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You meant to say this
in my dream, father?

Is this my fate?

Taking our revenge
from Alpagu Khan?

I did, father.

And he’s not dying
easily as you did.

He’s agonizing in the
presence of Erlik Khan.

Come with me.


Batuga Tegin, I couldn’t
ask during the ritual.

What happened to you?

You are asking as
if he could speak.

And we are making her marry him.

Pity on you.

If our Khan demands, your
father will approve, right?

Our Khan should recover first.

What both my father
and I care about... his health right now.

My Ulu Ece.

I’m exhausted and want to rest.
Do I have permission?

You said the poison will
kill him immediately.

Alpagu Khan is still
struggling for his life.

I don't know. The commander
said so, Kircicek Bike.

What happened then?

I poured it on his wound
just as Pars described.

I hope someone
didn’t clean it off.

Do you think my father
will survive...

...or die?

What do you think?

You want him to survive or die?

What kind of question is that? I
want him to survive, of course.


Do you really want him not to die
because you really love him?

Or are you afraid he will die and
Balamir will get the throne?

Balamir can't have the throne.
I won’t let that happen.

I got my answer.


I highly respect
and love father.


But if he dies,

...I need you by my side.

Balamir Yabgu is powerful.

He holds all the tribe beys.

I can't stand against
him on my own.

As Kam Hatun said,
I'm the mind of Gok.

You are the body of Gok.

If body and mind don’t cooperate,
Balamir Yabgu will crush us.

Kam Hatun.

She also said Batuga
is the soul of Gok.

But you don't need
a soul, right?

Don't worry. My sword
is with you, brother.

The body of Gok. The mind of Gok.
The soul of Gok.


She dared to call the disabled
boy of Dag the soul of Gok.

She must be confused.

She’ll stay in dungeon
and come to herself.


Batuga has the blood
of my father too.

He has both a soul and the
divine gift of ruling.

Actually, you don’t have it.
But he does.

Did you get grieved that Baksi Hatun
couldn't find anything of Gok inside you?

Is that why you mess
with us, uncle?

I'm not messing with.

I’m telling the truth.

Batuga is a pureblood Turk.

He's the only tegin who
carries the soul of Turks.

You think you carry it?

Kaya Tegin who got stained with
the milk of a Russian Vareg.

Or you?

Temur Tegin who is also the
grandson of a Russian...

...and seeded the field of...

...a Chinese woman.

If we had followed the
morals of our ancestors,

Batuga would be the only tegin who deserves
to be the Khan. But he's disabled!

You have minds.

You have bodies. But
you have no souls.

Batuga has no mind, no body.

But he has the soul.

Three of you can’t
be a single man!

Now he will say he
can even be a Khan.

What I'm saying...

If my kin Alpagu dies,

...the council will elect me.
You know that.

Well, you can have the mind,
the body and the soul of Gok.

I have the divine
gift of ruling!

He's the grief of Gok.





Oh, my Khan!

Thank you,
my Mighty Tengri!

Don’t touch.

The lord of the blue sky.

Only you can...

Danis Ata. You can
congratulate later.

What happened during my absence?

-You bled too much. You've just waken up...

Danis Ata.

What happened while
I was sleeping?

Tell me.

You will wait with the
prisoners down there.

Wait for what? What do
they do to the prisoners?

We just make those slaves work. Some
work in the field, some in the palace.

But we're not slaves yet.
We're just captives.

What if our Khan pays our bail?

The law is clear. If he pays enough, we
will send you all back to your tribe.

Move in.

Open the door.

Go in.

You're a captive of Gok Palace?

-Why are you crying?

I thought they beheaded you!

-You're alive! Alive!
-I am.

Why did that Gok man take you? What
did he do? Why are clothes ripped?

I shouted that we are not slaves. And
they tried to intimidate. That’s all.

Put this on. Or you
will feel cold.


Tutkun should give her vest.

You should stay naked. You
may learn your lesson then.

Tutkun wouldn't leave me naked.
She’s a good girl.

Speak while you are taking your vest off.
Why is the thief girl hanged on a post?

I don’t know. Is she?

Don't pretend as if
you didn’t know.

Gok men think the paw of the
two-headed wolf is that girl.

