Kurulus Osman Episode 72 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 72 Season 3 FULLHD With English Subtitles

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If they find out
that we are here...

...they will
question Turgut Bey.

Soldiers are looking for
us upstairs, my Bey.

Alps! Attack for Turgut Bey!

Come on, Alps!

Come on!

You will pay for your betrayal.

I would become a traitor...

...if I helped you.

Couldn't you
understand, Rogatus?

All wolves are coming
together against jackals.

You will not leave this
castle dead or alive.

I just need you to stay
alive until Osman arrives.

Soldier. You did well
by following him.

I knew that I couldn't
trust a Turk.

We arrived, Turgut Bey!

Come at me!

More soldiers are coming!

My Bey, we have to leave!

Come on, my Bey! My
Bey, they are coming!

Let’s go, my Bey!

My Bey, this way!


Don't let them go!

Open the door! Go!

Open the door!

Let’s go!

Let's go, Alps!


Kill him!




They don't have any arrows left!

Open it!

I won’t leave Turkmen
children here!

I will come back! I will come back
for your head and for the children!


Let’s go!

The passage! They are going
to the secret passage!

Let’s go!

Break the door!

Open it!


Come on, Alps! -Open it!


Hold it, brother. -Open it!

Allah-u Akbar!


Open it! -We can't, sir.

Open it!

Let me do it!

We couldn’t take the children.
What are we going to do?

My valiants are brave. They left a trace.
They are going to the Christ Monastery.

We will go there, but not now.

We need time. Go
back to your tribe.

As you say.. But let me know.

Osman knows the secret
passage in my castle!

And what did you do?

What did you do?

You should be thankful since
he couldn’t take the children.

Or I would have to break...

..all of your heads.

I sent Bahadir after Gokee.

And I want you to observe
the Hatuns in the tribe.

We can learn something
from the Hatuns.

They are always on alert. They
must’ve seen something. Don’t worry.

I trust you, Aygul. We will find
the traitor together inshaAllah.


When did Kayi tribe embrace
a traitor, Malhun Hatun?

We will find out
sooner or later.

My Bala...

Ayse told me.

You haven't been eating.

Don't do this, my daughter.

It hurts, mother.

My Gonca left.

My Ahmed is in the hands of infidels.
And my Osman is still not back.

He'll be back. He will be back.

He will take Ahmed
and come back.

InshaAllah mother. -InshaAllah.


Don’t be upset. Our valiants
left a trace for us.

We know where they took them.

Thanks to Allah.

Hay mashaAllah my lions.

-Where are they, Osman Bey?
They took them to the Christ Monastery, brothe

-Cerkutay must've arrived by now. He will wait
for them. Then we will take our children.

Kayi's valiants...

We will take you all.

We won’t leave you in the
claws of our enemies.

Come in.

You will all be good Christians.

You infidels!

Our hearts are
filled with faith!

We won’t bow down!

Let's start with your clothes.

Behave, my good children.

Don’t worry. Osman
Bey will save us.

He knows that we are here. I
left a trace in the dungeon.

Don't let tears possess
your gazelle eyes.

We will take our Ahmed and
our children from them.

Don't worry.

You are sharpening your sword for a reason.
We will take them.

We will take our children...

...and the heads
of those dastards.

You should be relieved now.

-Can I come in, my Bey?
-come in.

I talked to Hatuns, my Bey.
They are happy.

They are praying and waiting
for good news from you.


They will come together
with their children soon.

Can I come in, my Bey?

Come in, Cerkutay.

My Bey.. The trace
Ahmed left was true.

The children are
in the monastery.

Hay mashaAllah.

Tell their mothers...

It is time for them to come
together with their children.

Infidels dared touching
our children in the end.

They are being
rebels, Davut Agha.


A great war is at the door.
Let’s wait.

We have many Alps who can fight, and
there is too much blood to be shed.

Swords... my Gunduz Bey.
We need more swords.

Davut Agha. Are you saying that we
won't have enough swords for Alps...

...if we are going to fight?

No, my Bey. We have swords.

But if it's going to be a big
war, we won't have enough swords.

We need more swords.

You are right.


We will find a solution.

We will.

