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It was me who killed
your wife Maria.

It was me who burned the tribe.

The woman who you
thought died... watching you right now.

And waiting for the
moment that...

...we will finish off Seljuks.


Thanks to Allah.

Catch the gladiator!
It was Alparslan!





Are you alright, my Atabey?

I'm good. I’m good.

For Allah! Bismillah!

The infidels are coming, Atabey!

I'm sure it will be the
most precious piece...

...of your collection after it gets
covered with the filthy blood of Seljuks.

With my own hands...

How did Alparslan sneak into Vaspurakan
despite all those precautions?

Someone must have helped him.

But who?


You are the traitor who
helped Alparslan come inside!

Allahu Akbar!

Let's go see our
Sultan immediately.

Come on!

Alparslan Bey.

You are lying.

If you can't prove what you say,

...I’ll kill you.

Don’t deny it!

I saw everything for myself.

You attacked me in the dungeon!

Everyone knows you were with Governor
Yannis in the dungeon till the last moment.

Maybe you are the traitor, Selikos.
You’re putting the blame on me.

We couldn't find
anything on him, sir.

Search Selikos.

You don’t believe the words of
that traitor, do you, General?

So I can enter the castle
disguising as a soldier...

Alparslan sneaked into the
city in disguise of a soldier!

Jesus Christ.

Alparslan was right
under our noses!

You put that note on
me in the dungeon.

You drew me into a trap.

I will kill you!


...can only be
cleaned with blood.

Honorable Lord.

Alparslan has run off.

An vengeance is...

...sealed with blood.

I swear to Mighty God...

...I will make Alparslan...

...drown in his own blood.

You summoned me?

My Sultan.

Sultanate is...

...a gift for me from Gagri Bey,
the lion of Horasan, brother.

If you summoned me
because I’m a lion,

...the paw of the old one has
no strength left at all.

Whoever has the
blood of a lion... always a lion
even if he gets old.

When I was a kid, while you
were returning from a raid,

...with your sword
on your horse,

...I thought I was looking at...

Hadhrat Hamza (RA), the lion of Almighty Allah,
about whom my grandfather Seljuk told us.

That's just naivete of a kid.

I can never look like
the Lion of Allah.

I would even be honored to be
dust on the foot of his horse.

My Sultan, we got news.

Alparslan Bey took his Atabey Hasan safely
from Vaspurakan from the heathens...

...and they are
about to reach Rey.


Before I make Alparslan
drown in his own blood,

...his soul will
never rest in peace.

May God forgive his sins.

I know it was you who reported
Yannis to the emperor.

You shouldn't focus on me...

...but Alparslan who caused
Yannis to be killed, General.

Don't deny it.

Your messenger who carried the letter
has spoken for one pouch of gold!

What I want to know is... you learned that it was
Yannis who performed the massacre.

There are people who speak for
less than one pouch of gold.

Selikos wasn't as loyal
to Yannis as you thought.

You should have talked to me...

...not to the emperor!

You are going back
to Constantinople.

As long as I don't
want to leave,

...nobody can...

...send me out of Vaspurakan.


I know... want to give the
head of that Seljuk... the emperor
and deceive him.

I also know you are doing
this for Princess Evdokya.

And I'm sure the emperor will
hear this with attention.

Are you threatening me?

I'm putting forward my leverage.


Years ago, you and I thought...

...we should be one body...

...and the state should
have a single head.


...why are you not abiding
by our decision, brother?'

With your order, made Alparslan and
Suleyman turn against each other.

As you know, King...

...cares about the interest of
his state in his every move.

But Alparslan, the heir
of the throne, is...

...puts the state...

...into trouble with
his disobedience.

Alparslan Bey and Atabey
Hasan are here, my Sultan.

Let them in.


The head of an immoral and
disobedient person... always up like
a reinless horse.

Just like you, Alparslan.

A reinless horse...

...stands with his head up because
he has nothing he can't account for.

But those who betray their own
bloodline don’t know this, Yinal Bey.

What’s the matter, Kunduri?

Are you upset that your game in the dungeon
didn't work and I came back alive?

