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May Erlik Han take you.

Do you know what this is for?

It is for Tilsim...

...whose heart you stabbed.

Batuga, who you left
without a mother.

Akkiz, you you left

..without a father.

If you stab him, will have
to kill me, too.

What did you do? Don't
leave even one.

We are catching
them, my Ulu Ece.

Why are you looking at
me like that, Temur?

Ulu Ece wants to
take her for Kaya.

As his second wife.

Later, mother.


Get them all. Do not
leave even one.

I'll check my father's room.

Do you think Akkiz succeeded killing Alpagu Khan?
- Quiet.

Someone might hear you.

There is no one around.

Anything can happen.
Be quiet. Come on.

Kircicek Hatun.

Kircicek Hatun.

Dag girls will kill Alpagu Khan.


I sent my aide after the Dag girls,
thinking that it could be useful.

She heard something last night.

What did she hear?

Batuga'a aide.

She might have killed
Alpagu Khan last night.


Are you looking for me?


...I stopped you from
killing my father twice.

I'll stop you for a third time.
- What will you do?

Will you complain
to your father?

If necessary, yes.

I will accept even
dying, I will say to him

"Your son who you think
is disabled is sane

...and the girl you think
is a slave is the paw.".

Then I will have to take
your life first, Gok tagin.

I think so, too. Come on.

Do it.

I was going to take your
revenge, not your life.

Two halfs of the cruel destiny,
those two kids never forgot.

...I was going to take revenge
from Gok, for the both of us.

Where is that boy who was left without a
parent on the same day, just like me?

Who are you?

I will show you...

..who I am.



was the son of the Khan,
who grabbed a wooden sword

...with a bow
string on his neck.

On that night,

..I looked for my father

...but I found the Khan.

The Khan said to me,

There is one person who drank
Dag milk in my palace."

"And that is you.".

I did not beg the Khan.

I begged my father.

Neither the Khan heard me,

...nor my father.

So I grabbed a wooden sword

...and took out the
bow string myself.

That little boy...

Did he give up on his mind
right at that moment?

The bow string was that
little boy's mind.

Gok Palace, I hope
you fall to pieces!

Gok Palace, I hope
you fall to pieces!

They will hear you.

Why don't you let me kill him?

Why don't you let me

...tear this Gok Palace down?

I want to avenge those two little kids.
- Because if Gok Palace falls,

...Gok will fall, too.

When my father dies, there
will be a war for the throne.

Balamir will take the throne
in the general assembly.

But Russian Valek princess Ulu
Ece will not let this happen.

She will ruin Ulu Kaya and Balamir's
relationship. A war will start.

When the war breaks out, my
country will be divided.

Temur's Chinese emperor
father in law will come,

...and occupy the
weakened country.

The Palace is already occupied.

I will not let my country
be occupied, too.

Do you think I don't know.. to take our revenge?

But just to take two
orphans revenge,

...I will not let Gok fall.

Why don't you?

Let the Gok fall.
Why do you care?

Let it fall. Gok, who put a bow
string on your neck should fall.

Let it fall.

-I can't.
- Why not?

Why don't you let it fall?

Because there is a khan in me.

If Batuga was sane, he
would be the new Khan.

He is not only Gok's son,

...he is Dag's son, too.
He would make a good Khan.

Two-headed wolf will arrive.

He will unite Turks.

Gok Tengri will give him the divine gift
of ruling. He will draw the golden bow,

...he will shoot
the silver arrow.

May the wolf be your guide,
may the throne be your tent,

...and may the horizon
be your limit, Akkiz.


Do not be afraid.

You are the one who will win.

This is what I saw in my dream.

The baby...

He is our future country.

Gok and Dag

...were brothers.

Now brother tribes are fighting.

Brothers' blood is spilled.

The moorland need peace.

The Turks need to unite.

Erlik needs to unite
the homelands.

Two-headed wolf will arrive.

He will unite the Turk.

You are the son of Dag and Gok.

One head of the
two-headed wolf is Dag.

The other head is Gok.

You are the one who
will unite Dag and Gok.

You are the one who will
draw the golden string

...and shoot the silver arrow.

If you see the two-headed
wolf, tell him that

I will never the sword
of any Khanate.

I will be the paw of
the two-headed wolf.

You are the two-headed...


You are the wolf who Gok Tengri
gave the divine power of power.

You are the khan...

...whose paw...

...I swore to...


Tell me.

Tell me.

The injury on your shoulder... not getting better.

Crush pomegranate peel,
mix it with bee oil,

...two pinches of
kusi, a fish gall,

...and some dovetail soil.

My Ulu Eve told me not
to let anyone in.

I need to see my Khan.

You are alive.

Why wouldn't I be, Balamir?

Someone wants to kill you.

What does that mean, Balamir?