They think she hit Alpagu Khan.

How did that happen?

Hit him in the arm.

The arrow the head of Gok
shot grazed his arm.

When Gok attacked Dag, Colpan killed
her and threw her at their feet.

She protected you.
What else do you want?

I appreciate that.

I appreciate that, but...

She’s hanged on a
post instead of me.

Like she was sitting on
a throne in the tribe!

She was a thief. Colpan issued a
death warrant about her, anyway.

She tied her on a post.

You’re right.


But I don’t understand.

Why did Gok attack Dag?

How do they know it was someone
from Dag who shot Alpagu Khan?

I don't know. Maybe, you
gave yourself away.


Only one Gok man knew about me.

And he died before
he could speak.

How do they know the paw of the
two-headed wolf is from Dag?

What's going on? Why
are we captives here?

-Are you ready to be a captive?
-I would even die for Dag.

Being a captive doesn't
matter at all.

Enter the palace then.

Seduce Kaya and give
birth to his baby.

We can't defeat Gok in the battlefield, but
we can make them kneel before a woman.

How can I know?

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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Whatever. Thanks for the vest.

I will ask Colpan Khan when
we go back to our tribe.


-When we go back to our tribe?

We're going back to our tribe.

Yaman will have
recovered by then.

And we will have the wedding
before the next month.

We’re in the dungeon. How?

The warden said the law was clear.
When our Khan pays our bail,

...we’ll go back home.


How will our Khan find
enough to pay our bails?

Dag is in poverty.

We looted the dowry caravan.

And we gave it all
to Colpan Khan.

With that treasure, she can even
save all the slaves in these lands.

Our Colpan Khan will not make Dag girls
slaves to his arch enemy Gok Palace.

Is that a mouse?

My Temur Tagin.

What happened to your brother?

He is in the dungeon.

Head of the Gokmen
Kirac attacked him.

He was always messing
with that innocent.

No matter what happens, the punishment
for assaulting a tagin is death.

Did you take his head?

One of the prisoner girls
from Dag took his life.

He put that girl in the dungeon
because he wanted to take her honour.

A lot happened while
I was hunting.

No one will know that I woke up.

Why, my Khan?

Let’s see.

How far will my brother Balamir,
who took his army to the walls

...go while I am sleeping.

Will my sons unite for the state
while their father is dying,

...or will they turn into
each other for the throne?

Watch my sons and Balamir.

Gunseli, take him to the herbalist,
so that he will put ointment.

He is a tagin, after all. He
can't walk around like this.

The head of the Gokmens will die

...because he hit this disabled.

But we won't do anything to the collaborator whخ
rotects the looter that tried to take our Khan's life, that so, Temur?


Because he's the aunt
of this disabled?

Is this your commitment to your
khan who is in the death bed?

No, mother.

I didn’t go because I
was with my father.

Once he opens his eyes I
will raid that Dag tribe.

Let's not wait.

We hung the girl at the post but it’s not enough
Even it is a khan who committed a crime against us,

we need to show the public
that we will not let him live.

Colpan Agha did not know the
archer shot Alpagu Khan, my tagin.

I still raided her
tribe and wrecked it.

But she was innocent.

Raid the Dag tribe, anyway.

Take Colpan Hatun
and bring her here.

As you order, my tagin.

Will she be on a trial?

She will.

Tell her. The palace will decide
on a ransom for Dag prisoners.

If Colpan Hatun is innocent,

...she can pay the ransom
and take the Dag girls.

But if she is guilty,

...we will make the Dag prisoners
decorations for these walls,

...and hang Colpan Hatun
right in the middle.


The moorland is full
of traitors right now.

Don't go alone.

Take my loyal Gok
soldiers with you.

Kuzu Bey, you are the
commander of Gok soldiers.

Go with Saltuk.

There it is. Hit it.

It is getting away. Hit it.

Don't let it get away.
In the corner.


She caught it.

- Thank you, Akkiz.
- My friend caught it.

I hope you wedding
lasts for ever, Akkiz.

Stop. Gok Tengri will hear.

Do you think I
would get married?


Tutkun, don’t just
sit there, help us.

-I can't.
-I hope they eat your nose.

Gather up, Dag people. Dag Palace
will feed you, hungry people.