Astagfurullah, Hadhrat Melik.

I’m definitely happy
that you are back alive.

We are upset that Cagri Bey is
accounting for your actions... the presence
of Sultan right now.

You know our Sultan won't...

...execute his brother
no matter what.

But if with one mistake.. becomes an issue
about your execution...

...his hands won't shake.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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May it pass soon, Hasan Bey.

Thank you my Sultan.

EvelAllah, we are alive
thanks to Alparslan Bey.

Your name suits you, son.

You took what you wanted
with the claws of a lion.

I know how much your Atabey
means to you, Alparslan.

But what you did was wrong.

Is it something a heir
apparent should do?

Ha, Alparslan?

Tell me.

Extraordinary situations...

...need extraordinary
methods, my Sultan.

My Atabey's life is
more important...

...than the sultanate for me.

Akca Hatun!

Why do you keep leaving the tribe?
Where are you going? Tell me.

Tell me why you are so
curious, Karaca Hatun.

Bandits are wandering around.

Who do you trust? How can
you go in the forest alone?

I trust the Owner of my life.

You should do the same
thing to be relieved.

You know everything..

...but you don’t know how you
should talk to a Melik's Hatun.

Thanks to Alparslan Bey, he
brought us a new trouble.

But I will teach
you who Karaca is.

What are you saying, father?

Who tried killing my
sister and my nephew?

Tongueless dastards.

We found a symbol that belonged
to Shahzade Human on them.

They did this...

...but at the same time
they carried a symbol.

Have you ever seen a traitor
who exposed himself?


...someone wants to
put the blame on...

...Shahzade Human.

Or the Shahzade chose
to be a rebel.


We received news from Bust.

The doors to the city are held.

They are looking for
Shahzade Human.

They searched the whole city...


Except for the Emir's house.

Then we will go in there?

Go back to our tribe with my Atabey,
father. We have to go to Bust.

They are searching everywhere
in Bust, Mighty Natik.

I am worried about Human.
They can find him anytime.

We will hide Shahzade Human
in such a place that... one will be able to
dare searching him there.

Take him to my
house in the city.

Right... Who can look
for a runaway... Emir Bozan's house?

Be careful.

V\le need swords for our
fidais, Mighty Natik.

An order of iron will be delivered
to Seljuq today, right, Seddat?

That iron... going to be the
fund of our swords.

You can't get in the room
of our Sultan with a sword.

You will lower your head.

...and you will not speak before
the Sultan starts speaking.

And most importantly... will not look
into the eyes of our...

...Shah of Shahs when
you are talking.

Stay here.

Don't look into the
eyes ot our Sultan.

What do you want?

I want Alparslan.

My son Yannis died
because of him.

I want blood for blood.

-You will either give Alparslan to me...


We will come and get him.

Our doctors..

...tell us that pork
meat weakens the memory?

You must've forgotten that
we defeated you in Pasinler.

It's not going to be as
easy as in Pasinler.

This time, I will come with
the army of Byzantine.

You will face the biggest
army of this land.

Our sacred book orders.

"With Great Allah's consent....

How many a small company has overcome a
large company by permission of Allah.

We don’t trust our soldiers.

..we trust our Allah.

You don't have children,
right, Sultan Tugrul?

All of my people
are my children.

It has nothing to
do with our issue!

You'd understand me
if you had children.

Cut it short, Lord.

Tell me your last words.

You will either give
Alparslan to me...

...or get ready to face the biggest army
that no one has seen on this land before.

Gather the meeting of battle.

Yes my Sultan.

Welcome, my Bey.

Welcome, my Bey.


Welcome. -Thank you.

They say "The arrow that cuts
the armor on the day of death.

...can not cut a shirt before the
day of death comes.”, Hasan Bey.

Look.. You still have days to live.

Thank you Akinay mother.

Alhamdulillah, Alparslan Bey
became the armour for us.

Welcome, my Bey.

I know that being captive in
the infidels’ land is hard.

May my Rab never let you go through
captivity again. -Amen, my daughter.

The chains on ounfeet will
be on infidels’ neck one day.