Who wants to kill my Khan?

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Get up.

Where? To mop floors?

Yes, blood will spill.

Maybe you will mop it,
maybe you will bleed.

You are the two-headed...


You are the khan...

...whose paw...

...I swore to be.


What are you doing here?

What is going on over there?

Get up, the paw.

Get up.

Now that I've found you,

...I can't die.

Gok soldiers!

What's going on here?

Someone wants to kill you.

My spy heard that.

Before we blame
someone, let me...

...find evidence.


I've heard he fought you.

I wanted to fight too.

You're good, Dag girl.

I thought you would kill me.

What if I harmed you with panic?

I already harmed a Tegin. I'd
also have harmed a Yabgu then.

Are you afraid of...

...harming a mighty person?

While you struggle
for your life, don't care
about mighty people.

When you want to have fun
with a slave next time,

...keep this in your
mind, my Yabgu.

Your aide... quite a warrior.

And she... very beautiful.

You knew he would
have fun with me.

That's why you said there
was blood on the ground.

He called you over.

I thought you did something
wrong and would be punished.

How could I know Yabgu
wanted a morning training?

Come on. This barn
should be cleaned.

How could she resist me?

How could she fight me?

There is vengeance
fire in her eyes.

I always recognize that fire.

Your spy is telling the truth.

Why didn't you kill her when?
you heard she was a warrior?

So you could have also
gained Alpagu Khan's trust.

If I had killed her,

...Colpan would have run away.

Who knows how many they
are in the palace.

I'll bring Colpan and
interrogate her here.

I will crush both the
head and the tail...

...of the snake
at the same time.

My brother...

...will learn to trust me.

He will see that.. fight isn't against
him, but his Tagins.

Are you alright?

What are you doing?

I'm kneeling before the
two-headed wolf and...


If I were the two-headed wolf,

...I'd have protected
you from Balamir.

But I could do nothing
but watching.

You did.

The moment I thought
everything was over,

...I saw you.

I saw the two-headed wolf.

And you told me not to
give up, but to fight.

-Akkiz, listen.
-You listen, Batuga Tagin.

You said you had a
Khan inside you.

That's right.

You are the khan who
will unite Turks.

Gok Tengri has given you
the divine gift of ruling.

He gave me a mind, but
no physical gifts.

He gave me a gift inside,
but forgot about my body.

The divine gift of ruling
lies in blood and soul.

Whoever has the gift in his
soul becomes the khan.

-That’s the morals.
-What soul? What morals?

Turks don't let even a man lacking
a finger become the khan.

I have no hands or feet.

You have the paw.

Why are you kneeling? He has
no mind to understand that.

Speak fast. Why did
Balamir Yabgu attack you?

There are rats in the palace.
Did you do that?

You couldn't kill Alpagu Khan?

I think she's hiding
things again.

I'm going to Dag
Tribe, warrior girl.

Do you have anything to say?

My Yabgu.

Why are you going to Dag Tribe?

I will invite...

...Colpan Hatun to her
nephew's engagement ceremony.

I hope she brings dowry.

Goks are coming!

-Our Khan isn't here.
-Where is she?

I'm here!

I wonder when your Ulu Ece
will come to raid my tribe.

Balamir Yabgu, she
may even do that.

Tell me.

What do you want?

We will go to Gok Palace.

We will talk there.

I have nothing to tell Goks.

Won't you talk about
Akkiz either?

What do you want to talk about a girl
you made a slave for Gok Palace?

Her attempt to kill Alpagu Khan.

There our aide who smells
like a horse comes!

Where have you been?

We need to build a ritual fire.

Come on, we need
to build a fire.

Oh no, my foot slipped.

Collect those woods.

Your daughter scattered them.

She should collect them.

I can pour melted iron
into your mouth... you can't twist
your tongue again.

Collect them!

-Alright, I will do that.
-You stop.

She will do it.

I think you want to
go to the dungeon.

Dungeon is like heaven for me.

You and daughter aren't there.

Alpagu Khan is coming!

There is no need for
such a ritual, hatun.

It's needed, my Khan.

Terrible things happened.

Your arm isn't recovering.

Balamir says someone
wants to kill you.

May Tengri protect you.

We should make an offering.


I've already sent Kaya and Temur to
release horses for a bloodless offering.

Alright then.

You should pray
for Gok Tengri... give you a son, Gunseli.

O Gok Tengri, the owner
of the blue sky!

Hear Ulu Ece of Ulu Gok Khan who
is the one ruler of the world!

We scattered wheat
on the ground... may there be peace!

We pour kimiz on the ground so
there shall be no blood shed.

We release horses so you
shall give us great news.

My Tengri, who protects the
blue sky and the world...

...and the wise water!

Send our enemies to Erlik Khan!

Wash our kin with his own blood.

Our Kham..


