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AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 8

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Valiants, who run to shahada
with the love of...

...conquest on the way of Allah!

Now... it is time to
raise what is right...

...and bury the cruel
under the ground!

Ya Allah!

Allah-u Akbar!

Traitor... I know who sent you.

You will die with the
things you know.


My Bey!

We have to go there before
the quarter falls down!


It is time for someone who is equal
to Alparslan to fight against him.

Uncle.. What are we
going to do now?

Do not wander around, Eudokia.

Go to your room!


Where is Maria?

She is taking care of the
injured soldier, sir.

Sir... Maria is taking care
of the injured soldier.

Look, the quarter
is under attack.

We have to focus on that.


Diyojen might need help.

Don't tell me what to do!



Hang on... You have to live...


Hang on...

Hang on... You have to live...
Hang on!


I did my best, father...

But I couldn't stop the bleeding.
I'm sorry.

This man knew.

This man knew that they
would explode the quarters.

Come with me.

I come my Bey!

Keep fighting, Avar Bey!

Allah-u Akbar!

We don't know what we are
going to face with, General.

It is safer for you to
stay in the castle.

I am sick of waiting for
you to defeat Alparslan!

I will not leave my destiny in
someone else's hands, Diyojen!

Allah-u Akbar!

Hit, the lion's child, hit them!

May Allah strengthen
your wrists and heart!

If we don't behead the cruel...

...we don't deserve
this sword and sanjak!


Protect the Commander!

Shield wall!



Protect the wall!

Protect the wall! Hurry!

Protect the wall!

Raise the shields!

Damn it! Hurry!

Attack! Kill them!

Defend the line!

Ya Allah!

Damn it.

Come on!

-Soldiers, raise the wall!

Move forward!

Protect the line!

Raise the shields!

General... We have to step back
before we lose any more lives.

Never! Attack!

General! General!

No! No!
-We are going back!

They are going back!

Now we will plant the
sanjak of Kinik...

...which cuts the sky
with its spear...

...and honour the
souls of our martyrs!

You took an oath to
be honest to me...

...right, my beautiful Maria?

Always, father.

Alparslan did not sneak in the castle
by using a tunnel that no one knows.

You helped that damned man.. play a game
against me, ha?

God is my witness, I heard
him saying that, father.

Would I tell you if
I wasn't sure...

...that Alparslan would
sneak in the castle?

Then why do my eyes see
different things...

...than the things you heard
with your ears, Maria?



I guess the map I brought...

...the things Maria said...

...they were all parts
of Alparslan's plan.

It was a big plan that
was set to mislead us.

Come in.

General Dukas, Lieutenant Diyojen and the
soldiers are coming back to the castle, sir.


He took the quarters.

I am really tired of
hearing bad news.

Tell that to everyone Alpagut.

You go back to the tribe.

And bring me good news,
beautiful Maria.

Don't worry, father.

Now, the command belongs to...

...wolf-looking Oghuz men who
are Muhammed (SAW) lovets.

Our martyrs are under
the ground so that...

...we can conquer the ground!

The sanjak we planted here...

Their souls are... Arshe Ala (The
Highest Throne) now

Allah-u Akbar!

We didn't step back as
they were too many!

We didn't get scared as
we were outnumbered!

We weren't afraid and fought!

I swear that..

...we will leave no
Turkish graves...

...under the shadow of heathens!

We will work hard...

...for our great cause
without resting... and night!

And one day...

...we will capture
Vaspurakan too!

Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar! Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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This is for you.

The arrow I shot today didn't
take your life, but... left a mark on your
face for me to trace.


Now it's reckoning time.

When Oghuz men sharpen
their swords,

When their white-hoofed
horses neighed,

When it's time,

...there will be no place for you
and your kin to go, Kekavmenos.

I swear on Mighty God...

...I will burn down the headquarter
I set on your tribe...

...over you and...

...I will bury you in your
mother's grave, Alparslan!

People of Mosul are wondering who you
will appoint as the governor, my Sultan.

Have you decided who
to appoint, my Sultan?

The issue of Mosul
is important for us.

If we can't inhabit Turkmen
with no homeland...

...who are coming in waves
in the land of Mosul,

...Baghdad will lose
its importance.

If we can't maintain the
security in the city of Caliphs,

...that won't be appreciated... the Islam world.

