

Come on! Come on!

Come on! Take this.
Keep it with you.

Hurry! Hurry!

Arrest the Sheikh.


Yazid... Yazid!

Ismihan raided the lodge
and took him with her.

Sheikh Edebali gave
up on himself for me.

I will shed every drop of blood of
those who did this to my Sheikh!

My Bey! Flying flame!

My Sultan!

My Sheikh...

Don't you dare... anything without
understanding it.

Malhun. Where is Bala?

She went to check Halime
and has not returned yet.

Shall we take a look?

Did she go to Sogut?

Malhun Hatun, I will tell
you something, but...

Esma, where is Bala?

Bala Hatun,

sent you news.

What news?

She told you to go to Osman
Bey as soon as possible,

-and said that Osman Bey was lured into a trap.
-What are you saying, Esma?

Bala Hatun,

went to surrender
to Valide Sultan.

Sultan Mesud, are you all right?

-Cerkutay! Cerkutay! Come here!
-My Bey!

Check the entrance of the path
and see how it is. Come on.

Gurbuz, take Sultan there.
Come on!

-My Bey, they are crowded.
-Take him, take him!

Take him, take him!

-They are waiting for us. We will die the moment we leave.
-Are you saying so?

Then let them come.

Let them come.

We are also looking for Mesud.

Now both of you will die.

We will not let jackals
take our lives!

We will kill you first, and then we
will kill those who control you.

Come here!

Ismihan Sultan, you are making
brothers kill each other.

You will pay for this!

Sultan Mesud.

Are you all right?

I can see that you
are surprised.

Did our arrival bother you?

Astagfirullah, Valide Sultan.

The citadel is your property.

I’m here because I trust you.

Your trust made us
happy, Valide Sultan.

However, why is my Sheikh...

...tied up?

What’s going on?

Sheikh Edebali is under arrest.

From now on, no one
will talk to him

without my permission.

Avci Bey.

Take Sheikh Edebali
to the dungeon.

What's his crime? Why are you taking
Sheikh Edebali to the dungeon?

Also, does Osman
Bey know about it?

We're sorry Valide Sultan.

Forgive her.

It is because of her youth.

I will ignore her for
your sake, Bengi Hatun.

Avci Bey, disperse the soldiers
throughout the citadel.

Leave no hole empty.

And raise our banners.

From now on, no one will leave
the citadel without my approval.

Increase the
precautions, Oktem Bey.

Osman will not just wait.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Boran, what's the situation?

Ismihan wasn’t here when
we arrived, Malhun Hatun.

She left those here.

-Where is Osman?
-In the dervish lodge.

-And Konur?
-Bay Sungur went to the dungeon to see him with alps.

Be careful.

Kumral Abdal. go to the dungeon.
I'm going to the dervish lodge.

-Let's go, alps!
-Come on.

Konur? My brother?

My Allah... Konur?

Konur Alp... What have they
done to you, my brave brother?

Everybody get back!

Get back! Get back!

Baysungur, did you touch him?

Kumral Abdal, what
are you doing?

These wounds...

Burning like fire.

It’s not good. Don’t
get close to him.

Konur is breathing.
But is so weak.

It may be contagious.

Samil, go let the
other doctors know.

Get out! Everybody get out!
Come on!

My Bey, Ismihan
is in Marmaracik.

And our sheikh is with him.

How do you know, Malhun?

Ismihan sent a letter to Bala.

”l'm holding your father captive.
He is dead if you don’t come here."

’’Come to Marmaracik without
telling anyone”, she said.

Malhun, don’t say it.

Don’t tell me Bala has left.
Don’t say it.

-She’s gone, my Bey.

We realized afterwards.
I couldn’t stop it.

I lost one more. Ismihan..

Ismihan... Both my
Sheikh and Bala...

You took them from me.

I will... I will...

No, I'll take them back.

I will make you pay for this!

I will take them back.
Sultan Mesud.

They want you.

They want you, Sultan.

I told you, Osman Bey.
I’m a wreck.

Whoever stands with me
will collapse with me.

Even if you call
yourself a wreck,

...I need you.

I know what Ismihan is.

But I know you too.

And you will know me
and this will be over.

I will give them
neither my beloveds...

...nor you.

What will we do then, Osman Bey?

I’ll take you somewhere
that nobody knows.

-Aykut knows where you will go.
-Yes, my Bey. I’ll take our Sultan to the safest place.

-Let's go, my Sultan.
-My Bey! My Bey!

Konur is in the
dungeon, but sick.

His sickness is contagious. Apparently,
Ismihan did that deliberately.

Not only Konur. It's
spreading in Sogut.

People are sick.

It’s a terrible situation.

That's why she left Sogut...

...and made Marmaracik
her headquarters.

Tell me.


Will he survive?

We will do our best, my Bey.

And we should all pray for him.

If you say so,

...we’ll make Sogut our
impassable fortress.