Who is it from, my Khan?

It's from Balamir. He says
their horses are tired...

...and he will be in
Gok Palace tomorrow...

...and he's bringing a suspect.

Who wants to kill you?

I don't know.


The news that came from
your Dag Khan grandfather.

He told you to run away and you and
your mother escaped, remember?

Did everything start with the
news that came with the pigeon?

-Are you sure?

Was is the pigeon that
brought the news?


It brought this note.
It was a white pigeon.

Dag people never use pigeons.

There are too many wild
birds and they eat pigeons.

We use falcons.

-It means?
-The news didn't come from Dag.

Someone wanted your mother to run
away from the palace like a suspect.

Someone from Gok
Palace did that.

My grandfather wasn't a traitor.

Someone from Gok
Palace set him up.

Who can that be?

I don't know.

Your father sent my father a note
and he said his wife was a traitor.

He sent another note to my mother and
said someone was going to kill her.

Then we should find the note
that was sent to your father.

Where is it?

My Mighty Khan, there
is a traitor...

...among us.


Am I the traitor?

Or is it you?

Which one of us
betrayed the love?

You betrayed me.

You gave my secret to
my enemy, your father.

And he gave this
note to the Chinese.

He drew us into a trap.


Are you alright?

Akkiz, are you alright?

-Quiet. He'll wake up.
-He won't.

They made him drink sherbet
to lower his fever.

That's why he is sleeping.

Where is the note?

He carries it in the chest of his armor.
We need to take it off.

May where you arrive be grass,

May the world be yours,

May you have a
wedding in spring,

You shall have one
boy and a girl.

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline.

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline.

-Yes, son?

It's said you and mother
were enemies before.

Is that true?

Temur says so.

That was before.

I defeated your father.

He said I shouldn't kill someone who asks
for forgiveness and I spared his life.

Who asked for forgiveness?

I never ask for
forgiveness from anyone.

Enemy girl.

Father, did you never suspect that my mother
could cut your head off while sleeping?


-Because if you suspect someone.
-If you suspect someone, won't love them.

-If you love someone,
-If you love someone,

...don't suspect them.

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline.

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline.



My son.

Are you waiting beside me?

Your mother keeps showing
up in my dreams.

She never leaves.

She sings lullabies for me...

...just like she sang for you.

I made her sing lullabies.

She told me about that.

And a sword into her heart.

You think your
mother will leave...

...if my fever goes down?

This makes me feel asleep.

I'm afraid she will show
up in my dreams again.

But if she doesn't,
I will miss her.

I miss her so much.

My son.

If you love an enemy girl,

..don't love her.

If you love an enemy girl,

..don't love her.

Don't love.

Let's go.

Akkiz, what just
happened to you?


-Let's see the note.
-What happened, Akkiz?


When I see your father, heart beats too fast.

I feel dizzy and tremble.

I get scared like a deer
that has seen a lion!

Is that alright?

Did I embarrass myself?


You can't ugh to a tagin.

Should I also kneel
before Gok Tagin?

When you see him, you remember he
killed your father?

How do you know that?

Because I also remember
he killed my mother.

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Come on, let's see the note.

As my daughter Tilsim Hatun...

...heard from her Gok
Khan husband and told me,

...on the first day of the
month, at dawn, Alpagu Khan...

...with his one and a
half thousand soldiers,

...he will leave the Gok land.

When he reaches the
Chinese border,

...they will pass through the
marked valley in the map.

His brother Balamir Bey,

...the chief commander Saltuk
and Major Vargi Bey...

..will be in the army.

Mighty chief commander, I
have a request from you.

Don't let any of them live.

Your good friend...

...Toygar Khan the Dag Khan.

Your father read
this and chased us.

He caught us and hurt my mother.

That devil who set this trap...

...and who wrote this...

...knows your father well.

He must be someone close to him.

Might she be Ulu Ece?

Ulu Ece hates my mother and me.

But it says don't
let anyone survive.

Ulu Ece wouldn't hurt my father.

Does she love your father?


It’s like a blind love.


It's me.

If I die and be with Tilsim..

- I'd feel embarrassed...
- You won't die.

You won't die.

If you die...

I swear, I'll kill myself.

I will lie in your kurgan.

You won't die.

I feel embarrassed.

I feel embarrassed.

Ulu Ece..

It can't be Saltuk.

It can't be Balamir Beg.

Whoever he is, he can't
be Vargi Beg either.

Because it says kill
them all in the letter.

That guy who tags alongs
with your father...

- - Danis Ata.

It can't be him.

He is loyal to my father.

Most importantly, he is
loyal to traditions.

He wouldn't hurt Kutlug Khan.

Then who is this person?
-I don't know.

We got nothing but two letters.

Finding him may take years.

We may never find them.

During that time...

