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Are you alright?

I couldn't organize an engagement
ceremony with my Yaman...

...but I am serving at the
ceremony of Gok's bride.

It's been thirty days. But
they keep celebrating it.

Alright, hang on.

We will also have an
engagement ceremony.


How? We couldn't even escape.

They burnt your hands.

We couldn't even take our
revenge from that demon.

Look, my hands healed.

Be patient.

Even the groom can't be patient, he is
not around although it's his ceremony...

And you are talking
about patience.

Balamir's Kimiz bottle is empty.
Take it.

May he drink poison.

When will the show start?

Before the Kimiz is finished.

What happened?

Are you tired of 40-days
engagement ceremony, Gok's Tegin?

Is that why you called me?

Since you are calling
me Gok's Tegin...

...Dag's girl is
still mad at me.

I am. I am mad at
you and myself.

It's been a long time. We still
couldn’t get out of the palace...

...and find the killer
of your mother.

Come in.

You will keep insulting
me on the way.

I am not insulting you.

You told me to behave, so I did.

You wanted my hands to heal
first and told me to wait.

You told me to stay away from others,
and I stayed away from them.

Look, I didn't even hurt Ilay.

But it's enough.

Besides, there is a
ceremony outside...

You should stay with your fiancee, but you
are in a tunnel with me right... -Hold this.

I am telling you...

You should be with your fiancee right
now, but you are holding my hand and...

Where are we going?

You'll see.

Let's go.

My YasavuL Vargi Beg!

Is everything alright in
the West Gok Khanate?

As you left, my Yabgu.

There is no problem.

But I was surprised when I received
your engagement invitation.

I thought you'd find a way
and prevent this wedding.

You talk like
everything is over.

Wait for the end of the
ceremony, be patient.

Greet your Khan... might be your
last greeting.

What are you trying
to do, my Yabgu?


My Khan!

My Khan... My Ulu Ece...

Welcome, Vargi.

I thought you wouldn't come.

How could I not come..

...when there is a hunting ceremony at the
end of the engagement ceremony my Khan?

We can’t have a hunting
ceremony without you.

I will sit there, and
wait for tomorrow.

Vargi Beg.

The body has been hung
there for a long time.

The wind will carry
the smell that way...

...come here, sit.

My Khan..

Should we take it down?

Why are we keeping it there?

Whoever betrays the khanate...

...will be hung like that.

We are keeping it there to teach
a lesson to traitors, Balamir.

You do well, my Khan.

If you shoot an arrow to
the mighty Khan of Gok...

...that's how you will die.

How long will it
stay there, my Khan?

We celebrate the engagement
for 40 days and 40 nights.

We will set a meeting
for hunting.

We will organize a feast.

I had 40 thousand sheep sacrificed...
and there will be more...

I had Kimiz poured
into 90 lakes.

And there will be more.

And that bandit...

...will be kept there...

...until our 40 days of
celebration is over.

She will be punished for
trying to shoot the Khan...

...and we..

..will celebrate my survival.

That bandit, who called
herself the paw of...

..two-headed wolf...

-...will teach a lesson to our enemies.
-It's not the real one!

What are you saying?

It is not the paw of
the two-headed wolf!

It is not the real one!

Are we digging a tunnel?

I called you for many
times, but you didn't come.

Do you want to do it while
celebrating your engagement?

How? How did you come here?

Thanks to Batuga Tegin,
he brought me here.



You know.

You will tell me what is happening
here, or I will hurt both of you!

She can.

Tell her.

Batuga Tegin found me
at the arrow contest.

He told me his order.

Find me strong men.

They will dig a tunnel from
the outside of the palace.

We've been digging a secret tunnel
from the forest to here for 30 days.

It is finished today.

KunAta and Borte are
waiting outside.

Why didn't you tell me?

You were upset since you
couldn't join the...

...arrow contest because
your hands were burnt...

...and I didn't want to tell you
as you might've got upset again.

Go and bring my Sirma to me.

Sirma was preparing the
meals for the feast.

I should go and find her.

You are the paw of
the two-headed wolf!

This is our secret.

What happened?

You know her.

How do you know her?


He asked you a question.
How do you know her?

What are you hiding?

Bring both of them in
for a questioning.

My mother is sick
and my father...

...went to jannah.

My Khan, forgive this child.