-My Bey.

You will rule Sogut
with the help of alps.

Kumral Abdal, don’t let the
sickness spread anymore.

You have to figure
something out.

Malhun, drive the sickness
out of Sogut somehow.

Don’t be worrying, my Bey.

-I will go take my Sheikh and Bala back.
-May Allah protect you.

EyvAllah. Let’s go, alps.
Let's go.

Sheikh Edebali in our dungeon.

My Allah, I cannot believe this.

What should we have done?

Should we have said no to
the great Valide Sultan?

-We should have, hatun.
-They will not stop.

If Osman continues,

...he will cause many
problems to a lot of people.

We believe in Allah, Bengi.

Sheikh Edebali is a believer.

Do you think someone who does this to
a believer will not pay the price?

We are in the wrong.

We are in the wrong.

If Osman hears this,

...he will turn this
fort into hell.

He cannot, Oktem Bey.

He cannot.

Valide Sultan.

My flag is on the fort.

Who is Osman that he will
attack where I reign?

My Sultan, Edebali is not
important only for Osman.

He is valuable for
all the Turks.

He is a believer.

I am afraid.

There is no need to
be afraid, Oktem Bey.

I know what you know.

You should know what I know.

Osman is hiding Mesud.

If he gives me Mesud,

...I will give him
Sheikh Edebali.

Is our state a heathen state

...that it will
betray a believer?

Tell me.

Are you on Osman's side
who betrayed Seljuks,

...or on my side?

Of course, I am on your side.

If you excuse me, I will
take more precautions.

I trust you, Bengi Hatun.

Thanks to you, we will
have one more guest.

I sent news to Bala Hatun.

She is coming here
to save her father.

She humiliated me.
She tricked me.

Did you think that I
would not punish her?


I would forgive everything

...but not disrespecting me.

I will make her regret
this, Bengi Hatun.

I will punish her
in such a way that one in this land

...will ever disrespect me.

Valide Sultan, Sheikh Edebali...

Will you let him go?

My Halime. Don’t cry,
my beautiful daughter.

You are mad at your mother now,

...I know but don't be.

Iam leaving now but
I will not worry.

Mother. What is happening?

Is it bad news?

Is Sheikh...
-No, son.

Come, sit.

My father called me to Sogut.
Take care of your sister.

She is small. Take care of her.

Until I am back,
take care of her.

My Allah will protect you.
Take care of her.

Don’t worry, mother.

Halime, don't cry.

Come on.

Forgive me, Osman.

Tell my children and Osma

...that Bala loves them
more than everything.

Come on, Go.

Come on.

We are going that way.

Let’s go, Aykurt Alp. Let's go.

I shouldn’t have left my
mother alone, I'm late.


-Where are you going?
-I’m going to my mother.

I won't come back before
I take my mother.

You can’t, brother.

We won’t do anything
without my Bey’s order.

Don’t you know that Halime
is looking for you?

Will you leave your sister alone
in the absence of your mother?

You will be here, Ulgen Hatun.

What if something
happens to my mother?

What will I tell my sister then?

What if she tells me ’’brother,

why did you leave our mother alone, why
didn’t you stop her?” when she grows up?

What am I going to say then?

Will I say ”I just sat
and waited for her?"


Look, brother.

We have the greatest duty now.

Especially you. We won’t do anything
without Osman Bey's orders.

He will show us a
way eventually.

Ismihan Sultan!

Come on! Face me!

Bala Hatun.

So you’re here.

You're so impatient.

I’m here, standing against you.

Now let my father go.

Let your father go?

I'll do that when the time
comes, Bala Hatun. Be patient.

Your problem is with me. I’m here!
Let my father go.

Yes! My problem is with you!

What you did crossed the line!

You deserve to learn a lesson.
Soldiers, arrest her!

Let go of me! Will you teach
me a lesson, Ismihan?

You are a coward!

You are so pathetic that you
can't even face me alone.

You confuse...

...courage and stupidity.

You are not brave. You surrendered
to someone holding your father.

Is this courage?

It is obvious that you know
nothing about courage!

And about love, loyalty...

-But you will die before you learn these!
-Shut up!


You tried to trick me.

You seized what is mine.

Did you think this
would go unpunished?

You thought you could
pull us apart!

But you were wrong! We don't
believe in your devil tricks.

-Now you...


Get out!



Bala! Ismihan!

If you have the heart, come out!

-Take her to prison.

Leave me! Osman!

-Leave me!

Leave me! Osman! Leave me!

Bala! Get out!

Leave me!

Where’re you going?

Bala! Ismihan!

Get out!

Get out!

Osman! Here is the truth that you
insist on not understanding.

You are down there
and I am above.

You are defeated,
I am victorious.

I swear, I’ll tear this
place down on you.

I'm going to destroy that
chair you’re sitting on.

You can't do anything when I have
your Sheikh father and Hatun.

Don't waste your breath.