Welcome, Hasan Bey.

May it pass soon.

Thank you Suleyman Bey.

I never had doubts, I was sure that
Alparslan was going to save you.

I was relieved after
Cagri Bey sent his Alps.

There were people who were relieved
when the Alps were caught.

Let's not bother Hasan Bey.

Let him have some rest.

Thank you, my Bey.


You were underestimating Alparslan,
but look what he did in Vaspurakan.

You will just help Alparslan
have the throne...

...if you keep standing there?

He can do whatever he wants,
he lost his reputation.

I will be the one
who is rising... our Sultan s eyes.

ou must've forgotten that they waged war against
us in Captelon for the revenge of Shahzade Hasan!

Alparslan is much more
important for the Seljuq.

They will not give him to us!

They will.

If they don't give
Alparslan to us...

...I will take the Seljuq.

At least Sultan Tugrul
didn't understand that...

...the order of Yannis was real.

If he understood,
it would be harder.

We will have no choice, we will
have to give Vaspurakan to them.

Then we will lose everythirig.

Where is Bozan?

What kind of a game is this?
Open the door!

Shahzade is too loud.

Cut his tongue...

...if he doesn't shut
up after seeing you.

Melik Alparslan and his Alps
are at the door, my Efendi.


What is he doing here?

He is looking for Shahzade Human.
He wants to come in.

You are going beyond
the limits, Alparslan.

Keep your eyes on him.

How can you knock at a Ghazne
Emir's door, Alpaslan Bey?

This isn’t Seljuq.

If it’s about my family...

...there is no door that
I can’t enter through.

I heard that they searched all
houses except for Emirs'.

I will start with yours.

This house was built with the shadow
of the Sultan of Ghazne, Mevdud.

It can’t be touched.

You will either stand
out of the way...

...or I will behead
you and then go in.

I am now opening the doors
of my house to you.

But I am letting you in because I am thinking
about the peace between two Muslim states.

Not because I am scared.

You better be scared.

Next time, my sword
will leave its sheathe.

Search everywhere!

If the traitor Human was here, I would behead him
and throw his head in front of Sehve Sultan.

You shouldn't be
searching for him here.

Do you now understand that
Bozan is not your enemy.

...but your friend?

I can see that you
believe he is a traitor.

But if Human wanted
to harm someone..

...he would start
with Sultan Mevdud.

Maybe the leader of tongueless
bandits is not Human, right Bozan?



This room is locked, my Bey

It is the private room of Emir Bozan.
You can't go in!

The soldier you hurt is
the soldier of Ghazne!

You went too far!

Is that so?

The glorious sword of our...

...ancestors who came from long way
and crossed the sea to here...

...the protector of the poor...

...the ruler of the world
who scares the infidels...

...with his shadow...

...Shah of Shahs,
Sultan Tugrul Bey...

...has arrived in
the tribe of Merv.

O, my ruler Sultan.

You brought joy to our tribe...

...and made us happy
with your arrival.

The bed of lions...

...the tribe of wolves...

..Kinik tribe!

Thanks for warm welcoming.

Tell those who question
if a mountain can walk.

He has walked from Rey to Merv.


The entrustment of Temurleng.

The true ornament of Kinik
Tribe, Akinay Hatun!

I'm happy to see you.

I need your
consultancy, brother.

As you see, Shahzade isn't here.

Leave my house now.

I need to deal with the iron
delivery to be made for Seljuks.

I will make the delivery
with my alps personally.

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for Human in the houses that
Ghaznevid soldiers aren't searching.

Or are you looking for him
in the houses you suspect?

Until Human is caught,

...everyone is a suspect to me.

Make no exception.

Alparslan Bey can open the
door if that pleases him.

I have nothing to hide.

No need for that.

I completely trust
you, Emir Bozan.

You deal with the iron delivery
to be made for Seljuks.

This investigation is the
duty of Ghaznevid soldiers.

My sister's shadow
saves you for now.

But I will keep my eyes on you.

When we catch Human, he will
see he suspected you in vain.

InshaAllah, my Sultan.