...will you stay in the palace of that guy
who turned you into an orphan, Akkiz?

Poor thing.

Are you sorry for me, Batuga?

- No but...
- Have I ever felt sorry for you?

Batuga Tagin?



I may be miserable.

Maybe everyone feels
sorry for me but...

- You have never...
- You are not miserable.

No one needs a hand or leg.

You have a heart...

...that no one else has.

I'm not only talking about wit.

Your wit tricked all of the
palace when you were young.

You have such a heart that.. buried your anger
and vengeance in it.

For your people, even stood against me.

You protected your Khan.

If you have survived in
this damned palace...

...without losing your
honor, purity and mind...

..holding onto that heart..

..I can survive too.

I have a small heart
to hold onto too.

Don't you say small.

I'll get angry.

Let's not make you angry.

Well, how will we
follow the person

who set this trap, big heart?


...introduce me to your father.


Like you said.

We got nothing but two letters.

Someone got to ask questions.

Alpagu Khan will ask
those questions.

He must doubt Tilsim
Hatun's innocence.

Since you can't talk...

I'll be the one.

You're out of your mind.

Akkiz, you said it yourself.

You said "I'll be like a deer who
saw a lion when I saw your father.

You'll get sick again.

Then, I'll tell the
wolf inside me to... the deer,

and to howl against the lion.

Fine. How am I gonna introduce

a slave in his palace

to my father, great
Ulu Gok Khan?

- Answer that too.
- No.

You'll answer.

You're showing off
your intelligence.

Use that now, Gok Tegin.

I found out how to introduce
you to my father.

Where is Batuga?

Who knows?

He wanders off as he
please, you know him.

Come, son.

Please, start.

May where you arrive be grass

May the world be yours

May you have a wedding in spring

May you have healthy
sons and daughters

Who is singing?

I asked you who is singing.

Get the girl.

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline.

Stop mopping.

Come with me.


Which tribe do you come from?

I asked you which
tribe you are from.

Dag Tribe.

How do you know this lullaby?

I learned it when I was little.

From Tilsim Hatun.

No slave can meet the Khan.

My father does not know
any of their names.

He does not even
look at their faces.

But if you sing the lullaby of
the woman he sees in his dreams,

..he will meet you.

Do not sing this Dag lullaby the Gok Palace again.

Is Gok Palace forbidding
our lullaby, too?

Gokmens. Take this Dag
girl to the dungeon.

My Khan father. We obey you.

But forgive this
girl for this time.

My father will get
angry with him.

He should try to put
you in the dungeon.

So that

...Temur will say that
we owe our lives to you.

- We owe our lives to this girl.
- Not anymore.

I was going to put her in the
dungeon for her rebellion, stopped it. She
has gone too far.

Ulu Ece let it once.

She will not let it happen one more time.
Ulu Ece will not give permission.

Alpagu Khan will.

Why do you owe
your lives to her?

This girl saved Batuga's
life, my Khan father.

- How?
Commander Kirac attacked Batuga.

...attacked Batuga.

When he drew his sword and
was about to kill Batuga,

...this girl saved
Batuga's life.

How can my Gokmen
commander attack my son?

What is your name?


Thank you, Akkiz.

I forgive you.

Consider our debt, paid.

Do not make one more mistake.

Are you okay?

How can I not be?

I stood before Alpagu Khan.

I met him.

You did it. You caught
my father's attention.

Thanks to you.

How did you know what
they all would do?

When someone speaks, they
listen to themselves.

When they are quiet,
they listen to everyone.

So you were quite all these
years and got to know everyone.

Tell me.

Did you get to know me, too?

What will I do now?

First I need to listen.

You want to show the
note to Colpan Khan.

Only he can read my
grandfather's writing.

His real seal is on it.

You know me, Gok Tagin.

I was going to do that.

But how will I meet Colpan Khan?

I cannot get out of the palace
without digging a tunnel?

Open the door.

What is going on?

- Catch that Dag girl.
- Let go of me.

Get the other Dag girls, too.

Isn't this the girl
who saved Batuga?

This is the girl who
is trying to kill you.

Colpan Hatun

...put these girls in the
palace for them to kill you.

She is trying to take
revenge for Dag.

I did no such thing.

- You imprisoned the girls.
- You did not pay their ransom

...and left them here.

You exiled Dag, left Dag hungry.

How was I supposed to get the
gold for the girls' ransom?

My Khan, I tested this girl.

She fights like a warrior.

Golpan Hatun trained her well.
She tried to kill you.

She tried to kill out Khan. But
you did not succeed, did you?

I if I tried to kill him,
I would succeed, Yabgu.

Did I not defeat you
without a sword?

So you're not Colpan
Hatun's sword?

Didn't she order you to kill me?

She did not.

If she did, what would you do?

I would not take a Khan's life just
because another Khan wants me to.