Gok Saray could not
feed the hungry mice.

Look at it, they eat us.

How will it feed Dag people?

Do you want me to tear you tongue
out and feed it to the mice?

Maybe then they will be fed.

The mice would be poisoned.

Look at her, the Dag
prisoner talk too much.

Do not talk.

Or your Khan who will come to pay
ransom will not find your tongues.

Is Colpan Hatun coming tomorrow?
Will we be saved tomorrow?

If she pays gold.

These filthy girls are not
worth gold, but we will see.

If our Khan is coming to get us,

feed these moldy bread
to your hungry mice.

I would make you beg
for that moldy bread, will be more
hungry than the mice.

Until you walk out of the
palace, you are at my mercy.

I would do thing worse than
killing you, if you don’t behave.

Do you understand?

Come, Yibek Kadin.
They are ungrateful.

I will make you a sherbet,
you will calm down.

Are you okay?

I am okay.

Tutkun from your tribe saved me.
How can I not be okay?

You don't like me.

Why did you give them gold?

There is a server called Calayi
He said Saltuk like gold.

See if we can buy him out.
Try him.

Everyone who will be loyal
to us at the palace.

Slowly. Do you understand?

Right. I did not like you.

But that was at Dag.

If were are at the
palace of the enemy,

...I have no friends
other than Dag people.

My opinion about you was wrong.

Thank you.

Come on. Eat.

I will find where the
mice are coming from.

You saved me from Yibet mouse. I
will save you from the small mice.

You are coming from here, huh?

Akkiz, what happened?

A mouse jumped on my face.

When the girls sleep, come here.

I will take the rocks out. Then we
will go to dig the end of the tunnel.

Maybe it will take couple
of months but at the end...

There is no need now.

Colpan Khan will pay our
ransom and take us tomorrow.

I know.

So you will go tomorrow.

But I feel bad for
you, Batuga Tagin.

I will go

...but you will stay here.

When will be healthy
enough to shoot an arrow?


Will you shoot an
arrow to Gok Palace?

I will shoot arrows non stop to
save the girls, if necessary.

The girls are at the palace.

Goks are coming!’

Goks are coming!’

Borte, you stay here.

Are you coming to wreck the
remaning tents, devil?

I was going to come to you.

Why are you so impatient?

The ones with me are Kayi's loyal soldiers.
Pretend to be my enemy.

Let me go, Gok dog!

Don't overdo it.

You will be on trial for the crime of
hiding the archer who shot Alpagu Khan.

If you are found guilty, will be shot in the head.

If you are innocent, you can pay the ransom fo
the prisoners and come back to your tribe.

Let me take some gold with me.


It is not safe. Don’t go in.

Gok soldiers!

I will not dig a
tunnel and run away.

I will not let Gok
people in Dag tribe.

Wait at the entrance
of the tribe.

What will we do?

- Bring the gold Aykiz stole.
- Will be take the girls back?

What if you are found guilty?

My Khan!

I will come with you.

- You are injured.
- Still.

I can't let you go alone.
It makes me uncomfortable.

Nothing will happen
to me, don’t worry.


Will you take the Dag girls
from the palace and go?

The girls will be fine.

Don't worry.

Come on.

Batuga Tegin. Are you there?


I’m here.

I just wanted to check if you are here.
Rats are gone.

I thought you might have
done something about that.

I placed cheese in the tunnels.

They must have piled on it.

This is your last night.

I wanted you to be comfortable.

It can be your last night too.


Come with us. To
your mother’s land.

Return to Dag where
you became a tegin.

I can't.

Didn't you get crushed under
these stone walls enough?

Why are you not coming?

Those stone walls will collapse over
my brothers when my father dies.

I need to protect them during
the fight for the throne.

Tell me about Dag.

Dag... the nearest place to
the stars in the world.

When it's night,

...the sky shatters
amber over Dag.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

It's even more beautiful
during the day.

However fast you ride a horse,

...there are no walls to crash.

Do you know how to ride a horse?

I don't.

I can't ride on my own.
They didn't teach me.

The last time I rode a horse, I
was with my father as a kid.

The day when I become an
orphan and you motherless.

The day when you gave
me this wooden sword.

I wish I had given you
something too that day.