If you allow us,

...we can ambush and take
the iron from Alparslan.

Do you want to draw suspicion
once again, Meymun?

There will be time when Bozan’s
wind will turn into a hurricane.


We will either give
Alparslan to Byzantine...

...or a much bigger army than the one
in Pasinler will march towards us.

My Sultan.

Our army isn't ready
for such a big battle.

In this situation, it will be
difficult to have a victory...

...against the army
of the empire.

My Sultan.

When it comes to fighting,
we Turks never step back.

Even if the whole
world attacks us,

...we can surely defeat
them, evelAllah.

Neither my mind nor my heart accepts
surrendering Alparslan Bey.

That would mean accepting
the defeat in advance.

Don't be angry, my Bey.
But it's not a defeat.

It's preventing
hundreds of soldiers...

...from dying for
Alparslan’s life.

Alparslan shows the order he found and
says the heathens broke the peace.

But it's not certain if
the order is real or not.

Whether the order is real or not
will be revealed eventually.

What's important now is...

If we give Alparslan
to Byzantine,

...Turks will have
no reputation left.


What will you say about
this issue, my nephew?

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

What kind of thing
is this, my Allah?

They are discussing if they should
sacrifice my brother or not.

No, Gevher.

Theyare discussing...

...if they sacrifice a
person or a thousand.

Alparslan should have thought about this
before disobeying the sultan's order.

-What's going on here?

Why did our Sultan come
here and honor us?

Whatever decision you
make about the matter... appropriate
for us, my Sultan.


I've listened to the
words of you all.

I have considered.

My decision is...

My Sultan.

My Bey.

It's me who should bear the
responsibility in this issue.

Why I entered
Vaspurakan is obvious.

I would do the same now.

Compared the welfare
of our state, life means nothing at all.

As General Dukas said, they may not
give us Alparslan, honorable Lord.

They will.

Tugrul is not brave enough
to fight against...

...the whole Byzantine.

I hope you are right.

I don't even want to think
about what happens otherwise.

We've got the news that a Seljukian
cart is approaching the castle, sir.


Well, General Dukas.

Are you ready to
greet Alparslan?

You’ve come to your execution
with your own feet, Alparslan.

I killed my son
with my own hands.

And you brought your son... his execution
with your own hands.

It's called blood for blood.

Sultan Tugrul.


...violated the agreement
terms by entering the castle.

Either Alparslan...

...or the whole Seljuk State...

...will pay the price.

Where is Alparslan?

I raided over you
for forty years.

Alparslan will raid for
another forty years!

If there is a price to be
paid, it’s you who will pay.

What are you talking about?


This is Yannis' emblem.

I've listened to the
words of you all.

Everyone has stated
their opinions freely.

But according the morals
ot my ancestor Oghuz,

...a Turkish Bey...

...can’t be surrendered
to the enemy.

As your sultan, duty is.. follow the morals.

Because cities can be gone...

...but the tore stays.

According to the order
of Sultan Tugrul...

...I examined the order that was
found where the massacre happened.

This order doubtlessly belongs to the
former Governor of Vaspurakan...


We now know that...

...Alparslan did this as
he had valid reasons.

Yannis, who got what he
deserved thanks to him...

...was responsible
for the massacre.

From now on...

...the ones who should
be scared are infidels.

Where did you find this?

At the place where
they killed them.

Your eyes say that...

...the messengers you sent...

...didn't tell you that I
showed them the order.

Did you come all
the way to here... tell this, Sultan Tugrul? tell this, Sultan Tugrul?

No. Not for this.

I came here to take a look at
Vaspurakan that we will conquer.

Now... will either give
us the key of the city...

...or we will come
with our army...

...and take it.

All of these happened...

...because you protected my life
while risking your life, my Bey.

This Turk land has seen
many valiants but...

...never seen one
like you, my Bey.


How can I be brave if l...

...let my Atabey down
who raised me...

...and leave the blood of
my brothers on the ground.


Turk Hatuns are as
brave as men, my Bey.

My daughter Akca...

She opened door of the
cage and set Alps free.

She opened the door of the
cage and set Alps free.