Because the swords Khans
sharpen, cut soldiers.

I am no Khan's sword.

Are you angry at your Khan
because she left you here?

Or are you committed to
her and playing a game?

I am neither angry,
nor playing a game.

I am just a girl who
is left by her mother.

Before we all start crying,

...we have a witness...

...who heard she was going
to try to kill you.

She heard these two talk.


Can you please get our witness?

You poisoned Alpagu Khan.

When the stone of
your ring dropped.

His wound is getting worse
because of your poison.

Tell your aide...

If she doesn't keep silent,
you will lose your head too.

Speak now.

You heard that she tried to kill me.
Is that true?

It's not true.

Don't lie or I will
choke you to death!

I don't know anything, my Yabgu.

You do!

You said you heard that Akkiz
would kill Alpagu Khan!

You said her friends
told you that.

That's why I attacked the girl!


The day you attacked
me, I was punished.

How could I attempt to
kill Alpagu Khan...

...while I was locked and there
were guards at the door?

Didn't you punish me?

I did.

In the morning, Calayir
took me out in the garden.

And then Balamir Yabgu
attacked me with his sword.

How could I try to kill you...

...while I was
locked in, my Khan?


What do you say about that?

She seems to be innocent.

I will...

...take this liar's
life myself, my Khan.

Take her.

You blamed a Khan with
the words of an aide?

And you want to be a khan..

...and send gifts to tribes.

I'm glad I didn't accept them.

Your Khan... a khan...

...who believed a note and
killed his wife, though!

Why are we even surprised?

This makes two, Alpagu Khan.

I was taken from my tribe like an
offender and got acquitted twice.

I'm staying away from you.
So stay away from me!


My nephew.

You've grown up so much.

Everybody get back to work.

My sons.

You go to the arrow conquest.

Come on.

I'm asking for permission
to speak, my Khan.

You blamed me unjustly.

You judged me.

You stained my honor.

I wonder what your morals
command about this.

It says we have a debt of honor.

Make a choice. How do you
want us to pay our debt?

I want to compete in
the arrow conquest.

Test me.

If I win, I will
have the honor... shoot arrows
in your presence.


Balamir Yabgu is
going to kill me.

You will protect me, right?

You promised you'd protect me.

Sure, I will. I will tell
my father the truth.

I'll say I tried to
poison Alpagu Khan...

...and someone found this
out and threatened me.

But when he hears that you poisoned
Alpagu Khan and got threatened,

...your father will
be angry with you.

Don't worry about me.
You got scared.

Drink this and calm down.

Who hired you? Who
made you tell lies?

Kaya? Temur? Speak!

Speak! Who?


-She died of fear?
-I don't know.

Or they poisoned her... stop her from speaking.


Who? How?

I don't know.

They set me up.

I got disgraced.

But this is the last.

This is the last.

Whether my brother Alpagu...

...lives or dies,

...I'll be the khan
of this palace.

I will take shower with the
blood of those tagins.

Get her taken away.

Sorry for poisoning you.

If my father knew I poisoned
Alpagu Khan and got threatened,

...he would never forgive me.

Who do you think threatened me?

Move this one too. Over there.

A little left.


I'll go let Ulu Ece know.

You learned shooting arrows
from Tilsim Hatun too.

The more backwards you draw, the
more upwards the arrow goes.

If life draws you back too,

...think about the arrow.

Don't lose your hope and aim.

I learned it from my father.

Is your father in Dag? Where?

He's dead.

My Khan.

Why are you alone with a
Dag girl holding a bow?

Don't worry, hatun.

If she's not loyal to her Khan
who left her captive to us,

...she won't shoot me.

If she's loyal,

...she won't shoot me for the sake
of lives of her people and Khan.


I don't want to shoot my Khan,

...but to compete for him.

Alright then. Show your skills.

Not to be unjust against
other archers to compete,

...shoot my ring if
you're skillful.


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She shot the ring.

May your hand be healthy.

You can join the contest.

Well done, Akkiz.

If this girl joins the contest,

...I will...

...hang you beside this looter called
the paw of the two-headed wolf.

Our Mighty Gok Khan
Alpagu Khan... holding an engagement..

...for his son Batuga
and his niece Kircicek.

The ceremony starts
with the calabash game.

Just like our ancestor Oghuz
Khan did, our Khan... a 40-arm-length post
planted in the field...

...and got a golden
calabash put on it.

The eagle, the sign
of Gok Khanate,

...will be inside the
golden calabash.

Our Yabgu and Tagins will choose
the archers who deserve... join the calabash
competition and shoot arrows...

...before our Khan.

The first shot.. Temur Tagin's.



There are only Akkiz and Yaman
who are still in the game.

Whoever wins...

...will have a right to wish
something from our Khan.