For this reason,

...I should take my
time for the decision.

I will appoint someone who
is worthy of the position.

Alparslan Bey's private
soldiers entered the palace...

...through a secret
passage, my Sultan.

We let them in our private
chamber under the ground.

My Sultan.

Speak, soldiers.

Alparslan Bey planted the sanjak
of Kinik in the headquarter...

...which was the key of
Vaspurakan, my Sultan.

Thanks tb Allah who
let us see this day.

All praise belongs to Allah.

And we got the chance to
give the great news... you our Mighty Sultah.

May Allah let you hear
good news all your life.

Our lives are yours, my Sultan?

Convey my congratulations
to my nephew Alparslan...

...who took back our
destroyed tribe...

...and our lands
painted with blood...

...with the headquarter
which Byzantine set on it.

Send him my best wishes.

He made us happy.

May Allah make him
happy as well.


Now listen to my words
carefully and...

...and tell Alparslan
Bey about it.

Everything burned to ashes.

But you've always been the
rose blossoming inside me.

You've been the sun during the day
and the moon at night for me.

Like the wind swathing the tree,

...your rose-smelling hands...

...and your eyes made of
hope has always swathed me.

You've always been
in my dreams...

...during the day and at night.

In fact, we've never
got separated.

But I'm grateful to One who let
us come together in this world.

My mother who I saw when
I opened my eyes...

...and whose pure milk I sucked.

I didn't leave your grave
in the hands of heathens.

We made it our homeland.

YoQ pardon me in this world
and in Qiyamah, lnshaAllah.

Every mother would pardon this son
who didn't leave her grave... the hands of
heathens, my Bey

You've given me this chance
in this mortal world.

So I pardon you...

...for now...

...and for everything
to happen... the future.

You said they would get
out of the church.

Where did you find those maps?
Who are you?

Like I said, while Seljuk
soldiers were digging...

Put the knife down
immediately, General!

Alpagut is a loyal soldier.

Alparslan played us.

If... is not Alpagut
who helped him...

I said he is not!


...the person who you
get information from...

Are you so sure of him,
too, esteemed Lord?

I never work with wrong
people, General.

If we hadn't withdrawn,

...our soldiers would not
be at the military quarters

...and Alparslan would
be underground.

Forgive me, .General.

But if we hadn't withdrawn, would be the
one underground.

Enough! Stop it, you too.

What's happened has happened.

Now we need to find a way to

...take the headquarters back

...from Alparslan.

Do you still believe there's
a way, esteemed Lord?

Where did..

...Alparslan find
that much oil... blow up...

...the headquarters?

You are right, esteemed Lord.

Oil enough to cause that big of an
explosion was not at the headquarter.

There is no way that
bashi-bazouk Turkmens had it.

This means that

...Alparslan still has
connections with Seljuk.

even though...

..he said he renounced.

We can never prove that.


...we force him to use
those connections,

...we can prove it.

Alpagut, send a
soldier right away.

Tell them to bring
alchemist Jacob from Ani.

He should come with his supplies.

Yes, sir.

What will Alparslan risk keep the headquarters?


Bring your komuz and
come to the square.

Sing eulogies for Alparslan,

the Bey son of a Bey,
who deserves his sword.

May your tongues,

...your strings you play


...with the praise
and the enthusiasm

...of the victory! Gome on!

We will bring the
boilers, cook food.

May the hungry and the
orphans be happy.

Let the Preparations begin.

If someone saw the
smile on your face,

...they would think you got
the conquest, Suleyman.

If Alparslan keeps
going like this,

...he will take the throne

...and your destiny.

My Bey, someone is coming.

What are they doing, Maltuk Bey?

There have white flag, they
must be coming for peace.

But you still be careful.

These devils can do everthing.

Yes, my Bey.


Your tree that provides the
shade shall not be cut down.

Your beautiful river that flows
like blood, shall not run dry.

The tip of your wings
shall not be broken.

Your sharp blade shall
never be blunt.

May your mother go to heaven.

Your light Haqq lit up
shall never be dark.

May qadeer Allah

...will not make you need the
dishonest, Alparslan Bey.


Thanks to you, we got the lands

...which were we looking at
from distance, from the enemy.

Don't I know that you can wreck
the walls with your evil eye.

