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Alparslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 4 With English Subtitles HD

( Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 )

Alparslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 4

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Open it.

It will be Alparslan's
turn soon.

I will take his life
with my own hands.

Alparslan will plant the flag of Seljuq in
Vaspurakan one day, you should Know that.

When that day comes, Vaspurakan
will be a grave for you.

Bring him.

Death for Turks!

Death for Turks!

Death for Turks!

Death for...

Let the show begin.

Death for Turks!

There is no way for
you to escape, Hasan.

Death for Turks!

2 Days Ago

My Atabey, come on!
You are almost here!

My Atabey!

My Bey!

Thanks to Allah...

...we have after-life.

When we come together
with Haqq...

...all of our longings
will be fulfilled.



My Bey!

What are you waiting for?
Catch them!

My Bey!

My Bey! -There is
nothing we can do!

-Let’s go my Bey...
-I won't...

..leave him here!
-Let's go, my Bey!

-My Atabey!
-my Bey, we have to go!

My Bey, there is
nothing we can do!

Catch them!

Come on my Bey, you go first.

Let’s go my Bey.

Let’s go.

Hold tight, brothers.

Let’s go.

Put him in the dungeon!

We are leaving. The Lord
wanted you to go upstairs.

Pull yourself together.

When my father is
walking to his death?

So you found out that
he is your father.

Be strong.

Nothing is over yet.


Don't kill them! Lord
Kekavmenos wants them alive.

Do you think Alparslan will
hunt that dog Yannis..

...and take him to our..

...Sultan, my Bey?

We will wait and see, Akbilge.

He will succeed...

...before he gets
hurt inshaAllah.

He shouldn't waste his time.

It is hard to climb over
Vaspurakan's walls.

And infidels must
be more cautious...

...this time.

Bravery is not thinking about the
result and waiting, Suleyman

It is sharing your da'wah
with the world and...

...and suffering
from its pain alone.

Can I come in, my Bey ?

Come in.

A group of bandits in black clothes
are walking to Bust, my Bey.

Those demons are going
to raid the palace!

My Sehver...

My grandchild...

Go and prepare my
horse for a ride!

The infidels think that
they will kill us now

Do wolves exist...

...just because jackals
dream about it?

Attack, valiants!

My Bey... The horses are there.

The Seljukian who was caught...

You seemed sorry for
him at the yard.

Is that why your eyes...

..are filled with tears?

Yes, my eyes are
filled with tears.

But it s because of my anger.

It's because those Seljukians
ran away right under our nose.

I live for revenge.

You should have no doubt that...

...I will take the
revenge of the things...

...that was done to my family..


And that dirty captive must’ve
been beheaded by now.

What are you waiting for?

The right time will come, Maria.

But I want you to go back to the tribe
before someone gets suspicious.

This time, you will use the secret passage
that leads to the region out of the city.

Secret passage? Why?

The doors of the
city are closed.

I want you to learn... toiget in the city
without being seen...

...if something important
happens, Maria.

It's a private passage.

The end of the tunnel Wil
take you behind the walls.

Damn it! They ran away!

Split up! Search everywhere!

Don’t get your
head down, Akbora.

Don't worry.

I won't leave your companioln.

We go and inform our
Sultan immediately.

You take Akbora,

And go to the tribe quickly.

Emirate Palace of Bust.

Rush to the gate!

Rush! Rush! To the gate!




Almost done! Push!

Almost done!

Almost done!



My precious.

I wish I would have a
life long enough... kiss every hair of yours.

And smell them.

Come in.

Bandits are pushing the
palace gate, my Sultan.

What are you talking about?

Who are those inglorious men?
What do they want?

We don't know. But they
all are wearing black.

You stay in your chamber.

We will protect you even
at the cost of our lives.

I want you to sit
on his chair...

...until Bozan is
acquitted, sister.

If those black-wearing

...mess with us again, means that Bozan has
something to do with them.



Don't be afraid.

How could Alparslan enter...

...the castle freely?

How could so many soldiers
not take care of one man?

Why did Alparslan sneaked
into the castle...

...risking his life?

What did that God-damned
man have in his mind?

Whoever he suspected
about the massacre,

...he must have come for him?

I want you to find out who...

...was behind that
massacre, with evidence.



...I've found a lead, father.

But I'm not sure.

I'll let you know as
soon as it’s clear.

We should demand compensation from Seljuks
for violating the agreement, uncle.

What about the Seljukian trash
that we captured, father?