If I win, I want Sirma, my Khan!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes!

Say yes if he manages to win.

Whoever makes a closer
shot to this hole...


If you win, I'll tear
you apart, Akkiz.


This is just the beginning.

Did you think it is easy
to marry one of us?


Look, I'll be an arrow
and I'll rain on you.

I'll marry this girl.


Do it again, mother.

Here, you should try.

One hand is enough, son.

Do it with your good hand.

Come on, take this.

Come on.

What good does a bow do
to me If I can't draw it?

Balamir Yabgu, welcome.

Kircicek Hatun, welcome.

Come, hatuns, welcome.

Tigins, welcome.


You must be tired.

I can dismount myself, thanks.

Help me.

Other side.

I won't step on your hand.

Hold the stirrup.

Take her to the herbalist.

We'll join you later.

I think Temur will scold
-my sister in law.

- Bei Jin, your foot...
- What will you do?

Will you break it?

I won't hurt a woman.

But if you step on somewhere
you don't deserve...

You'll go back to
your father's house.

If you look somewhere
you don't deserve...

I can step on it too.


Your father won't let me go,

nor my father will take me.

This is a matter of state.

An arranged marriage.

It's not up to you or me.

Damn you...

...and your deal, and marriage.

Are you sure this will work?

If Ulu Khan drinks
this, he won’t dream.

If he doesn't dream,

he won't see Tilsim
Hatun either.

Don't mention her name.

Leave. Leave!

What is happening, Temur?

Why did you barge in?

Are you taking that
girl called Tutkun a second wife for Kaya?

May I will, maybe I won't.

Why do you care about
this girl, Temur?

Do I care about her?

I care about Gunseli Hatun.

She is devastating because
she can't have children.

Did you think about
what she will feel

...when you take that
girl as a second wife.

Gunseli will be fine.

She'll cry for three days and she'll
get used to it on the fourth day.

Did you get used to it, mother?

When my father
took that Dag dirt his second wife,
did you get used to it?

Do not cross the line, Temur.

You couldn't get
used to it, mother.

You could not. You were
devastated when Batuga was born.

No you will make Gunseli go
through the same things.

You will take a Dag girl as a
second wife to the palace again.

She is not a Dag girl.

She is not a woman like
that Tilsim traitor.

That girl is the
property of Gok.

She has a Gok stamp on her neck.

I will take that girl to Kaya,

...I will make her
carry his child,

..shoot her on her neck.

I will raise the baby

...with Gok milk

...and put the baby to
sleep on Gunseli's arms.

-Shoot her on her neck, huh?
-Yes. What am I supposed to do, Temur?

Should I watch you fall
in love with that girl?

- Mother...
- Temur!

I gave birth to you.

I nursed you three springs.

I can tell what you think
about when I look at your eyes.

You are in love
with that Dag girl.

If I don't take her for Kaya,
you will have her. I know.

If you know, mother,

...if you know,

...why don't you take
that girl for me?

Why do you take her
for Kaya, and not me?

I don't have children, either.

I understand, mother. You do not
deem the Khanate worthy of me.

But don't you deem a Dag
girl worthy for me, either?

This shouldn't have
gone this far, mother.

- Not this far.
- Temur.

This is why you can't be a Khan.

Because you don't
know what I'm doing.

You do not understand.

This is what your father was
talking about when he said

"Countries are taken with swords
and kept with information."

If you take that girl,

do you think Mei Jin would
be quite like Gunseli?

Chinese Emperor would
break the peace.

Your father is not okay.

Balamir took his sword our,

...gathered his army
and waiting in ambush.

If we ruin our relationship
with China, too,

...even your support will not be
enough to save the Gok Khanate.

I swore to give...

...even my life
for this country!

I will break your heart

...without any
hesitation, my son.

Don't ever forget this.

I was looking for you.

Are you okay?

Herbalist said that
it was broken.

Is it broken?


If you flirt with this blonde man,
I will tell on you to Colpan Khan.

Iready having problems with Ulu Ece because of Dag.
Do not make me have problems with Colpan Khan, too.

Why are you having problems
with Ulu Ece because of Dag?

Alpagu Khan let Akkiz participate
in the arrow contest.

Ulu Ece said she would hang
me on that post,if she does.

Next to the looter.

What am I supposed to do?


I knew you were a spy.

But I was not sure about you.

Now I am sure.

If you don't listen to Ulu Ece
and take me to arrow contest,

...I will tell Alpagu
Khan that you are a spy.

Tell Colpan Khan to me at the arrow contest.

I need to tell her something.

My Khan, there is
news from Saltuk Bey.

He's sad about what happened to you,
because you were taken to the palace.

Why isn't he away
for days, then?

I'm waiting for him to get
news from the palace.

He is at the arrow auditions.

He could not get here because Kaya
Tagin made someone follow hm.