She said ’’these valiants
shouldn't be in the cage...

...but with their Bey."


She is a brave girl.

She might be too brave.

The arm can carry strength...

...but the heart
carries bravery.

Come on!

Show me how Turk Hatuns unite
their arms with their hearts!

I learned how to fight
in the palace of Ghazne.

I learned it from its masters. There was
no one who was more talented than me.

I can see that there is also no
one who is more talented than me?

Try using the side of the sword
instead of it's end, Aybike.

Face me if you know so well...

...instead of
advising from there.

You told me that your height and
heart were enough for everything!

Why are you running away?

I think there is someone more
talented than you in the tribe.

You must think wisely next time
you are choosing an enemy.

The training is over! Go
and do your jobs now!

One must think wisely when
choosing his friends.

Do you think with
your sword, my Bey?

You lied to me, Eudokia.

Why did I learn the
truth from my enemies?

Why did you do this to me?

Uncle... I am sorry... -Shut up.

Being sorry is
useless right now.

I could change the things that
happened if I knew the truth.

You are also responsible
for Yannis' death!

It’s ridiculous.

Nothing was going to
change if you knew!

If you are looking for a lawbreaker, let me tell
you, it was your spoiled son Yannis! -Hdw dare.

If you hadn't insisted on taking
Alparslan when talking to Tugrul...

...he wouldn't have
gone after the order!

And we wouldn’t have
faced the risk of...

...losing Vaspurakan...

...because of you!



Stop questioning my decisions.

Write a letter to the Emperor.
And inform him.

He should send us help!

Inform Maria. She has to come.

It's the Byzantine method.

How do you draw your
sword like the infidels?

I learned it as I grew up
in the city of infidels.

I saw you in the
castle of Vaspurakan.

You didn't seem
like a runaway...

...but someone from the folk.

What are you hiding from usr?

I barely saved my life.

Why would I go to
that castle, my Bey?

You must've seen someone else.

I know what I saw.

And I know where I was.

If you don’t trust my word
and see me as a traitor... can slit my throat.

I'd prefer dying rather than
being seen as a traitor.

You called me, sir.

I didn’t know that you
were greedy enough to...

...sell me to General Dukas
for a pouch of gold.

Sir... please, forgive me.

For the sake of God, please.

Sir... forgive me.

Please, forgive me. -So...

I have to drown you with
gold to make you loyal

Trust, Nestor.

It’s something that
people need the most.

I will help Kekavmenos
when he needs... the most.

Then I will step on his shoulders
and become the governor?

Did you prepare the note?


Nice work, Nestor.

Kekavmenos will never
doubt about the truth.

You didn't say it
right, Suleyman!

You could also say ’’Take me instead
of Alparslan" to our Sultan.

Nothing can happen to precious Alparslan,
but anything can happen to the rest...

Don't make it worse, Hatun!

I won’t give my brother to the Infidels
first with my word then with my hands!

Yes, you didn't give him.
But what did you do?

Did your father applaud?

Did the Sultan say "You
are the heir, Suleyman"?

Didn't you know how many lives you would
have saved if you had surrendered him?


They will crush your
soft heart, Suleyman.

But I won't get myself
chewed with you.

For your information.

I’m really sorry about
Yannis, father.

What you have been through
is noteasy at all.

But you are the strongest
person I have ever known.

You will get over
this suffering too.

My suffering will be relieved after
I cut Alparslan into pieces...

...and drink his blood who made me kill
my Yannis with my own hands, Maria.


Soon, we won't take revenge...

...only from Alparslan but
also all the Seljuks...

...who took our
beloveds from us.

Not soon. Now. Now.

It’s time.

Kill Alparslan.

And bring his dead body to me.

I saw you in the
castle of Vaspurakan.

What are you hiding from us?

If you don't trust my words
and think I'm a traitor, can kill me here. I'd rather
die than looking like a traitor.

Why are you lost
in thoughts, son?

There is something stinging in my
mind like a splinter, mother Akinay.

It will either sting deeper...

...or I will take it out.

Tell me. What bothers you?

Akca Hatun.