You did.

How? What did I give?

My name.


Kun Ata had a vision that day.

The two-headed wolf will arrive.

And Turks will be united.

Gok Tengri will give the gift of ruling.
She will draw the golden bow...

...and shoot silver arrows.

The two-headed wolf
will unite Turks.

Then I thought about you and me.

Those little kids.

I thought...

If the swords of the khans
with the same blood...

...leave kids as orphans,

...I won’t be the
sword of any khans.

Kun Ata, tell him if you
see the two-headed wolf.

I won’t be the sword
of any khans.

I'll be the paw of
the two-headed wolf!

I thought...

Instead of being the
sword of a khan,

...I should be a paw
for those who have... hands to hold a sword.

Before you leave,

Before I stay alone again,

Show me.

...the paw for one last time.

Kircicek Bike, your
father is coming.

Make up an excuse.

Say you will take the rest
of Kircicek Bike's clothes.

Find the commander Pars.

Give this to him.

Don't you be caught.

What is this, father?

The number of Gok men protecting
the palace. And their positions.

To help them invade the palace
as soon as Alpagu Khah dies?

Get out.

My Ulu Ece.

My tegins.

Kaya Tegin, you told me to
follow Kircicek Bike's aide.

She has just left the palace.

-She's sending a message to Balamir's army.
-As we guessed. Let's go.

Being Alpagu Khan's slaves would be great!
This is a true feast!

Balamir Yabgu doesn't even allow us to drink
kimiz in the tribe. We have barrels of it here.

Is he dead


How come? The Chinese who gave the
poison said he would die in a few hours.

He's still agonizing.
He may die tonight.

Balamir Yabgu sent this.

The number of Gok soldiers protecting
the palace and their positions.

Well, didn't Kircicek
Bike send anything?

She did.

Tell Balamir Yabgu...

...when we get the news Alpagu Khan is
dead, the army will enter the palace.

Tell Kircicek we will
come together soon.

They will march to the palace
as soon as father dies.

The opium wine is working.

The mind of Gok!
The body of Gok!

The soul of Gok!

You can have them all.

I have the divine
gift of ruling!

What you will only have... the grave of Gok.

Strangle him.

Let him!


You are alive.

You are standing.

Right in front of me.


My Alpagu.

During my absence,

...are you strangling
my brother?

He's not a brother.
He's a bloody traitor.

He was going to invade the palace
and destroy us all when you died.

But I’m not dead.

Balamir won't die either.

If Balamir dies, the tribe
beys loyal to him will rebel.

Gok will scatter and
be broken into pieces.

Then China will attack us. They
will make use of our weak moment.

As long as we don't have a valid
reason, Balamir won't die.

He shouldn't.

You are alive now. I don't
care about Balamir.

Even if the whole world collapsed,
I wouldn't care about that either.

Let Kaya Tegin know.

I'll take these to the dungeon
and interrogate them.

Let’s go.

Is the second gallows for me?

I asked about the
second gallows.

Is it for me?

It's for you.

For your nerves.

Kaya is as good at battle of
psychological warfare as...

...Temur is in the battlefield.

Both of them are
great interrogators.

Especially when two
brothers come together, can even witness the
crimes you didn't commit.

What will we do if they find out
that thief girl is from our tribe?

We threw her at their
feet ourselves.

If they realize a Dag person
shot Alpagu Khan, we will die.

They don't need to realize. Even if they
suspect a little, that will be the end of Dag.

Temur won’t let any Dag
men live in the world.

He will first take the captives
and hang them on the walls.

Then he will throw
our heads to them.

Are you settling on the
throne of Ulu Gok Khan?

I'm not settling on the
throne of Mighty Gok Khan.

I have sat on it.

Until our Khan recovers or flies
to the heaven of Gok Tengri...

...and the council
elects the new khan,

...I’m the vice khan.

For your information.

Danis Ata. You... are both Ayguci
(Vizier) of Alpagu Khan...

..and his counselor.

Won’t you tell Kaya about this?

Our Khan wanted Kaya Tegin to
be the khan after himself.

The state can’t stay without a head
until the new khan is elected.

Kaya Tegin being the vice khan
is appropriate for the morals.

I know what is appropriate
and what is not....