He'll taste the death.

In great pain.

Then I will go cut
off his head...

...and send it to Alparslan.

You won't hurt him
even slightly.

Obviously, he’s
important to Alparslan.

We won’t only demand
a compensation...

...but also a huge ransom...

...from Seljuks for the
good of our empire.

If they pay by the
sunset tomorrow,

...I can accept the ransom.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........


I will take care of the rest.



You treacherous dog.






City of Rey


My sehver. My grandson?

Mesut. Are you alright, my boy?

Are you alright? You're fin?

We couldn't even know
what was happening.

They piled up in here suddehty?

How did you know?

I sent a message to
them, my Sultan.

Bandits attacked here suddenly.

How did you find a
chance to send message?

While I was coming
back from Ghazne,

...I saw the bandits
marching to the city.

I sent a messenger and
rushed to the palace.

I was unfair to you, Emir Bozan.

If you hadn't arrived in time,

..we might be dead now.

I will neither forget
your bravery...

...nor let it be
forgotten, Emir Bozan.

Thank you.

Protecting our Sultan
and our Shahzade... my primary duty.

Alparslan both failed
to take Yannis...

...and left his Atabey
to the heathens.

In this case, it's us who
broke the peace, my Sultan.

We will need to pay the
price that we promised.

My Sultan.

Even if we pay the compensation,

...there is no guarantee that they
will release my Atabey safely.

Let me...

How do you rely on to think...

...our Sultan will give you the
duty that you failed before?

I rely on my loyalty.

Our Sultan even gave a duty to
rebels who rose against him...

Remember you're talking to
someone older than you.


Don’t you know whose
presence you are in now?

You will stay out
of this, Alparslan.

My Sultan.

Let me do this in my way.

My decision is final, Alparslan.

If you trust your
Melik as a sultan...

...and your nephew as an uncle,

...allow me to save my
Atabey from the heathens.

I'm not allowing you... risk the interests
of our state... your sultan,

...and your lite as your uncle.


Alparslan and Atsiz,

...until this matter is settled,

...will stay in the dungeon.



Take them to the dungeon.

Who are those killers?

What do they want from us?

They are dastards who
don’t have courage... fight us honestly.

Who they are will be
revealed very soon.

Don't worry, my girl.

My Bey, these are also mute
like those who ambushed us.

And they have this sign on them.

This is the sign of Shahzade
Human, Sultan Mevdud's nephew.

Isn't he in a dungeon in Ghazne?

He has many followers in lndia.

By making use of Sultan
Mevdud, he attempted to...

...kill you...

..and our Shahzade Mesut.

Why are...

...mute men ambushing
Seljukian men?

can't understand why a Ghaznevid
Shahzade is attempting such a thing.

Doesn't he take people of
Seljuk into consideration?

My Sultan.

If you allow me, I wil take Shahzade Human out of
the dungeon and bring him in your presence tomorrow.

Do it.

So we'll see if the
traitor is him or not.

City of Rey

Your men raided our castle
and killed our soldiers.

You violated the
agreement terms.

We demand four times more...

...than the compensation
in the agreement.

You will release our man firsrt.

Sure if you pay an
extra ransom... the law of captives
apart from the compensation.

What is the price you set?

The ransom is also...

...four times more than
the battle compensation.

The ransom must be paid
by the sunset tomorrow.

Otherwise the captive...

...will be executed.


Finally, you are in my hands.

How do you know my
name, inglorious?

-You thought you could leave me, Maria?


...shall I call you Meryem?

Let me go! Let go of me!

Not this time.

When I let you go ast time, changed your
name and religion...

...and ran away with that
axe man called Hasan!

I will tel you everything.. by one before
you breathe your last.

If you know me must know I will make you
pay for what you have done theh:

The dead can’t take
revenge, Hasan.

I demanded such a
ransom for you...

...that they can't pay.

You're running out
of time, Hasan.

Only the Owner of the time?..

...can know when
time will be up.

I'm the owner of the time here.

The words of your God...

...have no power here.

Hace Dehistani.

Don't worry.

Our Sultan is pushing
the limits...

..of our state to save Hasan.

Don't, Hace.

Heathens never keep
their promises!

They'll kill my Atabey just like they
killed the innocent in Vaspurakan!

They can't do that.

They know Seljuks will make
them pay the heaviest price.

-If you need anything,

...guards will
take care of that.


Come here.



Why are these idiots who opened
the gate for Alparslan...

..still alive?

Because killing them now would Vc
be a reward for them, father.