I saw her in Vaspurakan.

If what your eyes have seen...

...sows suspicion in your heart, should have asked her.

I did, but...

...she said I saw wrongly.

A person always
knows what he sees.

Sometimes, he doesn't.


..a person see what he wants
to see, not what he looks at.

Especially if there
is a person who...

...has gained the
throne in your heart,

...every face you see
looks like her face.

She rains as the rain.
She blows as the wind.

She smells as the flowers.

Eyes get wrong, but
the heart never does.

When you stay between two. your heart,
not your eyes.

Look. The carpets are here.

Let’s see it’s the ones
which we were expecting.

Let’s go.

What's that supposed
to mean, father?

It was you who said revenge
shouldn't be done in a hurry.

You think the Seljuks will
collapse when Alparslan is dead?

You don't understand, Maria.

You trained me for this?

To just kill a Melik?

Besides, you think you will let
me live if we kill Alparslan?

No. No. No.

I won't be able to
stand losing you too.

Then don't let your grief and ambition
prevent our primary goal, fathper.

We won’t destroy...

...only Alparslan but
the whole Seljuk State.

You're right, daughter.

You’re right.

Forgive me.

Only Alparslan's blood won't be
enough to relieve my suffering.

I will drink the blood of
all Turks in this world.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

Who do you want to lead the army in the
campaign of Vaspurakan, my Sultan?

We tested Yinal in Alparslan.

Alparslan doesn't give us
even a chance to test him.

The flame of his bravery
is burning the enemy.

He is strong and
has a sharp sword.

He wants a battle
just to battle.

He does, but...

But being the head of a
state and ruling it...

...also means
managing it, brother.

It's doing things properly,

...not doing things on your own.

Whoever disobeys the orders shall
be disobeyed, great Cagri Bey.

Alparslan takes after
his ancestors.

Wild horses are running
through his veins.

Sure, they are! He takes
after his ancestors!

But he should learn how to
rein those wild horses.

He should learn how to ride those
wild horses to his destination,

...not where they
are driving him.

InshaAllah, my Sultan.

I both see and
believe, my-brother.

Alparslan has the capability
of being a leader.

It shines in his eyes.

When he learns how to ride those
wild horses to his destination.

Then... the head of his
armies waving like a sea,

...he will flow
over the heathens.

Even if we don’t see that,

...our descendants will,
InshaAllah, my Sultan.

What's in your mind, my Sultan?

Honorable Lord.

While your son Yannis...

..was getting your hidden
ally to make a massacre,

...he used your name.

I entered prince Yannis' room... nothing would
remain secret...

...and you wouldn't
get in trouble.

And I found this note.

You can be sure that...

...I will carry out your
order, saint Kekavmenos.

Not a single Muslim will be able to
reach the land of Seljuks aliVe.

I'm sure that you
hidden ally...

....who performed
the massacre...

...will also kill Alparslan
without drawing any suspicion?

My Sultan.

If a competent commander
leads our army,

...we will get a victory in
Vaspurakan just like in Pasinler.

A good sword is
made of fine metal.

And a good army.. made of brave soldiers.

I'm appointing Melik Suleyman...

...for the campaign
of Vaspurakan.

As you order, my Sultan. I'll
try to be worthy of your trust.

May Allah let you be
victorious, brother.

Thanks, brother.

My Sultan, the rest of the gold you demanded for
compensation will be in Merv Tribe tonight.

What do you order?

Spend it for the army for
the campaign of Vaspurakan.

The gold will be taken
to the arme camp... Alparslan tomorrow.

As you order, my Sultan.

Suleyman is in the
charge of the army.

And Alparslan in the
charge of the gold.

And what is the duty of Yinal
who got a victory in Pasinler?


I won’t be surprised..

...if our Sultan appoints me... their stableman
soon, Kunduri.

The situation isn't as bad
as it looks, Yinal Bey.

Would it be better if
he had appointed...

...Alparslan to lead the
army instead of Suleyman?

You’re right.

But I’m running out
patience, Kunduri.

If patience runs out,

...the plan fails.