His mother is sick,
that's why he steals.

What are you talking
about woman?

Didn't you catch him
because he stole?

That's what I thought.

He knows who the paw of
the two headed wolf is.

That's why we took him.

Isn't the paw of the two headed wolf
rotting on the stick, my Tegin?

It is not the real one.

With the kid's word..

"Those idiots caught
the wrong girl."


When did he say that?

It's been some time.

I wanted to be sure.

You said, his mother is sick...

...and that he steals.

Where did you see him?

He stole a wolf’s gall from
KunAta's tent in our tribe.

And I caught him and beat him.

A wolf's gall...

..from KunAta's tent.

Yes, my Khan. From our tent.

His mother was sick
and she needed it.

He stole it to treat his mother.

Then I got mad at
myself for beating him.

Is that true?

Think well, then answer.

You know what we do to liars.

Your secret is my secret.

When I grow up, my
sword will be yours.

She is right.

I stoje a wolf's gall
from their tribe.

I'm sorry for stealing.

Which tribe was it?

Which tribe, I asked?

Dag tribe.

Take the kid to the vault.

He will be our guest tonight.


...we will have a
long conversation.


Go back to the
place of ceremony.

Find out what the guests are
thinking about this sinister news.

Go out.

Dag's girl!

You stay.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

You found that boy, you hid
him and brought him now ha?

And you took a kid captive
to put us to shame!

The Tegin of the Khan who tried
strangling his own child... getting mad at me
for taking a kid captive.

My Yabgu. My Tegin.


-Why do you...
- Keep staring at you?


A girl in the middle
of the celebration

told me that I hung the
wrong girl on the post.

A disaster happened
during my celebration.

An earthquake happened
in my palace.

But why do I...

...keep staring at you

...instead of saving
my honor, right?

Because I keep thinking if I can the Dag girl who
saved my son's life.

Normally, I do not trust anyone.

I do not trust a Dag girl.

But I don't have any choice.

I don't have much time.


...I need to trust
this Dag girl.

Because if I don't, I will die.

Now I need to trust
this Dag girl.

Because if I don't, I will die.
Because she just said that

...she knows the only
man who can heal me.


Batuga's mother,

...Tilsim Hatun, who you
learned the lullaby from

...used to say that there is
no wound KunAta cannot heal.

I sent men the Dag tribe.

But no.

They have been searching
him for days.

Do you know where he is?

My KunAta.

Where do you think they are? Do you
think something happened to them?

You said Akkiz
would bring Sirma.

What can happen to them?

Sit down and wait.

Do you know where he is?

Even if I knew, I
would not tell you.

Why not?

Maybe you trust a
Dag girl not to die

...but a Dag person
would never trust you.

Are you saying that Gok
Khan cannot be trusted?


...I will... - You will kill me.

A person who took the
life of his son's mother,

...would do everything to me.

Sorry, my Khan.

I will not tell Dag's KunAta someone who
killed a Dag woman.

Now I will

...ease the storm happening
in my celebration.

You will think again.

I will not put you in
the dungeon for now.

Because you have KunAta.

But no one will know
about my wound.

Or I will send all Dag people to Tilsim Hatun,
away from this world.

Come on.

Get out.

Akkiz, what are you doing?

Why are you making
my father angry?

I told you before.

Someone needs to make him suspect
about Tilsim Hatun's innocence.

I am trying to earn his trust.

Are you earning his
trust like this?

By howling at the lion?

Lion does not trust the fox
that shivers before it.

It trusts the wolf
that shows teeth.

My Khan!

I am losing my khanate.

Either because of that hung paw,

...or because of
this wounded paw.

We need to do something.

We need to do something.

We need to do something.

I need to do
something, Danis Ata.

They are saying they are
humiliated in the moorlands.

They say the paw of the
two-headed wolf laughed.

They say it is something
to laugh about.

Okay, you go.

What are they saying?

They say they are humiliated
in the moorlands.

They say the paw of the
two-headed wolf laughed.

They say it is something
to laugh about.


What is going on, Kata Tagin?

Is the girl you hung thinking that she
is the paw of the two-headed paw,

...not the paw?

We are questioning
the kid, llzli Bey.

We will find out.

We hope that what the girl
is saying is not true.

I hope the Khan's honor
will not be tarnished.