We will.

You won’t be able to change us.

The children are inside.

And they are protecting
them with soldiers.

There are two doors
that we can use.

And two soldiers are
guarding the both doors.

And 5 soldiers are
patrolling at the yard.

When we break in..

...you will attack the soldiers
in the yard with your soldiers.

I already sent Aykut there.

He will let us know if there are any
soldiers inside except for monks.

And our swords will
handle the rest.

But... don’t forget that
our children are inside.

You have to use your
swords carefully.

Alps! To horses!


Did you think I would give the
children to you so easily?

He could not take the children.



Osman knows where children are.

You! Catch up to Julia.

She must take the children to Aya Yorgi
Church, not the Christ Monastery. Hurry!

Soldiers, be ready.

With Nicola and Kosses,

I will arrange a
greeting for Osman.

But first, find some Turkish clothes
for the Christian children.

So that Osman will think
they are Turkish children.

Come on! What are
you waiting for?

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
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You can't get out alive from
every ambush, Osman Bey!

It is over this time!


Do not let them pass!

Come on!

What happened? Did the
hunter get hunted, Osman?

You run away your tail between
your legs, just like this!

He thinks he is a wolf but he
hasn’t faced a lion before!

I will give him this, he cares
deeply for the children.

He fell into the trap
without thinking, at all.

But he could not get the children.
He only got served.

We can now

visit the little Turks in
their new homes, my friends.

Long live the Empire.

Long live the Empire.


My son!

Ahmet? No!


My Bey, our children?

Oh, My Osman Bey. You made the world kneel before
you, but you could not bring us our children.

My son!

My son!

Everyone! Don't you see?

Take can't face us,

so they took our children!

With Allah's permission , Osman Bey will
bring our children back to us!


You are Kayi Hatuns.

Don't cry!

Come on.

Come, my daughter.

We'll be strong.

Don't be upset. Come on.


O, my Rab..

Give me strength to...

..take my children back.

I need Your help...

...to bring the children...

...back to their crying mothers.

O, ya Rabbi.

Accept my prayers.

Amen, ya Rabbi.


You are my witness,
Selcan mother.

I wanted a baby so much that...

...my Rab granted
me with a child.

But where did he go now? I can't
live without him, Selcan mother.

You know how to
do this, Rogatus.

You little monks..

You... tell me.

Which one of the four bibles
do you love the most?

For me, it's Luca.

-What about you?
-We have one book!

I don’t worship
what you worship!

If Osman is the reason
of your arrogance...

...you shouldn't trust him.

I found the trace that
you left in the dungeon.

We lured Osman that you
love so much to a trap.

You are lying, you infidel!

Osman is defeated, Alexander.
We defeated him.

Osman will never take the kids.

But... he came back from
Nikea with a good agreement.

Why would it matter? Why would
it matter if we burn Sogut?

All of their sources of trades,
Ahis, traders are in Sogut.

That agreement won’t mean
anything if we burn Sogut.

Sogut will burn first...

It will burn in such a way that... the
flames will be seen from the Constantine.

But fire won't be enough.

After Priest Grego
fulfills his duty...

...we will be ready with our
soldiers to get in Sogut.

Fire can control anything.

We will control Osman.

If you allow me, my friend...

...there is a big fire to build.

I hope those little monks..

...will decide on their favorite
bibles as soon as possible.

See you soon.

We will take our children
from them sooner or later.

That traitor... who caused all these
troubles... Did we find anything about him?

We haven’t seen something yet, my Bey.
But we are following Gokee.

Just like the trees, we will
have rotten fruits among us.

But... we have to cut them out
before they reach the roots.

Find the one who
hired the traitor.

My Orhan missed his Bey father.

Loving your child...

...is beautiful, right?

It is haram for me to hug
Orhan and smell him...

..when everyone in our
tribe can not do that...

...and when our
Turkmen children...

...are in the hands of infidels.

Can I come in, my Bey?

Come in.

My Bey.. Priest Gregor
wants to see you.

Let him in.

Come in.

Welcome, Priest Gregor.

I'm sorry for what
happened, Osman Bey.

We are glad that you
are sorry for...

...something we are sorry for.