Even if it's my last breath...

...I'll take them from you.

That is easy. If you
bring Mesud to me...

I'll release them both.

That’s all.

I will not give up on the
refugees or my loved ones.

Pull yourself together Osman!
That's what power is!

Someone else can have it anytime. You
haye no control on the frontiers now!

Resisting will only bring blood.

But surrendering
requires self-sacrifice.

We can sacrifice our
heads, our lives...

...but we never surrender!

You and your supporters
should know...

...I will turn this place
into a graveyard for you.

If you bring a single catapult
to these frontiers... will be the one who slits the
throats of your Sheikh and your Hatun.

I am giving you time until
tomorrow night, Osman.

If you do not bring Mesud
until tomorrow night...

...dig two graves for your
Sheikh and your Hatun.

Allah decides what happens.

Allah decides what happens.

Send our men around.

They must collect
all the supplies.

We will have a feast tonight!

My love...



What did you do?

I decided to fight
for Jesus' religion.

How can you betray Odin?

Odin will curse us.

His black curse will
never let us go!

No, Frig. It's over now.

Jesus’ religion gave me an army.

-What did Odin ever give to me?

The souls of brave warriors
in Valhalla are with us!

Odin sent them for the
revenge we will take!

Jesus’ religion embraced me
when Odin turned his back.

Besides, I've never seen
a soul kill an enemy.

Don't touch me! Are
these warriors?

Which one of them
will die for you?

Do not underestimate Jesus' army. We will
take the lands we will live with these men.

Everything is for us.

Everything is for us, Frig.
-For us?

For us?

Kantakuzenos’ dog!

Enough! Enough, Frig. Enough.


What are we doing?

What are we doing here?

Lands and revenge.

I will give you that revenge.

I did not love you for Odin.

Ismihan wants you next
to her in Marmaracik.

She will take
everything from Osman.

Even his life.

It’s good news.

Allah Almighty speaks the truth.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Don’t cry, sister. My mother will come.
She will come.

My heart is in pain.

Don't cry.

My Allah... You are the One Who
gives the poor what they need.

You are the One Who
gives solutions.

Let me come together with my mother and
my grandfather in peace, my Allah.

Help us, my Allah.

You are Al-Hakim.
You are Al-Malik.

For the sake of my sister
crying in her crib...

...for the sake of our
Efendi Rasulullah(PBUH)... not test us with my
mother's absence, my Allah.

Open up.

Don't touch me, don’t touch me!

-My Bala.
-I can go myself, don’t touch me!

-Let go of me
-My dear!

-My Bala!

-Don't touch my daughter!


Let her go. Let my daughter go!

-My sweet child.
-What have they done to you?


I'm here my Sheikh, I'm here.
Let go of me!


What are you doing
here, my Bala?

She told she will kill you, father.
What else could I do?

Martyrdom is a blessing
for us, daughter.

If it is my destiny,
we will face it.

If not, we will miss
our Rabb for a while.


Ismihan had our hands tied.

She is holding her knife
on our weak points,

and twisting it slowly.

So, what the wounded
wolf going to do?

-It will destroy, my Bey.
-That's right.

We will never stop.

My Bey. She said "the moment I see a siege
in front of the walls, I will kill him."

Also, we don't have
any siege weapons.

We will overcome, with
Allah’s permission.

-But it seems hard, my Bey.
-If we cannot overcome,

then we will find
another solution.

But don’t be sad.

Don’t ever think
about surrendering.

We will hit with your order, we
will die with your order, my Bey.

What we are going to do?

We will increase the
number of Alps.

Bring the digging tools. We
will start digging a tunnel.

We will enter the passages
inside the walls.

But we will keep digging
as long as we can breathe.

And we will get this done
before sunrise, InshaAllah.

We will attack them when
they least expect it,

from where they least expect it.

But don't you forget.

This is not a battle,
this is a rescue move.

When we enter, we will go
to the dungeons first.

We will take Bala Hatun
and Sheikh Edebali.

Boran, you will go to the door
with the Alps behind you.

Alps will be there
at the door too.

With them, after we rescue
all of the hostages,

we will destroy everyone.

-Your wish is my command, my Bey.
-Yes, my Bey.

My Bey, we have news from Konya.

Sultan Alaeddin is coming here

with a huge army.

Tonight, we will finish digging.

We will have entered the
citadel before Sultan arrives.

We don’t have much time.

We are losing time,
come on Boran.

Come on now.

Hurry up, don't let Bengi
and Oktem see you.

Their time will tome.

-But Osman first.
-Follow me.


Bengi Hatun.

-Did Valide Sultan call you?

Did you bring fabric again?


However, we are a little late.
Excuse me, Bengi Hatun.

We should not keep
Valide Sultan waiting.

It is causing fever.

It makes him unconscious and
slows down his breathing.

If is as if they mixed snake
venom, scorpion venom and hemlock

...and injected it in his blood.