A looter cannot tarnish
Ulu Khan's honor.

If Ulu Khan had hung the
lamb, instead of the wolf will be
tarnished, my Ulu Ece.

I will be tarnished.


...who brought that girl
saying that she is the paw.

Where is he, Kaya?

Tomorrow when the
hunting feast begins will go to the
east with Kaya Tagin.

You will go to west
with Temur Tagin.

You will come with
me to Karayan.

Soldiors of Balamir Yabgu
will go to Kizilyan.

We will push our preys
from all four sides.

Our Alpagu Khan will shoot them.

A Bey

...or an ambassador

...wants to join the hunt,

...they can join.

Come on, groom your horses.

Saltuk Beg.

You look so pale, what happened?

In the feast in palace, it turned out that
the double-headed wolf’s claw was fake


A kid who knows the paw came.

He said this one on
the pole is fake.

He's alive.

I need to find Colpan.

She's in danger.

You betrayed me.

How did I betray you?

Bringing the wrong
person like Saltuk?

Or like your sons...

...failing to capture criminals?


...doubting my cognate?

How did I betray you?

Letting that boy speak in
front of all of my Beys.

Telling all of my people that...

...we hanged the wrong person.

This is my duty, Alpagu Khan.

The council..

...must know...

...who did they
choose as Khan...

...and who will they
choose as Khan.

Balamir, what are
you talking about?

You said there will be 40
days of engagement ceremony.

Along with that...

...there must be
council ceremony.

All of the Beys that
have right to speak...

...are already here.

Fourth day, Gok council
shall be held...

...and new Khan shall be chosen.

Look at me.


What is written in our
nine blessed code?

Gok Council must elect
the one whom...

...Tengri had blessed
the diving gift.

Gok Tengri gave his
divine gift to me.

And the council
chose me as Khan.

If Gok Tengri takes
his gift back...

...won't the Council
elect a new Khan?

Don't we have this
in our customs?

Have our Ulu Khan lost in war...

...or lost any territory?

How do you know
that Gok Tengri...

...took his divine
gift of ruling back?

Gok Tengri does not protect the Khanate
once he takes the divine gift back.

Isn't that what happened to you?

Haven't you let a
looter hit you?

Alpagu Khan...

Gok Tengri doesn't protect you.

You haven't healed for weeks.

He still doesn't protect you.


It caused you to hang the
wrong person, right?

Haven't you disgraced yourself
in front of your people?

I'm using my right to
gather the council.

I doubt your divine
gift of ruling.

Telling this to the council... my responsibility.

And electing the new Khan... the responsibility
of the council.

Boy Begs are alive.

People are alert.

Whether you declare...

...the council now.

Or I'll do it.




I will talk.

Colpan Khan, news came from Saltuk Beg.
Eagle brought it.

What happened, Colpan Khan?

The claw turned out to be fake.

Alpagu is injured already.

With the fake claw his
authority will be doubted.

If this happens,
he'll destroy us.


He'll be after the real claw.

He'll reach us.

Damn it.


Take your places.

Our Ulu Khan...

...will give orders!

My right Begs... left Begs.


My people.

I heard that... doubt my honor.

What weakness did you see?
I must say.

Was my sword weak?

Were my provisions insufficient?
I must say.

But I won't scorch you.

I won't be wrathful.


...I'll accept your ruling.

Not that I made a mistake...

...but it’s worse people
talking about a mistake...

...than its being real.

I don't know if...

...Khan of Khans, Gok
Khan Alpagu Khan...

...was hit by this rascal.

But I promise you that...

...I'll find him.

I'll be aware of the vile ones.

Until the ground is
covered in my blessed blood

Till Gok Tengri
takes me with him.

I will be after the truth.

He'll be after you.

If he makes the boy
who saw you talk...

My order is this: Begs who
believe my word and my honor...

...must shoot
arrows to the post.

The ones who don't believe...

...must shoot at my heart.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ::..........

You'll be rewarded
for your belief.

My ancestors arranged
ceremony every year...

...and let her people
raid his tent.

And now..

I won't give you a tent...

...I will give you
a palace to raid.

Go ahead, to the raid ceremony.

Hungry ones shall eat.

Naked ones shall dress.

Debtor ones shall be saved.

Go ahead, Begs.

Go ahead, Goks.