I am ready to do my best
to save those children.

I wanted to tell you this.

Thank you. But there is no need.

As you wish, Osman Bey.

But., just know that
I am ready to help.



The Priest...

The Priest could help us when the
children are in the monastery.

Why didn’t you ask help, Osman Bey?
-We will handle it, brother.

We will handle it, so our necks
will be thick like wolves.

When it's about the lives of our
children, I can't trust the Priest.

We will handle it.

I will find out where
Rogatus took the children.

We will take our children from the
infidels before they hurt them.

Do you think Osman’s attitude
was strange, Andreas?

I didn’t like that he rejected
our offer for help, sir Gregor.

-He must be sad because they abducted the children.
-What if he doubts about us?

What if he noticed our goal, sir Gregor?
-He wouldn't let us breathe.

He would cut our heads off.

But still, we will be careful. The
game in Sogut will be played well.


..Osman won't realize anything
until he sees the flames.

My Allah...

I wanted Osman Bey to find us.

That's why I left a trace.

I wish my hands were broken.

Osman Bey fell into the trap
of infidels because of me.

Who is going to save us now?

O, my Great Allah..

...I don't complain about any
hardship that You sent for me...

...but my brothers are innocent.

Osman Bey is innocent.

My Rab... We have no one
else except for You.

We only seek help from You.

You ruin the traps...

Save us from the infidels.

Let us live with our faith.


The only thing we can
use is our sword.

Play your qopuz...

The souls of veterans
will find peace.


Play your qopuz, Boran brother.

It will be shifa for all
of our problems, brother.


I am now...

...in deep love...


...Muhammad (SAW)

That’s why...

...I adore...

...Muhammad (SAW)

...love with Muhammad (SAW)

That's why I adore
Muhammad (SAW)

His Ummah ...

...always thanks...

My Allah, grant me being a
lover of Muhammad (SAW)

Allah put the love of...

...Muhammad (SAW) in my heart. Grant
me being a lover of Muhammad (SAW).

I am now in deep...

...love with Muhammad (SAW)....

That’s why I adore
Muhammad (SAW)

Make me wander around like a crazy
lover in this life and after life.

Make me a fond on
Muhammad (SAW).

He always suffered, He
never found comfort.

You are the miracle of
Muhammad’s (SAW) grief.

I am now in deep love
with Muhammad (SAW)

That's why I adore
Muhammad (SAW)

I am now in deep love
with Muhammad (SAW)

That's why I adore
Muhammad (SAW)

Thank you.

O, passenger...

Where are you headed?

KizilElma (RedApple)

What is your goal?


What do you long for?

For the Turkish homeland.

- Where is Turk land?
- The world.

May the world be your land.

May the people be with you.

May your dawah be blessed,

Osman Bey.

Tell me what you heard
from Constantinople.

As you wished,

I learned the information.

Rogatus asked for a priest

from Constantinople to
educate the children.

The priest is headed to Aya
Yorgi Church in Kokhisar.

The children are
there, Osman Bey.

They took them there
not only to hide them,

but to take Haqq's soldiers
away from Haqq way,

to make Turkish sons Christian.

But no one is powerful
enough to do that.

What about the priest?

Is he coming with a
king's order letter?

You are right, Osman Bey.

Then one should be
prepared for me, too.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ArDirilisErtugrul.net/v ::..........

Tomorrow, you will
be in Sogut, Samuel.

Take couple of soldiers with you.
This time, I don’t want any mistakes.

Everything will go
according to our plan.

There will be no mistakes,
no mishaps, sir.

Everything will be exactly
what you want it to be.

Do you realise how powerful we are
when we are together, my good friend?

Of course.

No one can take a stand
against a power like this.

I want to make this union
even more powerful, Kosses.

Alliances, unions, and even
friendships are doomed to be broken.

They are.


But family...

Is family like that?


Family means

eternal union, Kosses.

I don't like to hedge.

I want to get married to Mary.

Is that so?

I would be happy.

But I will talk to Mary
to see how she feels.

They keep the children
in Aya Yorgi Church.

Then what are we waiting for, my Bey.
Let’s go and take our children.

We need to take
measures, Blacksmith.