I have never seen something
like this, Kumral Abdal.

It looks like plague
but it is not.

It is not. It is
something different.

It is not something
I have ever seen.

Who did this is not
from around here.

He has been like this for days.

It is eating him slowly.

Not only him, everyone in Sogut.

If we cannot find the cure,
it will be bad, Ayse Hatun.

We will bury our brave soldiers.

Kumral Abdal. may
Allah protect us.

You will find a cure.

You will, right?

The cure is in the
poison, Ayse Hatun.

Find me some hemlock
and a venomous snake.

And a scorpion. Come on,
we do not have much time.

-Yes. Kumral AbdaL
-Come on.

Osman Bey.

I heard what happened. Alps are ready. I will
carry the people of the tribe to Inegol.

We are ready to
attack Marmaracik.

We will not attack.

What will we do?

I will go to Marmaracik and I
will take my hatun and Sheikh.

You will have a
different mission.

Tell me.

Sultan is preparing a big army.

You will block them.

How many are there?

We will set traps
and slow them down.

But then we will have to attack.

Will you attack the Sultan
just because I said so?

How else will we stop them?

Sultan is coming to
Marmaracik to see Ismihan.

You will meet him on the way.

You will lure him to Sogut.

We will host him there.

Now listen to me.

You will pay for what
you did, Ismihan.

Justice will be served.

You are the one who has to
pay a price, Bala Hatun.

You tried to stab me. You
poisoned me and stole my seal.

You tried to take Sogut,
where our ancestors left us.

Are you accusing me of theft?

I did not only take Sogut.

I took your father, too.

Osman will bring Mesud,

...then your end will come.

You are so arrogant that you think
death and life comes from you.

Only Allah can do that.

It is written in our destiny.

We will live as long
as Allah decided.

But who knows? Maybe your life

...will be shorter than ours.

Do you know what is
short. Sheikh Edebali?

Your dream of a state.

-That is hopeless cause.
-You cannot fight dreams with weapons.

Even if you can kill us.

...that dream will live forever.

How many of us can
you kill, Ismihan?

How many of us can you kill?

One of you.

A thousand of you.

Tens of thousand of you.

Everyone who dreams
of a new state.

There is no free state. You gave
your state to Mongols for power.

Everyone wants
power, Bala Hatun.

This is what you
don’t understand.

I will even work with the enemy

...and kill my people.

You cannot be as brave as me.

You cannot do what I do.

I cannot.

We will eventually die, Ismihan.

If you take what you
want in this world, will explain yourself
to Allah when you die.

Don’t worry.

I will bury you soon.

We are not afraid
of death, Ismihan.

Death is not an ending.

You are so distracted
in this world

...that you have forgotten.

The great Sheikh Edebali.

You are talking about arrogance.

You are so arrogant that are trying to
trick Valide Sultan.

How dare you?

We are not arrogant.

This is bravery.

Every Muslim should be brave.

This way or another.

We are not afraid
to go against you.

Look around you, Sheikh Edebali.

You are in a dungeon.

You think putting
us in a dungeon a victory, right?

Listen to me.

We are proud to be in a dungeon
thanks to our Prophets.

It is an honour to be in a well

...where Hadrath Yusuf was once.

But, Ismihan Hatun.

What you did is as bad
as a pharaoh did.

Wait for the day you
will be defeated.

When the time comes, will be destroyed.

This way, or another.

Come on. Ya Allah.

Ya Allah.

Come on, Cerkutay. We do
not have much time. Hurry.

Brother. The tunnel you
talked about is ahead, Samil.

Samil, I know that

...we will have an advantage,
with Allah’s permission.

I forgot that the
tunnel closed, my Bey.

We will dig more and reach
the tunnels, inshaAllah.

Come on, we will go to the
fort and attack the munafiq


Come on, Cerkutay.
Rest for a while.

Let's switch. Come on.

Gurbuz, come here.

Come on. Bismillah.

Come on, Alps. Keep working.


Work harder, Gurbuz.

Hang on. my Sheikh. Bala.

You are quite sure
that you are right.

What made you ended up here
is Osman's desire for power!

Not me. You blame
me for being cruel.

But what you forced me
to do this was you.

Your rebellion! Your tricks!

When driven to hypocrisy, has many excuses.

Those having greediness in their
nature always lose their way.

I can see it in
your eyes, Ismihan.

You are afraid.

Afraid of your fate both
here and in the afterlife.

Be afraid, Ismihan.

Be afraid.

Eyes are the mirror of eyes.

What you see in my eyes.. your fear.

Not mine, Sheikh Edebali.

The day you joined Osman
and betrayed Konya. weren't a sheikh anymore.

So save your breath.


I’d like to stay here and
talk to you for longer,

...but I need to welcome Osman.

Father, they will harm Osman!

Nothing will happen as long
as Allah doesn’t like.

He is the best planner.