To the raid ceremony.

All of my treasury is yours.

Long live Khan!

Your father has won again.

He has a heart like a
stone and a sharp mind.

I should have suspected

...because he accepted
the council so easily.

He did not even talk
about the council.

He gained his power back.

He made an appearance.

What is honor?

He said honor will wait.

He said eat, sit.

No Ata!

We know about Khans
who set raid tables

...and celebrate victories.

We know about Khans who
raid and share trophies.

We know about Khans

...who raid to
gather the council.

But we do not know about

...Khans who make people raid palaces
to run away from the council.

How is this..

How is this justice?

Father, this is the end
of the road, right?

My uncle has the support of
the people and the council.

There's nothing
left for us to do.

Well I really be a prisoner to a
disabled Tagin in this palace?

There's only one
thing we can do.

Your uncle..


He pushed me.

It is time.

The time for what?

The paw.

The paw of the two-headed wolf?


If the real paw is
still out there,

...let's let her
take some lives.


What is this?

My Khan's jewelry.

Take your friends.

Take them out the tunnels.

I will wait for the
guards to be distracted

and let the kid in the dungeon out.
- Stop.


What why?

Why are we leaving?

-I will not go anywhere.
- You want to go, too.

I know.

This morning you hugged me because
I opened the end of the tunnel.

I hugged you because you let
me meet with my friends.

Not because I was going.

We opened the tunnel.

I will run away and meet with my Colpan
Khan in the first opportunity I get.

I will show them the notes.

I will find the devil who
framed Tilsim Hatun.


And then?

When the truth is out there, will talk to your father.

You will say you are sane.

You will take what
is rightfully yours.

You are saying I can
even be the Khan, right?

You will watch my
throne ceremony

...from the post you are hung.

- What are you saying?
Didn't you hear Balamir?

He tried to gather the council.

If raiding Beys
search for a while

...and the real paw of the
two-headed wolf is not found,

...the council will be gathered.

My father will lose his throne.

The Gok Khan will go after you.

They will make that
kid talk eventually.

They will hang you
on that post, Akkiz.

Are you saying that the solution
to that is to run away?

Alpagu Khan will raid Dag.

He will kill everyone in Dag.

That's why I gave you the gold.

Take your friends,

...find your Khan,

...and move away, Akkiz.

If my father cannot find
you, he cannot kill you.

Dag Tribe will not move again.

No sibling's blood
will be spilled again.

I will out the truth.

The son of the Dag and Gok
will be the two-headed wolf.

He will unite Dag and Gok.

Moorlands will be in peace.

At the expanse of you life?

If necessary, at the
expense of my life!


..this is my first..

...and last order to you.

Take your friends,
find your Khan.

And go away from here.

You are ordering me as who?

Gok Tagin, or Dag Tagin?

As two-headed wolf.

Do not do this.

You will not set foot
in this palace again.

You will forget about

...Gok, your revenge, and me.

Forget you?

Is this your order?


Forget about me.

I will..

...obey your order, my Tagin.

Listen to me.

We are giving this
food to people.

Colpan Khan put
blackthorn dust in it.

Until this food is finished,
no child will be born in Gok.


Shh, okay. Come on.



How does that girl know the paw?
Did she see you?


- Akkiz.
- Shh.

This is that tunnel.

The one your secret
hero told you about.

Akkiz, what is going on?
Do not push me.

Wow! What a tunnel they made!

What are these paintings?

Akkiz, where are we going?


When did you open it?

Are we free?

Come on, get out.

Here, I believed that
my Yaman is alive.

And if I get out, I
will meet with him.

What if I find out
that he is dead

...when I go to our tribe?

Would I leave you and die?

Come on.

My Yaman!

I missed you.

Borte, come here boy!

My boy!



Come on, let's save
you from them.

Are those tears of joy...

or? - Joy, of course.

Good. I am KunAta.

I know trouble and the
cure when I see it.

If one of those tears
is because of joy,

...the other is
because of sadness.

Tell me, what happened?

I found the wolf whose
paw I swore to be.

He doesn't want a paw.

First, get rid of
those slave clothes.

Let the paw arrive, first.

The wolf too will
arrive one day.


Thank you.

Sirma, Yaman!

The sun is setting. You will hug later.
Come on.

She starts again.

My Tagin.

Will we see each other, again?