I helped

...and we succeeded together.

My Bey.

Byzantine sent an ambassador.
He wants to talk to you.

Bring him.


Why did you come?

To congratulate you.

You took the headquarters.

But what is important is. keep it.

Don't worry.

We never lose what
we take with our


Why did you come here?

Lord Kekavmenos

...invites you all to
Vaspurakan Castle tomorrdw.

To solve the issue that wasn't
solved at the battlefield.

You were shaking at
the battlefield.

We don't have any
unsolved issues.

Don't you want to
live in peace here?

Lord wants to agree.

He will listen you
requests tomorrow.

And of course, he will say his
wishes after that.

What will he want from us?

For you to live peacefully in
this land you conquered...

...he only wants...

...1000 horses, 5000 arrows,
and bows from you.

Esteemed Kekavmenos.

It's been a long time alchemist.

What have you brought to me?

Black potion.

It's cunning, silent and a powerful
poison, esteemed Kekavmenos.

While it mixes up with the blood
slowly, it takes your breath away.

And it kills slowly,
while making you suffer.

it not only turns the meal it is added
the most delicious meal in the world...

...but also, after it mixes up
with the blood, it turns you...

...into a good in the eyes
of the victim.


Because the fate of the victim
is in your hands at that moment.

If the victim...

...does not drink the
antidote I make from...

...the unique snow orchid
that grows once per year...

...within 2 days, he will die.

In short, esteemed Kekavmenos...'s not Got that can
save him, but only the...

...antidote you have, which...

...he can't find anywhere else.

I'm sure that my Yannis... waiting for...

...Alparslan... Great God's heaven eagerly.


What's your answer Alparslan?

Do you want to make a deal?

It's okay.

But, according to customs,
until the meeting is over...

...and me and my soldiers
return here safe and sound... of you will be my guest here.

We will come to the castle
tomorrow for deal.

We will meet again Alparslan.


City Of REY

Speak you bastard!

Who are you?

What do you want from our state?

I want you to send me to heaven!

Keep pulling!

Emir Bozan arrived in the
palace, Mighty Hace.

Take him in.


We came here to
tell our Sultan...

...that we are sorry.

Is what I heard true,
Mighty Vizier?

What did you hear, Emir Bozan?
Tell me.

They tried to kill our Sultan.

Who are those dastards?

Tongueless demons...

..but thanks to Allah...

...the bandit who we caught
is alive and he can speak.

Did that dastard speak?

Let me kill the traitor
who planted...

...the seed of fitna between
the Seljuq and Ghazne.

Open the door.

My Sultan... I brought the good wishes
of Bust's Governor Begum Sehver...

...and Ghazne's Sultan Mevdud.

Thanks to Sehver daughter
and Sultan Mevdud.

Did that dastard speak, Hace?

Not yet, but... Soon
he will, my Sultan.

Apparently, Alparslan Bey
saw what we couldn't see.

Since dastards keep doing
what they are doing...

...their leader can't
be Shahzade Human.

Or those dastards are taking...

...his revenge.

When he speaks, the truth
will be exposed Emir Bozan.

Then justice will be done.

Forgive me my Sultan...

Your mercy is known
all around the world.

Your mercy is known
all around the world.

Apparently, the man in the dungeon
does not speak because of that.

If you allow me..

...I can make him sing like a
bird on the lands of Ghazne.

We show mercy to
the innocent ones.

Showing mercy to the traitor
is betrayakto the state.


Cowards carry their lives on
their tongues, Emir Bozan.

Don't worry.

He will speak, sooner or later.

With our methods, we've learned
a lot of information...

...from different traitors..

...until today.

Do not keep your mind
busy with these things.

And send our greetings
to our Sehver daughter.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

I can't think of what that snake
Kekavmenos is thinking, my Bey.

But... if there
wasn't evil in it..

...why would he invite you to the
castle with his poisonous tongue?

Avar is right, my Alparslan Bey.

We have to take precautions.

Allah.. the best planner.

Don't worry.

My Bey...

If this is your final decision, I want your
allowance to have the infidels' demand ready.

Now you are in the place
that you deserve.

Even if you put me
in the dungeon...

...even if you put us
into a dark well...

...the light of Mighty
Natik is with us.

Great Natik?

These devil Qarmathians...

...roots were taken
out my Sultan.