Heathens would not
care about children.

We need to be prepared so that
children would not get hurt.

What will we do, my Bey?

We will send a spy
to the church.

My Bey, I will go.

Boran, they will recognise you
from your weapon, your war cry.

A priest is coming
from Constantinople.

Someone should go

to the church instead of him.

But how, my Bey?

If somone walked into this tent,
you can see they are Kayi.

And he will pretent
to be a priest.

You are right. It
sould be someone

that would not raise suspicians.

Who could this be, my Bey?

The person that will
do this is obvious.

He will come here shortly.

- Is there permission to come in, Osman Bey?
- Come in.

You asked for me, my Bey.

Is he really the person
you found, my Bey?

My brother, are you sure?

I have a mission for you.


Oh, Osman Bey.

They are keeping our
children in the church.

For our children, you
have to wear that.

To save our children, there is
nothing we won’t wear, my Bey.

Alexander. This name
suits you really well.

Future warriors of Jesus Christ.

The atmosphere in the
church is good for you.

What is this?

You will wear nothing else except for the
holy cross, isn’t that right, Alexander?

Get rid of this.
I will help you.

You are not powerful
enough to take that!

What did you do?

Get them out of my sight!

What did you do to Ahmet?

What did you do?

I don’t know why Turks
are so stubborn.

But it will come in handy when
they become good Christians.

But they will learn not to resist.
I will discipline them all.


My Rab...

YOU control the hearts.

YOU know my heart...

YOU are Forgiver
and the Merciful.

Let us take our
children from the..

...hands of infidels
with Your help.

Only Abdals can...

..carry the stick.

It is entrusted to you
until we need it again.

It is your entrustment,
Kumral AbdaL

Your entertaining days in
the city of the Emperor...

...in the Constantine are
now left behind, Mari.

Our lands are in danger.

We have to build a safe
and an impassable line.

And we can not provide
that with an alliance.

We have to build a family.

As you know, blood
relation comes first.

What do you mean, brother?


...wants to marry you.

Yes... I was kind to
him for our goals.

But how dare he asks for that?

He went too far, I hope you told
him what you had to told him.

You are the one who is
going too far, Mari.

I already approved
this marriage.

You better prepare yourself
as soon as possible.


I will not marry someone
who I don't love!

I can’t ruin my life for your
political goals, brother!

Pull yourself together Mari!
You are going too far!

I am your brother!

You lived freely until now, and
now you will live for your life!

-Never! -You will marry him!

You can’t make me do
something that I don’t want.

Can I come in, Malhun Hatun?

Come in, Bahadir.

You can leave, Gokee.

Tell me, Bahadir.

What did you see?
What is Gokee doing?

She is apparently hiding
something, Malhun Hatun.

She disappears sometimes.

I don't know where she goes.
-You have to know, Bahadir!

You will put your eyes on her!

You will find out who she
sees and meets with!

I prepared this order for you, so
Rogatus won’t doubt about you.

It will be your key
for the monastery.

May my Rab be with you.

Kumral Abdal. Bring our
children back to us.

We will be waiting for you here.

Go safely.

Don’t worry, my Bey. You gave the
duty to the best man who can do this.

My Bey.. An actual
priest is about to come.

Kumral Abdal is their guest. And
he is going to be our gUest.

Come on Alps, to horses!

Malhun Hatun's
doubts are stronger.

It was obvious.

What am I going to do now?

Wait Gokee. Calm down.

Would I let something
happen to you?

Go and get ready.
We will run away.

Where are we going?

Don’t worry. I
prepared everything.

We can’t stay in the tribe.

If you don't to
lose your head...

...trust me. -How are
we going to do that?

-What if they come after us?
-We will leave the tribe first. The rest is easy.

Thank you, Bahadir Alp.

Go get ready.


A priest can’t set
foot on this land

without taking permission.

Obviously, you did not
take permission from us.

Now go back to where
you came from,

to Constantinople.

My alps will accompany
you for a while.

You must be Priest Philip.

May the love of Jesus Christ
with you, Tekfur Rogatus.

We were waiting for you
arrival excitedly.

Why did the emperor
send you alone?

