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My Khan... I want to talk.

That aide, Akkiz... brave enough to fight
against Temur Tegin.

She is a good warrior who
can even defeat my father.

And she is a good archer, who is talented
enough to attend the arrow contest.

What are you trying to say?
Speak openly.

I want to tell you that... father was right.

There was someone
in this palace...

...who wanted to kill Alpagu
Khan and threatened my aide... shut her up
and poisoned her.


Why would Akkiz do that?

Maybe Akkiz wouldn't...

...but the paw of the
two headed wolf would.

She is trying to kill the Khan who
she couldn't kill with her arrow...

...with her sword.

And she ran away with her assistant when
we understood that the paw was fake.

The paw of the two headed wolf
who we are looking for... Akkiz!

I knew something was
wrong about her.

Tell Alps to get ready.

Ruin the tribe of Dag...

...and kill all of them.

Akkiz's blood will
wash my lands.

I brought KunAta
for you, my Khan.

Let KunAta in and host him.

Bring the girl.

Does she think we are going to forgive
her just because she brought Kunata?

Kunata will heal your wound...

...if he doesn't treat
you, you can destroy Dag.

This girl must die, Alpagu.

What if Kircicek is right?

What if she is really the
paw of the two headed wolf?

What if it was her who
shot and hurt you?

Why did you come back?

Even if Kunata saves me... one can save
you from our laws.

Don't you know?

Even if you are a slave that escaped
from Gok, you must be killed.

And even if you are the paw, the
enemy of Gok, you must be killed.

But I am Akkiz, my Khan.

I am the girl of Dag, who
took your sons captive.

We were bringing it
here to show you.

It looks like my mask.

Sirma took this from
Balamir's tent.

There are many of them.

I couldn't think then. I didn't
even know what it meant.

When Yaman saw it, he said...

Balamir will shed blood...

...and put the blame on the paw.

Someone used it for three times.

They are asking for help.

Yaman... Tie Kaya and Vargi Bey.

Akkiz, come.

Dag's men, to horses!

Let's go! Go!

Temur! Behind you!

Come on! Come on!

Let's go.


Dag's girl. I owe you my life...


Wait... Did you....

...escape from the palace?


Saltuk! We need a healer.

Don't you have one?

We need a healer! Come on!

Let's take him to the healer!


We have two captive Tegins.

Now I can go back to the palace and
ruin Balamir's game about the paw.

What if... die?

If we don't ruin
Balamir's game...

...we are all going to die.

This is our only chance.

What are you saying?

My Kaya, Dag has my Temur.

Golpan'Aatun would not
let my sons live.

Are they alive?

I said are they alive?

They are alive.

Only Saltuk Bey was wounded.

KunAta healed him.

Where are they? What
did you do to them?

We are hiding them.

So that their honor is not tarnished
when people learn they are prisoners.

I brought you the
words of Dag Khan.

Tell me.

Dag Khan invites Gok
Khan to Dag tribe.

She wants to negotiate
for the Tagins.

Colpan Khan reminds you the law.

She says "If something
happens to KunAta, me,

...or any other Dag person,

his Tagins will be dead."

You could only run
away like this,

...Dag girl.

Long live, our Khan!

Colpan Hatun, listen to me!

I swear that one day

vultures will be around
your corpse one day.

You swear, huh Temur Tagin?

I swore once, too.

When you were a kid, your
father raided my tribe.

Vargi Bey knows about it.

Saltuk Bey, too.
They were there.

I can still hear Alpagu Khan's
voice vibrating on the mountains.

I brought you your
daughter, Toygar Khan.

I brought you your daughter.
- Daughter'



That girl lies here.

My sister lies here.

Your brother Batuga's
mother lies here.

My father lies here.

My father, whose daughter's lifeless
body was left on her feet...

Now your lifeless bodies would be
left on your father's feet but...

I care about my people.

I care about my tribe's honor.

Now it is time to

...take back Dag's honor.

Now it is time to pay for
what Alpagu Khan did.

Don't talk as if mighty Gok
Kahn owes you something!

He followed Turkish laws.

The punishment for treason is
death, in your and my tribe.

Your sister and father
committed treason.

The law gave their punishment.

My father was the
sword of the law.

He did what he had to do.

Your father

...was not the sword of the law.

Your father was the

...blade of anger.

He believed a fake note

...and took the lives of
my father and my sister.

A fake note?

Do you have a proof
to claim honor?

I don't need proof to
take my honor back.

I have the Tagins.

Let's see if Alpagu Khan's honor
is more important than his sons.

What will you ask
from my father?

You will see.

My Khan!

We gave Ulu Ece medicine.
She is better.

Alps that will come with us
to Dag are getting ready.

Before we take the road, do you
want KunAta to examine your wound?

We will take my
sons, then he will.

Help me.

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