How could demons who
lost their root... the storehouse
where we kept our weapons?

Speak, you demon!

Who is your Mighty Natik?

Who is it?

The owner of the entrustment...

...Shahzade Human.

Shahzade Human, ha?

Look at the hellhounds.

He will make us
question the dead.

He thinks he can play a game.

What is your order, my Sultan?

He will be taken to the
dungeon in Nishapur tomorrow.

Let’s see who will face him.

You called me, Selcan Hatun.

Welcome, my daughter.

Come, sit

We know that you are a good healer,
since you treated Cagri Bey.

And the people in our
tribe keep praising you.

My wrist has been hurt for
some time, my daughter.

I thought your healing
hands could treat it.

It seems that it is
hurt, Selcan Hatun.

If we put an ointment and
dress it, it won't hurt.

-I will bring it now.
-Wait, don't go.

Let's talk.

Our people are not only talking
about your healing hands...

...but also your
talent in zeibek.

I couldn't see it, because
I was sick, but...

...those who watched you and
Alparslan dancing together...

...say that it was
like two mountains...

...standing together or a
bird singing to a rose.

Maybe I can see it one day.

Alparslan Bey's conquest
made the folk happy today.

May we witness many
of them inshaAllah.

InshaAllah my daughter.

Alparslan is not my
own child but...

...I have always
seen him as my own.

And I also took an oath to...

...marry him to a girl... my Suleyman.

My daughter, I think
you suit my Alparslan.

May Allah let you be together.

Allah will give him a woman that
suits him for sure, Selcan Hatun.


...there is someone
else in my heart.

Is that so?

I didn't know..

I'm sorry, my daughter.

Astagfurullah... How
could you know?

It's a secret in my heart,
I can't tell anyone.

I should go now.

Akinay mother might get worried.

come as fast as you can.

My Atabey.

I learned that there is more
about the Kanturali legend.

So that you found it out, tell us,
everyone here will learn then.

My Bey, do you allow me?

That Kanturali...

...took the girl but...

...but kept insisting to hold
the wedding with his parents.

They set off together.

Kanturali was tired, and
fell asleep on the way.

Our Kanturali was asleep....

...the father of the Hatun deeply
regretted his decision about giving her.

And he sent soldiers after them.

He asked them to find his
daugtiter and bring he back.

Oghuz's actual enemy is sleep.

Every trouble finds him
when he is asleep.

You should be friends
with everything...

...but never with sleep.

Yes, Batur Bey.

The girl...

...couldn't sleep that day... if she predicted it.

She heard the horses
that her father sent...

...and woke Kanturali Up.

When Kanturali woke up...

...they started fighting.

The Hatun also didn't step back.

She was fighting on the field !

Hay mashaAllah.

Just like Kanturali wants.

She was a Hatun that pulled
the arrow before him...

...and rode her horse
before he did, right, Avar?

She fought in such a
way that my Bey...

...the soldiers that her father
sent ran away without looking back.

They ran away, but it’s Kanturali.
Would he let them go?

He went after them.

He kept fighting and
shed his own blood.

The Hatun noticed that
Kanturali was not with her.

Then she went after her husband.

She found a trace in a tribe.

Kanturali's horse was shot
by an arrow, it was dead...

Kanturali was surrounded by a
lake of blood that was shed...

She said the salvat for our
beautiful-named Prophet...

Salallahu aleyhi ve sellem.

Salallahu aleyhi ve sellem.

...and got in the tribe.

She saved Kanturali.


Then what happened, Avar?
Is it the end?

Wait, Atsiz Bey... Of
ourse it is not the end.

Kanturali couldn't accept
that his Hatun saved him.

He kept saying,
"I'll kill you!"...


He wanted a brave Hatun...

...but he was ashamed
when she saved him.

Hatun said the same thing!
She got mad...

And then..

...they even started shooting
arrows against each other.

Kanturali said, "Shoot your
arrow, let me see it."

But then..

...Hatun couldn't
hurt her husband.

She took the arrowhead out,
and then pulled the bow.

She shot the arrow...

..Kanturali was
losing his mind!

And when he saw that the arrowhead was
taken out, he approached his Hatun.

He said..

I would kill myself...

...but I could never hurt you.

He said that he
couldn't hurt her.

