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AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9

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Now it's time either to talk
about the real terms...

...or for you to meet
your son Yannis.

Lord Kekavmenos.

Damn you! Give it to me.

First, you will give
me what I want.


Don't you dare.

You heard my Bey.

We accept.

We accept the terms.

There won't be an agreement.

Get your Lord up. We’re
going back to the castle!

We aren't going anywhere
until we get the antidote!

General, what are you saying?
My uncle is dying.

I'm using the authority
the emperor granted me.

I have the authority
until Lord recovers.

We'll find another solution.

A solution except the agreement.

There isn't another solution!

Carry your Lord to the cart!

Give me. Give that to me.

You will never get
what you want.

We will see.

We're leaving!


The Only solution
you can find... in my hand, General.

The sinister isn't around again.

You keep calling Akca
the sinister, Karaca.

My parents already think my
brothers should marry her.

If she hadn't said she had
another in her heart,

...we would be handing out
ayran for her wedding here.

They don't know she's a traitor.

That's why they think she's a
good candidate for Alparslan Bey.

When the truth is
revealed one day,


...they will think Akca Hatun
deserves to be hanged.

Mother Akinay.

Thanks to Allah.

Yes, thanks to Allah.

What if it wasn't me but someone
else who caught you, with these?

Just think about it?

Akca, you should be cautious.

You're right, mother Akinay.

Karaca is following
me like a shadow.

My girl, like everyone else...

...I will be gone one day.

Don't say such things, mother.

What I'm trying to say is... should tell Alparslan
Bey about your secret now.

No, mother.

I can't tell a Bey such a thing.

What if he doesn't believe
and thinks I'm a traitor?

Saying the truth will
relieve your heart, Akca.

Why wouldn't he believe?

Someone else but me...

...had better know about
this for your own good.

Well, things may get
so complicated that...

...I may not be able
to protect you.

For this very reason,

...either Cagri Bey or
Alparslan has to know.

No, mother.

There are things I can't .tell them.
Please don't do this to me.

I promise you that I will tell
them myself when it's time.

Prepare the infirmary!
Call the doctors over!

Take this.

Hurry up! Hurry!

Alright. We're here, uncle.
You will recover.

Be careful.


When I get up again,

Uncle, hold on. You
will be alright.

You will pay for this.

I'm here.


Captain, I will go
find the alchemist.

Hurry up.

Yes, sir.

Hurry up! Lord is dying.

Easy, easy.

Move aside. Help me.

Lord got poisoned, doctor!
Prepare medicine!

Alright. Here. Uncle, easy.

Do it quickly!

Symptoms shows that the poison
is already in the blood.

I will kill you too!

Calm down, honorable Lord.
Do something quickly!

I can't... I don't want to die.

I don't want to die!

You aren't going to die, uncle.
I won't let you die.


I can't breathe...
I can't breathe!

Breathe, uncle.

I'm here. Right here.

Lord Kekavmenos.

He says there isn't
another antidote.

If you don't want
me to kill you,

...give me the antidote
of the poison you made!

There isn't another antidote.
I told you.

-It's gone.
-Make a new one then!

It's impossible
before the spring.

We can't find ghost
orchid in this season.

General, my uncle is dying.
Don't you see?

We should give what
Alparslan wants.

I'm sorry, Evdokya.

The benefits of the empire are much
more important than your uncle's life.

There won't be an agreement.
Go check his room.

He may be involved in this too.

Go check if there
is an antidote...

...or something which
may be useful.

As you order. You come with me!



I swear to...

...holy God.

I will make you pay for...

...every breath I can t take.

You need to be strong, uncle.
Please keep calm.

Byzantine will come to us... get the
antidote eventually.

What if they sacrifice
their Lord?

Let the heathen make
the choice, Batur Bey.

We can be either cure...

...or death for them.

My Bey, we came across the horse
caravan and the swords..

...that came from our
Sultan on the way back.

They must be Byzantine watchmen.

All the troop were dead, my Bey.

And these two were beheaded.

They want to prove that Sultan
is directly helping us...

...and to drive a wedge between
Seljuks and the Islam caliph.

But they were meant
to lose their heads.

No trails?

Who cut their heads off?

No trails, my Bey.

It was cut with a Turkish sword.

Cross cut.

Who may be the one who stopped
Kekavmenos from hearing the secret...

...and cut these vile
men s heads off?

It's secret, Batur Bey.

And it will be revealed
like every other secret.

Afshin, Avar.

Take care of the animals
and the swords.

Keep the horses in good shape.

My Bey, if they
were Bashi-bazouk,

...we'd have got
informed by now.

I can't even think of even
a single possibility.

Who is backing us up ?

As-Sultan-ul Muazzam,

...Amr-ul Jaleel,

...and the Shah of
Shahs, Sultan Tugrul.

Ibrahim Yinal, son
of Yusuf Yinal.

From now on,

Now you are in the charge of...


...which is the pear
of Diyar Rabi'a...

...and Seljuks made a Turkish
land from the ground to the sky.

While you are the governor of...

..Mosul which includes Batalla,
Kermelis, Bashika and Cuheyne,

...may your justice be
as sharp as a sword.

Be just and maintain the order.

Be just and maintain the order.

If I fail to be just,

...may I be slaughtered
by swords.

Stand upright like an arrow?

May you be invited to
the city councils.

If I fail to be honest,

...may I be executed
with an arrow.

Be appreciated like a bow...

...and treated
with high respect.

If I fail to be brave,

...may I drown in my own blood.

May Mighty Allah be your helper,

...Magnificent Prophet
(SAW) your guide,

..and the morals of
Oghuzs your path.


You are...

...the entrustment to me...

...from Seddad.

Now.. must be..

...wondering where
your father is.

I'll tell you.

Your father.. in the Heaven.

Don't be sad.

You will meet him in the heaven.

Without having to wait anymore.

We are..

..not the people of this world!

We're the people of our cause!

Those who attempt to reveal...

..the secret of
our holy cause...

...are meant to be wiped out
of the earth like this.

Surely, Seljuks who
threatened Qarmathians...

...and attempted to stop us...

...will be made to face...

...our response in
the toughest way.

Save me, alchemist.

I'll give you whatever you want.

Lord Kekavmenos.

I wish that were possible.


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