Did Kaya Tagin get
someone to follow him?

- Did they suspect?
- They did.

Saltuk Bey wants you to
go back to Dag Tribe.

He is worried about you.

These suspicions
need to be cleared.

Or Saltuk, Tutkun....

...all of us would
lose our lives.

My Khan, we might
still lose our lives.


Saltuk Bey.

He saw Yaman at the
arrow auditions.




He will ruin us to
save the girls.

Colpan Khan.

Akkiz found out
that I was a spy.

You unskillful people!

What did she say? Did she
say something to you?

She will wait for you
at the arrow contest.

She has something to tell you.

Yaman will be at the
arrow contest, too.

I will be at Dag Tribe.

You will not let
anything ruin my plans.

Akkiz will not leave the palace and she will not
participate to the arrow contest. Do you understand?

May you have a wedding in spring

May you have a son
and a daughter

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline

May your wedding be joyful

May you continue your bloodline


Did you see Tilsim
in your dream again?

If you're not well, rest.
If you are not well,
do not get up.

There is a feast today.

- There will be guests.
- Our sons will welcome them.

They'll circle like
vultures when they learn...

...the Khan is bedridden.


You silly pillager...


It seems bad.


Don't get up.

Herbalist, his wound is black.


My Khan.

We were afraid of that
wound on your chest...

...but the one on
your shoulder...

Don't mumble, just say it.

It has started to rot.

We must cut your arm..

...and we need to
cauterize your wound.

What do you mean you
must cut my arm?

A Khan must not be
missing an arm.

My Khan...

You would die otherwise.

No one should know this.

- My Khan.
- No one will know!

This is a must for you to live.

We need to cauterize it.

Your Khan said no one will know.

Even you.

May Gok Tengri shatter your Dag.

I couldn't sleep till morning.

If I take Akkiz to the archery contest,
Ulu Ece or Colpan Khan will kill me.

If I don't, Akkiz
will give me away,

Ulu Ece or Alpagu
Khan will kill me.

I'll lose my head either way.

If Akkiz won't be able to
go because of someone else,

she wouldn't give you away.



She's already our enemy.

She can be the reason.

What can Ilay do even
if I provoke her?

You know what happens if you
put salt in the rose water.

You are a witch.

I'll survive in this way.

- But this time, you'll lose your head.

When I stepped on your hand,

your fingers were broken, right?

Temur said so.

No Hatun, they weren't
broken but...

Come with me.

- Where are we going?
- Not us,

you're the one who is going.

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Are you still working?

We'll leave for
archery feast soon.

What am I supposed to do?
Everyone was busy.

My mother told me to clean
the garden before I leave.

For Gok Tengri's sake. Cheap
slaves from Dag are slacking off,

Senior aide Ilay, the
daughter of Yibey

cleaning the garden.

- Are they slacking off?
- Yes.

Tutkun's only excuse is her broken hand.
All she does is sleep.

Akkiz is worse. She'll
join the contest.

If she wins, she'll
act like a warrior.

We'll do whatever she says.

I won't let her go to
the archery feast.

But how?

She will beat me.

You know what happens if you
put salt in rose water?

What's happeneing?

Where are you taking her?

Nowhere. We'll drink
Chinese tea together.

Let me come with
you Gunseli Hatun.


Before Balamir’s daughter
gets pregnant with Batuga...

you must get pregnant with Kaya.

If you don't, I'll
find someone who will.

If I think she'll be
loyal, that girl from Dag

is a fine girl actually.

Why? You will drink
Chinese tea together.

Don't be afraid.

Get in.


- What's this?
- Poisonous Chinese tea.

It will kill you instantly.

Without any pain.

Drink, or else...

I will tear your eyes that
lay on my man an then...

...I will convince my father
to kill everyone in Dag tribe.

I didn't lay eyes on your man.

I'm trying to attract Kaya Tagin

You're lying. Then why are
you eye-to-eye with Temur.

Kaya Tagin gets whatever
Temur Tagin wants.

That's why.

I want Kaya Tagin to take me.

I'll choose to serve
in the archery feast.

Get there.

You, come, you too.

Stay. Come.

You. You'll come, all right?


...stay here.



I'm a grey belt.

All of the grey belts
were gonna go.

We were gonna hand out food.

You won't let Sirma to go there.

If Yaman sees her, he might do something
crazy. It'll be the end of all of us.

You'll stay here and
clean the kitchen.

Come with me.

Yibek Kadin will give you
clothes for the contest.

Yibek Kadin!

You were gonne give
clothes to her.

Come with me.

Which clumsy spilled
this milk here?

Go get a bucket of water.
Clean this and then find me.

- Did you put wooden ash?
- We did.


- Add salt too.
- Salt?

Yes, salt.

But wooden ash burns
when combined with salt.