He said, "I was testing you,
my beloved one." -Then?

Then what happened to
Kanturali and his Hatun?

Things happened...

...when two hearts
came together.

Dear Lord..

Who are you going to send as a
hostage that Alparslan asked for?

Turks have a thing...

...they never hurt women.

And if that woman is innocent... Eudokia.


Don't you remember,
my beautiful Eudokia?

We had big dreams with you.

And for these dreams to come true,
you also have to do something.


How can ypu do this, uncle?

How can you risk my life?

Should I trust Turks about
my life and not you anymore?

You don't have to worry about
it, my beautiful Eudokia.

It won't be different, you
will be safe there... you are safe here.

I can't go there as
a hostage, right?

Alparslan Bey wants a
thousand horses...

...and five thousand arrows for the agreement
he will make with the Lord, my Sultan.

Have the things Alparslan wanted ready as
soon as possible, and send them tomorrow.

They will be taken to the
headquarters unharmed.

Yes, my Sultan.

My brother Cagri Bey will arrive in the
headquarters to visit the grave of...

..Behice Hatun.

Give him the necessary
information about this.

He should tell him that we will
give Alparslan what he wants...

...and lighten the
darkness he is in...

...with the shining light
of the Seljuq sun.

Yes my Sultan.

Mighty Natik...

According to what I've heard...

...Seddat will be taken to the
dungeon in Nishapur from Ray.


...will never arrive there.

What are your orders?

If he speaks,

...the suffering we have had...

...for our cause
will go for nothing.

I can't let that happen.

Shall we lay an ambush...

...during the transfer,
Mighty Natik?

We have to.

Let our fida'ies immediately.

We will take...


..dead or alive.

As you order, Mighty Natik.

I need to see commander Alpagut urgently.
Let him know, please.

Sure. We can also call Mighty
Lord over for you if you like.

Uncover your head. Let
us see your pretty face.


Apologies, sir.

Go back to your work.

What's the matter? Why
did you tell me to come.


-He's in danger.
-How? Where?

Kekavmenos will poison
him in the dinner.

The poison and the antidote are in
the locked cabinet in his room.

You need to take it from there.

-Or else, Alparslan...
-I will.

I don't know how, but I will.

Just... What will I say when
Kekavmenos asks why I have come?

You'll give him
such information...

...that he won't ask
why you have come...

...but why you
didn't come earlier.

It looks really delicious.

I said I would kill you
with my own hands,


Now it's...

...great for your
taste, Alparslan.

This meal is for Alparslan.

Be very careful.

-As you order, sir!

Until this meal is
served for Alparslan,

...don't go anywhere.

-As you order, sir.

-Attack, soldiers!
-Come on!


Come on, my soldiers!

Show no mercy for heathens!
Fight for Allah!

Sultan Tugrul.

-It's a setup.
-It seems Seddad hasn't spokens.

But it doesn't mean
he won't speak.

Kill Sultan.

Protect the Sultan!

Head heathen, take it off
and let me see who you are.

Take it off, inglorious!

Put that sword on my chest, not
on my back if you have courage.

Kill me then. Why are
you sparing my life?

Who are you?

Suleyman, where are you?


You got in my way
once more, Suleyman.


Suleyman! Suleyman!

Suleyman! Suleyman?



Thanks to Allah, you are alive.

Erbaskan, I'm fine.

Why didn't that heathen kill
me when he had a chance?

The head heathen sent his men over us and
found a chance to run away, my Sultan.

My Sultan, if you let us,

...we can go after them quickly.

The demon must have hidden
in his nest by now.

The demon in the dungeon...

...will give his life in the way
he deserves to make an example.

Start the preparations

Alparslan. Father, it's a huge lie
that Alparslan abandoned the dynasty.

Sultan Tugrul is
helping him secretly.

He will give Alparslan...

..thousands of arrows
and lots of horses.

Just like I guessed.

What do you think, father?
What's your plan?

Firstly, I thank you so much for
the valuable information... beautiful Maria.

Now it's time to prove...

...the collaboration...

...between Alparslan
and Sultan Tugrul.


Send a scouting unit to
the border instantly.

I must know about everything in
the sky and on the ground...

...between Vaspprpkan
and Seljuk State.

As you order, honorable Lord.

I'm especially placing five
men on the walls. Why?