Suleyman isn't like Alparslan.

He's a much easier prey for you.

What’s in your mind?

I think Sultan appointed Melik Suleyma
as the commander of the army, but...

...let's see the war beys will
want to fight under the command...

...of such a young Melik.

Then we should know that first.

Send a message to the war
bey Gunduz, Kunduri.

Let's go and ask
after the war bey...

..who has the most soldiers.

I'm sorry about your son.

How did you now know I wouldn't give
an order to break the agreement?

How could you kill the
Muslims to be transferred?

I thought it was your order.

Now you will help me...

...avenge my Yannis.


You will kill him.

Killing him... my biggest desire,
saint Kekavmenos.

Do you think I didn't
attempt to do that before?

I think you should
find another ally...

...powerful enough to
carry out your demand.

I can give you a fortune.
You and I can...

Forgive me, saint Kekavmenos?

I have no intention to dying
in the hands of Alparslan.

Alparslan will die tomorrow.

And then those who let me
down will be the next.

Start the delivery preparations
immediately, Alparslan.

As you order, my Bey.

They say they have thorns
to protect themselves.

Is that true?

Some of them do.

Some have thorns to hold on
to something and grow bigger?

But sometimes they make someone
bleed while trying to hold on?

Ones who makes us
bleed with thorns...

...heal us with either
their flowers or leaves.

Let me help. You can't
heal it with one hand.

I have always healed
my own wounds.

Sometimes with both hands,
sometimes with one hand?

When I was back from the
battle, you healed my wounds.

I owe you. Let s get even.

The wound I caused isn’t in your hand.
I know that.

I also know that it's not
easy to heal that wound.

Is that why you are healing the wound the
thorn caused, not the one you caused?

You're running away
from the difficult?

I caused a wound.

But I don't know from
what I’m running away.

Weren't you picking up flowers?

I will when my wound is healed?

I don't want to bleed my other hand while
trying to hold them with one hand.

Mighty Natik? we've got news.

Alparslan is going to take gold
from Merv Tribe to the army camp.

Send this message to
Kekavmenos immediately.

Are we leaving the gold
to him, Mighty Natik?

In the time of a battle,

...swords become
companions tor Turks.

If we get afraid and step back,

..our honor will be stained.

If we get afraid and step back,

...our honor will be stained.

When we gather strength,

When alps draw their bows""'LM Bb

When we see your tears,

...our hearts burn in flames.

When we see your tears,

...our hearts burn in flames.

That's what it is, children.

The day of battle is the
day of wedding for Turks.

My Bey...

...I ask for allowance.

Saltuk, play your sipsi...

...let us see the talent of our Alparslan
Bey in zeybek (turkish dance).

Come on, my oey.

Come on...

My Bey...

My Bey! I know that you are
not going to dance with me.

Isn’t there a Kinik
Hatun that...

...suits the height
and talent of my Bey?

There is.

Who is it?

My Akca daughter.

You weighed your talents
in sword drill...

...let us see your
talents in zeybek.

My dear Allah puts us in
different situations.

We were waiting for death in
the dungeon the other day...

..and today we found joy next
to the fire thanks to Allah.

But... there is something
that tires your mind.

Tell me.

Being responsible for
the decision of war... disturbing me, my Atabey.

So that I caused this fight...

...I want to be the commander
of the army but...

How is that going to
happen, Alparslan?

I will go to our Sultan...

...and tell him that I want to be the
commander of the army in Vaspurakan.

I have no doubt that our
Sultan will understand you.

But I don't know if it’s going
to be alright to ask for this...

...when our Sultan
chose Suleyman...

...for this duty.

There are many infidels who are
waiting for you like vultures...

...but we know that some members of the
dynasty are keeping their eyes on you.

I think with my mind
and my heart...

You shouldn't ask for
this from our Sultan...

...and make him
repeat his order...

..but you should support your brother
Suleyman who was assigned for this.

Or the strength of our army and the
unity in our state might be harmed...

...before the battle of
Vaspurakan that you dreamt of.

You are right, my Atabey.

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Mother... can I come in?

Come in, my daughter.