I didn't want to kill them
before I punished them.

Our time is more precious than
dealing with these fools.

Change the gate passwords
of the city immediately.

So, my Atabey, aren't
you going to tell me...

What is the Sultan of
Ghazne, Sultan Mevdud like?

I don't know about the
Sultan of Ghazne but..

...if you ask me what a
Sultan should be like...

...I can tell you.

A Sultan must have
good intentions.

He must be brave, he must be
talented in riding a horse...

...and he must be using...

...swords very well.

Let alone being a Sultan. can't even be an Alp
without these qualifications.

Isn't there another thing?

Sure there is.


He must be interested in art.

He must treat the servants
of Allah with mercy.

He must keep his promises... matter what happens.

He must be religious
and love praying.

He must appreciate the scholars.

He must treat the
poor ones well...

..and he must be an
enemy of the cruel.


...think of these things
together with Sultan Mevdud...

...and make a decision...

...if he is good enough or not.

You should learn this
well, my Alparslan.

You should, so... are not going to be
unguarded when the time comes.

You seem sure that I'll be the
Sultan after my uncle, Atabey.

I am sure.

And more than that...

...I believe in it.

A Sultan...

...must have these

If you are asking me what
you need to be a Sultan... must first have a dream.

The throne is just an excuse.

Yes, you can be the Sultan...

...but what are you going to do?
Tell me that.

One must have a dream.

Now tell me, my Alparslan.

Do you have a dream
that s worth...

...getting in battles or not?

I do, my Atabay.

People can't live
without their dreams.

I want to conquer lands.

I want to plant the
sanjak of Islam...

...on the lands of infidels.

I want to walk on the way of the beautiful
named Muhammed Mustafa (SAW).

want to end the fight of
Madhabs (way to act)...

...and the dualism in lslam.

I want to serve my
religion Islam...

...and gain a
reputation for Turks...

..until I die.

It will happen, my Alparslan.

It will happen.

If you dream about it and ask
for it with a good heart... will happen.

It can't happen without
you, my Atabey.

It can't.

The mistake Alparslan
made angered the Sultan.

If he makes another mistake...

...Alparslan will
become nothing... our Sultan's eyes.

Then your biggest
opponent on the way... heirdom will be...


Are we go ng to wait for
Alparslan to make a mistake?

We aren't going to wait, my Bey.

We will open the door for him... make a mistake.

How did this happen, my Bey?

Your Atabey is a captive in
the hands of infidels...

...and we are captives
in our own homeland.

My heart is burning, Atsiz.

If the flames of the fire in my heart
touched this iron, they would melt it.

But the order of our Sultan... stronger than this iron.

Unfortunately the fire in our hearts
doesn't take the iron or the order away.

We are stuck here!

Since you came here at night...

...a few foxes must be wandering
around your head, Emir Kunduri.

One day comes...

...and we have to
turn into foxes...

...when our enemies turn
into jackals, Alparslan Bey.

But... our intention is good.

-Our state...
-Cut it short.

I know that you
love your Atabey.


...demand the same amount...

...for him...

...with the compensation.

What are you saying?

And the worst thing is...

...if we don't pay the
compensation until the sunset...

...he will be executed.

Come on, my Bey...

Come in.

Can we talk?

General? Are you alright?

Someone sent a letter to the Emperor saying
that Yannis was responsible for the slaughter.

The Emperor wants
me to approve it...

...and bring the head
of the responsible one.

Yannis' head, I mean.

I have no other choice than
giving Yannis to the Emperor.

Maybe you do.

We can give the dead body of the
Seljukian in our dungeon...

...instead of Yannis by showing him
responsible forthat incident.

How is that going to happeh?

Tugrul is decisive in
paying the ransom money.

If your soldiers...

...prevent the ransom money
from coming to Vaspurakan...

...we can all get rid
of this, General.

I can never reject your demands.

My Sultan..

Emir Kunduri wants
to talk to you.

Let him in.

What happened Kunduri?

My Sultan.. Melik Alparslarn...

...lured me into his
game and ran away...

...from the dungeon
with his Alp.

What were you doing
in the dungeon?

I wanted to advise
Alparslan Bey.

Was it your duty?

Forgive me, my Sultan.

-I couldn't know...
-Shut up!

Take him away!

We won't pay the compensation...

...and the ransom money...

...until we hear from Alparslarn.

It is my order.

Allow me, I'll go after them.

I'll use my talent in tracing.

Take Suleyman with you.