And he will definitely
ruin their plans.

My Sheikh, father... I
know you are upset too.

You are saying that console me.

Aren’t your tears for Osman Bey?


Ismihan works with heathens and
tortures her Muslim people.

My tears are for the Islam world
that broke into pieces, my dear.

Osman’s strength and heart...

...are enough to overcome them.

But Muslims who are
blinded by ambition...

People like Ismihan... Who
will put them together?

I've been thinking about that.

That's what I’m crying for.

Muslims who dishonor the throne of hearts
for the throne of the mortal world.

Muslims who stain
where Allah looks...

What kind of Muslims are they and
they break hearts without cares?

What kind of Muslims and they shed their
own people's blood with no regrets?

I’m crying for the undignified
hearts of people, my dear.

Which throne could even
overwhelm Allah's will?

I’m crying for unaware Muslims
who don’t understand that.

For Muslims who fail to be a nation and crush
each others' heads for a handful of wheat.

How, my Sheikh?

How. my father?

How can Muslim pull
themselves together?

Well, let me tell you a story.

Tariq Ibn Ziyad.

The conqueror of Andalusia.

Holy commander. Even
he kept fighting... spread Allah’s words.
And with Allah’s grace,

...he always became victorious.

His commander who promoted
him to be a commander...

...told Tariq Ibn Ziyad to stop
while he should have been happy...

...that Islam was spreading.

He told him to stop. In fact,
there was no reason to stop.

So he disobeyed his commander... spread Allah's world
all over the world.

’’The cause of Allah is greater
than my commander”, he thought.

But his commander resented
with Tariq Ibn Ziyad... he didn’t obey him.

Well... Both of them were
aiming the same target.

But Tariq Ibn Ziyad’s
commander... overwhelmed by his
nafs (ambition) and envied...

...that Tariq Ibn
Ziyad was victorious.

Well, my daughter. What broke
Muslims into pieces... this envy.

If only we could
remember Allah’s orders.

He’s is the One...

...telling us to fight
against heathens...

...until there is only
Islam without unrest.

’’If they surrender,
don't mess with them.”

’’Don’t treat anyone as an enemy
except those who oppress”, He orders.

We need to get united and fight against heathens
first. We should hold on to Allah's rope.

Only then... Even if all the evils, the hypocrites,
the dis-believers of the world get united,

...they can’t break Muslims.

There is no defeat for Muslims
who hold on to Allah's rope.

Wherever we are, we shouldn't stop
caring about our brotherhood.

We should be united.

We should keep our hearts
strong against heathens.

InshaAllah, my Sheikh.


We're almost there.

Alps. Take those buckets.

I'm coming, my Bala. I’m coming.

Come on Osman. Come on Osman!

Come on, keep digging!

Come, Olof.

Look and see why did I call you.

Come, Osman Bey.

Come here.

-My Bey, what’s going on?
-It’s okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

My Bey, allow me.


Ya Allah.

Ya Allah. Ya Allah Bismillah.

Take this.

-What’s this?

It’s walking towards the trap.

I will crush that rat’s
head so hard that

it will be a lesson
for all rats.

We will get there my Bey,
with Allah’s permission.

Come on.

Wait, hang on.

I see the tunnel. I can
see it, give me the fire.

Let’s see if it leads
to the right place.

Come on.


Come here.

Come here, come brother.

Come, Cerkutay. Come here.

Come on Gurbuz. Come on.

-My Bey.

Come on.

Come on.

-Boran! Take the swords.
-My Bey.

Take the swords. Come on.
Come on.

So Osman is coming here.

Thank you for offering
me this revenge.

Osman does not
expect to see Olof.


You gave them the
castles yourself.

Now it is your time
to compensate.

That’s why, this
is your revenge.

We will make him
pay for everything

-you did so far.
-Let’s see.

Show me your strength.

Let Osman regret coming here.

We’re starting.

Frigg. You will go
somewhere else.

-It’s closed.
-My Bey, the hallway is behind the wall.

EyvAllah. We will see.

Give it to me. Give that to me.



Samil! As you said...

...this way leads
to the hallway.

We are on the right way.
Let's go! Keep going!

We are almost there!

Come on, brothers!


Come here. Go.

Take your swords.

Come on, Gurbuz.

Come on, brothers.

Alps. We will take my Sheikh
and Bala without a noise.

After we open the doors, we will
behead everyone who betrayed.

Yes my Bey.

Let's go.

Osman Bey is coming! I told you! I
told you not to do this behind him!

He is coming... But he is
going to fall in a trap.

Ismihan Sultan. Valide Sultan is a snake,
Oktem. Osman won't survive this time.

Hatun, I'm talking about Osman Bey,
Sheikh Edebali and Bala Hatun!

We have to do something! -There
is nothing we can do now!

The only thing we can do is
protecting our heads now!

Valide Sultan... We cannot stand
against her. She is not like Osman!