How are you? You didn't come to the
meeting, I wanted to come and see you.

I am alright. Thank you.

It doesn't hurt too much. I won't have
a headache in the morning inshaAllah.

InshaAllah mother.

InshaAllah but..

...I don’t think your headache
will go away after tonight.

What happened Karaca?

What is wrong?

A new bride is on
the way, mother.

We can welcome anyone.

Don't you know that our brides
don't give us headaches but joy?

I do.

Tell me what is wrong.
What happened?

She doesn’t know how to
add salt to the food...

...but Akca Hatun threw herself into
the circle when it was about dancing.

She stood in front of our
Alparslan Bey and our tribe.

...and danced for Zeybek.

Is that so?

What a shame... I wish
I could watch them.

Selcan mother..

I think... you
didn’t understand.

I don't think this girl
has good intentions

You are not going to
believe me anyway but...’s different. -What’s
wrong with this, my daughter?

Why would she have
bad intentions?

They are both young and
ready to get married.

Mother... we don't
know who that girl is.

She is apparently trying
to be a Melik’s hatun.

Birds of a feather fly together.
How can this happen?

I think you misunderstood
the balance.

Who is your Bey father since
you became the wife of a Bey?

Selcan mother... Do you
think Akca and I are equal?

My brother... -Karaca!

You came here as a bride because
you and Suleyman loved each other.

Not because your brother
was in the palace.

We look for good morals
before everything.

My Bey...

I don’t think Kekavmenos
is going to behave.

He can come at us.

swear to Allah, who owns my
life, I am not done with him.

What are you
thinking of, my Bey?

The chests are loaded, my Bey.
We are ready.

Let's go! Let's set off!

Alparslan Bey sent
these flowers.

He said, ’’Thorns are taken out.
It won't hurt your hands."

They shouldn't carry
gold with the chests...

...but Alparslan.

In the end, he is more
precious than the gold.

I'll be the one who
takes Vaspurakan.

Then everyone will see
who is more precious.

My Bey... We are
ready to set off.

This time, you can't run
away from me Alparslan.

Assalamu Alaikum
ve Rahmetullah...

...Assalamu Alaikum
ve Rahmetullah...


My Allah... give us strength for the
sake of beautiful named Prophet (SAW)...


Grant us with the friendship
of Hadhrat Abu Bakr(RA)...

...justice of
Hadhrat Omar(RA)...

...manners of Hadhrat

...knowledge and bravery
of Hadhrat Ali(RA)...

...valiantness of Hadhrat Hamza(RA).

We started praying in
your white yard...

..may You accept it Ya Rabbi.

May the ones who say "Amen” be
accepted in the heaven of Allah.

Be careful, warriors! Come on!


Get down!


Attack, my brave soldiers!


I’m looking forward
to fight against you!

My Bey!

Don’t go there alone!

Wait, my Bey!

Don’t run like a dog
that broke its chains!

Show yourself!

Our swords will touch each
other finally, Diyojen.

The dead can't swing
swords against me,



We’re leaving!

My Bey!

My Bey!

Where are you, my Bey?

My Bey!

My Bey!

Whatever trick you play, won’t be able to run away
from the arena so easily, Alparslan!

Move aside!

Just as I guessed.

If you had died so easily, wouldn’t be
fun, Alparslan.

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Isn’t it the horse
of that demon?

Give it to me! Give me!

It's Byzantine letters.

You are communicating with
the heathens secretly.

Alps! Catch this traitor!

What kind of a snake you are...

...has just been
revealed, Akca Hatun!

I knew it seeing your sneaky
steps towards Alparslan Bey.

You evil spy!

Catch her.

Cagri Bey will make you say who
you are working for, anyway.

Take them out.

Now you're in my hands like
a wounded wolf, Alparslan.

Do you remember this dagger?

The dagger with which
you made me...

...kill my son Yannis
with my own hands!

-Move aside!

His blood is mine.

Do you know what I most
appreciate about your Turks?

That you are brave enough to
smile while even going to death.

Death can't harm those...

...who live with
their shrouds on.

Death only can kill you.



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