A man of religion does
not need protection.

Prayers protect us.

At which church did
you serve before?

In Constantinople.

St. Mother Mary's Church.

I will serve Jesus
Christ here from now on.


It seems like your experience
will make our job easier.

The children who just arrived
are a little rebellious.

Just like what Jesus Christ saw
when he was touring the synagogues.

They must be harrassed and helpless,
like sheep without a shephard.

Matthew 9:36.

I heard about your commitment to Jesus
Christ’s words, Tekfur Rogatus.

It is true.

If you allow me, I would
like to see the children.

Do as I show you.

Monk, show him.

He will cross himself until there is
no trace of his unnoble Turkishness.

- Kneel.
- We only kneel before Allah.

Didn't our religion forbid
cruelty to children?

Yes sir.

How lucky are the
ones with compassion.

Because they will be
treated with compassion.

You must be Priest Philip.

Yes. I will deal with Jesus’
children from now on.

I would like to see how you
teach Jesus' teachings.

Oh, my sweet children.

You will be connected to
Jesus Christ with love.

With time, you will learn the

Christian teachings.

What are you saying, priest?

Go tell these to
your own children.

Leave us alone.

Do not mess with my anger,
little mouse. Obey.

In our holy book,

every word is a pearl.

It says "Salvation is only
possible with patience."

"Be happy for your hope

and bear the distress."

Dedicate yourselves to prayer.

Let's not tire our children.
It is enough for today.

Brothers and sisters,

Osman Bey will save us.

Let's go Bahadir.

I don't want to take
another breath here.

- Lets's go Gokce.
- Come on.

We are safe.

We are safe, yes.

Hide Gokce.

Let’s pick these
plants, we need them.

If you appreciate our work , support us and be a member on:
..........:: ArDirilisErtugrul.net/v ::..........

Come on.


You need to die, so that
I can survive, Gokce.

So our church's reputation
traveled to Constantinople.

Yes. Emperor is very
happy about this.

He says there might be need
for a new church in Bilecik.

Because we will teach Christianity
to all Turkish children.

Do you reallt think those little
devils can be disciplined with love?

May the love of Jesus Christ’s
love be with you, Sister Julia.

Compassion is more
cruel than the sword.

So cruel that it will make a
person like even his enemy.

These children like us
thanks to our compassion.

Before I forget,

I want you to conduct the ritual on
Annunciation Day in the church in Bilecik.

You will recite us
verses of Yuhanna.

I would love to! Annunciation
Day is so close!

But, Tekfur Rogatus,

how about I recite
versus of Yuhanna later?

On Annunciation Days,
we should recite Luke.

May the lamb of God be with you.

Brothers and sister,
as Kumral Abdal said,

...we will get rescued.
- InshaAllah.

For the love of Jesus Christ!

You are on your
feet day and night

for these children, who are
the future of Christianity.

If we weren’t here, they would run
away when they find a chance, priest.

You are the loyal servers
of Jesus Christ.

But you are sinners.

I see hell!

Aren't you going Church?

Priest Efendi. We keep
waiting on our feet.

We can’t even join
the ceremonies.

We have to do something.

I can't watch you going to hell.

I will bless you here.
Your sins will be removed.


Come, my son.


Close your eyes.

You will be baptized again.

First, you have to be
tied to each other.

He is wiser than
any Priest I know.

It is fascinating.

You are the loyal
servants of Holy Jesus.

You will be tied..

...so the evil won’t pass
through your friendship.

My God, our father..

..and your son, holy Jesus..

Keep us away from the
betrayal of our friends!

Breathe... Breathe...


Kayi’s valiants!

Thanks to Allah!

Thanks to Allah! Let's go!

Osman Bey is waiting for you!


...why did he say
the sheep of God?

He should've said Agnus.

Why didn’t he use
the Latin word?

Priests use the Latin
word for that.

And this Priest came
from the Constantine.

Do you think the Priest
doesn't know Latin?

A Priest that knows as much
as him should know Latin.


Come on.

Where are...

...you going, Priest Philip?

To feed my children,
Lord Rogatus.

Don't bother yourself.

Don’t bother yourself.

Education starts in kitchen.