Valide Sultan is a demon, Oktem!

The fort will turn into a graveyard
for them Bengi! A graveyard!

It’s oppression!

Oktem Bey! Oktem Bey!
Oktem, stop!

Think about your child if you are
not thinking about yourself.

If we make a single mistake,
we will lose Alcicek.

I am also hurt by the things that happened.
But we can't do anything!

Hatun! Move! -Oktem Bey! I’m
talking about your child!

I'm talking about Alcicek!
Don't you hear me?

-The noises are coming from there.
-My Bey, they are coming!

Cerkutay! You will hold it!

Don't worry, my Bey. We will
deal with them. -Boran!

Come on, brothers! Come on!

Come on, brothers!



Bala.. -Osman, go...



-Welcome, Osman.

You, again? Bala. Bala...
If you touch Bala...


My Sheikh...

We were waiting for you.

The only thing you will
wait for is your death.

We have the leverage now, Osman.

We've witnessed few
defeated many.

I will give you such a defeat...

Such a defeat...

...that you can't even imagine.


You thought you wouldn't pay
a price for what you did?


-Bring Mesud and take your wife.
-Get your hands off!

Get off! Ismihan,
I will kill you.

Even if you hurt Bala slightly,

If you hurt her!

This is my last warning.

If you don’t bring Mesud,

...I will cut this throat.

-My Bey!

My life means
nothing, Osman Bey.

What matters is
your eternal dream.


-I’m not going.
-We should go.

Go, Osman Bey! For
our children, go!

-I'm not going anywhere!
-You need to protect them! Go for Allah’s sake!

They are more coming, my Bey.

-We should go.
-My Bey!


-We need to get out of here, my Bey!

-Osman! Osman.
-My Sheikh!

-You should go for the world's sake.

-Go, Osman.
-I can’t go, my Sheikh.

-Osman, you have to go.
-Come on, my Bey!

-Come on, let’s go!
-I’ll be back, Bala.

I'll be back.

Why are you looking around
like curious women, Huseyin?

Osman Bey is about
the knock the door.

Valide Sultan set her
eyes on half of our life.

And Osman on the other half.
And you're just looking?

Stand on alert! Don’t
make me angry.

I’m always on alert, my Bey.

I'm just looking for
a hidden passage...

...which leads somewhere else.

Heathens make one
in every castle.

Well, Huseyin.

My little-brain Huseyin.

Would it be in our room if
there were a hidden passage?

I have to deal with
Valide Sultan and Osman.

And now Huseyin!

Oh, Bayindir of Cavundur! You
never get rid of troubles!

Let's go. I can't
stay here any longer.

Where are you going,
Bayindir Bey?

To hell! What do you want?

Bayindir, I wonder whether you are more
loyal to your treasure or Valide Sultan.

Stop blabbering and
get out of my way.


The gold you stole from Olof with
an agreement. Your treasure.

Do you think Valide Sultan doesn’t
know about your fortune...

...and that you can sell
anyone out for gold any time?

I deserved to get that treasure.

Valide Sultan and my treasure...

...are different things.

No, not different.

Valide Sultan says you
have to choose one.

Otherwise, she will always
doubt your loyalty.

You know, Valide Sultan
doesn’t like suspicion.

And the ones who make
her suspicious...

...are doomed to
lose their heads.

What do you want?

Not me. Valide Sultan wants
you to prove your loyalty.

Well... I will stand
against Osman.

And help the trap against him.
What more does she want?

Your gold which are is more
valuable than your life!

You will deliver all the
gold to Valide Sultan.

Alright then.

I would give everything
to Valide Sultan...

...from my life to
all my properties.

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My Sultan, you've come from Konya on horse.
The carriage is empty.

The horse is never hard for a Turk and a
Turk is never a burden for the horse.

People should see
me on the horse.

Valide Sultan's power may not
be enough to stop those rebels.

They need to see
me as a commander.

-Salaam aleykum.
-Aleykum salaam.

Welcome to the frontiers,
Hadhrat Sultan Alaaddin.

-Say your name.
-You must have heard.

I'm your servant Turgut Bey and here
to serve you and Valide Sultan.

Valide Sultan ordered me
to welcome you properly...

...and escort you up to Sogut.

Valide Sultan is in Marmaracik.

Why does she want
me to go to Sogut?

-Hadhrat Sultan.

Hadhrat Sultan.

You think we didn’t get the news that
Valide Sultan's seal was stolen?

My apologies, Vizier.

It seems you got
imperfect information.

Before having Osman Bey’s
head, Valide Sultan...

...took the seal back.

And she has valuable
prisoners now.

How do we know that you
are telling the truth?

You have a great army
with you, Vizier.

I'm not a fool to
try to set you up.

So you should go to Sogut
before Marmaracik, my Sultan.

Valide Sultan says this is
more important than anything.

If you care about your
life, get out of our way.

We're going to Marmaracik.