He can't answer you.

He's the disabled Tagin.
He is not sane.


...he does not look
like he is disabled.

- What do I look like?
- Like...

Gok Tengri, protect my sanity.
He is talking, too.

You knew. You hid it from us.

He told you about the tunnels.

Yaman, shut your lover up.

- But...
- Come on, Sirma.

I will tell you about it on the road.
- Yaman.

What is going on?

Don't worry.

The kid who saw you.

I went there but
soldiers were waiting.

I will let her out
when she is alone.

Won't you say goodbye?



What a smart man you are.

Did you see Balamir's face?

You ruined his council plan.


My sons, my daughters-in-law.

The raiding will keep
Beys busy for a while.

If we don't capture the paw
of the two-headed wolf

...and hang her on the post...

My Uncle Balamir will
gather the council

..and win.

You will not set foot
in this palace again.

You will

...forger about Gok,

...your revenge, and me.

Vargi Bey, find us Saltuk,

...who made us hang the
fake paw and humiliated us.

Alive or...

Bring him alive.

I will question him and
take his life myself.

I made people follow him.

He was preparing for the hunting
feast in the forest this morning.

It's a good thing
that you sent Vargi.

He is Balamir's
captain, after all.

It's not appropriate
that he'd be here

...while we punish his Yabgu.

What kind of punishment
do you have in mind?

My Khan will decide, of course.

But according to our laws, the punishment
for someone who tries to take the throne clear.

It's punishment is
death, of course.

But we cannot kill Balamir yet.

A lot of tribe Beys
are loyal to him.

He did not see
Balamir's betrayal.

If we kill him, they
will rebel against us.

Didn't we get support of
many of them with the raid?

It's not that easy, my son.

Victory that is one by gold
is until you spend it.

First we need to
earn their trust.

Hunting feast is soon.

We can get the support
of some tribe Beys, too.

Danis Ata.

How many ways a huntsman knows,

...the jackal does
that many tricks.

We need to be alert.


You know both the cheat and the way.
What will you do?

What are you going to do?

It is my order that...


...find Yabgu...

...and punish him.

Take the swords of the Alps
that obey him and him.

I don't want a single
knife left in his tent.

Are you taking a Turk's...


It'd be better if
you killed him.

Are you sending archers
for the arrow contest?

Yes, my Yabgu.

I chose six of our best archers.

Don't send them right away.

Kill me, my Yabgu.


Is it because you let
my army drink...

...until they couldn't
hold their swords.

Or is it because you put your eyes
on someone you didn't deserve...

...and loved the daughter of...

...Gok's Yabgu?

Because I didn't
deserve your trust.

Should I give you a chance to
prove that you suit my daughter?

I would do anything, my Yabgu.

I would do anything... be forgiven.


Would you kill...

...and shed blood?

I can even shed
the sacred blood.

Stand up!

Sacred blood...

...can not be shed.

You just strangle them.

Alpagu Khan?

How can you strangle
the Mighty Khan...

...who was given the
power by Gok Tengri?

You will strangle his children.

All three of them?

All three.

Kuzu Bey.


Take Kuzu Bey and
go to the vault.

Make that child speak. He
apparently knows who the -paw...

...of the two-headed wolf is.


My Khan...

It is your order but...

...we both know how these
two treat the captives.

It's just a child.

They might hurt him.

It's a child, but the
paw he protects...

...shot our Khan.

Right, my Ulu Ece?

Since Gunseli can't
have children...

...she even wants to be the
mother of guilty children.

Gunseli... they know how
to question captives.

The child won't be hurt.

Kuzu Bey will be hurt.

But the child will speak.

The tribe is not that way!
Where are you going?

We have another thing
to deal with first.

Let's go!

You made me look ugly here.

Because you are ugly.

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Watch All Episodes with English Subtitles and FULLHD quality only on our site:
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At least I wouldn't die as
the sealed property of Gok!

I would die as a free person!


You are free...

The other half of my
destiny, you are free.

You will always be free.

I will set that child free now.

You are free..

...I have a wooden sword...

Why can't I breathe then?

You are the Tegin who helped us!

Yes, that's me. Now... will help me.

The song you just sang...

What was it?

I prayed Allah to protect the
paw while saving my brothers.

I recited Kur'an.

It was surah Al-sharh.