It is a pleasure for me.

It's good that you are
with us, dear Priest.

Please, go on.



Damn it! Soldiers!

Soldiers! Catch the Priest!

Come on, Kumral Abdal!

Bring our valiants.

My Bey..

InshaAllah Kumral Abdal
can handle this.


What do you know
about Kumral Abdal?

He came together with many
Sari Saltuks and victories.

He hides himself so well that even infidels
will think he is someone among them.

EyvAllah my Bey.

We will take our children.

We will not leave our
children in infidels' hands.

Don't run!

Our children!



Let’s go!




Osman Bey!

Osman Bey!







My valiants... you are alright, right?
-We didn't bow down, my Bey.

We made them know that
we are Kayi valiants.

MashaAllah to my valiants.

My lions...

My lions...

Let's come together!

Give me the entrustment...
-Kumral Abdal...

We are stepping back!

I will kill you all!


Are you alright, Kumral Abdal?
-Alhamudillah my Bey.


Let’s go!

Boran, let's go!


The fire of Gonca is
burning in me as well!

-But we are going to leave for the well-being of children!
-My Bey...

Boran! Go!

-I won't die before you die, dastard!

I will come back for you!
I will come back for you!

Let them go! Let them go!


You are an army of idiots!

You couldn't protect
a group of children!

Why did you die? Idiots!

You couldn't protect
a group of children!

Don’t you have any
strength left?

Don’t you have power
on your legs?

Don't forget. Your sword
is a part of your body.

You will not drop it!

Go. Attack.

You sweated a lot.

But it's good. The more you
sweat while you exercise...

...the less you will bleed
in the battlefield.


It's enough for now.

Go and fulfill your duties now.
Listen to what I say, Alps!


Aren’t you going to say welcome?

Your arrival surprised me.

I want to talk to you about
something, Turgut Bey.

Yes. I’m listening to you.

If you came here because I broke the
agreement, that case is closed.

Do you host your
guests on their feet?

I’m sorry.

Come. Let's go to the tent.

Hay mashaAllah my Orhan.

His mother's lion...

Can I come in?

Come in, Bahadir.


What happened?

What happened to you?

I saw Gokce leaving the tribe.


I followed her.

She met with the soldiers
of the Lord in the forest.

They talked about something.
The man gave her a pouch.

But... that soldier saw me.

We fought.

I caught Gokce. I was going
to bring her to you.

She attacked me
with the soldiers.

She ran away with
them, Malhun Hatun.


Forgive me, my Hanim. I
couldn’t notice it in advance.

Gokee fooled us all.

But you had to notice.

It is still bleeding.

Go and ask for treatment.



You are not used to it,
Byzantine’s beauty.

It's not like your tables.

Yes, you Turks are
different a bit.

So, tell me.

What brought you here?

I was curious about you.
How is your arm?

You know what happened
in the castle.

You know that the
trades is over.

We are not friends anymore.

Why do you ask? -Yes, I
know everything Turgut Bey.

And I don’t care about the things between
you and my brother and other lords.

And I know that there is a
good reason for all of them.

Touching children is felonious.

But sneaking in the Lords’
castle to save the children...

...is brave.

No matter what happens
Mari, they are children.

I never let those who touch
children get away with it!

Do you have a child?

I thought all Turks would
get married so early.

Didn't you get married?

I did.

But it's my fate...

My Hatun passed away...

..when she was so young.

And then..

I didn't know. I'm sorry.

There is one other thing
that I am curious about.

Do you force women to marry
someone who they don't want?


We first ask the woman if she loves
the person who asked for her.

We never force our Hatuns.

Why do you ask these questions?

I was just curious.


..my brother wants me to marry Nikola
although I don't want to marry him.

Why are you telling
me this, Mari?

I have to go.

Thank you for dinner.

Can I come in, my Bey?

What do they want, my Bey?

Mari's helper didn't
say anything.

My Bey.

I don't know, Kutan.

I don't know.

She also doesn't
know what she wants.

I don't know.

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It is time to make our
vital move, Argus.

My soldiers... are my soldiers ready?
-Yes sir.

I like burning and destroying.


Osman abducted the
children, Nikola!