Make a warning to Alparslan's
Alps when you go to the tribe... they won’t
make a mistake...

...and follow their Beys.

We have to talk.

The Emperor found out that you were
responsible for the slaughter.

Calm down.

Yannis, calm down!

If my plan works, we can
all get rid of this.

How is that going
to happen, Eudokia?

I talked to General Dukas.

He will put the blame on the
Seljuqian in the dungeon.

You just have to
put your eyes...

..on that captive.

Don't worry.

I'll surrender him to his
executioner with my own hands.

Merv Tribe

They found out that we escaped
and took precautions.

They are looking
for us everywhere.

What are we going to do, my Bey?

We will not get the
soldiers' attention...

...and find a way to
go to Vaspurakan.

And you will walk around the
mountain and go to the tribe.

Tell everything to my father.

Allow me to come with you.

It is insane to go in the
nest of jackals alone.

Jackals rule...

...until wolves howl.
Do as say.

Yes, my Bey.

Let’s go.

It's a trap!

Protect the Shahzade!

Don't let them approach!

I will protect Shahzade Human.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Look at what happened, father.

Those who want the throne
can't see anything.

They see my son, the
heir as an easy prey...

...and want to destroy him.

Don't worry, my dear daughter.

My Alps wil stay with you here.

No one can hurt you.

Thank you, father.

I only trust you.

And Bozan.

I can see that you still
don't trust Bozan.

But you know what he did for us.

We doubted about
Bozan for nothing.

Take your hands off!

Stop! What are you doing?

Let me go, brother!

What are you doing?

What is happening here?

Why are you fighting?

How dare you take our swords, Yinal Bey?
With whose order ?

What is our guilt?

Alparslan disobeyed the
order of the Sultan...

...and escaped from the
dungeon he was put in.

It is the order of our Sultan.

His Alps will be caught just like him
to stop them from putting the state... a difficult position.

Take them!

Why are you pulling him around?
Can't you see that he is injured?

Put Atsiz next to them...

...if he comes
back to the tribe.


It is the order of our Sultan.

Get ready with your Alps.

We wil find Alparslan
and catch him.

Are you trying to turn the children
of the dynasty to enemies, Yinal Bey?

Suleyman is not like you. He wouldn’t
draw his sword against his brother.

The order of the Sultan...

...should be
followed, Yinal Bey.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Time has come, Suleyman.

We now have the chance.
Show yourself.

What is the order
of our Sultan...

...about Atabay Hasan?

Byzantine asked for the same amount
as a ransom money for Atabey Hasan.

But our Sultan...

..ordered that the
ransom money...

...and the compensation won't be
paid until we hear from Alparslan.


We have to turn nto birds
to get in the castle.

We have to send news to Alpagut.

But how?

They suddenly surrounded
us, my Sultan.

They must've thought
that I was dead...

...and they left me there.

They had the same symbol that
we found on the bandits.

These tongueless men...

..must be the men of Human.

Did they wait for you
to take Human...

...out of the dungeon to
abduct him?

Obviously, we were waiting
for a chance, my Bey.

Let me...

...go after them
with more soldiers.

Human will be caught soon.

Your life is more
important to us.

Now go see the doctor
and get some rest.

My wound...

...doesn't hurt me as much as failing
to catch Human who tried to kill you.

But if that's going
to relieve you,

...I will go see a doctor.

You see, father?

Emir Bozan is working for the dynasty
and state at the cost of his life.

Alparslan wouldn’t suspect Bozan
if he didn't have a good reason.

From Sultan Tugrul
to your majesty.

What is it written, my girl?

My uncle.

He put Alparslan in the dungeon.

What are you saying, Sehver?

But Alparslan escaped.

If he comes to ask for
help or is seen near Bust,

...he will be caught and
sent to Rey, he orders.

Why did Sultan Tugrul put
Alparslan in dungeon? Tell me.

How could you leave
our Bey alone, Atsiz?

What should I have done?

Disobey my Bey's orders?

Look at this.

They put us in a cage to
stop us from helping...

...our own Bey in our own tribe.

I brought food for you.

Gevher Hatun, unlock
this and set us free.

Both the lives of your brother
and his Atabey are in danger.

How can I do that?

How can I disobey
Sultan’s orders?

Karaca, I forgot ayran while
taking food to the alps.

You take this to them, please.

Alright, mother. I will.

I wasn’t a servant in
the tribe at least.

But due to Suleyman's weakness,

...I am now.