It will burn like hell.
That's what I want.

-I'm taking this bucket.
-That water is dirty.

Take this one.

Take a cloth too.

Let's see if you can go to the arrow
contest when your hands are burned.

Let's go, girls.

Let Kaya make the starting shot in the
contest on behalf of you, my Khan.


The half of the council
will be there today.

They'll say a Khan who can’t
draw a bow in the piece field...

...will be shot by an
arrow in the battlefield.

You want me to give
Balamir a leverage?

My Ulu Khan and Ulu Ece.

We need to go.

Let's go, my Khan.

Has the girl of Dag gone
to the shooting field?

Oh, unfortunately, my Khan...

The girl burned her hands
somehow, my Ulu Ece.

She won't be able to shoot
arrows in the contest.

She was a great archer.

Apply ointment on her hands.

Take the bow and arrows.

Akkiz, sit over there.

Give me your hands.

Does it hurt much?

Am I even asking?
Of course, it does.

It hurts me.

Because I can't go to
the arrow contest...

...and can’t show
Colpan Khan the notes.

Don't cry.

Let's heal your hands first.

Give me the other.

Well, thank you.

You will leave for
the contest shortly.

You should go now.

I won't.

What do you mean?

It's your engagement.

Will you hide here?

I'm the disabled Tagin.
I have an excuse.

I'm mindless, you know.

You are doing this to
make me forget my pain.

And you know everything.

Yaman was like this too.

Whenever we needed joy,
he made us smile somehow.

Who is Yaman?

Sirma's fiance.

And my fellow.

The best archer in the moorland.

The second best after me.

After you?

I'm the best, my Gok Tagin.

But he's the coolest one.

He spins the bow on his finger.
I can't do that.

He learned that
from Tilsim Hatun.

I should go now...

...and not let them
get suspicious.

My tribe beys.

You accepted my invitation and
have come from your tribes.

You cheered our ceremony. You
honored my brother Balamir and me.

-Thank you!
-Long live my Khan!

You're the guests of our
feasts during our engagement.

May your engagement
be holy, my Khan.

May your unity bring
order in the Gok land.

Thank you.

Well, do you have soldiers to challenge
my son Temur's sword this year?

Let's see them.

Temur, go ahead.

My son.

Show them the strength of Goks.

In the last rabbit year, I
defeated soldiers like you...

...with my sword. Now...

In the dragon year, I will
defeat you without a sword.

I'm very proud of you, my son.

Thank you.


You hurt the pride of tribe
beys of our Khanate.

Why did you defeat their
soldiers without a sword?

Kaya, either hurt my pride
in the fighting field...

...or keep silent.

Stop the brother fight. One of
you, make the starting shot.

And save your father's pride.

Our Khan can't draw a bow...

...with his injured arm.


It is time for the
calabash contest to start.

Get my bow and arrow.

My Khan.

May our Khan live long.

Let the contest begin.

Gokmen Commander Kuzu Bey.

Not bad.

Brave man of the
moorlands, Yaman.

- Who is Yaman?
- Sirma's love.

My companion.

He is the best archer
in the moorlands.

After me, of course.

He can sping the bow on his fingers.
I cannot do that.

Come on.

He is ahead.

If I am Temur Tagin,
son of Alpagu Khan,

...I want this brave man with
me in the hunting feast.

That was good, brave man.

I invite you to our hunting feast, the most
important event among the forty-day contests.

I will give you your prize

...and we will hunt together.

May you live long, brave man.

May you live long.

You are grown, disabled tagin.

You kept that sword
for all those years.

Remind you of that
day, like Akkiz.

I wish you were sane

..and I could ask you how Sirma

..and Akkiz are.

I was waiting for them,
they are not here.

They are fine.


Did you talk?

You did.


I thought you were disabled.

Only Akkiz knew I am sane.

Now you know, too.

I hope you protect my secret.

Batuga Tagin...

I would like to know
why I have the honor.

Because the paw of
the two-headed wolf

..trusts you.

You know her secret.

Will you help me?

You order,

...I will obey.

Find many strong man for me.

They will dig a tunnel for
the palace from the outside.

- Hamza, slow down.
- Run.

Hurry up!

You're the paw of the
two-headed wolf!

This is our secret.

This is not the paw of
the two-headed wolf.

Speak Turkish. I
do not understand.

This is not the paw of
the two-headed wolf.

Silly people got the wrong girl.

Got the wrong girl, huh?

Silly people, huh?

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If someone who helps the one
sitting on the throne burns,

...what will you do to
the one who sits on you?

But I will not let you
ruin Batuga, know this.

If necessary, I will burn you.

I will not let you burn him.

You are only a throne.

Even if a slave sits on you,
you cannot get them off.

The one who fights for his
homeland will win,

not the one who fight for you.

You should know this!

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