It doesn't matter,
my dear friend!

We will burn Sogut down!

You know the flying
flames that we sent...

They were placed in mosques,
at the bazaar, everywhere...

We will destroy Sogut!

I want to take my revenge from Osman right now!
Let's go and do it! -Let’s not keep Kosses waiting.



Ahmed! -Bala mother! -Ahmed!


Bala mother! -My Ahmed!

My Ahmed...

Thanks to Allah! Welcome!

My Ahmed!

My Ahmed!

-My Osman...


Welcome, my son. -Thank you.

Bala... -Osman...

We found them thanks
to my valiant.

Hay mashaAllah my lion.

You let mothers come together
with their children.

You wiped the tears
in their eyes.

Now hug your child
as much as you want.

My Orhan...

My Orhan...


MashaAllah to you.


...went too far...

...and dared taking
our children.



...cried after them.

They hardened their hearts.

They wanted to...

...change our
children's religion.

They wanted to remove
the love of Allah...

...and Muhammad in their hearts.

But they don't know that...

...we started raising
them with...

...Kur'an-i Kerim and
the orders of Allah...

...when they were
in their swaddles.

The seeds of faith
grew up in them...

...as they grew up.

Just like a sycamore.

If your roots are strong...

...they can’t take your
faith away with axes...

...or with swords.

Thanks to Great Allah...

...and thanks to the
wisdom of our children..

...we got rid of this problem.

May Allah consent our
children’s actions.



You never talk about
yourself, my Osman Bey.

Our children were
saved thanks to you.

May Allah bless you, my Bey.

We don’t care about selfness.

We don’t care about Beylic.

We don’t care about our lives.

It is now a life that is
spent on the way of da'wah!

May our way reach
KizilElma (RedApple)!

Allah-u Akbar!

Allah-u Akbar!

Your words are full of love.

But this love...

...is not in your sacred
book, Sheikh Edebali.

Your book says that your
God only loves Muslims.

Do you know what we do before we
start doing something, Gregor?

We recite the name of Allah
who is Rahman and Rahim.

Do you know what Rahman means?

No, I don’t.


...is one of the
greatest names of Allah.

That name...

...represents His mercy
for all the universe.

The breath you take, Gregor...

The eyes that makes you see...

They are all the
reflections of...

...Allah's Rahmaan name.

He gives His blessings
to everyone...

...He doesn’t separate
Muslims from non Muslims.


Those whose hearts
are darkened...

...show ingratitude
to His blessings.

Your words really affect
people, my friend Edebali.

Astagfirullah. Astagfirullah.

If our poor words...

...affected people a bit..

..Sogut would be as
beautiful as Asr-i Saadet.

Our words...

..don't come from us...

...but from Rahman.

Let's not take your precious
time, my friend Edebali.

Our lodge's doors...

...and our heart’s doors
are always open for you.

My Bey... they tried to
deceive us with food.

But none of us ate their meals.

We told them that
we don't eat pork.

MashaAllah. MashaAllah.

Those who don’t eat haram gets
the best of halal, my Ahmed.

My valiants...

Let’s start.

I prepared sheep for the
valiants of our tribe.


When our Rab gave us
these blessings...

...it is haram to eat dirty.

Enjoy now.

Here, my valiant.

Let’s eat.

Let’s eat.

How could you resist hunger...

when you are so little?

With the help of
faith’s strength.

Kumral Abdal told us
about Hadhrat Ali.

We stood against
infidels like him.

If I had a zulfiqar...

...I'd do many things to them.

We didn’t have swords but he
stabbed Lord's hand with a fork.

MashaAllah to my valiants.

Look at them. As long as
we have these valiants..

...we will soon build our state.

Eat now.

May it be easy, Davut Agha.

May your swords be sharp.

Who am I talking to?

Aren’t you going to talk to me?

I am making a cross for you,
you will wear it on your neck.

Why are you saying
that, Demirci?

Are you curious? Be patient.

And I ordered Priest
clothes from the tailor.

My Rab...

You see the things in
my heart as prayers.

I am taking shelter
in You to avoid evil.

Let me be patient.

My KumraL. Protect your heart.