How will we get out of here?

Don't worry.

I will get you out now.

Akca Hatun.

Thanks, Akca Hatun.

-We won't forget this favor.
-Don't even mention it.

Just go and help your
Bey immediately.

You disobeying rebel!

Alps! Come here!

What do you think you are doing?

Doing the right thing.

Alps belong with their
Bey, not in a cage.

That's enough. You're
exceeding your authority.

I know what my authority and courage
are enough for. Don't worry.

Alps, what are you waiting for?

Catch those fugitives and
put this rebel in a cage !

What’s going on here?

You arrived just
in time my Bey.

This rebel disobeyed
Sultan Tugrul's orders.

you can punish her now.

I know what this is.

You did a great job, my girl.

You showed bravery.

Alparslan needs help, my Bey.

Yinal and Suleyman
are after him.

What for?

They’ll catch him and take
him in Sultan's presence.

Take my alps and
leave immediately.

Go help your Bey.

Catch those trying
to stop him...

...and send them to the tribe.

I’m coming, my Atabey.

Hold on.



Alpagut, go tell your mother
to release the pigeon, son.

Mother. Mother!

Mother. Mother!

-My fathers tells you to release the pigeon.


Juniper tree..

...has special smell.

Messenger birds...

...know the smell.

If you put these branches
on its neck and...

...let the bird fly,

...the bird will find the smoke.

Alpagut, hold it.

Alparslan, come.

Each of you will have
your own smokes.

You will recognize your
brothers by that smoke, okay?



The smoke in this figure will
be your sign, Alparslan.


No Seljukian horse has
passed here recently.

These are the footsteps
of Byzantine horses.

It’s obvious from the nails with
which they shod the horses.

Let me know what is in
your mind, brother.

Alparslan must have taken precautions
knowing we were after him.

He will leave no trails now.

At some point, he will
make a mistake...

...and leave a trail which
will lead us to him.

Who knows where he is now?

He may have already
sneaked into Vaspurakan.


I've found you!

This way!

This way!



What did our Sultan order
about Atabey Hasan?

Byzantine demanded ransom for Hasan
as well as breaking the peace.

But our Sultan said...

...he wouldn’t pay ransom or
compensation until he got news...

...from Alparslan.

I can't stand idly here.

I must do something.

Sultan's orders!

You’re coming with us.

You will pay for your
rebellious action, Alparslan.

I did that to save a life

...not to take a
life like you did!

Don't consider me equal to you!

You rebellious actions are harming
the reputation of the state.

You think you can get out of
Vaspurakan alive on your own?.

Not on my own .

I'll get out with my Atabey.

The heathens are
holding our men.

And you are ignoring that!

But I'm not! And I'm
not going back!

-You are not?
-Stop, Suleyman.

It’s first our duty to punish...

...the disobedient with swords !

It seems that...

...fighting your own blood
is more appealing...

...than fighting the
heathens for you !

Do your best then, Yinal.

Put your swords down!

Don't force me to bleed
my own brothers !

Go away!

Cagri Bey's orders .

Whoever tries to stop
Melik Alparslan...

...will be caught and
taken to the tribe.

Since when have Seljuk alps obeyed the
Bey of Horasan, not Sultan himself?

You immoral and
undisciplined men!

Let Cagri Bey, brother of our
Sultan, teach Yinal Bey the morals!

Take him!

Wait, Suleyman.

If Cagri Bey is disobeying
Sultan’s orders,’s him who should
account for it.

Let's not cause another
trouble for our Sultan.

The investigation will
be over by the sunset...

...and I will tell you who is
responsible for the massacre, father.

So be it.

But if you don’t come to me with
a name by the tomorrow evening, will go back
to Ani with me.

As a governor who has been
dismissed from his position.

This is from our spies, sir.

-What is it, father?

He has been seen
near Vaspurakan.

I can check around
with my troop.

To be sure that’s true.

If Seljuks are around here, it will be
dangerous to go with a few soldiers.

Selikos is right, father.

Let's not risk it.

I will accompany Alpagut with
my troop if you allow me.

If we go too many, we'll draw
attention, honorable Governor.

We can fail to catch Alparslan
if he knows we are coming.


-Be careful.
-As you order, sir.

Alparslan is on one side,
who I see as my own...

...and my own child
Suleyman on the other side.

One of them runs,
the other chases.

A fight between brothers... like a dagger
with sharp sides.

No matter which side
you hold on to... hurts the hearts
of mothers and fathers.