We're going to Sogut.

My Sultan, but...



How did you fight with
all these dastards?

How did you deal
with all this fitna?

You left me in charge
of everything.

You thought I was
worthy of this duty.

So that I would
work for our legacy

...and so that I would
take more lands for Kayi.

We should not leave our
father alone, brother.

He said no one should
go there, brother.

I would not hesitate to go against my
father's words for his sake, brother.

I listened to my mother.
I left her alone.

We should not leave our
father alone, brother.

You are right. He does not
need to be alone now.

He needs his sons.

Father. You did not have the
support of many tribes,

...many Beys.

You did not have many alps

...and much power.

Tell me. What would you do a hard
situations like this?

What would you do?


Talk to me not as my father,

...not as my Bey.

Talk to me as Ertugrul Gazi.

I know.

My way is even
harder than before.

My enemies are more
cruel than before.

You led the way and
that road is hard.

But I will keep walking.

You left me in charge.


I will not give you.

I will never give up.

If necessary, I will retreat

...and surrender.

If necessary,

...I will give in.

I will not go into a battle if
I know that I will lose it.

It is time to know when to lose.


As soon as I have sons like this

...and you have
grandchildren like this,

...we will be a plane tree.

Even if they cut
off our branches,

...our root is strong.


Welcome, my Sultan.


My Sultan, my child is sick.
Please help.

Please, my Sultan.

Please help.


Welcome, my Sultan. It is
an honour to have you here.

Sultan Alaaddin.

As you see, they are very sick.

People are like this
because of Osman Bey.

Valide Sultan wanted
you to see the people.

I have seen what I needed
to see, Turgut Bey.

-My Sultan.

Call doctors from Konya.

We should solve this
before it gets worse.

Yes, my Sultan.

Valide Sultan wants you to
see someone in the inn.

Who is it?

Malhun Hatun.

Unlike Osman Bey, she worked hard to
take care of the people in Sogut.

Let’s see her.

Then we will go to Marmaracik.

I will wait here in
case you want anything.

We will either be
dragged together...


...we will give up on the
idea of founding a state...

...for our beloved ones.

Or we will find another way.

As my father did..


My Bey. -We are going
to Sultan Mesud.

Yes my Bey.

Forgive my curiosity,
Valide Sultan, but...

...Sheikh Edebali,
Oghuz’s light...

You will not hang him, right?

If people rise.. -If people
rise for a rebellious man...

...they will pay for
it, Bengi Hatun.

Sheikh Edebali...

...and Bala Hatun's fate...

...depends on Osman.

If he surrenders
and bows down...

...things might change.

I am amazed by your
mind, Ismihan.

You are just like the barbarous
who martyred Hadhrat Sumeyye.

But Allah told us what
will happen to them.

They will burn in hell.

Is that so?

So you are the one who decides
who will go to heaven...

...and who will go
to hell, right?

You are filled with greed.

I am not surprised.

You will go to the same place. You
will go there without Allah's mercy.

And it will be as burning
as hell for you.

A Sheikh’s daughter must not be
so arrogant, Sheikh Edebali.

If you could teach
her well before...

...Bala Hatun would not be
walking to her gallows tree now.

And you, of course.

My Allah, who did not leave Hadhrat
Yunus in the belly of fish...

...will not leave us alone in the
hands of an oppressor like you.

That's what I believe.

But you... Ismihan Hatun...

Fire will follow you.

Talking to you will
not change anything.

Avci. Shut them up.

Or I will take their lives
before Osman arrives.

Welcome, my Sultan.

I am Malhun Hatun, daughter of
Umur Bey and Hatun of Osman Bey.

Sogut is our property.

And you are our guest,
just like Valide Sultan.

I guess my Valide didn't
express it enough.

Everything you own belongs
to us, Malhun Hatun.

Then here, my Sultan. Sit
as if it is your property.

What's this situation?

The situation is bad, my Sultan.

Valide Sultan left Sogut
because of sickness.

And we are struggling hard.

Sickness can be stopped.

Wounds can be treated.

But what Osman did...

...will cause him to lose his
head, you know that, right?

If I had approved
of what my Bey did,

you can be sure that I would not have mentioned
my father's name in the first place, my Sultan.

Very well.

I called doctors from Konya.

They will get here as soon as possible and
help you. I have nothing else to do here.

My Sultan, we made these
preparations for you.

If you don't join, you
will embarrass us.

All right then.

My Sultan.

Let the chief taster in.

Sultan will definitely
have a chief taster.

It would be all right if we
do it this way, Malhun Hatun.

The thing that is a
cure when alone,

can turn into a
poison when blended.

If you put the things that
will make the Sultan sleep

in the meals separately,
Sultan will sleep like a rock.

-Also there won't be any proof.
But the taster must not eat them.

Chief taster will
taste everything.


if we put the antidote as well,

Sultan will sleep, and
the taster will not.

In this way, no one will doubt.