...according to the morals.

What's written in
our nine holy laws?

If the morals speak, even
the khan keeps silent.

Keep silent, Yabgu!

When the khan dies, it’s
you who will keep silent.

I will make you silent.

Tayangu, tell them to
bring Colpan here.

Show your respect.

I have no respect
for Gok people...

...who damaged my honor by
putting me into a dungeon.

Bow your head down,

...or my brother
Temur will do it.

But if Temur does it, your
head will be on the ground.

Our traditions says that,

...if a crime is committed

...that your eyes did not see
and your ears did not hear,

...the suspect should be listened to fist
and the decision should be made later.

Now, tell us, Colpan Hatun.

Did you hire the
looter who shot the

..Ulu Gok, Khan of the Khans?

I like Alpahu Khan as much
as I like Erlik Khan.

He owes a life for every
life he took from Dag.

I will celebrate when he dies.

But I didn't hire the
girl who shot him.

That looter...

She was caught at Dag tribe.
What will you say?

saw a girl without anyone
and I gave her food.

I gave her a bed for her
to sleep one night.

If you hadn’t raided my tribe,
would have sent her at dawn.

I didn’t know that she
shot Alpagu Khan.

You gave her food, huh?
What food?

What food did you give her?


A piece of bread and kumis.

Did you host her in your tent?

- At the tribe square.
- In which tent was the food made?

I gave her food that was
made in my own tent.

Who served the girl?

Who gave her water and food?

Not you, of course.

You say you are a Khan.

Who served her?

The girls in my tent.

Fine then.

All the girls of your
tent are our prisoner.

We will ask them, too.

Let's see if they tell the
same things you said.

You fell into my
trap, Dag woman.

If the girls do not
tell the same things,

...we will cut your throat.

Bring the Dag prisoners.

Get up, everyone.
You’ll be questioned.


Do not look up, until
otherwise is said.

The looter who shot our Alpagu
Khan was from your tribe.

Is there right?

Look down.

It is not right.

Did you know that looter?

We did not. He was a
traveler who lost her way.

Don't you feed the guests
that end up in your tent?

We don’t.

If so, what did you
serve the archer girl?

Deer meat made in fire,


...and kumys.

Colpan Hatun said
you served chicken.

Who is lying?


What is a chicken or deer?

Chicken or deer?

She couldn't have said chicken.

All the tent girls
were serving together.

I took the deer meat
to the mansion.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

All the girls in the
tent are our prisoners.

Let's ask them, too.

Let's see if they tell the
same things you said.

You fell into my
trap now, Dag woman.

If the girls don't
tell the same things,

we will cut your throat.

Bring the Dag prisoners.

Oh! There is a string
on the mouse's neck.

Who did it?


They don't even let
mice have peace.

Don't come, I will beat you.

My Batuga Tagin.

Listen to me carefully,
they will question you.

If you say something wrong, they
will cut Colpan Khan's throat.

You don't know the archer
who shot my father.

She was a girl who lost her way.

She came to your tribe, you
Khan gave her food and a bed.

You served her deer meat,
some bread and some kumys.

The food was made in
Colpan Khan's tent.

You tent girls served her.
Do you understand me?

Com on. Go tell the other girls.

Gokmens are about to come.

Listen to me but don't
ask any questions.

Goks will question us. If we say something
wrong, they will cut our Khan's throat.

We don’t know the archer
who shot Alpagu Khan.

She was a lost girl who
came to our tribe.

Our Khan gave her
food and a bed.

Deer meat, a piece
of bread, and kumys.

The food was made
in our Khan's tent.

All the tent girls
served her together.

Come on, spread up.

Everyone, get up. You
will be questioned.

Colpan Hatun.

We judged you..

We found you innocent.

Bring them all.


Look down.

Who told you what we
should say at the trial?

Tell me.

Who helped us save our Khan?

Don't talk. Colpan Kahn
will pay and we'll go.

If you have been found guilty,

...I would’ve hung
your head right there.

I would have give the prisoners as
sacrifices to Erlik Khan for my khan.

But you were not found guilty.

Bring the horses. Turks
negotiate on horses.

Let the ransom negotiation
for the prisoners begin.

If we agree, you will
take your girls and go.