We read it when we
feel uncomfortable.

Did the paw save my brothers?

Did she send you because
she couldn't come?


How is she going to
save your brothers?

Besides... The paw
not in the palace.

She left.

You are sleeping,
although you are awake.

The paw came here!

Muslim child...

The paw! I knew that you'd come!

I knew that the paw
would save us!

Shht... Alright. You will
talk about me later.

We don't have time.


I am going to take
my friend Sirma.

Wait until I come back, we
will escape from the palace.

I can't escape...


...took my brother and friend
captive at his quarters.

He will kill them...

...if I don't tell them
who you really are.

And you will die, if I
tell them who you are.

Tell me now...

Which arm should I cut off?

Which one should I choose?

Can you wait here until
I save your brothers?

Can you resist?

I can! Just save them..

Don't worry about me.

If I can't save them..

...give up on your arm that
says the paw, Muslim child.

I will pray to Allah for you!

Then she left.

Don't you worry.

Paw will save your siblings.

Don't you worry.

And nothing will
happen to your arms.

But first, we need to
get you out of here.

Okay? Come on.

- Move.
-To where?

To the dungeon.

This guy is a man of paw.

Do you know him?

Wait here.

Inform me when he wakes up.

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you didn't hurt the kid, right?

What did my father tell you?

These people know all kind
of interrogations, right?

The kid didn't get hurt.

Kuzu Beg was hurt.

- How?
-I whipped Kuzu Beg.

And I told the kid
that he was Paw's guy.

Kid will be sorry for Kuzu Beg.
Then he will trust gradually.

He will tell Kuzu Beg
everything eventually.

You are very smart Kaya.

The kid won't get hurt.

And we will learn who is the
paw of the two-headed wolf.

Was this his mask? Are you sure?

Nobody saw him without mask.

Those who saw her while wearing
a mask saw her from afar.

That's how they described.

- What are these?
- Mask of the paw of the two-headed wolf.

I made a Muslim kid do it.

What are we gonna do with these?


...will choke Tigins.

Come on, take these away.

Is he hiding the kids here?

Muslim kid says so.

They must be keeping them
in one of the tents.

What are we waiting for?
Let's attack.

We can't attack just like that.

If they find out that we
kidnapped the kids...

...they'll also find out that Muslim
kid knows paw of the two-headed wolf.

So, what are we going to do?

We'll find another way.

If Batuga Tegin was here,
he'd find a solution.

What? What are you looking at?

He was the one who showed you where the tunnels
are, who saved Colpan and guided Yaman.

We didn't realize how
smart Tigin was...

That's enough, Sirma.

Shut up.

Think about how to save kids..

...instead of talking
about Batuga Tegin.

Gather around!

I've found it.

We'll take advantage of
Temur Tegin's mercy.

Such an entrance, son.

Alpagu Khan's orders!

Yabgu of West Gok Khanate...

...Balamir Beg and all
of his people....

..will give their swords.

If you don't obey
Alpagu Khan's orders...

...this will be
considered as a revold.

Let it be known!

According to our customs..

...taking our swords means...

...taking our honor.

That brave guy who will
take my sword away...

...must have a better
lineage than me...

...or a sword.

Your lineage.. not better than
a pure-blooded Turk.

For that reason...

...I won't give
away my sword to..

...someone other
than Alpagu Khan.


What if my sword is
more powerful than you?

Will you give up then?

If I drop my sword... will be yours.

Don't be scared.

I came here to save you.

Two-headed wolf...

He said that the real
one was not caught.

You are the real one.

Listen to me carefully now.

We don't have much time.

I will set a fire
in this tent now.

And you will scream
as loud as you can.

There is a brave man outside,
he will come and save you.

Why don't you save us?

They shouldn't understand that the paw
saved you. Or Hamza will be in trouble.

You didn't see me, and you
don't know me. Alright?

Let's do it.


Drop your swords!

If Temur Tegin doesn't get
in the tents to save them...

I will do it.

Get ready to protect me.

There are children!

Stay out of the way!


Alright... alright, kids.

Let's go out! Let's go!


Are you setting traps
with kids now, uncle?

You set a trap.

You burnt my tents. -We didn't!

You played a game to leave
my Alps without tents!

You burnt my tents!

It is your job to
play games, uncle.