And I am also worried
about my Sehver.

You are saying that traitor
Human is still not caught.

I don't know if the
traitor is Human... Bozan said.

But if we can't solve
this issue soon... will probably
cause problems...

...between Sehver and Alparslan.

Sehver might be right.

Maybe Bozan has nothing to do with
those bandits with black clothes.

My Shahzade...

Are you alright? -Emir Bozan.
What is happening here?

Who are these men?

What are you doing
with these men?

When the right time comes, you Ye
will learn everything my Shahzade.

We had to... this to you.

Forgive us.

You should know that...

...someone tried to
kill Sehver Sultan.

Your sign was found on the...


-I didn't do that.
-I know.

But you can't convince them.

Take me out of here, Bozah.

Here. Go, if you want to.

But you should know, all
of your men were caught.

And the soldiers of Ghazne are
looking for you everywhere.

Why are you protecting me...

...and doing me a favor then?

You will do me a favor
in return one day.

Shortly, there is nowhere safer
than this place for you.

Tell me if you need anything.

I and the soldiers with me
will leave the castle...

...with the orded
of Lord Kekavmenos.

Open the door!


My father changed his mind.

He thought it'd be better
for us to be crowded.

Let’s go.


The passage was here.

I'm sure that I left
the passage here.

Don’t move.

Did no one tell you about the
order of our Sultan, my Bey?

Go inside, Suleyman.

How could you bring
us here, father?

I told you to go inside!

I have to tell them...

...why I couldn't
fulfill my duty in Ray.

Do you have...

...something to tell
our Sultan about this?

Send my greetings to my
brother, that’s enough.

He knows what we do and why.

Come in.

We caught a girl who was trying to get in the
city from the passage you had closedm sir.

We put her in the dungeon.

What? Did you put her in the dungeon
where we keep that Seljukian man?

Who are you, my daughter?

Didn't I tell you to...

...inform me if you...

...see someone trying to get in
the secret passage, you idiots?!

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Why are you here? Tell me.

Didn't I tell you that you won't put
someone next to that Seljukian man?

Take her out of here!
Take her to my room!

Alparslan left you
to your death.

And Sultan Tugrul couldn’t
pay the ransom money.

I can see that.. are not
important for them.

I know that Alparslan and
my Sultan did their best.

But the whole world knows how...

...coward you are.

You are going to kill me even if
you receive the ransom money.

You are a smart man, Hasan.

How do you know me, you dastard?
Tell me!

Since when is it a mistake to fulfill
our duties given by the Sultan, father?

Not protecting your brother when he is in a
difficult position and doing something...

...behind him is a m stake!

Just like you did!

Protecting a rebel runaway... the actual mistake!

Just like you did!

You must hear what you say.

The one who you call runaway is someone
who carries the same blood with you!

He does.

He is my brother who you
love more than me...

...just because he
lost his mother.

He is my brother who
caused you to slap me.


What's wrong


Where are you going?

I am going for a hunt.
Don’t wait for me.

Ah Suleyman...

Your father must've humiliated
you because of Alparslan again.

You can yell as much as you want
to the weaker one, Cagri Bey.

The day that my Suleyman
will become a leader...

...and behead people with his
words will come for sure.

They are crowded, my Bey.

What are we going to do?

Jackals wander
around in groups...

...but the voice of a
wolf scares them all.

Then the wolf catches
the jackal...

...who leaves the group.

why did you come...

...although I didn't
call you here?

First tell me...

..why you closod the passage.

Tell me why you didn't trust me!

You first closed the passage and
placed your soldiers there!

Because you thought I would tell
where the secret passage was
to the Seljukians who wanted to sneak in. Is that right?

The reason why I closed
the passage is different.

We heard things saying that Alparslan
would sneak in the castle again.

That's why I came here.

I came here to tell you that Alparslan
was going to sneak in the castld again.

But I see that you don’t even
trust your daughter, father.

But your words are hurting
me, beautiful Maria.

Would I send you there... destroy Seljukians...

...if I didn't trust you?

I wouldn't.

That captive in the dungeon.

Why is he still alive?

The Seljukians still haven't
paid the ransom money.

And that means...

...he doesn't have much time.

But I don't want him to
die easily with a rope.

I prepared a feast for him.

He will die in pain.


If you allow me...

...I want to stay here and
join the feast, father.




Where are you? Show yourself!

Vaspurakan will be your grave!

They are too crowded!
Be careful!

Let's split up and search them!

Yes, Captain!