How much gold do you want?

Ten pieces for every prisoner.

I have no gold to give you!

Don’t you want your girls back?

I want my girls back, of course.

But I have a tribe that got destroyed two times and
is getting weaker day by day due to Gok people

You don’t allow us to enter
the land of Gok or Silkroad.

You don’t allow us to
sell our milk and goats.

This year, clouds
haven't drop rain.

The rivers have dried up.

Spikes haven't produced wheat.

My people are hungry.

I would rather feed Dag...

...than pay Gok with my gold.

Then leave, Colpan Hatun.

Your girls are the property
of Gok Palace now.



Why are you leaving to Gok?

What are you doing, hear? My
Khan has already bled too much.

You are taking the rest of
his blood with these horns.

It's not his fault, Danis Ata.
I ordered him to do so.

There is no other way
to get my fever down.

My Khan.

-Is my fever lower?

You are burning, my Khan

What happens if these horns
don't get my fever down?

If it keeps going up, will first
get unconscious...

-And then...
-I will die.

May Tengri protect you.

My Khan, get a good rest.

Your fever will go down.

No. It’s time to wake up.

My Khan, you can’t get up.

I already did.

Danis Ata.


Before I die,

....I need to make
Gok Khanate survive.

Listen up!

You will appear
before our Ulu Ece.

Now... The slaves who Ulu
Ece gives a grey belt...

...will be kitchen servants.

The ones who get a green belt
will be sent to the fields.

Don't you get a black belt by
rebelling or being cheeky.

Then you will go to the mines!

Whoever enters the mine
alive comes out dead!

Forgive me.

I'm curious about
the white belt.

The ones with the while belt
will be trained to be an aide.

Aide? The private servants
of the family of the khan?

Don’t be so enthusiastic.

Tegins and brides don’t
need any more aides.

No more are needed.

Get up now. Follow me.

Eyes on the ground!

Come on!

What should I do to be an aide?

I can’t help you this time.

I can't make you an aide even
if you give me a pouch of gold.

Whatever Ulu Ece says.

Heads down!

Which one is Kaya Tegin?

The one who looks like a human.

The handsome one.

Come on!

On your knees.

Eyes on the ground!

Stand up.

Open your mouth.

Get your head down.

-To the field.

Stand up.

Stand up.

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth!


Kitchen service.



Kitchen service.

My Ulu Ece.

If you were going to give an
aide to your bride as a gift,

...I would pick this girl.

Why? Don't you have an aide?

I have Hay, but...

In fact, she plays music well.

But she's lazy.

If only I had two aides.


Train her well. Then test her.

If we like her, she
will be your aide.

White belt.


Stand up.

Stand up.

Open your mouth.

I said open your mouth.
Don’t you hear?

My Ulu Ece will
check your teeth.

Am I a horse? Why is
she checking my teeth?

I was Princess Vera, the
daughter of Russian Knez.

I was a slave like you.

They picked me as a servant for this
palace by checking my teeth too.

A captive princess
opened her mouth!

So will you!

I don’t know about
captive princesses.

But nobody can make
me open my mouth!

Calayir! Soldiers,
open her mouth.

Open your mouth.

Black belt!

Take her to the mines.

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How could this disabled...

She is the girl who killed the head
soldier Kirac in the dungeon yesterday.

The one who saved Batuga's life.

It seems what's why Batuga
is attached to her.

He used to run away from
aides whenever we found one.

Now he's not leaving her hand.

This girl will be trained
as an aide for Batuga.

My brother is doing this
for the first time.

No, Temur. This
girl is rebellious.

Mother, I said she
will be trained.

We owe that girl a life.

White belt.

White belt!

How could he not die?

He survived the arrow on his heart. But
he was supposed to die with my poison

Who is protecting him?

Prepare the best
horses, camels...

..and sheep!

Pile up meat like a mountain!

Make a lake of kimiz!

Make stew in the cauldrons!

Sacrifice animals!

Set the slaves free!

Build a white tent
on the dark land!

May your shining
shadow reach the sky!

Roll out a thousand silk
carpets on the ground!

Take this away.

If a drop of blood falls on
it, my mother will be angry.

My sons.

You made me forget my fury.


I just remembered
it when I saw that.