To protect this place from there.
And what do you do?

What's the problem, Nestor.


If you leave your position...

If you have a problem
about my soldier, will tell me.

I think my warning
is good enough.

If you don't have anything else to say,
you can go back to the tribe, Maria.

I will know when I go there.

Hurry up, Maria!

You need to go back to
the tribe in no time!

Keep your eyes and
ears wide open, Maria.

Try to find other details...

...about this secret
game of theirs.

Brave commanders,

and ghazi alps!

May our conquest be mubarak!

Thanks to our Mighty Allah...

...who let us step in this
land after so many years.

Welcome, my father.

-But what if someone sees you?

When I got the great news,
I couldn't stop Akinay...

...or myself.

We set out by saying
Allan is enough tor us.

My lion-hearted...

...and wolf-skilled son. You can't
imagine how happy you made me.

May Allah give you
many more victories.

It's thanks to you, my Bey.

Batur Bey!

Cagri Bey!

The lion of the moorland!

I'm happy to see you
after long years.

Old wolf. You're still a wolf
even it you've got older.

Everyone in your
bloodline are wolts.

Our Alparslan Bey rises
his father's reputation.

How happy you must be!


..our Sultan

...sent the help you wanted.

But not to suspect the heathens,

...they will arrive
in small shipments.

If it becomes clear
Seljuk is helping you,

...our state will be
in a hard situation.

Artuk and the alps will take the help.
Don't worry.

Heathens will go empty-handed this
time too, with the help of Allah.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........


Stop it!

Esteemed Lord, he
started the fight.

-If you have a problem with my soldiers, talk to me
- Stop it!

Both of you!

My Allah, help me.
Please let it open.

Today I do not want any
disturbances here.

I will go to my room now.

But this is not over!


Go to your posts! Now!


I am so sorry.

I am just a little nervous.

- Alparslan... Alparslan?

What about Alparslan?

Sir, I am worried that
he might play a game.

He will come to the castle, after all.
And he is not alone.



Sir, it might be risky letting
Alparslan in the castle.

Think about it one more time.

Calm down, Alpagut. Alparslan
will not win this time.

I will win!

Come on, Alpagut.

Alparslan will go right into

...the trap!


...will never forget the
taste of the last food

...he will eat, Alpagut.

Yes, Alpagut.

Go and clean up.

We have important guest.

That devil is being
searched everywhere.

I will take his head and
give it to our Sultan.

You should've caught him when
you had the chance, Suleyman.

No your regrets are in vain.

Can I come in?

Come in, Emir Bozan.

Welcome, brother.

Thank you, Karaca.

Welcome. Is there
something wrong?

We heard that of the people in
black robes was caught

...and he will be
executed today.

We haven't had good news
like this for a while.

We would've had good news f Suleyman had
caught the leader of those rascals.

Why would my brother-in-law
had done, Karaca?

We searched every house in Gazne to
find those devils in black robes.

But they disappeared.

Every secret comes
to light, Bozan.

We will capture them, for sure.

For now, I wounded them.

When I catch them,

..I will take their lives.

What happened to
your hand, brother?

It happened while I was sword
training Shahzade Mesud.

It's not important.

Human is not the leader
of these cursed people.

Alparslan said so but we
did not listen to him.

We are humans, daughter.
We make mistakes.

Their leader will be
caught soon, inshaAllah.

InshaAllah, mother.


Alparslan made us happy with his
conquest news, thank Allah.

Thanks to Allah, my daughter.

People are rejoicing
in the tribe.

I wish we would see Alparslan's
marriage and be happy.

InshaAllah, sister.

I think Akca Hatun

...would be appropriate
for Alparslan.

Your father and I think so, too.

I asked her indirectly

...but she said she said there is
no place for him in her heart.

What would happen if
she loved my brother?

Who knows about her ancestors and where she comes
from? How can you take as my brother's wife?

A person carries marks of their
ancestors and where they come from.

It is obvious that an
honest mother raised her.

If they liked each other,

...we would marry them.

My companion.

The one who understands me.

My man. My husband.

I am finally here.

You were my love.

...and the man of the house.

Since you were gone,

...everything feels so heavy.

Not having found your son,

...your consignment,

...not knowing anything
about him breaks my heart.

I wish my mother would see

...what a brave man you became.