Tell me... Didn't they understand?
How did you save our children?

Sari Saltuk taught me...

...how to hide
footmarks on the snow.

They didn't understand.

MashaAllah mashaAllah..

So you tend to be a Priest.

What did you say

I said you are so smart...

Saltuk taught you, you know.
That’s what I said.

My Kumral... May
Allah bless you.

Thanks to you, our children came
together with their mothers.

Shut up! There is no talent!

Don't say it again.

Everything happens with
the hikmah of Allah.

We seek for smart ones, but the
world seeks for crazy ones!

Aygul Hatun...

Cerkutay.. -Why
don't you want me?

Is it because I am ugly?


Then... it's because
I eat a lot.


It's because I'm crazy.

I'm crazier than you.



...why don’t you
want me, crazy girl?



..are a good man.

You are brave...

...you are merciful...

...you are honest, but...

...I am scared of
being upset again.

I'm scared, Cerkutay.

Cerkutay never falls!

I will stand tall!

I will become a rock
and stand behind you!

Even storms and earthquakes
can't hurt you!

Besides... fighting
is harder than life.

Don’t you trust Cerkutay who you
used to trust in fight now?

You will marry me, crazy girl..

I will wait.

Cerkutay doesn't give up.


Besides... one can't
give up on love.

We put flying flames at
places where we planned.

-Sogut will surrender to flames with our sign.

Sogut will burn when
people are asleep, Samuel.

Don't doubt about
that, Priest Gregor.

Nothing, sir.
There is nothing, sir.

Sogut will smell
like blood and ash.

The chaos that will rise when the explosions
start, will open us the doors of Sogut.

Before the fire is put out, we will
flare it up again with our swords.

Osman took my village from me.

I will take everything from him.

The Christian community
will welcome us with joy.

When they see us they will say

"Here is the real
owners of Christians,

our saviors.

It is about to get dark.

The brave children of Byzantine!

We will end the Turks’
sovereignty over this land.

For Jesus!

For Caesar!

For Jesus! For Caesar!

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When they tried to kill Gregor,

I shielded him with my body.

I maed him the ruler of
Christian community.


But how can he do

this kind of betrayal, this
kind of evilness, my Sheikh.

People's goodness and
evilness come from within.

You can't see it from the outside. Everyone
does what is worthy of them, Osman Bey.

The grudge in Priest
Efendi has been revealed.

EyvAllah, my Sheikh.

Akca Dervish,

- has the time come?
- It is time, Osman Bey.

Damn, why hasn’t
it exploded still?

Degenerated dog!

No one is around.

Something is off.

Osman Bey!

Osman Bey.

I beg you, forgive me.

For the love of God!

Akca Dervish

was after you like a shadow.

He knows every step you take,

every game you
played with Tekfurs.

But this is not the
only thing I know.

I know your cruelty.

Even your religion is not
powerful enough make you whole.

Those shops you intended to
burn, belong to sinless people.

Those homes you intended to burn,
belong to innocent people.

That mosque you intended to burn,
is the home of the Muslims.

But you...

...are a nation that is not
worthy of Hadrath Jesus.

What is your
difference from Judas?

For your desires,

you betray to even
your community.

As long as the Turks exist,

they will fill the whole world

with the weapon of justice.

This is such a weapon,

that it will land on the
necks of the cruels.

Do you have anything to say?


Have mercy, Osman Bey.

Have mercy.

Mercy to the cruel is...

...betrayal to the innocent.

Now take this,

and take it to his
best friend, Rogatus.

And you will not set foot
on my land, ever again!

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My verdict's justification is

Allah's justice.

Priest Gregor

tried to kill everyone whether
they are Muslim or non-Muslim.

You do not consider the religion of
someone that does this betrayal.

Even if they are a
Muslim, you behead them.

I, Osman Bey, the son
of Ertugrul Gazi,

will not favor any religion.

I treat them the same,

rule with justice.

We are grateful for you
just ruling, Osman Bey.

Long live, Osman Bey!

Until all the world...

...becomes the homeland of Turks...

...we keep standing before the cruel ones!

Long live, Osman Bey!

Long live Osman Bey!

Long live Osman Bey!

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