A woman can’t shoot an arrow
against a khan on her own.


...there must be someone powerful
setting the bow behind her.

What do you think, Balamir?

Am I right?

Do you suspect that I
set the bow, my Khan?

I will tell you one thing.

Welcome to life.

We should go now.


People shouldn't
be uneasy anymore.

I will pray to Gok Tengri.

I hope he doesn't deprive our state
of the shadow of your sword.

Go alone, Balamir.

Your daughter Kircicek is
mu guest until the wedding.

And my bride after the wedding.

-Is Kircicek...

..a bride...

...or a hostage?

If you are on my
side, she’s a bride.

If you’re against me,
she’s a hostage.

If you are my blood,
she's a bride.

If you're my enemy,
she's a hostage.


Are you of my blood,

or my blood enemy?

Prepare my horse.

Take the prisoners away.

Come on, get up.

This way.

My Khan.

We will bring
Balamir Yabgu back.

Preparations for the engagement should
be done by the time we get back.

Right now?

Right at this moment?

Preparations. The engagement.

Take them out of here. I
will deal with them later.

Take them to the corner.

Prepare Alpagu Khan's horse.


We need wedding sherbet. I
will make them prepare it.

The ring. No rings yet. I
will prepare the rings.

Look at this.

Are you managing
your army like this?

Are you being a father to
your daughter like this?

You separated her from her love
and give her to a disabled.


Do not be mad at the commander.

No one can say no to our kumys.

Imprison him.

Are you responsible for this?

We will prepare tents for your alps here. You and
your cousin will be welcome in the Gok army.

Set the table for the soldiers.
Hand out kumys.

No soldier of Balamir Yabgu will
be sober enough to hold a sword.

He will want to occupy the city.

We wanted to host
them well, Uncle.

Do you not like that they are
in no condition to hold swords?

As soon as my father dies,
they will go to the palace.

Do you think they
are drunk enough?

I put some hashish
syrup in their kumys.

They will all be
sleeping soundly.

Now, go back to the palace.

Give your daughter to us as a bride and
kneel before Alpagu Khan, Balamir Yabgu.

Otherwise, you will be hung next
to that looter as a traitor the Khan you gave your
daughter as a bride to.

Your daughter Kircicek will be
my guesl until thw wedding.

After the wedding, she
will be my bride.

Did you hit your hand?

What happened to you
when I was gone?

I thought you were
screaming out of anger,

...not pain.

But you lack anger, too.
Isn't that right?

Come, my son.


Since I put a bow
string on your neck,

...I have never
seen you get angry.

You did not get angry with me
because I tried to kill you.

You won’t get angry with me
because I am marrying you, right?

You mother is angry.

I saw it in my dream.

She did not let
me in the heaven, I ended up in the world.

I did not tell anyone
that I woke up.

I kept it a secret so that I could see
what my and your brothers will do.

I saw that your brothers

...are smarter than mine.

They overcame my
brother Balamir.

But my brother
Balamir is stubborn.

He will not stop if we do not
take his daughter as hostage.

That is why,

...we will put these ring in
your and Kircicek's finger.

Do not think these are rings.

These are chains.

We are at peace with China
because their daughter

...are chained to my son Temur.

Russians do not rebel

..because their princess
is chained to my finger.

Balamir will behave, too.

Because her daughter will
be chained to your finger.

In the garden, there was a
prisoner girl next to you.

She looked at me with anger.


Because she is a
prisoner to herself.

She thinks we are free.

But she will be freed
from her chains one day.


We won't be free until we die.

Come on. Let's go and
put chains on you.

My Khan, you cannot even stand up.
Why would you ride a horse?

I need to welcome
Balamir on a horse.

We will negotiate
and engage them.

Balamir, my brother.

Make my son and the
bride ride horses.

What do you want as bride
price for your daughter?

Whatever you deem
appropriate, my Khan.

50 thousand sheep and 10 thousand
horses will be given, too.

Will you give your
daughter Kircicek my son Batuga?

Yes, my Khan.

I will take her.




Wedding sherbet will be drunk.

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Rings will be worn.

May the celebrations
be entertaining.

May your bloodline continue.

Let the engagement
celebration begin.

We will celebrate for forty
days and forty nights.

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