How you took the lands
we were exiled from

..back from the heathens.

She would kiss you on your neck.

You took it but

...the important question is

...we will guard it.

Don't worry, father.

With the help of Allah, the
flag Oguz family put here

...will remain here
until the apocalypse.

My father, should go to the tribe.

Anything can happen.

Alparslan, who put
great Seljuk in danger

...for one heathen village.

Let's see if they are
being taken to Alparslan,

like Goktug Bey said.

What is the woman doing here?

We will see now.

Alparslan Bey.

Where is the hostage?


You were expecting
someone else, I guess.

But be sure that you will not find
a more valuable hostage than me,

...Alparslan Bey.


You are our guest until we come back.
Goktug Bey.

Yes, my Bey.

Welcome out guest according
to our traditions.


Those rascals.

Didn't they find someone else to send?
They sent a woman.

Come on.

Let's follow them.

Why are they so few, my Bey?

It seems they don't intend
to attack, Kunduri.

They want to know...

...where the thing they wanted
from Alparslan is coming from.

Those heathens are
looking for a chance... turn Caliph
against Seljuks.

Those heathens...

...will be the guarantor
of our future, Kunduri.

One day, the hands protecting
this gate will be our gates,

...this castle will
be our castle...

...and the flag waving on these
walls will be our flag, my Atabey.

InshaAllah, we will see those days
and even better days, Alparslan Bey.

Welcome to our
castle, Alparslan.

This time, you are
here as my guest...

...not disguised as a
Byzantine soldier...

...or a captive.


It's weird, huh?

I'm grateful to Mighty Allah
who didn't give me...

...the same destiny with yours.

It's nice that we put
our swords down...

...and are meeting to have...

...a treaty.

The sword in the
hands of a Turk...

...never falls even
in his last breath.

When you sent a woman to our
headquarter as the hostage,

...I thought there were
no men left among you.

You're right, my Bey.

There are actually
no men left here.


We can go this way.

I brought ayran for you.


A great drink of us Turks.

Tell your Bey...

...I'm not here
to eat and drink.

He doesn't need
to send anything.

Did you think we were servants
because we were serving, hatun?

You're talking to a bey.

Pull yourself together.

You are also a bey, huh?

I didn't know there were other beys
apart from Alparslan around here.

Don't mind his
reputation is spreading.

Beys like me have
power on these lands.

While we were riding horses here, Alparslan
was sucking milk from his mother.

Is that so?

Sorry, my mistake.

What was your name?

They call me Goktug.

Goktug Bey.

Thank you, Goktug Bey.

-It's delicious.
-Enjoy it.

If you need anything,
just call my name out.

Obviously, you and I will
meet again, Goktug...


Head cook.

Let the service started.

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As I know you
frequently hunt it,

...I thought you would like it.

There are things we
more frequently hunt.

But they are not edible.


We're not here to
fill out stomachs.

Sure. But what's this haste?

We will talk.

My father always used to say...

"Decisions made with
an empty stomach...

...are either
incomplete or wrong."


Now that the spoons are out,

...we can start.



Do you have any other wishes?


Come on, guys!

No need.

That would set our
teeth on edge.


All the heathens should know...

The fate of these hellhounds...

...who attempt to do harm
to the state of Islam...

...and spread their false
beliefs among the people... dying under the
hooves of our horses!

For Allah!

For Allah!

What now, my Bey?

My Sultan, when Hadhrat
Caliph's letter arrived, asked... he knew about Alparslan Bey's
situation though you didn't let him know.

Is there any information
about this issue?

Although we don't have
concrete evidence,

...they say... was Yinal Bey who let Baghdad
Palace know this, my Sultan.

Are you alright, my Bey?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

It's too spicy, I guess.

Look at him, he only
took a few bites.

How sad.

These carnivorous Turks would
even eat us, if we let them.

If we are done with our dinner, is time to talk
about our agreement.

-Nice. First of all, my terms...
-We know about your terms.

We will talk about my terms.

First of all, the headquarters
is my land from now on.

You will recognize it.


...or Seljuk's?


Next one?

Turkish merchants

...will trade freely
in Vaspurakan.

In return, as many horses
and arrow as you want

...will be sent to Vaspurakan.

They will be delivered

...when the agreement is signed.

We have an agreement.

When we get Evdokya

...we will...