Sit here and wait for
Alpagu Han's orders.

You went too far this time.

Let's go.

Where is my meal?

Why don't you bring it?

Still didn't he come to himself.

Wake him up.

Do you understand now?

Should I whip you
until you pass out?

So you are still not talking...

You are not telling me who the
paw of the two-headed wolf is!

Tell me, who is the paw?


Is it worth dying for her?

If you don't speak
until the sunset...

Your arms will be tied to
the horses that go east...

...and your legs will be tied
to the horses that go west...

Then I will ask you
one more time.

You will either give me the
paw of the two-headed wolf...

...and I will spare
your life, or...

Even if you cut me into
a thousand pieces...

...I won't give the paw to you!

Are you a friend of the paw?

Where is Batuga?

He and his aide Akkiz
are not around my Khan.

Should I go and check his room?

I will do it.



Our man, who was after Saltuk..

I found him in the forest while
I was looking for Saltuk.

His neck is broken.

You will search the whole region and
find Saltuk and bring him to me.

Don't come back
before you find him!

Saltuk Bey.

Are you alright? -I am.

But I want something from you.
-As you say.

They must've found
the Gokmen I killed.

Temur must be after me.

Tell your men, they should tell them
that I was seen around the Red forest.


I will go to Dag, to north.

Goks shouldn't reach Dag...

...until Colpan Hatun gathers her
tribe and migrates with them.


My Khan..

Find Akkiz. I need KunAta.

Yibek, go.


Where is Akkiz? -I don't know.

I was dealing with
the open raid.

Find her right away. Our
Khan wants to see her.

Check the barn. I will
go to their room.

Is Akkiz here? -No. Sirma
is not here as well.

I was looking for them. -Where did
you see them for the last time?

In the kitchen.

We were preparing meals for the
open raid, Sirma was there.

I saw them there.

-Maybe during the open raid, they...

No... no...

Are they here?

She is the only Dag's
girl in the palace.

Akkiz and Sirma escaped.

We will find our sealed
slaves who escaped..

...kill them and Colpan Hatun!

Or every slave will
find a way to escape!

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Did you...

...escape from the palace?

You helped them escape
from the palace right?

I shouldn't be asking!

-Where is Tutkun?
-At the palace.

But don't worry, she is happy.

I think she was
born to be an aide.

Did you leave Tutkun
in the palace alone?

They will kill her if they
find out that you escaped!

They will raid here and kill us!

You should've thought about that before
leaving us as slaves in Gok's palace.

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Does the Gok's stamp
look good on me?

You can carry the Gok's
stamp on your neck, Akkiz.

But you still belong to me.


I understand your anger. I
understand that you are offended.

But I can not understand
your rebellion!

Do I care about Dag's honour
because I am a rebel?

Dag's honour. -The honour of
your sister, my Tilsim Bike...

...and your father
Toygar Khan...

...who Gok sees as traitors.

Do you know this seal?


It looks like my father's seal.

It looks like Dag's seal.

This looks like my father’s seal.

It came with a gray pigeon...

...we don’t use pigeons

Someone else sent this note.

Someone from Gok

...framed Tilsim Hatun
and Toygar Khan.

How did you get this note?

There is someone, right?

There is someone in the
palace who helps us.

Someone powerful.

Who is it, Akkiz?

Who is the one who saved me in the
interrogation and made you lie?

Who is the one that
gave you these notes?

Give me the seal of
our Toygar Khan.

I will prove that this is fake.

I cannot give it to you.

We buried his seal, along
with his sword in his grave.

Gok will raid here soon.

Will you go open up a grave?

I will not allow it!

I'll come back
before Goks arrive.

Yaman, Sirma. Stay here
and guard the tribe.

Either kill me,

...or let me save Dag's honor.


You stay here, too.


Before we open up the
grave, start the ritual.

Ask for permission
from my ancestor.

This is not happening.

I will not ask for permission. You
cannot bother your ancestors.

You cannot open if

We are opening it
for our ancestors.

For our Toygar Khan and
Tilsim Hatun's honor.

Is it more important for
them to rest comparably

...or-rest-with their honor?

Bring shovels.

Tilbe, I want my horse prepared.

I told you there was
no need to raid Dag.

Capturing two women alone
is better then fighting.

Come on!



He's awake, judging
by he's asking water.