You, come with me.
And you go this way.

Come with me. -Walk!

Go this way!

Be on alert!

You come with me

-We will go this way and face them.
-Yes sir.


Being the hand that holds the sword
that is drawn against you... the biggest
torment, Mighty Natik.

The blood we shed
for our da’wah...

...will be the needlework
of our sanjak...

...that we will plant in Ghazne.

When are we going to kill
Shahzade Human, my Efendi?

We will allow him to
breathe some more time.

Human is our scape goat.

We lost many lives to...

..gain Sehver's trust.

Now... inform all the
Qarmathians around...

We are not going to talk..

...we are going to take action!

From now on, every
step we will take...

...will shake the whole world!

Yes, Mighty Natik.

We couldn’t find them.
Could you?

We went to the river. But
there are only pigs.

The forest is clear. There is
no trace left by Alparslan.

Alparslan must
have another plan.

Maybe he was trying to get our
attention out of the city.

Why would he do that?

...he knew that the
security would be weak...

...when we are out of the city.

-He will sneak in the castle!
-We are going back!

The infidels thought
we were 50 men... we split up
and shot arrows.

Alparslan Bey's mind is...

...sharper than the
swords of infidels, Avar.

Now the sword of the infidels
is in my Bey's hands.

Tell me that you found
Alparslan and killed him.

There is no trace that belongs
to Alparslan, father.


He probably wanted to take us out of
the city and sneak in the castle.

Set traps around the city?

Alparslan must be dead once he sees
the door of the city, Seilikos!

my brave brother...

How will we save Hasan?

It’s been forbidden
to enter the dungeon.

We'll wait for him to
leave the dungeon then.

While they are taking
him to execution,

...we will take him out.

We should be careful until the condition
of the captive Seljuk is clear.

Nothing unusual happened
in our absence at least.

Take your positions and
keep your eyes wide open!


Kekavmenos said you would
watch the execution too.

Your emotions may cause you to make
a mistake. Go back to the tribe.

Don't worry. Alparslan
is in the castle.

In the castle?

How did he enter despite
all the measures?

He couldn't have left
your father to death.

He has a plan to save
him from the execution.

They're not going to
execute my father.

Kekavmenos will get my father
killed by a gladiator.

-They're making preparations for that.

-Are you sure?

My soldiers brought no news about
the ransom Seljuks need to pay.

There is no obstacle left
for that captive's death.

I lit candles to Saint Petrus
praying for everything to go well.

That Seljukian man's death
will be Yannis' salvation.

I hope this will be a
lesson for Yannis.

And he won't do anything
to upset you again,

I will be upset if the
emperor doesn't believe you

Can you convince him?

Don’t worry, Evdokya.

There is nothing I
can't do for you.

The show in the square
is about to begin.

-Let's not be late.
-Sure. Please.

Nice plan to deceive
the emperor.

Let's see if the Lord
will be deceived too.

We all will see that when
this shit-show is over.

Nothing can stop me...

...from being the governor
of Vaspurakan, Nestor.

Dear father. For you.

I made it myself.

I'm sure it will be the best
piece of your collection...

...after the filthy Seljukian
blood spills on it.

-You made it yourself?

I know you want to kill him
at least as much as I do.

My honorable father.

And I'm sure you will take
his life with this dagger.

I will.

But we'll have some fun first.

I'm bringing a
gladiator from Ani.

-He'll be here soon.

Then let me take care of
this as the governor...

...not to let any problems
come up, dear father.


I’m sure you will host him...

..very well, Yannis.

My Sultan.

Yinal Bey wishes to see you.

-My Sultan.
-What is that haste?


We were about to
catch Alparslan.

But Alps prevented that.

What are yoiu saying?

Didn't Alps get
detained in the tribe?

Cagri Bey disobeyed your orders.

He released all the alps.

And he sent his own
alps to stop us.

We didn't want to
kill our brothers.

-And didn't draw our swords.

Write an edict stating that...

...Cagri Bey, Emir of Horasan.

...will come to Rey immediately!

As my Sultan orders.


He's a precious guest for us.

Host him well.

Sure we will,
honorable Governor.

You should get some
rest until the show.

Let me show your room.

Send food and wine
to me, innkeeper.

Kekavmenos is bringing
a gladiator from Ani.

He will kilHHasan in the
square in front of everyone.

What are you saying, Alpagut?

We made the plan
for the gallows.

We're running out
of time, Alparslan.

What now?

Where is the gladiator now?

In the inn, probably.