In the name of Allah, Most
Gracious, Most Merciful.

I personally took care of these
preparations, my Sultan.

Come on, hurry up.

It is appropriate, my Sultan.

I respect your
decision, Osman Bey.

EyvAllah, my Sultan.

I told you in the first place,

this is a great danger.

You should have left me to die.

Not only for you,

I thought it would be a
good move for us too.

But Ismihan,

had our hands tied.

If we made a
mistake, forgive us.

No, Osman Bey. I was
a dead man anyway.

I used to lead armies and make my
enemies tremble in the battlefield.

But they withered me.

You gave me a purpose.

And now, I'm walking towards
the death for this purpose.

I give you my pardon.

If I have a pardon to give you,

I give you my pardon.

Let's go. It was my destiny to be killed by
a friend while I'm fighting with the enemy.

Let's go, Osman Bey.

Let's go.

Let's go, of course.

-Thank you.
-Enjoy it.

Soldiers, prepare my horse.

We will go to Marmaracik.

You should rest more.

My Valide is waiting for me.

I don't want to
keep her waiting.

My Sultan, I prepared your room.

You've come a long way.

Your Valide would be
upset to see you tired.


I need to go to..

I need to go to Marmaracik.

Sultan seems weary
with traveling.

My Sultan.

Let's take you to your bed.

Have some rest.

Have a good rest, my Sultan.

Great Sheikh Edebali.. can they do this, Hatun?

We will never be able to
get rid of this disgrace.

We have to obey the
orders, my Bey.

It's not an order we can
easily obey, Hatun. Edebali...

All Turkmens will rise.

Now you...

...think Osman will arrive and won't
let them hang him, right, my Bey?

Osman Bey has no choice
but to surrender, Hatun.

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Who is there?

Who is there?

You invited me for a meeting...

Are you luring me into a trap?

Kantakuzenos! Not everyone can hear
the secret. Not everyone can see us.

Welcome, Kantakuzenos.

You could've told
me to come alone.

You could've thought about that.

Yes, I’m listening. -Come.

Years ago, all those lands
on this map were ours.

The ones in Konya and
Osman imprisoned us.

I am too old to be taught
history, Cardinal.

If you have something
to tell me, go on.

Or else, you are
wasting my time...

We are starting, Kantakuzenos.

Konya weakened Osman. His neck
is at the point of my sword now.

We will destroy both Osman...

...and Konya.

Ismihan is my ally.

She is not anymore.

We have been communicating with
the leader of Mongols, Gazanan.

He is also disturbed by the
conflicts on these lands.

We will unite and destroy.

These lands will be our slaves.

The secret that will give us
that power woke up again.

Continue, I'm listening.

You will listen to the rest of it
from him, from our actual ally.

I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah and
I bear witness that Muhammad(PBUH)
is His servant and Messenger...

I bear witness that there is none
worthy of worship except Allah and
I bear witness that Muhammad(PBUH)
is His servant and Messenger...

My Bey, is this the only way?

You are asking if it is hard.

-We will come, too, my Bey.
-Yes, my Bey.

No. Only me and Sultan Mesud.

Some wars are won alone.

My Bey, this dawah
is all of ours.

We are one even if we
are alone, thank Allah.

EyvAllah, Alps.

Osman Bey is coming!

-Bala... Osman.


My Sheikh.

The overthrown Sultan
of Seljuks Mesud

...and his collaborator
traitor Osman.

You rebelled against
Sultan Alaaddin.

You are on our
side, too, Vizier.

-Does Valide Sultan know?

Neither Valide Sultan, nor
Sultan Alaaddin knows.

I only serve myself.

You are saying that you are
not a trustworthy man.

On the contrary. As soon as our interests are
the same, I am the most trustworthy man.

Let's not lose time. Tell me.
What is the secret?

Years ago, something was
stolen in Constantinople.

Do you remember?

The sacred cross.

Osman has it.

For years, we were told that it was
taken to Jerusalem by a priest.

Even if a war is political or
physical, this is the case.

You know what the winner
wants you to know.

Osman wanted you to know so.

Why are you telling
this secret now?

As the cardinal said, we'll get
united with Gazan Khan's order.

We'll disunite Turks and
Muslims in these lands.

They will be our slaves.

-The holy cross will provide this.
-I know.

That's exactly why we are sharing
the information with you.

Look, Vizier.

I will get the cross.

But I want you to know this.

You are guests in these
lands just like Turks.

Uninvited guests.

So when the war is over,

...the lion's share will
belong to Byzantine.

-All the secret...

I speak only once.

If you want to agree with me,
you have to accept my terms.

What happened here?

My head... My head....

Soldiers, prepare my horse.

We're going to Marmaracik.

You wanted Sultan Mesud.

He's here.

You wanted me. And I'm here.

You threatened me with
my Bala and Sheikh.

Here I am.

-Hang her!

My Sheikh!

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