Let's inform Kaya Tegin.




Are you a friend of paw?

Did they send you as spy?

To learn something from me?


I got caught for calling the
one on the post a fake.

Don't you betray the paw?

Got it? Or I'll kill you!

Move away! I'll see the Khan.

Move away!

- Move away!
- Go away!

Khan must not be full when
his people are hungry!

Khan must support his people!

We are hungry! Move away!

- I'll see the Khan.
What's happening?

This drunk guy is here to raid
the palace, saying he is hungry.

Throw him into the dungeon.

He'll be full when he sobers up.

Let me go! We are hungry!
Let me go!

I'll see the Khan!

I'll see the Khan!
We are hungry!

They'll kill you before dark.


They'll kill me.

But I'm not concerned
about my own life.

I'm sorry because I
couldn't protect the claw.

Promise me...

..If I die.

You won't expose paw's location.

Promise me!

If you are sorry for my life.

Don't be.

I'd sacrifice my life.

She shall be fine.

Is she?

Where is she now?

Your Khan throw his
hungry people... the dungeons!

We'll kill you all!

Give that to me!

Don't talk. He's one of them.

Don’t drink my water!

Was that your last money?

It was.

I have nothing else left.

Do you want something to have?

I do, but will you give me?

If you do what I say...

...this will be yours.

I'll do whatever you say.

Will you...

...go to the dungeon?

You were talking about the paw.

Is she okay?

Is she hiding?

She was fine the
last time I saw her.

But now I don't
know where she is.

I'm curious too.

What is he doing here?

Won't you say who is
helping us in the palace?

We need him to revenge.

That person made me
forget my revenge.

It's no use to you.

You knew it.

You knew that my destiny
was not to avenge you,

but to be the paw of a Khanate that
will gather the Turks together.

That's why you said "let your
fate be where your arrow lands.

That's why you brought me
to the throne in my dream.

Tilsim Hatun..

...if you're watching
my pain from heaven... can also see Batuga.

His mind...

...his heart, his power...

..and Khan growing inside him.

If you're watching.

You can see his stubbornness.

He expelled me from the palace.

How will he prove your
innocence without me?

Toygar Khan.

I know that the grave of
ancestors is not to be opened.

They should not be disrespected.

But I must do it for my honor.

Forgive me.

Come on.

You're his blood.

Ask for permission and
I'll open the tomb.

My ancestor, whom I
planted balbal for.

Kagan Khan, whom I
chanted yug for.

Great Khan, whom I
raised tug for.

Let me come.

May my Gok Tengri don't
be angry with me.

May He don't crush the
mountain with his sky.

Don't let me be quiet
for the righteous.

Let me come to you!

Are they digging the
grave of Dag Khan?


I don't know why.

But it's time to attack, Tegin.

Let's kill them.

Come on!

Too bad you've opened it.

I wouldn't want to kill you.

Dag girl.

Bring it on!

We would have died..

...if it weren't for you.
How did you learn?

We brought this to you.

It looks like my mask.

Sirma stole this
from Balamir's tent.

There are bags of it.

I couldn't think that time.
It didn't even occur to me.

- Yaman said that...
- Balamirwill shed blood.

And blame paw for it.

Somebody said Saltuk
went to south.

We suspected.

We said he must have gone north, to Dag.
We were right.

Catch him!

My Khan...

...I'm asking for
permission to speak.

That aide named Akkiz is fearless
enough to draw a sword to Temur Tegin.

She is a warrior good enough to
defeat my father with sword.

And an archer good enough to
attend the arrow contest.

What do you meant? Be clear.

I mean that, Ulu Ece... father was right.

There was someone in this palace
who wanted to kill Alpagu Khan...

...who threatened my
aide to be quiet...

...and then poisoned her.


Why would she do such thing?

Akkiz we know might
not do that, but...

...paw of the two-headed
wolf may have done it.

She's trying the kill the
Khan with her sword...

...which she couldn't
kill with her arrow.

And when the fake claw was exposed,
she fled with her accomplice.

Paw of the two-headed
wolf we're looking for... Akkiz herself!

I knew something wrong
with that girl.

Warriors will be ready.

We'll destroy Dag tribe...

...and we will kill everyone.

Akkiz’s blood will
water my grounds.

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I brought you Kun Ata, My Khan.

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