Yannis is taking a
special care of him. a

We will set such a game that...

...we'll both avenge our
brothers in Vaspurakan..

...and save my Atabey out
of this hell, my brother.

What's the secret
of Mehdi Mektum?

His secret is guarding
secrets in the heart.

What’s your kiblah?
What's your proof?

What is the sacrifice?
What's your price?

My kiblah is Mighty Natik
And the secret is my proof.

The sacrifice is my tongue.

And the life is my price.

Your confession is
your final judgement.

You last word is your seal.

It's time to leave...

..the weapon of tongue and
to equip the weapon of life.

Giving up on your tongues, reached the
high position.

Now you will have
the honor of...

...seeing the face of Mighty Natik
and hearing his true voice.

Loyal servants...

..of Mehdi Mektum.

His primary warriors!

You have told...

...about our cause for years!

You have invited...

...people to our path.

Now will you speak
with your life...

...not with the words
of this world.

You have...

...sacrificed your
tongues for our cause!

Be happy!

Be happy and know this!

The lands of Ghazne...

...are the lands promised
to us Qarmathians.

Now it's time to get
what we deserve.

The whole world will hear...

...of the wrath of
Qarmathians now!

-Thay will see it!

The secret will be
hidden in our hearts.

-Our reputation will be known in the world!

It’s time.

Let's go.

Troubles always come one after
another, right, Akbilge?

We thought Sehver was saved.

And now Alparslan and
Atabey are in danger.

Allagh gives...

...two conveniences
for one trouble.

Don't worry, my Bey.

Do I have permission, my Bey?

Come in!

I brought an edict from
Sultan Tugrul, Cagri Bey.

This is my order as Tugrul
Bey, Sultan of Seljuks.

Cagri Bey, Emir of Horasan,

..must come in my
presence quickly.

Since when...

..have people called. ..

...their big brothers over?

Clearly, it's not my brother
who is calling me over.

It's my Sultan, Akbilge.

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Open it.

Alparslan will be the next.

I will take his life
with my own hands.

Alparslan will plant the flag of
Seljuks in Vaspurakan one day.

Then Vaspurakan will
be a grave for you !

Bring him.

Death to Turks!

Death to Turks!

Death to Turks.

Death to Turks!


Were you going to death
without me, my Atabey?

Get out.

It’s time.

Let’s go.


Alpagut, what are you waiting'for?
Catch him!


You thought you wouldn't pay for
the innocent you killed, dastard?.




My Bey.

Why are we still letting
this dog speak?

Let me cut his head off.

We need him alive
for now, my Atabey.

-What's going on here?
-Selikos, run.


You will pay a heavy
price for this.

I paid enough price.

Now it’s time for us to be paid.

Lord won't let you
get away withrthis!

They'll also call you to account
for how we entered here.

Let him account for it.

Take these off, my Atabey.

They should think
this dog is you.


Please let me go.

Let me go, please.

We'll do the rest. You go back.

Your absence may draw suspicion.

Death to Turks!

Death to Turks! Death to Turks!

Death to Turks!

Long Live! Long
live, Kekavmenos!

God protect you, Kekavmenos!

Long live!

Long live, Lord Kakavmenos!

Death to Turks!

Death to Turks!

Long live Governor Yannis!
Long live Governor Yannis!

Long live Governor Yannis!

Long live Governor Yannis!

All is set, sir.

-Where is Yannis?
-Governor Yannis is supposed to accompanyLthe gladiator.

He'll join us soon.


Death to Turks!

Death to Turks?

Death to Turks!'

Let the show begin!

Where are you, Alparslan?

Kill that Turk!

Cut his head off!

Kill that dirty man!

Kill him!

Kill that dirty man!

There is no way that you
can escape, Hasan...

Kill that man!

Kill him!

Kill him now!

Don't wait!

Kill him!

Throw him in there!

Kill him!

Cut his head off!

Kill him!

What is he doing?

It brought shifa to my wound.
Thank you.

Keep it, my Bey.

You can maybe dress
another wound.


Come on! Kill him!

Come on!


I would never think that you'd
help me get rid of Yannis.

Where is Yannis?

Stop running away like a coward!

Throw him in there!

Kill him!

I was the one who
killed your wife Maria.

I was the one who
burnt the tribe.

Your daughter who you
thought was dead... now watching you.

And she is waiting
for the moment...

...that we will
destroy the Seljuq!

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Thanks to Allah!

Catch the gladiator!
It was Alparslan!







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