...sign the agreement
on your land, then,


I accept.


You said "These Turkish"
men would eat us

...if we let them.".

Don't worry,

...we are Muslims.

We do not eat pigs.

Who killed them, Artuk?

Obviously the blood they
spilled was not enough.

They took the
evidence with them.

I will go into our Sultan's
presence, Hace Dihistani.

Let's ask if our Sultan
would accept you his presence.

They are saying that Yinal Bey...

...gave this information to
Bagdat Palace, my Sultan.

My Sultan,

...Yinal Bey wants to
come into your presence.

He can come in.

Yinal Bey, our Sultan will
accept you in his presence.

You wait here.

Welcome, Yinal.

Thank you, my Sultan.

Tell me, Yinal,
what do you want?

What do you want?

Even if you don't tell us,

...we hear about it, anyway.

Winds coming from the
deserts tell us.

Does the wind tell you our words

...or slanders?

How can we know, if
you don't tell us, Sultan?

Some betrayals don't have
retaliations, Yinal.

You cannot even pay the
price with your life.

For example,

...if you were to betray me,
Muhammet Tugrul, the son of Miknail,

...I would say there
is retaliation.

We were

...fed by the s'ame
mother, after all.

I would say he is my brother

...even if he is
my half-brother.


Is there retaliation for the betraying
the religion and the state, Yinal?

No, brother.

As you said, whoever betrays the

...religion and the state...

...pays the price
with their head.

My Sultan, believing a slander

...and treating a Seljuk son someone

...who sells his religion
and state to the heathens

..hurts me, my Sultan.

Bring it.

I hope you enjoyed the dinner.

I would sat we should
do this more often,

...but I don't think
that would happen.

You are right. We will only meet
with you in the battlefield.

If you break your
promise, of course.

These are the heads of
the Byzantine soldiers

...who were watching the
horse and weapon caravan sent to
Alparslan, my Sultan.

By sending help to
Alparslan secretly,

...I stopped the
Byzantine Emperor

...from hearing that you are the party
that violated the agreement as Seljuk.

But only you are capable of
controlling if Might Khalif

..hears about this, my Sultan.

Yes I am capable, Yinal.

-I am.
- Brother.

May Allah make your life long,

...and your name mighty.

But we will not touch the throne

...that comes with
heathens' hands.

If we touch it and do
not cut our hand off,

...we will be despicable people.

Like you,

...don't I belong to
the Seljuk bloodline

...who took divine gift
of ruling from Afrasiab?

You ordered and for your cousin

...I killed the
heathens in Pasinler.

Now, do you think I betrayed state

...and my people, Sultan?

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My beautiful Evdokya.

How nice it is to see you again.

- Are you okay?
-I am okay, uncle.

They hosted me well.

You were right about the Turks.

We will sign the
agreement, then.

With pleasure.

My Bey!

My Bey! Are you okay?

My Bey!

My Bey?

My Bey!

Are you okay, Alparslan?

My Bey!

My Bey, what is wrong with you?

My Bey?

Come on, my bey.

What's going on here?

My Bey.

Come on, my Bey.

Come on.

Esteemed Lord?

Uncle! Are you okay?


Esteemed Lord?

- Are you okay?
- Uncle?


Help him! Uncle!


Take some of the poison
from the drawer.

He shouldn't notice
that you took it.

And take all of the antidote?.

And put water in it.

If you succeed, Alparslan will not
be the only one who is poisoned.

Come on, Alpagut!

They arrived. Could you take it?

The lands you were martyrised on are
now the lands of Turks, mother.

The cruel who shed your blobd?

...and who took me from
you will be dead soon.

May your soul find peace.

Help! Uncle., uncle...


Damn it..

The antidote... The antidote...

Uncle., uncle..

What is happening? What
is happening, uncle?


It's just water.

Uncle! Uncle!

Do you want this?

Dastard Kekavmenos will
invite you to dinner... the castle tomorrow
for an agreement...

..and he will demand horses and arrows
that you can not provide without help?

He will put poison in the
food and poison you...

...he will want the headquarters
back in return for the antidote?

Do not eat that meal...

...if I can not give the antidote to
you when you arrive in the castle.


You will either talk
about my conditions...

...or come together
with your son Yannis...

...Lord Kekavmenos.

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